[The show opens to Mike Lane standing in the center of the ring, holding a microphone to his mouth with a smirk.]

“So many of you may be wondering just why I Shadow Kicked Brent Kersh last week. And the answer is simple. I just freed myself from a hell that I was stuck in for months. I became Ring King and world champion and I needed to prove that I wasn’t laying down for anyone. The Shadow King will endure-”

[The crowd pops as Chariots of fire begins to play throughout the arena. Brent Kersh himself makes his way down to the ring. The crowd shows obvious signs of picking sides, half shouting for Kersh the other half shouting for Lane. Kersh slides into the arena and signals for a microphone himself.]

“Well, that’s a funny thing, Lane. You talk like you’re the big dog around here. And I get it, you have the title. But I alone saved the company. I don’t mean to sound self righteous, but when you decided to Shadow Kick me last week, the message was received. I don’t often go looking for conflict, but you make a special case here. I’m coming for your title Lane. And I think the fans want to see it happen.”

[The crowd bursts out once more with a large argument. Half yelling for Kersh and the other half yelling for Lane. Mike Lane looks to the crowd and tries to rally his fans when Kersh grabs him from behind SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! Mike Lane drops hard from the hard hitting move and the crowd erupts into two different chants.]



[Kersh looks around the arena, almost confused at the split in sides before shrugging and looking back to Lane.]

“Well, I’d say that was payback for Danger Zone. Of course, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.”

[The fan’s chants continue as Kersh leaves the arena, Lane just now coming to his senses.] [Evan Jackson sits on a bench backstage. His head is down and his shaggy hair drapes his face. He’s talking to himself.]

“You’re better than oh and three. No question. You’ve just got some ring rust to shake off. That’s all it is. It’s a new month. Time to get the doubt out of my head and make a name for myself here.”

[A new voice speaks up, loudly.]

“You know, by friend, they say that talking to yourself can be a sign of insanity.”

[Jackson looks up and sees a man with a thick mustache and shoulder length hair.]

“Who the hell are you?” [Evan asks.]

“Why, I’m Professor Bordeaux, course!” [He says with a French accent.] “And I’ve taken notice of you, Mr. Jackson! You seem to have some potential, and I’m just the man to tap into it.”

[Evan looks at him not sure how to take the situation.]

“Potential? I’ve been wrestling for years. I’ve got all kinds of awards from federations like…”

“No one cares, my boy!” [Bordeaux interrupts.] “This is Old School Wrestling! I am the very first United States Champion in the federation, so you know I can teach you a thing or two. I am a Professor, you know!”

[Jackson looks offended, he goes to stand up.] “I don’t have to take this crap from yo…” [Professor Bordeaux pushes down on Jackson’s shoulder, forcing him to sit again. The look in Jackson’s eyes is unbelieving.]

“No, you can stay. Class is dismissed, for now.” [Bordeaux walks away leaving Evan behind with a shocked expression.] [This match started with The Flock arguing amongst themselves at ringside. Bird, still angry that Mortimer interfered after his match with Scarecrow last week, pushes him away, telling him that he’ll start the match. Bird turned around and walked straight into a High Angle Heel Kick by LH Harrison. Harrison rolled him straight to his feet and nailed him under the jaw with a forearm strike, then another, then another, beating him back into the corner where he stomped away at his mid-section. Harrison tags in Reese and holds Bird open for a few kicks, Reese taking him down with a Side Suplex.] [Bird is taking some serious punishment now and Reese locks in a Side Headlock on the canvas, squeezing tight. Ethan reaches out for some assistance but Mortimer and Black simply drop off the ring apron. Confused, The Birdman swings back to his feet and elbows out, finally being released. He turns to drop Alex with a Clothesline and then demands to know what’s going on, screaming at Mortimer; “What the hell are you doing?” Mortimer and Black simply walk away, dusting their hands of their so called leader.] [The Birdman turns around to see that Reese has tagged in Anonymous. Anonymous catches him with a Big Boot that almost takes his head off. He pulls him to his feet and scoops him straight up into a Push Up Flapjack.. DROPKICK TO THE HEAD! BLESSING! THE BLESSING! Anonymous just kicked Bird straight across the ring. He walks over to Harrison and tags him in. LH grabs him into a Wheelbarrow position and lets Alex tag him on the back. He hops into the ring, hits the ropes and SPRINGBOARD SOMERSAULT LEG DROP!! BREAK THE SILENCE!! Harrison slides out of the ring as Reese covers… ONE…. TWO…. THREE! ETHAN BIRD HAS BEEN DEFEATED!] [After that gruelling defeat in which he was dominated, Ethan Bird gets back to his feet and leans on the ropes, absolutely stunned by what’s just happened.] [And to make matters worse, here comes Vane.] [To no music, no fanfare and with a microphone in hand, Vane rolls under the bottom rope and gets into the ring, walking towards Bird with a no-nonsense look upon his face.]

“Tough break out here tonight, kid.” [Vane says with his rough growl of an English voice.] “But I’m afraid that your night is about to get worse. Now from what I understand, Errol Flint thought you were the man behind Red Snow, am I right?”

[Bird grins.]

“But after some investigation, it turns out that you’re telling one or two tall tales, aren’t you? You weren’t anymore responsible for Red Snow than these people. You’ve been lying to inflate your godly ego and all the while, the person truly responsible has gotten away with it.”

[Ethan snatches the microphone, sneering at Vane. That doesn’t appear to be the wisest of decisions, as Vane stares him with his cold blue eyes.]

“You had better watch how you..-”

[Snap. In the quickest of flashes, Vane chops him to the throat in an instant. Bird immediately falls to his knees holding his throat, choking on his words. Vane casually takes back the microphone and bends over to see him.]

“No-one tells me what to do, mate. Meet the new boss, not like the old boss. You’re fired.”

[Vane swings his leg and catches Bird flush across the skull, knocking him to the canvas. He stands there, straightens out his jacket and the exits the ring, heading to the backstage area.] [If Ethan Bird wasn’t responsible for Red Snow, who was?]

DING! DING! DING! Collar and elbow tie up starts things off between Evan Jackson and the resident Kids’ Champion: Axel the Shark. Axel gets the upper hand and forces Jackson into the corner but breaks at the referee’s four count. Another lock up but this time it’s a swift kick to the gut from Jackson that breaks things up. Jackson off the ropes and he comes back with a quick side kick… but Axel side steps it and answers with a quick lariat sending Evan to the mat. He’s up again but sent right back down with another quick lariat. Axel goes for the cover, 1……… 2………… Evan gets a shoulder up before the 3!

Both men to their feet again and Axel swings for a third lariat but Jackson evades it this time… Jackson hooks his arms… MASSIVE GERMAN SUPLEX!!! Jackson with the bridge, 1……… 2…………… the Kid’s champion kicks out!!!! Jackson climbs to the top rope. Things are about to get intense. But before Evan can launch his assault, the Shark meets him in the corner and stalls his momentum. Axel climbs to the second rope and sends crushing blows down on Jackson’s back. Axel hooks the arm…. he pulls him back… SUPERPLEX!!!!!!!

Both men are broken and busted in the center of the ring as the referee begins his count. Axel is up at the count of six followed by Evan Jackson at eight. Axel charges but is sent crashing to the canvas with a PERFECT DROPKICK!!! Jackson climbs the ropes again… he leaps… TO THE POINT!!! FROGSPLASH ELBOW off the top!!!!! Evan Jackson hooks the leg, 1……… 2…………… AXEL KICKS OUT!!! The school yard has come unglued as Jackson looks at the official in shock. Jackson is visibly upset… he pulls his hands through his hair…

He locks in TWISTED MIND!!!! PICTURE PERFECT LAST CHANCERY!!!! Axel is reeling… he’s reaching for the bottom rope… the official is asking him if he wants this all to end……… AXEL TAPS!!! AXEL TAPS OUT!!! EVAN JACKSON WINS!!!!

[A limo pulls up backstage and out steps… Phoebe Outlaw. She’s wearing a blue sun dress and knee high leather boots and looks just as surprised to be showing up in a limo as we are to see her stepping out of one.] [She doesn’t even get the chance to shut the door before Jackson Slade “pounces” on her.]

“Did you enjoy the ride?” [Jackson grins.]

“This was you?” [Phoebe points to the limo.]

“Who did you think it was, Errol Flint? Don’t be ridiculous!” [Slade laughs.] “So, have you considered my offer?”

“I have…” [Phoebe sounds hesitant as she slams the door shut.] “…you mind if we walk and talk?” [She doesn’t wait for Jackson to respond, but Slade stays hot on her heels.] “Listen, I know I’m new and all, and anyone championing my corner is better than no one… but, I’m not sure we’re a good fit.”

[Jackson stops abruptly and Phoebe reluctantly stops too.]

“I take it you’ve been asking around about me.”

“I have, but that’s not my only hold up. I really don’t think…”

“Yo’ Slade!?!” [Phoebe’s cut short by the voice of Freight Train Ferguson.] “Where ya’ at!?!”

[FTF’s hulking frame ducks through the door to the arena and joins Slade and Outlaw in the parking garage.]

“The fuck ya’ been? I been looking all ova’ this bitch for you!” [FTF just now notices Phoebe standing there.] “What’s wit’ da’ pussy?”

“Excuse me!?!” [Phoebe barks, loudly, but it’s as if FTF can’t hear a word she’s saying.]

“No, you didn’t!?! Is dis’ my reward for a’ job well fucked?”

[FTF grabs Phoebe by the wrist and Outlaw recoils, pulling her wrist free.]

“Need I say more?” [Phoebe forces a smile at Slade, turns and walks off.]

“Come on, Phoebe! Don’t be like that… you know how…” [But she’s already through the door.] “God damn it Freight Train!”

[Slade storms off after Phoebe leaving FTF with a look of befuddlement on his face.]

“The fuck I do!?!”

“Come on big brother! Come see mama!”

[The little girl’s shrill voice fills the hallway as Corey Black massages his temple. He opens his eyes and sees her standing at the end of the hall. She motions for him to follow. The King of Wrestlers closes his eyes again only to be pulled by the hand by the little girl. His eyes slowly open to see her yanking and using all of her weight to pull him. He shakes his head.]

“No, little sister. I’m tired of the late nights and runarounds. I need to focus. OSW will take ‘bows to domes, and these illusions are just a delusion to detract me from my course.”

[The little girl releases his hand and eyes begin to well up as she turns around and runs around the corner.]

“But what will mother think!”

[Corey sighs as he closes his eyes once more. The sound of a door opens to his right. A few moments pass as Corey continues to ignore it.]

“Domestic problems again, Corey?”

[Corey’s eyes open once more as the irritation is obviously mounting. He turns to his left to see the masked Doubt standing halfway into the hallway.]

“How about you mind your damn business?”

“No need for hostility Corey. I’m not the one denying my mother’s presence.”

[He steps backwards into the room as Corey gets to his feet. The door slams shut and Corey whips it open to reveal a darkened room. Corey slams the door shut before walking away.]

“I’m so fucking tired of closed doors.”

The bell rings and this mismatched battle of athlete versus aristocrat is underway. Ferguson and Bordeaux circle each other before the Professor strikes with a quick jab to the jaw and quickly retreats. Freight Train shakes it out and stalks Bordeaux again before another jab sends Ferguson slightly off kilter again. Bordeaux off the ropes and he charges but SWAT! Freight Train slams Bordeaux to the mat with Bitch Made -Bordeaux bounces off the canvas and he goes for the cover, 1…… 2……… the Professor gets a shoulder up at the last moment!!!

Ferguson pulls Bordeaux to his feet and kicks him in the midsection before pulling him to his shoulders for a power bomb. But Bordeaux rolls through!! Bordeaux rolls through to a sunset flip… he’s got Ferguson’s shoulders on the mat, 1……… 2………… Freight Train gets his shoulder up and he is not happy with how this match is going. Both men make it to their feet but Ferguson sends Bordeaux back to the mat with a huge boot to the face. FtF pulls the Professor up and sends him against the ropes, Ferguson bends over for a back body drop… but Bordeaux sees the opening and strikes with a swinging neck breaker!!!

Bordeaux clutches the leg of Freight Train and locks in a single leg Boston crab!!! And it’s working!! Ferguson is reaching for the ropes- he’s using use those clubbing arms to pull himself… and he finally grabs the bottom rope. Before Bordeaux can release the hold Freight Train uses the leverage from the ropes to launch the Professor across the ring. Both men to their feet and Ferguson charges with a lariat but Bordeaux ducks… he spins FtF around… EARLY DISMISSAL!!! EARLY DISMISSAL!!!!!! Ferguson is out!!! Professor Bordeaux goes for the cover, 1……… 2………….. FERGUSON KICKS OUT!!!! This isn’t over!!!

Bordeaux gets to his feet quickly as Ferguson staggers up… the Professor charges… Ferguson catches Bordeaux by the throat!!! Freight Train pulls the teacher into the corner before stepping to the middle rope… he leaps… SLAM DUNK!!!!! SLAM DUNK!!!!! FtF pins Professor Bordeaux’s shoulders to the mat, 1……… 2……………3!!!! Freight Train Ferguson wins!!!

[High above the ring hangs $10,000. It is the prize for the three wrestlers that will go to war in a ladder match to attain it. However, one of the combatants is already in the ring. One Charles Wingate.]

“For every fool that rises and falls in this city, there is always a Wingate standing at the window watching. High above all of you degenerates, my family spits on scum like my opponents. That being said…”

[Wingate nods to the official who stands in the middle of the ring with a small sack as the money lowers from the ceiling. When the 10K reaches chest level, the official pours in another stack of greenbacks.]

“Call it a donation from my esteemed Uncle: James Wingate III. There is now an additional $15,000 in the prize pot. It’s just a drop in the pan for a man like myself, but I know that it would procure some additional cocaine and hookers for my respective opponents.”

[The prize begins to rise once more as Wingate looks around the School Yard.]

“Because let’s face it. This match represents the preordained climb that I will take up the ladder here in OSW, and that money is just another weekly allowance for a man like me.”

[Without warning, Tony Colombo comes running down the ramp, half smoked stogie swinging from his mouth. Cuban obscenities flying. Wingate seems perturbed by this.]

“Time to earn that allowance, I suppose.”

[And we’re off!] [The bell rings, and each of these new talents immediately bails out to grab his own ladder. They slide back in and engage in a tense standoff: ladders at dawn! Frost breaks the staredown as he glances up at the briefcase dangling above their heads – CLATTER! Wingate runs through him, knocking him to the floor. Charles whips round, making sure he doesn’t get a Knife in his back. He and Colombo burn a hole through each other… then CHARGE INTO EACH OTHER WITH THEIR LADDERS! Steel smashes against steel, fingers get broken, and it’s the hardened Colombo who is left standing as Wingate hits the mat.] [The gangster sets his ladder up and climbs it, eyeing the briefcase and its $10,000 prize – DROPKICK BY FROST! Colombo drops down, his knees buckling under him. August scales the ladder himself, but Wingate—also recovered—meets him at the top! The two of them trade punches – OOF, OOF, OOF! The much bigger Wingate takes control and SLAMS AUGUST’S HEAD OFF THE TOP RUNG! Frost’s head snaps back violently, but he somehow hangs on for life… ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO WINGATE! HOLY SHIT! The moneyed thoroughbred hits the canvas hard, leaving August to eye the briefcase.] [Wait a minute – COLOMBO IS SCALING HIS OWN LADDER NEXT TO FROST! The Knife grabs August’s ladder and TIPS IT OVER – BUT FROST LEAPS ONTO THE OTHER ONE! THIS KID IS LIKE A DAMN CAT! Colombo spits in disgust and swipes at August. He ducks it—ANOTHER ROUNDHOUSE—blocked by Colombo—GOOZLE! The Knife pulls Frost in and gives him the kiss of death – CHOKESLAM OFF THE LADDER! Frost lands in a heap, leaving Colombo free to snatch the case… LOW BLOW! Colombo slumps onto the waiting shoulders of Wingate, who throws him off with the FAMILY JEWELS – GOOZLE! Wingate can’t believe the stones on Colombo! He gives him the same kiss of death and… CHOKESLAM!] [Nursing his balls with one hand, Colombo unhooks the briefcase with the other. He isn’t exactly hard-up, but who is he to turn down an extra $10,000?] [That was a war, but now we have a man $25,000 richer. The sack of money lies on the mat as the winner takes a moment to breath, but as he turns to look at it a fist finds his face. Tony Colombo and Charles Wingate have begun to brawl in the middle of the ring, coming to a vertical base as they do so.]

“Fuck you!” [Shouts Colombo.]

“Fuck you!” [Retorts Wingate.] [The two men who have such fundamental issues with one another seem to be ready to continue to fight. However, such men have something that means more to them than money. Pride.]

“What the hell!?” [Colombo says, stopping the fight.] [Wingate follows Tony’s gaze. The money is gone.] [The two of them charge to the ropes to see August Frost at the end of the aisle, the money in his hand. He seems to be trying to inhale it.]

“I’m gonna make it rain on some hoes tonight!” [Frost says, his excitement barely contained.] “All you can eat pussy buffet tonight, boys!”

[Frost turns and runs behind the curtain as Colombo and Wingate charge up the ramp after him. Regardless of who the money belongs to, this isn’t how you handle business with the big dogs. The two men, and their very different personalities turn to one another.]

“A mang dies where I come from for this.” [Colombo remarks.]

“I just call the police.” [Wingate replies, oblivious to the look on Tony’s face.] [Frost may have escaped tonight, but there are now two men who feel disrespected by what has happened here tonight.] [The bell rings and Phoebe Outlaw wastes no time sprinting at the DEAD. He sees her coming and ducks following it up with drop toe hold that slams her head into the bottom turnbuckle! He pops up and begins excessively stomping on her until the ref backs him away. Her early aggression has backfired. The DEAD waits for her to stand and then SPEAR!! He drives her back into the turnbuckles and as she stumbles out… SHOULDER BLOCK IN THE BACK! Outlaw crumbles to the ground. One… Two… Kickout! The DEAD pulls her up, but SIT-OUT JAWBREAKER! The DEAD stumbles back!] [Phoebe quickly gains her feet and ROARING ELBOW knocks the DEAD to his back. Phoebe quickly locks in THE NORTHERN CROSS!!She’s new and has forgotten he can’t feel pain. He basically just sits there waiting for her to remember. When she does she lets go and sprints to the ropes and RUNNING DROPKICK to a kneeling DEAD! She tries to pin… One… Two… DEAD kicks out with force and the lightweight Outlaw flies back. She is quickly to her feet again, and goes for a RUNNING BULLDO…. The DEAD ducks! She tangles in the ropes!] [The DEAD takes quick advantage and locks in the TAZZMISSION!! The ref immediately tries to break it up because she’s in the ropes, but DEAD keeps it locked in until 4.5! DEAD lets go and Phoebe falls to her back. The ref backs DEAD up, and as soon as he approaches Phoebe again, she kicks back from a prone position and NAILS HIM IN THE HEAD! He stumbles away and she jumps up! NTO!! She goes to the top and dives off for the NORTHERN STAR PRESS!! One… Two… THREE!!! Phoebe Outlaw continues the impressive start to her OSW career, knocking off the former U.S. Champion!] [Bruce Van Chan sits in the locker room, looking at the wedding ring in his hand before he is brought back to reality by the foul mouth of none other than Jake Jeckel. The now Jacqueline Jeckel tailing close behind him.]

“Awww, gonna cry again, pussy? Get the fuck up and look me in the eye. When you go into that match tonight, you will fucking win and you will bring the title back with you. We aren’t done and you know that. If you lose the title, you can bet poor little Jacqueline here will suffer for it. Is that understood?”

[Bruce stands up and tries walking forward to Jeckel, red faced and burning with anger, but Jeckel shoves him back before grabbing Jacqueline by the hair and pulling her in, the now Juggalette not complaining about her abuse.]

“Now, I’m just nice enough not to fuck this piece of married trash because I like my pussy still tight. But I swear to God that if you don’t still have that title come next week, I’ll have this bitch covered in so many cuts and cigarette burns she’ll look like a mother fucking horror movie victim. And believe me, this bitch will take it without a complaint.”

[Bruce holds his breath and looks down at the ring in his hand, putting it in his pocket before exhaling and nodding, defeated.]

“Just don’t hurt her. Please. I’ll win tonight and keep the title until RetroActive. Just promise me you won’t hurt Paige-”

[He is very rudely interrupted by Jacqueline, Bruce being reminded of her new name. Her talking out of line met with a SLAP by Jake across her face, one which makes Bruce attempt a swing which he quickly stops himself from.]

“Now listen here, fucker. Get out there and win. If you ever want your bitch back, you’ll have that title by next Showcase. Now get out of my sight.”

[Bruce walks past Jeckel and Jacqueline, his red face visibly pained from what he witnessed.]

The bell rings and a demented stare down ensues between Doctor Louis D’Ville and Doubt. Something snaps in the doctor who charges with a flurry of right hands sending Doubt reeling low into the corner. The Doctor strikes with three stiff knee shots to the temple before backing into the opposite corner. D’Ville charges… Doubt rolls out of the way at the last second!!! Doubt evades the maneuver and answers with swift kicks to the midsection of his own. D’Ville is in the corner and Doubt keeps him there with a WICKED forearm shot. Doubt backs into the opposite corner and charges… D’Ville goes to evade the maneuver but Doubt has it scouted… Doubt greets D’Ville with a SUPERKICK!!!

Doubt goes for a cover but D’Ville somehow hooks his arms and rolls into a small package, 1……… 2………… but Doubt kicks out!!! Doubt pops up to his feet and D’Ville is just behind him… Doubt with a stiff kick… but the Doctor catches it. D’Ville spins doubt around… kick to the midsection… HUGE DDT!!!!! D’Ville with the cover, 1……… 2…………… Doubt with his shoulder up at 2!!!! The Doctor wrenches Doubts arm back and begins… HE’S BITING HIM!!! MY GOD!!!! The official stops it at once, moving the Doctor into the corner.

Doubt clutches his arm where the Doctor’s visible teeth marks have formed as D’Ville charges again with a lariat… Doubt ducks and nails a spring board, but… the Doctor catches Doubt!!! WAIT!!! Doubt spins… PESSIMIST’S END!!!! Doubt doesn’t go for the cover… CLAP!!! STANDING MOONSAULT!!!! Doubt’s knees just smashed into D’Ville!!!! Doubt hooks the leg, 1……… 2…………… NOOOOO!!! D’Ville gets his shoulder up at the absolute LAST SECOND!!!! Doubt lifts the Doctor to his feet at nails D’Ville with a right hand… but the Doctor answers with a right hand of his own!!!

Doubt swings with a headbutt but D’Ville sidesteps him!! Doubt turns around straight into a LABOTOMY!!!!!! LABOTOMY OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!!! D’Ville pins his shoulders to the mat, 1………… 2……………… 3!!!!!! Louis D’Ville with a text book victory!!!!!

[“Holy” by Mariachi El Bronx hits the arena and the crowd is on its feet! The Light Warrior marches confidently towards the ring, title belt fastened around his waist. He enters the ring and gets a microphone.]

“Friends! It is with a heavy heart I stand in front of you today! My supposed friend and mentor, Father Pedro El Salvador has betrayed me and led me astray.” [The crowd boos and hisses.] “Last week at Danger Zone, I shed the shadow that plagued me and have stepped back into the Light. [A cheer.] And now, as the true Light Warrior, I will represent this…” [He pulls off the U.S. Title Belt and holds it up. More cheers.] “I will use this platform to make America great again, and that can only be done by a true American…..”

[Suddenly, a gong strikes and the lights go down. Then on the stage, in a spotlight stands Marvolo with a mic in hand. The crowd immediately begins booing.]

“Mr. Bellator! Congratulations on your new found freedom! It must be refreshing! And… and Marvolo agrees with you. That United States Championship belt is an excellent platform to make the United States great once again. Marvolo also agrees that it can only be done by a true American, so who better than Number One himself, yours truly, Marvolo!”

[The crowd explodes in a new rash of jeers. Raquel claps heartily next to her man.]

“Can’t you hear the fans! They are cheering for Marvolo! They’ve had enough of you as their so-called Champion! It’s time for a real champion; MARVOLO!!”

[He drops the mic and bows as the crowd just lets him have it! He walks backstage with Raquel in tow, leaving Lux Bellator stood in the center of the ring, his moment ruined.] [War!] [Brutality!] [Chaos!] [The backstage area of the School Yard is vast, and the section we find ourselves in might as well be the same one that now bears the name of an OSW Superstar. Except as it was before. Destroyed and in ruins.] [Monitors lay shatters all around the floor. Benches have been crushed beneath superhuman feats of strength, and the walls bear the blood handprints that showcase the truth of the war before us.] [Scarecrow and Ozric Mortimer stand before one another, resolute as ever, full of fiery energy. Their eyes search one another’s body language for a brief moment of respite to capture an advantage that will be fleeting. When two men meet that are more than men, there is no stopping the carnage.]

“The Flock can no longer protect you, Mortimer.” [Scarecrow calmly remarks, his voice not betraying the war that has unfolded.]

“There is no Flock, Crow. Only the Sparrow.” [Ozric replies, his countenance calming down. The two men seemed to have reached a silent agreement.]

“You were the source of my transformation, Hayman.” [Mortimer states.] “Of my inspiration. Now, like you, I have risen above the man I was. The Sparrow has taken flight. Yet, I have come to an epiphany here, as we revel in the bloodlust of war.”

“RetroACTIVE.” [Scarecrow says, nodding as he does so. Ozric returns the nod, a bloody smirk on his face.]

“This is but a skirmish today, but the war will be settled there. RAGE is dead. The Flock is dead. That belt will become mine, Crow, or I will die trying.”

“A worthy foe, perhaps.” [Scarecrow cocks his head to the side for a moment to study Ozric.] “Perhaps this time I will bury you.”

[With that nonchalant dismissal, Scarecrow vanishes. Ozric spits out some blood and takes stock of the carnage around him.] [This will be a physical war at RetroACTIVE, but it appears these two men attempt to wage mental war until then.] [The Kid’s Champion is walking backstage with a determined look after his recent success at Danger Zone. As he walks along the hall, he stops suddenly with a pained expression on his face. He turns to his left and luckily there is a door marked ‘Men.’ He quickly pushes it open but stops as soon as he enters.] [The scene is a lavish office with one long chair in the center with white, plush material. In front of that a desk is there with a clipboard upon it with a white piece of paper attached. A fireplace crackles on the far side. Sitting behind the desk is a large chair which holds none other than Doctor D’Ville with a beaming smile upon his face.]

“Hello my friend! How nice of you to stop by!”

[Axel the Shark looks around the room in confusion before looking back at Doctor D’Ville.]

“Oh, I apologize for the intrusion. I just wanted to invite you because I saw a fire erupt behind your mask at Danger Zone. There’s something about you that needs to be released upon this world.”

[Doc looks over his desk at Axel who is clenching his stomach and seemingly not hearing anything.]

“Oh my manners. There you are.”

[In the corner a urinal appears which Axel quickly moves over to use. As he does, Doc laughs.]

“Think about it. The Masked Menace of the Sea could much more than comedy relief.”

[Axel finishes up, and as he turns around the scene has changed. Just a normal bathroom.] [Nigel’s music is still playing as Jeckel attacks Royal from behind. The Referee calls for the bell to start the match. Jeckel gets a few hard rights in but swings over the ducking Royal. Royal lands some blows on the chin of The Juggalo, sending him back a few steps. Royal hits the ropes and sends Jeckel over the ropes with a Clothesline!] [Royal makes his way to the outside but is soon met with a knee to the gut from Jeckel. Jeckel grabs Nigel by the back of the head and sends him into the ring steps! The Referee starts his Ten as Jeckel grabs Nigel by the hair. Jake goes to slam Royal’s head into the ring steps but is stopped by a chop to the mid section. Royal Uppercuts Jake several times before sending him back into the ring.] [Nigel rolls in and goes on the attack but is grabbed around his waist and German Suplexed hard on the back of his head! Jake hits a second German and then a third!. Royal is out cold! Jeckel goes to the top rope and is met with boos from the Vegas crowd. Jeckel flies off the top and MISSES THE SPLASH! Royal moves out of the way at the last second. Royal is waiting for Jeckel to make his way to his feet… Royal nails him with a Facebuster! He goes for the cover… One… Two… JECKEL KICKS OUT!] [Royal complains to the Referee about the speed of the count. He brings Jake Jeckel to a standing position and sends him back down to the ground with a Bodyslam. He goes to the corner and up to the top rope. Jeckel sees Royal going to the top rope and rushes over landing stiff fists to Royal who is now seated on the top rope. Jeckel climbs up… HE HITS A FRANKENSTEINER! Jeckel goes for the cover! One… Two… THREE! Jake Jeckel is your winner!] [Vane is in the backstage area, looking through some paper work as Jackson Slade enters the office, smirking.]

“Well if it isn’t the fixer?” [Slade says.] “You certainly took care of business tonight. Firing Ethan Bird was a brave move, was it not?”

[Vane turns to face Slade with his stony expression.]

“He wasn’t responsible for Red Snow. That much I know. But you? You’ve not yet been cleared from my list, Slade.”

[Slade scoffs.] “How ridiculous would it be for me to try and blow up a company that I not only wished to take over, but injure myself in the process?” [He straightens his tie.] “I’d like to think I’m a better businessman than that.”

“Speaking of which, you aren’t, are you?” [Vane says handing him some documentation.] “According to these, you’re bankrupt. I suppose that’s why you need a job, isn’t it? Rage took a lot of financial upkeep and when it went bust, you manipulated the board with as much money as you had left to come here.”

[Jackson cycles through the paperwork as quickly as he can, his darkened face becoming almost pale.]

“How did you.. I don’t… what the hell is this?” [Slade bemoans.] “These are my financial documents. You shouldn’t even have access to these.”

[Vane folds his arms.] “There’s one transaction there that stands out. It seems that in July, you paid twenty thousand dollars to a bank account in the Cayman Islands. Do you know what that tells me, Slade? It tells me that the person who ran down Errol Flint doesn’t necessarily have to be a former Rage employee.”

[That makes Jackson grimace.] “You’ll never find out who received those funds, Vane. Besides, you’ve just done the one thing you were trying not to do; bust the field of suspects wide open.” [He says confidently.] “Now my offer still stands. If you want to know who ran down Errol Flint, all I’ll need is a few demands met.”

[Vane steps closer to him, almost nose to nose, no backing down.]

“I don’t negotiate with men like you, Jackson. I will find out who ran down Errol Flint and I will find out who’s behind Red Snow. The only reason you’re still standing is because Flint deems you useful. As soon as that usefulness runs out..” [He drags his thumb across his throat.] “I’ll drop you where you stand.”

[Jackson carefully backs away, his message received as the scene comes to a close.] [When we head to the backstage area, we’re surprised to find both Alex Reese and LH Harrison stood with thirty or so people. Harrison speaks.]

“You see, when you look at things positively, your whole perception changes. Now, we could sit around depressed that for some reason, High Society has jumped the queue ahead of us to the Tag Team Championships.”

[Reese shakes his head and picks up where his partner left off..] “We could, or we could be inspired by that. You can take any negative, or any three of them and turn them into a positive. The way we’re going to do that is by winning those Tag Titles from whoever has them at RetroActive.”

“Whether it’s High Society, low intelligence, or Those Throwback guys, it doesn’t matter.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” [Shouts an interrupting voice through the crowd. Shortly after, High Society make their presence felt and it’s The Culture Boy, who looks less than impressed.] “Since when did we give you our permission to have your little retard meeting in the Nigel Royal wing?”

[POP step forward.]

“What’s the matter?” [Reese mocks.] “Didn’t you see the sign?” [He points towards the metal plaque that reads ‘Nigel Royal Wing’ that has just so happened to be replaced with a piece of paper that reads ‘POP CITY’] “You’re in Pop City now, where the positivity is infectious.”

“Can you feel it?” [Harrison asks with a smile.] [Million steps in, pushing Harrison backwards.] “The only thing you’re about to feel is our collective boots in your asses. There’s a price to pay, gentlemen.”

“And you cannot afford it.” [Culture Boy finishes off.] [Suddenly all three of High Society attacks, blasting Harrison and Reese with right and left hands. POP try their best to fight back but they’re outnumbered. The Culture Boy throws Harrison head first into the nearest wall whilst Million and Royal dispatch Reese straight into a vending machine. They drag both guys out of the Wing and dump them in the corridor, stomping away for good measure.] [As they dust their hands off, Those 90’s Guys can be seen watching from a distance.]

“Aww, here it goes.” [Cories says to the nod of Williams, both men realizing that the race for their Tag Team Championships is about to seriously heat up.] [The opening bell sounds and it’s Max Million starting this thing off against Ash. The two lock up and it’s Million with the upper-hand, pulling Ash into a side headlock. SIDE HEADLOCK TAKE DOWN! And the crowd goes wild with boo’s. Max doesn’t even notice as he runs Ash to his feet, hooks the arm… SNAP SUPLEX! And Million makes the tag to Bobby Baxter. KNEE KICK! KIDNEY PUNCH! EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! And Ash is down! The Culture Boy goes for the cover but Ash is able to kick out at two. Ash goes for the tag but Baxter cuts him off… FULL NELSON SLAM!] [Baxter is quick to tag in Million and the isolation of Ash continues. The pair hook an arm each… DOUBLE SUPLEX! The official chases the Culture Boy out of the ring and… BAD INTENT! Million has Ash caught in that Crippler Crossface and Mathew Cories storms the rings and breaks up the hold. The official turns his attention to removing Cories from the ring and the Culture Boy jumps back in. The Referee doesn’t know where to turn… it’s chaos in the ring… Baxter hits Cories with an OVERHEAD BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! Max hits Ash with an EYE RAKE!] [Ash recoils and when he comes back at Million… CLOTHESLINE! No, Ash ducks! BOOMSTICK! Million is down, and Ash is going for the pin… but Baxter stomps on the back of Ash’s head! The Official finally steps in and removes Cories and Baxter from the ring… Ash crawling for the pin… Million crawling for the pin… and they both make the tags at the same time! Culture Boy and That 90’s Guy charge one an other… Culture Boy catches Cories and flips him upside-down! STUFF PILEDRIVER! And Cories didn’t even see it coming! Baxter with the cover… One… Two… Three! High Society are the new Tag Team Champions!] [Nigel Royal is getting ready for his match tonight when one of H$’s henchmen rush in on him.]

“Mr. Royal! You’re going to want to see this.”

“Oh what now!?!” [Nigel sounds exasperated.] “Don’t tell me it’s those infernal Crowley boys again!?!”

“I… don’t know, sir. You’ll have to be the judge.”

[Royal doesn’t seem happy about it but he follows the man into the hall. Right there, right in his own private wing, right outside his own private locker room, Nigel finds the word LUST, spray-painted huge across the wall.]

“I demand to know the meaning of this!”

[Nigel barks, but all his henchman has for him is a shrug.]

“That’s not it, either…”

[The man seems hesitant as he leads Nigel down the hall. A little ways down they find the word WRATH spray-painted in the same exact way. As they continue further, more words… ENVY, PRIDE, GLUTTONY, SLOTH… each word driving Royal’s rage higher and higher.]

“Who in the name of the Queen…” [Nigel inspects the word SLOTH, running a finger over the paint.] “It’s still wet. The culprit was just here!”

[Nigel shoves his henchman “after him” and follows close behind. The take a corner and… they find the Dead spray painting the word GREED on the wall!]

“The little bugger’s still at it!”

[Nigel looks shocked and disgusted with his henchman.]

“Sir, cease and desist!”

[The henchman barks but the Dead doesn’t react, just finishes the ‘D’ and drops his can of spray paint to the ground.]

“I figured since this was your wing and all…” [The Dead speaks calmly, dryly.] “…you’d want people to know what you’re all about as they walk these halls.”

[Nigel looks infuriated.]

“You’ll be cleaning it all off right now, I demand it!”

“The only thing needs cleaning around here…” [The Dead steps in on Nigel and Royal’s henchman steps in for the block.] “…is your soul… because if you remain the sinner that you are, Royal, I’ll have no choice but to drag your seal tight ass down to hell.”

[Nigel is at a loss for words, his anger mixing with concern. The Dead just eyeballs him as he walks away. Royal’s henchman looks for the go ahead on jumping the Dead but Nigel never gives it to him.] [Scarecrow stands in the middle of the ring with his arms out as though he is perched. The Question is not impressed and immediately charges at the Hayman, but the Scarecrow flicks his wrist and THE LAST STRAW! The Questions catches a face full of the straw and Crow capitalizes. He throws huge right hands knocking Hunter back to the ropes. Scarecrow sprints across the ring and bounces off the ropes returning with a huge CLOTHESLINE which knocks the Question over the top and to the floor! Scarecrow exits the ring and tries to roll Hunter back in, but The Question reverses and THROWS SCARECROW INTO THE RING STEPS!] [The Question grins and pulls Scarecrow up and rolls him into the ring, following close behind. Scarecrow climbs to his feet and Hunter lands a KNIFE-EDGE CHOP! ANOTHER! ANOTHER! He whips Crow across the ring and when he comes back SNAP BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!!Hunter covers. One… Two… Th…Kickout! The Question pulls Scarecrow up and HAYMAKER!! A HUGE RIGHT HAND LEVELS HUNTER!!He covers… One… Two…T….Kickout! Scarecrow stomps Hunter and pulls him up. ATOMIC DROP! Right into REVERSE DDT!! One… Two… THREE!] [NO! The Question kicks out at the last possible moment. Scarecrow doesn’t like it and argues with the referee. Scarecrow once again pulls Hunter to his feet, but Hunter is ready! RELAX! The clothesline flattens The Crow. Hunter stands and grins mirthlessly. He beckons for the Hayman to get up and when he starts to, The Question bounces off the ropes and RUNNING HIGH KNEE!! The Scarecrow is down! Hunter arises and waits for his prey to rise. A quick kick to the gut and POETIC JUSTICE!! One… Two… THREE!!! The All-Star Champion defeats the RAGE Champion in a hard fought contest!] [James Hunter gets back to his feet after that impressive victory and stands tall, being handed his All-Star Championship. He’s about to walk away when suddenly, the lights dim around him. James pauses.]

“We know what you did, James.” [A mysterious altered voice beckons.] [Just then, what could be a hundred men in Guy Fawkes masks surround the ring. They appeared as if out of no-where amongst the darkness.]

“Jonathan didn’t deserve it. It should have been you.”

[Hunter stands within the ring, eyeballing those around him, his head frantically switching from side to side, looking for the speaker.]

“It’s time that you paid the piper for your transgressions and that the world knew the truth. It’s time you were asked questions and made to answer them.”

[Those dressed like Anonymous slowly start kneeling, one by one, falling to the ground until only one is left standing; Anonymous.] [Hunter backs up and hits the ropes, running straight towards them a full head of steam BEFORE DIVING STRAIGHT THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE ONTO ANONYMOUS AND ALL HIS MEN! WE’VE NEVER SEEN HUNTER DO THAT BEFORE!] [A brawl quickly ensues, James pummelling away at literally anyone that moves. He’s hitting rights, lefts, kicks but the numbers are just too much. They finally throw enough fists at him that he just can’t withstand it, dropping to his knees.]

“WE are truth. WE are Anonymous.”

[Suddenly the lights go off again and when they return, James Hunter is laid out on the floor, bloodied and beaten, whilst Anonymous have vanished into the darkness.] [The segment comes to a close with the camera looking at the bloodied face of our All-Star Champion whilst altered laughter echo’s throughout the sound system. The hunter just became the hunted.] [Bruce enters the ring with his Hardcore Championship on his shoulder but his mind appears elsewhere. The referee raises the title high in the air to signify that this would be for the title. He passes it outside as the bell sounds. Bruce looks up at Vinnie who smirks at him.]

“Where’s Paige, Bruce?! Where is she?!”

[Bruce’s eyes light up with fury as he charges across the ring! He goes for a clothesline, but Vinnie ducks and tags Bruce with a few jabs which Bruce appears to not even feel! Bruce grabs Vinnie and throws him off the rope before connecting with a standing dropkick! Vinnie hits the ground and Bruce is on him! Fists are a-flying as Vinnie tries to cover! Bruce pulls his arm away before connecting with one brutal shot.] [Van Chan gets to his feet and shakes his head. He climbs outside and pulls out a… table! Bruce slides the table into the ring, but that doesn’t seem to be it as he also throws a kendo stick into the ring. He reaches back under and pulls out a small bag which he sets in the corner. Bruce climbs into the ring, but Vinnie tries to catch him offguard! As he charges Bruce cracks him over the skull with the kendo stick!] [Bruce climbs into the ring and cracks it over his head twice more sending Vinnie to the floor! Blood begins to pour from Vinnie’s head as Bruce seems incensed! The Kendo stick is broken, but Bruce just breaks it over his knee. He grabs the jagged edge and stabs it into the forehead of Vinnie! Vinnie’s face is a gory mess as he reaches out for help! The mat is soaked in blood as this has to be the bloodiest scene in OSW history! Van Chan pins him down. ONE…TWO…TH-NO! Vinnie kicks out as Bruce looks slightly shocked. Bruce pulls out the table and begins setting it up. Bruce goes over to the bag and holds it with a deranged look on his face! He opens the bag and pours the contents on the table! TACKS!] [Bruce picks up Vinnie and lifts him up for a move through the table! NOW I LAY- NO! Vinnie escapes out of it and rolls Bruce up! ONE…TWO…THREE! Vinnie wins!] [Vinnie gets to his knees with a surprised look on his face as Bruce looks just as shocked! He connects with an enzuigiri! Bruce is pissed! He lifts Vinnie up and… POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE! Vinnie is laid out as EMTs approach the ring. Bruce looks mortified as he realizes what he’s done but rolls out of the ring.] [Vinnie Lane gets back to his feet, tired, weary and hurting after that brutal Hardcore Match that just saw him pick up the Hardcore Championship. He demands it get placed around his waist and whilst Paloma Ruiz does as she’s instructed, a coughing voice interrupts.]

“Hey kid, up here, look up here.”

[The Megastar turns his attention to the tron, where Ash stands outside in a Graveyard, looking rather smug with a shovel tilted over his shoulder.]

“Surprise, dickwad. You know, since we’re destined to fight at RetroACTIVE, I thought, why don’t I go find Gator and see what all this fuss is about. And low and behold, what do you know? That dead son of a bitch is one ugly mother.”

[The camera pans down to see Gator unmasked, his face mangled and mutilated, laying in a broken casket.]

“And here I was thinking he was alive. I mean c’mon, what’s a little death between friends?!”

[Back in the ring, Vinnie screaming at him.] “It’s not him! That’s not my Gator!”

[But Ash can’t hear him.]

“The problem is, kid, wherever I seem to go, the dead tend to come back to life. I call these deadites and right here, I’d bet your ass this is one of them.”

[With Vinnie enthralled in the video, he hasn’t seen that Ash has snuck into the ring behind him!]

“Ah, I’m just joking with you man, this isn’t really Gator but I reckon you already knew that didn’t you? To be honest with you, I just needed to buy me some time. Say hi to the Boomstick for me, won’t ya? It’s got your name written all over it.”

“Boomstick?” [Vinnie questions, turning around.] [BOOMSTICK TO THE FACE! BOOMSTICK!! THE MEGASTAR JUST GOT LAID OUT AGAIN BY ASH WILLIAMS! THE FANS ROAR AS ASHLEY GETS BACK TO HIS FEET.] [He turns to the tron, seeing his recorded earlier video.]

“God damn that was sexy.” [Says Ash on video.] [The fans cheer as we fade to a commercial break, The Hardcore Champion officially having his moment ruined by Ashley J. Williams.] [Mike Lane and Lux Bellator start this one off. There is no love lost between the final competitors that remained in the OSW/RAGE Match at Dead End and it shows early! The two meet in the middle of the the ring and immediately begin trading punches! BELLATOR! LANE! BELLATOR! LANE! Lane begins to get the upper hand and drives Lux to the ropes. Lane whips him to the far ropes and on the rebound Lux meets a HUGE LARIAT!! Mike Lane makes a hard tag to Brent Kersh who enters quickly and stomps a few times on Bellator before marching over to the Marvolo’s corner for a fight, but Number One drops to the ground quickly and taps his temple as though he believes he’s the smartest man in the room… which he does.] [Kersh waves his hand at Marvolo and turns around… STRAIGHT INTO A YAKUZA KICK! Kersh doesn’t go down but bounces off the ropes into a CRADLE DDT!! Bellator covers, but there is no count! Lux didn’t notice the blind tag on his back from Marvolo. Number One sling shots over the top rope with a HILO and lands directly on the prone Enforcer!! He hooks a leg! One… Two… Th…Kickout! Kersh kicks out and Marvolo quickly pulls him to his feet. He leans Brent back a little and BURNING SWORD!! Marvolo almost sliced his head off! Marvolo runs to the rope and springboards off the middle one! MOONSAULT! But no one is home! Marvolo eats canvas as Kersh rolled out of the way and gets to his feet. Both men are groggy and make a leaping tags!] [Lane and Bellator enter the ring on fire and trade punches once more! This time Bellator gets the upper hand and DROPKICKS LANE INTO THE ROPES! He is up quickly and as Lane bounces off the ropes. Bellator waits but Lane goes low with a CHOP BLOCK! Lane picks up Bellator and DEGENERATION!! One… Two… THREE….NO! KICKOUT! Lane pulls Bellator to his feet and tags in Kersh. Lane hammers Bellator with a big right hand as Kersh enters and takes over. Kersh grabs the Light Warrior and SNAP SUPLEX! Covers! One… Two… Thr…. Kickout! Brent pulls up Bellator who needs a tag! Kersh goes to attack Bellator from behind, but DESPERATION BICYCLE KICK!Bellator to his feet for a tag, but Marvolo isn’t there! He’s standing halfway up the ramp!] [Marvolo is abandoning another tag team partner in the ring! Bellator sees him and goes to the ropes to yell at him, but turns around SPIKE DDT! Kersh just drove Bellator’s head nearly through the mat! One… Two… THRE….KICKOUT!! Somehow Bellator kicked out!! Kersh can’t believe it as he pulls Lux to his feet once more. He’s had enough! SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!! One… Two… THREE!! Kersh and Lane pick up the victory. Lane stares on from the apron at Kersh, not celebrating. Marvolo stands on the ramp looking positively smug!] [The two rivals stand in the ring following their match. Both stare the other down as Kersh talks first.]

“You know, I don’t see why your fans are calling me a cheap shot when you hit me first. If anything, you brought that upon yourself. Tell me, give me a reason I’m the cheap shot here.”

[The crowd’s arguing makes it increasingly hard to hear the two men in the ring, a few of them throwing out personal insults towards the wrestler opposite theirs. The likes of which the two try their hardest to ignore.]

“Maybe it’s how you won at both Red Snow AND Dead End. A cheap shot with a chair and you get praised as the hero here. Now you’re doing it outside of a match? Enforcing must be getting hard with old age, huh?”

[Mike Lane’s joke is drowned out once more by the crowd. The sides are obviously chosen as chants get started.]


“LANE DESERVED IT” [CLAP-CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP] [The two men in the arena try to get their conversation through to no avail as the crowd grows more and more rambunctious and obnoxious with their chants. Eventually the chants turn into a full scale argument, with fans yelling obscenities at one another. The split in the crowd ever so obvious as the show goes off air, Lane and Kersh unable to speak over the constant bickering of the crowd.]