[Pitch black.] [Absolute darkness.] [There’s something different about The Schoolyard as our cameras approach. The usually lit up Old School Wrestling logo is hanging, broken and without illumination. There’s darkness everywhere and stood amongst it, Ash Williams.] [The Chosen One reaches over his shoulder and into a holster that sits on his back, pulling out a Shotgun.]

“It’s go time!” [he says with a smile.] [Unafraid, Ash kicks open the double doors and storms in full speed ahead. Shotgun in hand, he leaps into action, blasting one deadite to the ground in an instant. The whole of The Schoolyard is crawling with them! Matthew Cories is up next, screeching into frame and pinning Ash to the wall.]

“What’s the matter Ash?” [Cories sneers at him.] “Are you sad you couldn’t save me? Just like the rest, am I? Just like the rest!”

[Ash pushes him away and cocks his shotgun, delivering another fierce blast, this time decapitating Cories.]

“Don’t lose your head, kid!” [he remarks.]


[He stops dead in his tracks, someone screaming at him, begging him to stop. Suddenly the entire scene changes. Ash is no longer stood inside a dilapidated Schoolyard, but inside the actual Schoolyard.] [There’s an eerie silence as we bear witness to a floor covered in victims. Thankfully, there was no shotgun, just one mighty Boomstick to make people’s woes go away.] [Ash doesn’t move. He’s frozen to the spot. Stood in front of him are security guards, whilst Matthew Cories lays unconscious on the floor and Vinnie Lane watches from a distance. Security immediately drag him away, his eyes glazed over and his mouth agape in shock.]

“What have I done?” [he cries as he’s dragged into the securiy office.] [Vinnie Lane meanwhile stands at a distance with the Necronomicon, a big Chesire grin on his face. He has the book open and can’t contain his excitement.]

“I guess this thing does work after all!”

[He drops the book and walks away, leaving the camera to reveal pictures of pornography tacked onto the books pages, some stained, some brand new.] [Does Vinnie even realize what he’s done?] [The match begins with Frost and Bordeaux circling the ring. The two lock up in the center of the squared circle and Professor Bordeaux takes control of the contest with an arm bar. BUT “THE FROST KING” reverses it into an arm bar of his own. Bordeaux with a front flip, redirecting leverage and PULLS FROST OVER HIS head and to the mat below. Professor Bordeaux applies a front face lock. What an impressive back and forth start to this match. August refuses to stay down though. Fighting to his knees and now up to his feet and Frost DELIVERS an elbow to the midsection of Bordeaux!] [ANOTHER elbow breaks the hold and Frost heads to the ropes. HURRACANRANA BY “THE FROST KING” and now he’ll go for the cover. ONE … TWO … NO! Professor Bordeaux is able to get a shoulder up just in time. Frost won’t stop there. He pulls his opponent to his feet and LOW BLOW! Low blow by the Professor and that drops August Frost to his knees. AND BORDEAUX NAILS HIM WITH A DDT FROM HIS KNEES! What a move and now “The Teacher” making the cover. ONE … TWO … NO! Frost is able to kick out.] [Bordeaux questioning the speed of the count as he lifts Frost to his feet. The official having none of the nonsense as Frost is sent to the ropes. ONTO THE ROPES AND SPRINGBOARD DIVING KNEE! THAT ONE CAUGHT BORDEAUX BY SURPRISE! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN, BUT FROST SHOWING SOME URGENCY IN GETTING TO HIS FEET! FROST IS GOING TO THE CORNER! HE’S GOING TO THE TOP! FROST … WITH THE “FROST BITE”! NO! BORDEAUX MOVED! HE WAS PLAYING POSSUM! The Professor up quick and “EARLY DISMISSAL”! Bordeaux with the pin! ONE … TWO … THREE!! August Frost came so close, but the crafty veteran was able to outsmart the rookie!!]

In the shrouded darkness of an unlit corridor backstage, Vane meets with a shadowy figure, who has some pertinent information after last weeks attempted hit and run.]

“Do you have it?” [Vane demands to know almost immediately.]

“I do,” [Says the deepened voice of the man in the shadows.] “I traced the registration back to a car rental company hired under the name of Mike Lane.”

[Vane’s jaw almost drops. We’ve never seen him look so disturbed.]

“I was able to ascertain that appropriate ID was showed to that effect – a driver’s license. I attempted to track down the security footage but my contact couldn’t retrieve it.”

“I’m going to have to proceed with caution,” [Vane carefully admits. He weigh’s up his options, debating what to do next.] “Mike Lane is the son-in-law of Errol Flint and it looks a lot like he was hired by Jackson Slade to run him down. That would also make him responsible for trying to run me down. Errol isn’t going to accept this without further proof. I can’t go to him with that until I can prove it.”

[The man sighs deeply.] “And Red Snow? Does this mean that Mike Lane was responsible for Red Snow too?”

[Vane shakes his head.] “No, Red Snow was designed to destroy this company. Whoever did that wanted to end Old School Wrestling and didn’t care who became collateral damage. Now what I need you to do is find me security footage of Mike Lane hiring that car.”

“That’ll take some doing,” [The mystery man admits.] “I’ll have to pull a few strings to get that kind of information and it may take a few weeks.”

[Vane grunts.] “Just get it done.”

[The man nods and offers Vane a handshake that he accepts before they both walk their separate ways. Vane looks disturbed to say the least and he could be responsible for opening a huge can of worms here. Did Mike Lane really do this?] [A backstage hallway covered in Juggalo graffiti, drugs, and faygo comes into view as the camera makes its way down the hall. Through the doors of an open wing to reveal the new apparent posse hangout. The Juggalo Jake Jeckel himself relaxing in a chair, his feet propped up on the back of Jacqueline Jeckel, who is forced onto her hands and knees as a foot stool. She is visibly beaten and bruised, even missing a few teeth. Jeckel laughs before kicking the juggalette from her position and standing up.]

“You’re back is getting uncomfortable for my feet, bitch. Why do you get up and make yourself useful by grabbing me a drink?”

[The battered Juggalette does as told and gets up, receiving a swift backhand from Jake that sends her to the ground.]

“Did I fucking say you could stand? Crawl there!”

[His evil grin is very visible as she crawls over to a cooler, grabbing Jake a bottle of faygo before crawling back. She hands it to him and he takes one sip before spitting it on her and pouring the rest on her.]

“I didn’t ask for a piss warm bottle! I swear, you get a bit more useless each day. But luckily for you I have some use for you yet.”

[Jake rips her to her feet and points out the door.]

“Take your useless ass to that douche husband of yours and show him what he caused for you when he interfered last week. And don’t take too long, I need my foot stool back after. Get going!”

[Jacqueline does as told, being obedient to a Tee as she leaves the room.] [Corey Black is sitting at the mirror with a diet cola in hand. He closes his eyes as he takes a sip. A moment passes before his eyes dart open. He looks at the can in his hand to see the top has a little amount of frost on it. He exhales and his breath can be seen. Within his mirror a little girl stands behind him with a smile upon her face.]

“Mommy is coming big brother! And she’s not alone!”

[Corey turns around to confront her. He slowly walks over and kneels down in front of her, a mixture of confusion and hurt spread across his features.]

“Why is she coming? What does she want?”

[The little girl’s smile quickly fades as her translucent eyes flitter from Corey’s to the ground.]

“You know why we’re here. It’s all your fault, big brother.”

[A SCREAM!] [Corey’s face darts to the right to where the showers are. No one was in the locker room before. He stagger-steps to the doorway and peers in. One of the curtains is drawn and the faucet is flowing. Hot steam is filling the entire room. Corey whips open the curtain and his mouth hangs open. A woman is standing in the water as it cascades down her clothed body. Blood is mixed with the water as it flows into the drain.]

“Why, my little Corey? Why weren’t you there?”

“Mom, I… I didn’t know…”

[She collapses into the water as Corey kneels down to help her.] [CRACK!] [A baseball bat crashes upon his face sending him backwards into the water. Standing over him is the very man who Corey killed in his younger years, his father. The baseball bat was flung down at Corey’s feet as the father stood before him with blood flowing down his face.]

“Why don’t you take a swing? What’s wrong? You act like you’ve seen a ghost!”

[The figure seemed so real as Corey got to his feet and slowly backed out of the shower. The curtain closed behind him as all he could hear was that taunting laughter. The little girl walks up beside him and grabs his hand, nearly making him jump out of his skin.]

“I told you she wasn’t alone.”

[He looks back up and the mist is gone, the shower is empty, and the three lost family members… are gone.] [The contest will begin with Doubt and Axel The Shark in the ring. Doctor D’Ville is on the outside ushering his partner on. There’s the bell and AXEL starts things off with a running knee strike to the chest of Doubt, knocking him backwards. “The Kid’s Champion” continues momentum and DROPS Doubt with a dropkick to the face. Axel scurrying over to make a quick cover. ONE … NO! He was too close to the ropes and Corey Black delivered a boot to the back of his head to break up the pinfall. Doubt and Axel both slow to their feet.] [DOUBT WITH A SPEAR to Axel The Shark and that takes him down. “The Kid’s Champion” is in trouble now as Doubt LOCKS ON A FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK! Axel screaming in agony and LOOK AT THIS! Corey Black reaches out to make the tag with Doubt. Axel is still locked up in the hold as Black GOES TO THE TOP! LOOK OUT! FOUR FIFTY SPLASH AND THAT COULD BE IT! ONE … TWO … THREE! NO!!! AXEL THE SHARK! SOMEHOW! SOMEWAY WAS ABLE TO KICK OUT! Black looks stunned. Doubt is motionless on the outside and Doctor D’Ville is screaming at Axel from the corner! He’s urging him on!] [Corey Black pulling Axel to his feet and DELIVERS a an elbow straight to the face. AN ELBOW TO THE CHEST! AND ANOTHER! AND ANOTHER ELBOW TO THE FACE SENDS AXEL REELING, FALLING, JUMPING INTO A TAG WITH DOCTOR D’VILLE! That might have been a mistake on Black’s part, BUT HERE COMES THE DOCTOR!! BIG RIGHT HAND FROM D’VILLE! THE FAVOR RETURNED BY BLACK! Back and forth they go! DOUBT WILL INTERCEDE! BUT AXEL IS THERE TO STOP HIM!] [Doubt disposes of the loopy Axel, tossing him to the outside! D’Ville slips away from Black AND NAILS DOUBT WITH THE “LOBOTOMY”! BUT BLACK TAKES ADVANTAGE AND APPLIES AND ABDOMINAL … NO! “FOR VICTORY OR DEATH”! BLACK NAILING D’VILLE WITH REPEATED ELBOWS! OVER AND OVER! OVER AND OVER! D’VILLE IS OUT! DOCTOR D’VILLE IS OUT COLD AND THERE’S THE BELL! THIS ONE IS OVER! Corey Black and Doubt pick up the victory!!!] [The match is over but neither team seemed to work well together. Doc and Shark are gone and the cameras follow Corey Black and Doubt to the back. Doubt is staring at him with his fists clenched. Irritancy seems to exude from Doubt.]

“Was I expected to do everything for this match? Why were you so preoccupied? While I can appreciate uncertainty, it doesn’t agree with me when my reputation is on the line. So what is it Corey? Is it your little sister again?”

“Shut your fucking mouth this instant.”

[Doubt’s hands cross his chest as his demeanor changes.]

“Shut my mouth? Interesting you say that Corey. It seems I’ve struck another nerve. Perhaps it wasn’t your sister this time. Did Mommy dearest show up?”

[Corey turns to face Doubt with anger dripping from his voice.]

“I said Shut. Up.”

[A soft laugh comes from his throat.]

“That’s not it either. There’s something more… perhaps the brother? No… something worse. Something closer to the heart. It was your father, wasn’t it?”

[A LUNGING ELBOW! The elbow catches Doubt right across the forehead as he hits the floor. Corey Black grabs Doubt up and pulls him into an abdominal stretch. There he begins laying in the blows heavy! Doubt falls to the ground, and Corey Black begins laying in more brutal elbow shots. He notices the mask is stopping him and he reaches down to remove it.]

“What the fuck?!”

[Doubt punches him across the face before getting to his feet and throwing Corey head-first into the nearby wall. He picks up the mask as his back had been to the camera the entire time. He places it back on his face before turning to the camera.]

“At RetroACTIVE, Corey Black will learn what Doubt it all about.”

[Like a man on a mission, Tony Colombo stalks through the backstage corridors of the School Yard. He pushes through a door into a new hallway and sneers as he has sighted his prey.]

“Frost!” [Colombo calls as he charges after the briefcase holding August Frost, who turns tail and runs.]

“Oh shit!” [Frost exclaims as he turns a corner straight into Charles Wingate, whose High Society brethren are not accompanying him at this time. Wingate lunges for Frost, but the young man is able to run away.]

“Look here, kid. Frost left me a present.” [Colombo states as Wingate gets his breath from the collision. Tony holds up the briefcase with a grin.]

“Smartest thing he’s ever done.” [Is the reply from Wingate who grabs the briefcase. Colombo does not let go and the two men stare down.]

“Speaking of smart, you’d better let go of my money.” [Tony states, malice in his voice.]

“Your money? Maybe part of it.” [Wingate replies.] “Besides, if you really want to step to me, you’d better remember I’ve got friends now.”

[A chuckle is all that comes from Tony Colombo.]

“Friends don’t matter when you’re swimming with the sharks, kid.”

[The threat hangs in the air for a tense moment before it’s broken up by something strange. August Frost has reentered the scene in the Pussy Wagon, almost running down the two men. He picks up the briefcase which has found its way to the ground again.]

“Listen,” [Frost begins.] “I know you guys want my briefcase. I’ll hang it above the ring again at Retroactive, and winner takes all, eh?”

[Before the other two men can answer, Frost peels off down the narrow hallway. Wingate and Colombo once again have a staredown before Wingate cautiously backs away.]

“Guess I’ll see you at Retroactive for my cash.”

[The bell sounds and Bruce instantly goes on the attack. He lands some stiff fists and then kicks at the left leg of Ferguson. Bruce is sent to the ground after a massive right fist from ‘The Almighty’. Bruce gets back to his feet only to get both hands of FTF wrapped around his neck. Ferguson raises BVC up into the air, squeezing the life out of him. Bruce out of desperation rakes the eyes of his opponent.] [The fans start stirring as Bruce hits the ropes and goes for a Crossbody… HE’S CAUGHT! Ferguson uses his strength advantage to press BVC above his head. FTF shows BVC off to the crowd to a round of boos… GORILLA PRESS SLAM! Bruce grabs at his back as FTF shoots a snot rocket on the canvas. Bruce makes it to one knee only to be back in the grasp of the ‘Freight Train’. Ferguson grabs Bruce by the hair, bringing him to his feet but Brucey is fighting him… JAWBREAKER! It’s the only thing Van Chan could do!] [Bruce sees his chance and hits the ropes! He comes back at Ferguson and hits a Dropkick that makes Ferguson go back a few steps. Bruce hits another Dropkick but FTF isn’t going down! Bruce rushes at Ferguson for a third time but is caught by the throat by the massive right hand of Ferguson! Bruce is thrown right over the top rope and to the floor!] [Ferguson stands in the middle of the ring, showboating to the OSW crowd. BVC takes his time on the outside as Ferguson continues to gloat. BVC makes his way to the top rope all behind the back of FTF. The fans are on their feet as Bruce leaps… A HURRICANRANA! BRUCE VAN CHAN HIT A HURRICANRANA ON FREIGHT TRAIN FERGUSON! The crowd erupts as Brucey wastes no time in going for the cover. One… Two… Three! It looks like FTF might have kicked out… NO! The Ref has ended the match and the pinfall stands! Your winner is Bruce Van Chan!]

“I don’t care what they said!”

[Bobby Baxter berates one of H$’s Henchmen backstage and Max Million is quick to join in.]

“Agreed! Just make it right. NOW!”

[Nigel Royal walks in on the scene.]

“Gentlemen, what seems to be the…” [Nigel’s voice trails off.] “…where’s all the food!?!”

“Ask this clown!” [Baxter gestures towards the Henchman.] [Bobby and Max begrudgingly begin to gather food from a table you and I would consider to contain more than enough, but High Society doesn’t agree.]

“So…” [Nigel steps in on his Henchman.] “…out with it!”

“The caterer ran in to a little, problem, Sir… but I’m on top of it!”

“If you were on top of it there would be a God damned banquet before us!” [Nigel storms out of the room.] “Do I have to do everything around here!?!”

[Nigel huffs and puffs down the halls, intermittently yelling out the word ‘CATERING’ like a man with Tourette syndrome. Suddenly he stops in his tracks… as he discovers OSW crew and their friends, feasting on a banquet of food. H$’s food.] [Nigel is about to explode… when he notices the Dead standing on the outskirts of the group. He approaches rigidly.]

“This was you, wasn’t it!?!”

[The Dead doesn’t take his eyes off the crowd as he responds.]

“You and I both know that you had more than enough to go around, Nigel.” [The Dead finally looks at Royal.] “I spread the wealth to spare your soul.”

“Such a hypocrite!” [Nigel sounds exasperated.] “You’re telling me you’re not guilty of committing sin, Dead? That you didn’t exhibit Wrath, with Father Pedro?”

“There’s a difference between a momentary lack of judgement and way of life, Nigel.”

[Nigel doesn’t hear a word.]

“You’re telling me you don’t exhibit Pride, Dead… come on, it’s clear by the way you’ve been acting that you’re FULL of pride!”

“Another difference, Nigel… I don’t think I’m better than EVERYONE… just you…”

[Nigel looks enraged.]

“…but I want to help you Nigel, like I helped Lux. And I will… at RetroACTIVE, wither you want the help or not.”

[Dead walks off, getting this last word with Nigel again.] [In the locker room of poor Matthew Cories, he’s nursing a headache after his own partner blasted him with a Boomstick earlier tonight. With an ice pack on his neck, he’s ultimately vulnerable when High Society barge in.]

“Looks like you’ve taken a big hit, kid,” [The Culture Boy says taking a casual seat next to him. He places an awkward arm around his shoulder and tries his best to look concerned.] “That must’ve hurt, eh?”

[Million, Royal and Wingate surround him. Million bends down, looking him over.]

“It looks like it, Bobby. But how about we take your pain away and offer you something substantial for your co-operation?”

[Cories frowns at him, as Nigel interrupts.]

“I had my own personal investigator look into your history and at one point, before you went crazy, you were trying to become a lawyer, isn’t that so?” [Nigel says with the shrug of his shoulders.] “And if there’s one thing men like us need, it’s more lawyers.”

[Wingate pulls an envelope from his pocket and tries to hand it over to Matthew.] “So what we’re suggesting is that you stand down and walk away. You take this kind offering, go finish your law degree and come back a much more knowledgeable man. Like Nigel said, there’s always a place for someone with those skills in High Society.”

[Matt shakes his head ‘no’.]

“I don’t think so!” [He says to a cheer from the crowd.] “You have our Tag Team Championships and I’m not letting those go without a fight.”

“It’s a tough break.” [Bobby interrupts.] “You know, since you don’t have a partner tonight. Ash was dragged away by security, detained under suspicion of having ‘mental health’ difficulties. You would be better served accepting our offer.”

[Before Cories can respond, into the locker room coughing walk the Power of Positivity.]

“Hold on a second there pal,” [Reese happily interrupts.] “Matty doesn’t have one partner, he has two. Ash may not be in his corner tonight but we are and we’re not willing to let you win.”

[Matt looks up in surprise as Harrison continues.] “You’ve always gotta look on the bright side of life, guys. There’s no reason to be so negative all the time.”

[The Culture Boy stands up and joins his fellow High Society.]

“It doesn’t matter,” [Million remarks.] “It’s still four… on… three! Now I’m not a mathematician but if there’s one thing I know, it’s numbers; and three is always less than four.

[High Society chuckle to themselves as Wingate throws the envelope down on the bench next to Cories, heading out in tow with the rest of his group. Matt looks at POP and smiles, shaking their hands as the scene comes to a close.] [DING! DING! DING! That sound sends us into an intense bout of action with two masked men meeting in the center of the ring for a collar and elbow tie up. Lux powers through pushing Anonymous into the corner. The Light Warrior releases and sends a round house kick into empty air as Anonymous counters and sends Bellator reeling into the turnbuckle with a picture perfect drop kick… but as soon as Anonymous get to their feet Bellator bursts from the corner with a LOU THESZ PRESS… mounting them and ELBOW! ELBOW! Lux just pounds away at the Fawkes mask until the official pulls him away.] [Anonymous collects themselves and rises to a readied Emmanuel who is already charging for the ropes… springboard CROSSBODY but Anonymous rolls under! Lux crashes to the mat and aims to rush to his feet but Anonymous catches him in a seismic SWINGING NECKBREAKER! 1……… 2………… Lux gets a shoulder up! Anonymous keeps Bellator down by applying a sleeper hold. Lux is fading quickly as the official raises an arm to watch it fall- “1! 2!” Just when it seems all is lost, the Light Warrior stirs and rallies back to life! He’s drawing from this raving School Yard!!] [On their feet now and a swift elbow to Anonymous’ midsection breaks the sleeper hold. Bellator off the ropes… but Anonymous hooks the SLEEPER HOLD again! Not for long. Anonymous SLAMS Bellator to the mat… they LEAP… DOUBLE FOOT STOMP!!! 1……… 2…………… LUX KICKS OUT AT THE LAST SECOND!! Anonymous grabs the ankle and TWISTS- ANKLE LOCK! Bellator fights through pain and makes it to the bottom rope forcing Anonymous to break the hold. Anonymous goes for a clothesline but Lux ducks… HURRICANRA- Anonymous holds on… to the ANKLE!! ANKLE LOCK AGAIN!!! But this time Bellator rolls forward sending Anonymous crashing to the mat! Anonymous to their feet meets a SUPERKICK to his jaw. Before they can crumble to the mat Lux pulls them in. Bellator calls on the light… FRONT FLIP PILEDRIVER!!! Anonymous is out cold!! 1……… 2……………… 3!!!! Lux Bellator stands victorious!] [Maggots crawl upon the dead flesh of some unknown creature as we transport to the Corn Field. Ethan Bird had destroyed so much of this area, yet within the ruins of a broken building we find Ozric Mortimer. He has entered this godforsaken place with not a care.]

“Crow!” [Mortimer calls out to the wind.] [Perhaps made more eerie by the still winds surrounding him, the fluttering of crows can be heard as Scarecrow appears behind Mortimer. For his part, Ozric only raises an eyebrow. He does not fear the Hayman.]

“Sparrow.” [Comes Scarecrow’s measured response. These two men may not like each other, but Scarecrow has made it a point to honor the wish of Mortimer to have no fighting until their clash at Retroactive.] “I had not prepared your new perch yet.”

[The threat is not lost on Ozric who chuckles slightly.]

“You prepare your means of your own demise, Crow.” [Mortimer begins.] “Long have I endured your soulless gaze, and our war is beyond even the confines of your disgraced home.”

“All talk, Sparrow. You have shown that the fires of vengeance still burn deep within you. Why do you try to challenge those who are as far beyond you as you are beyond the stalks of corn in my field?”

[The two men begin to circle, and Mortimer seems amused still yet.]

“You are not so far beyond to ignore the pain that I will inflict upon your ruined husk of a body.”

[Scarecrow merely nods in return.]

“Yet your pain is just beginning, Ozric Mortimer. The remains of your broken body that crawled from this field will not survive another round. You will soon join the voiceless winds that you find chilling your spine as you walk in my home.”

[With his next step, Scarecrow seems to trigger a trap! Wooden beams begin to fall all around him as Ozric Mortimer sneers.]

“Crow!” [The Sparrow roars!] “Your end has come!”

[Shrugging off the falling debris, Scarecrow stalks towards Mortimer, his eyes aflame with rage. With a lightning bolt in the sky, the two men clash in blows, debris flying away from their errant strikes.]

“Sparrow, no man survives the Corn Field!”

[The two men continue to exchange blows as wood splinters fly. Mortimer is thrown through what may have been a table or bench at some point, and as he licks blood from his lips Scarecrow is on him. With a swift kick to the midsection, the Hayman finds himself knocked backwards into another collection of wood. Mortimer begins to pull down more and more pieces of wood and debris to bury the Scarecrow.] [With his foe buried under debris, Mortimer sneers and walks out of what is left of the shack. He even takes the door when only the frame remains. As he walks down the trail of corn stalks, he spies a shiny object.]

“This will soon be mine.” [Mortimer states as he holds the RAGE Championship aloft.]

“No.” [A voice comes on the wind, jarring the Sparrow. He looks around and laughs before placing the belt back on its perch.]

“Retroactive.” [Mortimer states as he staggers out of the Corn Field.] [What he fails to see is that the RAGE Championship has disappeared, and where Mortimer’s eyes did not go…] [Well, you know the rest.] [High Society are extremely proud of themselves. Despite attempting to bribe Matthew Cories and forcing their apparent advantage down their opponent’s throat, they’re celebrating in their personal locker room with a bottle of Champagne.]

“Gentlemen, tonight is going to be an exquisite masterclass in the destruction of menial little men that don’t know their place,” [Charles boasts.] “And once I’m done defeating Colombo and Frost at the Pay Per View, I’d like to make your night off something memorable.”

[Million raises a glass.] “I will drink to that.”

[Suddenly the door opens and in walks Vane, putting a rather abrupt end to their smiles. All four men look towards him with a grimace as he takes a short moment to compose himself.]

“Smells like victory in here,” [Vane agrees.] “Only, I don’t think you guys have a lot to celebrate. I saw that last week, you made this match here tonight with a stipulation that if you win, you don’t have to defend your titles at Retroactive.”

[The Culture Boy grunts in agreement.] “And win we shall.”

“Who gave you the authority to do that?” [Vane asks and then pauses, awaiting an answer that never comes.] “I’m sure you think that after beating the Crowley Family last month at Danger Zone that you’ve earned some kind of ability to make decisions, but you haven’t. Flint granted you a Tag Team Title Match and that was it. That was your reward.”

“These are OUR Championships,” [Nigel proclaims proudly.] “No-one can make us defend OUR Championships.”

[Vane scoffs.] “That’s where you’re wrong. At Retroactive, you will defend your titles against Those 90’s Guys and the Power of Positivity but tonight, your match will mean something. If you win, I’ll let you choose the stipulation of your match. If you lose, your opponents will instead. Now that… Is decision making.”

[Vane heads towards the door as High Society look on enraged, absolutely disgusted with what’s just transpired.] [When the teams came out for this one, one notable exception left the crowd in an uproar. Ash Williams was no-where to be found. Bobby Baxter started this one off with LH Harrison, beating him to the canvas with solid forearms across the back of the neck and head. Harrison gets back up, walking into some firm chops to the chest that stumble him backwards. The Culture Boy quickly grabs him, pulling him close and into a Snap Suplex. He rolls him over and into a sharp one fall pin attempt. Smiling, Baxter grabs Harrison and swings him into a Spinebuster. “Feeling positive, huh?” Baxter mocks as he stomps away at him. He finally tags in Max Million who leaps into action, dropping an Elbow across his throat.] [The fans are really starting to rally for Harrison here as Million grounds him with a seated choke. “Oh you want him to make the tag?” Million screams at the crowd as he purposely wrenches down on his neck. The crowd can only boo, watching as Max drags him back to his feet but is immediately stumbled. Elbows fly out into his mid-section as Mr. Positivity himself starts fighting back. The audience are behind him as he breaks free and hits the ropes, DIVING into a Crossbody that nails Max Million. That sends everyone into cheers, but as Harrison gets back up, Nigel Royal storms the ring and puts him straight back down with a Clothesline!] [That infuriates Reese who tries to get into the action, only as the referee is distracted by stopping him, High Society absolutely mug poor LH. They stomp the holy shit out of him in their corner, escaping the ring as the referee finally turns around. Max dives in for the cover… One…. Two…. Three! No! Harrison had his foot on the ropes!’ Money’ gets straight back to his feet and furiously tags in Royal who starts picking him off with kicks. Kicks to the hands, arms, legs, shoulders and back follow, as Nigel takes his time in delivering blow after blow. He pulls Harrison up and is immediately stumbled by a right hand. The fans cheer at the shot, then another, another, another, LH backs him into the ropes, sends him across the ring an drops him with a Dropkick!] [Both men are down and the fans are willing Mr. Positivity to make a tag. They’re clapping, stamping and Alex Reese couldn’t be anymore over the ropes for a tag. He slowly crawls, reaching out and THERE’S THE TAG!! ALEX REESE IS IN! Alex storms the ring just as Royal gets back to his feet and nails him with a Clothesline. Million is next in and goes up and down with a Overhead Drop. The Culture Boy isn’t happy with that and charges after Mr. Inspiration, only Matthew Cories CUTS HIM OFF WITH A SINGLE LEG CLOTHESLINE! Wingate is left all alone now as Matthew drags him over the top rope into the ring. He gets straight back up and walks straight into a Sit-Out Powerbomb! Cories stalks Million as he gets back up and CHUMBAWAMBA!! NAILED IT! HE GOT IT! The fans are on their feet now but before you know it, The Culture Boy and Nigel Royal deck both men with a Clothesline each!] [The referee has lost control as Baxter and Royal stomp mudholes in poor old Matthew Cories and Alex Reese. The dominant High Society are refusing to give up an inch as Charles Wingate slowly gets back to his feet and joins in.


The fans burst into rapturous applause as Ash William steps out onto the stage with a grimace. He makes a b-line for the ring and dives under the bottom rope! BOOMSTICK TO WINGATE! THAT ALMOST TOOK HIS HEAD OFF! THE CULTURE BOY TURNS AROUND.. BOOMSTICK TO HIM AS WELL! ASH WILLIAMS IS LIKE A MAN POSSESSED!

Nigel Royal turns him around and tries to block the arm, only Ash kicks him low and.. HAIL TO THE KING, BABY! DOUBLE UNDERHOOK PILEDRIVER! HE GOT IT! Ash gets back to his feet and there’s Matthew Cories.. CHUMBAWAMABA!! CHUMBAWAHMBA TO HIS OWN FUCKING TAG TEAM PARTNER!! WHAT THE FUCK!? Ash just got nailed! Alex Reese grabs Cories and demands to know what the hell is going on, but Cories kicks him low! WHAT? BOOK END!! THAT 90’S BIBLE!! Matty slides to the outside and pulls the packet of money from his pocket, grinning at what he’s just done. Has this boy suffered a concussion or something? What the hell is up with him? Royal climbs into the cover of Reese.. THE FANS BOO… ONE….. BOOOOO… TWO….. BOOOOO.. THREE!! High Society have picked up the win! Score one more for the bad guys!] [Backstage: Jackson Slade’s office.]

“Just do me a favor…” [Slade speaks from desperation.] “…let me do the talking.”

“Whateve’.” [FTF looks annoyed.] “But if…”

“How did I know!?!” [Pheobe Outlaw interrupts FTF, looking about as happy to be here as Ferguson.] “I thought you said HE wasn’t going to be here.”

[Outlaw motions towards Ferguson but before Slade can respond, Freight Train is out of his chair.]

“Ya’ see what I mean, Jack!?! This bitch has no respect.”

[Pheobe smirks. Jackson doesn’t.]

“What did I say about letting me do the talking?” [Jackson turns from FTF to Outlaw.] “Phoebe, please, have a seat.”

“Fuck no!” [FTF knocks over Phoebe’s chair.] “If anyone’s ganna’ joining New School Wrestling, they’ve gotta’ be as good as the Freight Train! And this bitch ain’t!”

“You’re right.” [Phoebe sounds super condescending.] “I’m not as good as you…” [She steps in on FTF.] “…I’m better!”

“What?” [FTF’s eyebrows jump up and down his forehead.] “You wanna’ wrestle the Freight Train!?!”

“Alright, people, relax!” [Slade steps out from behind his desk and places himself between the two.] “We don’t even know if Outlaw wants in.”

[Slade raises his eyebrows inquisitively. Phoebe hesitates; and before she can answer, a crew member pops his head in the room interrupting them.]

“Mr. Slade… your car is being towed.”


[Jackson storms out of the room leaving Phoebe and FTF alone. Ferguson smirks.]

“You really do think you’re better than the Freight Train, don’t you?”

“I know it!” [Outlaw is quick to respond.]

“Is that what this attitude’s been about? You thinking you’re better than me… because I think it’s you wanting the better of me.”

[FTF motions towards his crotch. Outlaw groans.]

“You’re so full of yourself.”

[Phoebe barely gets the words out of her mouth before FTF leans in and kisses her. Phoebe shoves him away, a look of shock on her face… but not disgust.]

“What the fuck, dude!?!”

[Before she can say anything else Jackson Slade storms back in the room.]

“I’m sorry everyone, it was a’ stupid rib! Anyway, I think I have a solution to our little problem.”

[Both FTF and Phoebe remain speechless and Slade takes this as acknowledgment.]

“FTF wants someone as good as him in NSW, and I can understand that.” [Slade turns from a starry eyed FTF to an utterly baffled Phoebe.] “What better way to prove that, than in a match at the PPV? If you win, FTF will know you’re worthy of the New School, AND you’ll have put him in his place; sorry Ferguson.”

[FTF grunts.]

“Of course, if you lose…” [Jackson motions to Outlaw.] “…I guess we go our separate ways.”

[Jackson waits for a response but Phoebe remains speechless.]

“Well!?!” [Slade snaps.]

“Sure…” [Phoebe still looks confused.] “…yeah, I guess…”

[Jackson looks thrilled.]

“Great! And Ferguson, you’re ok with this?”

“Huh, uh, yeah. Whateve’.”

“Wonderful! Well then, we have our match… and maybe, our first New School Wrestling team.”

[Phoebe shakes her head, turns, and exits the room. FTF flops into his chair. Slade looks confused.]

“What? Did I miss something?”

[The bell rings as Lane and the Dead feel eachother out for a moment, before Lane rushes forward, trying for a clothesline that the Dead manages to duck under as the Shadow turns right into a running headbutt to the chest that sends Lane stumbling into the corner. The Dead rushes forward with a knee, driving the wind out of Lane’s chest before delivering a right arm European Uppercut, followed by a knife edge chop, then a left arm uppercut and chop before backing up as Lane stumbles out of the corner. The Dead rushes forward with another running headbutt but Lane manages to dodge this one as The Dead runs headfirst into the turnbuckle] [The Dead stumbles out of the corner as Lane rushes forward, ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! A hard rolling knee to the side of the head as The Dead tumbles to the canvas. Lane drops down for the cover ONE…TWO…THR…The Dead just manages a shoulder up. Lane pulls The Dead up to his feet as The Dead grabs Lane by the waist, spinning him around and delivering a spinebuster out of nowhere. Dead pulls Shadow up to his feet, trying to lock his arms with Lanes for the Death Rattle but Lane manages to fight out, delivering a sharp headbutt of his own that dazes the Dead before Lane drills him into the canvas with the Degeneration] [Lane calls for the end, urging The Dead up to his feet as he sets him up, SHADOW K…SPINEBUSTER! The Dead drives Lane into the canvas with the Spinebuster again as he pulls the groggy Shadow up to his feet once more, throwing him across the ring as he tries for the end, FINAL BREA…Lane manages to duck under and as The Dead turns around, SHADOW KICK! Picture perfect Superkick and The Dead seems to be out as Lane drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Marvolo and Vinnie Lane stand in opposite corners with disdain in their eyes. The School Yard is torn, just not in the Brent Kersh- Mike Lane way. “NUM-BER ZE-RO!” – “LIN-DA SUCKS!” Hostility rises as the bell rings and they make their way to the center of the ring. WOOOOPPPPPPP!!! Vinne Lane lights up Marvolo with a knife-edge chop to the chest… aaaaaaaaand Marvolo flops like a fish face first onto the mat. Lane drops for the cover but only gets one. Pulling him by the mask, Vinnie gets Marvolo to his feet only to be greeted by a wicked THUMB TO THE EYE from Numbah One!!] [Marvolo goes for a stiff kick but the Rock-n-Roll Megastar shakes the cobwebs loose and holds on to Marvolo’s boot. But Marvolo leaps for an enziguri… which he misses. Lane drops a hard elbow to the back of Marvolo’s head and snaps into a harrowing chin lock. The chin lock turns into a CROSSFACE… but Marvolo CHOMPS down on Lane’s finger forcing him to release the hold!! Both men to their feet now and a right hand from Numbah One connects. But Vinnie throws a right hand of his own and we’ve got a good old-fashioned slug fest!!!] [Vinnie throws the final haymaker… Marvolo ducks… kick to the midsection and a PILEDRIVER destroys Vinnie Lane!!! Marvolo with the pin, 1……… 2…………… the Hardcore Champion kicks out!!! Numbah One pulls Lane to his feet and sends him off the ropes… Marvolo goes for the clothesline but Lane grabs his arm, he wrenches, knee to the back of the head and BAD MEDICINE!!! Marvolo is done for!!! 1……… 2…………… NO!!! Lane is SCREAMING at the official for that “slow count” but he turns into a SSSSLLLLLLLAAAAAAPPPPPPPP!!!! Marvolo just slapped the taste out of Vinnie Lane’s mouth!!! “MARVOLO IS NUMBER ONE!” The Rock-n-Roll Megastar can’t believe what just happened as rage mounts beneath his luscious locks. Lane unloads with SLAPS of his own! One after the other and Marvolo can’t shake him off. Marvolo is disoriented… Vinnie signals to the referee, “OVER THERE!” The official turns around for a split second, just enough time for Lane to kick Marvolo right BETWEEN THE LEGS!! The official didn’t see it! Lane pulls him in… BLACK LABEL DRIVER!!! BLACK LABEL DRIVER!!! 1……… 2……………… 3!!!!!] [A room backstage is set up for some sort of banquet. A table is covered in assorted foods from baguettes to mussels. A gaggle of high school students seem to be speaking broken French. A female teacher stands in the corner talking to Professor Bordeaux.]

“Oui, m’dame. Tes yeux sont comme les étoiles les plus brillantes.”

[Translation: “Yes, ma’am. You’re eyes are like the brightest stars.” The teacher giggles and puts her hand on Bordeaux’s arm. He looks down approvingly.]

“Oh, my dear, the time has come for me to address the students. Duty calls!”

[She looks impressed to say the least; a glow on her face.]

“Listen up, you blathering ingrates!” [Bordeaux shouts over the talking students. Their teacher’s face immediately drops.]

“Your teacher requested a field trip to the School Yard for you idiots to learn from the greatest educator of all time, yours truly.” [He grins; the students seem confused]

“Allow me to give you a little history lesson. There once was a great wrestling federation. Let’s call it Fold Screw Wrestling. [He raises an eyebrow at an acne ridden boy hanging all over a very overweight girl.] “Now, the very finest talent they had, both in ring and out, was a man named.. let’s call him Professor Bordeauxx.”

“Isn’t that you?” [A jock in a letterman jacket.]

“Two X’s, my boy, now shut up! I’m… I mean, he was the greates…”

[Suddenly Evan Jackson is on the scene and hammers Bordeaux on the back. Bordeaux stumbles, but Jackson doesn’t let up. Blow after blow, Jackson beats down the Professor until CRANIAL IMPLANT DDT through the buffet! Food flies everywhere and Bordeaux is out. Jackson climbs to his feet, covered in some sort of red sauce that resembles blood. He looks back at the students, who have appalled expressions. Jackson speaks.]


[The Children’s Champion, Axel the Shark, is shown walking out to the ring with a clipboard in hand. His face is shrouded by his mask and his hesitant smile. He grabs a microphone while looking over the contract in his right hand.]

“So last week, I got a little visit from a Doctor. He left me with clean fins and a bill of good health, Sharkheads! That wasn’t all he left though. In my hands, I hold the contract for a second visit with the good Doctor.”

[Axel flips the first paper over as he continues looking over the contents of it.]

“He claims that I am not main event caliber, but a dance with him at RetroACTIVE will set me free. What do you think Sharkheads? Am I main event caliber?”

[The fans cheer loudly for their champion.]

“Do you think I need the approval of a delusional doctor to prove I’m main event caliber?!”

[The fans begin loudly chanting, “NO, NO, NO, NO!” Axel throws the contract to the mat as the place erupts.]

“I don’t need your approval! I am The Kids’ Champion and after I don’t need to prove anything to you!”

[“House of 1,000 Corpses” by Rob Zombie blasts over the speakers as Axel’s face snaps to the entrance ramp. Smoke begins billowing from the floor as the lights go blood red. Doctor Louis D’Ville walks out onto the ramp with a smile spread across his face. He extends his arms out to his sides.]

“Hello, my friend! You think this match is solely about proving yourself to me? Or proving yourself to your devoted Sharkheads?”

[That laugh begins oozing out in terrifying fashion as Axel just stands with his fists balled up in preparation for a fight.]

“What you failed to read is the fine print, Mr. Shark. Not only is this match a place for you to stake your claim, but a match with me is worth… a NUMBER ONE CONTENDERSHIP!”

[Axel takes a step back and picks up the contract and begins reading the first page quickly. A stunned expression comes over his face as he looks at the main page. The doctor chuckles as his toothy grin spreads wide.]

“Actually, it wasn’t even fine print. Written right across the top, number one contendership for the United States Championship. All of which has been approved by Mr. Errol Flint. So now the question is… do you accept? Or will the pressures of being in such a prominent match force you to tuck your tail and flee?”

[Axel The Shark picks up the pen attached to it and looks around the arena. The crowd are on their feet in support. Axel holds up the pen and scribbles his name on the dotted line.]

“You wanted it Doc, you got it! Prepare to… GET BIT!”

“Oh and one more thing, Mr. Shark…”

[THE LIGHTS GO OUT!] [They come back on and Doc is standing behind Axel with the pen in hand! Axel whips around and Doc plunges it into his neck! The sound is deafening with boos as blood begins to flow from the side of his neck. The Doctor stands tall over Axel as he wipes the blood on his hand onto his face. His face is dripping crimson as it pour down onto his white teeth as he broadly grins.]

“The match will be FIRST BLOOD!”

[The Doctor smiles as he leaves the ring into the billowing smoke. Written across the screen are three words. “Blood for Blood.”] [The bell rings as both men rush forward, exchanging heavy lefts and rights before Scarecrow manages to double Columbo over with a hard knee to the gut. The Harvester tosses Columbo into the corner with one hand, delivering knee after knee to the midsection before lifting him up high, trying for a running powerslam. Columbo manages to wiggle his way out, dropping behind Scarecrow and as the Harvester turns around, nails him with a big shoulderblock that manages to put Scarecrow down to one knee. Columbo backs up, before rushing forward with an almost decapitating Big Boot driven into the side of Scarecrow’s skull. Scarecrow goes down as Columbo goes for the pin] [ONE…TW…Scarecrow kicks out emphatically, throwing Columbo off him. Columbo rolls onto his feet, rushing at Scarecrow right into a massive Haymaker. The Harvester pulls Columbo up, delivering a few more hard knees to the midsection before lifting him up onto his shoulder once more, running forward with a hard powerslam. Scarecrow pulls the Knife up to his feet as Tony tries to fight back, peppering Scarecrow with lefts and rights but as Columbo rushes to the ropes, he bounces off right into a massive Big Boot from the Harvester] [Scarecrow pulls Columbo up once more, signalling for the Perch as he lifts Columbo up high but before the lights can go out, Tony manages to wiggle his way out of Scarecrow’s grip again, dropping down behind the Harvester as he grabs him from behind, trying for a Snake Eyes type move. Scarecrow reverses it, sending Columbo head first into the turnbuckle and as Tony stumbles out, he’s lifted up high into the air, BYE BYE BIRDIE! Columbo is almost driven through the mat with that massive clothesline as Scarecrow drops down for the cover ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Mike Lane makes his way through the backstage, avoiding cameramen as much as possible as he tries to slip unnoticed into the backstage locker room, unbeknownst to him a camera man having snuck behind him. It is in this room we see Brent Kersh, the OSW veteran almost surprised to see Mike Lane, not thinking he would be sought out for.]

“What are you doing here, Lane? Shouldn’t you be pandering to your trouble making half of the crowd?”

[Lane curls his lip before replying.]

“Shut it about the fans, Kersh. I don’t care what the people who are fans of me do. I don’t lead them. Unlike the cowardly cult leader you are.”

“Cult leader?-”

[Lane cuts off Kersh prematurely and jabs his finger to his chest.]

“Cult leader! You pander to the crowd every chance you get, Kersh. I’m letting you know right now. I can see through the facade. You are a fraud of a man who thinks he can control the crowd to do what he wants. By all means, you’re worse than Red River Jack.”

[Kersh bats away Lane’s arm and shoves him back, insulted and now angered by Lane.]

“I do what’s right, Lane. I don’t pander, I get things done. I do this for the sport and my family, not because I need the crowd. More than the so called People’s Champion can say.”

“I have not been the people’s champion for months, Kersh. I have renounced that life because I don’t NEED to be the people’s champion. I don’t beg for their respect, it is given to me, unlike a coward who won fans off of pity. I don’t need another cult figurehead trying to play mind games, Kersh. For all I know, those fans that interfered last week were planted by you. You don’t deserve this title shot, and you damn well didn’t deserve the handshake I gave you.”

[Kersh glares at Lane before shaking his head and walking past him, trying his best to ignore Lane’s rant.] [Micah Wright stands in the ring with a microphone in hand.]

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been given the chance to interview one of Old School Wrestling’s “brightest” stars, the United States Champion, Lux Bellator.”

[Bellator steps forward. He looks confident; the U.S. title draped over his shoulder.]

“Lux, you have been going through a lot of changes recently. How are you holding up?”

“I’m doing well, Micah, thank you for asking. For the first time in months, maybe years, I feel like my true self.”

[Micah nods her head, an empathetic expression on her face.]

“And your….impactful… separation from Father Pedro?”

[A pained look from Bellator.]

“It was not easy breaking away from Pedro. He has been a friend and mentor for years, but his motives have become twisted by darkness. I truly believe Pedro thinks he is doing God’s will, but he is going about it the wrong way. If I could chang….”

[A gong! The crowd immediately begins booing as Marvolo steps out onto the ramp. He is completely decked out in Patriotic gear. A red, white and blue mask and cape, carrying Old Glory on a flagpole. Raquel trails behind him. Number One makes his way into the ring, waving the flag over his head as the crowd taunts him. He walks up the ring stairs, hands the flag to Raquel and enters the ring. Micah moves the microphone from Lux to Number One.]

“Marvolo! What brings you to the ri….” [Marvolo places a finger on her lips and gently pushes her out of screen. He steps up closer to Bellator.]

“Bellator, last week you embarrassed Marvolo! He won’t be made a fool of. Next week at RetroACTIVE, Marvolo demands a title shot. He will prove to America who the real champion is!”

[Bellator steps forward and gets even closer to Number One. Their noses are nearly touching.]

“First of all, I’m glad to see that you’ve figured out the Bald Eagle is the national animal.” [He motions to Marvolo’s new trunks which feature an eagle’s head over his nether-region.]

“Marvolo was only kidding! Of course he knows that the national animal is the eagle and the first president was George Washington!”

[Bellator waves a dismissive hand at Number One.] “Secondly, as far as a match at RetroACTIVE…..you’ve got it!”

[Marvolo smiles and steps back, the tension easing a tad.]

“Marvolo always gets what he wants.” [He smirks.] “And one more thing.”

[Suddenly, Raquel slams Bellator in the back of the head with the flag pole! Lux stumbles and Marvolo immediately takes advantage and grabs Bellator’s head and leans him back. BURNING SWORD! Bellator drops.]

“No one makes a fool of Marvolo!”

[He grabs Raquel by the hand and hurries from the ring to a chorus of boos.] [With both men in the ring, the referee tries to remove the axe from James Hunter’s possession, only The Question refuses to release it. When he finally lets go and the axe is hoisted onto the pole above the ring, James’ eyes never once leave it. The bell sounds and he storms at Brent like some kind of Monster, almost taking his head off with a Clothesline. He grabs him straight back to his feet and into a Vertical Suplex, dropping him hard on the canvas. The fans boo as Hunter heads towards the corner, climbing the turnbuckles in search of his axe. He gets to the second buckle just as Kersh comes in from behind, clubbing him across the back.] [If there’s one thing we rarely see, it’s Brent Kersh hitting the turnbuckles but tonight, he’s up and behind Hunter. He lifts him with all his might… BACK BODY DROP FROM THE MIDDLE TURNBUCKLE! The thunderous noise of both men hitting the canvas is accompanied by an ‘OOOHH’ from the crowd who felt that one. Both guys slowly stir back to their feet and it’s a slug fest almost immediately. Kersh being the wily old veteran takes Hunter back into the opposite corner, mounting him with right and left hands. James though has all the energy and strength of the All-Star Champion and lifts him straight out and down into a Spinebuster!] [The one track mind of the All-Star Champion means that he’s only focused on his Axe. As he hits the canvas, his eyes immediately shoot up towards his weapon of choice and he’s on his way, heading to the corner and up the turnbuckles. Once more, Brent Kersh stops him! He pulls him down and into a kick, nailing him with a DDT. Now it’s the enforcers time to climb. Brent gets himself up onto the top turnbuckle and reaches for the axe, only James Hunter is straight up behind him. Clobbering blow to the back after clobbering blow, The Enforcer tries to withstand the punishment and turns around, planting Hunter with a headbutt. Both men now stand precariously on the top rope, Kersh trying to hold on to the pole to steady himself.] [Brent hits him with a right hand, another, another, another, he’s wobbling The Question now as he reaches up for the axe. His fingertips grasp it but James hits him low in the gut, forcing him to stop reaching. Kersh drops another Headbutt on him and this time, The Question just can’t handle it. He falls backwards, sprawling out on the canvas. Brent reaches up and grabs the axe, the referee signaling for the bell. He drops down into the ring and wisely places the axe by Hunter’s side, knowing that an exit with it might start a war he isn’t ready to finish with Mike Lane waiting in the wings.] [After that grueling match with Brent Kersh, James Hunter ends up in the middle of the ring, his axe in hand.] [That’s when the lights shut off.] [The cameras start malfunctioning.] [And the crowd start murmuring, questioning exactly what’s happening.]

“Be not alarmed, we have taken control of Monday Night Showcase to bring you this breaking news update.”

[The tron suddenly flickers to show a hooded Anonymous figure, digging at a gravesite.]

“Jonathan Hunter was buried peacefully here, but his death, was anything but peaceful. He was a victim, because his brother made it so. James Hunter wanted to frame men for insider trading so that he had no competition. He was afraid to compete. His lawyer, Preston, the very worm you’ve seen here helped bring evidence to light that proved them guilty.”

[Anonymous keeps digging at the grave as the voice over continues. Hunter meanwhile stands in the ring, watching the tron in awe.]

“And when they wanted vengeance, it was poor Jonathan who took the brunt.”

[The fans boo, but not at Anonymous; instead at James.]

“You see, you can’t feel sorry for this monster. He allowed his own family to be destroyed for the sake of money. He wields that axe in homage to what he’s done. He wields that axe to show the world that he is stronger than he seems. The truth about James Hunter is that he’s a coward and at RetroACTIVE, Anonymous will bring all his lies to light.”

[The lights suddenly turn on and there’s Anonymous surrounding the ring. They enter quickly and attack, only James starts swinging his axe and forces them to a halt. He backs away carefully and exits the ring, heading to the backstage area as upwards of twenty Anonymous soldiers eyeball him through Guy Fawkes masks.] [Bruce Van Chan paces back and forth in the backstage, mulling over how to get Paige back when he hears footsteps. He turns around to see the person coming and his face goes white as a sheet as he sees the now bruised and bloodied Paige, her facial unchanging as she spits blood from the corner of her mouth.]

“Jakey told me to remind you that the beating I deserved was all your fault. You shoulda just let him give me a little cut. But I suppose you wanted to play hero for me like a fuckin’ moron huh? But that’s all fine, it don’t mean nothin’ now anyway. I have to get back to my Jakey.”

[As she turns to leave, Bruce grabs her arm and turns her around, pleading in his face as he brings her wedding ring up to her face.]

“Paige, snap out of it. Please. Jake has you brainwashed. The kids miss you. I miss you. Please, snap out of it. We love each other, you can’t let him control you. Listen to me, please.”

[Paige rips her arm from Bruce’s grasp, her face a mix of disgust and confusion as she walks away.]

“Don’t know what you’re talkin’ about, lover boy. I’m Jakey’s lil juggalette. Don’t know why you gotta get involved-”

“Just listen to me, listen to my voice. You and I have been together for years. We were happy, you can’t have forgotten. You can’t have. The Paige I know is still in there somewhere. You just have to try and let her out.”

[Paige’s eyes seem to glaze over slightly, but she shakes her head and seems to recollect herself before walking away. Leaving Brucey behind, ring in hand.] [Jeckel is clearly not taking the threat of Phoebe Outlaw seriously, as he cackles in his corner and grabs his crotch, making sick gestures in her direction. Phoebe isn’t having it though and rushes straight in on him! Jeckel gets a boot up, but Outlaw catches it, then spins his leg onto the second rope… dropkick to the inner thigh! Jeckel drops to the mat and rolls out to the floor, limping. Here comes Outlaw! She dives through the ropes, but Jeckel sidesteps and sends her crashing into the guardrail! She landed right on the top of her head!] [Jeckel with a sneer on his face as he grabs Phoebe by the hair and flings her into the ring steps, which go crashing over. Jeckel then stands right over her, making humping motions with his hips right over Outlaw’s face! OUTLAW WITH A LOW BLOW! Phoebe caught him right in the little jugallos with that uppercut, and Jeckel is hurting! Phoebe runs forward and connects with a running bulldog on the floor! Jeckel is woozy now, and he rolls back into the ring to get some distance… Outlaw to the apron, and a slingshot crossbody connects! ONE… TWO… shoulder up!] [Phoebe tries to stay on the offensive, hitting the ropes and hitting a quick leg drop. She goes for a second, but Jeckel rolls away. Still staggered, Jake grabs Phoebe in a tie up, muscling her into the corner. He hits a loud chop that draws “WOOs” from the crowd, then whips her across the ring… but it’s reversed! Jeckel hits the turnbuckle hard, and is immediately met by Outlaw with a running, climbing enzuigiri kick! Jeckel flops forward and lands on his face as Outlaw climbs the ropes… NORTH STAR PRESS! JECKEL GOT THE KNEES UP IN TIME THOUGH!!!] [Jeckel has Outlaw at his mercy… and he lifts her into the air, dropping her with a massive Juggalo Jackhammer! Jeckel with a cover… ONE… TWO… Outlaw gets a foot on the bottom rope! Jeckel drags her to her feet again, and slaps her across her face. Outlaw sends a slap right back at him! Outlaw with a flurry of forearms, backing the juggalo into the corner… thumb to the eye from Jeckel! Jeckel grabs her throat… PONY DOWN!!! Outlaw’s head bounced! Jeckel rolls her up, and uses the ropes for leverage… ONE… TWO…. The ref sees him on the ropes!] [The referee admonishes Jeckel, giving Outlaw some time to recover… she races forward and leaps with a cross body – and gets caught! Jeckel muscles her up with his impressive strength – GORILLA PRESS! NO! Outlaw wiggles free, and she hits the ropes again, using her impressive speed. Jeckel throws a clothesline, but Outlaw ducks! NORTHERN EXPOSURE! She got all of that neckbreaker, and Jeckel is stunned! Phoebe waits and catches her breath while the juggalo slowly gets to his feet… only to be caught by a huge roaring elbow from Outlaw! Jeckel drops and Phoebe hooks a leg! ONE… TWO… NO! Jeckel kicks out!] [Jeckel is still down and out, and Outlaw heads to the top again, making another attempt at the North Star Press… but Jeckel pops up and heads to the corner as well, hitting the top rop and causing Outlaw to lose her balance and straddle the buckles. Jeckel heads up and has her hooked for a superplex! Phoebe grabs the ropes and won’t budge, and a second attempt goes the same… Phoebe with a huge headbutt into Jeckel’s face! Phoebe hooks him… STO FROM THE TOP! RIGHT INTO THE NORTHERN CROSS!!! HE’S GOT NOWHERE TO GO AND HE TAPS!!!] [The fans get on their feet as Phoebe Outlaw takes a home a victory for women everywhere. She gets up but is quick to escape the ring, as men wearing balaclava’s storm down the entrance ramp. They haven’t come for her, no, they’ve come for Jake Jeckel. They drag him back to his feet and out of the ring, escorting him up the entrance ramp as the fans and Phoebe wonder what the hell is going on.] [Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.] [The sound of an old clock ticks away as Jake Jeckel is suddenly thrust into the darkness of our picture. Two men in balaclavas drop him to his knees on the floor, holding him by the arms as Jake sniggers.]

“You just got plucked out of the limelight and into the shadows and you’re smilin’?” [A voice says with a hint of being impressed.] “What the fuck is wrong wit’ you?”

“I’m just thinkin’ about how the minute these two assholes loosen their grip, I’m going rip their fuckin’ arms off and beat them to death with em.”

[The guy laughs.] “Damn son, you are the Jake Jeckel everyone’s talkin’ about, ain’t you? The streets have been rumbling with your name for years. I just had to get myself a look at you in person and see what I was dealin’ with.”

[Jake laughs out loud.]

“And you are the real deal, there’s no doubt about it,” [he says bending down in front of him, a balaclava covering his own face.] “We know a lot about you Jake. We’ve been followin’ you for years. We’ve watched you piss all over the Internet Wrestling Federation and that shit with Bruce Van Chan? That shit was fuckin’ inspired, bro.”

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” [Jake remarks with his normal twisted smile.] “The best is yet to come.”

[The guy nods.] “I can believe that. The streets are talkin’ about the veteran Jake Jeckel and our boss, he’s lookin’ for a replacement. He says he knows the real you,” [He tilts his head and looks into Jake’s glistening eyes.] “He says, he knows Jake Jeckel.”

“What’s he want, a fuckin’ medal? You think you’re the only one who knows someone? I’m looking into the whites of your eyes and you know what I see? A pussy,” [Jake says, receiving a thunderous right hand across his face for his troubles. He spits out some blood and grins.] “Touch a nerve, bitch?”

[Another right hand comes swinging in from one of those holding him, but this time it allows Jake the room he needs to move. The Juggalo pushes out and instantly drives a headbutt into his nose. That guy stumbles, the other grabbing Jake from behind and pulling him close. He stomps down on his foot and spins, kicking him square in the balls before SNAPPING his arm across his knee.] [The main man backs away slowly as Jake wipes blood away from his mouth and approaches him.]

“You fuckin’ right I’m the real deal.”

[Jake walks forward into the darkness as screams of agony bellow out. The man cries and screams ‘No, no!’ as Jeckel takes care of business. He finally stops beating on the man out of camera and walks back into frame, wiping his bloodied knuckles on his shirt with a big shit eating grin on his face. Jake leaves the room, leaving us with whimpering and darkness. Whoever the man is on the floor, fumbles around out of sight for a moment.]

“B-Boss,” [he whimpers on what we think is a cell phone.] “He’s the one.“