“And now, Old School Wrestling presents…”

[The Old School Wrestling logo flashes in neon, hung upon the wall.]

“Monday Night Showcase.”

[Hysteria, alone, handcuffed to a large metal chair. We’ve been here before as the show opens cold inside an interview room, hosted by the LVPD.] [When Alex Reese walks in with a file, Hysteria lunges forward erratically, only to be immediately pulled back by his restraints.] [Welcome to Monday Night Showcase.]

“In January of this year, I joined Old School Wrestling. Within weeks of that, I found my way to you. None of that was a coincidence, Harrison. When a case hit my desk over a year and a half ago, it turned my world upside down. The murders of your wife, Jessica Harrison and your two daughters, Eva and Grace, they consumed my life.”

[Alex throws the file down on the table, of which gruesome pictures spill out. Photos of his wife staked to a wall and his children beheaded, their heads next to their bodies, explain why Reese has felt so passionately about this case.]

“So I’ve spent the best part of the last year getting close to the man who I believed knew more than he thought.”

[Hysteria scoffs at him.] “You lied to me, didn’t you Reesey?” [He says mockingly.] “All this time and you were undercover, huh? All those questions, all those semi-interrogations; it all makes sense now.”

[An air of silence comes over the room, with each man taking a moment.] [Reese reluctantly continues.] “I didn’t lie to you, Harrison. It was thanks to those conversations that I could clear you as a suspect.”

“Ain’t that nice!? What do you want from me?” [Hysteria fumes.]

“I want D’Ville. All our leads point to Doctor Louis D’Ville being the man who murdered your family. You’re in a unique position to be able to help us capture him.”

[Suddenly the door opens and in walks a colleague of Reese. He whispers something to him that changes his mood almost instantly. Alex turns to Hysteria and walks across the room, taking a key and unlocking his restraints.]

“It appears that you’re free to go,” [Reese says reluctantly.] “The footage of your flamethrower attack from two weeks ago has just so happened to go missing.”

[Hysteria stands up and straightens out his shirt.] “Why thank you Reesey, it’s been an experience. I’ll be seeing you.”

[With a swagger of pure arrogance, Harrison heads towards the door with Alex in tow, following him towards the exit of the station. Once they arrive, Hysteria takes his leave to the outside and is met by Doctor Louis D’Ville. Reese – naturally infuriated, stands there with rage oozing from him.] [D’Ville smiles.] “Hello, my friend.”

[D’Ville walks Hysteria to the van and opens it up, allowing him entry. He turns back to Reese with a sadistic smile, before getting inside the van himself as the scene fades to an expression on the face of ‘Hard Justice’ that we’ll never forget.] [The two men begin to circle after the bell sounds. Doubt sizes up Aquarius, who has an air of confidence about him. Prince Lightskin rushes Doubt with a basement dropkick which Doubt just slaps away. Doubt grabs the head of Andre and pulls him up into an atomic drop! Prince Lightskin is holding his tailbone as he turns around, staggered. Doubt leaps into the air and hits a hurricanrana! Prince Lightskin rolls away and gets to the apron, but Doubt hits the ropes and leaps over the rope to hit a crossbody!] [The two men crumple to the floor, but Doubt rolls back into the ring to hold his hands up. He rolls out to pulls the young man into the ring, but Prince Lightskin was just recovering! He kicks Doubt in the face and gets to his feet. Aquarius kicks Doubt in the gut and runs off the ropes. He scissors his legs before bringing the back end across the neck of Doubt! Doubt hits the ground and the crowd is on their feet! Aquarius climbs the top rope and is looking down. He leaps and flips before nailing a diving hurricanrana!] [Doubt crawls away after this move, but Aquarius isn’t letting that happen! He grabs him by his boot and drags him to the center of the ring. Doubt begins to stir and Prince Lightskin climbs the top quickly. He leaps off for a leg drop, but Doubt moves and Prince Lightskin hits the ground hard! Doubt stalks Aquarius as he tries to get to his feet. When he does, he is met by a knee to his gut. Doubt sets up Andre for his finisher, but Aquarius REVERSES TO A BACK BODY DROP! Doubt lands on his feet and goes to Plan B. SECOND GUESS! ONE… TWO… THREE!! Doubt rises off of Aquarius with no emotion, merely leaving an angry and groggy Prince Lightskin behind!] [Jake Jeckel sits backstage in a busy room. People are quickly walking here and there. Many on phones, some grabbing paperwork, et cetera, et cetera. Out view of Jeckel is in a mirror. He looks uncomfortable as a young lady leans in at his face and is applying his face paint for him. It’s taken a slightly friendlier look than the normal quick job the Jake does himself. A man in a suit sits behind him; we can see him in the mirror as well.]

“Okay, Jake, what is the motto of Las Vegas?”

“What happens here, stays here.” [Jeckel says with a monotone.]

“Great! What is the state bird of Nevada?”

[Jeckel looks at him in the mirror, and suddenly shouts.] “Who cares!?”

[The makeup artist jumps in fright and smears the paint.]

“Everything alright, Jake?” [The man in the suit asks.]

“Fuc….hell no! I have no idea what this press conference is about, and I don’t like it! No telling what kind of shi….stuff Marvolo has up his sleeve. And you’re here asking me about stuff that doesn’t fu….that doesn’t matter.” [He shakes his head and sees the smeared paint.] “Fix this!” [He screams at the likely unpaid intern. She immediately grabs a towel and starts wiping off the smear as we fade out.] [The backstage area and parking lot are covered in celebratory ribbons and signs. It’s independence day and Old School Wrestling are sure to celebrate that in style. We head to the parking lot, where a large BBQ is set up in the corner with tables full of food and drink spread out across it.] [Amongst the celebrating workers is none other than Errol Flint.]

“What a day, huh? Independence day. Welcome to Old School Wrestling’s celebration of America. Throughout tonight’s show, our employees will be celebrating their freedoms and-“

“Mr. Flint?” [Interrupts a man that turns out to be Howard Porter.] “My name is Howard Porter and I’m from The Network.”

[Errol turns to greet him with disdain.]

“How can I help you, Mr. Porter?” [Flint says through gritted teeth.] “If this is about that incident last week, I have no new information.”

“It isn’t. The Network have asked me here because they have a proposition for you. They’d like for you to come with us and meet The Network Director personally.”

[Errol thinks about it.] “What kind of proposition?”

“I’m afraid that’s classified information,” [Porter says reluctantly.] “But rest assured, if my bosses are propositioning you, it’s unlikely an offer you can refuse.”

[Unsure whether or not that’s a threat or an opinion of value, Errol nods in agreement and exits the party, accompanying Mr. Porter to his limousine and beyond.] [Whatever this meeting is, it could very well be huge.] [Roxy and Luther stand on the outside of the ring in support of their fighters, Vinnie Lane and Pig respectively. Directly after the bell sounds, Vinnie Lane puts up a finger and instructs his woman to stand up on the apron. He proceeds to give her a smooch and a slap on the ass. He smirks as he turns around to see a bombarding Pig come charging him and smashes him in the turnbuckle! Pig begins ravaging Vinnie with blow after blow before grabbing Vinnie by the hair and tossing him over the top rope to the floor below!] [Pig climbs over the rope and hits the floor but he’s met instantly by a steel chair shot to the ribs by Vinnie! Vinnie smashes the chair over the back of Pig before setting the chair on the ground and DDTing him on it! Loverboy looks underneath the ring but not before giving some boots to The Animal. He pulls out something that puts a big grin on his face. A TABLE! He kicks out the legs and sets the table up. Pig begins to get to his feet, but Vinnie levels him with a rocker dropper. Vinnie rolls Pig across the table and gets to the apron.] [He smiles at the crowd who are getting excited. He climbs to the turnbuckle, strums an invisible air guitar, and LEAPS… FROG SPLASH through Pig through the table! Vinnie gets to his feet with a smirk. He motions for his title which Roxy hands to him. He rolls Pig into the ring before rolling in himself. He puts a boot on Pig’s chest holding his title up. ONE…TWO…TH-NO! Pig kicks out. Vinnie looks irate. He pulls Pig to his feet, but Pig leaps up for THE GREAT DESTROYER! The superkick to the gut bends Loverboy over. Pig hits the ropes and comes back for THE MARCH OF THE PIGS! VINNIE LEAPS UP AND PLACES HIS KNEE ON THE BACK OF PIG’S HEAD FOR A BAD MEDICINE KNEE DRIVER!] [Vinnie Lane pulls up Pig and pulls him to his patented Black Label Driver. He hears a voice and turns to see Luther standing outside with Roxy in his arms. Vinnie throws Pig away and begins berating Luther with some nasty words. Roxy elbows him on the chin as Vinnie turns back to the task at hand. THE MARCH OF THE PIGS MISSES! Vinnie pulls Pig in and pulls him in for… THE BLACK LABEL DRIVER! ONE…TWO…THREEEEEEE! Vinnie Lane looks at Roxy with a whimsical smile on his face as he leaps to his feet with the title in hand.] [Black and white.] [A faint saxophone plays in the background.] [Files spread across a desk in an office that smelt like stale cigarettes and whisky. Their contents spill from them like secrets from a drunk, revealing their true nature. Photographs of victims, wrestlers that The Scarecrow has long tortured and made suffer. Mother, Ozric Mortimer, Azrael and Ethan Bird all lay upon the firm wooden desk, as The Silver Shroud looms over them, ominously.] [Without a word leaving his lips, the narration begins.]

They say that a leopard never changes its spots and in this city, leopards are the king of the concrete jungle.

[The Shroud takes a puff of his cigarette, filling the air with a thick cloud of smoke.]

This town makes for a good victim. The Scarecrow chooses them at will and strings them up for the world to see. I’m not saying these folks didn’t deserve to get bumped off, but their justice wasn’t his to give; not that he cared for it.

[There’s suddenly a flash of lightning that erupts outside, the terrifying silhouette of The Scarecrow appearing outside the door window.] [The Silver Shroud didn’t notice.]

The flatfoots aren’t interested in some dame that manipulated children, or some birds that tweeted a little too loudly. Someone has to put that right. If not them, then me. They need justice.

[Another flash, another sighting of the The Scarecrow.] [This time, The Silver Shroud sees it.] [He leaps from his chair and rushes to the door, gripping its handle and thrusting it open. He peers outside, both left and right, but nothing is there.]

And justice, justice never sleeps.

[Despite her recent actions against Dani Kersh and Bobby Neptune, Anna finds the crowd firmly behind her for this particular match. She enters the ring but Safiy rushes her before the bell! The referee tries to pull him off, but Allah’s Chosen stomps away at the Angel of Light. Order is eventually restored and the match officially starts with a seething Goodchild. She rushes Safiy but gets knocked down with a shoulder tackle. Allah hits the ropes as Anna pops back up, cutting him off with a hip toss – but Safiy sandbags it and WHIPS her head into the mat by her hair! The fans grill Safiy, who kneels down with his arms wide, soaking it in…] [HURRICANRANA BY ANNA! She spikes the kneeling Allah headfirst into the canvas! ONE… TW—Safiy benches Anna off of him. She recovers into a headstand as he approaches – HEADSCISSOR TAKEDOWN! Safiy rolls through onto his feet, only to eat a SPINNING HEEL KICK! He rolls outside, where he fixes his Keffiyeh before slapping his hands on the apron and storming off! The referee starts counting. 1… 2… the crowd boos the extremist. 3… 4… 5… ANNA GRABS HIM BY HIS KEFFIYEH and starts pulling him back to the ring!] [Anna rolls him in and follows – SWORD OF ALLAH! ISIS are already taking credit for that DECAPITATING SUPERKICK! ONE… TWO… THRE—ANNA GETS HER FOOT ON THE ROPES! Safiy rounds on the official, absolutely incensed. He fixes his Keffiyeh again, remembering Anna pulling on it… he kneels down and starts PULLING AT ANNA’S GOLDEN HAIR! The referee warns him, but he pulls her up and THROWS HER BY HER LOCKS! The fans are boiling at Safiy’s tactics as he once again laps it up. He stands behind Anna and signals for ALLAH’S WILL—Anna snatches him in a facelock and jumps up—PURIFIER! NO! SAFIY ESCAPES the Solida del Sol and ALLAH’S WILL! The Flatliner! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [The Azan rings out once more as Safiy kneels over his Christian opponent, victorious.] [The parking lot party is in full swing, a few lucky fans having gotten access to this area in time for a large announcement, Safiy Allah, Chase Hero, Ash Williams, and Creeping Death all taking place on a stage, Johnny Gomez himself taking center stage, microphone in hand.]

“Welcome to the OSW Fourth of July celebration! And today you are all lucky enough to witness the announcement of the next SWEET DREAMS MATCH!”

[The crowd cheers as Gomez smirks.]

“And for that match, a special stipulation is in place. Six men enter, four of them behind me. And the prize? The first two men out will become the NEW tag team champions!”

[The wrestlers behind Gomez eye each other, Ash and Chase in particular with their match incoming next.]

“And as you could guess, that entails that the current champions and Asylum members-”

[Gomez finds himself cut off as the light fixtures in the parking lot go out. Two loud knocks, followed by a crash are heard and the lights go on, revealing the stage having caved inward, Gomez himself on the ground in front of it, all four men in the hole created, and Smiley and Doubt now standing on either side, a crowbar in Smiley’s hand, a 9-iron in Doubts. Doubt walks up the the microphone, avoiding the pit.]

“We should set this straight. Asylum we may be, but Smiley and I are to be known simply as Knock Knock. You would do well to remember that. As for your announcement, we have one of our own. Come Sweet Dreams, comes the knocking.”

[Smiley steps up towards the mic, joining Doubt.]

“Knock Knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Your worst nightmares.”

[With that the lights cut once more, coming up to reveal Knock Knock gone, the other four competitors climbing out of the hole, all of them infuriated with what just went down.] [The bell sounds as the two men meet in the center of the ring. Hero extends his hand and Ash shakes it with a small smile. They begin to circle around before Ash lunges forward for a big right hand. Hero staggers backwards but responds with a running knee to the gut! Ash is leaned over as Hero throws him into the ropes. Ash hits the ropes chest-first before bouncing back into a jumping reverse bulldog! Ash hits the mat as Hero goes for a pinfall! ONE KICKOUT! Ash still has fight in him. Hero lifts him up onto his shoulders but Ash is drilling into his chin with elbow strikes. Hero manages to hoist him up for a double knee facebuster!] [Both men are down after that. Hero pops his jaw back and forth comically as Ash begins to slowly come to his senses. Both men use the ropes to pull themselves to their feet. They turn around and meet in the center of the ring. Ash kicks Chase in the gut before pulling him between his legs and hooks his arms. He lifts him up for… HAIL TO- No! Chase manages to get out of the move!] [Ash Williams turns around and… TALK TO THE BOOT! The superkick dots Ash on the chin as he hits the ground with a thud. Hero covers him pressing his shoulders down. ONE…TWO…TH-NO! Ash kicks out. Hero grabs Ash by the ears and pulls him to his feet. He whips Ash into the ropes where Ash leaps to the second rope and comes flying across the ring for… THE BOOMSTICK! Only Hero is able to dodge under him!] [Chase Hero catches Ash with another TALK TO THE BOOT! Ash is staggered but Chase pulls him in for… HERO’S DUTY! The burning hammer is successful as Hero hooks both legs. ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Gong.] [The arena is suddenly thrust into darkness as a loud gong echo’s throughout the crowd.] [Gong.] [Eerie music starts filtering into the arena, accompanied by smoke that fills the entrance ramp. People wearing full hooded robes soon step out into said smoke, walking towards the ring. There’s so many that they filter out around the ring itself and form a line on either side of the entrance ramp.] [That’s when he appears.] [Solomon.]

“For too long, you have been deceived. You were led to believe that Lux Bellator was righteous and sent of the Lord, but that is a lie.”

[Solomon slowly starts making his way towards the ring, passing each hooded person as he does, each of them bowing the knee to him.]

“I am the bringer of light and light, is pain.”

[He steps up into the ring and centres himself, ignoring the boos from the sold out crowd.]

“I took the guise of Nox Bellator because the world needed to open their eyes to Lux and his lies. The Lord works in mysterious ways and he sent me to crucify the fraudulent and destroy the weak. Tonight, I am surrounded by my ministry – the priests of pain, the ministry of light.”

[The fans boo.]

“Welcome to the ark, welcome to your salvation. Climb aboard if you believe that you are worthy in the eyes of the Lord.”

[Suddenly a bolt of light rips through the darkness unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The darkness has soon been invaded.] [The arena brightens.] [And with that, ‘The Light Warrior’ appears.] [Lux Bellator, posited as the beam of light invading the darkness, now kneels in the middle of the ring, his entry through said darkness unknown to us until now.] [He slowly lifts his head, a microphone in hand.]

“Since you arrived, you have claimed that I am a fraud. You have tried to drown me, baptise me, break me and maim me, but yet I have risen. You claim to be the ark sent by the Lord himself, to be the new Noah, ushering the world into a new dawn but that’s the lie.”

[Solomon approaches as Bellator stands.] “You dare to interrupt my sermon?” [He says furiously.] “You dare to take a stance opposite the ministry of light?”

“This ministry is a fraud,” [Bellator announces.] “These men and women that surround you as your priests of pain, they used to be Torchbearers – torchbearers you manipulated into believing your book of deceit and treachery.”

[Solomon smiles a sadistic and toothy smile]

“But deep down within their souls, they know the right from the wrong. They know the light from the dark and no manipulation of the Lord’s message can change that.”

[Solomon suddenly walks over the ropes, waving a member of his ministry into the ring.] “Is that what you think, Bellator?” [He asks as someone in a hooded robe enters alongside him.] “Is it? Because my ministry will do anything to prove their loyalty to the Lord and his wisdom – his message, that runs through my veins.”

[The member places out a hand and bows his head. Solomon reaches inside his pants and pulls out a knife, cutting deeply across the palm of his member. They don’t flinch, they don’t moan or scream, they simply nod when finished and move away.]

“You see Lux, my priests of pain are immune to the ways of this world. Once your torchbearers, men and women who felt the agony, emotions and torture of life itself, they have been elevated to a higher plain. And now you, you are surrounded by disciples of light and they do not appreciate your lies.”

[Suddenly the entire ministry of light start closing in. From outside the ring to on the entrance ramp, they begin making their way towards where Lux and Solomon stand. Lux looks around himself frantically, knowing that he’s only moments from being introduced to the ministry of pain.] [From left to right, men and women in hoods start sliding into the ring, lunging for The Light Warrior. With right hands, he starts taking them out, one by one, dropping his former torchbearers where they stand.] [Suddenly a huge beam of light appears, blinding the cameras, blinding the torchbearers and Solomon.] [And when it vanishes, Lux has gone.]

“That’s right Bellator, you escape your destiny like a coward. You run from the light, you run from the ministry, but we will find you. Light is pain, as am I.”

[The scene comes to a close with those fallen members being helped back to their feet by others as Solomon stands amongst them, smiling. The fans boo, though he ignores them, his message sent clearly here tonight.] [The bell rings and things immediately switch to a grainy black and white. Shark charges at Shroud, but the detective evades him. He clouts him with a back fist which rocks him, then pushes him back into the corner. Shroud backs up aaand BASEBALL SLIDE BETWEEN SHARK’S LEGS! Before Shark knows what’s up, Shroud—standing outside—trips him in the corner. The crowd spur Shroud on as he grabs Shark’s ankles, leading the Great White to thrash around desperately. The crowd ooooOOOHHHHH as Shroud milks pulling Shark into the post – but Shark flips over! He brings his legs up to his chest, MAKING SHROUD EAT METAL POST! OOOHHH!] [Shroud shakes off the cobwebs BUT HERE COMES THE SHARK – FIN-ISH HIM THROUGH THE ROPES! The fans pop for the suicide dive headbutt as both men recover. 1… 2… 3… 4… Shark rolls in with Shroud tailing him BUT THE LIGHTS GO OUT! What is this!? THE SCARECROW IS ON THE SHOWCASE SET! BIG POP for the veteran monster – but he’s gone in the blink of an eye. SHARK ROLLS UP THE DISTRACTED SHROUD! ONE… TWO… THRshoulder up! Shark headbutts the mat in frustration. He goes in for the kill on the downed detective with the ASYLUM SPECIAL – BUT SHROUD CATCHES HIM WITH A BACKSLIDE PIN! ONE… TWO… Kickout!] [Both men soldier to their feet… Shark charges at Shroud once more, only to get snatched up into the PALE JUSTICE! Shroud hits the Michinoku Driver! He gets up and winds his arm, ready for the uppercut… LIGHTS OUT – SCARECROW IS ON THE RAMP! Crow squawk… and he’s GONE! Shroud simply nods. Shark gets up but a kick to the gut subdues him. Shroud runs at the ropes to finish him off – SQUAWK! SCARECROW IS ON THE APRON. Shroud stops dead… THEN RUNS AT HIM! ‘Crow disappears with a flap of wings. A frustrated Shroud turns around – HE DUCKS THE SUSHI KICK… LONG ARM OF THE LAW! Springboard uppercut by Shroud! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [The noir vigilante picks up the win on his debut, even with Scarecrow employing his mindgames!] [The party rages on in the parking lot of the School Yard. However, it seems to be taking a different shape now. Instead of small pockets of people having fun, they have circled up around two figures.] [Bobby Neptune and Anna Goodchild.]

“Alright, Anna.” [Bobby begins.] “What do you have for me?”

[He places his hands on his hips in waiting as Anna merely smiles. At Heavy Metal, Neptune challenged her to try to convert him. Anna seemed to find that this fit in with the prophets of old so she accepted.]

“You worship false gods, young Robert.” [Anna states, walking around the edge of the circle. People seem to give her all the room they can.] “And those false gods do not have the power of the Lord, my God. So tonight, I call upon the Lord to light an effigy of your idols on holy fire.”

[She gestures to behold a small model of the solar system and its planets and sun. Neptune walks around this model, looking it over with a small nod.]

“You know, Anna, I didn’t think you’d actually do it.” [Bobby snorts.] “I expected some kind of trap, another attack, some kind of violence because that’s all I thought you knew. Instead you are truly going to pray for this to be set on fire. I’m impressed, girl.”

[Neptune takes a step back to allow Goodchild to kneel before the model. As she lowers her head in a soft prayer, she jerks her head up quickly as the sound of crackling can be heard.]

“The power of the Lord has spoken.” [She whispers.] [Before Anna, the Milky Way model is slowly burning away. She looks down to send her thanks, but her expression quickly changes as she notices a small match book on the ground. One stick is missing.]

“Neptune!” [She calls out, whirling around. But Bobby Neptune has disappeared into the sea of people. His voice seems to ring out all around her.]

“Anna, we have matches to make fire, among other things. Man doesn’t need God to light their fires. If your God is all powerful, then of course he would just give us the tools to do things ourselves. We’re created in His image, supposedly, and trust me, man is lazy.”

[Anna angrily begins to walk away, but Bobby has one more bit for her.]

“Next week, Anna, it’s my turn.”

[The people begin to separate as Anna stalks back into the School Yard. Next week will be a true test for both of these warriors and their ideologies.] [Both teams strategise before the bell. Nigel pats Solomon on the back and exits, wanting no part of Max. Lux pleads his case to Max, who steps out for the match to begin. Seeing this, Nigel tags himself in. He and Lux circle each other… tie-up! Nigel with the headlock—Lux pushes him off—shoulder tackle to Bellator! Nigel off the ropes—leapfrog by Lux—a STIFF forearm rocks him! Nigel laughs as Lux checks his lip for blood. As Nigel gloats, Lux looks at the crowd – then tags in Max to a BIG pop!] [Nigel IMMEDIATELY tags Solomon back in to laughter and booing. The Priest of Pain goes for the enzuigiri but Max tags him with a HARD SPINNING LARIAT! He scoops him up… ROLLING FIREMAN’S CARRY! Nigel shakes his head as Max points to his former High Society brother. He has BAD INTENTions for Solomon – sending a message to Royal, who shares the crossface finisher! SOLOMON ESCAPES – NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! ONE… TWO… Lux saves it! Solomon ascends to the heavens as he climbs the ropes… MOONSAULT!? MAX MOVES BUT SOLOMON LANDS ON HIS FEET! HOLY SHIT! A tense standoff ensues before a DOUBLE HOT TAG!] [Royal rushes at Lux but catches a SPRINGBOARD ARM DRAG! He retaliates with a missed clothesline and gets wrapped up in a DEUM LUCEM side sunset flip! ONE… TWO… DARKNESS FALLS BY THE ILLEGAL MAN! Max riots on the apron but the referee holds him back to keep order as Solomon drags Nigel back to their corner. Royal smirks and slowly goes up high… SPITFIRE! It’s over – but he isn’t pinning Lux. He picks him up and points at Max, mirroring his enemy earlier. DUNGEONS OF LONDON TO BELLATOR! Max storms in—SPINNING ELBOW TO SOLOMON—BUT LUX IS TAPPING!] [Lux Bellator has been made to submit by Nigel Royal!] [Max Million looks irate that this match is over and he never managed to get his hands on Royal… so he charges Nigel and swings on him! But Royal ducks and slides out of the ring – AND THE CHASE IS ON!] [A group of Nigel’s private security is waiting for him at the top of the runway! They toss a towel over the Bloodline’s head and usher him backstage… But Max Million isn’t finished! He follows in hot pursuit until one of Nigel’s men breaks from the pack and charges him… but Max Clotheslines the man head over heels! And he’s right back on the hunt!] [Another of Nigel’s forces breaks off to confront Million as they move down the halls and again Max takes them down with ease! So TWO MORE break off from the pack! The two men double team Max and for a second it looks like they may have Millions number… but Max fires up and drops both men with series of lefts and rights! Nigel’s men are dropping like flies!] [As the two men fall at his feet, Million realizes he’s lost sight of Nigel and takes off running… up ahead he spots Nigel and his two remaining guards exiting the arena into the parking garage! He picks up the pace… and just as Nigel and his men get outside, Million dives headfirst into all three of them, taking them all out!] [Max grabs the towel and rips it off Nigel’s head… but it isn’t Nigel!?!]

“What the…!?! Where is he!?!” [Max screams in frustration as he looks back through the door he just came through.] “ROYAL!” [He barks as he charges the door…] [But Half a dozen OSW Security Guards appear out of nowhere and fill the doorway, stopping him…]

“What the hell, guys? Outa’ my way…”

“Sorry Max…” [A morose looking guard says with a sigh.] “…Nigel said he’d spend every cent he has to make sure we’re fired if we let you back inside.”

“Are you serious!?!” [Max looks outraged.] “You know what, forget it! I’m sick of this!” [Million throws his hands up and storms off.] “If I can’t get at you, Nigel, then next week I guess I’ll just have to make sure you want to get at me!” [MNM screams as he disappears into the parking garage.] [DING DING DING. Smiley starts things off, firing a lighting fast a kick to Marvolo’s gut. Marvolo doubles over as Smiley leans down and drops him with a snap suplex. Smiley gets to his feet quickly and bears his teeth, eager to cause same pain. He locks in an armbar, seeming to enjoy Marvolo’s cries pf pain. A deluge of BOOOOOOs follows. Smiley releases the hold and goes to pick Marvolo up, but gets a punch in the ribs for his troubles. Marvolo gets in another strike to Smiley’s throat. He grabs Smiley by the wrist and sends him into the ropes with an Irish whip. Smiley comes bouncing off and Marvolo hits him with a huge back body drop! Cover! 1! Kickout!] [Smiley rolls to the side and gets to the ropes with Marvolo looking to do more damage. Marvolo lands a couple of kicks and he leans in to pick up Smiley but he reaches up quickly and kicks the side of Marvolo’s knee! He grabs his head and throw’s Marvolo’s body over the ropes, crashing onto the apron! Smiley rolls away from the ropes and to the center of the ring on his knee. Marvolo tries to get back in, but Smiley runs up and slams his feet down on Marvolo’s fingers as he puts them back in the ring. Marvolo and the Ref yells as Smiley slowly applies more pressure on Marvolo’s hand, his smile growing wider. He steps off the hand, begrudgingly, as the ref counts.] [Marvolo and crawls back into the ring only to be elbow dropped by Smiley. He fires back with an enziguri! Smiley recovers, but Marvolo is ready and Smiley is scooped up onto his back. Marvolo picks up Smiley the throat and CHOKE SLAM!] [He grabs Smiley by the hair and brings him up NO! CHELSEA GRIN, Lee hits his finisher out of nowhere! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [We return to the scene of the 4th July party, or more specifically, an entrance door to the parking lot where Andre Aquarius is attempting to pass through. He is blocked by two burly security guards who are adamant about stopping him.]

“C’mon muhfuckers, just let me past. A party ain’t no party without Prince Lightskin. Just a bunch of faggots and weird muhfuckers in some faggoty-ass sausage fest.”

[Aquarius tries to push past but is manhandled back out of the doorway and shoved against a wall.]

“No entry, Mr Aquarius. Conditions of your restraining order.”

[Andre stops struggling for a moment.]

“According to who, muhfucka?”

[As if to answer the question, Vinnie Lane appears behind the wall of security guard that blocks Andre’s entry. He has a beer in his hands and a smug smile on his face.]

“According to me… You stupid prick.” [Vinnie pats at the Hardcore Championship slung over his shoulder.] “You lost everything dumbass, now you have to pay the price. This is just part one of your lesson… Don’t fuck with me or Roxy.”

[Andre loses his shit at this, leaping to attack Vinnie but he is stopped in mid-air by both guards.]

“It’s your restraining order, bruh, you’re not supposed to come this close to me. I’ll fuckin’ end you!”

[Vinnie takes a swig of the beer in his hands, the smile still on his face. He steps right up to Andre, face to face.]

“The restraining order is against Roxy, asshole. I can get as close to you as I damned well like. The idea is to keep you away from her. Now, she is at the party… so you’re not.”

[As Vinnie turns to leave, he passes Andre his already half drunken bottle of beer.]

“Here… You have this one. There are plenty more in here for me.”

[Vinnie turns and heads back into the party, leaving Andre stewing behind him. Instead of drinking the beer, he smashes the bottle against the concrete wall and exits in a huff.] [The bell sounds as the two close to the center of the ring. Reese extends his hand for a test of strength, but Outlaw catches him with a roaring elbow. The shot staggers Reese but Outlaw quickly grabs Alex Reese for a swinging neckbreaker. She grabs him up and whips him into the corner. Feebz charges across the ring, but Reese ducks her enzuigiri attempt. Reese yanks her into the corner before hitting the rope and leaping up for a forearm smash in the corner! Phoebe staggers outwards as Reese leaps up to grab her back for THE WAKE UP CALL!] [The knees were driven into her back as he hooks a leg! One…Two… NO! Outlaw kicks out but wraps her legs around the arms of Reese and pulls him down for a pinfall! ONE…TWO…NO! Reese kicks out but Outlaw beats him to the standing position. THE NORTHERN LIGHTS connects as she hooks both legs. ONE…TWO…TH-NO! Reese powers out! Outlaw pulls Reese to his feet and hits the rope before hitting… THE NTO! The move knocks Reese to the ground as Phoebe wraps up his arms and puts on…] [THE NORTHERN CROSS! Reese is able to evade the move though as he brings Outlaw around and hooks her calf in… THE TURNING POINT! Outlaw is in some serious pain as she reaches out for the ropes and gets to them. The referee begins the count but Reese releases at three. He walks across the ring and waits for Feebz to get up. Reese charges across the ring before leaping for a clothesline! Outlaw ducks under and hits an immediate hangman neckbreaker! THE NORTHERN EXPOSURE! Outlaw looks at Reese as this is normally a set-up for The Northern Cross but she looks at the turnbuckle instead! Phoebe Outlaw climbs to the top rope where she raises her hands to the air with a small smile on her face. She leaps for… THE NORTHERN STAR PRESS! She hooks the legs! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Raquel sits, looking a little worse for the wear after her ordeal, but overall, as happy as a clam.]


[He enters the scene wearing his cape backwards as an apron, and carrying a sandwich.]

“Marvolo made you this! [He says with a smile, likely serving her for the first time ever. She absolutely beams.] “Strawberry jam and sardines!”

[Her smile falters just a tad, but Marvolo doesn’t see it. She takes the plate and a small bite from the corner. She smiles through it… maybe she really likes it?]

“How is it?” [He asks.]

“mmmmmmm! Numbehr Wahn!”

[He beams! She leans forward and rubs his new goatee.]

“What? Do you not like it? You know Marvolo cannot shave himself!”

[She reaches out and puts her finger on his lips, then strokes the goatee again.]

“Numbehr waaahn….” [She said almost seductively. She leans forward…. For a kiss?]

“Control yourself, Raquel! There is no time for canoodling!”

[Marvolo steps back and throws his cape, whipping it behind him into its proper position. He reaches into his tights and pulls out a piece of paper that seems to have been well read.]

“It’s almost time!”

[Marvolo steps out of the room, leaving Raquel on the couch, looking longingly after him] [In a decrepit locker room backstage, Luther paces back and forth slowly typing on his cell phone. Pig stands in place, stone-frozen, as Luther grins. He drops the smile and turns to the Animal.]

“Stay here, don’t move a muscle.” [He grins at the phone.] “I’ve got an important phone call to make.”

[Luther leaves the room and Pig stands. If not for his breathing, you’d think he was a statue.]

“Like a Pig in shit, eh?” [A voice calls from the entrance to the locker room, mocking the catchphrase.] [James Hunter walks into the room, his ax resting on his shoulder. Pig does not move, yet it seems as if every fiber in him has tensed. All he needs is the call from a man who is not there.]

“I prefer clean animals.” [Hunter says, dragging his sharp ax in a circle around Pig.] “But you knew that, didn’t you?”

[Hunter stops in front of Pig, smiling at the stone face.]

“You hear more in there than you let on. The information processes and the wheels keep turning.” [Hunter gets close enough to feel Pig’s breath on his body.] “You’re no more an animal than I am.”

“You’re just a product of a poor upbringing.”

[Hunter smiles at Pig, lifting the ax up to his shoulder.]

“My upbringing, on the other hand, was as good as it gets.” [He looks around the failing accommodations.] “Maybe that’s why we worked together so well, yet were so far apart.”

[A miles crosses Hunter’s face as Pig still shows nothing in response.]

“So out of the kindness of my heart, I’ve done some homework on your behalf.”

[The Question walks up behind Pig, practically in his ear.]

“My people were able to locate a woman named Andrea Walsh.”

[For a split second, Pig’s rhythmic breathing skips beat. Only noticeable to those paying attention.]

“See, I was right about you. There is still a man in there. And men remember. Animals don’t pay any heed to the past, yet you remember Andrea Walsh.”

[Pig still does not move, his breathing has returned to normal, and Hunter merely smiles in response.]

“Look into your memories, old friend.” [He begins to head for the door.] “Next week, I’ll be flying her here. If only Luther knew about it.”

[At those last words, he heads out the door with a chuckle on his lips. As the door slams shut, Pig just stands, stone cold in his demeanor still yet.] [But for just a moment he wavered. Who is Andrea Walsh?] [Jeckel and Kersh quickly lock up. They jockey for position, before Jeckel reaches up and grabs a headlock. He lifts Brent up into the air for a back drop, but Kersh is able to hooks his leg around Jake’s leg to stop to block! He outmaneuvers The Juggalo and rolls forward to a cradle – 1! Quick kickout by Jeckel.] [Both men race to their feet. Jeckel charges and drills Kersh into the mat with a clothesline then drives his elbow into Kersh’s gut for good measure. Jeckel gets to his feet, picks up Kersh, whips him into the corner and charges after him like a drunk angry rhino. Jeckel leaps high for a SPLASH, but Kersh darts to the side and Jeckel splashes the turnbuckles instead!] [Jeckel staggers backwards, covering his chest as Kersh jumps onto the middle rope and off, twisting around and clotheslines Jeckel. Kersh gets to his feet, jumps tot he second rope and nails Jake with a rare Missile dropkick! Kersh hooks Jeckel’s leg! 1! 2! Kickout!] [Kersh slaps the mat a few times in frustration, but keeps his head. Kersh stands up and picks Jeckel up, but Jeckel slams his forehead right into Kersh’s face. Kersh reels back his nose starting to bleed all over. Jeckel grabs Kersh by the head and plants him with a DDT. Then has a grand ole’ time kicking him repeatedly in the chest. Kersh tries to roll away, but Jeckel keeps stomping away as hard as he can. The crowd BOOOOs louder with every kick Jeckel lands. Kersh grabs the ropes, but Jeckel stomps him down every time he tries to pull himself up.]

Jake picks Kersh up by his ears and launches him into the corner with a whip. He hits the corner hard as Jeckel comes charging in again and THIS TIME HITS THE SPLASH. Jake sets Kersh up for the HATCHET – BUT NO! KERSH COUNTERS — SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! He covers – ONE… TWO… THREE!] [The darkness of the backstage is almost unnerving as the sound of a body dragging on the ground is heard. The camera pans to reveal both members of Knock Knock walking down the hall, the poor knocked out body of a victim dragging behind them.] [A victim that turns out to be Safiy Allah.]

“Shouldn’t have opened the door. His fault, really.”


[The dark atmosphere is soon turned bright as lights flick up, revealing none other than Chase Hero in the hall, the self-proclaimed hero standing atop a crate, hands on his hips.]

“Oh look, stereotypical villains. Are you here to be my enhancement talent this week?”

[Smiley cocks his head to the side as Chase jumps from the crate, landing in a three-point pose.] [Doubt cocks his head.] “Isn’t that bad for your knees?”

[Chase leaps up, obviously annoyed at the comment.]

“Don’t question my poses, now leave the man alone and I won’t have to make you talk to my boot.”

[Knock Knock drop the man, advancing onto Hero, weapons up. Hero tries to fight but he is quickly jumped on by the duo, rapid crowbar swings landing flush against Hero. Hero looks defenceless when- BOOMSTICK! BOOMSTICK! Both members of Knock Knock fall back as Ash Williams comes out of nowhere! Williams helps Chase to his feet, only for Hero to throw Ash’s hands off of him.]

“What are you doing? Trying to steal my glory?”

“Yes, I really really wanted that beatdown to myself, man.”

“I didn’t need the help, I was just giving a head start for them.”

“You’re gonna head start an ass-whooping if you keep talkin’ buddy.”

[The bickering of the two would be heroes is very quickly brought to an end as two wild crowbar shots drop both men! Smiley and Doubt rise to their feet, a bit disoriented from the boomsticks as they look down at the two. Smiley looks to Doubt who shakes his head, walking out of the backstage with Smiley begrudgingly following.] [The bell sounds as Van Chan rushes forward, trying for a clothesline but runs right into a massive Haymaker. Bruce stumbles up to his feet right into the clutches of Hysteria who powers Bruce up, slamming him onto the ropes with a Stun Gun. Bruce goes down holding his throat as Hysteria drops down, hooking the leg for the cover. ONE…TWO…Bruce kicks out as Hysteria grabs him by the head, trying to lock in the dragon clutch. Bruce fights off the hold with elbows to the guts as he slowly reaches his feet. A final elbow staggers Hysteria away as Bruce leaps up with a brilliant dropkick to his face. Bruce rushes to the ropes, but an attempt at a crossbody is dodged as Bruce gets up, holding his stomach in pain as Hysteria rushes forward, nearly decapitating Bruce with a vicious Lariat] [Hysteria pulls Bruce up to his feet, lifting him up into the air with a hard knee to the gut before lifting him up onto his shoulders. APAT…NO! Bruce drops down Hysteria’s back, nailing the Nap Time out of nowhere. Both men are down on the mat, slow to get to their feet as Hysteria gets to his feet first, climbing up to the top rope as he waits for Bruce to get up to his feet. FALL OF MAN! Van Chan is down and out as Hysteria pulls him to his feet, chuckling violently, before nearly slapping Bruce’s face off. Hysteria tries for another but it’s blocked as he’s slugged with a massive right hand from Van Chan] [Hysteria staggers back as Bruce lights him up with rights and lefts before ducking a wild right and responding with a skull cracking enziguri. Hysteria doesn’t go down, instead staggering into the corner as Van Chan rushes forward, STINGER SPLASH! Hysteria stumbles out of the corner, falling to the mat as Van Chan scrambles up to the top rope, sizing Hysteria up, SHOT THROUGH..LOST HOPE! Hysteria nailed Bruce out of nowhere as he hooks the leg to the anger of the crowd. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!]

“Welcome to Shark Appreciation Night!”

[The exuberant voice of Gavin Davis fills the arena as the crowd begins cheering although some seem a bit hesitant of the idea. Sitting in the ring in a wheel chair is none other than Gavin Davis. Looking rough with a few bruises on his face as well as the fact he’s in a wheelchair, The Manchild’s spirits seem undeterred by the latest run-in with The Shark.]

“Although we missed Shark Week by a day, tonight we will commemorate the life and times of The Shark with Shark Appreciation Night! I will bring out guests who will help me in bringing our old friend, Axel out of slumber! But first, join me in welcoming, THE SHARK!”

[“Rock Lobster” by The B-52s plays through the arena but the song sounds distorted and deranged. The twisted sound brings a frown to Gavin Davis’s face. The Shark saunters down the ring before sliding into the ring staying a few feet away from Gavin. His eyes fixated on him.]

“Hey Axel, it’s uh… good to see you again!”

[The Shark doesn’t answer just stares at him with a blood-thirsty glare.]

“Well uh… let’s welcome our first guest! You’ll remember this young lady as the valedictorian of your class. Please help me in welcoming Miss Haley Simmons!”

[A generic theme song plays as a young lady walks out onto the stage and down to the ring. She climbs into the ring as she waves with a gorgeous smile.]

“Now, there is more than meets the eye here. It turns out that Miss Simmons was a crush of Axel’s! Isn’t that right, buddy?”

[Axel cocks his head to the side to glare at Haley as Gavin just clears his throat.]

“Well, is there anything you want to say her now, Axel? Go ahead!”

[Axel The Shark approaches Haley as she backs away appropriately. He backs her into the corner as his face slowly approaches hers.]

“I must feeeeeeeeeeeeed.”

[The Shark smiles as Haley screams before exiting the ring and running back up the rampway. Gavin Davis looks slightly disgruntled but smiles widely, once again not letting his hurt his mood in the slightest.]

“Well, that’s okay! Crushes are a hard thing and I’m sure you didn’t want her to see you like this after so many years! Let’s uh… let’s bring out the next one!”

[The same generic theme song plays as a man about the same age as Axel walks out with a huge smile as he pumps his fist on the way down. He climbs up the stairs and enters the ring. He walks over to Gavin, keeping his distance from The Shark.]

“Now you remember David right? This is David McKay. David McKay was a transfer student from Australia who took on the bus driver job after you gave it up to pursue wrestling. You literally taught him how to drive a bus! Is there anything you’d like to tell David?”

[The Shark looks dumbfounded. He takes a few steps with his arms outstretched. His normally twisted smile has turned down in sadness. David stands his ground but Gavin urges him to move forward. He does so and he walks into the arms of The Shark.] [They embrace! The Shark and David McKay are hugging it out!] [Gavin Davis smiles largely as he applauds. The crowd joins in with claps to support him! They separate and as they do…] [PUNCH TO THE GUT FROM THE SHARK! The Shark grins widely flashing his pointed teeth before hitting the ropes and coming back for The Sushi Kick busting the lip open of David! David rolls out of the ring before slumping onto the ground. The Shark sniffs in the air before smiling widely.]

“I smell bloooooooood.”

[The Manchild looks alarmed but tries to retain his smile unsuccessfully. He pulls the microphone to his mouth.]

“Stop Axel, leave him alone! I, uhh, well that’s why there’s always plan C! Please join me in welcoming Melinda and Jay Warren, the parents of the young boy known as Axel The Shark!”

[The generic theme trumpets on as two older individuals walk down the aisle and enter the ring beside Gavin. Fear and sadness in their eyes seeing The Shark in this state. The Shark looks confused and startled by seeing them before him.]

“See Axel The Shark’s name came from a young boy with a flair for imagination! He wore a similar outfit to the one we used to see our own Axel wearing. But tonight, the parents of that young boy are here.”

[The two parents walk towards The Shark who flinches backwards snapping at them in self-defense. He backs into the ropes where he’s paused. The parents seem unafraid as they continue to approach. The mother has tears in her eyes as she approaches.]

“We forgive you! There’s no reason to act like this. Bring back the Axel that was inspired by our son!”

[The Shark looks at them before diving out of the ring and running up the ramp. He gets to the top before turning around with a face stricken with panic. The Manchild raises his hands in disapproval.]

“Axel! Come back! I’ve got like… five more letters worth of people to bring out!”

[Safiy Allah stumbles the backstage, looking around corners and staying quiet as he looks for those who attacked him earlier. Only when he approaches a man he believes is responsible, that man is Creeping Death. Without warning, Allah jumps onto Death! He pushes the Human Horror Show against a wall and stares him in the eye, unflinching at the crazed stare of Creeping Death.]

“You there! Where are the two who attacked me! Tell me!”

[Creeping Death remains stoic, seemingly ignoring Safiy’s anger.]

“You imply I know. I have forsaken the Asylum, and I search them out as well. But you come up to me, and you expect an answer, then you will find a very unwanted reaction.”

[With that, Creeping Death shoots a black mist into the eyes of Safiy! The Chosen jumps back, trying to wipe his eyes clean of the mist as he turns back towards Creeping Death, the assault now on as he throws elbow after elbow to Safiy! Allah’s chosen is not one to be taken lightly, however, as he fights back, forcing Death off of him with a stiff kick and allowing both to stare the other down.]

“You are a coward, Death, just like those who knock at my door. Do you think your mist will deter me? I see through it, and soon YOU will see the light of Allah’s Chosen.”

“Allah’s Chosen? You claim me a coward when you hide behind your faith? Though in terms like that, I suppose you are more fool than coward.”

[The last words strike a cord with Safiy, the devoted Muslim striking out at Death! The brawl starts once more, spilling out into the hallway, staff running to the commotion and forcing the two apart, Safiy men wrestling viciously against security in an attempt to get to Creeping Death, being pulled back by more security as the scene fades out.] [It’s David versus Goliath here tonight as Bobby Neptune cuts a fearless figure across the ring from The Scarecrow.] [The bell sounds and immediately, speed is on the menu. Neptune bolts across the ring and ducks a swinging Clothesline, leaping onto the middle rope and diving with a Springboard that results in a giant SUPERNOVA! Only The Scarecrow was ready for it and threw a HAYMAKER designed to knock his teeth out! Both of them hit the canvas in a heap, wondering what the hell just happened. They slowly rise, ‘Crow backing Neptune into the corner with body shots and Uppercuts that keep him dazed but on his toes.] [Wiry, Bobby manages to escape underneath an incoming right hand, kicking at the back of Scarecrow’s legs until he chops him down to size. Kneeling and there for the taking, Bobby Dropkick’s him head first into the middle turnbuckle. He rolls him over and into the cover, hooking the leg. One…. Two… Kick Out! ‘The Star Boy’ gets back to his feet and taps his knee, begging ‘The Hayman’ to get back up. Slowly but surely he does, helpless as Neptune hits the middle rope and leaps into the air! RED GIANT! KNEE TO THE FACE! That only stumbles Scarecrow, so Bobby runs in with a Swinging Neckbreaker!] [He could cover but he knows it won’t be enough. Instead he begins his ascent up the turnbuckles and positions himself… TITAN’S CRASHDOWN!! NO! THE SCARECROW MOVES! Bobby Neptune sails into the canvas at full speed! He gets back to his feet, holding his mid-section and walks straight into The Scarecrow. ‘Crow kicks him in the mid-section, drags him in and into the Perch… upwards and.. CHOKESLAM! BYE BYE BIRDIE! That should do it! He drops into the cover, forearm in the face of ‘The Star Boy’ and One…. Two…. Three! It’s over, The Scarecrow picks up the win!] [‘The Monster’ gets back to his feet just in time to see The Silver Shroud lingering on the entrance ramp.] [As we return into the arena, two people stand in the middle of the ring being showered by jeers from the crowd.] [Phoebe Outlaw and Danielle Kersh.] [They soak them in, and the much less modestly dressed Danielle is the one with the microphone.]

“So let’s get one thing straight right now.” [She begins, trying to rise above the boos headed her way for turning on her father.] “I was not brainwashed, tricked, hypnotized, or anything else by Phoebe to attack my father.”

[She looks over at the smiling Phoebe.]

“I mean, that ass may have hypnotized me, but that’s an entirely different kind of hypnosis.”

[The crowd jeers even louder at the flippant response from Danielle. This is serious business to them, and to many of the people in the crowd, she has disrespected her father even more.]

“Less than a month ago, I was kidnapped and held against my will by Anna Goodchild. For a whole week I was held, naked and afraid, as Goodchild waited to grab Neptune so she could burn us. Do any of you know what it feels like to be in that situation? Do any of you know what it’s like to not know if you’re going to survive, or if worse than death comes for you?”

[She pauses as the crowd shushes.]

“No, you don’t.” [She continues.] “So when Phoebe and my dad finally showed up to rescue me, my dad had the audacity to rescue Neptune. I get it, he’s got to be the hero to everyone, but Goddamnit, his little girl needed him. Phoebe was there then, and she carried my body out. When I woke up in the hospital from all of the smoke inhalation, she was there.”

[She looks down, seeming to back up in her thoughts.]

“When we got home, you know what I had in the mail?” [She holds up a piece of paper, the writing indecipherable.] “A dismissal from school. Thanks to being outed, I broke the contract I signed with the shitty religious school you pushed me to go to, Dad. Thanks to you, I have nothing to my name and no future.”

[She hands the microphone to Phoebe, who arrogantly walks to the spotlight in the center of the ring.]

“So I signed her to be my manager, Brent. From now on, Phoebe Outlaw is represented by Dani Kersh in all matters of business.”

[She looks over to Dani with a wink.]

“So last week at Heavy Metal? That was just business.” [Outlaw begins.] “I made it clear with Neptune that I am all about winning in the middle of this ring. I’m not going to pussyfoot around and try to make friends when there is a World Championship that needs my name engraved on it.”

[Danielle steps back to let Phoebe walk around the ring to address all the people.]

“So when it came time for Heavy Metal Mayhem, you bet your ass I was going to do what I needed to get an edge. So my manager and I decided to hit Brent where it hurt. The only place to hurt Brent Kersh is in his pride, because that’s all he has going for him.”

[She angrily points up the ramp.]

“He doesn’t care about what happens as long as he reigns supreme. His family is just window dressing, to be seen and not heard. The nuclear family of a bygone era that doesn’t exist any longer. See, Dani and I are bomb ass bitches, and you’d better be sure that you got some real cajones before you try to step up.”

[Calming down, she smiles. Dani walks over to the ropes, the interview about done.]

“So Brent, all I can say is that it was just business. You and I killed our issue when we went flying off that cage last week. You go your way, and I’ll go mine. We may even come to Thanksgiving dinner. That being said, business has been done. It’s time for the pleasure.”

[She nods to Dani, who opens the ropes for Phoebe. When Outlaw takes her first step, Dani’s eyes go wide and she turns to yell…] [BRENT KERSH NAILS PHOEBE WITH THE SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!] [As the crowd pops huge, Brent grabs the fallen microphone up as Dani heads for the area outside the ring. Brent only casts a sad glance towards Dani, but kneels down next to Phoebe.]

“It may be business for you, kid,” [Brent begins.] “But for me it’s personal.

[Kersh picks up Phoebe so that her face is towards Danielle on the outside.]

“When she wakes up, let her know that she and I are going on a date of our own at Ring of Dreams.”

[He drops Outlaw’s form near the ropes and Dani pulls her out of the ring. Kersh paces back and forth, clearly troubled by everything going on while the crowd chants his name.] [The match has been made for Ring of Dreams, but how will Phoebe react to Brent attacking her from behind?] [There is a clammering in the conference room as the presser is about to begin. Two podiums stand in the front of the the room. Reporters fill the room. Suddenly the door opens up and Jake Jeckel enters the room followed by a few of his entourage. The reporters leap to their feet, showering the Juggalo with questions.]

“Jake! Why are we here?”….. “Can you explain the Raquel situation?”…. “How is the campaign…..”

[Jake pushes through them.]

“No comment….. No comment…. NO FUC…..No comment!

[He takes his place at the podium as the confusion shift to the back of the room again. Marvolo has entered. Questions rain down on him as well, and he flashes his politician’s smile on the way to the podium. He gets there and taps on the microphone.]

“Testing… test…” [It seems to be working fine.] “Marvolo is sure you are all wondering why he has called you here today.” [They shout out questions again but he smiles and raises a hand, silencing them.] “It is really quite simple. In light of the recent events involving his loved ones, Marvolo has decided to remove himself from the Las Vegas Mayoral race. [Yells from the gallery this time.] “That’s right, Marvolo is ending his bid for Mayor.”

[Jeckel looks over and smiles as though he has won. His mind tricks must have worked. His path to Mayor just got a heck of alot easier.]

“Hey!” [Jeckel yells.] “I’m not surprised that this maggot pussy-footed his way out of this election, but I want to all to know that the Juggalo is still in the running for mayor. I’m going to make this city gre…..”

[Marvolo cuts him off.]

“Wait, wait, wait…..Marvolo is not finished. He has another announcement. You see, Marvolo has located vital information on the financial backer of Jake Jeckel’s campaign. You are all going to very interested in the money behind the Clown, and you’ll have to come back next week to find out. Goodbye!”

[And with no warning, Marvolo walks out of the room. Jake Jeckel stands at his podium, looking like he could explode. Questions rain down on him, but he ignores them all.] [The bell barely sounds as both men explode with lefts and rights, the hatred both men feel for one another incredible, each blow stiff and devastating, each man trying to knock the other out with a single strike. Hunter ducks a right, leveling Lane with a low knee as he goes behind the Shadow King, trying for an early Irony, Lane fighting out of it with sharp elbows to the temple. Hunter stumbles back, only to deliver an elbow to the back of Lane’s head before driving him onto the point of his knee with a modified backbreaker. Hunter pulls Lane to his feet, hooking both arms around his head as he begins delivering a series of devastating knees, each one lifting Lane up off his feet, before driving him onto the canvas once more with a snap suplex] [Hunter tries to pull Lane up to his feet once more but is met with a sold right to the face as Lane fights to a vertical base,delivering a solid uppercut that staggers the Question back before a huge Lariat turns him inside out. Hunter slowly gets to his feet groggy as Lane grabs him, DEGENERATION! Lane hit that fully but as he goes for the cover, Hunter rolls out of the ring, trying to get himself some breathing room] [Lane climbs up the turnbuckle, very unlike the Shadow King as he sizes Hunter up, diving off right into a spinning elbow to the jaw. Lane goes down hard but The Question barely lets him hit the floor before pulling him up, grabbing him by the back of the neck and throwing him full force into the nearest turnbuckle post. Lane hits face first with a sickening thud as Hunter pulls up the pads at ringside, revealing the hard concrete underneath. He pulls Lane to his feet, a trickle of blood oozing down the forehead of the as he’s pulled into the arms of Hunter, both arms hooked underneath as he tries for the Poetic Justice on the concrete but he takes too long to set up as Lane flips Hunter over his head, backdropping him onto the unforgiving concrete] [Hunter gets up, holding his back in pain as he staggers down the aisle, turning around right into a massive rolling knee to the face. Hunter drops hard as Lane covers for the first time in this contest. ONE…TWO…The Question just gets the shoulder up, rolling away and heading up the apron with Lane in hot pursuit. The camera catches up with them as we see Lane slamming Hunter’s head into a catering table, before lifting him up and slamming him through it with a Snap Suplex. Lane backs up, begging Hunter to get to his feet and as Hunter slowly does, Lane explodes forward with a Shadow kick that.Hunter somehow ducks under before landing a Hypocrite version. Hunter collapses onto Lane as the referee counts] [ONE…TWO…THR…Lane just gets the shoulder up as Hunter rolls to his feet, his palms going up and down as Lane slowly gets up to his feet, as Hunter rushes forward with the Relax clothesline. Lane ducks under it as Hunter staggers into the entrance double doors, turning around into a massive Shadow Kick that sends him through the doors and to the outside. Lane bursts through the door as we see a 4th of July Party taking place. Hunter gets to his feet, pushing past the partygoers as he tries to put some distance between him and Lane as Lane rushes forward, pushing past other people as he jumps Hunter from behind. The pair slug it out as they power through the crowd, Hunter gaining the advantage with a high knee to the jaw of Lane before going behind and dropping him on his head with a German. Hunter locks his arms around Lane, pulling him to his feet as he delivers a second but as he pulls Lane to his feet for a third time, Lane fights out of it with elbows again. They break the hold but Lane turns around right into a kick to the gut as he’s thrust between Hunter’s legs, and driven into the grass with a lightning fast Poetic Justice] [The move takes a lot out of Hunter as it takes a lot for him to finally flop over for the cover on Lane as the referee counts. ONE…TWO…THRE…Lane just gets the shoulder up. Hunter gets to his feet, calling for the end as he pulls Lane back up, only to get struck with a Shadow Kick. Hunter is dazed on his feet as Lane delivers a second that drives Hunter down to one knee but as Lane backs up, trying for a third, the boot is caught in mid-air as he’s spun around into Contradiction! Lane is driven face first into the hard ground as Hunter just manages to roll over and hook the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Exhausted, tired and surrounded by fireworks and celebrations, Mike Lane slowly gets back to his feet.] [He stumbles slightly, barely able to stand as the crowd of backstage workers and partying wrestlers begin to disperse slightly. Into frame shortly walks Bruce Van Chan, a cup of water in his hand.]

“Here, let me help,” [He says helping Lane get his footing.] “That was one heck of a match, Champ.”

[Mike nods when suddenly, the crowd begin quickly moving out of the way.]

“Look out!” [Someone shouts.] [What’s that?] [A digger from a construction site ahead suddenly comes hurtling down the hill.] [Move, damnit.] [The digger suddenly slams through the celebratory tables, driving straight over them and heading straight towards Bruce and Mike. They quickly dive out of the way, barely escaping as the digger crashes straight into the parked cars that surround the School Yard.] [The fans roar in surprise as a massive crunching sound brings the traumatic circumstances to a halt. Both men are shortly helped back to their feet by backstage workers, sharing a look across the carnage that tells a story of its own.] [Bruce Van Chan’s eyes are wide, his lips curled, his brow furrowed.] [Mike Lane is dazed, confused, surprised and suspicious. His eyes are locked with Van Chan.] [Then Monday Night Showcase goes off the air.] [Who the fuck is responsible?]