[Buzz.] [The sound of the Old School Wrestling logo buzzing can be heard as the show starts by slowly panning up the brick wall outside The School Yard to see it.]

“Mike, please listen to reason!” [Suddenly interrupts the voice of Chairman Errol Flint.] [The camera pans around to see Mike Lane pacing the concrete outside of the arena. He’s not even paying attention to Flint as he walks back and forth.]

“Whatever you’re planning to do tonight, you can’t. You can’t Mike.”

[Lane’s head snaps around.] “I can’t?” [He begs the question.] “Says who; you? [Lane snorts with derision.] “I can and I will. I’m going to beat him all over this arena until he tells me where she is.”

“I’m going to choose to ignore that because I know what you’re going through, but trust me when I say, you’re going to push my family loyalty too far. James Hunter has Destiny and you breaking his jaw won’t tell us where she is. He wants your Championship,” [Flint reminds him.] “And all you have to do is the right thing and hand it over.”

“Hand it over?” [He says with a chuckle.] “I don’t think so. Where will this end if I do? Destiny has had a target on her back for as long as I have. She’s seen the inside of a jail cell, she’s been brutalized by Desmond Cross and she’s seen me tormented and twisted by Red River Jack. Do you know what Flint? She’s tougher than you give her credit for. She’ll survive James Hunter,” [He remarks hitting his chest] “She’ll endure. It’s what we do.”

[Flint steps closer to Lane and slaps him around the face.] “That’s my daughter! That’s your future wife, you bastard. If Hunter isn’t the new Champion by the end of Invasion, she may not endure, she may NOT survive!”

[Mike checks his jaw and sneers, choosing not to strike back; instead, he continues pacing, leaving Flint to storm off.]

“She will.” [He mutters as the scene comes to a close.] [The second the bell tolls, Ash runs across the ring and attacks the Hangman. He uses a combination of punches and kicks and barely gets the big man knocked back to the corner. With one hand, Hangman shoves Ash away. He falls on his back, but he gets right back up and continues the attack on the “Manslayer”. Once again, Hangman manages to block a couple and counter with a shove to Ash. Ash gets up again and runs towards the corner to be met with a big boot to the mouth and goes down a little harder that time.] [Hangman shakes out the cobwebs and lurks over to the King and picks him up by the hair. Ash tries fighting back, but the big man attacks back and manages to send Ash back down to his knees. Hangman picks up Ash and drops him with a big belly-to-back suplex. Ash rolls backwards and holds the back of his head where he landed hard. Hangman doesn’t waste anytime and keeps on Ash by Irish-whipping him into an opposite corner and following up with a big clothesline as Ash bounced from the turnbuckle. The crowd begins getting behind the King, clapping and chanting him along as the Hangman drags him to the center of the ring and looks up.] [The Hangman reaches up into the air as the noose slowly descends from the rafters. When it’s within reach, he pulls it down and attempts to wrap it around Ash’s head, but the King fights back with a couple of punches and knocks the Hangman back. Ash grabs the rope and jumps onto the Hangman’s back and begins strangling him with it! With all of his weight he’s pulling back on the rope around the big man’s neck! Hangman struggles, reaching behind his back and stumbling around the ring. He backs into one of the turnbuckles, but Ash holds on. He continues to pull back on the rope and Hangman falls to a knee! Ash hits Hangman with a fist across the skull, sinking him further down until the Hangman lied flat. Ash pulls the rope out from under Hangman and begins fitting the noose around his neck! He did it! It’s around the Hangman’s neck, the Hangman just needs hoisted into the air and this ones over!] [Ash tugs on the rope twice and it begins to pull back into the rafters!]

“HaIl to the King baby!”

[Ash screams to a huge ovation from the crowd! He made the mistake of turning his back though! When Ash turns around the Hangman grabs him by the throat and lifts him into the air with a chokeslam! Capital Punishment! The rope has stopped pulling Hangman into the rafters after he attempts and tries ripping the noose back off, but Ash has it tied tight! Hangman throws his arms into the air, as if saying ‘Hell with it!’, and points to the rafters again!] [Another noose is lowering from the rafters!] [Hangman reaches up and pulls the second noose down and wraps the noose around Ash’s neck! Ash begins fighting back and manages to get to his feet on his own! The two of them battle back and forth, both with nooses wrapped around their neck! Hangman knocks Ash back and goes for another big boot! He nails it! Ash hits hard on the mat and holds his face as the Hangman pulls Ash back to his feet. He grabs Ash by the throat and hits him with another “CAPTIAL PUNISHMENT!!” The Hangman reaches for the rope to give it a tug, but he instead picks Ash back up and hits the “HUNTER’S KILL” piledriver! Ash’s head spiked off the mat and now he’s lying lifeless on the mat. Hangman gives the slack in the rope a couple of tugs and it begins to hoist the King into the air by his neck. Hangman lifts his arms into the air and looks to the rafters, with a noose wrapped around his own neck as well.] [Phoebe Outlaw is seen moving through the backstage, likely looking for the two that jumped her last week when she finds them… rather they find her. Jeckel surprises her from behind with a shove, smirking as he leans on a nearby table, Outlaw moving forward and bumping into Bruce. Outlaw reacts as expected, hitting Bruce with a stiff punch before flying back at Jeckel with a hard kick, both men stagger back as Outlaw looks ready for another go when Jeckel holds his hands up. Phoebe stops her attack, if only for the already up Bruce behind her.]

“You two assholes think you can fuck with me for two weeks and get away with it? You’re in for a whole different story, fucker.”

“Calm down there, Feebs. I don’t want to cause any trouble, I just wanted to inform you that this match tonight is my doing. Errol is so busy with other things that when I suggested it he sent it through just to get me leaving. I just want to let you know you won’t be leaving this arena in the condition needed to make it to Invasion.”

[Outlaw shakes her head and moves towards Jeckel, Bruce grabbing her shoulder and stopping her as he moves past her.]

“We’re not attacking her, Jake. I may be doing things your way, but this one I’m doing my way. I’ll see you in the ring, Phoebe, but don’t expect any kindness.”

“I never expect it from an abuser. It’ll make winning taste that much sweeter, boys.”

[Jeckel and BVC make way down the corridor, Outlaw staying behind, watching them, slightly paranoid.] [The bell sounds as Professor Bordeaux starts this match off with Max Million. The two captains for these trios teams are Culture Boy and Bordeaux. Professor Bordeaux hits a flurry of strikes before whipping Max into the ropes and hitting a spinning heel kick to knock him to the mat. Professor walks over to his team mates and tags in Doctor D’Ville. Doc slinks in before lifting Million to his feet and hitting a swinging neckbreaker. D’Ville climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off for… TREPANATION! The flying headbutt connects as he goes for the pinfall. Culture Boy breaks it up and pulls Max to his own corner.] [Nigel Royal tags himself in and pulls Doc up before hitting a piledriver on the mat! Royal mounts Doc and begins laying in shots as Doc smiles up through each one. Nigel grabs the arm of Doc and pulls him over before locking in THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON! Doc is in pain as his face is being pulled back. Professor enters the match and nails a boot to Nigel. The referee prevents the rest of High Society from entering the fray. Both men slowly reach towards the rope and tag in! In comes Corey Black! In comes Culture Boy!] [Both men begin by trading some heavy blows as the crowd cheers on! Corey Black gets the upper hand by hitting a severe elbow strike! He hits the rope and crosses to hit another. He goes for a third! He hits the rope for another, but Doc knees him in the back?! Corey Black turns around in surprise and fury. Corey is whipped back around by Culture Boy and… SPIKE BRAINBUSTER! Corey isn’t moving! ONE…TWO…THREE! COREY BLACK IS ELIMINATED!] [Corey is rolled out of the ring as Professor B is yelling at Doc as both men enter the ring. Nigel and Max come out of nowhere and take out Doc! Max lifts him up and STOCK DROP ON THE OUTSIDE! Doc is down as Professor is left alone with Culture Boy. STUFF PILEDRIVER! NO! Professor escapes and hits… SCHOOL IN SESSION! The pop-up powerbomb connects! He looks to see Nigel and Max on the outside. They try to enter the ring, but Doc is holding them back by their legs! Professor goes for the pin! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Marvolo is walking down the hallway in preparation for his match when a familiar face exits one of the doorways with nothing but darkness behind him.]

“Hello my friend! How kind of you to hold my title nice and warm for me. For when I drop you on your head, I will take claim in what is truly mine to behold.”

[Marvolo clings his title close to his chest as he begins walking just a little bit faster when suddenly Marvolo runs slam into Corey Black. He grabs Marvolo by the cape and pulls him into the wall before getting close into his face.]

“You’re going to regret running into me. At Invasion, I DEMAND a match against you after I was cheated out of my shot in the Invasion Match. If you think dealing with Doctor D’Ville or Doubt was bad enough, now you’ll recognize the true power behind Corey Black.”

[Corey pulls him away from the wall and pushes him down the hall to where a third name is standing. Marvolo turns around and nearly runs into Doubt who folds his arms and just stares at Marvolo before glancing down at the title on his shoulder before shaking his head in disapproval. Marvolo groans before throwing his hands into the air.]

“You all want a shot at me? FINE! Tonight, I will announce my opponent for Invasion. Be there.”

[The bell rings and Kingpin marches towards Lux Bellator who keeps his stance, ready for a fight. The Leviathan Bull backs Bellator into the corner. Lux tries to escape left but the Bull grabs him and launches him into the corner. Lux tries to escape right but again the Bull grabs him and launches him into the corner. The Light Warrior tries to slide between Kingpin’s legs but Mr. Emperor grabs Bellator by the throat and hoists him into the air!! Bellator with a HARD KNEE to the side of Kingpin’s head!! And another!!! A third HARD KNEE and the Leviathan Bull releases Lux.] [The Messiah kicks Kingpin across the gut repeatedly and tops it off with a SPINNING BACKFIST!!!! Kingpin is dazed!! Lux Bellator runs to the ropes… springboard… but Kingpin SWATS Lux to the mat!! Good God!! Mr. Emperor shakes the cobwebs loose and hits the ropes… he charges for a downed Emmanuel… SENTON!! GLOBALWIDE!!! He CRUSHED him!!! Kingpin hooks the leg, 1……… 2…………… but Lux gets a shoulder up!! Kingpin gets to his knees… but Lux out of NOWHERE– he hooks the arm, KIMURA LOCK!!! The Leviathan Bull is in pain… my God… Kingpin is STANDING!! Kingpin stands with Bellator hooked on his arm!!!!] [Mr. Emperor lets out a guttural roar before SLAMMING Lux to the canvas!!! The Light Warrior rolls backwards… he charges Kingpin… YAKUZA KICK!!! Kingpin staggers backwards. Lux charges again… another YAKUZA KICK!!!! But the Leviathan Bull is still standing!!! Bellator climbs through the ropes to the ring apron… springboard off the top rope… SOMERSAULT PLANCHA… WAIT!!! Kingpin CATCHES Lux!!! Mr. Emperor positions Bellator into a bearhug… STIFF HEADBUTT! BELLY TO BELLY!! HUGS AND KISSES!!! Kingpin with the cover, 1……… 2…………… LUX KICKS OUT!!! There’s so much FIGHT in the Light Warrior!!!] [Kingpin can’t BELIEVE IT!!! But wait… HOLY SHIT!! LUX LOCKS IN THE KIMURA LOCK AGAIN!!! Kingpin is trapped in the Kimura again!!!! Kingpin pulls Lux up again and slams him into the turnbuckle… but Lux won’t release the hold!!! Kingpin lifts Lux and DRIVES him into the mat and Emmanuel releases the arm… but Lux IMMEDIATELY swings the leg around… TRIANGLE CHOKE!!! TRIANGLE CHOKE ON KINGPIN!!!! Mr. Emperor can’t breathe!!! He reaches for the rope… he reaches……… HE TAPS!!!! KINGPIN TAPS!!!] [There’s a commotion backstage that we’ve been expecting all night. When the cameras rush outside The School Yard, we’re met immediately by James Hunter being attacked by Mike Lane.] [The World Champion is throwing fists at him like a man possessed, slamming him head first off the hood of his car before chopping down his legs with big kicks. James somehow manages to push him away, opening his car door only to have it kicked shut – all the better since laying on the front seat is his axe.] [The Question blocks a right hand and grabs Lane by the head, throwing him through the double doors into the arena. He follows, kicking him hard into the gut as he rises, watching as he barrels rolls across the floor. James is pissed, pulling Mike to his feet and throwing him towards the gorilla position.] [The fans know what’s coming as Hunter and Lane appear on the entrance ramp, The Question nailing him with a leaping Axe Handle Smash. Mike hits the stage hard, getting back to his feet only to be grabbed by the throat and DROPPED WITH A GIANT SINGLE ARM CHOKESLAM!] [The fans boo as The Question pulls an unconscious Lane up by his throat and dangles him on the edge of the stage, threatening to drop him off.]

“Wait! NO! PLEASE!” [yells the voice of Errol Flint who storms out onto the stage with a microphone.] “Look, I’ll give you what you want. I’ll give you it. All I need you to do is let Destiny and Mike go.”

“What do I want Flint?” [Hunter mouths] [Errol gulps.] “The World Championship. I’ll give it to you at Invasion, I’ll be the special referee and make sure you walk out of there with the title! All I need you to do is let Destiny and Mike go.”


“You have a deal.”

[The former All-Star Champion storms off stage as Flint – mouth gaping, steps closer to the edge to see EMT’s attending to the unconscious World Champion below. He asked James to let ‘him go’ and he did, straight to the ground below.] [The scene comes to a close with a close up on Errol Flint’s grimacing face.] [Professor Bordeaux walks through the backstage area, looking agitated as usual. He enters a locker room to find a single chair. He sits down and crosses one leg over the other.]

“Let’s see it, Dick.” [Bordeaux calls out.]

“Be careful what you wish for, prof.” [The lusty tones of Dick Fury say from behind Bordeaux.] [Fury walks into a spotlight before the Professor, still holding the book on manners from last week. He bows theatrically to Bordeaux, showing off his cheap tuxedo. It looks horrible due to the oil fading from his chest through the fabric. He winks at Bordeaux before putting the book on top of his head.]

“See, Dick can be finished many ways.” [Fury says as he walks in a straight line, the book not even wobbling.] [From out of nowhere, a table and chair slide into frame. Dick sits down, with proper form of course, and selects the correct spoon to enjoy his soup.]

“Dick loves slurping down soup. He swallows every drop.”

[As Fury drinks a sip of tea, the table begins to move. Fury seems to be embarrassed as he looks over at Bordeaux.]

“Apologies, Professor. Dick sometimes gets excited. He doesn’t have a proper date very often.”

[Bordeaux seems disgusted by this.]

“A proper date? You cretin, this is insert some class into your life.”

[The table continues to shake as Dick puts down the tea. His smile never slips.]

“Your date with Dick is at Invasion, and there’s nothing Dick likes better than a little unwanted Invasion.”

[With a pelvic thrust, Fury knocks the table away. He quickly pulls off his tuxedo, in the vein of a pull away. Under it, he has on his usual gear, and he and Bordeaux are quick to meet with shots to one another.]

“Dick likes it rough!” [Fury exclaims as Bordeaux throws him into the flipped over table.]

“Then he’ll love me at Invasion.” [Bordeaux sneers down at Fury.] “I’ll finish you off once and for all.”

[Fury laughs at this as Bordeaux angrily walks away. The irony is surely not lost on Dick.] [The bell sounds and these two rugged foes square off as Jackson Mitchell towers over Brent Kersh. Jackson raises a hand as if attempting a test of strength. Kersh reaches up and interlocks fingers as the two brutes engage. Jackson gets the early advantage but Kersh quickly fires back! He begins pushing Mitchell backwards, but the sheer size of Jackson proves to be his advantage as he flings Kersh backwards. The Enforcer gets to his knees with a startled look as he sizes up Jackson. Jackson tugs on the bullrope as if taunting him. They lock up in the center of the ring but Jackson catches him with a rough forearm strike.] [Jackson lifts Kersh up, whips him into the ropes, and connects with a closed fist strike on the rebound! Kersh hits the mat like a sack of potatoes as the big Texan begins moving to the corners. He touches corner one. He lumbers towards the second and tags it. Kersh is back up at this juncture and comes forward and leaps onto the back of Jackson to lock in a sleeper hold! Jackson staggers backwards as he turns about. Kersh’s foot reaches out and touches the first corner!] [Mitchell grabs at the arms of Kersh and tries to pull him off to no avail. He begins storming backwards and rams Kersh into the second turnbuckle. Jackson reaches down and grabs the cowbell at the center of the rope and… WHAM! Nails Kersh over the head with it forcing him to relinquish the hold. The two men are tired as they take a moment to catch their breath. Kersh hits three solid right hands to the jaw of Jackson staggering him back. Kersh runs for a clothesline, but Jackson catches him with a belly-to belly suplex flinging Kersh back first into the third turnbuckle! Kersh falls to the mat on the bridge of his back awkwardly! Jackson is stunned but realizes what he’s done as he quickly tags that same turnbuckle.] [Jackson sees his opening and begins walking towards the fourth and final turnbuckle. As he reaches out to touch it, he’s stopped by the rope! He turns around to see Brent Kersh on his knees with desperation written on his face. Mitchell comes charging back towards him but Kersh is smart and kicks the knee out from under him! Mitchell hits the ground and Kersh nimbly grabs his legs and… THE LONE STAR! The figure-4- lock is applied! But Kersh is using the move to pull himself towards the final turnbuckle! He pulls back and slowly finds the corner. He pulls himself up the second rope and taps the final turnbuckle signifying the end of the match!] [Brent pulls himself back to his feet after that epic Texas Bull-Rope Match and shakes hands with Jackson Mitchell who also gets back to his. They remove the straps and are about to their separate ways when the arena suddenly starts malfunctioning.] [The flashing lights turn to flickering screens and here comes Anonymous, having hacked the arena. His face covers the entire screen as Brent Kersh looks on.]

“Just like we told the world you would, you let everybody down. We offered you information for victory and at the highest level of competition, you couldn’t succeed. You’re a failure, Kersh.”

[Brent mouths ‘Come out here and say that’, but they continue.]

“At Invasion, we will finish this story of ours once and for all. You may have failed to bring us the Championship we desire but that doesn’t mean it’s over. We told you that we’d show the world what kind of man you are and by bribing you with such simple information, you’ve bended to our every beck and call.”

[Kersh turns his nose up, pacing the ring.]

“And you will lose, Brent,” [Anonymous decrees.] “Or you will never find out who your daughter is dating.”

[The tron finally flickers and goes off, the lights returning and the fans booing. Kersh steps through the ropes, about to head to the backstage area when Danielle steps out onto the stage. She meets her father at the top of the ramp, the camera watching as she pleads with Brent.]

“Let it go, please, just let it go.”

[He ignores her, both of them heading into the backstage area.] [The new All Star champion starts this one off against Lee Crowley. The two trade back and forth, until much to the fans dismay, Crowley begins to get the upper hand. A DDT eventually sends Neptunes cranium into the mat. A quick cover is met with no more than an early two count. Tying back up, Neptune whips Crowley into the corner his partner is in. SLAP. Konstantine tags himself in. Neptune looks annoyed but obeying the rules, gets out the ring. A few choice elbows and closed fists to the jaw of Crawley follow. Before a suplex floors him, A cover…..] [Two and kick out. Both men are back up to their feet. Both in their respective corners, neither wanting to make the tag though. Crowley charges at King. SHOCK THERAPY! KONSTANTINE MOVES OUT THE WAY… LAST MINUTE!! CROWLEY SPEARS SCARECROW THROUGH THE ROPES!! It wasn’t intentional but he grins. Konstantine stumbles to his corner, and he tags in Neptune. Neptune comes in, full of fire. JUMPING KNEE TO THE HEAD ROCKS CROWLEY. HES ROCKED. BULLDOG!!] [HE’S PUTTING ON A SHOW….. LOW BLOW FOR CROWLEY! TRUST HIM! TAG TO SCARECROW. He comes rushing in, Neptune barrel roles out the way. On the outside Kassandra is going wild, Konstantine has turned around, looking at her. Neptune slides up and slaps the back of Konstantine. He’s the legal man now. Konstantine is furious. Now standing face to face with Scarecrow, a look of terror on his face. Charging at Scarecrow He goes for OFF WITH YOUR HEAD. THE CROW DUCKS THOUGH…. CROWLEY ON THE OUTSIDE EATS IT. From off camera Neptune comes flying in the ring. TITANS CRASHDOWN, TO AN UNSUSPECTING, STANDING SCARECROW!! KONSTANTINE COVERS.. ONE…TWO… THREE!! They have somehow managed to co-exist as a team!!] [With their epic battle having drawn to a close, Lee Crowley and the Scarecrow find themselves face to face in the center of the ring. Smiley shouts in the Hayman’s face but Scarecrow remains stoic… until Crowley shoves ‘Crow and it’s on!] [The crowd pops as both men exchange blows… THE HAYMAKER! The Scarecrow nails Lee with that huge haymaker that sends Lee through the ropes to the outside! Crowley can barely make it to his feet but once he does, the Scarecrow motions for him to get back in the ring… but Lee decides to back up the runway instead, to an ovation of boos from the fans. Scarecrow pulls a microphone from his sleeve…]

“You’ve taken, and taken, and TAKEN… but it’s time now you give, Lee…”

[As the Scarecrow speaks, two men jump the barricade and sneak up behind him… one dressed like the Tin-Man and the other like the Cowardly Lion!]

“…and the cost, will be your life!”

[The crowd begins to laugh as the Tin-Man and Cowardly Lion, clearly Tobias and Damien in costume, begin to mock Scarecrow behind his back.]

“What are you people laughing at!” [Scarecrow demands.] “This is the beginning of Lee Crowley’s end!”

[Now at the top of the entryway, Lee pulls forth a microphone of his own.]

“I decide when I’m done taking, Scarecrow! But after having just taken the fear you hold over these fans, there’s only one thing left to take.”

[Scarecrow suddenly realizes Tobias and Damien are behind him and he springs into action, leveling both men and stomping away at them until they manage to slide from the ring and scamper to Lee Crowley’s side.]

“The only thing you’ve got left, Hayman, is this!”

[Lee reveals… the RAGE Championship! Tobias having had snatched it during the scuffle. The Scarecrow looks livid, as if about to strike… but Lee continues…]

“Don’t worry, I won’t steal it from you, Crow… I want to take it.” [Lee smiles.] “And at Invasion, I’ll do just that.”

[Lee winks and drops the RAGE title to the floor. Scarecrow looks like he has more to say but the Crowley’s bounce, leaving the Hayman looking heated.] [It’s long after High Society competed and we’ve joined them at a local hospital where Nigel Royal’s father is recovering after a vicious prison attack. All three men stand inside his room, playing protection as the old man recovers.]

“I don’t like this,” [Nigel complains.] “That cretin has made this personal. I don’t know who he thinks he is but I won’t stand for it.”

“None of us will. We’ll find out who is doing this and with our combined financial prowess, bury them in debt and disaster until they barely know who they are anymore. “[Max says with gritted teeth.

[Suddenly the door opens and something rolls into the room. Before you know it, smoke fills the entire area, all three men coughing and spluttering as it does. There’s a ruckus as the smoke grenade empties, noises coming from all directions as nurses stumble into the room to find out what’s going on.]

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” [screams the voice of Max Million who we barely see being dragged out of the door. Nigel and The Culture Boy try to find their way around to see him but they can’t.] [What seems to be minutes later, the smoke clears and Nigel picks himself up off the floor, going to check on The Culture Boy. Both men have watery eyes from that attack but find their way to the exit, heading out into the private hospital halls. What they find there makes them sick. Max Million has been beaten, his nose and face bloodied from some kind of attack. Pinned viciously to his shirt, so brutally that blood can be seen behind the layers of cotton, is a note. The Culture Boy carefully unpins it as Nigel checks on their friend.]

“It says that we shouldn’t have ignored his demands to cease and desist with High Society. It says that if we choose to do this the hard way, then at Invasion, all three of us will face in a Triple Threat Match or the next attack will be much more severe.”

[Max slowly comes to, groggy, but aware.] “I.. I think I know who’s behind this.”

[The scene comes to a close with The Culture Boy leaning in with Nigel Royal to hear the name of the potential culprit.] [The Hardcore Champion and The Kid’s Champion lock up, Vinnie snapping into a headlock. Axel drags Vinnie against his will towards the ropes – leading Vinnie to claim Axel is pulling his hair! The crowd boo Vinnie’s lie, but they soon laugh when the referee rules that there’s no hair there for Axel to grab! Vinnie screams in protest, but Axel sends him into the ropes… Vinnie bails out of the ring! The crowd grill him again, but he blows a snotrocket their way before diving under the ring. He pulls out an Argos catalogue’s worth of weapons and tosses them into the ring—FIN-NISH HIM THROUGH THE ROPES! HOLY SHIT!] [Both men recover on the outside. Axel grabs a STOP sign and PLASTERS Vinnie with it! Lane shakes the cobwebs loose, but not before Axel shoves a garbage can over his head! The crowd laugh at Vinnie, who stumbles around blindly before tripping over the ring stairs! The trash can comes loose, but Vinnie pitches a FIT! He grabs his Hardcore title—which isn’t actually up for defence, mind—and STORMS OUT. Axel races after him to rapturous applause and spins him round – TITLE BELT TO THE FACE! The crowd groan as Axel goes down. Vinnie drags him back to the ring and rolls him in.] [ONE… TWO… shoulder up! Big pop for Axel! Vinnie curses and heaves him up to whip him into the corner. He charges after him but BACK ELBOW by Jaws’ cousin! Vinnie cracks against the mat, almost KO’d by that one. Axel hoists himself up on the ropes and calls for it… SHARK DIVE – BUT VINNIE GRABS A CHAIR! OOOHHH! Axel hits a senton bomb on nothing but cold steel! Vinnie peels him off the canvas and shoves his knee into his head – BAD MEDICINE INTO THE CHAIR! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [Vinnie Lane is back to his winning ways, and he did it #HARDCORE!] [The backstage area quickly appears before us with a strange sight before us.] [King Konstantine is floating before his throne, his arms out to show his power. His followers all kneel before him save Lord Tremblay, who holds a scroll, calling out to the masses.]

“All hail King Konstantine of the House Orwell!” [Lord Tremblay chants ritualistically.] “First of his name!”

[Orwell seems to soak in the power of his throne, the giant wolf’s head looming right over him.]

“Ruler of the ring!” [Tremblay continues.] “Defender of wrestling!”

“But not the All-Star Champion.”

[The entire court turns to look at Bobby Neptune, who has joined them. The new Champion has a smirk on his face as he beholds the King before him. He walks towards Orwell as the Court all rise.]

“I knew you’d figure it out, Orwell.” [Neptune says with a grin as he stands before Konstantine.] [Neptune begins to rise to join Orwell in place.]

“Thou used magnet sorcery to rob my court of their faith!” [Orwell states, the two men floating in air across from one another.]

“Perhaps.” [Neptune says with a twinkle in his eye.] “Perhaps not. See deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.”

[Orwell misses the reference from Dune completely, staring at the Championship.]

“I said it last week Orwell, it doesn’t matter that we successfully teamed tonight, I want a trial by combat. Before, I wanted it to show you how little you know about the universe, but now I want it so that I can once again deny you what you really want. ”

[Neptune pats the belt over his shoulder.]

“You fear you are nothing without this around your waist. Well, fear is the mind-killer, Orwell. Look…”

[The King’s Guard quickly grab Neptune’s legs, pulling him down to the ground, the magnets spilling. Orwell slowly lowers to the ground himself. He picks up the All Star Championship and holds it over Neptune’s face.]

“No, you look up. And hail King Konstantine! The one true All-Star Champion!”

[Orwell gazes at the belt for a moment before handing it to the nearest King’s Guard as they throw Neptune out of the throne room.] [The bell rings as Doubt rushes forward, trying for a clothesline that Goodchild easily ducks under, grabbing the back of Doubt’s head and slamming him down to the mat with a lightning fast swinging neckbreaker. Anna drops down, trying to finish the match early and lock in the Angel Lock but Doubt knocks her away with a massive right hand, getting up to one knee before grabbing Anna by the head and slamming her onto his knee with a modified backbreaker. Doubt stays kneeling as he grabs the back of Anna’s head, twisting her neck back as he locks in a dragon sleeper] [Doubt wrenches back on the hold with all his strength as Anna tries to drag herself to the ropes but Doubt has her locked in the middle of the ring. Goodchild slowly manages to get to her feet, Doubt still clinging on with the sleeper but he lets go only to deliver a neckbreaker of his own. Doubt turns away from Goodchild, clapping his hands once before leaping up and delivering the Cause of Doubt, driving his knees into the stomach of Goodchild before he drops down, hooking her leg for the cover] [ONE…TWO…Anna kicks out and slowly gets to her feet as Doubt rushes to the ropes, springboarding off with a moonsault as Anna catches him on her shoulder, throwing him off and as Doubt rolls onto his feet, he gets his head nearly taken with a massive superkick before Anna flips over his head and delivers the Purifier. She doesn’t cover, instead heading up to the top rope FALL OF BABYLON! The Shooting Star Legdrop hits perfectly, as Anna hooks Doubt’s leg for the pinfall ONE…TWO…THREE!!] [The bell sounds as Marvolo approaches Nox with his title raised high. Nox seems not impressed as he shoves Marvolo to his bum as the title flies across the ring. The referee moves the title out of the ring as Marvolo quickly berates him on touching his title. Nox sweeps him down with a chop block before pulling him to his feet and hitting a bridging German suplex. The referee turns around to see the pinfall. ONE…TWO…NO! Marvolo kicks out with enthusiasm. Both get to their feet as Marvolo hits a step up enzuigiri! Nox quickly gets back up but Marvolo forms a ball on the mat.] [Nox looks confused at this as he begins kicking on Marvolo to which he responds by rolling around a bit. Nox goes over and grabs the arm of Marvolo trying to unfold him, but Marvolo pulls him down and into a roll-up attempt! ONE…TWO…NO! Marvolo gets to his feet as he seems satisfied by his MYSTERY BOX. Nox quickly gets back to his feet appearing furious as his fists are clenched. Marvolo begins wiggling his thumb and pinky in preparation for TOUCH OF DEATH! Nox isn’t phased by this as he leaps up and hits a leaping single-leg drop kick! He grabs Marvolo and… DAWN! Marvolo hits the mat hard but bounces back up instantly! He walks towards Nox and… FACE BUMP into the mat!] [He gets to his knees and DARKNESS FALLS upon Marvolo as that superkick rings his bells! Nox goes for the pinfall. One…TWO…THRE-NO! Marvolo barely gets his foot on the rope in time. Nox Bellator pulls Number One to his feet. He nails a lariat to Marvolo and pulls him to his feet before hitting… DISCIPLE BREAKER! Marvolo crumbles to the mat after being slung into the corner. Nox pins him, making sure to hook a leg this time. ONE…TWO…THREE!] [A black and white screen appears with words written across the center with a picture of Marvolo holding the United States Championship on his shoulder. The words read “The following advertisement is brought to you by the offices of Mayoral Candidate Marvolo.”] [It changes to show Marvolo standing in the center of the ring with a microphone in his hand as Raquel is clapping for him. The sound of piped cheering is played into the arena as the crowd is blacked out around the ring. He pulls the microphone to his mouth.]

“Thank you, thank you my devoted followers. Come this November, make sure to get your vote in and Vote for Marvolo. For he is number one!”

[The cheers raise up as he smiles outwards at the black sea before him.]

“But there are some matters at hand before we even get to November. Doctor D’Ville, Doubt, and Corey Black have all issued a challenge to fight me for my United States Championship. All three men are deemed worthy, but there is only one snag.”

[Marvolo stops as if taking in the moment before yelling into the mic.]

“They’re not WORTHY! No one is worthy of taking my title from me. In fact, that title shall stay around my waist until I decide to retire. Then and ONLY then may it be bestowed upon another that I deem semi-worthy of hol-”


[The camera resumes its normal picture as Errol Flint walks out onto the stage with his hands on his hips.]

“Not only are they worthy, I think they just may be the perfect opponent for you at Invasion.”

“What would you know? You can’t even protect your daughter, let alone make decisions upon Marvolo’s behalf. So what’s your idea, a triple threat match with the winner getting the biggest opportunity of a lifetime as he is placed into a title shot against me?”

[Errol Flint pinches his bridge of his nose in frustration before continuing.]

“No, Marvolo. What this means is that you’ll defend that title against Doctor Louis D’Ville, Corey Black and Doubt in a FATAL-4-WAY match for the title! Best of luck Champ, you’re going to need it.”

[Marvolo is incensed as he throws the microphone to the ground as the crowd boos him on.] [The two former tag champs square off in the playground, the duo circling each other a bit as they wait for this strangely impromptu match when they are interrupted by the arrival of Axel the Shark, the happy children’s champion pushing his way in and holding a microphone. He smirks and makes a dramatic pose.]

“Now, for the climactic end of the Axel Challenge Sharklet… THE PLAYGROOOOOOOOUND MATCH”

[The tension breaks and the duo look at their host as he insists on finishing.]

“And remember, you two. The winner gets to be entrant number one in the Invasion match, the loser gets to wait. Any last words before the match?”

[Harrison reaches out to Reese for a pre match handshake.]

“Don’t get too sore when I enter first and grab that briefcase.”

[Reese shakes his partner’s hand and smirks.]

“We were matching clothes, I forgive you for mixing you and me up there.”

[Axel backs way from the two and grabs a nearby bell, one seemingly shark shaped.] [We find ourselves at the local park, where Axel and the Power of Positivity near a literal playground for the first ever Shark’s Playground match in OSW! Axel points to his special referee’s jersey, giving both men a nod as he then points to a briefcase hanging from the top of a particularly large jungle gym surrounded by monkey bars.]

“Gentlemen, the rules of this match are simple. Hanging from the top of the jungle gym is your goal. Whoever retrieves the briefcase, wins the challenge! However…” [Axel chuckles at what’s coming next] “…pinfalls and submissions are as much a part of this match as anything else. You have to pin your opponent or make them submit to get a chance to scale the jungle gym…and your opponent can still stop you from getting to the goal! Let’s see what the Power of Positivity can really do, gentlemen!”

[The former tag champions shake hands as Axel rings the bell, and both men lock up. Reese with a side headlock, but Harrison quickly powers into a reversal, a hammerlock as he wrenches the arm of Reese! Reese struggles as he gets out of the hold, taking Harrison down with an arm drag that brings him into the pit of rubber pieces surrounding the jungle gym! Reese goes for the cover: 1…Harrison kicks out, immediately getting to his feet! Reese still on the attack, hitting a knife edge chop on Harrison before hitting a snapmare. Reese picks him up, hitting a snap suplex before going for the cover again, but Harrison kicks out before even a 1 count!] [Harrison now getting a head of steam as he hits some chops of his own on Reese, stunning him just long enough for Harrison to climb the monkey bars. He takes a good look at Reese before delivering a missile dropkick! Is it enough to advance? 1…tw–Reese kicks out, getting back to his feet before hitting a bulldog on Harrison! Reese lifts Harrison onto his shoulders, could it be–yes, Mind Over Matter! Reese looks at the monkey bars near him, climbing up up before hitting a frog splash…but Harrison gets his knees up just in the nick of time! Reese is in pain as Harrison picks him up–Head Spinner outta nowhere! Reese doesn’t look like he’s done, though, because he quickly applies the Calf Grinder on Harrison!] [Harrison looks for some way out as Axel asks if he submits…Harrison taps! Reese quickly begins climbing the jungle gym, but Harrison is already back on his feet as he clubs the back of Reese, climbing up just enough to hit a German suplex off the jungle gym onto the pit! Harrison isn’t finished though, as he lifts Reese up onto his shoulders…Fireman Gutbuster! Harrison gets the cover: 1…2…3! Reese is out as Harrison begins climbing the jungle gym now. He’s about two thirds of the way up as Reese chases him, and both men are now fighting for position on the jungle gym, as Reese kicks up his legs to deliver a hurricanrana that brings both men back down to earth!] [Axel checks on both men as Harrison slowly gets back on his feet. Reese is coming to as well, as Harrison steps back onto the jungle gym…Reese climbs up the other side, and the two men meet at the top. They manage to find their footing as they trade lefts and rights, both men looking down just long enough to spot their opportunity. Reese looking for another Head Sp–NO! Harrison just launched off the jungle gym, bringing Reese with him into the Hope Landing! Axel is in shock, as is the crowd as Harrison slowly climbs the jungle gym. Reese is just a half step behind him as he undoes the clip, grabbing the briefcase! LH Harrison has just won this battle between tag partners!] [When we head into the backstage area, Anna Goodchild and Nox Bellator are walking together down a corridor. They’re making a fast paced walk towards the ring that is suddenly interrupted by a wall of flames.] [Understandably shocked, they quickly turn around, realizing that the flames have encompassed them. That’s when Lux Bellator shows his face.]

“Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow; Hellen Keller said that.”

[Anna yells at him, shielding herself from the flames.] “Get me out of here, Lux!”

[Nox meanwhile folds his arms.]

“What’s the matter Anna? I thought you were going to save me. I thought you were going to grace me like the Angel that you claim to be,” [Lux sneers.] “Well, walk through the holy fire and reach me. If it is God’s will, you will remain unharmed.”

[She doesn’t even dare. Nox on the other hand walks forward, only the heat pushes him backwards.]

“You can trap us in the fire of hell Bellator but that won’t stop your salvation,” [Anna scoffs at him, sweat beginning to form upon her brow.] “I will lead you back to the light, dark one.”

[Lux laughs.] “Hell fire? This is holy fire, blessed in holy oil. If you cannot walk through it, it’s you whom is the dark one. The Lord believes in me, Goodchild. I do not need your salvation but at Invasion, we shall see if you are truly an angel.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” [She yells.]

“A ring of holy fire match!” [Bellator says back, slowly backing away with his hands folded in prayer.] [Security rush into the segment with extinguishers, putting the fire out as Nox immediately search for Lux. Unfortunately, he’s vanished into the night, leaving Goodchild sweating and furious.] [Nox on the other hand, shows no signs of feeling the heat. That guy is scary.] [How the hell Mike Lane is still standing after what James Hunter did to him is incredible. He stumbles out for this match, a plan to end this quickly firm in his mind.] [Jake Jeckel begins the match by charging at Mike Lane…SHADOWKI….Jeckel ducks and slides behind the Shadow. He kicks the Champ in the back of the leg and Lane’s knee buckles. Jeckel takes advantage and shoulder blocks the back of the knee and Lane drops to his back. Jeckel jumps up and immediately starts stomping on Lane. Jeckel pulls Lane up by the hair and lifts him. GORILLA PRESS SLAM! One… Two… Th….the Champ kicks out! Jeckel pulls him to his feet and lifts him for a POWERBOMB…. But Lane delivers HUGE RIGHT HANDS TO JECKEL! Jeckel’s legs give out Lane falls on top of him, sitting on his chest. He grabs a leg… One… Two… Thr….Jake kicks out!] [Lane wastes no time and stomps on Jeckel’s shoulder and head. The ref pushes him back when Jake grabs the ropes. Jake begins to pull himself up by the ropes, but Lane charges and CHOP BLOCK TO JECKEL’S KNEE! The Juggalo goes down and the Shadow locks in a STF!! Jeckel is in pain! He reaches for the ropes…. and just gets them!! Mike holds on for a 4-count and then releases. He immediately pulls Jeckel away from the ropes and locks in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH! Jeckel is squirming, but doesn’t give. Lane releases him and Jake drops to his knees. Lane takes a second to gather himself and approaches. JUGGABLO!! LOW BLOW! Lane drops and Jeckel covers. One… Two…Thre…KICKOUT!] [The Juggalo climbs to his feet grinning and pulls Lane to his feet. GERMAN SUPLEX! AGAIN! A THIRD! CLOWN POSSE-PLEX!! He covers! One… Two… THREE! NO! Just got the shoulder up! Jeckel has had enough and pulls Lane to his feet. Lifts him for the JUGGALO JACKHAMMER….BUT LANE WRIGGLES FREE AND LANDS ON HIS FEET!! SHADOW KICK!! SHADOW KICK!! ONE… TWO… THREE!! The World Champion wins again!!] [I WANNA ROCK!] [The booming vocals of Dee Snider followed by the drums and guitar scream out of the PA system as the arena is bathed in a laser light show of pink and purple strobe lights.] [As the tron over the entrance ramp lights up with “Loverboy” Vinnie Lane’s name and signature wide smile, the rock n’ roll megastar emerges from the backstage area with a whirl, both arms outstretched as he spins around into place; the Hardcore Championship around his waist.


[He heads to the ring and gets inside, looking around the booing fans before revealing his microphone.]

“I need to apologize,” [he says stunning the audience.] “Over the past few weeks I have been torturing Ash Williams and I know now that it wasn’t right. Ash, dude, would you please come out? Hashtag Sorry, dude.”

[“CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON! THERE’LL BE PEACE WHEN YOU ARE DONE!”] [The fans burst into immediate cheers as Ash Williams steps out onto the stage with a look of confusion on his face. He makes his way to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope, coming face to face with the Hardcore Champion.]

“Dude, I’m sorry,” [Vinnie says rather sincerely.] “I’m sorry because clearly, I’ve failed,” [he finally admits to an unsurprised Ash and heightened boos from the crowd.] “How the hell you’re still standing is beyond me and if I had my way, you’d be hashtag locked up right about now. Don’t worry though dude, I’m not going to fail again.”

[Suddenly men dressed as Deadites start crawling out from under the ring, leaping over the barricade and walking down the entrance ramp. Lane backs away as Ash starts freaking out, watching as the EVIL DEAD surrounds the ring and slowly starts entering.]

“This ends at Invasion, Ash! You can have your Boomstick back, because when I defend this Hardcore Championship against you, it’ll be in a Deadite Lumberjack Match!”

[The deadites start attacking Ash, scratching and clawing at him in the corner. He fights back, BOOMSTICK to one… BOOMSTICK to another, but here comes Vinnie Lane with a kick to the mid-section! BLACK LABEL DRIVER! BLACK LABEL DRIVER!! LANE NAILS IT! The Hardcore Champion gets back to his feet and looks at the Deadites, smirking as his music hits one more time!] [Phoebe Outlaw makes way to the arena, obviously ready to lay down some punishment when she’s stopped by Jeckel and Van Chan, a chair in Jeckel’s hands.]

“I reminded Bruce why we do things my way, Outlaw. I’m sorry you won’t be making it to the match, but one less bitch is one less problem.”

[The two make way towards Outlaw when the fight to be is interrupted.]

“Put down the chair, Jeckel! Swing and you’ll have us to deal with.”

[Bruce and Jeckel turn back to the oncoming team of The Power of Positivity. Jeckel sneers and rears back for them when yet another voice comes in.]

“And the Shark!”

[Axel joins the fray, coming next to Outlaw and surrounding the two would be offenders. Outlaw looks at those surrounding her and crosses her arms.]

“You three finally ready to step in or are you just going to play some more games?”

“It was a Sharknlet, or Gauntlet, and they had a reason.”

[Harrison and Reese make sure to chime in.]

“Want the help or not?”

[Jeckel drops his chair, looking both ways with Bruce, the two knowing they were beat. Outlaw breaks the silence.]

“Invasion is coming up, Jeckel. You aren’t getting one up on us.”

“Besides, the Shark’s going to win anyway.”

“You’re mean Harrison?”

“You’re confusing us again, man.”

[Jeckel rolls his eyes and yells for them to shut up.]

“You fuckers best get out of my way now or regret it at Invasion.”

[Bruce, who had been silent this whole time finally taps Jeckel’s shoulder.]

“We’re beat, Jeckel. I have a match that I’m going to win my way. Let’s move before they change their minds about letting us go.”

[Jeckel relents, begrudingly, and leaves through POP with Bruce, the tag duo deciding against attacking for the moment, turning back to Axel and Phoebe, the four staring each other down, Invasion bearing down on all of them.] [In the backstage area, a rather curious stall has been set up, full of different coloured oddly shaped glass bottles. Stood behind the stall is none other than Doctor D’Ville, his Tag Team Championship sat around his waist, a hat atop his head.] [That’s when Doubt approaches.]

“Hello my friend!” [D’Ville says with a smile.] “May I interest you in a tonic for what ails you?”

[Doubt looks him up and down.]

“Only a foolish man would purchase anything from you, D’Ville.”

[The Doctor contemplates that for a moment.] “Or a wise one. Have you ever considered the potential of what you could be, Jonathon? Marvolo has been forced to put his Championship on the line against all three of us wonderful opponents; only, you could be so much more with the right guidance.”

“You cannot save Jonathon; you cannot heal this mortal frame of his. I have long taken over the mind of the man and subdued him in the darkest recesses of it.”

“I don’t wish to heal you,” [The Doc says handing him a red tonic.] “I wish to unleash the potential of Doubt. I wish to encourage you, to nurture you, to help you. That’s what I do, I help my patients. You’ve long been a patient of mine and trying to heal Jonathon hasn’t gotten us very far. Doubt is clearly the strong willed personality, and whilst he has Jonathon locked away in a crypt, you are the survivor.”

[Doubt tilts his head and carefully takes the tonic.]

“Do you expect me to believe you; to trust you?”

“Our relationship has often been stained, but that can change. Join me in The Asylum, drink that tonic and you’ll have no doubts about our alliance. I can unlock the potential in you, my friend.”

[Doubt steps backwards, tonic in hand and carefully walks away, leaving with the option of joining Doctor D’Ville and Corey Black. The Doctor meanwhile smiles sadistically, his recruiting drive apparently in full force. Will Doubt join The Asylum? If so, Marvolo has one hell of a night on his hands come Invasion.] [As Bruce Van Chan and Phoebe Outlaw come nose to nose in the middle of the ring, the atmosphere is tense.

“Why do they call me a Juggalo?” suddenly erupts into the tense silence, sending the crowd into disarray. Jake steps out onto the entrance ramp with a smirk and a steel chair, making his way to the ring. He doesn’t get inside though, but instead sets his chair up outside the ring and takes a seat.

Jake Jeckel wants a first-hand view here tonight] [The bell sounds and both competitors stop to eye Jeckel before finally circling each other in the middle of the ring. This match is a Last Man Standing Match and that means anything goes. They lock up, Bruce turning Phoebe into a Side Headlock only to be pushed out into the ropes and ROARING ELBOW! That caught Bruce clean on the head but he’s back up, immediately pulled in to a Double Arm DDT!] [Phoebe knows it’s going to take a lot more than that and rolls to the outside, reaching under the ring and pulling out a ladder. She’s about to slide it into the ring when Bruce Van Chan storms across it! BASEBALL SLIDE! HE SENDS THE LADDER RIGHT INTO HER FACE! Phoebe stumbles backwards and slumps against the barricade. Oh boy, here’s an opportunity for Van Chan to go a little loco!] [He runs, steps up the bottom, middle, top rope and SWANTON BOMB!! SWANTOM BOMB STRAIGHT ONTO A RECOVERING PHOEBE AND RIGHT THROUGH THE FUCKING METAL BARRICADE!! JESUS CHRIST!! “Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!” chants reign down on the Real Frickin’ Deal as security storm to the barricade and ensure the fans are at a safe distance from the wrestlers. The referee is quick into action, counting… 1……. 2……. 3…… 4….. 5…. There’s a shot of Jeckel, looking amused as the count continues… 6….. 7…. Bruce Van Chan is back to his feet!] [The fans cheer as he reaches down to grab Outlaw, running her straight into the ring apron for good measure – only she bounces back and STEP UP ENZIGURI! SHE NAILED HIM! Now she has some time to recover but once again, the count begins… 1….. 2…… 3….. 4….. 5….. 6…. 7…. 8 and slowly but surely, both competitors are back up. Outlaw grabs Chan by the back of his hair and walks him around the ring to right near Jeckel. They slug it out in front of him, Bruce grabbing her and whipping her STRAIGHT INTO THE RING STEPS! NO!! OUTLAW JUMPED EM! SHE LANDED RIGHT ON TOP! Van Chan turned around to spot Jeckel and didn’t even see it!] [Then he turns back to the action AND PHOEBE OUTLAW LEAPS WITH A CROSSBODY, TAKING BRUCE DOWN ON THE OUTSIDE! Feebs is gaining momentum now and walks back around the ring to that ladder as Chan stirs, using the apron to help himself back up. She grabs the ladder and slides it back into the ring, met by Bruce who immediately stomps her back down. He helps her back to her feet and holds her over the ladder… NAP TIME!! INVERTED DDT ON THE STEEL FUCKING LADDER! OH MY GOD!! DR. SLEEP HAS RUNG HER BELL!] [Slowly Bruce pulls himself back to his feet, watching as the referee counts. … 1….. 2…… 3….. 4….. 5….. 6…. SHE’S STIRING…. 7…. 8…. 9…. NO!! PHOEBE USES THE ROPES AND TO THE DISMAY OF BRUCE VAN CHAN, IS BACK TO HER FEET! The Real DEAL slides to the outside and demands the chair that Jake Jeckel is sitting on, explaining that he’s going to end this. Jake stands up and lets him take it, only when he turns around… PHOEBE OUTLAW WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE SENDS THE CHAIR DIRECTLY INTO CHANS FACE!] [She exits the ring and goes under it, pulling out a table and setting it up. She mouths some abuse to Jeckel, telling him to “Get the hell out of my way’” before grabbing Van Chan and bouncing his skull of it. She rolls him onto the table and pulls herself back onto the ring apron. What the hell is she doing to do here? She climbs to the top rope, slowly pulling herself up – this is rare folks, this is rare indeed! BUT WAIT A MINUTE! THAT’S JAKE JECKEL FROM BEHIND! JECKEL IS ATTACKING HER FROM BEHIND!!] [With clubbing forearms, Jake climbs the turnbuckle from behind and.. BACK DROP FROM THE TOP ROPE!!! NO!! PHOEBE ROLLED OUT! SHE ROLLED OUT AND LANDED ON HER FEET! Jeckel spins around and swings with a Clothesline only Outlaw ducks that and NECKBREAKER!! THE NORTHERN CROSS! THE ANACODA VICE!! SHE HAS IT LOCKED IN!! THIS IS REMINISENT OF WHEN SHE BEAT HIM JUST A FEW WEEKS AGO!! JAKE SQUIRMS BUT SHE WON’T LET GO AND BY GOD, SHE CAN’T BEAT HIM!] [Bruce Van Chan rolls back into the ring, reluctant to break the hold but he knows he has to; for Paige. He kicks Phoebe directly in the head and pulls her back to her feet, Jeckel rolling away to the outside in agony. FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX DDT!! HE GOT IT!! NOW I LAY YOU DOWN TO SLEEP!! Phoebe rolls to the outside instinctively and Chan follows, grabbing her from one knee and rolling her onto the table. He nails her with some right hands and hops back onto the ring apron. Oh no…. Oh no!!!] [The Real Deal climbs to the top rope and signals the crowd – this one is over. HE LEAPS… 4….. 5…. 0… SPLASH!! SHOT THROUGH THE HEART AND YOU’RE TO BLAME… DARLIN’… YOU GIVE LOVE…. A BAD NAME!! STRAIGHT THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLE!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT THE FANS ARE ON THEIR FEET!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! Bruce rolls away in agony but he has to get back to his feet…. . … 1….. 2…… 3….. 4….. 5….. 6….…. 7…. HE GRABS THE RING APRON….8…. … HE GETS BACK TO HIS FEET! 9…. 10!! “YEAAAHHHHHHHHH!!” IT’S OVER! IT’S OVER! OH WHAT A FUCKING MATCH! BRUCE VAN CHAN HAS BEATEN PHOEBE OUTLAW ONLY TWO WEEKS BEFORE INVASION! WHAT A MATCH!] [Bruce Van Chan can barely stand as carnage litters the ringside area. Suddenly the lights dim to darkness, a spotlight only over Bruce Van Chan.] [He looks around himself curiously.] [That’s when ‘Oh Death’ by Jen Titus begins its melodic hum.]

“Ohhhh, Death, Oh Death, oh Death,

Won’t you spare me over till another year.”

[Then it appears.] [Death himself, stood alongside Bruce Van Chan. He’s cloaked from head to toe in darkness, a Scythe pointing to the sky.] [Van Chan panics and falls over, backing away on his behind trying to escape.]

“But what is this, that I can’t see,

With ice cold hands taking hold of me.”

[Death points his finger as Bruce Van Chan, as if to say ‘I’m coming’ before slinking back into the darkness.]

“When God is gone and the Devil takes hold,

Who will have mercy on your soul.”

Ohhhh, Death, Oh Death, oh Death!”

[Monday Night Showcase comes to an end with Bruce sat on the floor in absolute shock. Death has disappeared into the darkness and the lights have returned, only that holds no comfort for the Real Frickin’ Deal.] [The fans meanwhile have been stunned into absolute silence.] [The song comes to a close with the end of the show, leaving us with “OHHH OHHH DEATTTHHHH!“]