[Black and white.] [A faint saxophone plays in the background.] [A single light swings back and forth, creaking as it goes.]

“Why do you insist on pursuing me?” [The Scarecrow growls.] “For justice?”

[Tied to a chair under the swinging light is The Silver Shroud. Blood had long stained his shirt, colouring darker than usual in black and white. Rope ties him around the chair by his waist.]

“You’ve been a terror for too long, Scarecrow. People have begun to forget what you truly are; a monster.”

[The Scarecrow walks towards him and crouches.]

“You’re right, I am. Ever since I saved Brent Kersh from destruction, people have forgotten what I’m capable of. They have forgotten the lives I’ve destroyed and the men I’ve hung upon perches to see out their lasting days with the maggots, flies and crows.”

[The Shroud growls.] “You won’t get away with this, Scarecrow.”

“You wanted a monster, Shroud. You wanted a nemesis. But now you have an evil so dark, so consternating, that good will rot in my very presence. You wanted The Scarecrow and little birdie, I’ve got you now.”

“No!” [He screams in return.] “It is I that has you.”

[The Shroud suddenly breaks free of his restraints, whipping the ropes off in different directions as he stands up.] [He lunges for The Scarecrow.] [A right hand is blocked, a left hand is thrown, both men do battle in the middle of this cabin as the light overhead swings. The Silver Shroud blocks a right hand, grabbing the arm and rolling inside with a Back Elbow that stumbles The Scarecrow to one knee. He smiles and comes straight back for him, grabbing a left footed kick attempt and slamming a forearm down across his leg, clasping at his throat with his other hand.] [The Shroud immediately chops down the arm, slapping his hand around The Scarecrow’s throat instead. The Hayman turns him inside out, hunching him over with torque applied to the arm. Shroud has to act and spins underneath, coming back up the other side to see that The Scarecrow has gone.] [Vanished.] [The narration began.]

There was more to this caper than I’d bargained for.

[The Silver Shroud adjusts his tie and swings his jacket, the scene coming to a close with a camera rising to the light that continues to swing above his head.] [Welcome to Monday Night Showcase!] [Two new comers will begin their Old School Wrestling careers here tonight as “The Bad Seed” Dick Devereaux takes on “Liberated” Nyx!] [The match begins with Devereaux and Nyx circling the ring. “The Bad Seed” showing some caution against his blind opponent as they measure each other up. It’s a lockup in the center of the ring to start things off, but Devereaux quickly uses a slight size advantage to push Nyx backwards into the ropes and now an irish whip across the ring. On the return AND NYX ducks a clothesline attempt! On the return, IT’S A SPEAR FROM THE “LIBERATED”. Nyx hurries into a cover to get ONE… but that’s all he gets this early and the match will continue.] [Nyx lifting Devereaux to his feet, BUT HE’S CAUGHT with a poke to the eye. Blind, but not intolerant to pain as Nyx CATCHES a forearm to the face. AND ANOTHER! AND AGAIN! A flurry of forearms as Nyx reeling backwards into the corner. He’s dazed, but he comes right back out with a head of steam and he’s CAUGHT by “The Bad Seed” and DROPPED to the canvas with a sidewalk slam. Dick going for the cover. ONE… TWO… NO! Nyx is able to push his way out to displeasure of his opponent. Devereaux won’t stop there as he lifts Nyx to his feet.] [Dick setting up now for an OVERHEAD belly to belly suplex. Superb execution there by “The Bad Seed” and into a cover. ONE… TWO… THREE!? NO! NO! Nyx slipped out just in time. Devereaux expressing some displeasure with the official over the speed of the count as he pulls Nyx to his feet once again AND NYX catches him with a fist to the midsection. AND THERE’S A KNEE TO THE GUT! Dick Devereaux dropping to a knee as Nyx takes a step back and ASHES TO ASHES! The “Liberated” moves in for the cover. ONE… TWO… THREE! HE GOT IT!!!] [Devereaux fumes on the inside as Nyx rolls under the ropes and to the outside in celebration. A great start to an Old School Wrestling career as a truly amazing athlete picks up his first victory!!] [We cut to the womens bathroom. We find Roxy Cotton alone, touching up her makeup in the mirror. Behind her, one of the stalls is occupied; the others are empty. The door to the occupied stall slowly swings open and Andre Aquarius steps out. Roxy sees him in the mirror and spins around, a look of shock on her face.]

“This is the ladies…” [She chokes out, unable to find the right words.] “You can’t be here.”

[Andre takes no notice of her words and comes closer to her.]

“Listen here, little Bruh Bruh. I know that you only signed that little biddy bit of paper because your ‘man’ told you to. I can see it in your eyes, you still want you a bit of Prince Lightskin’s meat, don’t you. Look… all you gotta do is tear up that bit of paper and we can forget this ever happened. Sealieve that, dollface.”

[Roxy doesn’t mince words. She simply kicks him… hard… in between the legs. The point of her stiletto strikes home, right in the family jewels. Aquarius drops to the ground with a high pitched scream. Roxy takes it upon herself to scream at him at the top of her lungs.]

“Get fucked… you sleazy scumbag.”

[It is at this point that Vinnie Lane bursts into the room, fists clenched and a fire in his belly.]

“Roxy, what is it? I heard you…” [He stops mid-sentence as he sees Andre on the bathroom floor, clutching at his balls.]

“You just don’t get the hint, do you? You are just some horny dog that needs to be put down. Well, I will put you to sleep, cockface… you’re going to be lucky to even get to Ring of Dreams.”

[With that, Vinnie picks Andre up by the scruff of his neck. The Hardcore Champion proves why he holds the belt as he proceeds to slam Andre’s skull into the vanity first then headfirst into the mirror, smashing it. Vinnie then tosses him back into the stall that he had come out of, unloading a Black Label Driver into the toilet! Vinnie Lane punctuates his outrage with a series of venomous stomps until Roxy pulls him away.

The pair leave the bathroom, leaving Andre Aquarius unmoving and unconscious behind them.] [The Wolf & The Hound scrap next, as Tommy Hawk and Jon Davenport make their debut in The School Yard!] [The bell rings and Hawk stalks his opponent, studying his every movement. Davenport paces nonchalantly, rolling his shoulder. Hawk moves in and peppers him with lefts and rights, backing Jon into the corner. The referee breaks them apart as Jon holds the ropes, complaining loudly. “Use your damn eyes, referee. Nyx sees better ‘n you do!”. He spits chewing tobacco onto the floor—fans chanting “THAT’S DIS-GUST-ING!”—and refocuses on Hawk, who crinkles his nose. The Native American unloads with a discus clothesline but Jon catches him aaand BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! One… T—strong kickout by Tommy early on!] [The Ole Huntin’ Hound Dog methodically stomps away at Hawk, drawing a fair bit of ire from the fans. “We goin’ at my pace!” he responds, grabbing Tommy’s hair—getting a warning—and slugging his downed opponent with a windup punch! He bounces off the ropes but lumbers back to drop a big elbow – finding nothing but mat! Tommy hits the ropes—DUCKS THE GEORGIA CRAWFISH IRON CLAW—and fells Davenport with a leaping shoulder block! Jon pops back up but eats another tackle! Tommy shakes his head and mane as he builds up steam – but Davenport checks him in for an AIRPLANE SPIN! “1, 2, 3, 4…” the crowd chant the number of rotations. “11, 12, 13—” Jon drops him like a sack of potatoes, stumbling round drunkenly himself.] [“LET’S GO TOM-EE!” the crowd take a shining to Hawk, rallying behind him as Jon drags him to the corner. He climbs onto the bottom rope—yes, bottom—and pats his dad-bod. MUD FLOP but Tommy rolls out of harm’s way just in time! Jon struggles back to his feet, nursing his abdomen. He winds up another haymaker but Tommy cuts him off with a swift boot to the gut, doubling him over. He hooiists him up and plants him with the RED ARROW! Hawk isn’t done though… he readies an air-tomahawk behind his back. Jon groggily gets up and turns round—Tommy charges—“YEEAAAHH!” DISCUS PALM STRIKE TO THE HEAD! He calls that THE SCALP! One… Two… Three!] [The fans pop as The Spirit Walker has his hand raised in victory. Jon lies flat on his back, complaining about “reservations stealin’ my money and him stealin’ the win!”.] [Marvolo is in his locker room admiring himself in the mirror. He flexes as he adds baby oil to his arms, making them glisten in the bright light.]

“Marvolo looks excellent tonight.” [He smiles showing that gold tooth] “Who is Marvolo kidding? He looks excellent every night.” [He walks over to a desk and picks up a note. He reads it silently, a knowing look seems to grow on his face as he reads. Suddenly, Raquel bursts into the room.]

“Marvolo! Marvolo!”

“What is it my dear? Is the FBI finally coming after Marvolo for his knowledge of the Kennedy assassination? Just because he was on the grassy knoll and knows exactly who is responsible doesn’t mean tha…..”

“No!” [She interrupts. Marvolo puffs himself up, but his attention changes to the television as Raquel turns it on, taking us to another scene altogether………] [Jake Jeckel is pacing back and forth in the School Yard’s parking garage. He checks his phone for the time, seems impatient and continues pacing. Not ten seconds later, he pulls his phone to check the time again, but this time, it rings in his hand. He quickly answers.]

“Where are you, asshole? ……… I’ve been waiting for a long fuc………. Don’t tell me to be patient …… you told me you’d be here twenty minutes ago….. It’s about fu….. Damn time…..”

[Jake hangs up the phone and puts it back in his pocket as headlights flash across the wall behind him. Suddenly a black sedan, extraordinarily nice, pulls up to Jake. He grabs the handle grip to the back seat and pulls. The door does not open. He tries again. Same result. He punches the tinted glass. The window rolls down about an inch.]

“Don’t ever hit my car again if you want to live to talk about it.” [A disembodied voice answers from inside the blackened car.] “Never.”

“Open the door. You said you wanted to meet tonight, here I am. Now open the damn door.”

“You don’t give the orders. I do.”

[Jeckel looks furious.]

“I’ve been going along with this campaign for weeks. I didn’t want to run, but you told me I’d win. You told me I’d have the power and ever since, I’ve had that idiot Marvolo to deal with. Why the hell should I keep it up? I’m getting really sick of this shi…..”

“You’ll keep it up, because I’ll make it very difficult on your brother if you don’t. You wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to Jack, would you?”

“If you touch Jack I’ll kill you. I will fu….”

“Enough. You’ll do nothing. Just keep the idiot in the mask quiet until next week. I’ll take care of it then.”

“Take care of it how? [Jeckel asks, but the only answer he gets is the window rolling up and the car driving off.] “Take care of it how!?!?” [Jeckel screams after the car, but to no avail. The scene fades as Jake flips the car off as it exits the garage.] [The scene cuts back to Marvolo, who quickly grabs the note again. He scans it.]

“The information is spot on. Next week, my dear, I will reveal the backer!”

[Marvolo puffs himself up, baby-oiled skin glistening. Raquel smiles.]

“Marvolo es sexy.”

[Marvolo doesn’t notice her advances, and the scene ends.] [Backstage and there’s an awful lot of people running around like headless chickens.] [And one man at the centre of it, puffing out his cheeks in frustration.]

“Would you just stop?” [Nyx asks politely, bringing a halt to proceedings.] “I don’t need to be pandered after. I can find my own way.”

[Everyone stops and backs off, that is until Dick Devereaux approaches. Ever the namesake, he starts waving his hands in front of Nyx, looking for a reaction.]

“Wow, so you really are blind huh? I thought that was a fucking joke!” [Dick exclaims loudly, mocking him somewhat.] “And to think you beat me in a match, huh?”

[Nyx smiles.] “I wouldn’t concern yourself with me, Devereaux. I can smell you well enough.”

[That immediately straightens Dick up, no double entendre intended.]

“Don’t think for one second that I won’t put you on your ass where you stand. I don’t care if you’re blind.”

“Well then, Let’s dance.” [‘The Liberated’ responds, readying himself for battle.] [Before these two can get into it though, Jon Davenport rounds the corner, happy to get between them only moments after his match.]

“Why don’t you boys save it for the ring, huh? This see no evil hear no evil crap can wait,” [Davenport says almost stoically. Both men turn their attention to him, their faces contorted in annoyance] “Or you can carry on being dumb and dumber for all I care. I’m just saying, some of us new guys have a little professionalism.”

[Dick smirks.] “Seriously, old man? Hold on, aren’t you that guy from YouTube?” [He says weighing it up whilst checking him out.] “Yeah, it’s you, the guy who stopped that robbery. Look at him, Nyx, thinking he’s a tough guy.”

“Are you kidding?” [Nyx points out, tapping his glasses.] “Look at him?”

“The coward shoots with shut eyes.”

[A deep voice suddenly interrupts them. All three men turn their attention to the hulk of a man standing to their left – Tommy Hawk himself.]

“Where the hell did you come from?” [Davenport asks.] [Nyx folds his arms.] “I heard him coming.”

[Dick and Jon look at him, rolling their eyes.]

“What I meant to say is that you two men, standing here, eyes wide open, may as well be eyes shut. You cannot see the forest for the tree’s and the predicament you soon find yourselves in. Mr. Flint has informed me that at Ring of Dreams, we will compete in a Fatal Four Way Match.” [Tommy says, calmly.] [Jon scoffs.] “Well ain’t that dandy. The old dog goes huntin’….”

[Dick cuts him off.] “The old dog gets put down.”

[All four men stand around each other, checking out the opposition. Nyx heads towards the direction of Tommy, who moves out of his way as he passes. Davenport and Dick go nose to nose, leaving Hawk watching from the sidelines.] [Wealth meets wit as “MNM” Max Million meets “The Rock n’ Roll Megastar” Vinnie Lane on the twenty-seventh edition of Old School Wrestling’s Showcase.] [The bell rings and Max Million viciously charges Vinnie Lane and tears him to the canvas with a takedown. Right hands rain down but Vinnie gets his forearms up to block what he can. The referee pulls Million away who charges back at Vinnie. POP! SUPERKICK to the face by Vinnie who hooks the leg with a cocky smile, One… Two…… Max gets a shoulder up! Lane pulls Million to his feet… arm wringer… he’s going for BAD MEDICINE… wait, Max pulls Vinnie to the mat… BAD INTENT! CROSSFACE!!] [Max has it locked in TIGHT as Vinnie Lane pulls himself to the bottom rope while Roxy screams from the sidelines. Million breaks the hold at four. Vinnie gets to his feet only to be knocked back down with a WICKED LARIAT!! Max goes for the cover, One… Two…… Lane gets a shoulder up. Both men on their feet… Max sends Vinnie off the ropes… Millions with a clothesline attempt dodged by Lane… off the rebound, Vinnie with a clothesline of his own but Million ducks this time… Lane off the bounce and Million doubles over for a back body drop… it’s scouted, Vinnie hooks his arms… HEARTBREAKER!!] [Vinnie rolls him over into the cover, One… Two……… NO!! Million with the shoulder up!! Vinnie’s getting frustrated as he scoops Max up for OPERATION MINDCRI– but Max slides down… SMALL PACKAGE– One… Two…… Vinnie barely makes it out!! Both men to their feet before Million plants Vinnie with a sinister SPINEBUSTER!! Max pulls Vinnie to his feet… kick to the midsection… he hooks Vinnie’s head, stares into the camera and shouts “this is for you, Royal!” In the air for STOCK DR– Vinnie slips through… SUPERKICK! A second SUPERKICK!! Million bounces off the ropes… SUPERKICK!! MY GOD!! Million falls to the mat as Vinnie covers, One…… Two……… Three!!!] [Vinnie Lane and Roxy make their way up the ramp with grins across their faces to a chorus of boos as Max Million clutches his jaw in the center of the ring.] [Recorded previously.] [A shot is shown of Gavin Davis sitting in his own home comfortably with his feet propped up. Pink socks adorn his feet with ‘Hug Life’ written on the toes as if they were stitched for him by a relative. Sitting beside him with a clammy expression is his friend Lilith. Sitting across from them is Micah Wright who smiles as the camera focuses to show her in the shot.]

“Gavin, first off, let us thank you for allowing us into your home since you weren’t going to make it this week to The Schoolyard.”


[The question catches Micah off guard but she smiles curiously as Gavin holds up a plate full.]

“No thank you. The question that is on everyone’s mind is this, is why you aren’t you going to be at Monday Night Showcase?”

“I’m not even on the roster, Micah! Why would I be there? I’m retired.”

“It hasn’t stopped you before. Have you finally given up on Axel The Shark? Is this your way of saying that he’s a lost soul?”

“Given up? You’ve got me all wrong! After what happened last week, I just needed to make sure Lilith was a-okay! No worries, Hug Life will be back in full force next week at Ring of Dreams to wake Axel up!”

[The sound of a bus stopping is heard outside which catches Micah’s attention slightly. As a professional, she ignores it though.]

“Well, that’s great to hear. What exac-”

[CRASH!] [The front window caves in as a crew-member from Old School Wrestling slumps to the floor amidst the glass and blinds. Standing outside of the window, a glimpse of a fin is seen before it swims away. Gavin begins searching inside of the cushions of the couch he’s sitting on. He pulls out…]

“Oh my god! Is that a gun?!”

“Of course it is! It’s the Shark-Nice-Guy-Alizer 9000! It’s the perfect thing to stop him from ever harming Lilith again!”

[Another window crashes through but this time, The Shark leaps through the window as he comes to his knees with a sinister grin upon his face.]


[Gavin pulls the trigger!] [Static…] [We’re about to begin another installment of the “Detention Match” with Doubt waiting inside the classroom for Safiy Allah’s arrival.] [LOOK OUT! Safiy Allah from the back of the classroom, leaping from the top of a desk and nailing Doubt with a flying drop kick. Chairs go flying and this one is underway. Safiy pulling Doubt to his feet now and GERMAN SUPLEX THROUGH A DESK! MY GAWD THE LEGS OF THAT DESK BASICALLY FLATTENED OUT! Allah going for the cover out of instinct, but then remembers the rules of the game. He stands to his feet and he’s headed to the outside. Safiy made it BUT DOUBT IS THERE with a jumping high knee to send Allah across the hall and run straight into the wall!!] [Both men a little staggered now. Doubt pulling it together and he’ll send “Allah’s Chosen” back into the classroom with an irish whip, but NO! Allah reverses it and follows it. DOUBT LEAPS ONTO THE TEACHERS DESK AND MOONSAULTS BACK ONTO SAFIY ALLAH! WHAT A MOVE!! Doubt turns away and claps his hand! LOOK OUT! “THE CAUSE OF DOUBT” BUT HE MISSED IT!! Allah moved out of the way and Doubt misses with that modified moonsault. Both men are down and both are struggling to get to their feet. Up they come. Slowly. There’s a big right hand from Doubt AND THE SAME FROM ALLAH!] [Back and forth now they go. Exchanging blows. Doubt with a KNEE to the gut of Allah. Wait a second. It’s the double underhook. “Eating Yourself Alive” comin’… NO! BACKBODY DROP from Allah and Doubt LANDS ON HIS FEET! Both men turn “ALLAH’S WILL”!!

Safiy nails his finisher and Doubt is down. He may be out! Allah is headed to the door and isn’t looking back. What’s he doing? He’s just standing there, staring at a downed Doubt and now Safiy shutting the classroom door and LOCKING IT TO PICK UP THE VICTORY!!!] [Allah raises his hand in victory as he continues to glare through the glass window of the classroom door; looking on at his fallen opponent.]

The Chosen of Allah stands in the ring, microphone in hand as he angrily barks to the crowd.]

“Infidels! Where do you hide the man who dared challenge me and my God? Where is Creeping Death!?”

[The crowd is silent, not telling a thing, obviously not knowing where Death is, and likely not telling if they did.]

“Silence? Fine. Then I will leave my message here. At Ring of Dreams, MY dream is to drive Death to his knees. I will take death and leave him in a heap. My dream is his demise!”

[The crowd cheers on Safiy’s hatred for Creeping Death, his rant soon brought to an end by the sound of a fuzzy video feed hitting the titantron, Creeping Death standing on the other end, shaking his head.]

“A simple dream, Safiy. You would think a man who worships an idol so fiercely would dream bigger, but you still focus on me, Safiy. Why? Is it because I oppose you? Do I injure your little image of your so called God? My Dream is to open you eyes, as they are obviously glued shut.”

[Safiy almost throws down his mic as he yells back at Death, infuriated.]

“You think yourself above my God? I will prove you are nothing, Death! For if end you, then I will survive as the true chosen of Allah. And if you end me, I will stand by Allah’s side. I am immortal, you are nothing!”

[The two stare one another before Safiy rushes to the back, going on a rampage as he hits the backstage, the scene fading out as Death laughs over the titantron.] [Errol Flint is backstage packing away documents into a suitcase and looking like he needs to split. Destiny enters, looking extremely confused.]

“What the hell is going on?” [She demands to know.] [Errol keeps packing and doesn’t stop.]

“I’m late for an important business meeting, kiddo. I can’t get into this right now.”

“What’s more important than what you promised me?” [Destiny says.] “You said we’d finish him and he’s not even here tonight.”

“Exactly. There’s a time and a place for Mike Lane. I understand you’re frustrated and want to see him hurt, I get it, I’m right there with you but I have to go and meet with my lawyers to secure the future of this company.”

[Destiny folds her arms.] “And Van Chan? Should I speak with him?”

“Absolutely. That guy needs to know what he’s getting himself into with our World Champion. Have a conversation, fill him in and let him make his own mind up. You know the drill, kid. You know what’s at stake.”

“Fine,” [She moans reluctantly.] “And this meeting of yours, what’s it about?”

“Old School Wrestling has been financially secured for years to come. The business model is flawless. As the owner and proprietor, as long as I’m alive and well, this company keeps on ticking. ‘The Network’ and our contract plays into that but as of last week, I’d consider that relationship fractured.”

[Destiny seems shocked.] “What does that mean?”

[Errol heads towards the door, suitcase in hand.]

“It means that I have to secure the business against anyone willing to take me out to control it. It means that I need to insure this company and premises against damage should anything happen to it. For all intents and purposes, he’s coming and I need to be ready.”

“Who!?” [Destiny begs the question.]

“I don’t know yet. I just don’t know.”

[The scene comes to a close with Flint heading out of the office.] [The bell rings as Chase rushes forward, peppering Scarecrow with rights and lefts that barely affect the monster let alone move him. Chase backs up, bouncing off the ropes before slamming his knee into the gut of Scarecrow who barely flinches from the blow. Hero backs off again, confusion in his face as he rushes to the ropes once more, but an early Superkick is ducked under, and as Chase turns back around, MASSIVE HAYMAKER. Chase stumbles to his feet, holding his jaw in pain right into the waiting arms of Scarecrow who slams him over his knee with a bone shattering backbreaker] [Chase goes down hard, holding his back in pain but he barely hits the canvas before Scarecrow pulls him up again, hoisting him up onto his shoulder as he tries for a powerslam. but Chase drops down behind, taking him down with a leaping reverse bulldog. Scarecrow slowly gets to his feet as a wild right is ducked under, LUNGBLOWER! The Savior calls for the end, waiting for the Harvester to slowly get to his feet as he’s kicked in the gut, and lifted up onto Chase’s shoulders, HERO’S DUT…NO! Scarecrow drops down behind, nearly taking Hero’s head off with a massive Big Boot as he turns around] [Scarecrow pulls the dazed Hero up to his feet, before lifting him up and damn near murdering him with a massive Powerbomb that shakes the ring. Hero looks done as Scarecrow calls for the end, lifting him up high into the air, BYE BYE BIRDIE! Chase impacts hard as Scarecrow drops down slowly, hooking the leg for the sure victory. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The bell ring as Scarecrow’s hand is raised in victory, the Harvester looking down on the destroyed Hero as a creepy smile grows on the patchwork face of Scarecrow before the lights go out for a second. When they come on, Scarecrow is nowhere to be found] [“God Save the Queen” hits and the crowd boo’s wildly as Nigel Royal steps through the curtain; Union Jack flag draped over his shoulders like a cape. Hand on his heart, the Bloodline screams…]

“God save the Queen!”

[Royal is followed closely by four guards as he slowly makes his way to the ring. A guard who appears to be his head of security trades the Bloodline his flag for a microphone but Royal waits for his anthem to finish before he speaks. The crowd doesn’t wait to let Nigel have it though.]

“You people are filth!” [Royal is disgusted by the disrespect shown to his anthem.] “But I’m not here for you peons. I’m here to address a rabid animal whom, in all honesty, needs to be put down.”

“M-N-M! M-N-M! M-N-M!” [A Million chant rolls through the arena.]

“That’s right you dolts, MNM. Now, my security has informed me that Max has already vacated the premises…” [The crowd isn’t pleased by this news.] “…but I won’t let that stop me from speaking my mind. You see, Max is a stupid, hideous, no good…”

“I GOT BIG MONEY, I DRIVE BIG CARS!” [“Big Money” by The Game hits the P.A.] [It’s MNM! Nigel’s security was wrong! He IS in the building; and the crowd is going ballistic! Max walks out on stage with a microphone and a smirk.]

“What’s the matter Nigel? Did someone feed your security false information?”

[Royal kicks the ropes and stomps his feet; singling out his head of security by shoving a finger in his face.]

“You incompetent twat!” [Nigel nearly pokes the man’s eye out.] “What kind of half a’ retard are you!?!”

“But sir…” [SMACK! Nigel backhands him across the face!] [The guard looks upset… angry… wait, he’s throwing up his hands! He’s had enough. Oh my God, Nigel’s head of security is walking out on him! Royal just smirks… until another guard follows! And another, and another! And now Nigel Royal finds himself alone in the ring!!]

“Hey! Get back here you ingrates! Now!”

[But his guards don’t listen! As they the exit the arena they pass by MNM who has a grin across his face a mile long. As the last guard passes, Max points to Nigel and charges the ring!]

“Wait, wait, wait!” [Nigel demands… but MNM keeps on charging!] “No, no, no! Listen to me…” [The last thing MNM wants to do is listen to Nigel; he slides into the ring!] “You want to get your hands on me, do it in a match! I’ll give you a match!”

[MNM stops… the two nearly face to face now, and it looks like it’s taking everything MNM’s got not to pounce.]

“Yeah, a match… at Ring of Dreams!”

[MNM looks slightly interested. Max lifts the microphone, still in his right hand.]

“Why should I wait ‘till Ring of Dreams!?! Why shouldn’t I beat your ass right here, right now!?!”

[The crowd pops.]

“Because… you want revenge, don’t you? Well, if you hold off until Ring of Dreams… I’ll face you…” [Nigel seems to be having a hard time saying this…] “…in a Buried Alive re-match!”

[MNM smirks even though he’s seething right now, and the crowd are conflicted; fight now, or Buried Alive at ROD?]

“Re-match!?! You call what you did to me at Pandemonium a match!?!”

[MNM clenches his fists! He’s wanted to get his hands on Nigel for months now and finally he has him… but he doesn’t strike.]

“Fine!” [The crowd is torn but ultimately they pop.] “You’ve weaseled your way out of yet another beating, Nigel! But you ain’t ganna’ weaseling your way out next week. Not after I bury your ass six feet deep!” [Max flexes and Nigel backs off; MNM smiles.] “I’ll see you at Ring of Dreams.”

[MNM drops the microphone and slowly backs off Nigel. Max slides out of the ring, leaving the Bloodline looking relieved… until Royal realizes what he just set into motion here. At Ring of Dreams, someone’s Dream gets buried six, feet, deep!] [Here we are in The Showcase match of the night! Tonight we have Ash Williams fighting against Creeping Death. Both men are in the Sweet Dreams match come Ring of Dreams!] [The match starts with Creeping Death taking off across the ring with a huge clothesline. Ash ducks underneath as Death slams into the corner. Ash gets in close and begins delivering vicious shots to the ribs, only Death connects with an elbow to the back of Ash’s head. Ash takes a step back and Death is on him. The short lariat takes Ash to his back but he rebounds up. DEATH Valley Driver from Creeping Death himself. He hooks a leg. One…Two…No! Ash gets a shoulder up. Death grabs a handful of hair and drags him to his feet quickly.] [The referee distracts him long enough with criticism of the hair-pull for Ash to get an uppercut in. Death loses his balance momentarily as Ash hits the second rope and bounces off for a headbutt! Both men hit the ground but Ash seems slightly the better from the result. Ash hits the ropes before dropping a leaping fist strike to the jaw. Death begins to get up just as Ash smiles widely. He hits the ropes and leaps forward for a BOOMS-NO! Death is able to evade the blow. Boma Ye to the dome flattens Ash but Death pulls him up quick for a brainbuster! Death covers. One…Two…NO!] [Death looks a little surprised but pulls Ash up to his feet. Ash nails him with a discuss forearm! He kicks Death in the gut and hooks his arms. HAIL TO THE- NO! Death squirms out before… BLACK MIST! Only Ash ducks the mist! Ash kicks Death in the midsection before hitting the rope and nailing him with a leaping European uppercut! Death flies backwards into the ropes before hooking it with his arm. Ash Williams begins climbing the turnbuckle which is weird territory for him. Death leaps to the second rope but Ash punches him down. Ash leaps for… BOOOM- BICYCLE KNEE STRIKE! Ash is nailed by the knee as he is flattened on the mat. Death hooks both legs. One…Two…THREE!] [Death smiles down at his victim as he walks out of the ring with his head held high. It’s a big win on his Road to the Ring of Dreams.] [Recorded previously.] [Static… it clears to show Gavin Davis holding the gun with nervous hands. He pulls the trigger again and again as water shoots from the barrel and hits The Shark on the chest. The Shark looks down at his soaked chest before yanking Lilith to her feet as she screams.]

“Don’t! Stop! This isn’t you, Axel!”

“I told you. It’s The SHARK.”

[The Shark holds her close as he breathes in her aroma. He undoes the bandages revealing the wound, barely healed from the week earlier. His tongue flicks across the gashes as his eyes seem to dilate.]

“Stop it!” [Gavin yells with fear stricken across his face. The Shark’s eyes go back to normal.]

“Give me what I want. One more match or I feed.”

[The Shark obviously doesn’t mind either option as his mouth opens wide, prepared to drain the whimpering Lilith once more.]

“Fine! Just let her go!”

[The Shark releases her but only to grab her once again, pulling her close.]

“Not yet. There is one additional. Our match will be a Shark Pit match. Our match will happen as the water surrounds the ring just like the Ark match. Only our moat will be filled with my kin. The loser is the first person to be dunked into the Shark infested waters. Then and only then… will it be feeding time.”

[The Shark’s grin widens as Gavin’s face falls.]

“You’re on.”

[The Shark makes up for his end and throws Lilith back to Gavin as he holds her close. The Shark begins to swim away but not before grabbing Micah who screams. He quickly sinks his teeth into her neck as he begins draining the blood! Gavin tries to get up again, but his previously broken back just isn’t allowing it.]

“I held up my end of the deal. At Ring of Dreams, Hug Life dies!”

[The Shark throws Micah to them before swimming out of the window and into the darker waters of the street.] [The team of Ash Williams and Chase Hero are seen outside of the Schoolyard, Ash searching through the trunk of a car before pulling out a bat, handing it to Hero before grabbing his own sledgehammer.]

“Ash, what’s the point of the weapons? They won’t come out and fight, so why carry them around?”

“Because, kid, we can’t think they’ll stay hidden. They won’t, and we’re ready for that. And if they stay hidden? Then we won’t need them.”

[Chase rolls his eyes a bit, having not thought that far ahead as Ash leads the way inside of the schoolyard, going through a maintenance area to an elevator that leads up to the main backstage. He clicks the button and stands back with Chase.] [Chase smirks.] “So if we’re staying alert for everything, then I can suppose we should be ready for a bear in the elevator?”

“Smart ass.”

[As it would turn out, Chase wasn’t far off. The sound of knocking is heard as the elevator doors open, a WAVE OF BLOOD SPILLING FROM THE ELEVATOR! Ash and Chase are swept up in in momentarily, the duo finding pipes to hold onto, losing their weapons in the flood. As the apparent blood formed a pool on the floor, they look towards the elevator and KNOCK KNOCK IS THERE! A brawl breaks out between the two teams, Knock Knock with the surprise, and Smiley Junior giving more of an advantage. But Ash and Chase edge out! The two heroes show great fortitude as they force Knock Knock back towards the elevator.]

“Come get some!”

[The Heroes and Knock Knock brawl until both sides come to a stand still, staring each other down, Doubt speaking.]

“You may persevere now, but at Sweet Dreams, EVERYTHING, becomes a nightmare. You would do well to remember that.”

[Chase spits the blood from his mouth before smirking, his smile still somehow perfect.]

“Well, I guess you better dream well while you still can.”

[Knock Knock doesn’t answer, the lights going out, coming up to reveal the team to be gone, and the Heroes standing tall.] [The Shark stands eyeing Anna Goodchild wildly. He was able to taste blood last week, and would like nothing more than to feast again. In the opposite corner stands, Anna Goodchild. Almost stoically as she locks eyes with The Shark.] [The bell sounds and we begin. The Shark lunges forward but Anna ducks deftly out of the way. The Shark turns around again to face Anna but is met with a series of stiff karate chops punctuated with a Spinning Heel Kick. The Shark is down on the mat but has the presence of mind to roll to the floor. Anna stands in the ring awaiting The Shark to re-enter. He does, Anna goes for a Super Kick but The Shark ducks and plants her with a viscous German Suplex on the back of her head. The Shark covers…1 ….2….NO! ] [The Shark lifts Anna up by the hair and takes a deep breathe of air, as if hinting to a scent. The Shark delivers a picture perfect Snap Suplex and creates some distance between himself and Anna and delivers the Sushi Kick! The Shark lands in a pinning position 1…..2……NO! Anna gets her right shoulder of the mat just in time to avoid the three. The Shark rises to his feet, attempting to lift Anna once more by the hair. Anna breaks free of his grip knocking The Shark off balance and lands a Super Kick!] [Shark reels backward but Anna closes the distance with a Hurricanrana and in one swift motion is on the top rope. Anna hits a Frog Splash to The Shark. 1…..2…..NO! The Shark forcefully kicks out and begins to rise to one knee. Anna is waiting for the correct position and seeing her chance nails the sunset flip powerbomb! The Shark rolls through with the momentum and now has Anna in a powerbomb position but transitions into a front face lock and delivers the DDT!] [Both competitors are on the mat as the standing count begins to take place. Anna is using the ropes to assist herself in getting back to her feet and The Shark is on one knee. The Shark with a burst of energy charges in at Anna and attempts the Leg Lariat! Driving Anna down to the mat hard. Taking advantage of the positioning The Sharks locks in the Asylum Special! Anna writhes in pain but is ultimately forced to tap out.]

“This is it, Feebz.”

[Danielle Kersh paces back and forth in the hallway before Phoebe Outlaw, who has a confident grin on her face. In her hand she has a piece of paper.]

“Can we get this over with?”

[On the other side of the hallway, Brent Kersh stands. His eyes are locked on Dani, who has covered the last vestiges of her fading black eye with makeup.”

“Over with? Brent, this is just the prelude.” [Phoebe answers.] “Once we’ve signed this form, OSW takes no liability for what happens to us at Ring of Dreams. No Holds Barred, old man. Think you can handle me?”

[Kersh just laughs.]

“Talk all you want, but you’ve run all over me for months now, Phoebe. Ring of Dreams is my opportunity to do what I do. End it.”

[Dani gets between them.]

“The only thing that will end is you, Brent. You’ve talked about me going home and rebuilding, but after Phoebe is done with you, it’s your turn to tuck your tail between your legs. Mom will be happy to take care of you, and maybe you’ll find a nice place to spend your time. Retirement homes are awfully nice this time of year.”

[Brent shakes his head, and looks down at her.]

“I’m not going anywhere, Danielle. You’re going to have to come up with a new dream, and when Phoebe fails you, I’ll be there to pick you up. Until then, I’m going to fight until I can fight no more, because I’m the Enforcer and that’s what I do.”

[Phoebe places the paper up against the wall and signs it with a red pen. She tosses the paper and pen at Brent.]

“There’s no shame in just letting the new overtake the old, Kersh. Just remember that I’ve got the hottest manager in the business, and she will make sure I win at Ring of Dreams.”

[Kersh slowly puts his John Hancock on the paper with a smile.]

“And you had better remember, Phoebe, that I have been dealing with that manager since she was born. You can bring an army if you want, but nothing is going to stop me destroying you, Outlaw. Because that’s the Texas way.”

[Outlaw snorts as she walks away. Danielle lingers for a moment to wink at her old man before she walks off. Brent Kersh just heaves a heavy sigh before heading down the hall. A large battle looms on the distance for these two.] [Opposites attract as these strange bedfellows teams clash, but can either pairing co-exist this close to Ring of Dreams?] [Luther demands that Pig start, to which Hunter happily obliges, playing the long game. Outlaw beats Brent to the punch, and he simmers on the apron. Outlaw rushes Pig at the bell, pushing him back with shoot-style kicks and jabs. She grabs his greasy hair and goes for the running bulldog but the Monster shoves her on her tailbone – SMACK! Stiff kick to the back from Pig, who tears into the ropes and hits a running dropkick to the seated Outlaw! One… Tw—Brent breaks it up! Pig starts after the Enforcer but the referee holds him back. Hunter sticks his hand out and, perhaps playing games of his own, Luther nods at Pig for the tag!] [Hunter races in and grabs Phoebe’s foot as she crawls over to Kersh, but she turns around aaand ENZUIGIRI! James goes down as Outlaw reaches Brent – SLAP! She just slapped her own partner! “I don’t need your help!” she snarls – big boot by The Question! Outlaw’s bullheadedness could cost them this! One… Two… No! Phoebe still in it, Brent not interfering. Hunter stomps a mudhole in Phoebe, then snatches her up for a BRAINBUSTER! One… Two… Thrshoulder up! Hunter starts motioning for calm, waiting for her to get up… RELAX CLOTHESLINE—SHE DUCKS AND HE HITS PIG—NORTHERN EXPOSURE NECKBREAKER TO HUNTER!] [Phoebe knows she’s spent and craaawls over to Brent… hot tag! The Enforcer narrowly avoids a QUICK QUESTION BULLHAMMER and runs through Hunter with a freight train of a SPEAR! He gets him up and sends him into the ropes – SPINEBUSTER! He covers… “Pig’s legal, Kersh!” yells the referee – the friendly-fire clothesline was a tag! Brent races to his feet – MARCH OF THE PIGS! The legal man stands over Kersh as Hunter nods his head, recovering on the apron. MARCH OF THE PIGS TO HUNTER TOO! Luther cackles and orders Pig to bring him in hardway and “hang him out to dry!”. Hunter is all alone! The now-legal man stumbles round right into SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!] [Pig stalks backstage as Hunter slowly realises he was outplayed tonight. Brent and Outlaw “celebrate” their victory in the ring, icy tension between them.] [We’re once again just moments away from another Lux Bellator Match and this week, The Ministry aren’t dotted throughout the arena, oh no, they’re forming a barricade on the entrance ramp that surrounds the ring and the ramp way itself.] [Solomon stands amongst them, a microphone in hand.]

“The biggest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist. Only you went further than that, didn’t you Bellator? You convinced the entire world that the Devil himself was the Lord’s favourite soldier!”

[The fans boo as Solomon spits venom.]

“Last week, you made a mockery of our attempts to stop you, but tonight you will not. I have built my ark in anticipation of the rain, Bellator!”

[The arena is plunged into blackout. A single beam of light shines down on the stage, illuminating a solitary figure as the guitar line of “Holy” by Mariachi El Bronx begins to play.] [In the light from above, the black hooded figure shrugs off his robes to reveal a shimmering pure white mask, shining brightly in the UV light. Lux Bellator steps off the stage, starting down the ramp into a flood of golden light. The Light Warrior had arrived.] [The Ministry attack instantaneously, only Bellator isn’t alone. Those who approach him are quickly fended off as warriors in white hooded cloaks appear on stage, brawling with The Ministry. Solomon backs away, trying to escape down the ramp as Bellator chases in hot pursuit.] [Lux slides into the ring right behind Solomon, ducking a Clothesline attempt and Springboarding off the ropes to catch him with a DDT.] [The rest of ringside meanwhile is awash with cloaked warriors fighting amongst themselves. It’s astonishing. The white tide soon beat back the darkness, standing tall over The Ministry as Lux Bellator stands over Solomon inside the ring, a microphone within his grasp.]

“Where the darkness invades, the light breaks through. Your heathens may wish to put an end to Lux Bellator but my Torchbearers will carry the light of our Lord, with, or without me.”

[Bellator lowers his head.]

“Follow the light.”

[We head to a commercial break as the Torchbearers set up around ringside to make sure that The Ministry of Light don’t break down their defences and get to Lux Bellator here tonight.] [The Arm of God will attempt to bend the bars of the Dungeons of London in this highly-anticipated submission match tonight!] [Nigel looks around ringside uneasily; Bellator’s Torchbearers surround them, safeguarding their leader and his livelihood from the Ministry. The bell sounds and Nigel goes for a takedown on Lux but gets caught in a front facelock. Nigel struggles before spinning into a wristlock, clubbing the shoulder for good measure. Lux grunts and reverses the hold, wrenching Royal’s arm out its socket! Nigel wrestles with him before kicking his knee out and going for his own FUJIWARA ARMBAR, but Lux counters his own submission with a schoolboy, transitioning into a SHARPSHOOTER! Nigel rolls out, however, spinning Lux through the air!] [Both men gather themselves, limbs and joints burning. Nigel swings at Lux, who goes under and into the ropes—TILT-A-WHIRL HEADSCISSORS—into the ARM OF GOD—NO! Royal drops him into a BACKBREAKER! “OOOOHHHH!” the crowd groan as Lux screams and flexes his fingers, still in the backbreaker. Nigel twists his fingers and falls back – BENDING LUX IN HALF OVER HIS KNEES! The referee pleads with Lux to let him end it, but he screams “NOOO!” defiantly. Gritting his teeth, he rolls out of the hold, damn near separating his shoulder! “BELL-A-TOR, BELL-A-TOR!” the fans rally behind the wounded Light Warrior, who pulls himself up with the ropes.] [Royal swings again but Lux snatches his arm – HE’S GOING FOR A CROSSFACE! Could this be a preview of Ring of Dreams for Nigel!? The Bloodline sandbags the weakened Bellator and pops him in the face—he grabs the arm—DUNGEONS OF LONDON! Nigel cranks the hold, nearly ripping Lux’s spine out! “PLEASE DON’T TAP, PLEASE DON’T TAP!” Lux’s hand is perilously close to the mat… will he tap!? LUX FLIPS OUT OF IT, DAMAGED BACK AND ALL! Nigel races to his feet and eats the headscissors into the DDT! LUX WITH THE ARM OF GOD LOCKED IN! Royal stretches towards the ropes, his eyes wide with pain… but he decides Max is his real concern and TAPS OUT!] [Lux Bellator can barely stand, Nigel having come within a hair’s breadth of submitting him, but the Light Warrior shines bright!] [Inside of an empty room backstage, there is a meeting of the minds. Between all of the concrete walls and damp floor, Bobby Neptune and Anna Goodchild stand across from one another. It’s time for yet another round of their attempts to convince one another of the others correctness about the universe.]

“What’s on deck, Anna?” [Neptune fires off, confident in the face of previous encounters.] “Another parlor trick? I didn’t bring any matches this week, so I hope you don’t burn down the Schoolyard. We are inside this time.”

[She actually grins at his humorous comments.]

“No, Bobby.” [She exudes confidence as she walks towards him.] “Tonight is all about you.”

“Me?” [Neptune answers, confused.]

“Oh yes, tonight is about you and how your selfishness has ruined the lives of everyone around you.”

[Neptune rolls his eyes and places his hands on his hips.]

“This should be good. Let’s hear it.”

[Goodchild backs away with a grin on her face.]

“Your disappearance and transformation hurt everyone in your life but you. It turned you into the man that stands before me with no cares for those that surrounded him in his previous life. When one accepts the Lord into their heart, they don’t leave behind those that came before, they try to bring them along on their journey.”

[Neptune shakes his head.]

“And I think we’ve all seen what happens when that happens from the newly converted. How many have to die before we get that message that some people don’t want to follow that path.”

[Goodchild grins, her message not done.]

“How did your family feel about you leaving your life behind for all of this?”

[Bobby snorts.]

“They came around. Some were even in attendance at Pandemonium.” [He sheepishly looks down.] “I kind of lost though.”

[Anna smiles.]

“Letting them down as always, I see.”

[The All Star Champ rolls his eyes and taps his foot in impatience. Anna ignores it.]

“What about your job? You left them high and dry.”

“They wished me well. I was just another entry level guy that could be replaced easily.” [Neptune quickly responds.]

“What about your fiancee?”

[Neptune’s eye brow raises at that one.]

“She may have said it was okay, but think about how she felt when the love of her life decided that he had seen the wonders of the universe and that they didn’t include her? Imagine how she felt when everything she had planned for in her life all went away from what could be explained as a drug induced hallucination. Maybe she thought you were falling into addiction. Maybe she thought you were sick in some regard. All of her life, she had dreamed of the picturesque wedding and being a princess, but then you decided that you had seen the universe and it was all over for her. Did you ever…”

[Neptune levels Goodchild with a right hand. He mounts her, and rains down shots for a moment before standing up and frowning. All of the rage seems to dissipate, and he walks away from Goodchild, who looks up and smiles.]

“See you at Ring of Dreams, Starboy.”

[The maybe-future mayor of Las Vegas, Jake Jeckel enters to red, white, and blue fireworks, secret funder be damned. He slides into the ring to find Shroud already there, having slinked in from the shadows.] [Jeckel immediately tried to take him out with a giant haymaker, but Shroud dodges easily, bouncing down tot he mat and delivering a vicious heel kick to Jake’s midsection, and spinning back hand on the rebound! Jeckel is stunned, trying to find his place in the ring. Shroud runs and jumps onto the middle rope, and springs back for a MOONSAULT – BUT NO! Jeckel catches Shroud and drives a few elbows to his face. Shroud is Jeckel’s rag doll right now as Jake moves him into position and VERTEBREAKER! The clown covers the detective: One…Two.-KICKOUT!

[Jeckel grins, grabs the Shroud by the throat and throttles his head into the mat to a huge BOOOOOOOOOOOO! He picks Shroud up by his hair – and Uppercut! Followed by another! BRAIN BUSTER! Shroud is out on the mat as Jeckel rolls down and drops a leg on on Shroud’s knee! Shroud screams in pain as Jeckel’s foot slams his other knee into the mat. Jeckel signals for end – he grabs Shroud’s leg….and LOCKS IN AN ELEVATED BOSTON CRAB! THE RIDDLE BOX! Shroud is barely hold in on…will he taaaap??? Shroud screams get louder as Jeckel twists his leg like a frustrated Bop-it player. He makes one big lunge forward….and HE MAKES IT TO THE ROPES!] [The ref makes Jeckel release the hold, Shroud unsteadily gets back to his feet. But Jeckel is on him agai-NO! PELE KICK TO JECKEL OUT OF NOWHERE. Jeckel is on his knees. Shroud runs towards the ropes, but his legs give out on him! He stumbles, Jeckel grabs him from behind, but no! Shroud reverses-and gives Jeckel the PALE JUSTICE! Now he’s off the ropes – LONG ARM OF THE LAW! Shroud makes the cover: ONE.. TWO…. THREE! Shroud defeats the King.] [The Shroud gets to his feet and raises his arms, a huge victory tonight. Then the lights blink, and he his no longer there] [Backstage in a large conference room with the floor cleared, Nigel Royal sits at a table. His confidants and security swarm him, shoving documents and headshots under his nose, which he lazily peruses—]

“Hello, hello, hello. What’s all this then?”

[Nigel and his men look up at the sound of the booming voice to see Marvolo in their midst, Raquel following closely. Nigel turns his nose up at Marvolo’s ignorance.]

“This is the audition for the vacant Head of Security position at Royal Enterprises and all its subsidiaries!”

[Marvolo nods and looks around, impressed.] “What happened to the old Head of Security?”

“He didn’t work out.” [Royal smiles with all the sincerity of a human resources manager.]

“That’s unfortunate. You know, Marvolo was once JFK’s bodyguard!”

[Nigel frowns.] “JFK was assassinated.”

“It was Marvolo’s day off.” [#1 replies nonchalantly. Raquel taps him on the shoulder. He turns his head and notices the tight perimeter Royal’s men have formed around him. He strokes his goatee and edges back.]

“Well, Marvolo will just be getting out of your hair now…”

“Oh, you’re not going anywhere. You haven’t auditioned.” [Nigel smiles again, much more enthusiastically this time.] [Marvolo makes for the door but a heavyset black man steps in front of it, eyeing up his mask.]

“If I pull that off, will you cry?”

“It would be extremely painful—”

“You’re a small guy.”

“—for you.”

“End him!” [Nigel orders.] [The black man swings for Marvolo, but he ducks it and TOUCH OF DEATH nerve hold! Raquel screams and hides under a table pushed up against the wall. Another two of Nigel’s hired goons charge Marvolo, but he side-steps them at the last second and they crack skulls, slumping to the ground. The last bodyguard grabs Marvolo in a sleeper hold, but in the ensuing struggle they both trip on his cape and go flying—Raquel squeals and crawls out from under the table—CRUNCH!]

Clap. Clap. Clap. [Nigel approaches Marvolo, who lays atop the rubble.] “Good. Very good. I think Royal Enterprises has an opportunity to extend your way.” [He tosses a business card onto #1’s chest.] “We’ll be in touch.”

[With that, Nigel puts his Raybans on and leaves the room as Raquel tends to Marvolo.] [The number one contender is in action tonight as Bruce Van Chan looks nervously around. You never know where another threat on his life could arise. Smiley twirls his Smiley Jr. crowbar as he seems to enjoy the growing paranoia.] [The bell sounds as the two men circle around. Smiley points at the corner turnbuckle. Bruce flinches but only for a second. Long enough for Smiley to charge and crack him in the gut with Smiley Jr! Bruce buckles over as Smiley raises it up and brings it down across his back. The Real Frickin’ Deal falls to his knees and he’s in bad shape at the outset of the match. Smiley runs off the rope and connects with CHELSEA GRIN which sends Chan out of the ring. Smiley rebounds off the ropes before rushing towards the others before leaping over onto Bruce!] [But Bruce moves! Smiley crashes to the ground as Bruce Van Chan looks underneath the ring. He pulls out a trash can full of items. Bruce looks within and pulls out what appears to be a hockey stick! Smiley gets to his knees and WHAM! The hockey stick smashes into his gut. Bruce raises the weapon above his head and brings it down across his back. Smiley begins crawling away before accidentally knocking the trash can over. A bag rolls out as Smiley’s smile extends. Bruce charges him but Smiley puts his hand into the bag. THROWING SALT TO THE EYES OF BRUCE!] [Bruce staggers backwards as he drops the hockey stick. Smiley rushes him for a PSYCHOTHERAPY! The spear takes him off his feet. Smiley grabs up Bruce and rolls him back into the ring. The Asylum member crawls up to the top and leaps off for a top rope leg drop! TRAUMA! Bruce is able to roll out of the way though! Bruce wipes the salt from his eyes as he sneaks up behind Smiley. He hooks his head for NAP TIME! Bruce sees Smiley Jr sitting on the ground. He lifts up the crowbar and DRIVES IT DOWN ONTO THE RIBS OF SMILEY! Only Smiley is able to catch the crowbar and yank Bruce to his back. Both men get to their feet and… HIDEOUS LAUGHTER! Bruce is caught as he is laid out. Smiley manages to get an arm across his chest. One…Two…THREE!] [Both men are spent but Smiley gets to his feet with an uneasy grin on his face. He lifts up Smiley Jr. and nails Bruce with it again! The referee gets in between them as Smiley teases hitting him with the crowbar before finally exiting the ring.] [Backstage, Luther paces back and forth. He twists his goatee while he regards Pig.]

“You and me, boy. We’re in this together. How long have we been against the world?” [Luther asks the stone faced Pig. He naturally doesn’t respond, just staring straight ahead.] [Luther sits down on a bench, taking a deep breath. He closes his eyes for just a moment, and when they open he hisses.]

“Say nothing, Luther.” [James Hunter’s bass rumbles above him.] “This ax will find its mark if you do.”

[The scene is simple. Luther sitting down with Hunter’s ax to his throat. James sits casually next to him, holding the ax with ease. He seems amused by the scene before him.]

“I hate to evoke Oprah here, Luther, but this is about the meeting between a mother and her son.”

[Luther seethes as the rest of the scene is revealed. Pig sits, steel faced with no emotion. Across from him sits Andrea Walsh, who looks less scared than last week. Her words are less tentative and she is less tense. Apparently a week in the lap of luxury has done her good.]

“Son?” [Andrea says, looking into the dead eyes of Pig.] “I know you remember me in there. You deserve an explanation.”

[She looks back to Hunter, who nods warmly. For all of his monstrosity, the Question still knows how to turn on the charm. Maybe that is why he is so effective a manipulator.]

“I was twelve years old, just a kid. We lived in a small town, just raising hogs. That was all we had, you know?”

[She pauses, taking a moment to realize she’s not getting a response.]

“Some traveler stopped by my house and he needed a place to sleep. He offered a lot of money, but he would have to take my meager bed. My parents agreed, and then they ignored my screams as he raped me all night. Each time was worse than the last, and all I could think of was that the money may buy us something better. When it was over and he left in the morning, my parents refused to speak to me. I had been defiled. I was just an animal to them.”

[Andrea bows her head for a moment, trying to compose herself.]

“You came from that, and they didn’t want you. I was too young to help raise you. I tried though, I fed you at my breast as long as you would stay. My parents refused to name you because you weren’t a legitimate child. The day they left you in that hog pen, I cried for hours but they just beat me. They thought they were giving their daughter a chance at a normal life, but my son would never be a part of it.”

[Walsh just lowers her head and a single tear falls to splash on the concrete floor. She looks up with the trail still visible.]

“I’m sorry.”

[For his part, Pig keeps his steel gaze. There is no diversion, but can he truly hear this story and not be moved?]

“This man,” [Andrea points at Luther.] “has used you as his personal animal, less than human. I can’t change what happened in the past, but thanks to Mr. Hunter I can change the future.”

[Even behind the ax, Luther sneers at Hunter. The Question merely smiles in return.]

“Come back to me and leave Luther behind. Mr. Hunter and I will undo what he did to you, what my family did to you.”

[Hunter takes this moment to chime in.]

“That’s your choice, Pig. Stay with Luther and be an Animal forever. Or come to your mother and my resources and be a man again.”

[Andrea throws a glance of thanks to the Question before turning to Pig.]

“Please come back to me, my son. I’ll ask instead of commanding. I will love you instead of own you. Please…”

[A nod from James Hunter causes her to stand up and leave the room. Hunter walks over to stand in front of Pig, still keeping an eye on Luther.]

“The choice is yours, Pig. Man or Animal?”

[Hunter backs out of the room with his ax at the ready as Luther just buries his head in his hands.] [Pig, of course, shows no reaction.] [Marvolo enters the ring, Raquel holding the ropes open for him as Hysteria drops down, not taking his eyes of the #1. Marvolo jogs in place, clearly confident as he parades around the ring, hyping up the crowd as Hysteria watches on] [The bell rings as the #1 turns around into a a massive lariat that turns him inside out, Marvolo flipping in the air upon impact. Marvolo gets to his feet groggy as Hysteria grabs him by the head, delivering a stunning european uppercut before lifting him up high and slamming him throat first over the top rope with a Stun Gun. the #1 goes down hard holding his throat in pain as Hysteria drops down, trying to hook the #1 up for a dragon clutch but Marvolo fights out of it, a hard right sending Hysteria staggering back] [Marvolo gets to his feet, rushing forward but his attack is sidestepped as Hysteria grabs Marvolo by the back of the head, throwing him over the top rope. Marvolo lands on the apron, as Hysteria turns around, rushing forward trying for another Lariat but the #1 ducks under, sending Hysteria to the floor below with a backdrop. Hysteria slowly gets to his feet as Marvolo looks back, before leaping up, MOONSAULT…HYSTERIA ROLLS AWAY! Marvolo hits the apron chest first, screaming in pain as Hysteria gets to his feet, mockingly slow clapping the #1] [Hysteria pulls the hurting Marvolo up to his feet, throwing him chest first into the stairs to the boos from the crowd before pulling the hurt #1 to his feet and throwing him back into the ring. Marvolo tries to get to his feet but he’s knocked to one knee by a vicious headbutt before he’s pulled onto Hysteria’s shoulders, APATHY! Marvolo is driven into Hysteria’s knee, the #1 trying to sit up, holding his gut in pain as Hysteria shoves him to the match, hooking the far leg for the pinfall. ONE…TWO…Marvolo just gets the shoulder up] [Hysteria pulls Marvolo up to his feet, easily dodging a weak right hand before slapping the #1 across the face. Hysteria dodges another right, before a particularly stinging slap sends Marvolo down to one knee. Hysteria chuckles, running to the ropes bouncing off right into a arm drag. Hysteria gets to his feet as Marvolo leaps up, headscissoring Hysteria to the mat. The Lost One bounds to his feet, rushing forward with a furious lariat that the #1 ducks under, grabbing Hysteria by the waist before dropping him to the canvas with a picture perfect German Suplex. Marvolo doesn’t cover, instead flipping over, and transitioning into a surfboard] [Marvolo nearly gets Hysteria up for the hold but he can’t quite get the leverage due to his damaged gut, causing him to drop Hysteria to the mat. Both men get to their feet as Hysteria explodes forward with a massive spear that nearly splits the #1 in half. Hysteria isn’t done, as he goes to pull the hurting Marvolo up to his feet but the #1 rolls into a ball. Hysteria rolls him around, trying to get to the #1 as he extends out a hand to Hysteria. the Lost One feigns grabbing it before backing up and laying into Marvolo with a hard kick to the back. The #1 gets to his feet in pain, SPINEBUSTER!] [Hysteria calls for the end, slowly climbing up to the top rope as he sets up the #1, THE CATACLYSM…MISSES! Hysteria rolls to his feet right into a palm strike by Marvolo as he stumbles into the corner. the #1 grabs the ropes, firing up as he delivers chop after chop to Hysteria in the corner. The Lost One stumbles out of the corner as Marvolo climbs up high, CROSSBODY! Marvolo stays down for the cover as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…Hysteria just gets the shoulder up] [The #1 gets to his feet as he begs Hysteria to get to his, setting up for the end. Hysteria slowly reaches his feet, as Marvolo turns him around, PALM STRIKE, PALM STRIKE, PALM STRIKE, PALM STRIKE, LOST HOPE! Hysteria hits it out of nowhere, breaking up the Exploding Heart Technique. Hysteria chuckles to himself, hooking the near leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…THRE…FOOT ON THE ROPES! Hysteria can’t believe it but he keeps his composure, pulling the limp Marvolo up to his feet but the #1 blocks a knee to the gut, PALM STRIKE TWISTED< FIVE POINT PALM EXPLODING HEART TECHNIQUE! Hysteria looks at Marvolo with a curious look as he steps forward but after five steps, the Lost One collapses face first onto the canvas. the #1 quickly drops down, turning Hysteria over as he hooks the leg for the victory, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Marvolo raises his hand in the air in victory as Raquel rolls in, celebrating with the #1 who runs around the ring celebrating like he just won the world title. Marvolo leaps up onto the turnbuckles, chanting out ‘#1’ as the crowd joins in] [With Hysteria inside the ring after his match, the tron flickers and on it appears a bandaged up and rather distressed looking Alex Reese. ‘Hard Justice’ sits in a hospital chair, his wounds still healing from last week.]

“What’s the matter, Harrison? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

[Hysteria tilts his head in surprise.]

“Did you think some barbed wire would be enough to take me out and stop me investigating this case? At Ring of Dreams, you have a choice to make. You’re going to bring me Doctor D’Ville, Harrison. You’re going to drag him out of hiding and hand him over to me with all the evidence I need for a conviction.”

[The fans cheer.]

“It you don’t bring him to me at Ring of Dreams, I’m going to take you instead, do you understand me? Someone is going to give your family justice, whether that’s you or him, I don’t care. As far as I’m concerned, you may as well have killed them yourself.”

[That remark is enough to force Hysteria into demanding a microphone.]

“You want me, Reesey?” [Hysteria beckons.] “Is that it? You want me, you come and get me because at Ring of Dreams, I’m going to be your worst nightmare. I’m going to take everything from you until there’s nothing left.”

[He pauses as the fans boo.]

“Thy will be dead!”

[The tron flickers off as Harrison stands there in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand, a huge decision to make ahead of Ring of Dreams. Will he bring D’Ville and the evidence required to convict him to Ring of Dreams?] [How manipulated is he?] [We flash from in ring to backstage, moments before we go off the air.] [And after another gruelling match here tonight, Bruce Van Chan is just about done. He’s ready to head home and put his feet up ahead of one thrilling Main Event with Mike Lane at Ring of Dreams. He exits the arena, saying his goodbye’s as he does.] [Only once outside, Destiny appears, waiting for him.]

“Bruce, do you have a minute?” [She politely asks.] [He nods.]

“I wanted to warn you about Mike. He’s not the man everyone thinks he is. For some reason, after what happened with Red River Jack, people think he’s some kind of victim. He’s not. This kind of thing has been a long time coming and if you’re not careful, you’ll bear the brunt of it.”

[Bruce thinks about it for a moment.] “This coming from you? Didn’t you just last month turn your back on him? Why should I believe a word you have to say?”

“You don’t have to,” [Destiny shrugs.] “But I know the man better than anyone else and the reason the shadow endures is because the shadow is willing to do whatever it takes.”

[Suddenly a car comes screeching around the corner, pulling into the School Yard car park at great speed before barrelling at Destiny and Bruce Van Chan. Bruce grabs her, throwing her and himself to one side, barely escaping the car.] [They aren’t out of trouble yet.] [The car turns around and thankfully, Chan and Destiny have immediately hidden themselves behind parked cars. The car ticks by slowly, looking for them, before pulling out of The School Yard and leaving the scene.] [Destiny turns to Bruce, scratches on her face from the fall.]

“What did I tell you, huh?”

[Bruce takes a deep breath, realizing that everything he’s been through in recent times has led him to this.] [The real enemy was Mike Lane.] [And he now knew it.] [Fade to black.]