A brick wall, dirty, dark and with an Old School Wrestling poster to promote Wrestling Gold. The camera slowly rises to see the Old School Wrestling logo, buzzing away in flashing neon colours that are vibrant and flashy.

“Gold! Always believe in your soul. You’ve got the power to know, you’re indestructible.. always believe in, because you are Gold!” can suddenly be heard as we fade to the car park outside The School Yard.

Arriving in style, ‘Gold’ being blared from his car speakers is none other than Vinnie Lane. He steps out of his car and is quickly followed by the women travelling with him, each taking an arm as he struts into the building.

Only his cousin, Mike Lane, awaits him.

“I see nothing changes with you, huh?” Mike says in disappointment. “We’ve got a title match tonight and here you are, The Rockstar, The Loverboy, the man who doesn’t take anything seriously.”

Vinnie scoffs. “You need to loosen up cuz and I’m pretty sure I can help you with that,” he says with a big grin, pointing to the World Title around his waist. “After all, when the better Lane takes your shiny belt tonight, you won’t be questioning my methods. So why don’t you go and pretend to be someone’s shadow, huh?”

Mike steps forward to his younger cousin, making the girls feel relatively uncomfortable enough to step away.

“Do you remember how our play fights used to end up as kids?” he asks with a knowing look. Vinnie just laughs. “Well tonight, family doesn’t matter.”

“Has it ever?” Vinnie says cockily, stepping away and rejoining his ladies before making his way into the arena.

Mike stands there, hands on hips, not impressed at all. He faces his cousin tonight and whilst their methods may be vastly different, success has been at hand for both men here in Old School Wrestling.

The bell rings as the three men circle around. Hunter turns towards Lux and Ethan blindsides him. Ethan pushes Lux into the corner before charging him with a clothesline. Lux moves out of the way as Ethan crashes hard. Lux leaps off the second rope to hit a high-angle crossbody! Ethan hits the ground hard as Hunter comes back to his feet. He grabs Lux as he comes up before nailing a chop that lights up Lux’s chest. He hits two jabs before leaping upwards and pulling Lux’s head down into his knee!

Lux staggers backwards as Hunter connects with a RELAX clothesline! Lux hits the ground hard. The Question stalks his prey before lifting him up and whipping him into the ropes. Lux returns and is stuck into the mat with a devastating spinebuster! Hunter rolls him up. ONE…TWO…NO! Ethan breaks it up. Ethan grabs Hunter and begins brutalizing him with punches and headbutts. Ethan grabs the arm of Hunter and pulls the disoriented opponent into a crossface arm breaker! Hunter is trying to escape, but Ethan has it cinched in!

Lux drops an elbow across the head of Ethan forcing him to release it. Lux pulls up Hunter and connects with a CATHOLIC CROSS! The crucifix powerbomb is nailed but Hunter isn’t moving. Lux goes for the pinfall! ONE…TWO…NO! Hunter kicks out. Lux gets up only to be nailed by Ethan. Ethan pulls him up onto his shoulder before running across for a powerslam! Ethan hooks a leg! ONE…TWO…NO! Lux gets a foot on the rope! Ethan looks exasperated, but spots the turnbuckle. He grabs Lux up by his mask and pulls him to the corner, but Lux stops him with a spinning backfist! Lux pulls him to the corner and pulls him up to the top rope! Lux leaps over Ethan but not before hooking his head! SUPER DISCIPLE MAKER! ETHAN CRASHES DOWN ON HUNTER! Lux hooks a leg on Ethan as the referee counts! ONE…TWO…THREE!

Lux gets to his feet as he slowly begins to pray. He seems satisfied getting a pinfall over the man who took his title from him.

The scene opens up on Axel the Shark. From our side angle of him, he appears to be repeated slapping the wall. He ducks nothing, SLAP!! He drops to his knees, SLAP!! He jumps in the air and spins, SLAP!! The camera moves, sliding in behind him. We then see what all the slapping is about.

Axel has ordered himself a Yuki Shiroi Fathead and has stuck it to the wall in the backstage hallway. Her right arm is raised in the air. He is practicing tagging her in.

“Yuki, here!” SLAP!!

He tucks and rolls across the floor and pops up. SLAP!! He nails the Fathead square in the palm. He turns, absolutely beaming!

“What the hell are you doing!?”

It’s Yuki! She has just spotted Axel acting like….well… Axel.

“Yuki!! I’m so sorry for spitting on you last week. It was an honest to goodness accident. I’m reall…”

“Shut up!” Yuki interrupts. “What are you doing?!”

“Oh, this!” Axel points at the Fathead. “I’m getting ready for our match! You’re kinda short so I….I mean I just wanted to practice our tags!”

Yuki’s expression is pure disbelief.

“How about this, you just stay out of my way, and I’ll take care of those two traitors.”

“Yeah! They both turned their backs on us! It’s bull-shark!” He grins.

Yuki rolls her eyes. “Just stay out of my way.”

Axel’s smile fades as Yuki turns to leave. “Yuki! Wait! Watch this!”

He rolls towards her, pops up and SLAP!! Right in her face!!

Yuki looks absolutely enraged, and Axel is mortified. Yuki somehow controls herself, and marches away

Marvolo, The Number One finds himself sneaking around backstage in the ruined wing, watching as the six guards of Nigel Royal’s wait around in the halls. Raquel looks to say something but has her mouth covered by Marvolo’s hand. He shushes her only to be interrupted by the clearing of a throat. Number One turns around to find himself face to face with Nigel Royal.

“So, why are you standing around in MY wing again? Must I teach you a lesson myself or did you enjoy getting tasered so much you came back for more?”

Marvolo stands up, looking obviously offended.

“I would NEVER find myself losing to the likes of you, and I would also never stoop to such low a level as to use pepper spray and tasers!”

Royal shakes his head.

“You’re a lying cheat, Marvolo, there’s no denying it. Now, I’ll happily escort you out of my wing without a fight, or I can show you how a true wrestler does things.”

Marvolo looks shocked at the allegations. Both a liar AND a cheat? How disrespectful.

“Don’t you think you can step up to me, boy. I am Number One! I’ll give you a chokeslam TO THE FACE! Do you understand me?”

Royal doesn’t even need to make a rebuttal as the six guards, now paying attention to the commotion make way over, much to Marvolo’s dissatisfaction. He looks to the smirking Royal before backing up ever so slightly.


Without warning Raquel puts a hand in her purse and PEPPER SPRAY TO THE FACE! Nigel grabs his face and slumps to the ground as Marvolo and Raquel make way out of the hall, a stray taser stopping just short of Number One’s rear as he turns the corner and runs.

When two quick athletes go at it, the fans are the only winner and this match starts off no different. Kinsman goes for a clothesline to start, but Cories ducks right underneath him, rebounding off the opposite ropes. Kinsman hits the mat and Matthew Cories leaps over him, hitting the opposite ropes. Matthew Cories comes charging full bore, but the Bright Knight brings down the Fresh Prince with a 3 Point Stance Charge, laying in with several shots until the official forces the break. Kinsman gets to his feet to satisfy the ref, then lays in with a kick to the head.

He goes to lock in a reverse chin lock, but Cories is immediately into the ropes. Trying to keep his opponent grounded, Kinsman satisfies the break and rushes back in with several strikes to the Fresh Prince in the corner. Finally, the onslaught is stopped when Cories ducks under a big shot and turns the tables, laying in with various strikes. With Kinsman groggy, Matthew Cories places him on the top rope in a sitting position before backing up. The Fresh Prince gets a run and leaps up into a huge DROP KICK! HE MAKES A COVER! ONE…TWO… KICKOUT!!

Cories hits the ropes to follow up on the kickout, but Kinsman rolls out of the ring. The Fresh Prince quickly hits the ropes to set up a dive, but Kinsman rolls back into the ring before he can leap over the top rope. The two men share a nod of respect before going to a collar and elbow tie up. Kinsman gets the advantage, going to a waist lock from behind, forcing Matthew Cories into the corner before rolling back to his feet a couple feet behind him. Matthew Cories sees the charge coming, and turns around. CHUMBAWAMBA NO! THE BURN!!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!! Kinsman wins! The Bright Knight soaks in the victory as the OSW Original heads to the back.

Sitting before us is James Hunter. While he looks very much the same as he always does, something is missing.

His axe.

“Over the last week I’ve noticed a real difference in the way that people have been looking at me, in the way they’ve been treating me. I’ve seen it in their eyes. “

He smiles, almost kicking his feet back as he puts his arm around the small TV monitor he has with him.

“Let’s recap, shall we.”

As he turns to turn on the small television, the door slams open. Brandon Garcia stands before the Question, an axe in his hand and blood in his eyes.

“I see you found the axe I left for you.” Hunter remarks.

“What do you want?” Garcia responds, in no mood for questions.

“I already told you.” Hunter gestures at Santelmo’s waistline. “I want that title.”

“Fuck off.” Garcia mumbles, turning around to leave.

“Next week, Mr. Garcia, would you meet me next week?” Hunter calmly states, still in control.

Santelmo turns slowly.

“She should be getting off her plane shortly, and will probably need a few days to acclimate to the States.” Hunter runs a finger over the TV. “Thailand is so far away.”


The axe is now sticking out of the small TV, but Hunter does not flinch as Santelmo walks from the room, instead smirking at the axe handle sticking up in the air.

Both men have made their message clear to the other.

The bell sounds as LH Harrison and Marcus will start off the match for their teams. Marcus raises his hand for a hold, but Harrison just smiles as he extends his hand. Marcus blinks confused at him before slowly shaking his hand. Harrison smiles and begins getting ready for the match. Marcus puts his hand up again and Harrison obliges. Marcus then takes a cheap shot that floors Harrison. He grabs him by the hair and pulls him up before hitting three rapid chops. Harrison strikes with a stiff right hand to the jaw before lifting Marcus up and dropping him with an Osaka Street Cutter! Marcus’s body takes him right back into his own corner.

The Dead slaps his chest to tag in. Harrison smiles and tags in his partner Ash Williams. The past between these men has been documented, but they tie up only for Dead to push him away. Ash looks at him with a curious expression before charging him and… BOOMSTICK! Dead hits the mat as Ash goes for the pinfall! ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Dead. Ash pulls Dead over to his corner and tags in his partner Erron Corvin. Corvin leaps into the ring with DEAD EYE! The knee drives down into the eye of The DEAD. Huh. Corvin goes for a pinfall but Marcus rushes across the ring and takes him out. He pulls Dead back to his corner allowing Lee to tag in.

Erron is back to his feet, but Marcus grabs his foot from the outside. Erron turns around long enough to take SHOCK THERAPY to the back! He falls to the ground as Lee wraps his legs around the waist of Erron and begins fish jawing him! Erron is in obvious pain as he reaches out to the ropes! Marcus leaps up and nails Harrison with a BLACKOUT! FINAL BREATH from The DEAD takes out Ash! Erron tries to hold out but is forced to tap!

Lee gets to his feet with a smirk as Marcus and The DEAD roll into the ring. The referee raises their hands as The Dead stares down Marcus. He hits a FINAL BREATH to Marcus and he’s knocked down. An eerie look is directed at Marcus as Lee just smiles at the carnage before him.

Bruce Van Chan makes way down a backstage corridor, title belt slung over his shoulder, mumbling something to himself about RAGE when he’s stopped in his tracks by two RAGERs: Jake Jeckel and Freight Train Ferguson. Bruce doesn’t budge an inch as Jeckel smirks and gets right up in Bruce’s face, practically touching noses.

“How’s the wife doing? I mean, outside of smelling like a whore in piss?”

Bruce looks to try and move past the three when Ferguson shoves him back, laughing with Jake.

“This little bitch ass faggot thinks he’s getting outta here without a fight. Well fine, we’ll let this little cunt nugget past, if he admits his wife is a whore.”

Jeckel relishes in this and shoves Bruce again, the champ barely budging as he strong arms his way through the duo, ending up on the other side of the two and turning around to face them.

“You two aren’t tough, you’re just going to keep cheating and throwing your weight around as a group until you get your way. And if you think what you did to my wife is going to go unpunished, you have another thing coming. But as of now, I’m know when I’m out numbered.”

Bruce turns and walks away, Ferguson and Jeckel laughing at him as he walks past, Bruce ignoring them until Jeckel yells out..

“Whatever you say, Bruce. At least we’re not married to some piss covered whore!”

Bruce stops in his steps as the two walk away. He clenches his fist tightly before calling back to Jeckel, the Juggalo turning around and TITLE BELT TO THE FACE, JAKE IS BUSTED OPEN! Bruce brawls with both men before FTF wraps his hand around Bruce’s throat and powers him up into the air, only Bruce nails Jeckel in the face with a MASTERFUL KICK AS HE DOES!!

That sends Jake flying and Ferguson is forced to let go. Bruce turns straight to him and catches him with the most brutal of right hands, dropping him where he stands. The big man settles at a knee, giving Van Chan ample opportunity to LEAPING KNEE HIM IN THE FACE!! HOLY SHIT! BRUCE VAN CHAN IS A MAN POSESSED!

He reaches down and picks up his Hardcore title, adjusting it on his shoulder. “I guess even two of you isn’t enough.”

The opening bell rings and both competitors lock up. They struggle for the upper hand… Bobby Baxter into a side headlock… SIDE BACK BREAKER! Dr. D’Ville goes down hard and the Culture Boy goes right into a barrage of lefts and rights. After ignoring his request for a break, the referee starts a five count on Baxter… but D’Ville slips under the bottom rope and out of the ring before the five. The Culture Boy screams for him to get back in the ring but The Doctor just smiles, turning his back on Bobby. This enrages Baxter who slides out after the Doctor.

RUNNING BULLDOG! Dr. D’Ville successfully baits Baxter in and drives him face first into the thin layer of padding that covers the concrete floor. The referee reaches a four count as D’Ville drives the Culture Boy into the barricade before sliding back into the ring. The Doctor points to his bald head, implying he’d outsmarted the Culture Boy… but here comes Baxter from behind! Kidney Punch! Knee Kick! Irish Whip into the corner! Baxter is on fire, following the Doctor into the corner with a barrage of punches! Bobby motions for the top rope… but D’Ville with a headbutt! And another! Now he’s biting Bobby’s nose!

Baxter steps back and the Doctor goes up top… TREPANATION! The Doctor with that huge flying headbutt from off the top rope! And he catches all of it! Baxter is out! But Dr. D’Ville isn’t done! He’s lifting Bobby to his feet. The crowd is going wild as the Doctor hooks the head… wait, the Culture Boy is fighting back! The Doctor is struggling… a European Uppercut from Baxter staggers the Doctor! And Baxter strikes, grabbing D’Ville and tossing him over his shoulder! CULTURE RACK! And D’Ville has no choice, he taps! He taps! The Culture Boy has won this thing!

We open up on a brightly light candle, burning away in the darkness.

“The clock continues to count down.”

Cameras zoom out to show a room only given light by several candles. A man sits in the center, meditating.

“The time is getting near…”

Slowly we move in on this man, who is only wearing a pair of shorts with his head pointed downward.

“The time to step out into the arena. To stand under those bright lights.”

Closer and closer the camera moves towards him.

“The time to hear the roar of the crowd. The deafening of thousands.”

He cracks his neck from side to side, showing a brief glimpse of his face. He then exhales a deep breath.

“The time to take those first steps towards reaching my ultimate goal…”

The candles give him and the rest of the room a orangey glow in an otherwise darkened room.

“The time to make my mark and build a legacy.”

We continue to slowly move in on the man, still deep in meditation.

“Giving those like me hope by making a name for myself. Inspiring those who need it most.”

The camera stops just feet in front of him.

“My name is Alex Reese…”

He finally picks his head up and faces the camera for the first time.

“I’ll make sure you remember me.”

Reese smirks as we fade to black.

Bruce Van Chan is standing in the backstage area waiting on his entrance music when suddenly he’s laid out by a kendo stick to the side of the face! The belt hits the floor as Gator is standing there with the Singapore cane across his shoulders. He drops it before lifting up Bruce and throws him through the curtains. The camera angle switches to the stage where Gator exits the curtains to stand over Bruce. Bruce gets to his feet, but Gator hits a dropkick sending Bruce back down the ramp. Bruce staggers to his feet with his title in his hands. Suddenly a man in white and black shows up and motions for the bell.

Bruce charges Gator and connects with his title. Bruce pulls Gator up by his mask and whips him into the apron. Bruce rushes him and leaps for a Stinger Splash pinning Gator to the apron. Gator hits the mats outside of the ring and Bruce pins him. ONE…TWO…NO! Gator kicks out but Bruce quickly pulls him up to his feet. Bruce grabs Gator to try and hit a dropkick, but Gator grabs his legs and… GATOR THROW! Bruce hits the mat hard but Gator isn’t studying him. He reaches under the apron and pulls out a trash can of weapons and throws it into the ring.

Gator grabs Bruce and rolls him in. He looks into the can and withdraws a cheese grater!?! He preps in the corner before dashing towards Bruce. Bruce sees it coming and ducks! He reaches into the trash can and pulls out a baking pan! Gator’s head is smashed by the baking pan! He staggers backwards as Bruce rushes him for a Lou Thesz press! After nailing some serious strikes, Bruce rolls out of the ring and pulls out a table. He slides the table into the ring and sets it up in the center of the ring. Bruce sets Gator on the table before climbing up to the top rope… Bruce leaps off for… SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! Bruce’s 450 splash crashes down on top of Gator as both men crash through the table. Chan pushes Gator through the rubble as he pins Gator to the mat. ONE…TWO…THREE!

Bruce Van Chan gets to his feet as the referee hands him his title. His smile is contagious as he climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate his victory.

In a small nook in the rebuilding Schoolyard, LH Harrison sits on a stool, looking down at a small book. He smiles and rubs his finger over whatever is contained within before closing the book and standing up.

“Excuse me?”

The voice belongs to Kinsman, who has entered the scene, looking confused.

“Yes?” Harrison responds. The Inspiration is confused as well.

“I am investigating.” Kinsman begins. “However, I’m not sure I’m in the right place.”

Harrison seems confused, looking around.

“I’m the only one here.”

Kinsman holds up a small scribbled letter.

“I found this, telling me I’d find a guy here who might be responsible for everything. Said his name was Hy…”


A piece of the ceiling falls down onto the two men!

With both men down and out, a familiar coat and hat enters the scene. Erron Corvin is here, admiring his handiwork. No serious damage will be caused, although both men may have a nice headache.

Corvin slowly backs up to the nearest dark corridor.

“I’m not doing your dirty work, Baxter. Why you going after this guy anyway?”

The Culture Boy emerges from the shadows, and the two men shake hands, the familiar rustle of money exchanging hands echoes in the quiet hallway. Baxter looks the gruff outlaw up and down.

“Step back, peacemaker, lest you get cultured.”

Corvin steps up and the two men stare off.

“Let’s dance, old man.”

Baxter just laughs, and walks off, admiring the fallen bodies of Kinsman and LH Harrison. Meanwhile, Corvin looks on, shaking his head.

Marvolo stands in the ring across from Axel, but Yuki grabs Axel and pulls him out of the ring while she steps in. The bell rings and Marvolo immediately tags in Kersh, who looks at Marvolo with momentary surprise, and then remembers who he is teaming with. Brent steps through the ropes and motions at Yuki to come at him. She obliges and rushes the Enforcer. She is immediately met by a JUMPING KNEE STRIKE to the head!! She goes down hard! Brent goes towards her, but Marvolo tags Kersh’s back! Marvolo points to himself; Kersh leaves the ring shaking his head.

Marvolo rushes Yuki as she is sitting up and DROPKICKS HER TO THE CHEST!! “Dropkick to the face!!!” he yells! He pulls her up by the hair and whips her to the ropes. As she returns he CHOPS HER TO THE MAT!!! His look is smug as he taunts Axel, who wants in. He picks up Yuki again and WHITE TIGER!! One… Two… Thre….Axel breaks the pin!! The ref backs him out and Marvolo tags in Kersh. Kersh immediately drags her to Axel’s corner by the hair, but keeps her just out of reach. He lifts her for SOUTHERN DISCOMF….No! She wriggles out and SNAP DDT!!! Kersh is down; Yuki makes the tag!!!

Axel comes in hot and sprints straight to Marvolo, knocking him off the apron with a FOREARM SMASH!! He sprints back to a kneeling Kersh, and SUSHI KICK! Kersh is leveled and Axel is pumping up the crowd!! Axel to the top!! SHARK DIV…NO! Kersh moved and Axel crashed hard to the mat!! Kersh lifts Axel and SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!! ONE… Yuki and Marvolo both enter the ring…. TWO… Marvolo tries to intercept Yuki but YOUR BEER, SIR LEVELS HIM…. THREE!!!! Kersh makes the pin!! Marvolo stalled Yuki enough!! Yuki slides out of the ring shaking her head, and Marvolo celebrates as if he was the cause of victory!

The wind blows as the segment opens inside the dark cornfield. Ethan Bird is walking through its deserted state, the camera following him along, taking a second to look for the Scarecrow every few moments as it does.

Finally, Bird reaches the body of Ozric Mortimer – hung up on the perch for the world to see.

“Ozric, my dear Sparrow, I can’t thank you enough for your sacrifice,” Ethan says running a hand along the wood he’s attached to. “You’re exactly where you need to be, my friend.”

The sounds of birds fluttering away bring about a pause, only for him to continue with a smile.

“No-one has been able to destroy The Scarecrow. He’s run rampant throughout Old School Wrestling since its inception and a month ago, he took what rightfully belonged to me. He did that because in his mind, no-one could stop him. After all, when you’re a creature of his ilk, why would you believe in a God such as myself? Why would you believe in wrath or vengeance, if it wasn’t of his own making?”

Bird looks up at Ozric, who hangs there, weathered and worn.

“But we will destroy him, thanks to you and your sacrifice, Ozric. After all, you have now infiltrated his field – something no bird but the Sparrow could truly do.”

Mortimer’s eyes suddenly lunge open, a smile creeping across his face as he hangs there, suffering the elements. Bird laughs as the scene slowly but surely comes to an emphatic close – along with the eyes of one Ozric Mortimer, a Sparrow playing possum in the Cornfield of death.

The bell sounds as Anonymous turns right into a massive clothesline from Wraith that turns him almost inside out. Anonymous slowly gets up right into a rush of rights and lefts from the monster, before being picked up high and nearly driven into the mat with a monsterous body slam. Wraith leaps up, nearly crushing Anonymous with a legdrop before covering. ONE…TWO…Anonymous just gets a shoulder up as Wraith pulls him up to his feet, punishing them with massive knee strikes that lift Anonymous up off the canvas with each blow before lifting them up onto his shoulder

Wraith tries for a Powerslam but Anonymous slips down behind, peppering Wraith with rights and lefts as he turns, each blow seemingly doing nothing before Anonymous rushes to the other side, bouncing off the ropes with a clothesline that’s like hitting a brick wall. Anonymous tries again but as they bounces off, they’re met with a thunderous Big Boot. Anonymous slowly gets up to their feet into a jaw crunching European Uppercut before Wraith pulls them over his shoulder once more, running up and and squashing Anonymous into the mat with a Running Powerslam

Wraith pulls Anonymous up, pulling them between his legs as he lifts them up high, slamming them down into the mat with a massive Sit-Down Powerbomb. Wraith pulls Anonymous up again, but gets a thumb to the eye for his trouble as Anonymous scrambles up to the top rope, leaping off with a crossbody. Wraith catches Anonymous in mid-air, parading them around for a moment before slamming them down over his knee with a modified backbreaker. Wraith signals for the end, pulling up the limp Anonymous as he drives them down to the mat with a deadly Tombstone Piledriver he calls the Total Eclipse. Wraith mercifully ends this, as the referee counts ONE…TWO…THREE!!

The DEAD is walking backstage with a look confidence on his face and his shiny new United States Championship Belt draped over his shoulder. A voice comes out from the shadows.

“Well, hello, Mr. DEAD!”

Lux Bellator addresses the champion.

“Can I help you?”

“The Messiah has taken an interest in you, child. Quite the interest indeed.”

The DEAD doesn’t look like he trusts Bellator, and with good cause.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I believe that you have come here for a reason. That your….condition….is a gift from God. I believes you to be soldier of God.”

“God’s a figment of your lunatic imagination. Now get out of my way.” He goes to step around Bellator, who steps back in from of him.

“All I want to know is if you are all that you say that you are. I personally have my doubts, but I must.”

The DEAD does not look amused.

“I told you once, get out of my way. I’m not interested in whatever you’re selling.”

Bellator continues to ignore him. “I want to test you. I want to make sure you really have the gift.”

Just then Lux Bellator levels The DEAD with a right hand that stumbles him. He quickly grabs a a steel chair and crashes it across his skull! DEAD may not have felt the pain, but he’s out cold on the floor. Bellator stares at him, with disappointment on his face.

“Rise, my son.” He says, but the DEAD is unconcious. “I’ll be keeping this, until you can prove you are worthy.” Bellator grabs the U.S. Title belts and walking away with Father Pedro, leaving The DEAD on the floor.

The King of All Wrestlers, Corey Black, walks down the hallway as he notices the locker room door to his left. He grabs the handle and opens it to reveal a dimly lit room with a fireplace ablaze. Corey enters the room as the very aura of it feels… like home.

As he takes a step into the room, the door slams shut behind him. Sitting behind a desk in a chair much too tall for him is Doctor Louis D’Ville. A friendly, toothy grin planted upon his face as his ice-cold eyes bore through Black.

“Hello, my old friend. Did you think our sessions had come to a close? Please! Help yourself to a beverage.”

As the words exited the mouth of Doc, a Diet Coke can seemingly appeared on the desk in front of Corey. Black looks at the drink with apprehension as his mouth begins to water for it. He finally averts his eyes long enough to see Doc smirking at him.

“Will you stop that before I have to put ‘bows to domes? What the hell do you want from me?”

The Doctor gets to his feet.

“I’m here to help you… release yourself of the Creeping Death. Trust in me, Corey.”

D’Ville extends his hand, but Corey slaps it away.

“Look, you can’t control that. Nor can you help me.”

Corey smacks the beverage to the ground as he walks over to the door. He opens it to reveal the hallway in which he exited. The door slams behind him. He opens it again, but what’s on the other side is nothing more than the locker room. Corey looks confused as the sound of a soft laughter rings through the building.

We cut to a shot within the Desert Springs Hospital; nurses station. Mike Lane, dressed in street clothes, approaches the L shaped desk inquisitively.

“Hi, I’m looking for Mr. Pedro…”

Mike points left, then right, clearly turned around. The nurse on duty is eager to help… but the OSW World Champion is quickly distracted, by the hulking frame of Brent Kersh approaching from down the hall.

“What are you doing here, Mike?”

“Not that it’s any of your business, Brent, but I came to apologize to Father Pedro for what happened last week. He didn’t deserve that.”

“No, he didn’t…” Brent comes to a stop in front of Lane; close, but not too close. “…and maybe you wouldn’t deserve what Lux would do to you if you walked into that room right now, but he’d do it none the less.”

Mike doesn’t seem to care, accepting his fate with a turn back to the nurse’s station.

“Room 327, Sir.” She smiles, pointing in the direction Brent had come from.

“I’m telling you, you don’t want to do this Mike.” Brent picks up his pace to match Lane’s. “Lux is in there and he can’t be held accountable for his actions right now… and you, you have a title match tonight.”

Mike stops in his tracks.

“Just let it be.”

Mike finally relents, disappointedly turning from Pedro’s room and walking away. With a look of relief on his face Brent joins Bellator back in room 327. He walks in to find Lux sitting solemnly next his father’s bedside.

“The Awakening is going to pay for this…”

Lux mutters under his breath as he stares at Pedro’s unmoving body.

Nigel Royal casually rotates his shoulder as the bell sounds, looking smug. Garcia rushes in quickly! Duck under by Nigel, quick waistlock… Garcia with a textbook standing switch. Reversed again by Nigel, who pushes Garcia forward in off the ropes… O’Connor Roll! One… T- kickout! Garcia rushes Nigel again, but Nigel uses his light feet to avoid the charge and trips Garcia up with a drop toe hold. Royal applies a crossface, but Garcia squirms out, and Nigel nips-up as Garcia gets to his feet… HAIL MARY!!! Garcia planted the knee out of nowhere, but Nigel rolled out of the ring!

Garcia waits in the ring while the referee beings the ten count… but he gets impatient and jumps out, rolling Royal back in and finally going for a cover! ONE… TWO… NO! Too much time has passed and Nigel got a shoulder up! Garcia seems frustrated, he knows he missed a golden chance. Pulling Nigel to his feet he sets up for a suplex… small package by Nigel! Caught him unawares! ONE… TWO… kickout by Santelmo at the last second! Garcia leaps onto Royal and starts a barrage of fists and elbows, clearly lost in the moment! Rope break as Nigel gets a leg over the bottom strand.

Garcia slams his fists into the mat as the ref breaks the two up, and Nigel again with a single-leg pickup from behind. Royal slips on an Indian deathlock, and Garcia writhes on the mat. Garcia reaches the bottom rope and now it’s Nigel who’s seeming frustrated. With Garcia to his feet, Nigel sends him into the corner and rushes in with a clothesline… but Garcia gets his feet up into Nigel’s face! Nigel staggers back holding his mouth as Garcia runs out… JUMPING HAIL MARY!!! That’s two from Rosary and Nigel is OUT! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!!

Matthew Cories and Ashley Williams are seen walking down the hall together. Ashley Williams has his title across his shoulder, but Cories is title-less with what appears to be a brown cloak on.

“So, my young padawan, tonight we must vanquish these Dark Lords that plague us.”

“Padawan? If we are playing Jedis, there is no way I am the padawan. What kind of Knight doesn’t have their title with them at all times?”

Cories turns about, examining his cloak before bringing his hands to his mouth and goes to open the door. Ashley rolls his eyes as he places his face in his hands. Cories opens the door and sees two nooses hanging in their room with two dolls of Cories and Williams hanging from the ceiling. “Give Me A Smile!” is written on the walls in blood. Matthew Cories screams which brings Ashley’s eyes to him.

“Will you stop it? Go get your title.”

Cories hangs his head as he enters the locker room as Ashley hears footsteps behind him.

“Sup, fucker.”

He turns to see the team of Loverboy and Gator standing together. Ashley gets into fighting stance, but Vinnie shoos it away.

“Calm your tits, Ashley. We’re not here to kick your ass like The Crowley’s did.”

“We just wanted to make sure that you’re taking good care of our titles, fucktard,” Gator says, making a strap sign around his waist. “Or else we’ll make what the Crowley’s did look like child’s play. We’ll be seeing you, asshole.”

They walk away as Cories exits the locker room with his title in his hands, breathing heavily.

“…the Dark Lords…”

“Oh will you focus?”

Ashley Williams walks away shaking his head as Cories slowly follows suit while pointing shakily at the door in which the nooses were hung behind.

Rage championship on the line, the bell is rung and The Avenger goes straight at Scarecrow with a flurry of kicks, connecting with the midsection. Scarecrow manages to grab a kick in defence and and spins his opponent around, full 360. Once face to face again The Crow hits Black with a huge atomic drop. That took the wind out of Corey. Scarecrow bringing his man back to his feet, tosses him off the ropes and takes his head off with big running boot. The first cover of the match up is attempted but also broken up at two.

Scarecrow whips Black again, this time into the corner and approaches him menacingly, reaching out to the slumped Corey Black, he gets a few desperation elbow strikes to the head. Black grabbing Scarecrow around the neck, changes the fortunes and throws The Crow into the corner. Backing off a few paces, he then charges and RUNNING KNEE STRIKE to the jaw of Scarecrow. The thud rings around the arena but its not as loud as the thud of Scarecrows back onto the mat after a dragon suplex. Going for the cover, one… two… THREE! NO SCARECROW WITH A LEG ON THE ROPES. It looked over.

Corey Black can’t believe how close he was to winning his first Old School Wrestling title. It sparks something off inside of him, and after several boots to the downed Scarecrow, he picks him up and downs him again with a huge power bomb…. AND REPEAT. SECOND POWERBOMB. Cover, One…Two… NO!! Again scooping his opponent up, he puts Scarecrow in an abdominal stretch, then signals that FOR VICTORY OR DEATH IS on his way, new champion surely?? THE LIGHTS GO OFF FOR TWO SECONDS. BACK ON AND SCARECROW IS BEHIND BLACK.,… REVERSE BYE BYE BIRDIE. ONE…. TWO…. THREE! SCARECROW RETAINS.

With this match in the books everyone’s attention is drawn to the Tron as it suddenly comes to life; the image of raging flames filling the screen. Scarecrow looks confused as the shot pans out to reveal Ethan Bird holding a gas canister… and the object he’s just lit on fire, Scarecrows cabin!

Scarecrow screams something at the Tron, his empty eyes filled with the inferno that engulfs his cabin. Is the Scarecrow actually in disbelief!?!

CLOTHESLINE! Brandon Garcia catches the Crow by surprise, stumbling him into the barricade! And here’s Corey Black! Driving Scarecrows head into the barricade! Scarecrow tries to fight back but the duo overwhelms him… Garcia with a knee to the head! And Scarecrow is down!

Black and Santelmo look satisfied with themselves… but Scarecrow gets back up! And he’s fighting back! OH, Elbow shot from Corey Black right to the head, and Scarecrow goes down again!

“The terror of OSW will come to an end…”

Our attention is drawn back to the Tron, Ethan Birds voice damn near muffled by the raging fire behind him.

“…and when RAGE win at Dead End, Scarecrow will be on the heap with Errol Flint and the rest! Black, bring me the title.”

Corey Black and Santelmo stomp away at Scarecrow for good measure before Black snatches up the RAGE Championship. Both men disappear back into the crowd where they came from as the scene comes to a close.

Errol Flint sits in his office, going through documents when suddenly Anonymous appears in front of him. As silent as he is prying, Anonymous stands there, Guy Fawkes mask covering his face as Flint jolts backwards in fear.

“It isn’t me you need to be afraid of Errol, I thought we established that.”

Flint gulps. “You took me by surprise, is all. Thank you for the video a few weeks ago, it was an eye opener, though I’m no closer to knowing who was responsible.”

Anonymous folds his arms.

“The truth is out there, it just depends on where you look. We may have all the answers, but we also have one or two questions. For example, not everything around here seems as it appears. You have your fingers in a lot of pies, don’t you? We question how it is that you might be trusted with sensitive information. ”

“Me?” Flint says with a shrug. “I do what I have to do. So tell me, are you here to help, or hinder?”

“We’re here for truth,” Anonymous announces. “We’re not here to serve you, or make friends. We’re here to reveal the truth that society needs to hear. There’s a wealth of lies here in Old School Wrestling, Flint. We’re going to uncover those lies and serve your roster with the truth.”

Errol stands up, walks around the desk and sits upon it, right in front of Anonymous.

“You had ought to be careful where you dig, kid,” Errol somewhat threatens. “Since not all questions need answers.”

Anonymous laughs a deep and boastful chuckle. “We already know your secrets. That’s how we ensure your co-operation.”

Both men look at each other for a moment in silence, before Flint nods and Anonymous exits the locker room.

Loverboy stares across the ring with a look of intensity. His wish to obtain gold has come to a boiling point. His target, Mike Lane, looks just as focused as he thumbs his World Title that sits on his shoulder. The referee takes the title and holds it in the air as the bell rings.

The Battle of the Lanes has now begun.

The two Lanes meet in the center of the ring with a lock-up, but Vinnie whips around to the back of Mike before pushing him into the ropes. Mike catches it and turns around with a look of disgust. Vinnie smiles as he raises his hands into the air. The mixture of boos and cheers rain down. Mike Lane tries for another lock up, but Lane kicks him in the gut. He wraps the arm around his head before lifting Mike into the air. He hangs it up there for a few moments before coming down hard for the delayed vertical suplex.

Vinnie goes for the cover, but Mike strikes with an elbow strike to the dome. Vinnie staggers backwards as Mike charges Vinnie for a lariat that sends him for a loop. Mike takes a step back before rushing Vinnie with a rolling knee to the face! ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! Vinnie is knocked down and Mike goes for the pinfall! ONE…TWO…NO! He kicks out! Mike goes to pick up Vinnie, but Vinnie hooks the ropes. The referee pushes back Mike as Vinnie is allowed to crawl up. Mike comes back, but Vinnie pokes him in the eye as the referee is distracted.

Mike staggers away in pain as the referee admonishes Vinnie. Vinnie throws his hands up in innocence. Vinnie doesn’t take long before hitting a running high knee followed into wrapping the arm of Mike Lane. He drives Mike into the mat, face first with his knee upon the back of his head. BAD MEDICINE KNEE DRIVER! Vinnie pins his shoulders to the mat with his knees. ONE…TWO…NO! Mike kicks out! Vinnie pulls Mike to his feet before throwing him over the top rope in exasperation.

Vinnie sees Mike laid out outside. He quickly climbs up the turnbuckle as he sees Mike slowly getting to his feet. Vinnie leaps for a Rocker Dropper, but Mike Lane connects with a dropkick! Vinnie flies back into the steel steps where the back of his head bangs off of. Mike Lane is down as the referee begins to count. Mike gets to his feet, but the referee is already to five. He rolls inside. The referee continues his count. 6…7…Vinnie begins to stir…8… Vinnie places his hands on the apron…9… Vinnie gets his legs under him…TE…NO! Vinnie rolls in just in time.

Mike Lane jumps on Vinnie and begins drilling him with blow after blow. He grabs Vinnie by the locks and throws him down to the mat. Vinnie’s head connects with the ground once again. His hands instinctively go back and Mike Lane zeroes in on it. He flips Vinnie onto his belly and begins striking the back of the head with elbow shot after elbow shot! The referee pulls on the arm of Mike, but Mike pulls his arm away. He connects with another blow before stepping away. He rushes forward, wraps his arms around the waist and hits a release German suplex which results in Vinnie landing on the back of his head once more!

Vinnie is still trying to get back up as Mike just looks down at him with a shaking head. He allows his cousin to get to a standing position. Vinnie puts his dukes up before hitting a slap to the face of Mike Lane! Mike looks shocked at the bold move. He pushes Vinnie into the corner before charging with a running knee strike! Vinnie ducks out of the way at Mike crashes into the turnbuckle before falling right in front of Vinnie! Loverboy rubs his head, trying to get some feeling back in it. Both men get to their feet.

Vinnie connects with two rapid forearms before locking Mike’s arms with his legs. HEARTBREAKER! Mike’s face is plunged into the mat. He rolls him up! ONE…TWO…NO! Vinnie looks a little shocked but Vinnie pulls him up into… BLACK LABEL DRIVER! Mike’s face crashes into the mat again! Vinnie rolls him up! ONE…TWO…THREE…NO! Mike Lane got a leg on the bottom rope! Vinnie is irate as he gets to a standing position. Vinnie begins pounding on the turnbuckle before grabbing the referee by the shirt and raising his fist. The referee reminds him that he could disqualify him which is the only reason Vinnie releases him. He stands over Mike for a few moments before spotting the turnbuckle. He pulls Mike up before whipping him into the corner. He lifts the lifeless body of Mike up onto the top turnbuckle. Vinnie lifts Mike up and… Mike fights out! He switches him around before hooking the leg and… SUPER DEGENERATION! T-BONE SUPLEX FROM THE TOP! Mike throws an arm across his chest. ONE…TWO…THREE!

Mike Lane rolls away from Vinnie as the referee hands him the title. Mike holds the title close to his chest as he begins to celebrate a well earned victory over a very difficult opponent.

The fans are on their feet as the World Champion climbs to the second turnbuckle and raises his belt into the air. Whilst celebrating, he catches Vinnie getting back to his feet out of the corner of his eye and respectfully drops down, helping his cousin back up.

Vinnie though angrily pushes him away, refusing any of his help.

Then it happens. Lux Bellator and Brent Kersh are making a b-line for the ring. They slide straight in and storm Mike Lane. Lane swings with a Clothesline, Lux ducking underneath and sending him into Kersh who drops him with a Spinebuster.

The Loverboy stands in wait, fighting stance ready, only Kersh and Bellator have no intention of fighting him. The fans roar, willing Vinnie on – but he… he backs away.


Kersh and Bellator stomp away at the World Champion whilst his own flesh and blood steps away, refusing to have any part of it. Vinnie rolls through the middle rope to the outside as the fans boo, heading to the backstage area as Lux pulls him up and FRONT FLIP PILEDRIVER! THE DESCIPLE MAKER!

Come on Vinnie! That’s your cousin in there! He turns around whilst atop the entrance ramp, looking back with a smile before callously exiting to the backstage area. In the meantime, Lux Bellator and Brent Kersh stand victorious over Mike Lane.

RAGE are back on top again.