A brick wall, dirty, dark and with an Old School Wrestling poster to promote Monday Night Showcase. The camera slowly rises to see the Old School Wrestling logo, buzzing away in flashing neon colours that are vibrant and flashy.

On this, what could be the last ever edition of Monday Night Showcase.

Just then, “For The Love of God” by Steve Vai can be heard from inside the arena, our cameras quickly transitioning to where our World Heavyweight Champion is making a focused walk to the ring.

The fans are on their feet as he takes a microphone from Paloma Ruiz and slaps his title over his shoulder.

“You know, I’ve had enough. Since August of last year, I’ve given my heart, mind and soul to Red River Jack. I’ve bent over backwards and I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve been taught a few harsh lessons in the process. Joining The Awakening had opened my eyes to the world and truth be told, I’m a better man for it. But time and time again, Red River Jack has turned his back on me, has cast me aside and left me to the wolves.”

The fans cheer the loudest cheer imaginable. Finally, Mike Lane has awoken from his slumber.

“After what happened to Pedro and the part I refused to play in it, I have been left alone to suffer the consequences of another man’s actions.”

[Just then, the arena is plunged into darkness as “To Get To You” hits and out onto the stage, burning cigarette in mouth, steps Red River Jack. A chorus of boos follow as he saunters to the ring, rolls under the bottom rope and gets back to his feet. The lights come back on as he discards his cigarette and receives a microphone of his own.]

“What’s the matter? You sound bitter, man,” [Jack grins.] “And that’s a shame, because after everything I’ve done for you, you had ought to show me a little respect. It’s becoming clear that you’ve let that, “ [he points to the belt] “Go to your head and you’re becoming weaker because of it.”

Lane’s head tilts in confusion.

“Weaker?” [he barks back at Jack who nods.] “The Shadow doesn’t get weaker, it simply endures, Jack.” [The fans cheer that one, bringing a smile to Mike’s face.] “And this shadow has endured enough of your shit.”

Both men suddenly go nose to nose as the tension ramps up inside the ring. They both throw down their microphones and this one is about to come to blows when suddenly, out of no-where, they’re absolutely blindsided!

Lux Bellator and Brent Kersh, quite literally out of no-where have stormed the ring, attacking both men. The fans boo, absolutely disappointed that this didn’t erupt here tonight – aiming all their frustration as the two men stomping the shit out of Mike Lane and Red River Jack. They finally come to a halt, Brent Kersh picking up one of the dropped microphones and shouting into it.

“I’m sorry to break up this little heart to heart, but I think it’s a little too late, don’t you?” [Kersh shrugs his shoulders whilst looking into the sea of booing and angry faces.] “After all, in one weeks time, RAGE takes over Old School Wrestling and puts it out to pasture, once and for all.” [Again, he’s interrupted by the boo’s and pauses.] “Oh you can hate it and you can hate me, but we’re not telling you anything you didn’t already know.”

Kersh drops the microphone and raises arms with Bellator as the scene comes to a close. Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to what could be the last edition of Old School Wrestling Monday Night Showcase

We start in what looks like an eating Hall, Corvin, instantly gets in the spirit and grabs the thing closest to him, a plate. Charging at Baxter, but gets a drop toe hold, his head smacking off the corner of a table, and we have blood instantly. Baxter picks Corvin up by the scruff of the neck and starts leading him around the room, until he lays eyes on what looks like a metal trash can. Positioning the bloody Peacemaker into power bomb, HE’S GOING TO POWERBOMB HIM INTO THE TRASH CAN.

Trying to lift Corvin, Corvin plants his weight, hits him with a back body drop of his own, culture lands on a table, motionless. Corvin places the trash can next to a vending machine and climbs up on top of it. LOOKING DOWN AT BAXTER, HE LAUNCHES HIMSELF, MOONSAULT OFF THE TOP OF THE VENDING MACHINE AND THROUGH A TABLE! Both men lay, lifeless. What seems like 5 minutes pass, Corvin begins to clamber to his feet, bloody and in pain, Culture Boy looking the same, but slightly slower to his feet. Corvin whips Baxter through some double doors

The men are now in what looks like a warehouse section of the arena. Punches are being traded between both men, without a care for where they may be. They end up brawling on top of a wooden crate, that is resting on a forklift truck. One punch from Baxter rocks Corvin to such degree that his behind goes through the front of the truck, and must of clicked a button as the crate begins to go up. The punching back and forth continues until Culture Boy begins to get the upper hand…. HOLY SHIT SPIKE BRAINBUSTER FROM 16FT IN THE AIR OFF THE CRATE! COVER, ONE…. TWO… THREE!! CULTURE BOY WINS

Yuki Shiroi is walking backstage. She pulls a flask from her hip and takes a long pull from it. She makes a face as it burns going down. She nimbly puts it back in her waistband with one hand and without looking, something only a practiced drinker could do. She rounds a corner and sees Axel the Shark standing there in a black and white referee’s uniform. Mask still on, of course.

“Yuki! Listen I need to talk to you!”

“Stay away from me. I thought I made myself clear.” she responds, looking irritated. She tries to walk past him, but he jumps in her way almost striking her in the process. She looks even angrier than before, but she doesn’t attack.

“Whoa! Sorry!” Axel quips, putting his arms up. “Hands up, don’t shoot! Haha! Listen, I just want to let you know that, despite our differences, I’m going to call this match straight down the middle, fair and square, by the books, totally impartia…..”

Yuki cuts him off. “Axel, I don’t give a damn! But heed my words, you try to get in my way, you’re going to be in a world of hurt.”

“I wouldn’t!”

“Oh, I know! And that’s the problem! You’re weak, and as long as you’re weak, you’ll never be a shark. In fact, you’re nothing more than a clownfish!”

“But, I…”

Yuki pushes past Axel leaving him on his own. The camera zooms in on his face, and if we could see his expression, it would likely be one of consideration.

Nigel is standing across the ring from Yuki, not appearing to give his opponent much credit. Yuki storms up to him and attempts to lock on a collar and elbow tie-up, but Nigel leans back out through the ropes! Axel backs Yuki off and admonishes Nigel… who re-enters the ring fully and holds a hand up to suggest a test of strength. He’s mocking Yuki, holding his hand too high for the diminutive bouncer to reach! Kick to the gut from Yuki! Nigel drops to a knee and Yuki grabs the test of strength, wrenching Nigel’s arm upside down and causing the blue blood to wail!

Nigel jabs Yuki’s eye! Overhead belly-to-belly from Royal! And he’s got the Boston Crab locked in. No! Yuki uses her immense leg strength to power out, flipping Nigel forward! She hits the ropes as Nigel rises… dropkick to Royal’s knee! Nigel’s down and clutching the knee… Yuki locks on a single-leg crab of her own! Nigel is writhing in pain but manages to reach the ropes and Axel is forced to break up the hold. That’s a cold look from Yuki to Axel! Yuki grabs Nigel and falls back for a snap DDT… Nigel held the ropes! Yuki cracks her head hard on the mat, and Nigel quickly scales the ropes… flying headbutt! He nailed it! Nigel covers but Axel just waves it off!!

Nigel pulls Yuki to her feet and hits a few forearm smashes, then whips her hard to the buckles – but it’s reversed! Nigel crashes into the corner and Yuki follows right behind and dives at his midsection – BUT NIGEL MOVED! Yuki’s shoulder hits the ring post hard and as she crashes to the canvas Nigel wastes no time locking in the Dungeons of London! Yuki is screaming in pain as Nigel applies pressure to the injured shoulder! Axel calls for the bell! Yuki never tapped out but Axel called it to prevent injury!

The backstage cameras focus on Paige as she makes her way around backstage, having just finished watching her husband’s match. She looks around for her car when the sound of an engine roars behind her, she turns around to see a car rearing towards her. She freezes as she sees the headlights, the car takes off towards her and BRUCE PULLS HER OUT OF THE WAY! BVC shows up out of nowhere and saves his wife!

The car hits a nearby wall and Bruce rushes to it, pulling the driver out of the front seat, it’s Jake Jeckel! Bruce doesn’t waste time looking for answers as he yanks Jake from the front seat and starts beating the holy hell out of him! The two start brawling but Bruce has the full advantage as he slams Jake through the rear window!

He pulls Jake back, looking to do it again when the Juggalo wiggles out of his grasp and LOW BLOW! Bruce doubles over and Jake takes the advantage, pulling Bruce onto his shoudlers… HATCHET ONTO THE HOOD OF THE CAR! Bruce rolls off of the car as Jeckel leans against the now busted up car, bleeding profusely. He moves towards Bruce and leans down towards him.

“You’re nothing, you piece of shit. Count yourself lucky your wife isn’t looking like Jimmy Sartyr right now.”

He stands up to walk away when CHAIR SHOT! Paige nails Jeckel with a steel chair and sends him to the ground! The juggalo is out as Paige helps Bruce to his feet, BVC leaning on her as they walk away, leaving medical staff to rush in and tend to Jake Jeckel.

Ash wastes no time in pounding on the newest Crowley initiate, but Hangman eats it up before flooring the Tag Team Champion with a breeze-block headbutt. Hangman makes a noose gesture, then grabs Ash and sends him headfirst INTO the ropes – ASH IS HUNG UP TO DRY! The Chosen One squirms free and drops to the floor, wheezing. Hangman pursues him, but ASH DROPKICKS THE STEEL STAIRS INTO HIM! The fans pop as Hangman flips over the steps. Ash grabs his title from ringside and hops on the apron. He reaches around the ring post and FASTENS THE TITLE AROUND HANGMAN’S NECK! Ash wrenches back, holding it tight!

Hangman must be turning blue under that burlap hood – HOLY SHIT! HANGMAN JUST TORE THE TAG TITLE STRAP! Gold studs litter the floor as Hangman walks away, coughing. A furious Ash follows him up the ramp onto the stage. He clubs Jack from behind and grabs his head, but Hangman counters – ASH GOES HEADFIRST INTO THE STEEL SET! NO HE DOESN’T! HE’S SCALING THE SIDE OF THE LED SCREEN! Hangman hunts him, but he’s heavier and slower – 15 FEET UP NOW – BOOMSTICK! Ash’s metal fist knocks Hangman silly, and HE’S HANGING ON BY ONE HAND… A quick-thinking Ash removes his belt…

HANGMAN GRABS IT! He shakes his head ominously, and WRAPS IT AROUND ASH’S THROAT! BOTH MEN ARE HANGING FROM THE SET… THE BELT GIVES! Ash’s body weight is too much, and he drops into a roll on the stage – though it’s no soft landing. Hangman follows, and they trade exhausted punches through the curtain and into the back. Ash once again plays Assassin’s Creed up a section of warehouse racking. Hangman gives chase, but their weight is too much – CRASH! THE RACKING TIPS OVER – tools raining down on the floor – BUT IT’S SAVED BY A WALL BRACE… BUT HANGING THERE GROTESQUELY IS HANGMAN! With nowhere to go, the referee declares ASH the victor as help arrives for Hangman.

Marvolo sneaks around backstage, his new attire not doing any favors with camouflage as he peaks into the ruined wing. He looks to walk into it when a dart sails past his head, clinking against concrete as a voice is heard.

“Zebra in my wing! Tranquilize it!”

Marvolo does a full one eighty to see Nigel Royal himself in fancy hunting garb atop of what appears to be a trained horse. Marvolo backs away slowly as Nigel levels his dart rifle at Number One.


Marvolo is cut short as another dart fires towards him, Marvolo ducking it by an inch before turning tail and running down the hall. Royal reloads his rifle and takes off after him.

“Nonsense! You’ll look perfect on my wall, Marvolo! Get back here you zebra!”

The chase goes on around the ruined wing in apparent circles, Marvolo ducking and weaving between doors and rubble as Nigel leisurely hunts him down. A few more shots fired and Royal exclaims his lack of ammo, Marvolo turning around to gloat.

“Ha! You thought a few darts could hit an amazing White Tiger like Marvolo? You will have to try better than that, I am the king of this wing!”

Number one goes out of his way to laugh audibly at Royal, getting up close as he can without being within swinging range.

“Are you not scared of the Tiger in his wing? Marvolo will-”

“Oh wait, found a dart.”

Before Marvolo can think, the dart is loaded and Number one turns tail down the hall, only to have a tranquilizing dart land square in his rear end, Number one landing face first on the concrete as Royal calls for his guards to drag Marvolo out of the wing.

Vinnie slides the captain armband on as does Cories. If either man is pinned, the match is over. The others can simply be eliminated.

Cories stars the match off but Vinnie taps his skull before rolling out of the ring to allow Gator to take over for him. The two lock up, but Gator whips Cories over. Cories gets to his knee as Gator smirks at him. He throws his arms across the top of the ropes as he begins jawing at Black on the apron. Black comes over to attack, but Gator backs away with his hands up. As he turns around, Cories lifts him up before drilling him for a spinebuster! Gator rolls away in pain before hitting the floor. Doc slowly enters the fray.

Doc and Cories lock up in the center of the ring, but Doc grabs Cories and flings him over the rope and to the floor. He turns around with a smile and points at Corey. Black enters the ring and they tie up before Doc rakes his eyes. Doc hits two rapid punches before dropping Cories with a snap suplex. Black gets back up as Doc bites him leading to some blood being drawn! Black staggers backwards before Doc lifts him for… THE LOBOTOMY! Doc goes for the pinfall! ONE…TWO…THREE! But Black’s foot was on the rope! The referee didn’t see it and Black is up to plead his case. He nails Doc with a BomaYe before evacuating the ring. Lee crawls in and hooks a leg on Doc! ONE…TWO…THREE! Doc is eliminated!

Lee gets to his feet with a huge smile on his face as Vinnie finally enters the match. They lock up before Lee hits a stiff roundhouse kick that catches Vinnie on the chin. Vinnie staggers back to the ropes and stands there as Lee approaches. Vinnie catches him with a superkick and sends him to Gator who drags him over the top rope into a DISASTER DROP on the outside! Lee exiting the ring brings back in Cories. Gator enters the ring and nails a 3’S & 7’S on Cories!

Vinnie lifts up Cories and whips him off the ropes before catching the rebounding 90’s Guy into a high knee. Vinnie grabs the staggered Cories in his arms and leaps backwards hitting a… HEART STOPPER! He hooks a leg! ONE…TWO…THREE! Vinnie and Gator celebrate their win as they stand tall over their opponents.

A bell tolls as the lights go out minus a flickering. In the flickering, you see a being flitting from rafter to rafter as the lights finally turn off. They return to show the entire Crowley Family inside the ring with Lee and Hangman standing front and center. Lee steps forward as The Hangman slowly follows.

“Those 90’s Guys. I hope you enjoyed our little present for you inside of your locker room. A little show of what awaits you at Dead End. Those titles that you wear around your waist shall not remain for any longer.”

The Hangman moves up and stands beside Lee as he cocks his head to the side slightly.

“Destruction lies in your wake, Cories. Devastation awaits you, Williams. At Dead End, The Crowley Family opens their arms wide. Not in hopes of adding another member, but in the attempt to squash the reign that has infested this federation for too long.


Those 90’s Guys run down to the ring and stand across from The Crowley Family, but the numbers vastly favor The Crowley Family.

“Look at this Ashley. Look at the situation, you’ve put yourself in. Five on two odds. Quite the dilemma.”

Ash turns to look at his partner before lowering his head. He walks over to Lee and drops down to one knee in front of him. Ashley detaches the tag title from his waist and holds it over his head in offering to Lee Crowley. Matthew Cories looks in utter shock.

“What are you doing, my padawan!? You can’t go to the dark side! Even if they have cookies!”

Lee grins wildly as he places his hands upon the shoulders of Ashley Williams.

“Finally. My words of enlightenment have reached your so-“


Ashley Williams just suckered Lee in as he connects with the Boomstick! Lee hits the ground and the fight is on! Piotor rushes him, but Ash ducks his blow as Piotor nails Tobias with a huge running punch!

Damien charges Ash, but Cories intercepts with a superkick! He climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Hangman nails him with a punch before wrapping his hand around his throat and nailing a chokeslam to the ground! SUPER CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!

Ashley sees his partner down and goes to stop him, but Lee has hooked onto his leg. Ash looks down before raising his head to take a nasty big boot from The Hangman. Lee gets to his feet as does the rest of the The Family. Lee looks irate as he begins putting the boots to Ashley.

STEEL CHAIR TO THE BACK OF LEE! Vinnie Lane and Gator are inside the ring with weapons in their hands! A shot to Hangman! Followed by a second! And… a CONCHAIRTO takes Hangman down to the ground! The other family members retreat pulling Hangman and Lee with them. Lane and Gator stand tall with the reigning tag team champions getting to their feet on the opposite side of the ring.

Lane and Gator turn to see the Tag Team Champions standing in the ring as a stand-off ensues. The crowd cheers at the possibility of a confrontation. Gator looks at Lane who nods. They charge the champions with their weapons raised, but both champions kick them in the gut forcing them to lose their weapons! Ash grabs Gator’s head as Cories grabs Lane’s. DOUBLE DDT onto the steel chairs!

Those 90’s Guys are beaten and battered, but they stand tall at the end of the night as Love Bites lay at their feet and The Crowley Family stand at the top of the ramp in shambles. Ash stands over Gator as he looks at his partner.

“Underhanded tactics, cheap shots, and numbers won’t help you next week at Dead End. You want our titles Gator and Lane? Fine, you’re in. You want our titles, Crowleys? Fine, you’re in. Those 90’s Guys don’t back down from a challenge. We just keep kicking their asses.”

Matthew Cories places a hand on his partner’s shoulder.

“Very well said, my young padawan.”

The bell sounds as all four men are in the ring. Harrison smirks at Kinsman and extends his hand. Kinsman nods at his valor and shakes his hand valiantly. The two turn their attention to their opponents as they both extend their hands. Garcia and Hunter look at each other before turning and spitting in the faces of Harrison and Kinsman. They charge and hit dual spears taking Harrison and Kinsman to the ground. Garcia begins pounding on the face of Harrison as Hunter waylays on Kinsman. The two look up and see the other doing the exact same thing.

Garcia gets to his feet and begins yelling at Hunter. Hunter gets to his feet and doesn’t appreciate it. He pushes Garcia back into the ropes and begins giving him the run down. The only audible word is “rape!” before Garcia hits a spinning heel kick that flattens Hunter. Garcia jumps on him and begins beating on his own partner! Harrison grabs Garcia and flings him up to his feet. Kinsman is there and nails a superkick! Garcia hits the floor as Harrison pulls Hunter to his feet. He whips him to Kinsman who kicks him in the gut. He turns to hit the Twist of Fate entitled THE EXECUTIONER!

Kinsman goes for the cover! ONE…TWO…NO! Garcia breaks it up. Harrison grabs Garcia but Garcia hits a back elbow sending him into the corner turnbuckle. Garcia hits the ropes as Kinsman gets to his feet for WRATH O’ RICHARD! The Lou Thesz press is hit as the headbutts rain down. Garcia gets to his feet as does Hunter. The two trade blows again as the referee looks on in confusion. Hunter grabs Garcia and throws him over the top rope to the floor! Hunter turns around to see himself surrounded.

James Hunter sees Kinsman get into the 3-point stance but it’s too late! He takes the spear that turns him into Harrison who leaps into the air and drives his face down into his knee! HOPE LANDING! Kinsman is already climbing the turnbuckle and Harrison points at him! BANG POW BOOM! Hunter isn’t moving as Kinsman hooks a leg! Harrison places his hands on the shoulders of Kinsman for added pressure! ONE…TWO…THREE! Harrison and Kinsman jump up in jubilation as they shake hands and climb the turnbuckles to celebrate. Garcia comes to his senses on the outside and is irate.

Tag team partners for the night, LH Harrison and the Kinsman walk through the hallways that run throughout the Schoolyard. They seem to be on the same page, but that only solidifies as they turn a corner to see a shared nemesis.

Erron Corvin.

The Peacemaker is leaned up against a wall, his bandana pulled up to allow a long cigarette to hang from his lips.

“You’ve got a lot to answer for, Corvin.” Kinsman states as the duo walk up on him. Corvin eyeballs them almost as if recognition is coming hard.

“Wasn’t personal, boys.” Corvin states, the cigarette not leaving his mouth, only bobbing as his mouth moves, ash falling to the ground.

“Personal or not, you attacked us.” Harrison retorts.

“Your issue is with the Culture Boy.” Corvin states, barely paying them any mind. “If I had wanted, you’d be dead.”

The two men take a step forward, and the cigarette drops from Corvin’s mouth. He stands straight up, stepping on the butt as he does so.

“Let’s dance.”

Kinsman and Harrison weren’t quite ready for what happens next as Bobby Baxter appears out of nowhere and nails Kinsman. Harrison goes to hit Baxter, taking down the Culture Boy, but Corvin intervenes, bashing Harrison’s head against the wall.

Corvin turns his attention to Baxter, who pushes Corvin over the fallen bodies before mounting him and laying in with shots.

“Where’s the culture?!” Baxter asks as he lays into Baxter.

Officials flood the area to try to separate the men. Baxter walks away with a smile while Corvin seems to have his eyes glued to the back of the Culture Boy’s head.

Once both men are tethered to each other, the opening bell sounds and Marvolo charges at the Dead with a wild clothesline… but Dead ducks underneath… and he anchors the rope, taking Marvolo off his feet and damn near pulling his arm out of his socket! The Marvelous barely gets erect and the Dead stomps on his foot… followed by a SCISSOR SWEEP! And now the Dead is stomping away excessively on Number One! But it’s Raquel on the apron with the distraction! The Dead yells for her to get off the turnbuckle while Marvolo steps up from behind… spins the Dead around… and, PILEDRIVER! Marvolo rolls Dead up… KICK OUT at two!

Unhappy with the referee’s count, #1 confronts him… giving the Dead the time he needs to get to his feet… AGO-KNEE! The Dead nailing that shinning wizard on a fully upright Marvolo! And the Marvelous careens to the outside through the middle rope! The Dead attempts to drag Number One into the ring with the Bull Rope but quickly gives up, following him instead to the outside… he lifts Marvolo to his feet and… Marvolo takes off running! Catching the Dead by surprise and dragging him behind him… Marvolo leaps the steps, and drives both of the Dead’s knees into steel, toppling him violently over the steps.

With a smile, Marvolo slides Dead back into the ring and rolls him up… but again the Dead kicks out! Marvolo can’t believe it, getting to his feet and looping the excess rope in his hand with a grin. WHIP! WHIP! WHIP! Marvolo lashes the Dead across the chest and face with the rope… but it doesn’t seem to faze the Dead who slowly gets to a knee… so Marvolo decides to change up his game plan, and wraps that rope AROUND DEAD’S NECK! He’s choking him out! And the Dead is fading! And… that’s it, the referee calls for the bell! Marvolo has won this one by knockout!!

The crowd is still buzzing from the epic tornado match they just witnessed, as Brandon Garcia goes to head to the back. James Hunter appears to not be happy with this as he grabs a microphone from ringside.

“Santelmo!? Where do you think you’re going?”

Garcia turns, mouthing some words that are probably not nice.

“I want my match, and I want that title.” Hunter begins, opening the ropes for Santelmo, who hasn’t moved. “When I want something, I’m going to have it.”

The All Star Champion laughs and turns away…

…to walk right into a diminutive a dark haired young lady of Asian descent. Shock radiates on Santelmo’s face.

“You know a little bit about that, don’t you?” Hunter states as he leaves the ring to walk up the aisle, standing beside the girl.

“I’ve asked and asked, Brandon. You just constantly reject me. You tell me no. You laugh in my face.”

Garcia tries to step to Hunter, but the Question leaves the girl between them.

“No means no, doesn’t it?” A chuckle escapes the lips of Hunter.

“Doesn’t it?” He repeats.

Santelmo looks the lady up and down, almost like he is seeing a ghost. The shock only grows with each second as his eyes dart between Hunter and the girl. The shock fades into anger, and Garcia pulls the mic to his mouth under the amused gaze of Hunter.

“You’re full of shit, Hunter. We both know that.”

Hunter nods, moving aside as Garcia walks up the ramp. He holds up his hand to silence the crowd.

“Of course I am. I’d hate for my friend here to get to tell her story about how you took everything from her. Her honor. Her innocence. Her life. All because you couldn’t stand being told no.”

Garcia turns, angry once more. Hunter has one more trick up his sleeve.

“And I’d hate, just absolutely hate, to bring your whole mundo to an untimely end.”

The Spanish word for “world” brings Santelmo to a rage, leaping past the lady and straight into Hunter. He begins to rain down shots on the Question, who lets him attack freely. Once Garcia stands up, his rage sated, the hand of James Hunter holds up the microphone. Brandon takes it, almost spitting the words out.

“Fuck you. You have your match.”

Garcia walks away, refusing to look at the young lady while James Hunter sits up.


The DEAD walks backstage after his brutal Bull Rope Match with Marvolo. A normal man may not be able to even walk after such a battle, but the DEAD is no normal man. Bruises show on his torso mixing in with scars and make his body look like little more than a corpse.

He rounds a corner is met with Father Pedro, who looks worse for the wear, but otherwise okay.

“Hello, Mr. Dead! Lux told me what an interesting young man you are!”

The DEAD rushes at Pedro, grabbing him by his collar.

“Easy, easy!” Pedro says with a grimace. “I’m fresh out of the hospital!”

The DEAD has little concern about Pedro’s well being, and shakes him by the shirt. “Where is he, old man? I don’t want to hurt you, but I will!”

“He’s….He’s…” Pedro manages between shakes, “ …right behind you!”

The DEAD let’s go and turns around quickly, but Lux Bellator is too fast and levels him with the stolen United States Championship Belt. Once again, the DEAD may feel no pain, but after the physical match he just completed, he crumples to the floor in a heap, seemingly unconscious.

Pedro is catching his breath and rubbing his neck.

“Get him!” he yells and Bellator scoops up the blacked out DEAD. He carries him away and the cameraman tries to follow.

“No, leave us be!” Pedro shouts and pushes the camera back. The priest turns and follows the Messiah around the corner and disappears.

Welcome to the Showcase! Booked at a last minute but with so much history, it’s Jake Jeckel taking on Max Million!

This one starts off with both men locking up in the middle of the ring, Jake Jeckel quickly pulling Max Million into a Headlock and wrenching the hold. Max has to work his way out and delivers punches to the mid-section until the Juggalo let’s go, running him across the ring and into the ropes. Jeckel comes storming back with a big Shoulder Block that takes down his opponent. He scoops him straight back to his feet and into a Pump Handle Slam that plants him hard onto the canvas. Jake doesn’t stop his assault and grabs the legs of Million, kicking down the back of the knee before swinging a Dropping Elbow down upon it.


Again, again and again!

Jake swivels around and locks in the Figure Four Leg Lock, proving a method to his attack here tonight. Million is in agony but he seems to enjoy it, he seems to enjoy the torture as Jeckel pulls and rocks with the hold locked in. The Juggalo reaches back and grabs the ropes for extra leverage, squeezing and applying the hold as hard as he can but the referee is forced to break it, calling for a five count that Jake meets and let’s go entirely. Million rolls away holding his leg, he can’t just stand back up on it, his body won’t allow that.

The Juggalo pulls him by the hair to a stand point but Million drops to one knee due to the back leg and starts barrelling shots at his mid-section. Punch after punch stops Jake from dragging him up and then comes the inside cradle! One…. Two… Kick Out! That was a close call but both men bounce away from the pinfall. Jake is straight back up and it’s Million who pounces to his feet with a Buisaku Knee!! Out of no-where! That took a lot out of him but he’s finally back into this contest and now it’s time to start wearing Jake down.

Million pulls him to his feet and right hands him across the face, again, again, he beats him into the ropes and whips him across the ring, Dropkick! That knee is starting to feel a lot better now and Million is going to the middle rope. He climbs up and dives into the air with a Falling Headbutt! Connected! Pure perfection! He raises his hand into the air with his thumb pointed skyward and the fans know what that means. Jake slowly gets back to his feet and turns into the BAD INTENT!! NO!! JAKE PUSHES HIM AWAY! SWINGING Clothesline of his own that Million ducks too. Max scoops him up…. BRAAAINNBUSSTTER!! CASHING IN!!

That has to be it right there, surely, he’s quickly into the cover and One….. Two…. Kick Out!! Jake Jeckel kicks out! Unbelievable. Jeckel is slowly back up, same with Million and it’s Million looking for a Snap Suplex! The Juggalo blocks it, and again, it’s blocked. He scoops mAX up onto his shoulders and spins him off.. HATCHET!! NO!! MILLION USES THE MOMENTUM TO SWING INSIDE WITH A CRADLE!! One….. Two…. Three!! He wins it! Million steals it at the last possible second and only moments away from the Hatchet! What a match!

The hallway backstage.

Ethan Bird can be found alone, walking down a stretch of corridor with the RAGE Championship draped over his shoulder. He’s about to exit when suddenly the lights flicker. He pauses immediately, checking his surroundings until the lights click and plunge us into darkness.

Crash, bang, crash! Thunderous thumping sounds happen all around him, Bird swinging left and right, avoiding what feels like moving projectiles.

Then the lights return.

There’s blood and gore everywhere, birds having crashed in to the walls around Ethan and now lay littering the floor, in pools of blood.

“I’m not scared of you,” he says, looking around himself. “I’m not scared of you, Crow!” Bird shouts.

He storms towards the door and tries to turn the handle, only it won’t open. He frantically tries to open it, only the door appears locked. Bird spins around, to see Scarecrow stood before him.

“You should be.”

Scarecrow nails him with a large right hand, sending him into the blood stained wall behind him. He rips the title from his shoulder and quickly vanishes into darkness. Bird stumbles backwards and looks around, yelling for Scarecrow.


The scene comes to a close with Ethan reeling after that horrifying attack.

Ethan Bird and Red River Jack circle each other in the ring. The Flock and the Awakening surround the ring, trying to keep their eyes both on the match and each other. The two come together for a test of strength, but both men try to sneak attack the other, both landing punches to the other’s head. They begin to trade punches and Bird gets the upper hand. He hits Jack with a BOXING COMBINATION until one huge right hand knocks Jack through the ropes and outside! Santelmo is there quickly and boots Jack in the gut, he rolls him back into the ring.

Bird stomps on Jack and then pulls him to his feet and hooks him for a VERTICAL SUPL….NO!!! Red counters with a SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Ethan drops hard and Jack get to his feet quickly and begins stomping on Bird. Corey Black jumps on the apron and pulls at Jack’s shoulder, allowing Bird to roll from the ring. Jack spins and levels Black, while David Manson and HAtE pummel Ethan on the outside. Santelmo runs and hammers both Manson and HAtE with a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!! But Mike Lane is right there, SHADOW KICK TO GARCIA!!!

Lane pulls Bird up and rolls him into the ring. Jack looks at Lane and nods. Lane nods back. Jack pulls Bird up and DOUBLE UNDERHOOK PILEDRIVER!!! One… Two… THRE…NO!! Bird kicks out. Jack pulls him up and throws Bird to the ropes and when he comes back SPARTAN KI….Bird ducks! RRJ spins and kick to the gut! Bird hooks Jack’s leg! WORLD’S END DDT!!! ONE… The Flock and The Awakening sans Lane flood the ring… TWO… The Flock and Awakening come together… THREE!!! Ethan Bird with a huge victory over the former World Champion!!!

After the match has finished, Corey Black is standing in the ring after being eliminated. A bit of blood trickles down his forehead before he wipes it away. His face transforms to absolute fury as he focuses forward. He brings the microphone up to his bearded face as his eyes glow with intensity through the crimson mask.

“Where the hell are you Doc? Where are you hiding? Behind another door leading to yet another office? Did you run away after I served you your rightful due diligence? I’m not sure you realize who it is you’re dealing with. I AM COREY BLACK. The King of ALL Wrestlers and you can bet your ass that includes you. The Avenger that will get his retribution over this blood shedding. I tire of these little games. It’s time we settled this affair. Cancel your appointments and open your schedule, there’s no denying this man-possessed.”

Corey throws down the microphone and gets in a readying stance as he awaits his doctor’s visit. The lights dim as fog begins to slowly rise from the floor as the lights on the tron begin to flicker red. The lights flicker for a few seconds before flipping off. They flick back on to reveal that tall chair sitting on the top of the ramp. Perched upon it is none other than Doctor Louis D’Ville who has that familiar grin upon his face.

“Hello my friend. You seem a little agitated after our appointment. Did I say something that struck a nerve? My only wish was to aid you upon your journey to relinquishing your Creeping Death. Allow me to be your catalyst to a higher form of enlightenment, Mr. Black.”

Corey spits in the direction of Doc before picking up the mic.

“Are you going to come down here or what? Do I need to come up there and bust your head open with another ‘bow? Come on down. Or stay up there like a little bitch.”

The crowd gasps as Doc just smiles and softly chuckles.

“Oh my friend. I have no intention in coming down there right now. No, no. Although there is a big dance coming up, my friend, and I have yet to be asked to dance. Allow me to break the ice for you. At Dead End, will you, Corey Black, step inside the squared circle with me once more?”

“Bring it on, Doctor D’Phil.”

The Doctor smiles as he raises the microphone to his mouth once more.

“Except, I don’t like to make things simple. At Dead End, it’ll be a specialty match of mine… an IRON MAIDEN match. It’s a Hell in a Cell match with weapons adorning the sides of the cell. Come Dead End, the cell will be shut, but my doors will always be open, Mr. Black.”

Corey’s face is a bloody mess as his eyes stare intensely up the entranceway towards Doc as Doc smiles broadly back at him.

The bell rings for the first fall as Lane rushes forward with a Lariat. Lux catches Lane’s arm, twirling him down to the mat with an armdrag but as he tries for a Fujiwara, Lane quickly scrambles to the ropes, forcing Bellator to abandon the hold. Both men get to their feet as Lane rushes forward, peppering Lux’s chin with a flurry of elbows before grabbing him by the head, as he tries for a Snap Suplex. Lux blocks it, trying for one of his own but he’s stunned by an elbow to the temple before Lane switches over to Lux’s back, picking him up for a Release German.

Lux lands on his feet, rushing forward and landing a massive Yakuza Kick just as Lane turns around. The boot wipes Lane out but Lux pulls him up to his feet, hoisting him up over his shoulder and driving Lane’s right shoulder into his knee, trying to weaken him for the Arm of God. Lux hyper-extends the shoulder, landing a few knees to the joint as Lane yells out in pain. Mike is pulled to his feet as Lux backs up a few feet, rushing forward as he spins around Lane with a headscissors, spiking him down with a Single Arm DDT before transitioning into the Fujiwara, completing the Arm of God in the middle of the ring

Lane screams in pain as Lux pulls back with all his strength in the middle of the ring, trying his best to damage Lane’s arm. Lane tries to pull himself to the ropes but Bellator pulls back, locking Lane in place in the middle of the ring, Lane looks like he’s going to tap out but he gets a sudden burst of strength as he pulls Bellator up to his feet, Lux clutching onto Mike’s right arm as Lane slams Lux down onto the canvas, but Lux manages to hold on as he cranks back on the armbar, Lane having no choice but to tap out to end the first fall.

The bell rings for the second time as Lux rolls out of the ring, peering under the ring for a ladder as Lane rolls out behind him, slamming a forehand into the back of Lux, but an attempt at a German Suplex fails as Lane’s right arm gives out on him. Lux spins around with a backfist, stunning Lane before grabbing him by both arms, twisting him into a straight jacket before slamming Lane backfirst onto the floor with a neckbreaker. Lane rolls away in pain as Lux looks back down underneath the ring, grabbing a ladder as he throws it into the ring. Lux tries to roll into the ring but he’s stopped as Lane grabs his foot. Bellator kicks back, driving his boot right into Lane’s jaw as Lane tumbles back down to the floor

Lux sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring as he goes to start climbing but notices Lane on the floor getting to his feet. Lux drops down, setting Lane up as he bounces off the ropes, leaping over with a SomerSault Plancha that hits only concrete as Lane just moves out of the way. Lux gets to his feet, holding his back in pain SHADOW KICK! Out of nowhere by Lane and now the Shadow King has the chance to tie this all up as he rolls into the ring, slowly walking over to the ladder as he pulls himself up, his right arm slowing him down

Lux slowly gets to his feet, rolling into the ring as he grabs the foot of Lane, tripping him up as he lands jaw first on the top of the ladder, slumping down but still hanging on. Lux quickly climbs up, reaching the top as his fingertips just graze the bible before a shot to the gut stops him. Lane ducks a wild right as he grabs Lux, dumping him to the floor with the Regeneration. Lane composes himself for a moment, before reaching up and puling the bible down, ending the second fall

Lane slowly begins to climb down the ladder as he’s met by a massive backfist by Lux who pulls Mike up over his head, running forward and driving Lane into the ladder with the Catholic Cross. Lane screams in pain as the referee pulls the ladder out of the ring. Lux drops down onto Lane, drilling him with a series of elbows before landing a particularly heavy one that seems to knock out the Shadow King. Lux signals for an early end as he rolls out of the ring, grabbing the mirror as he throws it into the ring. Lux turns as he jumps up onto the apron, just as Lane springs to his feet, rushing forward as he leaps up onto the middle rope, grabbing Lux and flipping him into the ring with a massive German Suplex

Lux hits the mat hard, holding his neck as Lane pulls him up roughly, trying for a second Degeneration but Lux is still fighting, as he begins to fight out of the hold with elbow after elbow, one driven right into the temple as it causes Lane to let go of Lux. Bellator quickly takes advantage, rushing forward and landing a lightning quick Deum Lucem. Lux pulls Lane up, but Lane pushes him away, trying for the Shadow Kick again but Lux manages to catch the kick, grabbing Lane’s leg as he throws him into the air with a modified flapjack before driving an uppercut into the jaw of Lane as he comes down. Lane is down as Lux grabs the mirror, not noticing Lane kipping up once more behind him as he begs for Lux to turn around and as Bellator does, SHADOW KICK! The superkick drives the mirror into Lux, shattering it as Mike Lane gets the hard fought victory

We open up to a dark street with hot white street lamps overhead.

“Hard work and determination has brought me to this point. Showing that when you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.”

Cars are parked along the sides and a figure jogs passed.

”My desire for bigger and better has put me on this road. This race isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. ”

The jogger keeps a steady pace as he continues down the road.

“I have to stay focused until the very end.”

The jogger makes a left turn cutting across the next street. There are no cars driving down these roads.

“I’ve invested too much time and effort into my career to just settle.”

The cold causes his warm breath to be seen as he exhales.

“I want to be one of the best in the world so I went to where the best are.”

His high visibility sweatshirt can clearly be seen as he jogs around the neighborhood.

“I want to prove myself on the greatest stage and that’s why I’m here…”

The camera gets close enough to his face to make out who it is.

“My name is Alex Reese…”

The camera is directly on the face of the “Motivational Superstar”. He inhales and exhales as he picks up speed.

“My eye is on the prize.”

Reese passes the recording camera as we fade out.

The camera opens up peeking around a corner. We see Lux Bellator open a door, checks if anyone is watching, and then enter the room. The door swings shut slowly on an arm and the cameraman nimbly slides into the Storage Area before it closes. We hear voices but cannot see in the dimly lit room.

“Is he awake yet?” Lux asks.

“Not yet, my boy, did you get them?”

The camera positions itself behind a shelving unit allowing us a view to the other side. There sits the DEAD, tied to a chair. Lux hands something to Father Pedro. It looks like a pack of cigarettes.


Father Pedro lights a butt up, but he doesn’t smoke it. Instead, he holds the ember to the bare chest of the DEAD. The DEAD begins to come to at that moment.

“Whaz thaa smell?” he asks dazed.

“Amazing!” Pedro exclaims. “He can’t feel it, but smells it!!”

Bellator just smiles as Pedro pulls the cigarette away, but he doesn’t put it out. Instead he sticks it directly to the DEAD’s cheek. The smell must be great, as the DEAD comes fully awake.

“Get off me! What are you doing!!”

Lux looks excited and steps forward, “Can you feel it?!”

“NO! But I still don’t like it! Get off!”

Bellator steps forward, looking really excited. He grabs the DEAD’s head, who starts thrashing.

“His eye.” Bellator says calmly and pulls open DEAD’s eyelids.

“What!! NO!” DEAD screams.

The cameraman decides enough is enough and turns to run, knocking over several items as he does. We can’t see, but hear Father Pedro scream “Get him!!”

Lux and Pedro chase him, thankfully leaving the DEAD on his on.

For now.

The two men eye each other up and down before approaching each other at the start of this Last Man Standing match. BVC starts by looking for a collar and elbow lock up, but Kersh setting an early tone for the match, strikes quickly with a thunderous uppercut to the jaw of BVC. The crowd begins to voice their displeasure loudly.

Bruce stands back to his feet, adjusting and rubbing jaw. He takes a step back and suckers Kersh in! As Kersh rushed forward to start the attack, BVC backdropped him over the top rope! Kersh lands with a thud on the floor. Bruce looks to continue the attack… OH MY GOD, he’s climbing the top rope!! He’s going to attempt ‘Shot Through The Heart’ to the outside! Bruce leaps through the air….. BUT KERSH ROLLS AWAY!


Bruce Van Chan might be broken in half, Doctor Sleep went for it all and missed badly. The referee arrives at an 8 count on BVC before somehow, miraculously, BVC stumbles back up to his feet. He lifts his fist in the air, showing Kersh he still wants to go….. CHAIR SHOT! Kersh levels BVC with a violent chair shot knocking Bruce back down in the entrance way. Kersh runs to the ring and slides a table out, he sets up ringside.

Once Kersh has the table set up, he turns his attention back to Bruce. He lifts Doctor Sleep back to his feet and drags him towards the table. He lifts Bruce up, attempting a power bomb, but Bruce slides out of it while he was hoisted in the air. He spins Kersh around ‘Now I Lay You Down To Sleep’ THROUGH THE TABLE!!!


The two competitors lay motionless, with the broken pieces of the table scattered all around them. Bruce is the first one to begin moving as he gets to his feet, the referee begins to count on Kersh now. The referee gets to the count of 8 this time, before The Enforcer is able to get to his feet.

The fight continues outside the ring, Bruce charges forward at Kersh, he tries a Hurricanrana but Kersh catches in the air… POWER BOMB ON THE FLOOR! Immediately the referee begins counting and reaches 7 before BVC is able to return to his feet.

Both men are battered but unrelenting, they engage this time back in the ring. They exchange right and left hands, with the crowd cheering each time BVC strikes and booing each time Kersh does. Finally Kersh gains the upper hand, by bouncing off the ropes and grounding Bruce with a thunderous clothesline.

It doesn’t keep Bruce down for long, he somehow springs back to his feet! Kersh confused and frustrated rolls out of the ring, right in front of the announcers table. He looks to be attempting to regain composure and BVC wants to capitalize, he quickly slides out of the ring…. SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE. Kersh suckered him in!

The ref this time makes the count of 10 and raises the hand of Brent Kersh, who drops to a knee. He might be the winner, but he’s been through a war here!

Brent Kersh and Bruce Van Chan are struggling to stand inside the ring and you can cut the tension with a knife. Both men staring a hole in one another, they come together, almost as if the fight it ready to continue.

MIKE LANE OUT OF NOWHERE, SHADOW KICK TO KERSH. Mike Lane came flying down the aisle to the ring and leveled Brent Kersh with a Shadow Kick. He continues the assault as he and Bruce Van Chan begin putting the boots to the Rage Team Member.

‘O Come, O Come Emmanuel…’

Lux Bellator comes flying down the aisle way to even the numbers, he slides into the ring pulling BVC and Mike Lane off Brent Kersh. Bellator starts unloading on Bruce, knocking him into the ropes, when Mike Lane grabs Lux from behind and spins around, he’s going for another Shadow Kick…. KERSH spears Mike Lane and now Kersh is on top of the champion clobbering him with left and right hands. BVC and Lux Bellator are exchanging in the corner.

THE SOUND OF A GONG and MARVOLO is making a beeline towards the ring, 1 finger held up in the air as he does. Immediately he joins Lux and the two of them put the numbers to use, pummeling Bruce Van Chan in the corner, while Kersh and Lane are now rolling back and forth violently throwing punches on the ground.

The OSW crowd erupts as Nigel Royal makes his way down to the ring, evening the odds. He pulls Marvolo off of Bruce Van Chan and send him into the ropes, he catches him with a massive clothesline, taking both of them over the top rope! Neither man stays down long and they begin brawling wildly on the outside of the ring. Nigel gains the upper hand throwing Marvolo viciously into the guardrail.


Jeckel emerges from behind the curtain, with a smile on his face. Slowly he makes his way down to the ring, stopping just before entering it and reaching under the ring! STEEL CHAIR, Jeckel pulls out a steel chair and shows it too the crowd. The crowd CHEERS! A confused Jeckel looks around, turning around to see RED RIVER JACK behind him, wielding his own chair. The crowd was cheering Jack, who looks to have come to fight for OSW!

Jeckel and Jack swing at the same time and the chairs collide causing a thunderous bang and forcing both men to drop the chairs. Jack wastes no time tackling Jeckel to the ground just in front of the ring steps!

8 wrestlers are brawling all around the ringside area and the crowd is going nuts. Marvolo and Nigel have made their way into the crowd. The OSW faithful are showering Marvolo with beers and popcorn as he has his hands full with Nigel.


The sound causes all the men to pause for a moment and look at the entrance way, where Scarecrow emerges! The Hayman begins heading down the aisle way, breaking into almost a jog! He wants in this fight!

BIG BOOT TO SCARECROW. Holy hell, Ethan Bird was waiting for him in the crowd along the entrance way! He jumped out and rocked Scarecrow with a massive boot, but it doesn’t keep the Rage Champion down long. He grabs Ethan by the throat CHOKESLAM IN THE AISLEWAY! Scarecrow begins heading towards the ring, but somehow Ethan grabs his leg and pulls him down to the ground!

All 10 men are brawling all throughout the arena! Is this a preview of what ‘Dead End’ will look like?

Slowly the camera fades out, with a wide zoom showing the massive brawl and the OSW fans going nuts!