[Thunder and lightning clap outside the School Yard as Monday Night Showcase kicks off in the pouring rain.] [We frame up to the Old School Wrestling logo that glows in neon as water splashes against it. A large clap of thunder sends us straight inside the building, where the fans are on their feet.] [The sound of “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis soon blares into the arena and out onto the stage steps an extremely frustrated looking Brent Kersh. He makes a focused walk to the ring and gets inside, asking for a microphone. The crowd cheer but Kersh for once, isn’t quite in the mood.]

“Last week, the unthinkable happened,” [Kersh says whilst now beginning to pace back and forth.] “My daughter, my precious, sweet, innocent daughter was caught on candid camera, canoodling with a wrestler.”

[He stops to grimace, his face turning bright red in the process.]

“I’ve put my body through hell over a twenty-year career to provide for my family and for a love of competition. I’ve won major titles, trophies and had moments of glory that I don’t know if I’ll ever surpass. I’ve been embarrassed, defeated and left speechless but last Monday night, I have never been left so disgusted. It was like a pit in the bottom of my stomach had opened up.”

[Suddenly the entire arena darkens, taking us all by surprise.] [The lights flicker on and off and when they return, Anonymous stands across from Kersh in the middle of the ring, the crowd booing his presence.]

“The truth hurts, doesn’t it Kersh?” [Anonymous almost gloats.] “And now you have a thirst for answers that you just can’t quench. ‘Who is she dating?’ We hear you ask. Who on this roster is defiling your princess?”

[Kersh angrily steps forward, grabbing Anonymous by his shirt and squeezing tight.]

“Rest assured it is not Anonymous,” [He begs his pardon, carefully ushering Kersh away from him.] “But Anonymous does have the answers. You see, we watched you carefully last week arriving at the arena, Brent. When we saw your beautiful daughter, we knew we had seen her before. We know that our timing may have perhaps been inopportune, since it was during your Main Event and cost you the World Championship, but everything has a reason.”

[Brent mouths at him, ‘That was you?’, absolutely stunned that Anonymous effectively cost him his World Championship title opportunity.]

“Indeed, it was us that cost you the title. It was us who captured and obscured the footage, but that’s not the question you should be asking; the question you should be asking, is why?” [Anonymous steps forward and takes a breath.] “You see Brent; you are the quintessential good guy. The beacon of truth, honesty and love. But you’re also a fighter. You’re a wrestler, a Champion and a man of many talents. We’re here to show the world that when something you love is on the line, the world’s beacon of hope is just as human, just as flawed and just as despicable as the rest of us,” [He hisses putridly.] “And if you want to know who on this roster is dating your daughter, you’ll start by winning the All-Star Championship.”

[Anonymous throws the microphone down and rolls to the outside, leaving Kersh in absolutely shock once again. With his hands on hips, he looks around the audience, nodding at their cheers. He knows what he needs to do, only now, will he be able to beat James Hunter for the gold?] [The two men begin to circle after the bell sounds. Bobby Neptune is sizing up Doubt as Doubt seems to have an air of confidence about him. Starboy rushes Doubt with a basement dropkick which Doubt just slaps away. Doubt grabs the head of Starboy and pulls him up into an atomic drop! Starboy is holding his tailbone as he turns around, staggered. Doubt leaps into the air and hits a hurricanrana! Starboy rolls away and gets to the apron, but Doubt hits the ropes and leaps over the rope to hit a crossbody!] [The two men crumple to the floor, but Doubt rolls back into the ring to hold his hands up. He rolls out to pulls the young man into the ring, but Starboy was just recovering! He kicks Doubt in the face and gets to his feet. Neptune kicks Doubt in the gut and runs off the ropes. He scissors his legs before bringing the back end across the neck of Doubt! Doubt hits the ground and the crowd is on their feet! Neptune climbs the top rope and is looking down. He leaps and flips before nailing a diving hurricanrana!] [Doubt crawls away after this move, but Neptune isn’t letting that happen! He grabs him by his boot and drags him to the center of the ring. Doubt begins to stir and Starboy climbs the top quickly. He leaps off for a leg drop, but Doubt moves and Starboy hits the ground hard! Doubt stalks Neptune as the new competitor tries to get to his feet. When he does, he is met by a knee to his gut. Doubt sets up Bobby for his finisher, but Neptune REVERSES TO A BACK BODY DROP! Starboy quickly ascends to the top rope. TITAN’S CRASHDOWN! ONE… TWO… THREE!! Very impressive win for the newcomer from the stars.] [Bruce Van Chan is seen talking on a cellphone, nodding his head solemnly before turning around and being greeted by the face of his very own worst nightmare, Jake Jeckel, the juggalo snarling at him as he puts his phone away.]

“What was the call, Brucey boy? A certain whore in the mental ward?”

“Jeckel, you got the win you wanted, why are you so obsessed with me and my wife? Why can’t you just leave me be!?”

“That’s not in the cards, Brucey. You just so happen to be in the Invasion match with me. As far as I’m concerned, that leaves plenty for me to be involved with. You aren’t off the hook, and you can bet your whole damn family isn’t safe. Especially not your-”

“Hey clown, maybe it’s time to step off.”

[The duo look back, surprised to see the intruder in the conversation, Phoebe Outlaw. She barges her way past Jeckel and pushes him back, keeping both Bruce and the Juggalo at arms length before looking back at Bruce.]

“And I’m not saying that for your sake, I’m saying it because you can’t protect that wife of yours, apparently. Now you two have been putting up a shit storm in the OSW for three months and I’m putting an end to it. Besides, when both of you lay at my feet come the end of inVasion, that’ll be a victory for all the women you’ve screwed over between you.”

[Bruce looks at Jeckel and the two, surprisingly, come to a non verbal agreement. Bruce goes left and Jeckel goes right AND THEY CLOCK OUTLAW! The big talker goes down as the two men look up at each other, Bruce speaking up.]

“This doesn’t change anything, Jeckel. The Invasion match comes down to us.”


[The two men walk away, leaving Outlaw to collect herself from cheap shot she received.] [The bell sounds and the men in the ring are locked in a Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Bobby Baxter transitions to Dick’s back, wrapping his arms around Fury’s waist. Fury grabs at Baxter’s hands in an attempt to free himself. Fury is able to break Baxter’s grip, landing a few right elbows to The Culture Boy’s left temple. Fury grabs Baxter and slams him to the mat with a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX. Fury hits the ropes and MISSES WITH THE LEG DROP! Fury looks like he’s in pain! Baxter gets back to his feet and lands some forearm shots to Fury’s as he rises.] [Baxter pushes Fury into the ropes and then sends him across the ring. Fury bounces off the ropes and is SLAMMED DOWN HARD AFTER A SPINEBUSTER! Fury grabs at his back and rolls out of the ring. The Culture Boy makes his way to the outside and is caught with a knee to his midsection. Fury grabs Baxter by the hair and slams him face first into the ring steps! Hard rights to the forehead from Fury. Fury tosses Baxter back into the ring and does a little pelvic dance outside the ring to the displeasure of the School Yard.] [Fury slides into the ring and goes after The Culture Boy… A BIG GERMAN SUPLEX FROM FURY! He goes for the cover but Baxter quickly kicks out! Fury rains down lefts on Baxter. Baxter makes his way to his feet, sending a boot to Fury’s gut and a DDT PUTS DICK DOWN! Baxter is going for the Sharpshooter! Fury is fighting him off! Fury uses his lower body strength to send Baxter across the ring!] [Fury gets to a knee as The Culture comes in for the kill. Fury is breathing heavy as Bobby Baxter gets closer and closer. Fury out of desperation grabs on to the tights and sends Baxter shoulder first into the ring post! Fury gets vertical and waits for Baxter to turn around… DOUBLE UNDERHOOK FACEBUSTER! DICK JUST GAVE BAXTER THE D! FURY WITH THE COVER! ONE… TWO… THREE! DICK FURY HAS DEFEATED THE CULTURE BOY!]

“Yes? Mhm… Well thank you for your donation and good luck in your race Mr. Crump. Oh, Trump? Well I hope to have your vote come November. What do you mean you’re not a Las Vegas resident? If you can’t vote for #1 then I have no use for you!”

[Marvolo slams down the phone as he shakes his head with irritability. Raquel enters the picture with a sandwich in which she’s prepared for him. She sets it down beside him as he pinches the bridge of his nose.]

“Marvolo es numbah wahnnnn.”

[Marvolo’s head peeks up as a smile spreads across his masked face. He picks up the sandwich.]

“Well it’s about time Raquel.” [He takes a bite of the sandwich before spitting it out to his left into a trash can.] “What the… pickled ham?! I specifically said a TURKEY sandwich! Can’t you do anything right, woman?”

[Raquel is shown being held in the dark corner of the room with a hand over her mouth.]

“Do you have such a severe-loathing that you would treat your… valet so disgustingly?”

[Marvolo begins looking through some notes of his with glasses on over his American-flagged mask.]

“Uhuh, did you get a cold or something Raquel? Why don’t you go and make me another sandwich?”

[Doubt releases Raquel and walks up to the side of the desk that Marvolo is operating at. He knocks over the coffee cup releasing the contents onto Marvolo’s notes. Marvolo stands up and glares at Doubt before flinching backwards realizing it wasn’t Raquel after all.]

“What kind of ambassador would you be without your United States Championship?” [Doubt says pointing to the belt.] “You aren’t fit to wear it. You aren’t fit to be mayor and by the end of Invasion, I will have sown the seeds of doubt deep into your psyche.”

[Doubt takes a few steps back before seemingly disappearing into the shadows of the office room. Marvolo’s eyes dart around the room in confusion as the scene comes to a close.] [They circle each other, Phoebe staring daggers at Max. The bell rings. Outlaw immediately takes control of the match, whipping Million into the corner. She follows with a running elbow, straight to septum. She hammers at with a barrage of strikes. He dodges, stumbles forward, knocking her off balance. He lands a back kick against her neck, sending her to the middle of the ring. He gets his senses back and scoops Phoebe up onto his shoulder and runs her like a battering ram into the ringpost. He drops her, knee to shoulder, then flops into a belly to belly suplex. He goes for the cover: 1….2…..Kickout by Outlaw!] [Outlaw gets to her feet. Million stays on the offensive, trying a big boot to Outlaw to send her off but Outlaw counters! Million hits the ropes, Outlaw goes for lightening kick! Million drops down into a baseball slide, dodging it by a silver. When Million spins around, Phoebe grabs him up and throws him over with a snapmare! Phoebe lifts Million up to his feet and lays on the strikes thick, finishing with an elbow to Million’s face that knocks him to the mat!] [She drops down and wraps her legs around Max’s throat, choking the wind out of him. He powers out, reverses into a single-leg Boston Crab. He cranks Outlaw’s leg as she yells in pain. She kicks free with her other leg, Million topples forward. They get back on their feet. Million attempts a clothesline, Outlaw ducks, continues the momentum and bounces off the ropes. She nails Million with a running single leg dropkick, then…THE NTO! Million is stunned, Phoebe looking to lock in NORTHE– wait! Million reverses, Phoebe is caught off guard, Million locks in the BAD INTE- REVERSAL! Million is thrown off, Phoebe tackles him and NORTHERN CROSS! They’re in the middle of the ring, Million does his best to not give in….Outlaw cranks the hold! MILLION HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO TAP!] [The doorway of Errol Flint is shown with a bar across the top of the door saying as much. Corey Black slowly walks up with a note in his hand addressing him from the name on the door. He opens the door and sees the chair facing away from the desk. Corey Black walks up to the desk and takes a seat. Sitting on the table in front of him is a Diet Cola that is ice cold. Corey looks startled by this as he glances up.] [The seat swivels around to show not Errol Flint, but Doctor Louis D’Ville! Corey tries to get up and attack but something seems to be containing him in his seat.]

“Now, now, Mister Black. No need to get up on my account.”

[A smile spreads across his face as he slides a contract across the desk to him. Corey looks over the contract and a frantic look crosses his face.]

“Why the fuck would I sign this? Put my Invasion match spot on the line against Axel tonight?! Are you crazy?”

“I’ve been called many things, Mister Black, and crazy is one of the most frequent. But I thought you might need some persuading.”

[Corey Black’s hand raises as his face looks in panic mode. His hand picks up the pen and begins scribbling his own signature on the line as his teeth are gritted in anger.]

“Thank you, now you’re dismissed.”

[Corey Black gets to his feet and begins walking out of the room with an odd twitching sensation as Corey is trying to fight against the obvious control. A dark laugh exits the Doctor’s throat as the door opens to see Corey exit and Errol Flint enter. Doc stands up and hands the contract to Errol Flint. Flint gives him an odd look as he reads over the contract. A shocked expression passes over his face.]

“He actually agreed to this?!”

“Yes, Mister Flint. He said he had something to prove to the fans of Old School Wrestling.”

[Flint shakes his head as he takes a seat in his chair before looking back up to see Doc gone, but an ice cold Diet Soda sitting on his desk.] [The King returns to an OSW ring! Doc D’Ville does not seem impressed and walks slowly to Orwell, perhaps believing his Highness to be deluded. Konstantine raises his hands for a Test of Strength. The two grapplers lock horns and immediate rip each other’s hands down to their waists, chests together. King uses his weight advantage and pushes Doc’s back to the mat. One… T….Doc kips up and arm drags Konstantine to the mat! He immediately drops a knee to Konstantine’s head and begins stomping him. He sprints to the top rope. TREPANATION!!] [NO ONE IS HOME! Doc slams hard to the canvas as King rolls away. Konstantine gets to his feet and marches to Doc. He stomps his head and mounts his chest. HAMMER BLOWS TO DOC’S HEAD! The referee pulls Orwell off and he backs up. He waits for D’Ville to get to his feet, then rushes at Doc… EYE GOUGE! Doc countered with a gouge to King’s eyes! Doc quickly recovers and locks in THE 302! Konstantine is squirming in the Tazzmission, but he uses his size to pull D’Ville to ropes and barely gets his foot onto the bottom one!] [D’Ville releases him and rushes to the far ropes. He bounces off and runs back at King, who ducks a cross body block! Doc corrects himself and turns around, SENTENCED TO DEATH!!! Orwell levels him! One… Two… THRE…..NO! Doc kicked out!!! Orwell can’t believe it! He pulls D’Ville, who counters! LABOTOM…NO! OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! One… Two… THREE!!! King Konstantine Orwell makes his triumphant return with a victory over Doc D’Ville!] [We open on a man we don’t recognize running frantically through a darkened alleyway. Ghost white, drenched in sweat and panting heavily, it’s clear he’s running for his life. He glances over his shoulder and that’s when we see it… The Hayman, Scarecrow, calmly marching towards his prey.]

“Leave me alone!”

[The man shouts, but the Hayman does not oblige. In his haste, the man trips over his own two feet and tears stream down his face as he hits the concert with a thud. Scarecrow closes in… 30 paces… 25… 20… when all of a sudden, a scarecrow steps between the Hayman and his victim.] [Scarecrow stops in his tracks; his head tilt to one side as he eyeballs the scarecrow up and down… when ANOTHER scarecrow steps in next to the first… followed by Smiley himself, Lee Crowley.]

“Can I help you, Mr. Crowley? I’m a little preoccupied at the moment…” [The Hayman motions to the blubbering mess of a man on the ground behind Lee.]

“Hush…” [Lee motions for the man to find his side.] “…he’s not going to hurt you.”

“I disagree, Lee. Not only am I going to hurt him…” [Scarecrow stares the man down.] “…I’m going to kill him. You want my attention, you got it, but now is not the time.”

“Now is the ONLY time!” [Lee shouts wildly before noticing Scarecrow staring at the two “Crowely-Crows” at his side.] “You like?” [Lee grins.] “I figured the only way to defeat a scarecrow was with a scarecrow, so I made two.”


[Scarecrow closes the gap and swipes at one of Lee’s scarecrows, coming back with a hand full of hay. The Hayman shakes his head in disbelief, turning to the second scarecrow and slugging him in the face, causing an explosion of hay into the air.]

“I didn’t come to talk, either.” [Lee shouts as Scarecrow fights it out with the Crowley-Crows.] “I came to take!”

[With a giant smile, accentuated by his scar, Lee pulls out a blade and slashes Scarecrows would have been victim’s cheeks! Before stabbing the blade into the man’s neck! Scarecrow lets out a shout of anger and shoves the Crowley-Crows aside; turning his attention to Lee… but Lee is gone! Scarecrow turns back to the Crowley-Crows, and they’re gone too!] [Scarecrows target lies dead, staring up at him with a mutilated smile as the Hayman grumbles.]

“So it will be, Mr. Crowley. So it will be…”

[The bell sounds and Corey Black is furious! He charges Axel and takes him to the mat where he begins brutalizing him with vicious rights and lefts! Axel is trying to cover, but Corey is taking a shot every place that is visible. He is pulled away by the referee and glares him down as the referee releases him. Corey isn’t taking any chances tonight as he knows what is on the line. He allows Axel to get to his feet before charging him in the corner and delivering several right elbows catching Axel on the temple. Axel falls to the mat and Corey goes for the pinfall. One…Two…NO! Axel kicks out.] [Corey backs away and begins preparing for something. Axel gets to his feet, but Corey swings for another elbow. But he stops? His elbow stops a mere inch away from Axel The Shark’s mask! He looks troubled as he suddenly notices Doctor D’Ville standing on the outside of the ring with a smirk on his face. Corey begins yelling at Doc in absolute rage. Axel comes to his senses and hits a dropkick dropping Corey to the mat. He climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off as Corey isn’t budging. SHARK DIVE! The senton bomb connects and Axel hooks a leg! One… Corey is struggling but can’t move! Two… Corey is still struggling! THRE- SHOULDER UP!] [The camera pans to Doctor D’Ville outside of the ring who shows mild surprise! Axel looks at Doc and looks at Corey with some serious confusion. Corey gets to his feet and points at Doc with a huge smile. He turns to Axel and swings for an elbow, but Axel ducks it! He grabs his arms and legs and twists him into his finisher! THE FUERZ- COREY IS ALREADY TAPPING! Axel The Shark looks shocked and absolutely thrilled to have his arm raised and be announced as the sixth man in the Invasion match! Corey gets to his feet with his hands clenched. It’s evident that that tap out was not of his own free will. He exits the ring and is shouting for ‘fucking Doc.’] [Backstage, one of the newest members of the OSW roster walks. This is Dick Fury, and the sleaze practically is dripping down his mustachioed face as he winks at every stagehand he passes. Finally he comes up on some female backstage worker, who seems to be wearing a short skirt. He places his hand up the back of the skirt and gives a squeeze.]

“What the hell?” [The girl turns and pushes him away.] “Creep!”

“And to think I almost jerked off on Culture Boy’s travel bag.” [He leers at the girl, who recoils.] “I got all the seed you need, sweetie. Go ahead and get on your knees and I’ll give you the sample.”

[He goes to pull down his trunks but she turns and walks away. Of course, as Fury seems to have his Dick out, he is joined by someone else.]

“So this is the latest mouth breather to be accepted here.” [Professor Bordeaux sarcastically states as he stares at Fury.]

“You better break that attitude off son, cause you won’t like this Dick’s Fury.” [The braggart retorts.] “He’s got a hell of a reload rate, but I’m sure your mom already told you that.”

[Fury grins, but Bordeaux moves with swiftness to force Fury up against a wall. He places his forearm against Fury’s neck and stares at him with anger.]

“I don’t care what hole you crawled out of, connard, but you will not disparage my family’s name.”

[Fury seems to, for just a split moment, consider the words.]

“Sorry bro.”

[Fury begins to sniff, and Bordeaux looks at him questioningly.]

“Smell that?” [Fury starts off. Bordeaux inhales.] “That’s your mom’s pussy. And that’s my dick rubbing your leg, it likes you.”

[Bordeaux looks down to confirm and storms off while Fury laughs at himself and adjusts his tights.] [The bell rings and we’re off. Lee Crowley grins from ear to ear while LH Harrison sizes up his mentally unstable opponent. Crowley rushes suddenly for a leg lariat but Harrison ducks and hits the ropes. Both men at a full run and Crowley connects with a CROSS BODY BLOCK and the cover, 1……… 2………… Harrison with a shoulder up. Both men quickly to their feet and Harrison locks a tight chin lock but Crowley forces him against the ropes and sends him for a ride. Crowley folds for a back body drop but LH grabs Lee and hits a SWINGING NECKBREAKER. Tag team champion with a cover, 1……… 2………… Crowley breaks the count.] [Crowley rushes Harrison again but gets SLAMMED to the canvas with an STO and LH is trying to lock in a CROSS ARMBREAKER but Lee slithers to the ropes. LH rushes Crowley who has it scouted… scoop and a huge SAMOAN DROP from Lee. Crowley stands and drops a stiff knee to the side of Harrison’s head. Lee turns him over and few stiff knees to Harrison’s back. Crowley pulls LH to his feet and pulls him with an Irish whip… but Harrison reverses sending Lee into the corner.] [Harrison runs for Smiley who hops and locks LH’s head with a leg scissor… and he pulls him down to the mat… Crowley is looking for the Glasgow Smile… he’s trying to hook the jaw but Harrison is pulling his hand away from his face. Holy shit- Harrison with one swift role and he’s hooked Crowley in a CROSS ARMBREAKER!!! Lee screams as he reaches for the ropes but he’s too far. Crowley reaches over and rakes the eyes of Harrison who releases the hold. Harrison and Crowley stagger to their feet… Harrison leaps and hooks Crowley for a DDT… but Lee tosses him away… SHOCK THERAPY!! SPEAR!! Crowley with the cover, 1……… 2…………… LH Harrison BARELY gets a shoulder up!! Both men to their feet and it’s a slug fest!! Stiff rights and lefts from both men and a final WILD lariat from Crowley. Harrison dodges it and hooks Crowley for a CUTTER… but Lee sends LH into the ropes… PSYCHOTHERAPY!! TWIST OF FATE!!! Smiley swings his legs around… he locks him in… he WRENCHES on the JAW!! GLASGOW SMILE!!! GLASGOW SMILE!!! Harrison TAPS!!!] [Backstage, the King’s Guard of one Konstantine Orwell stand at the ready as the King takes his rightful place upon his throne.]

“Milord, all preparations have been completed for your return.” [Lord Tremblay states, prostrating himself before his liege lord.] [The large lion’s head looms overhead as Konstantine seems to settle into his throne. His lips purse into what might be a smile.]

“Fools tremble and women weep as the King hath returned.”

[His court nods their agreements, all attempting to curry favor with the King when a sound seemingly startles all of them.]

“Umm… Hello?” [A voice calls out. The King’s Guard rushes forward to surround the intruder. This is Bobby Neptune, the latest acquisition of OSW.]

“Who dare to intrude upon our sanctum?” [Tremblay questions.]

“It is I, Bobby Neptune.” [Neptune states, not showing a bit of fear in the face of the Court staring him down.] “And I come to herald the wonders that lie beyond.”

[Orwell chuckles as Neptune appears to be gazing up into stars. Of course, they are inside an arena so he can’t see anything.]

“Dost thou know who I am?” [Orwell asks, almost amused.]

“Another of this planet’s league of rulers, all crafting walls to divide a world that is already alone.” [Neptune replies, and Orwell loses his amusement.]

“No, fool. I am King Konstantine of the House Orwell, first of his name, ruler of the ring and defender of wrestling.”

[Neptune merely nods at that, taking it in.]

“And once you gaze upon the cosmos, you will realize how petty those honoriffics truly are.” [Neptune replies, winking as he ducks back and around the King’s Guard to leave.] “The universe is much larger than one King, ruling over one Kingdom and I’m not a slave to either.”

[Tremblay goes to mutter apologies to Orwell, who seems intrigued by what just transpired, having been absolutely insulted by Bobby Neptune who made it clear that he bows to absolutely no man – or King.] [The crowd is raucous as the Las Vegas fans cheer their favorite son, Alex Reese. Anonymous stands mute behind his mask, unmoved by the outpouring of support. The bell rings and Reese charges Anonymous, who catches “The Motivation” with a back elbow. The man in the mask sends Reese to the mat with a big knee to the head. He pulls Reese up and whips him into the ropes but Reese meets him with a knee lift of his own! Reese pulls Anonymous up and DRIVES him into the mat with DDT. Reese springs to his feet, pumped by the cheers. He turns back to Anonymous and is caught with a swing neck breaker!] [Reese clutches his neck in pain as Anonymous stalks him, sending a savage kick into Reese’s head. Anonymous drops back into the ropes and makes a run at Reese but is caught! Double leg take-down and Reese starts raining right hands! The ref drags Reese away, and Anonymous slowly gets to his feet. Reese charges in with a clothesline, but Anonymous ducks, hooking a rear waist lock on Reese. Reese throws an elbow, loosening the hold and PELE KICK! Anonymous is down!] [Reese drags Anonymous to his feet and scoops his up into a fireman’s carry. “The Motivation” is going for Mind Over Matter, but no! Anonymous slips away and FACELESS MAN! Alex Reese is hurt! Anonymous pulls the stunned Reese to his feet and… what’s this? He’s setting Reese up for a rolling cutter! He’s going for SELF-TRUTH! Anonymous is going to deliver The Head-Spinner to Alex Reese! It’s Reese’s own finish! Anonymous spins hard but wait! Reese keeps his feet… THE HEAD-SPINNER FOR REAL! REESE JUST COUNTERED THE HEAD-SPINNER WITH A HEAD-SPINNER! 1…2…3!!! Alex Reese wins and the School Yard explodes!] [High Society are on high alert.] [After what happened last week to Charles Wingate, they’re afraid that someone out there is trying to get them, so they’re locked inside their locker room, fearing the worst whilst surrounded by a security force that’d make President Obama jealous.]

“Gentlemen, it is with great sadness that I must announce an injury to our fallen friend, Charles Wingate,” [The Culture Boy says with an extremely stoic expression.] “Now much like the pair of you, I don’t know what happened or why some deplorable piece of excrement thought it proper to assault a member of High Society but I can assure you of this, we will be protected from that same fate.”

[Suddenly a member of the security team enters the room, stopping Baxter in his tracks. He has a package in hand and looks rather disturbed by its vetted contents.]

“Sir’s, I have to apologize but this must be brought to your attention immediately.”

[He hands the package over to Million who carefully opens it and starts pulling out items, one by one.]

“It’s Charles’ wallet,” [he says placing it on the table.] “His watch,” [again, on the table.] “And a note.”

[Nigel stands up, eager to hear what the note has to say as Million continues.]

“It says; ‘Money cannot protect you. It didn’t protect Charlie and it won’t protect High Society. You have one week to disband, or another punishment will be forthcoming.’”

[Max gulps as Nigel takes the note and reads it for himself.] “This is audacious. Who could be responsible for this?”

“More importantly, we must find a way to fight an enemy we cannot see. High Society depends on it, gentlemen.” [Baxter remarks.] [All three men look around each other nervously, knowing they have to make a decision by next week, or else suffer another punishment. Will High Society find a way to survive?] [A stare down for the ages as the enigmatic Scarecrow and Lux Bellator prepare to do battle. The bell rings and Scarecrow slaps his claws around the throat of Lux and sends him soaring into the turnbuckle. Scarecrow goes for a stiff right hand but Lux counters and nails the Hayman with a wicked kick to the CHEST… and another… and another. Lux retreats a few paces before charging into the corner and nails Scarecrow with a RUNNING ENZIGURI! The monster is reeling but still on his feet. Bellator goes to throw an elbow but Scarecrow catches him with THE HAYMAKER!!] [Scarecrow with the cover, 1……… 2…………… Lux gets a shoulder up at two! Scarecrow off the ropes and leaps for a MASSIVE leg drop but Bellator rolls out of the way. The Light Warrior off the ropes and a STINGING DROP KICK to the face of the Rage Champion. Lux with the cover, 1……… 2…………… the Scarecrow isn’t done yet. Both men to their feet as Lux backs into the corner and hops onto the middle rope… Bellator leaps… but Scarecrow catches him with a BIG BOOT on the way down. Scarecrow grabs the fallen Bellator by the throat… but Bellator swings his legs around and locks in a TRIANGLE CHOKE!!!] [The Scarecrow ALMOST seems human as he wriggles in pain attempting to break the hold. Finally in a feat of strength the Scarecrow lifts Lux into the air and DROPS him with a POWERBOMB which breaks the hold. Both men on their backs as the referee begins the count. Bellator and Scarecrow are up at six and the war wages on. Bellator with a round house kick but the Hayman has it scouted… Scarecrow hooks under the arms and LIFTS… BYE BYE – – WAIT… Lux breaks free! Kick to the bread basket… Bellator hooks Scarecrow!! Bellator jumps for a sure ending… but Scarecrow stalls the momentum… Scarecrow pulls Lux down for an ALABAMA SL – – but Lux locks in the TRIANGLE CHOKE again!!! TRIANGLE CHOKE!!! Scarecrow tries to break free and he LIFTS Lux again. Lux uses the momentum and slides down the back… DISCIPLE MAKER!!! FRONT FLIP PILEDRIVER!!! 1……… 2…………… 3!!!!] [Lux Bellator gets back to his feet only to find darkness awaits. The entire arena has turned to pitch black.] [We can’t see anything for what feels like eternity, until finally, the lights return and reveal Lux Bellator trapped inside a small cell in the middle of the ring.] [Stood on the outside, wielding the key, is Nox Bellator and his accomplice – Father Pedro, who has a microphone.]

“Did you think that your sins would go unanswered, Lux? You were supposed to be a warrior of the almighty; a soldier of God,” [he says with great pain.] “But in the end, you turned your back on him, on me, on everything.”

[Lux grabs onto the bars and starts tugging, trying to force his way out as Nox looks on.]

“Stop it, son. Just stop it. You were once a heaven sent angel, but like these people, you believed yourself to be something more; something better than you were. You thought you could be God, didn’t you? You turned your back on your Father and this is your punishment. This is your sentence!”

[He walks over to the cage and grabs it, spewing at Lux.]

“Don’t you see? God has decided to punish you, Lucifer. He has decided to place you in a cage and keep you locked away. You thought that because you were the greatest of angels, you could be God himself but you were wrong. Now you are forever captive of your own ignorance and insolence.”

[Lux starts violently shaking the cage, causing the entire ring to move. Nox looks around worriedly, watching as Pedro backs away, afraid of what’s happening. Suddenly the lights go off and when they return, Lux Bellator is gone. He’s no longer captive. Nox turns around and LUX RUNS THROUGH HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE!] [Pedro immediately escapes to the outside as Lux beats on Nox with right hands, dragging him back to his feet and throwing him head first into the side of the cell. The whole thing shakes, only for Lux to throw him inside and slams the door shut behind him. Nox rushes back to the bars and grabs them, only they burn his hands. He stumbles backwards, trapped.] [Lux grabs the microphone and turns to Pedro, who’s backing up the ramp way.]

“For the Lord loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones. Wrongdoers will be completely destroyed and the offspring of the wicked will perish. I am not your son, Pedro. I am the Light Warrior and I am the son of the Lord.”

[The scene comes to a close with Lux looking at his nemesis trapped inside a cage, unable to escape, unable to fight back.] [Brent Kersh stands in the backstage area waiting on his opponent. Kersh and the Referee look at each other, wondering where Jeckel is… BOOM! Jake Jeckel comes out of nowhere with a trash can, smashing it over Brent’s head! Jeckel lands some forearm strikes to Kersh’s upper back. Jeckel grabs Kersh by the head and slams him into a stack of chairs! Jeckel pushes a stack over on top of The Enforcer! Jeckel turns away from his opponent, looking for another weapon to use in this fight.] [Jeckel puts a smile on his face as he picks up a crowbar. BRENT KERSH TACKLES JECKEL INTO THE CINDER BLOCK WALL! Kersh rains down lefts and rights on Jake Jeckel, who tries his best to defend himself. Kersh grabs Jeckel by the hair and tosses him onto a nearby table. Kersh begins choking Jake Jeckel! Jeckel swings wildly, hitting Brent in the eye with a right hand. Kersh grabs at his eye and Jeckel regains control. Jeckel turns Kersh around and lands an elbow to Kersh’s right temple.] [Jeckel goes for a Suplex but Kersh blocks it. Kersh blocks another Suplex attempt! Kersh spins the two around and SUPLEXES JECKEL THROUGH THE TABLE! Kersh doesn’t go for the cover and lands Boot Stomps to the chest of his opponent. Kersh looks for a weapon and finds a folding chair. He lifts the chair up and takes a swing… JECKEL KICKS THE CHAIR INTO KERSH’S SKULL!] [Jeckel goes for the cover! One… Two… KERSH KICKS OUT! Jeckel seems frustrated and grabs the chair from the ground. Jeckel takes a few steps back, waiting for Kersh to get to his feet. Kersh seems dazed as JECKEL TAKES A SWING… KERSH DUCKS! Kersh and Jeckel fight with each other, landing hard blows. Kersh seems to gain control… JECKEL JUST TAZED KERSH! WHAT THE FUCK?! Jeckel continues to taze Kersh on the ground. Jeckel grabs Bert by the neck and SLAMS THE BACK OF HIS HEAD INTO THE CONCRETE FLOOR! HE SMASHES HIS HEAD AGAINST THE FLOOR AGAIN! JECKEL IS A MAD MAN! KERSH IS OUT COLD! JECKEL GOES FOR THE PIN! ONE… TWO… THREE! Jake Jeckel has won the Backstage Brawl!] [I WANNA ROCK!] [The booming vocals of Dee Snider followed by the drums and guitar scream out of the PA system as the arena is bathed in a laser light show of pink and purple strobe lights.] [As the tron over the entrance ramp lights up with “Loverboy” Vinnie Lane’s name and signature wide smile, the rock n’ roll megastar emerges from the backstage area with a whirl, both arms outstretched as he spins around into place; the Necronomicon in his right hand.]

“YOU HAVE EXTENSIONS!” [Jeer some of the fans as he turns around again, this time with a sneer on his face.] [He heads to the ring and gets inside, dropping the book on the floor and opening it in front of him. With a microphone now in hand, he continues.]

“Last week at RetroACTIVE, I proved that I’m the most HARDCORE Champion in this federations history, dude. Everything I do, I do it Hardcore. Just like I had Linda hardcore in front of your very eyes, Ash. Now I know you’re listening dude, how could you not? And truth be told, I gotta give it to ya, that woman knows how to blow – but then you proved at RetroACTIVE that so do you. I guess you were a match made in hell after all.”

[Vinnie grins as the fans boo. They may have liked him before but right now, they want to rip his hair extension out.]

“See Ashley, as much fun as it was beating the crap out of you, I lost something that day a lot more valuable than Linda’s virginity. I lost something that I simply can’t replace immediately. These megastar good looks and golden locks don’t just grow over night, dude. That takes time. So I was pondering my conundrum and then it hit me; what’s brown, full of shit and might just open a few doors for a megastar like me? Oh no, it’s not you Ash – but close, it’s this book you cherish.”

[Vinnie leans over and is about to read when ‘CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON’ blasts into the arena. The crowd are immediately on their feet as Ash Williams runs down the entrance ramp and slides straight into the ring, tackling Lane.] [He furiously starts beating on him with right and left hands whilst Vinnie – strangely not fighting back, starts yelling.] “HELP! HELP! HE’S ATTACKING ME!” [He screams as men in white outfits start running down to the ring. They pull Ash off, dragging him away and restraining him as Lane somehow gets back to his feet, checking his face for blood. He grabs his dropped microphone and angrily screams at them.]

“That’s right! THAT’S RIGHT DUDES! You take that crazy bastard away! I told you didn’t I? I told you he was insane and needed to be committed!” [Vinnie screams as the fans boo.] “Well guess what Ash? As your brother, [The fans look confused.] “As your ‘brother’ and ‘closest relative’, I’m having you sectioned for your own good!”

[Oh that lying bastard!] [The orderlies drag Ash away, who kicks and screams, trying to tell them that they aren’t related. Vinnie meanwhile closes his book and pulls a fake ID from his back pocket, revealing a name that says ‘Vinnie Williams’ to the camera. He laughs, having pulled one over on Ash here tonight and had him committed whilst the fans boo him out of the arena.] [Ding! Ding! Ding! All Star Championship match is underway and the crowd at the School Yard is HOT! The Question stalks Professor Bordeaux but the enlightened educator drops to the canvas and slides under the bottom rope. James steps outside himself and continues to stalk Bordeaux on the outside. Bordeaux high tails it and Hunter chases him! Bordeaux slides back into the ring but the Question won’t take the bait. Hunter steps onto the apron and he grabs Bordeaux by the THROAT! Bordeaux with a THUMB TO THE EYE releases the choke. Professor off the ropes and a shoulder tackle sending the Question sailing into the BARRICADE!] [Bordeaux shouts at the referee to start the count and the Question is in a heap. Hunter makes it to his feet at seven- the big man rolls his shoulder a bit before stepping onto the apron again and Bordeaux rushes a second time! Hunter has it scouted this time… he sidesteps sending the Professor between the middle and top rope, hanging his torso out to dry… the Question with a HUGE CLUBBING BLOW to Bordeaux’s back and the Professor screams in agony. Hunter pulls Bordeaux onto the apron. Swing and a LARIAT sends the Professor over the top rope and BACK to the squared circle.] [Hunter steps into the ring and stalks Bordeaux… who pulls the REFEREE in front of him. Hunter is losing his patience. The Question lifts the referee over his shoulder and out of the way but he turns around to a HUGE DDT by Bordeaux. Professor with the cover, 1……… 2………… the Question kicks out!! Both men to their feet and Hunter goes for a big boot but Bordeaux ducks… and rolls him up, 1……… 2………… Hunter kicks out again!!! Both men are up and Professor Bordeaux with a STIFF SLAP across the face of the Question. There is fire in the eyes of the Question and he CHARGES Bordeaux… but he pulls the referee in the way AGAIN… but Hunter with a BIG BOOT that sails OVER the referee’s head and just takes Bordeaux’s head off!! The Question pulls the Professor to his feet… kick to the gut… POETIC JUSTICE!!! POETIC JUSTICE!!!! 1……… 2…………… 3!!!! The Question retains!!!!] [The inspirational duo of LH Harrison and Alex Reese are in the locker room, the duo playing rock paper scissors with Harrison coming up short on the exchange, picking Scissors into Rock.]

“So it’s agreed, you’re paying for drinks later.”

“The agreement was best two out of three! We tied the match before that one.”

[Reese shrugs and the duo look to play again when the ever so cheery Axel The Shark makes his appearance, strutting happily into the locker room and interrupting the two.]

“Playing Rock Paper Scissors? Mind if I I join in?”

“Er, sure? We were playing for who buys drinks later, but I suppose-”

“Drinking, not my thing. But, what is my thing is games. You guys are going to be in the Invasion match, right? Well I have an idea for something you may want to do. Friendly competition?”

[Harrison smirks at the children’s champion, his partner shrugging.]

“We’re listening.”

“Well, how about a challenge. You two guys will participate in a challenge devised by me each week, and the one who loses the most ends up asking to be the first entrant in the match? I’m sure the fans would love to see it happen, and I’ll host them! We can even start this week with your Rock Paper Scissors match. Whatcha think?”

[The duo look at each other and shrug before Alex speaks.]

“Okay, I suppose the best way to inspire each other is a little competition. Let’s go!”

[What follows is a match of rock paper scissors more monitored than actual wrestling, Axel calling out any signs of “cheating” and causing at least five restarts before Alex Reese gets two wins in a row on Harrison. Shark grins and raises Reese’s hand before looking to exit.]

“Just wait til next week, I have something big already planned!”

[The two confused tag champs watch the giddy shark leave, not quite sure what they got themselves into.] [When we return from a short commercial break, we’re ready for our Main Event with Vinnie Lane’s music coming to a close inside the ring. Unfortunately for us, the Hardcore Champion has a microphone.]

“Cut the music, dude!” [he yells into it.] “Your Hardcore Megastar has something he has to say,” [Vinnie continues as the music cuts off.] “Cousin, I’m not sure if you’ve been living in the shadows or what, but if you didn’t know, I’m the Hardcore Champion!”

[The fans boo.]

“Oh come on, you know you love me!” [more boo’s.] “You see dude, I’ve decided that from now on, everything I do, I do it Hardcore. So if I’m going to beat on your ass tonight like your daddy shoulda, I’m going to do it Hardcore.”

[Mike Lane searches the crowd with his eyes, watching as they get to their feet and cheer at the prospect. He’s not exactly in their good books at the moment bud listens on anyway.]

“So what do you say? Lane on Lane… HASH TAG HARDCORE!”

[Vinnie turns around to drop his belt and when he returns for an answer, he gets one. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TO THE SKULL! I GUESS MIKE LANE DOESN’T MIND GOING HARDCORE TONIGHT!] [The fans cheer as this one quickly gets the bell rung and gets under way.

[Vinnie is understandably reeling after that brutal title shot to the head. Mike reaches down and grabs him, lifting him to some brutal right hands as he crouches over his cousin. He’s quickly busted Vinnie open and steps away, pushing the referee who tries to get him to ease up. The Megastar crawls to the ropes and rolls to the outside, somehow trying to regain his composure as Mike Lane notices, hitting the ropes and RUNNING SUICIDE DIVE THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE!! NO!! VINNIE MOVED AND MIKE BOUNCES HEAD FIRST INTO THE BARRICADE! The fans ‘OHHHH’ at the power in which the World Champion collided and watch on as Vinnie heads under the ring and pulls out a steel chair.] [The World Champion pulls himself away from the barricade and walks straight into it, a steel chair wrapped across his head for good measure. The Hardcore Champion quickly uses it on his legs, slamming it down on them to make sure that his Shadow Kick isn’t as accessible as usual. He unfolds the chair and puts Mike’s leg in it, slamming it off the floor to a sickening thud. He wipes some blood away from his face and goes under the ring, pulling out a table and setting it up. The Hardcore Champion thinks about it for a minute and then goes back in again, pulling out a gas canister.] [With a sadistic smile he pours the gas all over the table, throwing it away and grabbing a lighter, setting it on fire. Mike Lane has by now gotten back to a hobble and attacks from behind, slamming forearms into the back of his cousin. He’s determined not to go through that flaming table and grabs Vinnie, whipping him into the ring post. The World Champion grabs him again, this time whipping him into the flaming table – NO! VINNIE STOPS HIMSELF ONLY INCHES BEFORE! He turns around and SHADOW KICK!! SHADOW KICK! MIKE HARDLY GOT ALL OF IT BUT VINNIE SLAMS STRAIGHT DOWN THROUGH THE TABLE!! Security rush the ring with extinguishers, putting the Hardcore Champion out as he rolls around in agony on the floor.] [Mike smirks sadistically himself as he pushes security out of the way and snatches one of the extinguishers. Vinnie gets back up with help from the team at ringside, only to GET A FIRE EXTINGUISHER RIGHT TO THE FACE! The World Champion is vicious! He covers… One….. Two…. Three!! NO!! KICK OUT! HOW THE HELL DID VINNIE LANE KICK OUT!? The fans can’t believe it and neither can Mike Lane. Mike grabs him, rolling him into the ring and going underneath it. He pulls out a barbed wire bat and enters the ring, only Vinnie Lane somehow cuts him off with a dropkick. His face bloodied, he reaches down for the bat and stalks the World Champion. Mike slowly gets up and.. BARBED WIRE BAT TO THE STOMACH! HOLY SHIT! “TAKIN’ IT LIKE A CHAMP!” Vinnie screams as he NAILS HIM FOR A SECOND TIME, THIS TIME IN THE SKULL!] [Vinnie drops exhaustedly into the cover… One……. Two…… Three!! NO!! KICK OUT! THE SHADOW KING KICKS OUT! The Hardcore Champion can’t believe it and gets back to his feet, only the fans suddenly erupt!


The Hardcore Champion turns to the entrance ramp where Ash William stands. “You’re supposed to be locked up!” Lane screams as Ash makes a b-line for the ring. HE SLIDES STRAIGHT IN AND DUCKS A CLOTHESLINE! BOOMSTICK!! BOOMSTICK TO THE SKULL OF VINNIE LANE! THAT’S BANNED! THAT MOVE HAS BEEN BANNED! Ash is going to be in a world of trouble as Mike Lane crawls into the cover… with Ash leading the fans in the chant… ONE…… TWO…… THREE!! IT’S OVER! MIKE LANE DEFEATS HIS COUSIN YET AGAIN!] [Mike Lane gets back to his feet after that gruelling match with cousin Vinnie to a mixed reaction from the crowd who’re worried about his true intentions. Ash exits through the crowd as doctors and security assist Vinnie Lane. He’s handed back his World Championship when “Lonely Train” by Black Stone Cherry hits and out onto the entrance ramp steps a furious looking Errol Flint.] [The crowd cheer as he storms his way to the ring and up the ring steps, approaching our World Champion with no fear whatsoever. He walks straight over to him and PUNCHES HIM STRAIGHT IN THE JAW!!]

“HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” [Can be heard echoing throughout the School Yard as Mike Lane checks his mouth for blood.] [Then he lunges at him, grabbing him by the shirt and tie, spitting venom.] “Who the hell do you think you are?” [He screams at Flint, spittle flying from the mouth as he does.]

“Wait a minute Lane, just you wait a minute lad,” [Comes a voice, belonging to Vane who steps out onto the entrance ramp with a microphone.] “You had better be careful. Now I warned you last week that the truth would see the light of day and tonight, it’s time that happened. I asked Errol here so that in this ring, we could see the footage for the first time together.”

[Vane makes his way down to the ring as Mike releases Flint and starts pacing, rather enraged by the circumstances. Vane backs Errol away and stands opposite the World Champion.]

“Roll the footage!”

[The grainy CCTV footage shows a large man in a hooded jacket walking into the car rental office in Las Vegas. He puts a few thousand dollars across the table, a lot more than it takes to rent the vehicle and shows the ID – of which we now know to belong to Mike Lane.] [Then he looks up at the camera with an ever so sly smile and wink.] [Holy fuck. Holy fuck!! That’s…] [AXE HANDLE TO THE BACK OF MIKE LANE’S HEAD! WHERE THE FUCK DID HE COME FROM!? IT’S… IT’S… IT’S THE QUESTION!]

“BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” [Roar the fans as Vane looks on in absolute shock, watching as James Hunter wields his axe in the middle of the ring. Mike is busted wide open from that shot to the back of the head and Hunter looks like a man possessed.] [It was him! James Hunter ran down Errol Flint and set this whole thing in motion! Vane runs at him but Hunter launches the axe straight into his arm, SLAMMING INTO HIM. He steps forwards and pulls the axe out, kicking him low and crashing the handle across his skull!] [Flint is now alone with the man who tried to kill him! He’s now alone with the man who Jackson Slade paid to change the face of Old School Wrestling.] [But instead, he unclips his All-Star Championship and throws it down in front of the Chairman – reaching over to pick up the World Heavyweight Title instead.] [He slaps the gold over his shoulder and places a boot firmly on the back of Mike Lane’s head. Holy fucking shit, James Hunter, The Question, has just made stake his claim to the OSW World Championship!] [And there’s nothing Errol Flint can do about it.] [The fans are booing, throwing trash into the ring from their seats and screaming in unison. Flint looks like he’s just been hit by a bus as Monday Night Showcase goes off the air.] [James Hunter was the man responsible. By god, who knew it?]