“And now, Old School Wrestling presents…”

[The Old School Wrestling logo flashes in neon, hung upon the wall.]

“Monday Night Showcase.”

[The sound of the crowd can be heard in the background as we cut to the ring. There’s no fireworks, explosions or confetti like last week, just a spectacled gentlemen wearing a suit, stood alongside The World Champion and Chairman Errol Flint, and his future son in law, Mike Lane. With a microphone in his hand he waits patiently for the crowd to quiet down.]

“My name is Howard Porter and I’m from the Network,” [he says to a mixed reaction. The fans aren’t sure whether to cheer or boo as this unknown man stands before them.] “Tonight, The Network have asked me to come here as their representative and talk to both of you about two weeks ago on Monday Night Showcase.”

[Flint looks confused.]

“Two weeks ago, the network watched as Errol Flint became the World Champion. Ever since that happened, ratings have found themselves in a steady decline. The truth is that no-one wants to see a non-competitive World Champion and Mr. Flint, our issues go deeper than that.”

[Errol storms over to the corner and demands a microphone from Paloma, who hands one immediately to the boss.]

“Excuse me?” [he begs the question in disbelief.] “I won this Championship fair and square. I went through hell to get it. I was kicked downstairs, thrown through vending machines and Mike Lane beat me half to death,” [Flint says to a resounding cheer.] “Don’t you people dare cheer that!”

[The fans keep cheering just to piss him off, as Mike Lane smiles as his expense.] [Porter continues.] “Be that as it may, you have no right holding that belt,” [He says callously.] “No right at all actually. You may own Old School Wrestling but when you signed a contract with the Network, you agreed that you cannot hold any OSW Championships. Your victory at Monday Night Showcase #20 breached your contract, Mr. Flint.”

[Errol, having been a business man and oil tycoon for decades, knew he was right and his face immediately reflected that. He took a step back and bowed his head, now completely aware of his mistake.]

“As a result, The Network has decided to offer you two options. The first is that you continue down this road as World Champion, headline Pandemonium as such and lose your Network contract; of which legal proceedings will be a result to recoup losses due to your breach of contract,” [Porter says to a gulp from Flint.] “Or, we can strike your victory from the record books, give the Championship back to Mike Lane and pretend this nasty little ordeal didn’t happen.”

[The fans immediately roar, chanting “Give it back! Give it back!” at Flint. Errol takes the title from his shoulder and looks at it for a moment, reluctantly handing it back over to Mike Lane. The entire arena explodes in unison, Mike slapping that bad boy back on his shoulder.] [With the entire arena in applause, Mike turns to make his exit, only Flint stops him.]

“Wait, just wait a minute,” [The chairman says.] “I know that over the past month, I’ve been unbearable. I know that. I’m not sure what has gotten into me. After saving Destiny, I made the mistake of blaming you and when I won that Championship, I let it go to my head,” [Flint apologizes with some meaning as Lane watches on.] “But I’m sorry. I truly am. I told you that I didn’t want you holding that Championship and I was wrong, I shouldn’t have said it. I know you won’t forgive me but for Destiny’s sake, for our family’s sake, I want us to put this behind us.”

[Mike thinks about it for a minute and takes the microphone.] “If it were…”

[Suddenly the lights go off.] [The sound of birds fluttering away.] [Blood curdling screams echo throughout the arena as the lights return, showing Errol Flint hoisted up into the air and back down with a giant Chokeslam! His screams immediately stop upon impact as Mike Lane runs at The ‘Crow with his World Championship in hand!] [No! The Scarecrow ducks under and POP UP CHOKESLAM! BYE BYE BIRDIE TO THE OSW WORLD CHAMPION!] [The fans boo, clearly not happy that The Scarecrow has taken apart the World Champion and fan favourite here tonight. The Hayman unclips the RAGE Championship from his waist and places it on the canvas next to Errol Flint, surrendering it to the Chairman like he was asked last week.] [He walks back to the middle of the ring and raises his arms into a perch, the lights turning off once more and when they return, he’s gone. The camera closes in on the RAGE Championship, and then the carnage around Howard Porter who has no idea what just happened!] [Recorded Earlier.] [Interview room three.] [Bruce Van Chan sits puzzled across from a detective who seems rather suspicious.]

“How can you hold me here?” [Chan demands to know.] “I own the property you’re investigating. Why would I steal from myself and my wife?”

[The detective flicks through his paperwork.]

“We received an anonymous tip that claimed you broke into your own home due to recent marital issues between you and your wife. The claim said that you’ve been having difficulties in your marriage as of late and that you were disgruntled.”

[Unbeknownst to the cop, he’s referring to when Jake Jeckel kidnapped and brainwashed Paige Van Chan.]

”Jack!” [Bruce mutters to himself furiously.]

“So, where were you, Mr. Van Chan?”

[Bruce sighs.] “I was wrestling at Monday Night Showcase, just like I told you before. It’s filmed for the Network, so there’s plenty of footage. I’ve been setup, isn’t it obvious?”

“We’ll have to verify your claims, Mr. Van Chan. To do that, we’ll need to hold you here for twenty-four hours.”

[Bruce shakes his head in disbelief.] “The man you’re looking for is Red River Jack. He thinks I’m a victim but he’s wrong. He’s set me up here and in the meantime, my wife is probably in danger. When you look at that OSW footage, take a look two weeks back and you’ll see that Red River Jack had her phone. He’s the one who broke in and gave you that anonymous tip.”

[The detective leans in.] “No-one likes a tattle-tale, Bruce.“ [He whispers.]

“What?” [he asks in shock.]

“Red River Jack sends his regards.”

[The scene comes to a close with Bruce looking completely disturbed as the Detective leaves the room, fully intent on holding him for twenty-four hours.] [DING DING DING! Dorn is eager to prove himself here and quickly drives Smiley into the corner. He mounts the second rope and punches out his frustration on Smiley’s face. The crowd cheers and counts along: 1! 2! 3! 4! Smiley shoves him off but Dorn lands on his feet. He runs forward but Smiley throws him over the top rope, but Dorn lands on his feet again! Smiley turns around and gets a forearm to the jaw! Dorn tries to climb back in, but Smiley recovers quickly and drivers a dropkick the New Age Superstar that sends him flying off the apron.] [Smiley rolls out of the ring as the ref starts the counter. He takes control with a Russian Leg sweep into the ring steps. The crowd boos as Smiley adds a leg drop to the stunned Dorn. He rolls the Jason back into the ring, propels himself to the top rope and lands two boots RIGHT ON DORN’s chest! He goes for a cover! 1! 2! Kickoff! Smiley sits up, happy for the opportunity to deliver more pain. He tries to pick up Dorn, but The New Age reverses into a seated reverse chinlock! MOCKING THE VET! He cranks the hold as Smiley smiles in pain. He eventually slams some elbows into Dorn’s gut and breaks the hold. Dorn fires back with his own kick to the gut and SWINGING NECKBREAKER! NO! Smiley blocks the hold and pushes her away. He comes in for round 2 but Smiley is ready with a SPINEBUSTER!] [Smiley is looking to end this. He bends down but Dorn delivers a knee to Smiley’s temple! BRAINBUSTER SUPLEX! Dorn signals for his finisher! NO! Smiley nails him with a low blow! The ref doesn’t see it! THE GLASGOW SMILE! DORN HAS TO TAP!] [A somber Marvolo walks backstage pulling his own rolling luggage as he enters the arena for the night. The U.S. Championship belt rides atop a pile of unfolded belongings that apparently wouldn’t fit into the bag in such disarray. Marvolo is moving slower than normal; his bravado at least partially subdued. He hits a seam in the concrete floor, and the suitcase shifts to one side allowing all of his gear to fall to the ground including the U.S. Championship belt. Marvolo sighs.]

“This is not a job for a man of Marvolo’s stature. Marvolo needs his Raquel.”

[If she could only hear that, it would make her day… no, her year. Instead, Marvolo bends and starts picking up his clothes and piles it back on top. Then he reaches for the belt, but a foot comes down on it, smashing Marvolo’s fingers in the process. He shouts and pulls his hand back. He looks up, angry and sees it is Jake Jeckel, and the anger intensifies.]

“What’s wrong, Marv? Can’t do anything without your bitc…woman? Is the little man helpless on his own?” [He mocks.] “How is Number One these days? Lonely, I would assume.”

[Marvolo puffs himself up and stands as tall as he can, but it still doesn’t seem right. Deflated.]

“You know as well as Marvolo that Raquel is perfectly legal. She came here from Colombia on a work visa which is still in place.”

[Jeckel smirks.]

“I don’t have any idea what you are talking about.” [But his eyes tell us different.] “What I do know is that I am working with some very powerful people, and if they, say, were to want to make some files disappear, I’m not sure anyone could stop them.”

[The anger in Marvolo wells up even more and he shoves the Juggalo. Jeckel steps back from the force.]

“Hey, hey, watch yourself! Violence outside of the ring can’t be good for a political candidate. You might want to consider just what the fuc….just what you are doing.”

[Marvolo scrunches up his face and balls his fists. Finally, after several tense moments, he breathes and releases his fists.]

“Marvolo wants Raquel back, Jeckel. And he wants her now!”

[Jeckel smirks again.]

“I’m sorry… actually, no, I’m not. But either way it is out of my hands… [Jeckel seems to consider. Then he flips the US Title belt into his hand with his foot.] “How about this… you put this championship on the line at Pandemonium, and I’ll see what I can do.”

[Marvolo slides close to Jeckel, pulling himself to full height again and gets face to face with the Juggalo.]


[Yet another smile from Jake.]

“Great! Now don’t make the same mistake Brucey-Boy made and lose this title” [He slams the belt down on Marvolo’s shoulder.] “before our match. That wouldn’t be good for our little Latin sweetheart, would it?”

[Jeckel laughs and walks away, leaving Marvolo to stew.] [DING DING DING! The Shark licks his lips, blood on his tongue from God knows what. He rushes Harrison, chomper wide, looking to get a bite. Harrison stays light on his feet and dodges. He sweeps Shark’s legs and follows up with an elbow drop. He tries to pull his opponent up, but Shark counters with a jawbreaker. Harrison bounces back and lands on the ropes, Shark runs in again but Harrison COUNTERS, sending Shark into he ropes with stun gun! Harrison capitalizes on the downed inmate and locks in a Dragon Sleeper! He tightens the hold as The Shark flails. Suddenly, Harrison releases the hold, jumping back, clutching his arm.

[He looks, THE SHARK BIT HIS ARM! The ref tries to tell him off, but seems scared to get too close. Shark takes advantage of Harrison’s shock and levels him with a flying clothesline!He taunts LH, baring his teeth as the crowd jeers. Harrison gets back to his feet, but Shark has already springboarded off the second rope, HURRICANERANA! Shark goes for the cover 1! KICKOUT! Shark leans his knee in Harrison’s neck until the ref pushes him off. Harrison gets to his feet and eats a BIG BOOT from The Shark. Shark runs to the ropes and rebounds to SUSHI KICK! Another cover! 1! 2 Kickout again by Harrison!] [Shark starts arguing with the ref, giving Harrison a second to recover. Big Mistake. Harrison levels Shark with a spear, picks up him up OSAKA CUTTER! The crowd pops at Harrison’s newfound momentum. He drops his elbow to Shark’s face and sets him up for an Inverted DDT! Shark counters! SWINGING NECKBREAKER!] [Shark gleefully claps ready to lock in his finisher. But Harrison is up fast! He goes for an uppercut but NO! SHARK RAMS HIS HEAD INTO HARRISON’S, knocking him almost out cold! He locks in the ASYLUM SPECIAL! Harrison taps out!!!] [The ring is quiet as the lights dim down. Father Pedro and Nox Bellator walk slowly to the ring, their actions and the apparent murder of Lux last week having kept the crowd shocked into silence. They are soon followed by clergymen, priests from the Vatican dressed in black, hymns fill the arena as they preach in unison. Pedro enters the ring with Nox and the duo stand side by side.]

“Last week, I, much like God before me, sent my son to death. But I did so so that he may atone and be baptized of his sins! The cold water of the river that I blessed freed him from the flames of Hell and he was returned to God, a child of the light!”

[The clergymen surround the ring and their preaching turns into a full on hymn as they pray for Lux, Pedro and Nox seem to feign a solemn look as if they regretted killing Lux. They hang their heads and join the prayer.]

“Anima Christi, sanctifica me.

Corpus Christi, salva me.

Sanguis Christi, inebria me.

Aqua lateris Christi, lava me.

Passio Christi, conforta me.

O bone Jesu, exaudi me.

Intra tua vulnera absconde me.

Ne permittas me separari a te.

Ab hoste maligno defende me.

In hora mortis meae voca me.

Et iube me venire ad te,

Ut cum Sanctis tuis laudem te,

In saecula saeculorum.


[As the Hymn seems to come to an end, the men’s silence is ended by the sound of breath as a white light shines into the ring, smoke whispy smoke surrounding it as Lux Bellator appears kneeling in the ring! The man is still soaked in water as Pedro looks to him in disbelief. He reaches out to him, touching his forehead. Bellator coughs up cold water as he rises, looking to Pedro before bowing his head, Pedro smirks and turns to the crowd, Nox taking his place beside Lux, the duo standing obediently as they let Pedro take center stage.]

“And through the light does God return Lux to me, washed of his sins, reborn again!”

[The crowd boos as Pedro stands with Lux and Nox, the clergymen clearing ringside so that other opponents may make their entrance.] [The imposing Scarecrow glares at Dr. Evil, but the supervillain is unfazed; he puts his little finger to his mouth and laughs maniacally. Evil suddenly produces a pitchfork! ‘Crow snatches the pitchfork and tosses it outside, foiling Evil’s plans. He goes for an early HAYMAKER but Evil dodges it. Evil lays into The Hayman with punches and kicks, pushing him back into the corner. Evil backs up before CHARGING into ‘Crow with a STINGER SPLASH! Evil laughs again as he backs up for round 2. STINGER—NO! ‘Crow snatches him up for the BYE BYE BIRDIE – but Evil wriggles free!] [Scarecrow swings at the madman, but he goes low with a dropkick which takes out the big man’s legs. With ’Crow on his knees, Evil thunders off the ropes with a SHINING WIZARD! ONE… TWO… Scarecrow powers Evil off with a bench press! The Harvester climbs to his feet, where he unwittingly turns right into the SUPERKICK! It rocks him, but he’s still standing! Evil cranks up another one, but Scarecrow grabs his foot! He forces him down and scoops Evil up on his shoulders – but is he going for Bye Bye Birdie or the dreaded Perch!? As he spreads Evil’s arms into the crucifix, Evil drops onto the turnbuckle!] [‘Crow swings another Haymaker, but instead eats Evil’s boot. He stumbles back, shaking off the cobwebs… MOONSAULT BY EVIL TO A STANDING SCARECROW! Well, he isn’t standing anymore! ONE… TWO… NO! It’s not enough! Evil puts his finger to his mouth again, concocting his next scheme. He lugs Scarecrow’s carcass up and hooks his big arms. He goes to DRIVE him with the ZIP IT, but Scarecrow sandbags him! He breaks free and shoves Evil off the ropes—scoops him up—BYE BYE BIRDIE! He damn near broke him in half with that one! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [The Scarecrow looms over Evil’s body, just as he did over a year ago on the inaugural Afterburn. Lightning struck twice tonight!] [The duo known as POP stand centre ring, the crowd quiet as Reese holds his microphone to his lips.]

“For two weeks, TWO WEEKS, the Asylum has harassed us, held power over us. But the Power of Positivity won’t let them win.”

[Harrison Follows up]

“D’Ville holds power only in numbers! I built his army last time, and I freed myself from him! Neither of us have been violent, because with the Power of Positivity, nothing can stop us!”

[The crowd cheers on the two before the lights go out in the arena, as they come back on the duo find Doubt in front of them, Smiley behind them, Crowbar in hand.]

“No need to get so worked up, boy. If you wanted to brutalize someone, we could up the dosage on the chosen. If you’re in such a hurry, anyway.”

[Reese turns to face Smiley as Harrison talks.]

“You won’t get the jump on us this time, Doubt. We haven’t drank anything since we got here, and we aren’t letting you ambush us again.”

[Smiley starts giggling a bit, leaning towards Reese, speaking into the microphone that part of POP held.]

“No food either, no contact with ANYONE who may harm you?’

[Reese pushes Smiley back, sneering at him.]

“Of course, we aren’t idiots. You aren’t getting the jump on us.”

[Smiley’s laughter seems to be contagious as even Doubt chuckles a bit.]

“No food, or water, or personal contact?”

[Smiley starts to grin as he leans up to Reese who appears to be ready to swing.]


[The lights go out once more, when they come up Doubt and Smiley are gone, leaving the POP duo behind in the ring.] [The bell sounds as Vinnie paces the ring, staring nervously at Creeping Death, the painted demon staring daggers at the MegaStar. Death rushes forward as Vinnie grabs the ropes, the referee forcing Death back. Death rushes forward once more as Vinnie bails out of the ring. Creeping Death follows, running after Vinnie who circles the ring, sliding inside as Creeping Death quickly follows him, sliding into a series of kicks from the MegaStar. Vinnie taunts the crowd before trying a kick to Death’s head. CD grabs the kick however, tripping Vinnie up as he mounts Lane, delivering elbow after elbow to the helpless rockstar] [Death delivers a final one, Vinnie’s eyes glazing over from the sheer force as he’s pulled to his feet and thrown across the ring. As Vinnie bounces off, Death tries for a belly to belly, throwing Vinnie across the ring but Lane manages to land on his feet and as Death turns around, his head is almost taken off by a massive superkick. Vinnie pulls Death up to his feet, punishing him with a few forearm strikes to the jaw before delivering a spinning neckbreaker. Death is pulled up to his feet once more but lands on his feet on an attempt at a Snap Suplex before delivering a massive rolling elbow to the back of Vinnie’s head] [Vinnie slowly gets to his feet as Creeping Death slowly positions himself, running forward BICYCLE KNEE…Vinnie manages to duck under as Death destroys the referee with it. Death turns around right into a kick to the balls from Lane before he’s drilled into the canvas with a DDT. The MegaStar calls for the end, slowly pulling Creeping Death up to his feet BLACK MIST! Vinnie gets a face full but a roundhouse kick attempt is ducked under by pure instinct as Vinnie rolls Death up from behind just as the referee is slowly coming to. The ref counts ONE…TWO..Vinnie’s holding the ropes!..THREE!!!] [Backstage again, we spy Patriot Jim Jenkins walking with a giant fanny pack around his enormous waist. The pack itself rests on his massive belly, which is covered in a brown work shirt that has the letters “JVS” emboldened on the left chest. He has a thick, heavy scarf around his neck and a garlic necklace hanging there as well.]

“Where you at Vladdy?! I’ve been doin’ some reserchin’’ about vam-peers, and I think I got you figured out. So come on out! I know yer he…..what was that!?”

[A slight noise from somewhere off camera spins Jenkins around and on his back, we see embroidered what JVS stands for: Jimmy the Vampeer Slayer. Nothing else happens, so Jenkins continues walking and running his gob.]

“Come on out…I know you ain’t no train-sexshual, just some queer from train-sil-vain-ya. Close enough, I guess. Come on o… What was that!?”

[Jimmy spins again, and still nothing.]

“You damn illegal you-ro-peens coming into my great nation and….” [The hallway suddenly darkens and Vlad appears from nowhere and backhands Jenkins. Even with all his girth, the unholy strength of Vlad knocks The Patriot across the room and into a dressing room. Jenkins wiggles to his feet as Vlad follows, fangs bared.]

“I knew you’d come after me! I’m prepared!” [Jim pulls out a cheap, dollar store cross from his fanny pack and holds it towards Vlad.] “The power of Trump compels you!” [Vlad smiles grotesquely and keeps coming.] “I said! The power of Trump compe…”

[Vlad reaches out and takes the cross, snapping it in half.]

“This Trump is powerless against me!” [Vlad says menacingly. He keeps coming as Jimmy backpedals. He reaches into his pack against and pulls out a vial of water.]

“This is holy water! I ordered it from TV! Stay back!”

[He unscrews the cap, and brandishes the bottle. Vlad just continues grinning and reaches out and smacks the water from Jenkins hands. Jenkins gulps and does his best to tuck and roll past Vlad and partially succeeds, popping to his feet, surprisingly agile for a man of his build. As he rolled, he must have pulled a wooden stake from his bag and swings at Vlad.]

“Eat oak, you faggot!” [Jenkins manages to stab Vlad, but in the shoulder. Vlad looks at the wooden protruding from his arm, yanks it out and tosses it across the room. He then grabs Jimmy by the wrist and sinks his fangs into the flab.]

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I’M GONNA GET THE QUEER-AIDS!!!!” [Jimmy reaches out with his other arm and pokes Vlad in the eye, and the vampire tosses The Patriot across the room. He slams into the window blinds and knocks them down with his huge body, flooding the room with late evening sunlight. Loud shrieks fill the room as smoke begins to billow from Vlad’s skin. He runs from the room screaming, as Jenkins sits against the wall clutching his bleeding wrist.]

“I showed that vam-peer whose boss!” [Then he passes out.] [The match begins with Jeckel chasing Goodchild around the center of the ring. Triple J has the size, but The Angel of Light has the speed and Jeckel can’t seem to wrap her up. SPINNING heel kick from Goodchild is enough to just piss Jake off and he WRAPS his arms around his opponent, finally gaining a grip. HOLY HELL! Jeckel just tossed Anna into the corner like yesterday’s garbage and he’s not going to stop there. Pulled back to her feet and an irish whip to the other side WITH JECKEL FOLLOWING! NO!! GOODCHILD WITH A HANDSTAND INTO A HEAD SCISSORS AND SHE TAKES JECKEL DOWN!!] [Both competitors back to their feet quickly and HURICANRANA FROM THE ANGEL OF LIGHT! Jeckel is down again and he’s right back up ONLY to be met with a karate chop to the throat. And another! AND ANOTHER! Goodchild backing up and SUPER KICK THAT JECKEL CATCHES! MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE AND WOW that nearly took her head off. The Juggalo goes for the cover. ONE… THAT’S all he’ll get. Jeckel immediately bringing Goodchild back to her feet AND LOOK OUT! GERMAN SUPLEX! Jeckel maintains his grip. Getting up INTO ANOTHER! AND HE’LL GO FOR ANOTHER! It’s the Clown Posse-Plex!!] [That could be it as Jeckel covers for ONE… TWO… NO! Goodchild kicks out! Jeckel appears a bit frustrated, but he won’t stop there! Anna brought to her feet again and sent to the ropes for a back body, NO! SWINGING NECKBREAKER FROM GOODCHILD AND JAKE GOES DOWN AND THE ANGEL LOCK! THE ANGEL LOCK ON JECKEL!!! THE JUGGALO IS IN TROUBLE! HE… TOSSES GOODCHILD to the canvas with a hand full of hair! Both slow to their feet. Both up! And FIREMANS CARRY… NO! REVERSAL! THE PURIFIER! GOODCHILD NAILED IT! ONE… TWO… THREE! SHE DID IT!! What a great victory here on Showcase by The Angel of Light!!!!] [The match concluded, Anna Goodchild is stirred by a sight that angers her.]

“Get away from that!” [She calls out.] [Bobby Neptune has come to ringside, and he has grabbed the All-Star Championship from ringside. He looks down at it with a smile, having retrieved his title belt finally. Except as he holds it, he seems to notice something off.]

“You are a fool, Bobby Neptune.” [Anna Goodchild calls from the ring, taunting the Champion.] “Your sin has blinded you to truth. You see illusions before you.”

[Neptune throws the belt against the steel stairs at ringside. It explodes into many pieces.]

“A glass title belt?” [Neptune dryly comments.] “How much did you pay for this? I could’ve done some cool stuff with it.”

“It is meant to show you the emptiness that resides in your heart. That Championship will not fill it.” [Goodchild beckons Neptune with her arms wide.] “Only the light of God will fill your heart and bring you to glory.”

[Bobby smirks and shakes his head.]

“That’s what you people don’t get.” [Neptune begins.] “I’ve seen the heavens you talk about. The God you worship is one of many, and they are some really rad people. Or beings, whatever you want to call them. And the thing they hate is people like you running around trying to pervert their name to back your pathetic need for control.”

[Goodchild drops all pretense of niceness.]

“You are more of a sinner than I thought. Whatever demons have possessed you will be cast out by the light of the Lord, I swear it!”

[Neptune cuts her off again.]

“No, you will listen to me, sister.”

[He gets in the ring with her, the tension ratcheting up.]

“I have a question for you, Anna.” [Bobby says, getting a surprised reaction.] “When was the last time you felt wonder in the world?”

[She begins to answer, but he cuts her off, more insistent this time.]

“You haven’t, Anna. Because you live your life by a code written two thousand years ago by men who could never have imagined anything that has happened sense. Most importantly, they couldn’t have imagined that a woman would be standing around bringing the so-called Good News.”

[She stares daggers through him as he finishes up.]

“So maybe you need to get yourself another one of those glass belts. I can hook you up with something to smoke in it. You might be a better person. Either way, at Pandemonium, I’m taking my title back, and I’m going to prove that you’re just as full of it as every other evangelist out there. Bobby out!”

[She shakes her head, but Bobby just drops his mic in front of her in an overemphasized manner. He walks up the aisle while she angrily follows him. They’ll be getting it on at Pandemonium, and Anna will surely not be smoking it up before hand!] [High Society are shook up, having managed to somehow sort out their security situation. They sit backstage, unprotected and awaiting the arrival of The Culture Boy.]

“Where’s Bobby?” [Nigel asks.] “We agreed to meet ten minutes ago and he’s never late.”

[Million checks his expensive watch.] “This isn’t good.”

[There’s suddenly a knock at the door that startles the highly strung High Society. Max reluctantly answers as a nod to Nigel has him in position to strike if necessary.]

“Mr. Million?” [The man in blues at the door asks.] “My name is officer Webb and I’m afraid I have some terrible news.”

[Nigel carefully comes out of his hiding place, looking distraught.]

“Bobby Baxter has been the victim of a hit and run. He was found this morning, two broken legs and a serious head wound. We searched his possessions and his phone only had two numbers inside, yours and Mr. Royal’s.”

[Max can’t believe it.] “Oh my God, Nigel! They took him out! Officer, do you have any leads?”

“We understand that you’ve been having some issues recently that resulted in an injury to Donovan Carter. We’ve looked into him and he’s hospitalized due to an incident a few weeks ago. All signs point to someone else.”

[Nigel lowers his head.] “This is just too much. Don’t worry officer, we’re the closest thing Bobby has to family and we’ll take care of him.”

“Before I go,” [The officer says with a nod.] “A note was slipped into the wallet of Baxter. It said that Nigel Royal and Max Million must face in a Buried Alive match at Pandemonium and that if you do, all will shortly be revealed. Is this related to the case?”

“No!” [Max quickly interrupts.] “That’s just a joke we share between us. There’s nothing to investigate there, officer.”

[The scene comes to a close with Max and Nigel sharing a look that tells us they know they’re screwed.]

“Carry on my wayward son!” [Kansas hits and Ash Williams explodes onto the stage, OSW Hardcore Championship strapped around his waist. Williams points to the title as he saunters down the runway and rolls under the bottom rope into the ring…]


[Someone incessantly clearing their throat interrupts Ash’s music. Running out with his arms behind his back, jumping to a stop at the top of the runway, it’s the man that just interrupted Kansas… Dr. Evil. Ash doesn’t look pleased to see Dr. Evil who pulls one hand from behind his back, revealing a microphone.]

“Last we had spoken, Williams, I was in the… developmental phase of my Weapon of Mass Destruction!”

[Ash calls for a microphone as Dr. Evil continues.]

“Well that phase is over, Williams. Not only was my Weapon fixed, it was improved upon!” [Dr. Evil pulls his other hand from behind his back revealing it to be covered in metal.] “An exact replica of your own…” [Dr. Evil displays his metal hand to the crowd, and Ash.] “…with one important difference…” [Dr. Evil puts his hand between his legs.] “…I’m bigger!”

[Dr. Evil laughs awkwardly and for far too long.]

“Listen, Matt… I’ve had enough of this! You need to…”

[Ash is cut off by Dr. Evil.]

“No Williams, I’ve had enough of you! And I’d just love to come down to that ring right now and scar you like you did me, but that wouldn’t be enough of a spectacle. I’m going to fist you, Williams! [The crowd laughs.] “What, I am! And when I do, it’s going to be Pandemonium!”

“You want a match with me at Pandemonium, kid?”

“Boomstick versus Boomstick!” [Dr. Evil holds his Boomstick into the air.]

“Fine, if that’s what it’s going to take to get through to you…” [Air quotes.] “…Dr. Evil, well than you’re on!”

“Fantastic.” [Dr. Evil grins.] “Oh and good luck in your title defense by the way. If you win, I expect you’ll put that strap on the line at Pandemonium. And you will, too, because you’re a Goodie Little Two Shoes!”

[Ash tries to respond but Dr. Evil talks over him.]

“Goodie little two shoes! Goodie little two shoes!”

[Ash looks like he’s about to snap and chase after Dr. Evil when Max Million’s music hits and he’s hit with a reality check. It was time to defend his title…] [Ash Williams is on his way to the ring, when Max Million comes running down the ramp way. Steel chair in hand. CRACK! And another to the back of Ash William’s head. Williams crumbles to his knees. But Max grabs him by the scruff of his neck and runs him to the ring. Stopping before actually getting in it though and crashing his opponents head into the ring post. Another for good measure. Eventually tossing him in the ring. Million makes a cover, which gets no further than a 2 count. Max means business here.] [Max Million complains to the ref. While Ash tries to claw his way to a standing position. Spotting this Max charges at Ash trying to clothesline him into next week. Ash ducks though AND pulls down the top rope. Million goes crashing over the top rope and to the floor. Ash Williams joins him. He goes rooting under the ring. HE PULLS OUT A GUN! MY GOD ASH WILLIAMS HAS A GUN! HE’S TAKING AIM AT MAX MILLION. ASH WILLIAMS PULLS THE TRIGGER…….. ITS NOT LOADED!!! THANK GOD] [Max in absolute horror just stares at Williams. Ash smashed the gun straight into the side of Million’s head. Pistol whipping the crap out of him. Blood pours from The Millionaire’s head. Ash Williams now begins to set up a table. Bad intentions for Million here. Pulling Max to his feet, he is met with resistance as the two start to wildly trade punches. Max Million seemingly begins to get the upper hand that is until Williams manages to get in a BOOMSTICK!! ANYTHING GOES! Million falls backwards and lands on the table. Williams head up onto the ring apron. ELBOW DROP THROUGH THE TABLE! COVER. ONE…..TWO…… THREE!! ASH RETAINS! ASH RETAINS!!] [When Bruce Van Chan enters the building after a rough few days, the last thing he expects to find is photographs at his feet. He bends down and picks up the first, revealing his son, BJ.] [Grimacing, he moves onto the next one – this time a family picture. Angrily, he looks up to see a trail of photos leading into the darkness ahead. Dropping his bag, he walks with a purpose only before he makes it, ‘death’ attacks from behind!] [He slugs Bruce who quickly blocks it, knocking him backwards with a right hand, screaming at him.] “Jack, you son of a bitch!” [He grabs Death and slams him into a wall, kicking him low and then nailing him with a DDT on the concrete floor.] [Before he can even pop back up, ‘Death’ appears behind him. Bruce quickly does a double take, making sure that his attacker is still on the floor behind him and he is. Death II swings with a Clothesline and misses, Chan leaping forward with a Superkick that almost takes his head off.] [Somehow he’s fended off two attackers and bends down to take off their hoods, firstly revealing David Manson and then, as you’d expect, revealing Hate.] [Chan stands there, furious, knowing that Red River Jack sent his goons to take him out and that the mind games haven’t stopped.] [Reese and Harrison find themselves backstage, sitting in a well-lit hallway, both men seemingly compulsively checking every entrance they walk past, every corner and vent.]

“Listen, it’s worse than I said in the ring. I eaten and drank next to nothing all week. Those guys are doing stuff, man.”

“I know; I’ve had to cut people off too. But those guys can’t stop us if we don’t let them in our heads.”

[Reese sneers a bit and looks to Harrison.]

“You can’t just say that! We’ve been paranoid all week, man. How do we even know they dosed us? We haven’t been violent, we’re irritable because we’re starving ourselves!”

[Harrison tries to counter the argument, but gives in.]

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. They’re playing with us. We just gotta tough it out, right?”

[As the duo seem to calm a bit, a scraping is heard behind them. The duo turn around to see Smiley advancing, running his crowbar across the wall as Doubt walks behind him.]

“Well would you look at that, we didn’t ‘get the jump on you’ now did we? It seems you’ve done a fine job of shocking yourselves then.”

[Harrison and Reese glare at the other two, looking to advance onto them when Smiley holds up his crowbar, making the two back away.]

“Now now, boys. Doctor D’Ville said I could use my crowbar now. Smiley Junior is crying for broken bones as much as I am… but we wouldn’t want our newest recruit getting injured so soon.”

[Reese and Harrison look to each other before looking back at Smiley and Doubt.]

“Then which us is it! Tell us!”

[Smiley simply laughs as he backs off with Doubt, the two walking backwards down the hall.]

“But that ruins the surprise. You will find out quite soon… quite soon.”

[Harrison and Reese stop themselves from giving chase, letting the Asylum members disappear down the hall.] [The bells sounds as the two sets of unusual partners size each other up. Finally it’s decided that Nox Bellator and Vlad The Impaler are going to start. They tie up in the center of the ring before Nox leaps up and connects with an enzuigiri to stagger Vlad. He hits the ropes before returning for a clothesline. But Vlad hits a low dropkick knocking Nox to his knees. He turns around before nearly caving Nox’s skull in with a superkick! Nox staggers back to his feet before Vlad leaps up and connects with a BACKSTABBER! He goes for the pinfall, but Jenkins splashes down on both men!] [Jim pulls Nox back to his teammate while puffing heavily. Jim climbs to the apron and Doubt tags himself in, not wanting to wait on Jenkins. Doubt lifts up Vlad before dropkicking him so hard that he staggers back into his own corner where Lux Bellator tags himself in! But Nigel slaps him across the chest tagging himself in instead! The two begin to argue but Doubt clotheslines both of them before pulling Nigel to the center of the ring. Doubt claps his hands before leaping up and moonsaulting before drilling his knees into the sternum of Nigel. ONE…TWO…NO!] [Doubt pulls Nigel to his feet but Nigel hits a forearm smash followed by a neckbreaker! The ring shakes as Patriot Jim Jenkins enters the ring with frustration! He rushes towards Nigel AND… Shin kick! Nigel clutches his shin before Jim Jenkins rears back and connects with a heart punch! Nigel staggers back as Lux tags in! Lux is on fire as he leaps from the top rope in a springboard straight onto Jim Jenkins before twirling around his mass like a moon to its planet! THE ARM OF GOD connects as Jim Jenkins’ head is spiked into the mat. Doubt goes for a spear, but Lux spins out to the side and connects with a high-angle German suplex!] [Nox enters the ring before collapsing into Vlad with a shoryuken to knock him off the apron! Nox turns around only for Nigel to be waiting! KNOCKOUT PUNCH! Nox falls out of the ring. Lux pulls Doubt in for a DISCI- WAIT! Nigel leapfrogs Lux and lands on the back of Doubt… DOUBLE DISCIPLE MAKER! Doubt crashes into the mat with the weight of two men atop of him! Lux hops on him for the cover as Nigel pins him as well to add weight! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [The School Yard parking lot is barren, the lot trashed, a car flipped, evidence of the Asylum having wreaked havoc across the area. One such Asylum member was still out in that parking lot, The Shark hunched over a poor OSW employee, having his share of violence as he bit into him and licked his lips from the blood.]

“Tasty, tasty fresh meat. You’re the appetizer, now I just need my main course…”

[The Shark suddenly stands up and sniffs the air, as though sensing someone nearby.]

“Vinnie? Main course, where are you…!?”

[His lookin around is interrupted as the Jaws theme, played via guitar, is heard. The Shark looks back and sees a float set up like a fishing boat roll into the parking lot, Vinnie Lane standing atop of it, playing the theme from his guitar before placing it down and moving to the front of his float, picking a ‘harpoon’, which was more a metal pole tied with rope.]


[The Shark fearlessly runs towards the float, Lane shrugging and tossing his makeshift harpoon towards The former children’s champion. The Shark ducks under the object and jumps onto the front of the float, scrambling up to Vinnie who backs away.]

“Shit… I’m gonna need a bigger float.”

[Vinnie looks back and grabs his guitar, just in time for The Shark to climb onto the boat Lane rears back and GUITAR SHOT! The Shark tumbles backwards off of the float, nailing the ground hard as Lane brings his float to a stop. The Megastar drops from the float and leans over The Shark, checking to see if he’s still conscious. This proves a bad idea when the Shark’s eyes burst open, the violent wrestler rolling to his feet and away into the darkness, escaping Lane’s sight.]

“I’ll be back, Meat. I’m still starving.”

[Lane shakes his head, having no clue how to stop the Shark.] [The bell sounds as Doc rushes forward, trying to take Jack offguard with a quick clothesline, Jack ducks underneath it and as D’Ville turns around, he’s met with a hard knee to the gut, doubling him over. Jack hooks both arms, possibly trying for the Piledriver but D’Ville backdrops his way out of it and as Jack gets to his feet, he’s nailed by a massive clothesline from the Doc. Jack barely hits the canvas before D’Ville begins putting the boots to him, landing a few savage kicks before dropping down and beginning to bite the forehead of Jack, drawing the ire of the referee] [D’Ville pulls RRJ up to his feet, grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and throwing him over the top rope. D’Ville taunts the crowd, as Jack lands on his feet, grabbing the foot of D’Ville and dragging him under the middle rope. A savage forearm to the chest follows as Jack backs up, rushing forward and landing a massive neckbreaker over the middle rope. D’Ville goes down, holding the back of his neck in pain as Jack rolls into the ring. RRJ sizes D’Ville up, dropping a leg over the injured neck before rolling him over into a cover] [ONE…TWO..KICKOUT! Jack pulls the Doc up to his feet, punishing him with a few rights and lefts before a heavy Spartan Kick sends D’Ville flying into the turnbuckles. Jack sizes Doc up but an attempt at A Thousand Words is thwarted as D’Ville manages to roll away. Jack just avoids the turnbuckle as he turns around right into a kick to the gut, LOBOT..NO! DEATH APPEARS ON THE RING APRON! WHERE DID HE COME FROM? The short distraction is all it takes! Jack spins out, grabbing Doc’s hand before delivering a hard knee to the gut of D’Ville, SEEIN’ RED! The Doc was spiked hard into the mat as Jack drops down, hooking the leg for the cover ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Red gets back to his feet after that tremendous match and waves Death into the ring, telling him to attack Doc. Death though just stand there, refusing to move.]

“What are you doing, man? Get him up!”

[Again, nothing.] [Then death lunges forward, nailing Red River Jack with a thunderous Clothesline! The fans roar wildly as Death pulls him back to his feet and SEEIN’ RED!! HE NAILS HIM WITH HIS OWN MOVE! WHAT THE FUCK! ONE OF THE AWAKENING HAVE TURNED ON JACK!] [Death bounces back to his feet and slowly pulls down his hood.] [IT’S BRUCE VAN CHAN!] [HOLY SHIT, IT’S BRUCE!] [The fans roar as Bruce stands over Red River Jack, cloaked like Red was at Invasion, having sent a direct message to the man that has spent the last month torturing him.] [The scene comes to a close with the fans lavishing praise on Chan, who ducks out of the ring and heads to the backstage with a purpose and a large smile plastered across his face.] [Revenge is a dish best served cold.] [The sound of crunching is heard as an aluminum Frisbee flies through the air and connects with the wall directly beside the door leading outwards. The door opens to reveal Doctor Louis D’Ville entering the room with a folder of information in his hands. A pair of glasses sit upon his nose as he reads through the documents. Another crunch lead by the Frisbee flies to his left as he glances upwards with a sly smile. He retires the frames to his breast pocket as he closes his folder.]

“Hello, my friend. Having fun are we?”

[The angle changes to reveal Creeping Death sitting on the bed bunk just barely large enough for Death. On the nightstand beside him are what appear to be ten plus cans of Diet Pepsi, completely finished. Death smashes another upon his forehead before zinging it across the room.]

“Fun? I asked for action. You kept me caged in this room for a whole WEEK with nothing to do but stew. Now, I’m placed against another one of your ex-patients? Is that what I am to you? A PAWN?!”

[The Doctor purses his lips as if beginning an explanation to a child.]

“I have told you. You can-”

“Stop with the bullshit.”

[The Doctor freezes in place as if he’d been shot. Creeping Death turns to a sitting position to face D’Ville. He holds up another empty can.]

“I know what you did to these drinks. It’s why I drank them all. To purge my system for this moment.”

[Creeping Death gets to a standing position before taking a few steps towards the Doctor. The doctor smiles as the record player scratches to an old familiar tune. Creeping Death stops as if an invisible barricade held him in place. Despite this, his lips are able to move slightly as his voice is muffled.]

“That song… is haunting. But I’ve heard it one too many times, Doctor.”

[Creeping Death seemingly fights out of the trance before crossing the room and lifting the music player up.] [SMASH!] [The record player crashes to the floor as the record and the machine itself break into a million pieces. Creeping Death glares upwards to see the door wide open but the Doctor nowhere to be seen.]

“You can’t contain me, Doc. And soon you will learn the ramifications of trying.”

[A guttural growl is heard as the door is slammed shut behind Death as it leaves.] [An official joins these three in a locker room backstage where he reiterates that the first to shove their opponent in THE locker and close the door, wins. Marvolo, ever the gentleman, steps aside to allow Bruce and Alex the opportunity to slug it out. The pair looks to Marvolo, then to each other… raise their fists, and…] “Nahhh!” [They both proclaim at the same time before turning their attention to Marvolo! Beating on the current champion until he falls flat on his ass! Alex assists Marvolo to his feet… only to throw him at the locker room door with such force that it blows open and Marvolo topples out into the hallway.] [Ever the opportunist, BVC catches Reese by surprise with a GERMAN SUPLEX! A normally devastating move made that much more devastating against the concrete floor! BVC stays on top of his man though, reigning down blows until… US TITLE SHOT to the back of the head! Marvolo lays out BVC with his strap and takes his place in reigning down blows upon Alex! But Reese rolls Marvolo over, and now HE’S on the offensive! Alex lifts the champ to his feet, steps up on one of the nearby benches and… SIT OUT POWERBOMB right through the bench!!!] [Alex and Marvolo lay amongst the debris when BVC comes upon them, so he lifts Marvolo up and drags him to THE locker! Chucks him inside! And shuts the door! Bruce is about to win the US Title… but Marvolo stops him! And Chan responds with a flurry of punches to Marvolo’s mid-section! He tries again to shut the door… DISCUS CLOTHESLINE! Reese sends BVC head over heels into the locker door, tearing it off its hinges! He turns to THE locker and, 5 POINT PALM EXPLODING HEART TECHNIQUE! Reese clutches at his chest as Marvolo drags him towards THE locker… but as Marvolo turns he finds BVC crouched scaling THE locker! SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! BVC nails Marvolo! Slowly he finds his feet… HEAD SPINNER! But BVC reverses, into NAP TIME! Bruce immediately shoves Alex into THE locker, grabs the door off the ground, and slams it into place! Bruce Van Chan has just become our new United States Champion!] [When you want to take down an animal controlled by a man, your best bet isn’t to go after the animal. James Hunter knows this as he stalks in the shadows backstage, waiting for his moment to strike.] [So when Luther comes strolling by alone, he strikes.] [With one quick motion, Hunter pulls Luther into the shadows and slams him against a wall, driving his forearm into his throat.]

“You think you have all the answers; don’t you kid?” [Luther remarks like a smart ass, hardly as afraid as he should be.] “But you forget that once, we answered those questions together.”

“Don’t try to handle me, Luther. I’m not your animal.”

[Luther laughs.] “Then what do you want?”

“I had a plan that you ruined. Since when do you work for someone like Errol Flint? Since when do you fall in line with the MegaCORP?”

“Don’t you understand it, James?” [Luther mocks, trying to loosen the grip.] “Errol Flint offered us an opportunity to not only scupper your plans but get ourselves in his good graces. My Pig deserves to be Champion after Red Snow and what that nasty business put him through.”

“I’m going to put an end to your animal at Pandemonium, that you can be assured. Neither you or The Scarecrow belong in that Main Event and when I’m through,” [Hunter is interrupted by the laughter of Luther, who chuckles heartily, until he forces more pressure with his forearm.] “Do you know what? No more talking.”

[He suddenly slams Luther’s head against the wall and knocks him out. With Luther on the floor, Hunter reaches down and grabs his leg, dragging him off into the darkness.]

“Whatever happens, you won’t be there to see it.”

[The scene comes to a close with Hunter dragging Luther off, making sure that he won’t be at Pandemonium for the World Championship Unification Match!] [The Undefeated Anomaly meets The Enduring One in the center of the ring as Bobby smirks before extending a hand. Lane looks at the hand before turning his back to return to his corner. The bell sounds as they meet once more in the center of the ring. They tie up but Mike Lane gets the upper hand by wrenching the arm of Neptune behind him. Neptune is able to fall to his back before kipping up and back and up and back before dragging Lane across the ring with a powerful armdrag! Lane comes to his feet with a slight red twinge to his face as Neptune throws his arms up in celebration.] [Lane rushes him as he turns his attention away with a stiff forearm strike to the back of Neptune’s head. Lane begins drilling kicks into the ribs and abdomen of Neptune as the crowd pelts him with boos. Lane leaps on Neptune and locks on the STF! Neptune tries to crawl away, but the weight of Lane proves to be a hindrance. Neptune finally is able to grab the rope as Lane waits until the count of four to release.] [The Shadow King takes a few steps back with a smirk on his face as Neptune gets to his feet with a slight limp. Lane comes from behind before nailing a chop block! Neptune is down as Lane tries for the STF again, but Neptune catches him with a kick straight to the face! Neptune begins to pull himself up as Lane approaches! SUPERKICK! Lane is stunned! Neptune leaps off the second rope with his good leg… RED GIANT! The knee collides into the face of Lane as he crumbles to the ground! ONE…TWO….TH-NO! Lane gets a shoulder up!] [Bobby Neptune looks exasperated but glances at the top rope. He climbs to the top and points out to the crowd. He motions for TITAN’S CR- SHADOW KICK! The leaping superkick stalls Neptune as Lane leaps to the second rope and hooks a leg… SUPER DEGENERATION! Neptune hits the mat hard and comes up due to momentum to his knees. Lane sees this and… ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! Neptune is laid out flat! Lane hooks a leg. ONE…TWO…THREE!] [The sound of “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis is heard throughout the arena, prompting the crowd to rise to their feet with a roar of excitement as the lights slowly begin to dim. Suddenly red, white, and blue pyrotechnic effects begin to explode from the base of the entrance ramp that last several seconds before “The Enforcer” Brent Kersh appears on the upper portion of the structure.] [Instead of acknowledging his fans, Brent strides down to the ring, intent on his goal. He quickly waves off the ring announcer, and requests the microphone as soon as he in the ring.]

“I’ve railed against airing dirty laundry in front of you people, but I think it’s time to bring this whole situation to a head.” [Kersh begins, looking around to the people who still support him with applause and cheers.]

“I’ve spent several weeks now trying to tell my side of the story, and no one wants to let me talk.” [He smirks out to the crowd.] “After speaking with Nicole, I had her take Trevor and Danielle on a free vacation. The reason why was not as altruistic as I would like it to be. I didn’t want her to be here tonight for what has to happen.”

[His smirk disappears, and a stern expression appears on his face. The time for words is nearing its end.]

“Phoebe Outlaw, you have reached the end of my rope. Not only do you insist of parading my daughter around OSW, you also insist on holding her a birthday party in just two weeks.”

[He takes a moment to shake his head in disgust.]

“I don’t care how good you are in that ring. I don’t care if you’ve beaten me before. The fact of the matter is that all of that means nothing when my family is involved, and if you insist on putting my daughter in danger by bringing her to the Schoolyard, then I’m going to put you in danger.”

[The crowd echoes with a large pop at the threat.]

“Because you need to remember that Danielle Kersh is not Brent Kersh, and I don’t bend nor will I break. But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.”

[Pop for that, but Brent isn’t done.]

“They say that people often end up with people like their father. So Phoebe, I’m going to do exactly what I told myself I would do if my daughter decided to date a wrestler. At Pandemonium next week, I know we’re both gearing up for the battle royal. But I want to show you how it is to walk into my house.”

[A bigger pop, and the crowd begins to buzz.]

“I don’t care if you are dating my daughter. I don’t care if you decide to spend the rest of your lives together. That’s your business. What’s my business is finding out if you’re willing to do what I have done from the moment I held her in my arms. And that is fight for Danielle.”

[He pauses, and the anger lowers by an increment, the intensity remaining.]

“Now I’m not stepping between the two of you in any way. I’m not that kind of father. But I need to find out what kind of partner you are for my little girl. So I am formally issuing a challenge for Pandemonium for us to go toe to toe. Prove yourself to me, and I will give you my blessing.”

[He drops the microphone, and stands waiting. The crowd is buzzing as Phoebe Outlaw appears on the ramp. She smirks in the direction of Kersh and begins to walk down to the ramp. Both of them appear to be psyching themselves up for a fight, but they are getting ready to be partners!]

“Stay out of my business, old man!” [Phoebe calls as she gets into the ring. The two of them step to one another before Phoebe steps back for seemingly no reason.] [THWACK!] [From out of nowhere, James Hunter has appeared and nailed Brent Kersh. He stands over Kersh, with an eyebrow raised to Phoebe, who allowed the attack to happen.]

“Watch you back.” [Hunter says with a grin.] [THUD!] [Phoebe is dropped by an attack from Pig, who has been directed out by Luther.] [This match is on!] [The bell rings as Phoebe lies in the center of the ring after that attack. Hunter shoves Kersh outside as Pig begins an assault on Phoebe. He yanks her up by the hair and POWERSLAMS her hard to mat. On the outside, Hunter runs Kersh face-first into the ring post, where the Enforcer drops. Hunter smirks and slowly makes his way back to his corner. Back in the ring, Pig is stomping the downed Outlaw and show no sign of relenting. The ref steps in the way after a ten count and Pig backs up after prompting from Luther. Kersh is back on the apron and tries to enter the ring, but the ref rushes over to stop him allowing Pig to Irish Whip Phoebe to his corner where she runs RIGHT INTO HUNTER’S RAISED BOOT! She drops again.] [She stumbles back and SPEAR HEADBUTT! MARCH OF THE PIGS!! The Monster covers… One… Two… Thr… Kersh breaks up the tag, and the ref forces him back again. Pig climbs to his feet and drags Phoebe, still prone, to his corner and makes the tag to Hunter. Hunter climbs in and pulls Phoebe to her feet, stares at Kersh, and CHOKESLAM!!! But he isn’t finished he pulls Phoebe to her feet again and GERMAN SUPLEX!! ANOTHER!! A THIRD WITH A RELEASE!! THE IRONY!! One… Two… THREE!!] [NOOOOOO!!!! How the hell did she kick out!!??!! Phoebe kicked out and The Question can’t believe it! He gains his feet and tries to pull Outlaw up but DESPERATION SIT-OUT JAW BREAKER!!! Hunter goes down and Phoebe stays down… She stirs first and crawls over… THE NORTHERN CROSS…. She locks it in!! But Hunter is too close to the ropes and Phoebe is too worn down. He grabs them and she quickly releases and makes her way to the corner. Hunter is crawling towards Pig as well! Diving tags from both!] [Kersh and Pig run at one another and Pig lunges for a Lariat, but Kersh ducks under and ATOMIC DROP! Pig goes down! The Question comes back and Kersh scoops him for a SCOOP SLAM! Hunter rolls out of the ring as Pig is back to his feet and running at Kersh… kick to Pig’s midsection… SPIKE DDT FROM KERSH. He covers.. One… Two… Thr…KICKOUT! Phoebe is cheering Kersh from the corner. Kersh pulls Pig up again and lifts him SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!! ONE… TWO… THRE….HUGE BOOT TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD FROM THE QUESTION TO BREAK UP THE PIN!!!] [Kersh rolls over and Hunter lifts him to his feet and CONTRADICTION! The ref pushes Hunter out of the ring but it may be too late! Pig gains his feet and lifts Kersh to his feet…THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY! ONE… TWO… THREE!!] [NO! NO! NO! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Brent had his foot on the bottom rope!! Pig has had enough and pulls Kersh up again and throws him to the ropes! He prepares for a MARCH OF THE….NO!!!! Kersh drops to the ground and PIG GOES HEAD FIRST INTO THE RING POST!! Kersh is crawling…inching…. Giving it all he’s got… PHOEBE IS GONE!! Kersh looks around and there she is! Phoebe has abandoned Brent and is watching from the ramp. She smiles!] [Meanwhile Pig makes the tag and Hunter comes in hot! RELAX!!! HELLISH CLOTHESLINE LEVELS KERSH! He pulls to his feet once more and puts him in a Power Bomb position. This has to be it! He lifts Kersh up… POETIC JUSTI….NO!!! Kersh reversed it! FALLING DDT!! Kersh Leaps to his feet and runs to the corner knocking Pig to ground with a hard elbow. Question is stirring….SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!!! Kersh wins!! He pins Hunter in spite of Outlaw abandoning him!!!] [The match over, Brent Kersh sits in the middle of the ring with a sour expression on his face. Luther has called Pig away, and James Hunter has exited the ring with a smirk on his face for some reason.] [Kersh uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Clearly the two on one has taken its toll on him. The crowd begins to applaud him for his efforts and he nods to accept the cheers, but he is definitely distracted.]

“Yes, cheer the mighty Brent Kersh!” [Phoebe Outlaw says as she reemerges into the arena. She is walking down the ring, facing off an angry Brent Kersh.]

“He took on the two of them by himself and survived. Let’s give him a gold fucking medal.” [Feebz holds up a finger as if something just occurred to her.] “Oh wait, I’ve already got one.”

[Brent just shakes his head, and walks to the other side of the ring as Phoebe enters it.]

“See Brent, it’s always the same old shit with you. It’s always got to be about you. You act like your daughter is just the supporting cast in your story, but she’s got her own story, and it doesn’t have to be the way you want it.”

[With that, Brent just swallows and leaves the ring, heading for the ringside attendants.]

“I can tell you for a fact that Dani doesn’t want someone like her dad. Because I’m nothing like you, Brent. I’m better than you in every way.”

[With an acknowledging sarcastic nod, Brent silently retrieves a steel chair from ringside.]

“You’ve failed your whole damn life, Brent. Unlike you, I succeeded at the highest level of my sport.” [Phoebe says with a sneer.] “My body didn’t fail me like yours did.”

[Brent silently climbs back in the ring with his steel chair.]

“I’m nothing like you, Brent, because I am a success. I stand before you as myself. I am more comfortable in my skin than you ever will be in yours, and that rankles you.”

[She takes note of the steel chair.]

“See, you bring that into the ring, but you don’t know what to do with it.” [She mockingly says.] “All you want to do is make challenges and talk about doing things the right way, but all you can think about is that your daughter found someone better than you ever will be.”

[Brent motions, asking if she is finished.]

“And the thing that hurts you the most, Brent.” [Phoebe begins.] “The thing that makes you bow your head in shame is that your daughter wasn’t hoodwinked by a seductress. She wasn’t tricked into this relationship.”

[Phoebe almost gleefully laughs before continuing.]

“She seduced m…”

[THWACK! BRENT KERSH JUST TOOK HER FUCKING HEAD OFF! THE CROWD EXPLODES!] [Quieting down the chants from the crowd, Brent grabs the microphone and kneels over Phoebe.]

“That’s your problem, Phoebe. You talk too much.” [Brent quietly comments.] “You could have just said ‘challenge accepted.’”

[Brent Kersh sternly walking away from Phoebe Outlaw’s downed body to the cheers of the crowd brings Monday Night Showcase to its close.]