[Recorded last week.] [The sounds of sirens wailing fill the air as Old School Wrestling picks up almost immediately where it left off last week.] [Fire rages from the front of the ambulance, spreading across the car it crashed into. The fire brigade are rushing to the scene as passers by pull an innocent civilian from the totaled vehicle.] [Crunch! A sudden crunching sound almost quiets the busy noise and panic around the ambulance as the door buckles from the inside. Another crunch is quickly followed by a whisping thwack as the door pings open and slams back against the steel. It’s then that Mike Lane is almost catapulted from the ambulance, flying across the floor and skidding into the street.] [Red River Jack steps out, a crimson mask covering his face and beard, cuts all over his upper torso as he stumbles into the street. Mike isn’t much better off. He’s bleeding from a large gash on his forehead and Jack lunges at him, tearing at it with a right handed blow that sends both of them to the floor.] [Those helping darent even bat an eye lid, let alone get involved as both men get back to their feet and tussle onto the bridge next to them, each man clawing and scratching at the other in desperation.] [Then it happens.] [They swing back and forth until they’re teetering on the railings – the crowd rushing towards them only for both men to PLUMMET OVER the bridge and into the water below!!] [The camera peers over to see where they landed, the disturbed water making it difficult to spot them almost thirty feet below. Finally, Mike Lane pushes himself to the surface, wiping water off his face and frantically searching for Red River Jack around him.] [Only Jack doesn’t come up for air.] [He doesn’t surface.] [The cameraman walks into the office of Errol Flint, the group known as High Society standing in front of him, Nigel Royal leaning onto Flint’s desk, his hands slammed on the table as he bears down on the owner of the company.]

“Listen, Flint. I’m one of the reasons you have those RAGE rats off of your back. And I, along with my friends here, are the reason for the repairs in MUCH of your building. All we’re asking is for a few title shots. We deserve it after all, don’t we?”

[Flint snarls a bit at the three, looking to stand up before Culture Boy places a hand on Flint’s shoulder and makes his sit, aggressively yet still showing a little force.]

“Listen, you don’t have a say in this, Flint. Royal helped stop RAGE, the rest of this useless roster is what failed you in getting rid of the others. Now what you can do is just give us shots for the titles we have listed here, and when you do we’ll leave you alone. Is that understood?”

[Million reaches into a pocket on his shirt and hands Flint a piece of paper. Errol unfolds it and his face contorts to a look of pure anger.]


“Shut it, Flint!”

[Million slams his hands down on the table and leans in.]

“We were being nice. Get it through your head now. We own you. No one’s going to stop us, and Ferguson can’t touch us through the guards. You have until next week to give us an answer, it better be the right one.”

[High Society leaves Flint to head back to their wing. As they do, Flint gestures to someone, an employee walking in. Flint hands them a sealed letter and they nod, running off with it.] [Doctor D’Ville and Gator just stare at each other as the bell rings, neither moving a muscle. Lot of history between these two men, but this is a new playing field. They approach the center of the ring as Gator begins bobbing his head as the shit talking begins. Gator pushes Doc who doesn’t retaliate, but simply smiles up at him. Gator comes for another, but Doc grabs his arm and whips him into the corner before wrapping his talons around the throat of Gator for a choke! Gator tries to chop them down, but Doc is not deterred.] [The referee had already reached four when he gets in between them, but Gator takes the time to kick Doc in the balls! Doc staggers back a little as Gator takes the chance to propel Doc upwards into a 3’S AND 7’S! The Samoan Drop hits as Gator hooks a leg. One…Two…NO! Doc kicks out. Gator quickly switches over and begins pounding on the face of Doc while spewing profanities. Doc finally pushes Gator off as he crawls over to the ropes. He places a hand on the rope as he pulls himself up. Gator charges him only for Doc to catch him snap suplex!] [Doc hits a snap DDT that drives Gator into the mat. Doc climbs the turnbuckle and smiles. He leaps off, but Gator kips up at the same moment! Doc was going for Trepanation, but Gator grabs his legs. GATOR THROW! Doc smashes into the mat roughly, face-first. Gator begins nodding his head as he pulls Doc to his feet. SNAPBACK! Neckbreaker on his knee! Doc is down and Gator is going for the cover! ONE… TWO…NO! Doc powers out.] [Both men get to their feet and Doc connects with an eye gouge! The referee tries to admonish him, but Doc grabs Gator and locks on THE 302! The submission is throwing Gator around as Gator is struggling to get out of it, but can’t. Gator slowly taps out.] [Doc throws the limp body of Gator off of him as she smiles down at his former patient. A grin spreading across his face.] [Outside The School Yard in Las Vegas a crowd has gathered awaiting entrance to OSW’s Monday Night Showcase. Some of them are already waving signs: RAGE Forever!, The Shadow King Endures, #BANTHEBOOMSTICK, and Hope is Calling ME to YOU, L.H.!. As the fans jostle and argue in line, a black Lincoln limousine pulls up to the curb. Sensing a talent sighting, the queue surges forward a bit, causing the yellow jacketed security personal to spread their arms and brace the already straining ropes. The chauffeur hurries out and opens the rear door, and Phoebe Outlaw steps onto the sidewalk. The assembled fans send up a cheer. Wearing riding boots, jeans, a white turtleneck, Tony Lama jacket, and over-sized Dolce & Gabbana shades, she is the epitome of fashionable. She smiles and waves to the fans.]

“Hello everyone! Hi! Thank you!”

[At this point Micah Wright, OSW’s resident scrivener, steps forward, mic in hand, to intercept Phoebe.]

“Phoebe Outlaw, it’s so good to see you at Monday Night Showcase. Do you think you can answer a few questions?”

[Phoebe looks up from signing a kids t-shirt and smiles.]

“Anytime Micah. Shoot.”

“Well, let me be the first to welcome you to OSW. That being said, why Old School Wrestling? What drew you here instead of a competing fed?”

[Pushing hair from her face, Phoebe considers this.]

“Lots of things, but mainly reputation. OSW has a great history, great roster, great fans…”

[Big pop. The cheap kind.]

“…but most of all it seemed like the right fit for me.”

[Micah drives ahead.]

“And what about being the only female on the roster?”

[Phoebe stands very still for a long moment. Slowly, she removes her six-hundred dollar sunglasses and looks hard at Micah Wright.]

“You mean ‘Olympic Gold Medalist’.”

[Micah glances around.]

“I’m sorry…?”

“You meant to say ‘What about being the only Olympic Gold Medalist on the roster.’”


“Or maybe you meant the back-to-back NCAA National Wrestling Champion on the roster. Or the only World Jiu-Jitsu Champion. Surely.”

“I… ummm…”

[With sudden fierceness, Phoebe sticks a finger in Micah’s face.]

“Stop talking. You asked about the fact that I don’t have a cock and balls because that is apparently more important than my qualifications as a professional.”

[She steps in closer to Micah.]


[ Micah begins to stutter a little, and Phoebe cuts her off.]

“I said be quiet. Let me tell you something…”

[Phoebe raises her voice so that all the assembled fans, as well as the television cameras nearby, can hear.]

“To anyone who can hear my voice! My name is Phoebe Outlaw! And I am, pound for pound, the most dangerous person any of you have ever met. I am capable, talented, experienced and utterly ruthless. If you underestimate me because of my ovaries I will happily put you to bed. Fuck not with me. You will regret it.”

[She looks back to Micah Wright.]

“Anything else?”

“N… n… No, I think that covers it.”

[With a sneer Phoebe puts her glasses back on and enters the side door, leaving the masses, the fanboys, and the reporters outside.] [Backstage, we see Axel the Shark walking backstage. However there is no tour. He has his hands clenched and seems to be pacing. He turns a corner and almost walks smack dab into Anonymous.]

“You!” [Axel begins, an uncharacteristic anger in his voice.] “What are you!?”

“We are Anonymous.” [The Guy Fawkes mask replies.] “But we feel that wasn’t what you meant. Did you receive our message?”

[In response, Axel throws a crumpled up piece of newspaper at Anonymous. It bounces to the floor.]

“We see that you did,” [Anonymous seems to be amused as he raises his hands up in mock innocence.] “We only bring truth to light, Axel.”

“That is a bunch of malarkey, Guy.” [Axel states, referring to Anonymous by his mask.] “That newspaper clipping wasn’t truth, just a bunch of misunderstandings.”

“Was it? We don’t think so.” [Anonymous muses.] “In that moment, you became frozen as one of the children you wish to protect and be revered by. As you relentlessly swam upwards, you continued to find yourself pulled back into the darkness. Without a care for others…”

[Axel pushes Anonymous backwards with a start, dropping the masked man. The Shark mounts him and begins punching down into the Guy Fawkes mask as hard as he can before suddenly stopping.]

“Axel?” [A small child stands at the end of the hallway, his parents covering his eyes, with an Axel 8×10 in his hand.]

“Um… hi?” [Axel offers, standing to his feet.] [Anonymous only laughs as the child is ushered away by his parents. Axel the Shark is left standing alone, staring at his hands in anger at himself.

[Nigel Royal and Ethan Bird start in the ring and begin to circle each other in the centre before locking up, Bird starts to overpower Royal but with a flash of agility he takes down Bird with an armdrag takedown and quickly tries to transition into Dungeons of London! But Bird pushes Royal’s hands away and smartly exits under the bottom rope. Ethan walks to the side closer to his partners, Royal paying close attention to him gets struck with a cheap shot from Hangman which knocks him to the ground. Bird slide back into the ring and begins unleashing a flurry of punches on the downed Royal. Bird picks Royal up from the mat only to drop him back down with a powerful Gutwrench suplex transitioning into a pin. 1 … 2 … Royal kicks out at 2!] [Bird sits up and tags in Hangman. Hangman enters and grabs Nigel, taking him to the centre of the ring and lifting him high into the air with a powerbomb, BUT Royal reverses! Sending a hard punch into Hangman’s face and dropping him with an improvised hurricanrana. Both men on the mat Royal begins to crawl to his teammates, Hangman gets back to his feet and tries to stop Royal, but he tags in Max Million in the nick of time. Million hops into the ring and rushes Hangman with a clothesline, Hangman hops back up and goes for a lariat of his own but Million ducks under his arm and goes into a backslide pin! 1 … 2 … Kick out! Hangman quickly gets to his feet and dodges a punch from Max, and counters with a quick chokeslam.] [Hangman keeps his hand around Million’s neck, choking him until Max’s face starts to turn blue. The ref pushes Hangman off and begins berating him, Hangman shakes his head as Max is gasping for air on the mat, Hangman grabs him and hurls him into the corner between Bird and Scarecrow. Hangman goes to tag in Bird but Scarecrow gets himself in instead, Bird and Hangman share a look as Scarecrow takes Max away from the corner and reels his hand back for The Haymaker but gets nothing but air as Million dodges and runs to tag in Culture Boy!] [Baxter enters the ring like a man deranged and the two share blow after blow, knocking each other senseless. Scarecrow knocks Baxter into his team mates corner, THE LAST STRAW! Scarecrow hurls straw into all 3 men’s eyes, temporarily blinding them. Scarecrow then pulls Baxter towards himself and BYE BYE BIRDIE! The move knocks Culture Boy out cold and Scarecrow goes for the pin. 1 … 2 … 3!!!! Scarecrow celebrates with his team to a roar from the crowd.] [As we come back from commercial, we see one of our newly signed wrestlers in the ring. For the second time tonight, we are introduced to Phoebe Outlaw. She grins a dazzling smile as the fans cheer. She raises a microphone to her mouth.]

“Hello, OSW!” [The fans immediately begin and O-S-Dub! chant. Phoebe waits until he chant dies down.] “I can’t tell you how excited I am to be here! I’ve been watching from a distance for a while now, and I’ve decided that this is the place to be! The fans are amazing! [Another cheap pop.] The roster is outstanding! But, OSW was missing one thing…. ME!”

[As usual, the fans cheer again.] “You see, I’m the greatest athlete on the planet! I’m the most dangerous person tha…..”

[Suddenly, the theme song from “One Foot In The Grave” hits, cutting Outlaw off. The fans looks around confused. Then an ancient looking fellow steps out onto the stage.]

“Cut the damn music!” [He yells.] “Just what the bloody hell do you think you are doing in that ring, sugar tits? Apart from giving me half a stonker? Shouldn’t you be home making your husband a nice….”

“Just who the hell are you, old man!?” [Phoebe interrupts, unhappy.]

“Well of course I’m Victor Grimes, who else!? The best bloody wrestler to cross the pond since……ever! Now get your tight arse to the back and get to scrubbing something and leave the wrestling to the men!”

“I’m a national champion!” [Outlaw yells into the microphone.] “I’m an Olympic gold medalis….”

“Since when is doing the wash an Olympic event? What is this world coming to? Ah, do you know what? Bugger off!”

[He waves a dismissive hand at Phoebe and walks backstage. She stands in the ring, flabbergasted – only that soon turns to anger. If anything, Victor Grimes may have just opened a can of worms here tonight.] [Backstage Matthew Cories is watching a small television with a DVD player attached to it. Displayed on the screen are Mulder and Scully from The X-Files sneaking around a facility. Mulder rounds a corner with his gun drawn when suddenly a huge monster appears only… the face is different.]

“Hello my friend.”

[Cories’ mouth is agape as he watches the monster’s face take the form of Doctor D’Ville’s.]

“You won’t hear my words, so I decided to take a different avenue to reach you. This fixated mental state you find yourself in is unhealthy, Mr. Cories.”

[The Doc-monster throws a wide arm out and sends Fox into the wall before doing the same to Scully.]

“It’s time for you to wake up, Mr. Cories. Snap out of this illusion and come back to the reality that surrounds you.”

[Matthew Cories begins shaking his head in disbelief as what he’s seeing. He grabs the remote and taps on the Power button to no avail.]

“You have no power here. You gave that up when you succumbed to this fantasy of time and space.”

[The monster lifts up Scully and Fox and smashes them together, drenching his twisted face and hands with blood. The smile drips with blood as Doc begins to chuckle softly. The bloody hand extends towards the screen and almost through it.]

“Let me examine your mind and fix you to the way you’re destined to be, Mr. Cories. My doors are always open.”

[The smile spreads even further until the screen clicks and shows Fox and Mulder perfectly fine as they apprehend a creature not resembling the Doctor at all. Matthew Cories is shaking as he holds his head in his hands, shaking backwards and forwards.] [The bell rings as Black rushes forward, taking Axel by surprise with a flurry of right hands as he backs him up against the ropes, throwing him across the ring. Corey tries for a lariat that Axel ducks under, bouncing off the other side and as Black turns around, levels him with a huge Sushi Kick. Black goes down hard as Axel leaps onto the cover, trying to end this one early. ONE…TWO..Black gets the shoulder up. Axel flips Black over on the mat, trying to lock in the Fureza Special but Black fights out, lashing out with savage elbows, one landing square in Axel’s temple, staggering the Kid’s Champ as Corey gets to his feet] [Black grabs the staggered Axel, lifting him up into a bearhug before dropping him to the mat with an exploder suplex. Black pulls Axel to his feet again, landing a pair of elbows to the temples before lifting a dazed Axel up high and driving him right down onto his head with a vicious Brainbuster. Axel lands hard as he sits up on the mat, almost out of it, Corey backing up for a moment before rushing forward and landing a sliding elbow to the back of Axel’s head. That could be it as Corey drops down for the cover. ONE…TWO…THR..Axel just gets the shoulder up] [Corey signals for the end, pulling Axel up to his feet but Axel begins to fight back, landing punches, kicks, chops, fighting wildly as a large right staggers Black before a big time dropkick knocks him down to the mat. Black quickly gets to his feet but is driven back down with a DDT as Axel signals for the end, climbing up to the top rope. Black slowly gets to his feet as Axel leaps off, MID-AIR ELBOW! Black almost shattered Axel’s face with that massive elbow as the King doesn’t waste time, pulling the downed Axel up off the mat, and trapping him in For Victory or Death. Black begins to rain down elbows but Axel is already out cold as the referee quickly calls for the bell] [The Scarecrow is backstage in the darkest depths of the arena. He’s looking into the boilers, thinking back on the memories of monsters he has destroyed here.] [Suddenly, something flies past his head.] [He whips around to see it, only for something else to fly by the other side. He spins around and birds just come flying at him, flashing past him in every which direction.]

“Did you think I would just lay down?” [A voice asks.] “Did you think I would quit, is that it? You have what belongs to me, Scarecrow.”

[Again, birds fly out of the darkness and intohe light.]

“Aren’t you afraid of where your eyes don’t go? Well, I am the Birdman and my flock hath cometh.”

[Suddenly Corey Black, Ozric Mortimer and Ethan Bird himself dive out of the darkness, attacking him with vicious right and left hands. Where did they even come from? They just seemed to of materialized!] [Scarecrow tries to fight back but is pushed away and beaten down until Mortimer slams him head first into a boiler, toppling him. Ethan stands over his fallen body, birds coming to rest on his shoulders.]

“It’s a rebellion, Crow.” [He hisses.] “And let me ask you this, old nemesis. Who does the Scarecrow scare if the birds don’t fear?”

[The Flock slink away into the darkness, Scarecrow finding himself a moment to smile before the scene fades to black.] [The bell rings as Cories rushes forward, taking the Dead by surprise with a flurry of forearms. A big forearm uppercut dazes the Dead as Cories grabs him by the arm, twisting him down to the mat with a modified Lady of the Lake as Cories is draped over the Dead in a cover. ONE..TW..The Dead gets the shoulder up and as Cories pulls the Dead up to his feet, he gets a sharp headbutt for his troubles. Matty staggers back as Dead grabs him by the head, slamming him down to the mat with an STO before he begins to stomp down on the prone Cories, almost excessively so]

The Dead finally pulls Cories up to his feet, punishing him with a few kidney punches before throwing him to the ropes. The Dead tries for a clothesline but Cories ducks under, bouncing off the other side before leaping at the Dead, wrapping himself around and locking in the Doc Oc Special. Matty screams for the Dead to tap, cranking back on the hold but it has no effect on the Dead as he leaps backwards, slamming Cories back first on the mat, breaking the hold. Cories gets up, holding his back in pain as the Dead grabs him, slamming him back first into the mat with a punishing spinebuster before calling for the end] [The Dead motions for Cories to get to his feet, calling for the Final Breath but as Matty gets to his feet, he ducks under the attempted elbow before exploding with a Superman Punch. A less powerful Boomstick then his partner but it stuns the Dead as Cories yells out an almighty ‘It’s Morphin’ Time!’ before nearly beheading The Dead with a massive Superkick. Matty slowly walks over to the corner, climbing up to the top rope before leaping off with the Swanton Bomb but the Dead rolls away as Matty rolls up onto his feet, rushing forward right into the Final Breath. Cories goes down holding his throat in pain as the Dead drops down, hooking both legs for the cover. ONE..TWO…THREE!!] [An employee of OSW walks through the halls, trying his best to look secretive as he rounds a corner, soon finding himself in an abandoned locker room, nooses hanging from the ceiling, the lights flicker as we walks in, Hangman standing right in front of him, seemingly appearing out of no where. The employee jumps back, covering his face and jutting his arm out, handing the envelope to Hangman.]

“Orders from Flint. This is supposed to go to the Crowley Family and you’re the only one who can take it to Lee.”

[The employee is quick and very obviously wishing to be anywhere but there. He looks back and forth as Hangman rips the envelope open, reading the letter inside before grabbing the employee and holding him up.]

“Return to Flint, tell him he will have business very, very soon.”

[He drops the terrified man, letting him scramble away as the lights go out, Hangman disappearing.] [Flint holds his head in his hands in his office, looking up when the employee shows up, practically busting the door down. Before he can talk, the lights go out. When they come back up Hangman is standing in front of Flint’s desk, Lee Crowley at his side, letter in hand.]

“Well well well! Looks like you need something from me? Well, it appears we have some business to attend to, Flint my boy! And let’s just say, my brothers and I have some offers you can’t refuse.”

[We cut to commercial as the sound of Crowley laughing echos across the halls.] [When we arrive at the ring for our next match, Ash Williams is stood inside the ring, awaiting his opponent.]


[The booming vocals of Dee Snider followed by the drums and guitar scream out of the PA system as the arena is bathed in a laser light show of pink and purple strobe lights.] [As the tron over the entrance ramp lights up with “Loverboy” Vinnie Lane’s name and signature wide smile, the rock n’ roll megastar emerges from the backstage area in a wheelchair, being pushed to the ring by Gator.] [Ash paces back and forth inside the squared circle as Gator and Vinnie come to a halt at the bottom of the ramp. Vinnie – dressed in a full neckbrace, winces in agony as he produces a microphone.]

“Agh,” [Vinnie moans in pain.] “Look at what you did to me, Ash. It took two surgeons and many hours to fuse my neck back together after the impact of your Boomstick. That’s not to mention the pain, suffering and damage to my beautiful, perfect, pristine face.”

[The fans boo, letting him have it.]

“How dare you boo me!? I’m innocent in all of this. I’m just a victim of his metal fist – his illegal weapon! Dude, look at me, just look at me.” [He says continuing to wince.] “Because of you, I’m having to be rolled around in this thing by that moron,” [he says trying to arch his pained neck back in the direction of Gator who sort of points at himself to say ‘who, me?’] “If it’s nailed down, he runs me straight fucking into it, dude.”

[Ash had heard just about enough and hops through the ropes to the outside. Gator backs away and watches as he looks Vinnie over.] [Suddenly, Gator steps forward and Williams – eager to fight, turns to face him with a fist raised only to be ATTACKED FROM BEHIND BY VINNIE LANE! OH FOR CHRIST SAKE, WE KNEW HE WASN’T HURT!] [Lane clobbers poor Ash from behind with a double axe handle and immediately rips his neck brace off, throwing it at him with a smile. He immediately rolls him into the ring and it looks like this one is getting started with an unfair advantage for that asshole Vinnie Lane.] [The bell sounds as Vinnie Lane and Ashley Williams circle around. Vinnie mimics getting punched as he laughs. Ash grins as he takes Vinnie to the ground with a Lou Thesz press! He begins nailing elbow strikes to the dome as Vinnie tries to get some cover. Ash gets off of him only to yell out at the audience in anger. The crowd cheers on his ferocity! He turns around and lifts Vinnie up, but Vinnie delivers an uppercut! Ash staggers backwards as Vinnie kicks him in the gut before lifting him up for a pumphandle slam!] [Vinnie struts around the ring mimicking the punch to the face as Ash gets to his feet. Ash rushes across the ring for a lunging clothesline, but Vinnie is able to duck under it but pushes up to send Ash over onto his back! Ash gets up but Vinnie rushes up, puts a knee behind Ash’s head and… BAD MEDICINE KNEE DRIVER! Vinnie goes for the pinfall. One…Two…NO! Ash powers out. Vinnie begins punching Ash with vicious rights almost in a taunting way! Vinnie gets off as he begins talking shit.] [Vinnie pulls Ash up but Ash brings his head up and hits the underside of Vinnie’s chin. Vinnie staggers backwards holding his chin as Ash looks pissed. He grabs Vinnie and delivers knee after knee to the ribs as Vinnie spits out some blood. The Chosen One gets into boxing stance and delivers three stiff right hands before delivering a high-angle dropkick! Ash looks determined as he goes to the corner and gets ready. He rushes across the ring but halts realizing he can’t use his BOOMSTICK.] [Vinnie sees his opportunity and nails a superkick. Ash is reeling as Vinnie punches knees him in the gut. He ducks underneath him and rolls him up… grabbing the ropes… ONE….. TWO…. THREE!! THAT SON OF A BITCH JUST STOLE IT!! He bounces away back to his feet, throwing his arms up in celebration as he does. Ash though is also back up and Lane doesn’t realize it, turning around to A GIANT LEAPING BOOMSTICK STRAIGHT TO THE FUCKING JAW!! HE LITERALLY FUCKING FLEW INTO THAT!! HE’S KNOCKED THE MEGASTAR OUT COLD!! The fans roar as Williams throws his fist into the air, looking down at Lane who isn’t even concious!] [Errol Flint is inside his office alongside Freight Train Ferguson when the phone rings. He quickly picks it up, sitting at his desk as Destiny paces in front of them.]

“Tell me you have some good news. Where’s my future son-in-law?” [Flint asks with concern.] “What do you mean, he’s under hospital arrest? Didn’t they see the footage?”

[Errol tries to calm himself.]

“And Jack is still MIA? Look, I’ve scheduled them to Main Event Danger Zone for the World Championship – I know it’s not the greatest of his concerns right now, but I don’t need him under arrest.”[He’s cut off and takes a moment.] “They’re dredging the water now? Do you think he drowned?”

[Suddenly, the tron flickers and we get ourselves a split screen. Flint’s attention is immediately taken from the phone call to the monitor in front of him, where Jackson Slade’s mug faces us.]

“I have to go…” [Flint says in a panic, immediately turning up the television.]

“Errol?! [Slade beckons.] “I hope you can hear me Errol. I have to admit, I didn’t expect for one second that we’d lose this war. I didn’t. Hell, I had to pay an intern just to get me on your screen. I suppose though, when it’s over, it’s over and you have to move on. The problem is, I don’t have a company and I don’t have a job; but what I do have, is information.”

[The Chairman looks Ferguson who shrugs back at him.]

“Information that I know you want. You desperately want to know who ran you down, don’t you? Well in exchange for a little something, I can make that a reality. At Danger Zone, I want a match.” [He says to cheers from the crowd.] “More specifically, I want you in a match. Now I know that we’re not in the greatest condition to be wrestling, so I’m not going to demand that we step into the ring and resolve our differences, no. Instead, how about you bring a guy, I bring a guy and the winner reaps the rewards.”

[Jackson grins.]

“What rewards I hear you ask? Well, it’s simple. If you and your proxy win the match, I’ll tell you who run you over. I’ll give you the information you desire. But if I and my proxy win the match, you give me my job back as Commissioner. I’ll let you think it over.”

[The tron cuts off to see Flint looking at Ferguson with displeasure. He doesn’t want this, but he asks none the less.]

“Are you up for a fight?”

[Ferguson grins with his big pearly whites.] “Is the fucking pope a faggot?”

[The Avenger Corey Black is shown backstage lacing his boots. He stands up as the bags under his eyes are evident. The haunting footsteps aren’t leaving any time soon. Corey exits the locker room and is immediately pressed against the wall as the fist of Ashley Williams smashes into the wall directly beside his head.]

“What the hell is your problem?”

“My problem? How about the way you just bulldozed into me last week? All I asked for was an apology. You know what I got instead? Pictures and harassment from those picketers. Now, how about you fix this?”

“Fix this? I can think of only one way to fix this and that’s me putting an elbow through your fucking mouth.” [Black pushes Ash off who prepares to deliver a brutal BOOMSTICK! Corey crosses his arms.] “Think using that on the one night you’re forbidden is a good idea?”

[Ashley stops as he clenches his fists. Corey looks around to see if anyone is looking as he sighs.]

“Look, ever since Dead End, I’ve had these… encounters with a little girl that resembles my sister. An apparition of sorts. I’ve been determined to find out why. I didn’t even realize I bumped you.”

[Ash, detecting the sincerity, seems to ease up a bit.]

“Not exactly an apology, but I’ll take it. Perhaps I can help? I do have experiences with DEADites that are not exactly the most normal occurrence to this realm.”

“I don’t need your help.” [Corey finishes before walking away as Ash watches him curiously.] [Anonymous charges straight at The Enforcer and raises his leg for a big boot, but Kersh slides straight under it. Much to the enjoyment of the crowd. Charging at Kersh again, leg raised again, again Kersh slides under it. Only this time when Anonymous turns around, he is met with a huge clothesline, the crowd roar as brent attempts a pin. One… Two… Kick-out. Brent goes to pick Guy Fawkes up, but they attempt a schoolboy roll up, and a fist full of tights. ONE…TWO…THRE. Last second kick-out due to the attempted tight pulling. Kersh’s face tells the whole story.] [Anonymous whips The Enforcer off the ropes. On his return Kersh leaps high into the air, but Anonymous catches him. BEAR HUG. Anonymous is using his slight lbs advantage to squeeze the life out of Brent Kersh. I don’t think we have witnessed Kersh give in yet, but his head drops. The Ref holds his hand up and releases, it drops. A second time, it drops again. The fans are worried for Brent. A third time the referee hoists it up, IT DROPS… INTO THE SIDE OF ANONYMOUS HEAD, WITH AN ELBOW. Brent is in control.] [Another Elbow crashes into the side of Anonymous’ mask, and another. Until eventually the grip on the bear hug is broken. With Guy Fawkes holding his head, Kersh throws himself off the ropes. Jumping high into the air, ATTEMPTING A HURRICANRANA, ANONYMOUS LOCKS HIM IN THOUGH, POWERBOMB INTO A PIN! One.. Two.. Thr, another kick-out. Scooping The Enforcer up and throwing him in the air. BLESSING!! That has to be it, cover. One.. Two..Three. Kersh kick’s out a hair’s length after the ref’s hand hit the mat. Anonymous wins, by 0.01 of a second. Both men looked Great.] [Lux Bellator is frantically searching the backstage area. He opens every door possible, clearly not finding what he is looking for. He comes barging out of an empty locker room and nearly plows over a terrified intern.]

“Excuse me, Mr. Bellator?”

“What?!” [Bellator screams.] [The intern gulps.] “You may want to check the live feed.”

[Bellator runs back into the empty locker room and turns of the television. The screen fills with outdoor scenery . It is coming from right outside the School Yard! Then, the camera pans to the right and the DEAD stands there, shovel in hand.]

“Oh, hi there, Lux! I’m just enjoying this nice February weather.” [It’s cold as steam flows from the DEAD’s mouth and torso, but he is shirtless, oblivious to the temperature.] “I just thought it seemed like a great night to bury some old trash in the desert!”

[The camera pans down and Father Pedro is buried in the sand! Only his head sticks out of the ground. He is gagged, yet still trying to yell for help.]

“I’m just about finished. I…..”

[Bellator rips the screen off the wall. He sprints down that hall as the camera struggles to follow. He bursts out of a side door and spots Pedro’s head sticking out of the ground. The DEAD is nowhere to be seen. Pedro struggles to scream as Lux approaches.]

“What? I don’t understand!?” [Lux gets the gag off of Pedro, who immediately screams.]


[But it’s too late. Bellator collapses with a sickening thud as DEAD hammers him in the back of the head with his shovel. The DEAD just smiles and walks inside. Pedro is left with an unconscious, bloodied Bellator.]

“HELP!!!” [He screams.] “HEEEELLLLLLLPPPP!!”

[Harrison and Reese share a high ten as Reese is happy to start the match… until he’s immediately run over by a charging Ozric Mortimer! Oz drops onto Reese and starts pummeling him, lifting him by his hair and slamming his skull into the mat! Mortimer lifts Reese up… sidewalk slam! He turns his attention to Harrison and charges at him with a big boot in the corner, but Harrison sees it coming and drops off the apron, leaving Ozric to hand his leg up on the top rope! Reese leaps forward and gets a tag, and Harrison climbs to the top, grabbing Oz’s trapped foot… DRAGONSCREW FROM THE TOP!] [Harrison has the big man down, and he might be looking to end it – but James Hunter charges him from behind with an axe handle! Harrison drops and Hunter puts the boots to him until the referee manages to back him off. Mortimer gets to his feet and grabs Harrison… FULL NELSON SLAM! Mortimer with the cover… ONE… TWO… and Reese makes the save! Hunter enters the ring again and he and Reese go at it, until Hunter whiffs on a punch and Reese gets behind him… WAKE UP CALL! But as soon as Reese gets up, Ozric plants him with GRACE AT GROUND ZERO!] [Harrison finally to his feet, and Oz turns to him… but Harrison hits a dropkick to his knee! Oz is kneeling, and Harrison hits a shining wizard… followed by Reese getting up in time to nail a superkick to the downed Mortimer! Oz slumps over and Harrison heads to the top rope… HARRISON MISSES WITH THE SPLASH! Mortimer makes a tag and in comes Hunter… RELAX! Harrison is flipped over by the clothesline! Hunter grabs him and… POETIC JUSTICE!!! ONE… TWO… REESE HEADS IN BUT MORTIMER CUTS HIM OFF WITH A SPEAR! THREE!!!!] [Bruce Van Chan rushes through the backstage, a package held under his arm. He runs into a locker room, closing the door behind him as he places the package on a bench in front of him. The top reveals the postage.]

To: Bruce Van Chan
From: Jake Jeckel

[The brown parcel has hatchet men running about it, Bruce ripping the packaging off of it and tossing it away as the interior of the box is revealed, to be that of a computer, a lap top seemingly already turned on as Van Chan opens it up, a video paused on it as he does. He clicks play and watches, eyes wide.]

“Hey, Brucey! Your favorite Juggalo here, along with your little bitch- I mean wife. Missing her already, mother fucker?”

[Jake laughs as the video zooms out to reveal a group of Juggalos standing around Paige, the poor woman tied up in the middle of the group, Jeckel smirking as he places his foot on her back, forcing her to the ground and stepping on her, evoking a grunt of pain past the duct tape on her mouth.]

“Now listen, Brucey, I have my demands and I expect you to meet them. Here’s how it’ll go. You’re going to go into Flint’s office, and then you’re going to get me my contract back. And with that, a shot at your Hardcore title in a parking lot brawl and just maybe will I let little Paige here go. Now get to it, time’s wasting.”

[Bruce pauses the video, his face contorted into a look of pure anger as he rushes off to Flint’s office.] [High Society heads to their wing, talking about just how to deal with their recent blight. Millions leads off the conversation.]

“Those Crowley’s are causing more trouble than they’re worth! Royal, why didn’t your guards catch them before they got to us?”

“I keep telling you, they looked over camera footage and there’s no sign they entered or exited, we have no clue how they got there!”

[Baxter raises his hand to his two bickering stablemates, signaling for them to calm down.]

“Listen, we’ll scold the help and hire more if we need to. They’re expendable anyway. Let’s just get in there, assemble them and make them watch the doors. If those low society inbreds want to get in here they’ll be in for a surprise.”

[The other two nod in agreement and push the doors open to their wing, all three stopping in horror at what they see. Six hung security guards, their uniforms ripped at off their chests, each one having a letter written on their chests as they hang against the wall. The last having an exclamation mark.] [S M I L E !]

“My guards!”

[Royal runs forward and inspects the guards, trying to cut them down.]

“I am not losing money paying off your funeral bills, damn it!”

[The other two run up to help, using pocket knives to free the guards, letting them slump to the ground before Nigel leans down to ask the head guard what happened.]

“The told us.. they told us to tell you… that they’re back and…”

[The guard points down the hall before passing out against the wall. High Society looks that direction to see written in red. “Don’t look down or you’ll be strung up” The trio leave the wing as we cut to commercial.]

“I completely understand, Alex…”

[We cut backstage to find LH Harrison talking to Alex Reese.]

“…I just went through a similar situation with Baxter and Corvin. That’s why I came to your aid last week. These people here in OSW, they’re not like us.”

“You’re right LH, you’re right; I guess I can at least try to ignore the part of me that wants to find Gator and….”

“Agree’d!” [LH interjects, to keep things positive.] “Let’s just work as a team out there tonight and let our positivity propel us to…”

“Jesus Fuck!” [The unmistakable voice of Gator shouts from down the hall.] “You positive pussies are multiplying!”

[LH has to hold Alex back as Gator approaches their position.]

“LH and I have had enough of your negativity, Gator, so unless…”

[Gator cuts Alex short.]

“No, Reeses Pieces, it’s US that have had enough of you two!”

[Vinnie Lane from behind! And he blasts Alex Reese over the back with that HashTag BanTheBoomstick sign! LH Harrison turns just in time for, 2X4 across the skull! LH and Alex are down and Love Bites finds what they’ve done to be hilarious.] [Gator pulls something from his pocket and shakes it up, revealing it to be a can of spray paint as he uses it to draw a long line across LH’s chest.]

“What’s that supposed to be…” [Vinnie inspects the fresh paint.] “…a’ penis?”

“It’s a subtraction sign!” Gator shouts. “Like… negative.”

[Vinnie chuckles, but here comes Alex Reese! Alex swings on Vinnie and connects! Over and over again!]

“Hey dick-hole!” [Gator shouts, turning Reese on his heels.] [2X4 shot, from Gator to Alex! With Reese down Gator retrieves his can of spray paint while Vinnie takes out some aggression on a seemingly unconscienced Reese, and Gator uses the can to paint a negative sign across Alex’s chest as well.] [Vinnie and Gator admire their handy work before exchanging daps and walking off, leaving LH Harrison and Alex Reese very worse for wear.] [It’s an Old School Wrestling SHOWCASE MATCH! Standing in one corner is a man named ManiK who is pacing back and forth. Across from him is Doubt, a man shrouded in mystery behind his white mask. The bell sounds and they tie up in the center of the ring. Doubt is quick to end that with a stiff forearm strike. ManiK goes to respond, but Doubt catches him with a rolling wheel kick! ManiK pops back up and seems ready for more as Doubt obliges. Discus punch floors ManiK! ManiK just smiles as he gets right back up!] [Doubt hits the ropes and tries for a spear, but ManiK is able to hit a high knee before Doubt bends over for it! Doubt is staggered as a grin spreads across ManiK’s face. ManiK strikes fast with a European uppercut followed by a second… third… fourth… fifth in rapid fashion! ManiK hits the ropes and returns to hit a rapid fire dropkick that floors Doubt. ManiK quickly gets to the apron and sizes up Doubt. Doubt gets to his feet and ManiK slingshots himself over for a crossbody… DISCUS ELBOW FROM DOUBT! ManiK is floored! Doubt looks down at him as he raises his hands in clenched fists.] [Doubt grabs the arm of ManiK and traps it underneath himself as he leans on Manik’s back and pulls up on his leg. THE SECOND GUESS is locked on, but ManiK is squirming to get out! Doubt is trying to hold it in, but ManiK squirms enough to grab onto the rope. Doubt quickly releases it before stomping on ManiK fervently. He pulls ManiK out onto the apron and climbs out there himself. He turns his back on ManiK before leaping into the air and driving his knees into the chest of ManiK! THE CAUSE OF DOUBT! Doubt pulls him into the ring and hooks a leg. ONE…TWO…NO!] [ManiK kicks out and begins getting fired up. Doubt slowly shakes his head as he begins punching on ManiK to no avail. Doubt hits a huge clothesline that sends ManiK through the second rope – but no! ManiK rebounds off and nails Doubt with a huge clothesline! He picks up Doubt quickly and lifts him up onto his shoulders and… NOW THE WORLD! The cutthroat driver is hit with perfection as ManiK quickly transitions that into DESPAIR FACTOR! The anaconda vice is yanking hard on the neck in which the driver hurt! Doubt is struggling to get out of it!] [The referee tries to see if Doubt wants to submit, but Doubt is able to get his feet in the ropes! The referee warns ManiK as he begins to count. ManiK allows Doubt to get to his feet, but Doubt leaps into the air and hurricanranas ManiK headfirst into the second turnbuckle! Doubt leaps off the second rope and leaps back before hooking the head of ManiK before driving him into the mat with a DDT! THE PESSIMIST’S END! He goes to cover him! ONE…TWO…TH-NO! ManiK kicks out!] [Doubt stares down at ManiK is surprise, but he pulls him back up. Doubt whips him off the rope, but ManiK catches him with a crossbody elbow strike! He gets back up, but ManiK catches him beneath his legs with a smirk! He leaps over him and DRIVES his head into the mat with… DEATH OF SEASONS! The Canadian Destroyer is hit with perfection! He goes for the pinfall! ONE…TWO…NO! Doubt got his hand on the bottom rope!] [Both men get to their feet as they’re exhausted. They begin to trade blows slowly until ManiK grabs Doubt for his finish! GOODNIGHT SA- but Doubt kicks the forehead of ManiK to end that! Doubt hits a running STO before pulling him up and… EATING YOURSELF ALIVEEEE! ManiK isn’t responding after that brutal move! He covers! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Doubt rolls off of his victim as the referee raises his hand. Doubt never takes his view away from ManiK as he climbs up to the turnbuckle. He raises a fist in victory without showing an ounce of emotion.] [Errol Flint sits in his office, Bruce Van Chan opposite of him as he watches the message play out in front of him, pausing it earlier than Bruce did and holding his head in his hands as he stands up.]

“I am tired of that clown causing havoc in my federation! I just got rid of him and now he’s back and trying to ruin everything I put in place!”

[The red faced Bruce takes a few deep breaths before balling his fists and shouting.]

“I don’t care about what you think! He has my wife, and lord knows what he might do to her! I don’t care about my title, my contract. I just want her back, Flint! Please, help me on this.”

[Bruce’s face quickly went from anger to a look of pleading, trying to convince Errol as best he can, looking down afterwards. Flint sighs and sits at his desk, typing away before looking back to Bruce.]

“I’ll get a contract typed up. Listen, you’ve helped this federation tremendously and you deserve the helping hand. I’ll book the match for you, I’ll give him the contract. I owe you this much.”

[Bruce takes a deep breath, nodding as he looks back up at Flint.]

“Thank you, Flint. I need this, I don’t care what I have to do. I’ll put it all on the line for her.”

[Bruce leaves Flint’s office, Errol rubbing his temples as he goes back to typing.] [In a private office requested by James Hunter, William Preston, Esquire sits pouring over some paperwork. He seems deep in his work, so he doesn’t notice the presence of another figure until it is far too late.]

“Mr. Mortimer…” [Preston stammers as Ozric Mortimer looms over him. Ozric doesn’t seem too concerned with what is going on, looking casually into the eyes of the attorney, yet the depths of Mortimer’s visage seems to scare Preston backwards, almost vaulting backwards.]

“Law is the precipice between the chasm of anarchy and the rigidity of order, Mr. Preston.” [The Sparrow begins.] “Yet you seem to hurdle your frail vessel towards the abyss with the conundrum you have begat upon The Flock.”

[Preston tries to lean forward, stammering, but Ozric continues.]

“To blackmail the Flock is to send forth a log drawbridge over a moat of agony, yet you persist.” [Mortimer leans forward on the table, looking into the eyes of Preston.] “Do you invest in the vast resources of James Hunter? Education is full of opportunities comprised of diving into that moat of agony, drowning your worthless skin in…”

[Mortimer stops speaking, and slowly raises his head up. We see why a moment later as James Hunter has silently entered the room, and has the blade of his ax up against the throat of the Sparrow.]

“Mr. Mortimer,” [Hunter begins, his suit betrayed by the sinister tone in his voice.] “We have made our demands quite clear, and if Garcia wants to keep the truth about Elyssa in the shadows, even the mighty Flock will have to pay homage to the Question.”

[Mortimer turns to face, Hunter, barely paying mind to the ax.]

“You live by the ax, Hunter. The only question is:” [Ozric smirks in the face of Hunter.] “Will your end come at the hands of your own ax?”

[Stepping away from the ax, Ozric heads for the door to the small room before he turns around.]

“Even the dimmest of village fools would recognize the folly of ensnaring oneself into an easily identified trap.” [The door opens and Ozric steps out into the hallway.] “That is, of course, unless one was luring the hunter into the lull of false security before snapping tight one’s own device, snapping the ropes you call veins into mush as it tightens around you, removing all hope of survival.”

[The door slams behind Ozric, and Hunter slams the ax down on the table before the frightened William Preston.] [Lux Bellator and Bruce Van Chan engage in a severe stare-down. Lux strikes first! But his punch is blocked and returned with a flurry of fists from Dr. Sleep! BVC with a short-arm clothesline, but Lux ducks behind BVC! Lux tries to lock on a rear naked choke, but Van Chan has it scouted and grabs his wrist, reversing into a hammerlock. Lux with an elbow! BVC’s stunned and Lux tries to whip him into the barbed wire… reversal! Lux slides out under the bottom rope, safely avoiding the danger. TOPE SUICIDA! Bruce took out Lux Bellator!] [BVC climbs to the top, but Lux pops up and shoves him from the outside! BVC falls right into the wires! He’s tangled! Lux re-enters the ring, and BVC is stuck in the barbs still… Lux grabs the legs, then falls back – SLINGSHOT INTO THE BARBED WIRE! BVC is pulled free, but his chest is lacerated! Lux shoots a spinning back fist, but BVC ducks! Sleeper hold! Father Pedro – still groggy from earlier, grabs at BVC’s ankle, and BVC spins around, furious! LUX FLIES OVER FROM BEHIND AND DROPS BVC’S THROAT ONTO THE BARBS WITH A BULLDOG! Lux lands outside the ring and Bruce is gushing blood!] [Lux keeps the momentum by immediately rolling BVC into a pin with the DEUM LUCEM! ONE… TWO… Bruce kicks out! Bruce is up, and he grabs Lux and Irish whips him! Lux hits the barbs hard and screams, then staggers forward.. DROP TOE HOLD INTO THE OPPOSITE BARBED WIRE ROPES! Bellator screams in agony, bouncing up and BVC with a back body drop! Lux flies high up, and lands on his feet on the top buckle! Catlike reflexes! Some of the wire is loose, and Lux grabs it as Bruce turns around… ARM OF GOD FROM THE TOP! Bruce’s head hits the mat and Lux wraps the wire around his arm for the Fujiwara… BRUCE HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO TAP!!!] [In the backstage area, new Old School Wrestling signing Evan Jackson is being shown around and introduced to the backstage staff. He’s returning to the wrestling ring after many years of absence and people are very pleased to see him.]

“I’m so glad to see you’re back,” [Says one of the cameramen.] “I was with you back in AWC and when I heard you had retired, I have to admit, I was disappointed that I wouldn’t film you again.”

[Evan grins.] “Thanks man. I took quite the amount of punishment back then. My body took a while to heal up and I had some personal issues to deal with, but when that itch returns, you have to scratch it.”

[Both men shake hands as Jackson continues on, only the next person he bumps into and shakes hands with, just so happens to be resident new guy; Doubt.]

“You seem… uncertain,” [Doubt says with a tilt of his head, his white mask shining in the light and his red eyes beaming from within it.] “Apprehensive, aren’t you? You’re full of doubt and fear of the unknown. I can see that you’re afraid, Evan, and you should be.”

[Jackson tries to release the handshake but Doubt holds on, pulling him closer.]

“A return from retirement hasn’t always yielded expected results. Sometimes, when that doubt creeps in and you let that uncertainty bind you to false hope, your second guessing is your demise.”

[Finally, Doubt releases the handshake and pats Evan on the shoulder as he walks by. Jackson turns to look at him, bemused, annoyed and perhaps with a nerve touched upon. The next person soon comes along to shake his hand, only it would appear that he’s been somewhat put off his game.] [A close up of Marvolo marching with a purpose. The view zooms out, we see him walking swiftly towards the exits. Raquel walks behind, looking wonderful, but panic covers her face as she struggles to keep up with Marvolo. She drags a large suitcase behind her with one hand and is trying to carry a big bag in the other. All while wearing a dress and stilettos.]

“Numbehr?” [She says to him, pleading for help. He pays no attention. She yells.] “Numbehr Wahn!!”

[He turns and sighs.] “Must Marvolo do everything? Sometimes Marvolo wonders why he even keeps you around.” [A look of shame crosses Raquel’s face as Marvolo grabs he by the wrist. Instead of helping her carry anything, he just pulls her along, forcing her to walk faster. As they near the door, Brent Kersh steps in front of them. Marvolo screeches to a halt, and Raquel slams into his back.]

“Where do you think you’re going?” [Kersh asks.]

“Marvolo is leaving. He doesn’t have time for Errol Flint’s nonsense. He’s taken Freight Train Ferguson back with open arms, when Marvolo himself is getting punished for a crime he did not commit!”

“I see,” [Kersh says, and steps aside.] “Go on then…. [Marvolo looks at him, untrusting, but walks on.] “Coward.”

Marvolo turns around and Kersh hammers him with a huge right hand. Then he slams Marvolo into the door. Kersh then grabs the groggy Marvolo as Raquel screams. Kersh drags Marvolo towards the stage and as they come through the curtain, the crowd goes wild. FTF is waiting in the ring and Kersh rolls Marvolo in. Number One looks up at Ferguson as the bell rings.] [Freight Train Ferguson immediately starts stomping on Marvolo. He bends down and picks Marvolo up by the mask and throws him into the ropes. When he returns FTF pick him up and lifts him almost nine feet in the air!!! GORILLA PRESS SLAM!! Marvolo is down hard to the mat! FTF steps on him to cover. One… Two… Thr….Kickout! FTF pulls Marvolo up again but LOW BLOW!! It drops FTF to one knee. Marvolo sprints to the ropes and comes back with aCROSSBODY BLOCK! One…Tw… FTF shoves Marvolo off with enough force that he landed five feet away!!] [FTF climbs to his feet as Marvolo does as well. FTF charges for a RUNNING BIG BOOT, but Marvolo ducks! ENZIGURI!! But Marvolo is so short compared to FTF that it only catches Ferguson in his back! FTF turns around and stares at Marvolo. Number One begs off from his knees! FTF palms Marvolo’s head like a basketball and pulls him to his feet! CHOKESLAM!!! One… Two… THRE…..NO!! Marvolo kicks out! FTF is frustrated and pulls Marvolo up and shoves his head between his knees. POWERBO…..NO, Marvolo reverses with a FRANKENSTEINER into a pin! One… Two…Th…Kickout!] [Marvolo sprints to the ropes and DROPKICK to a kneeling Ferguson! He goes down, as Marvolo mounts the turnbuckles. DIVING HEADBU….FTF popped up and while Marvolo was in mid-flight FTF hits him with a HEART PUNCH!!! Marvolo is down hard! FTF approaches, but Marvolo trips him with a LEG SWEEP! FTF falls hard to back!! Marvolo quickly climbs to his feet and DOUBLE FOOT STOMP TO FTF’S CHEST! Marvolo slides to the apron, and HILO!!! One… Two… THREE!!! Marvolo again sneaks by with a victory in this night’s Main Event!] [As Marvolo celebrates their victory at ringside, the cameras open in the darkened streets of Las Vegas. There we find Mike Lane having been released from hospital and being escorted to a nearby police car by two officers.]

“Hold on a minute, don’t I know you?” [Mike asks with a quizzical expression.] [The officers don’t respond and throw him inside the police car, one going around it to make sure they sandwich him in either side. It’s then that the camera spins around to the front.] [Hold on a second, that’s… that’s none other than Red River Jack! He’s sat at the steering wheel in Las Vegas police attire, a cap on his head and a cigarette in his mouth.]

“Wait a minute!? Manson? Hate?” [Lane exclaims as he’s suddenly beaten upon by the two officers in the back seat. They pummel at him as he grunts and moans in agony.] [The car then speeds off, leaving our cameras for dust as Red River Jack high tails it out of here with Mike Lane trapped between The Awakening in that police car.] [Red is alive, and by God, he now has Mike Lane.] [What’s going to happen to our World Champion? What’s going to happen to Red River Jack and The Awakening? Holy crap, Monday Night Showcase next week is going to be off the charts!] [Fade to OSW logo.]