[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [Pitch Black.] [Maniacal laughter.] [Crack.] [Silence.] [In a sea of darkness, everyone can hear you scream. Your eyes adjust somewhat, but with no natural light, you tend to rely on your other senses.] [Then you hear it, that sickening crack. Bone snapping beneath fingertips. Your eyes dart, flitter from side to side, searching the darkness for ample light to understand your surroundings.] [It never comes.] [Your mind races, thoughts speeding like cars down the highway of your mind, deliberating the horrors that await you. What will you see when the lights come back on?] [Hysteria.] [In his hands lay the broken body of Alex Reese – his brother, his friend, his nemesis.]

“Look at them Johnny, they may have finally seen the light. They’re embracing, head to head, toe to toe.”

[Snap.] [The grimy Asylum is where we find ourselves, in near darkness, Hysteria on a cold hard floor with Alex Reese’s head in his hands – his neck broken. He snapped it, he ended it, he became the monster.]

“Goodbye, Reesey.”

[He laughs, his maniacal, insidious, tormenting laugh that cackles throughout the empty and hollow halls of the Asylum.] [Alex’ head slips from his hands to the concrete.] [The biggest joke of all.] [The Killing Joke.]

“And now, Old School Wrestling presents…”

[The Old School Wrestling logo flashes in neon, hung upon the wall.]

“Monday Night Showcase.”

[Static.] [Two mysterious figures enter the ring for the first time as The Silver Shroud meets up with the debuting (under this new name) Lazarus.] [Both men stare off across the ring before meeting up in the center with an extended hand from Lazarus to which Shroud shakes quickly. The two lock up before Lazarus wrenches the arm around before throwing Shroud to the mat to which Shroud quickly rebounds off of before wrenching Lazarus’ arm behind him! He relinquishes the hold only to get two stiff jabs in to the gut before wrapping up the arms of Lazarus for a Russian leg sweep! Both men slowly get to their feet but Lazarus chops Shroud!] [Shroud falls to his knees as Lazarus hits the ropes quickly for DARK WISH! The superkick lights up the chin of The Masked Vigilante. He hooks both legs for a cover. One…Two…NO! Silver Shroud kicks out. Lazarus pulls him to his feet before chopping him hard. He pulls Shroud in for a fisherman buster, but Shroud quickly escapes that and yanks both feet out from under Lazarus. He gets to his feet but is welcomed by the roundhousing kick from Shroud! He lifts up Lazarus and… PALE JUSTICE but Lazarus slips out the back of it! Lazarus rolls up Shroud! One…Two…NO! Shroud powers out at the very last second!] [Shroud is to his feet first and nails Lazarus with a stiff bicycle kick before hitting the ropes and nailing a spinning heel kick! Lazarus bounces back into the corner seemingly spent as Shroud motions for something to finish it off. He rushes him and leaps up on him for a monkey flip but Lazarus smiles. He throws Shroud behind him and nearly to the floor below! Shroud maintains his position on the top rope however as Lazarus climbs up behind him. DAWN FROM THE TOP ROPE! Shroud hits the mat hard as Lazarus hooks a leg. One…Two…TH-NO! Shroud kicks out again! Lazarus rises to his feet once more as he looks at the turnbuckle with another smile. He pulls Shroud to his feet before… crucifix powerbomb into the corner before climbing said turnbuckle and leaping off for a moonstomp! DEATH AND REBIRTH! Lazarus hooks a leg as he stares ahead intensively. One…Two…THREE!] [Under the new moniker, Lazarus is successful. The referee raises his hand into the air as Lazarus just stares ahead. The Silver Shroud is still trying to collect himself in the corner after a vicious moonstomp.] [Static.] [There’s a sound of a click, followed by the rambunctious noise of a projector beginning to roll footage.] [A countdown appears. Five, four, three, two, one.] [The film begins to play.]

“In the ancient Aztec days of Mexico, warriors would do battle inside a sacred temple, offering their bodies as sacrifices to the Gods.”

[A large sand coloured wall depicts drawn images of men fighting each other in rings, wearing Luchador masks.]

“These warriors would become Luchadors and their masks, offerings to the God’s.”

[The next drawing shows a Luchador unmasked, on his knees, a large hand reaching down to retrieve his mask.]

“This was the birth of Lucha Libre.”

[The drawings continue to show great battles between warriors, offering themselves to the God’s.]

“As days became months, which became years and then centuries, this sacred temple became a place for luchadors to share their sacrifices with the God’s in return for prosperous well-being and the continued survival of wrestling. As boys became men and wrestling grew, it needed protecting.”

[The final drawing we see is of four men, each a masked Luchador, an arm on each other’s shoulder, united in a circle.]

“The temple had to remain sacred, hidden and locked away. The God’s entrusted four Luchadors with access to the temple. These luchadors life mission would be to protect its location and ensure that no-one found entry. These luchadors, these men, they would become all that stood in the way of good and evil.”

[The camera pans back from the footage.]

“They would be known… as The Watchmen.”

[The footage abruptly stops, accompanied by the projector coming to a halt, no longer running film. Our camera pans out into the darkness, seeing nothing before fading to black.] [For the first time in two weeks, both Lazarus and Lux Bellator are inside the Schoolyard. Their Holy War at Fallout led to the deaths of both Pedro El Salvador and the former Solomon. However, Lux Bellator called out to God Himself to raises the Dark Warrior up. And now, the two of them are sitting backstage as allies, perhaps even friends. Although Lazarus is not nearly the damaged soul that Solomon was.]

“Lux.” [Lazarus says, breaking their silence with a peaceful word. Even his voice has been changed from the Priest of Pain.] “You never told me why?”

[Bellator merely smiles under his mask.]

“My friend, if I knew the why of it, I would have told you.” [His lips turn downward in an expression of confusion.] “I do not know for what reason you have returned to us. Nor do I know why you have returned without the evil inside of you.”

[Lazarus chuckles in response to that. Not the gruff snort he used to do, but one filled with actual joy.]

“I can answer that one.”

[Lazarus slowly looks downward as his expression turns introspective.]

“When my body met the fire, the Lord called forth the dual personalities into battle. From the lowest dungeon to the highest peak of my mind did I fight the evil that had borne itself and led the Ministry. Until at last I threw down that dark wish of a man and smote his ruin. From there, I thought it was over. Darkness took me, and my mind seemed to merge with the universe, straying out of thought and time. Stars turns overhead like a kaleidoscope of wonder while mere seconds felt as long as years. Then I saw a light.”

[Lux nods, leaning in.]

“The Lord?”

[Lazarus merely nods.]

“It was not my end. I felt life in me again. I’ve been sent back until my task is done.”

[The two men share a silent moment of reflection before it’s rudely interrupted by some snickering from just out of their sight.]

“I’m sorry, lads.” [Nigel Royal speaks as he walks into frame, Marvolo and Raquel just behind him.] “I’m afraid that this bloody fairy tale must end. One is tired of hearing this prattle.”

[The two Warriors stand to their feet, looking over the intruders.]

“This is no fairy tale.” [Lux says, taking the lead.] “Perhaps the two of you would be so kind to leave our peaceful locker room.”

[Marvolo snorts and steps up to look at Lux.]

“Marvolo knows that you did not ask Ocean’s One to leave.” [He points at he and Nigel.] “The Tag Team Champions. Marvolo did not invent the glass in the Pope Mobile for his to servants to mistreat him.”

[Before Lux can respond, Lazarus gets in Marvolo’s face.]

“Be silent, fool. Keep your tongue behind your teeth. I did not pass through fire and death to bandy words with a witless worm.”

[Lux reaches out to place his hand on Lazarus’s shoulder, but Marvolo merely laughs. This gets an eyebrow from Nigel and silent pleading.]

“Death?” [He looks back to Raquel for reassurance, ignoring Royal.] “Marvolo died twice last week and still led the Synchronized Swimming team to victory in Rio!”

[Royal drops his head with a groan while Lux grabs his All-Star Championship and nods towards the door. Lazarus takes a moment to stare into the oblivious eyes of Marvolo before following.]

“What the bloody hell was that, old chap?” [Nigel asks.]

“Ocean’s One are the Tag Team Champions. Those two only have one belt.” [Marvolo says, sitting down and leaning back on the bench.] “Thus Ocean’s One are better.”

[Royal shakes his head, and has a seat himself.]

“Firstly, we deal with those Knock Knock chaps for stealing money. Now, one has to deal with people who come back from the dead.”

[Nigel plots in his mind and Marvolo seems to have delusions of grandeur floating above his head as their door slowly opens, one set of eyeballs looking in nefariously.] [What machinations are Knock Knock planning for Ocean’s One now?] [In a match that defies the separation of church and state, Lux Bellator takes on Chase Hero to progress in the 2016 Ring King brackets!] [Lux raises his hands, inviting Chase to a strength contest. Hero seems to accept but kicks Bellator in the gut instead! Lux goes down and Chase stomps away at him. “You worship God!? I am God!” Chase showboats to the booing crowd. He turns around right into a spinning backfist by Lux, who whips him into the ropes – spinning wheel kick! One… T—Chase kicks out. Lux picks him up for an atomic drop, then shoves him back into the ropes… Thesz press! Lux rains down on him with MMA-style blows as Chase covers up. He throws Lux off of him and both men race to their feet, Chase sporting a bloodied eyebrow.] [Chase dashes at Lux, who goes for a powerslam – but Chase slams on the brakes and a running knee to the gut drops Bellator! Chase pulls him up into a swinging neckbreaker and then a snap suplex. One… Two—Kickout. Eyeing up the Ring King logo hanging from the rafters, Chase wrenches Lux back in a camel clutch! Lux reaches for the ropes in vain, shaking his head when asked if he quits. “Come on Lux, tap out! Your God can’t save you now!” Chase pulls back harder, bending Bellator grotesquely. Lux scratches and claaaws for the ropes… come on Lux!… He grabs the rope!] [Lux staggers to his feet but gets spiked with a jumping reverse bulldog! One… Two… ThKICKOUT! Chase slaps his palm 3 times in frustration. He pulls Lux up and scoops him onto his shoulders, looking to hit the burning hammer!? HERO’S DU—Lux drops down—DEUM LUCEM! One… Two… Threshoulder up! That side sunset flip almost had him. Lux scoops Hero into a crucifix – CATHOLIC CROSS powerbomb! One… Two… Chase gets his foot on the rope! The fans groan in dismay as Lux pulls him up again. Chase sways as Lux hits the ropes… Headscissors—single arm DDT—ARM OF GOD! One… Two… Three!] [Lux looks to the heavens and holds his hands in prayer, thankful to the lord for protecting him and blessing him in Ring King. Chase comes to, crushed and seething over his loss.] [Black and white.] [A saxophone provides a noir soundtrack to the moody surroundings. Sheets of rain hammer the streets of Vegas, a flash of lightning briefly illuminating things, thunderclap not far behind.] [A whisky-soaked voice narrates.]

They say a leopard never changes its spots.

[A man hurries through the rainslick streets, pulling his hat low and his coat close. He dives into a brick alley, sheltering himself from the elements.]

I tried to convince you that The Scarecrow was rotten to the core. You didn’t listen.

[He unlocks a metal door and slips inside, where he climbs a metal staircase. He hangs his hat and soaking coat up, revealing a silver mask on his face.]

I’m used to people not listening. Red tape and warrants… I got tired of the Scarecrows of the world walking free or slipping through the cracks.

[The Silver Shroud walks behind the desk in his makeshift street office. He opens a drawer, pulls out a tumbler and bottle of amber liquid, then pours himself a drink.]

Now good people are paying the price, like they always do.

[He chucks it back.]

I once swore to protect and to serve those people. My methods may have changed but as long as there’s bad guys running amok, The Silver Shroud will be on the hunt.

[He pulls a stack of manila folders out the open drawer and fans them on the desk.]

OSW is full of bad guys. The question is which one of them is the baddest?

[He pours another drink and walks over to a grimy window at the back of the room. He looks out at the streets below—HE DUCKS—SMASH! Thunk.] [Broken glass litters Shroud and his office floor. He slowly straightens up and looks out the smashed window. A tall figure stands in the alley below.]

Looks like one of em answered that question for me.

[He chucks his drink down the hatch as the figure stalks off into the stormy night.] [Shroud crosses the office floor—glass crunching underfoot—and examines the axe which is now embedded in his metal filing cabinet. A question mark is etched into the wooden handle.] [The first round of the Ring King Tournament continues as the Epitome of Greatness steps foot in the ring with the faceless Doubt in a battle to continue to the Quarter Finals] [The bell rings as both men rush forward, Fernando taking the early advantage with a series of boxing combinations but a big right cross is ducked under before Doubt leaps up with a high knee, staggering Fernando before he’s taken to the mat with a beautiful dropkick. Fernando gets to his feet as Doubt rushes forward monkey flipping him into the turnbuckles before Doubt leapfrogs over Austin’s head, springboarding off the top rope with a standing moonsault. Fernando catches him on his shoulders but as Doubt tries to spin around, Fernando stops him mid-spin, throwing him around into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker] [Fernando backs up, waiting for Doubt to get to his feet before rushing forward, stunning Doubt with a running elbow to the temple before lifting him up high, KNOW YOUR PLACE! Doubt gets planted into the mat with the Powerbomb as Fernando stays down for the cover. ONE…TWO…Doubt gets the shoulder up. Fernando goes to pull Doubt up but gets pushed away before getting dropped to the mat with a hard roundhouse. Doubt backs up, turning around before leaping up with the CAUSE OF DOUBT!] [Doubt calls for the end as he waits for Austin to get to his feet, kicking him in the gut but Austin backdrops his way out of the double underhook. Austin rushes to the ropes as Doubt gets to his feet, THE REVELATION! Fernando signals for the end, pulling Doubt up to his feet, lifting Doubt up high, EMPEROR’S STRIKE! Doubt is out cold as Fernando covers for the victory, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Fernando gets his hand raised in victory as he celebrates his win inside the ring before rolling out and celebrating his way to the back as he advances in the Ring King Tournament] [The crowd are amped here tonight, watching the entrance ramp in preparation for who might make their way out.] [Then it happens. ‘Boogie Woogie Wu’ by ICP hits and the crowd erupts. Jack Jeckel and Lance Norman step out onto the stage together, looking rather smug with themselves after what they did at Fallout.] [They head to the ring and get inside, Norman retrieving a microphone.]

“Did you miss me?” [He asks smugly.] “For those of you who don’t know who I am, let me fill you in. I’m the former owner and creator of the mighty Internet Wrestling Federation. This man standing alongside me, he’s Jack Jeckel, you may know him as the brother of Jake, but we’re about to change all that.”

[Norman smirks.]

“This man stood beside me, this monster, he’s not the brother of Jake Jeckel. Oh no, Jake Jeckel is the brother of Jack and when we’re finished with him, that’s all you’ll remember.”

[The fans cheer.]

“For many years, Jake Jeckel has tormented us both. We’ve been hurt, seriously injured and made to look like fools. Enough was enough. We sought the opportunity to make Jake believe in ultimate power. We thought that we could give him a taste of it and then rip it away. When Marvolo ended his campaign, that was us, secretly feeding him the information he needed to wreak havoc on Jake.”

[The fans seem quite surprised by that as Jack nods in agreement.]

“Then the ultimate betrayal – costing him the World Championship, one thing that we both know Jake Jeckel covets more than anything in the world; including his family.”

[‘Raw Deal’ expectedly interrupts Lance Norman as he postures in the ring, The Juggalo and Errol Flint stepping out onto the entrance ramp. They wisely decide to stay there as Flint reveals a microphone.]

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” [he shouts towards Norman.] “We were supposed to be friends, Lance. We had a business arrangement, a friendship – I bought Ring King and Invasion from you, for Christ sake. How could you betray me like this?”

[Lance shrugs.] “You betrayed yourself the minute you aligned with him.”

“Is that what you think? I know you two have history, but there could have been a time and a place to sort that out. You brought The Network into this, you gave them a key to the castle and they threatened me, damnit.”

“They warned you I was coming,” [Norman admits.] “You should have heeded it. Don’t you get it Flint? I’m a multimillionaire. The IWF over four years made more money than I could have ever dreamed. I invested wisely, I insured the business, I made a profit larger than I could have ever imagined. If I wanted this company, I’d fucking take it.”

[Flint gulps, but never fear, Jake Jeckel takes over.]

“Still a pussy, huh Flint? How many times have I knocked you into next week? What are you, a fuckin’ lemming? As for you,” [he points to his brother.] “I’m kinda proud of ya, Jackie Boy. It’s about time you got off your ass and did something. The only problem is; you did that something to me.”

[Jack grins from inside the ring.]

“Keep smilin’ little bro, remind me of how many teeth you have because come Ring King, you’re gonna be picking every single one of them pearly whites off the canvas.”

[Jack finally takes the microphone from Norman.]

“You wanna fight me, big brother?” [Jack says in a gruff voice.] “Well let me ask you somethin’, huh? Do you remember all the beatings you gave me as a kid?” [Jake shrugs.] “Do you remember me taking the fall for your car accident?” [Jake shrugs again, laughing this time.] “What about all those times I took the fall, or you berated and belittled me? Or those times we fought in matches and you won. Do you remember any of those?”

[Jake just continues to shrug his shoulders.]

“Well brother, I do.”

[He grimaces.]

“And at Ring King, all this fame and fortune you’ve amassed off of my back. All this success and glory, these kingdoms and crowns of thorns, they’ll be mine.”

[All four men stare each other down as Jack’s music hits once again and they decide to head their separate ways.] [It looks like we’re having a brawl between The Amazing Jeckel Brothers at Ring King, folks.] [Glances shared between the two competitors show the respect for one another is high. Meeting square in the middle, it is in fact Smiley who gains the upper hand when he rocks Hysteria with a snap ddt, planting Hysteria’s head firmly into the mat. Respect aside both men want to progress and smiley looks to put him away early with a pin attempt. A kick out just after one ensures this one continues. Pulling Hysteria to a vertical position, Smiley looks for a second impact move but uppercut stops him in his path, and another, and another.] [Smiley has been uppercutted into a corner. Grabbing his opponents wrist, Hysteria whips Smiley into the opposite corner. Charging at him, building up some steam. BIG BOOT….. MISSES!! Smiley almost lost his jaw to Hysteria’s boot. With Hysteria leg trapped on the upper rope, Smiley wastes no time again, roll-up. One…Two… NO! Another kick-out by Hysteria. Hysteria not happy with the sneaky pin attempt leaps straight back to a standing position. OSAKA STREET CUTTER! Hysteria with a pin of his own now… One…Two…Th] [FOOT ON THE ROPES! Last second by Smiley there. Hysteria keeps the offense up, boot after boot hits his fellow Asylum member. Pulling him back up, he launches Smiley off the ropes but Smiley returns, glint in his eye. BODY SCISSORS…..THE GLASGOW SMILE ON HIS STABLE MATE. HYSTERIA HAS NOWHERE TO GO! The ropes seem further away than sanity at the moment. Hysteria’s head drops. He’s out cold. The referee checks on him. HE RAISES HIS ARM IT DROPS. ONCE….TWICE…… THREE TIMES!! Hysteria is gone. Ringing the bell Smiley has done it, he’s beat his fellow stable mate.] [Smiley knocked-out his fellow Asylum mate. Nigel Royal awaits him in the quarterfinals. Despite the match being a very back and forth and win at any costs manner, Smiley checks on Hysteria.] [Fresh off their debuts on VHS, Rich and Randy Edwards make their way through the backstage area of Monday Night Showcase. Being a part of the tag team division, the team of Belgium Roots must be in the house to check on the competition.]

“Tag teams are in short supply in OSW, so its no wonder we’ve gotten the red carpet treatment.” [Rich confidently states as they walk past catering.]

“They might as well just go ahead and give us a Tag Team Title shot.” [Randy replies.] “There’s no doubt that we will beat the Champs. They can’t even get along.”

[As the duo round the corner, they walk right into the sneering face of Smiley. Doubt stands beside him, sizing up the two men.]

“You may be behind the times.” [Doubt says.] “But that bumbling team has somehow come together.”

[Rich confidently looks the two men up and down.]

“Knock knock.” [He says, with a smirk.]

“Who’s there?” [Smiley sneers as he responds, his hand twitching for action.]

“No one.” [Randy responds.]

“No one who?” [Smiley says, grinning.]

“No one as riveting as Rich!” [Rich chimes in.]

“No one as glorious as Randy!” [Randy fires away.] [Knock Knock are unimpressed as Belgium Roots seem very pleased before Randy looks over Smiley.]

“I know it’s tough, but you’ll never be as glorious as this, Lee Crowl…”

[Before Randy can finish, Smiley has nailed him in the face with a right hand. Doubt has joined in on the assault, grabbing Rich and throwing him into the nearby wall.]

“That’s not my name.” [Smiley slowly states as he bashes in Randy’s face with rights and lefts.] [As Doubt gets up off the felled Rich, Smiley slowly rises from the remains of Randy’s face. The duo look at one another.]

“That’s not my name.” [Smiley repeats.] [Doubt ignores that, and looks around before nodding in the direction they had been walking.]

“We have bigger fish to fry.”

[The duo walk off in different directions, looking for the supposed bigger fish.] [The camera sticks with Doubt, who rounds a corner and THUMP! Suddenly something takes him out, sending us to black.] [Two men fight for the shot to move on in the Ring King tournament!] [As the match begins Marvolo puffs his chest up as he approaches Ash. The Chosen One puts up a hand for a test of strength, but Marvolo raises a finger before taking a step back. Marvolo begins doing squats! Ash looks insulted as he rushes Marvolo in mid-squat with a running knee strike to the side of his head! Marvolo falls back onto his butt as Ash leaps on him and begins striking away with vicious rights and lefts! The referee finally wraps his arms around Ash and pulls him from the fray.] [Marvolo gets to his feet with a renewed fire in his belly. Ash charges him only for Marvolo to catch him for a Japanese arm drag. Williams rebounds to his feet as Marvolo wags his finger in his face before ducking a right hand from Ash and wrapping around his waist for a German suplex! Marvolo hits the ropes attempting something big as Ash gets to his feet! He rolls into a ball! MYSTERY BOX! Ash looks somewhat puzzled as he rolls Marvolo over onto his knees. He shrugs and ELBOW STRIKE TO THE BACK OF MARVOLO’S HEAD! Marvolo holds the hold though! STRIKE, STRIKE, STRIKE, STRIKE! Finally the fifth blow forces Marvolo to relinquish his ball as Ash hooks both legs! One…Two…NO! Marvolo kicks out!] [Ash pulls Marvolo to his feet before hitting the ropes and coming back with a rebounding… BOOMSTICK! Only Marvolo is able to grab his arm for a Royally-influenced crossface! Ash is trying to get out as he crawls to the ropes! Marvolo is wrenching back on the hold but the elbow strikes seemed to take it out of him. Ash gets his foot to the ropes as the referee breaks it up. Both men are spent on the floor. Ash utilizes the ropes to pull himself to his feet as does Marvolo. Marvolo raises his hand and… PALM STRIKE! Ash is staggered but Ash is fired up now. He begins slapping his own face and demanding another! Marvolo obliges! PALM STRIKE! Ash is still fired up. Ash responds with two stiff right hands of his own. He hits the ropes before bouncing off for… BOOMSTICK only Marvolo falls on his face! WOOOOO! Ash regains his footing though. He pulls Marvolo up but… Marvolo goes back into his MYSTERY BOX! Ash goes to hit another vicious blow, but Marvolo grabs his hand for… THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON! The crossface is reapplied as Nigel would be proud! Ash is being wrenched back as he tries to find the ropes but… HE TAPS!] [Marvolo raises both hands in the air as he has successfully moved onto the next round of the Ring King tournament! Ash rolls out of the ring as he kicks the barricade in frustration.] [A gust of wind heralds the arrival of one Tommy Hawk in the locker room. The Spirit Walker examines the room before walking up to the mirror with a focused gaze upon the glass. The only light in the room is above the mirror which casts an eerie ambiance across the rest of the room as it’s cloaked in shadows.]

“Looks like I snuck up on you for once.”

[The voice of Austin Fernando breaks his trance as the young man walks up beside Hawk and stares at him through the reflection. He sighs.]

“Look, I’m here to apologize for last week. How the hell was I supposed to know there was some weird freaky batshit monster following me around?”

[Tommy Hawk looks at him without saying a word allowing his eyes to do all the talking for him.]

“I get that you said it for weeks prior, but how does a longing for gold equal a weird goat monster?”



[Tommy Hawk crosses his arms as he stares intently at Austin.]

“A Wendigo is a cannibalistic monster in spirit form summoned by the murder or insatiable greed. You lust for gold seemingly summoned this spirit that became visible at Fallout. I sensed its presence the moment you entered Old School Wrestling.”

[Austin Fernando considers this as he steps away.]

“So you’re saying I encountered this monster before I ever showed up at Old School Wrestling and that it followed me here?”

“No. The monster you saw on the stage was merely a spiritual reflection in the same vein as the smoke beast that spoke to you in the purge.”

“Your riddles are beginning to bug me. If I didn’t meet the monster and it follow me, then what?”

“The beast known as the Wendigo didn’t follow you. You never encountered the beast before. The spirit isn’t an individual creation. The only time a Wendigo is present is under high duress when insatiable greed or blood-thirst has become quenched. The Wendigo isn’t a separate entity. You ARE the Wendigo.”

[Austin Fernando stops as he looks at The Spirit Walker with a disgusted frown.]

“What the fuck do you mean, I AM the Wendigo? I was in the damn ring!”

“It’s a spiritual ref-”

“You know what, just shut up. I’m tired of all of this hocus pocus crap. You just utilized some weird mind tricks to steal my title right out from under me then try to play it up as unhealthy obsession. I’m not falling for this, but that title? It’s coming back to me!”

[Austin Fernando storms out of the locker room slamming the door behind him. It’s after a moment of this that Tommy Hawk turns back to the mirror.]

“You can reveal yourself now.”

[A shift in the shadows reveals the glint from the Old School Wrestling World Championship. Mike Lane peers out of the darkness with a smirk on his face.]

“Very observant to notice my hiding spot amongst the shadows. I must say I’m impressed.”

“Indeed. It’s the reason why we’re fighting on the show named after you, isn’t that right?”

[Mike Lane smiles a little as he exits the shadows to stand beside him as Hawk’s gaze has yet to leave the mirror.]

“Not at all. We meet next week at Fast Lane because I want to be the first one to show you the hierarchy of this business. This title represents the epitome of greatness on this show. Unlike Mr. Fernando, next week I will show you just where you stand. I hope you’re ready.”

[Just like that, the World Champion disappears once more into the shadows leaving Tommy Hawk to stare at his United States Championship sitting on the bench next to him.]

“I’ll show you where I stand, Mike. And I’ll show you where you’ll lie.”

[The first round of the Ring King Tournament continues as former OSW World Champion Jake Jeckel fights it out with the Question James Hunter for the right to advance to the Quarter Finals] [The bell rings as Hunter rushes forward, trying for a Big Boot but the Juggalo ducks underneath, nailing the Question with a stiff elbow to the temple. Hunter staggers back as Jake lifts him up into the air, showing off his power game with a Gorilla Press but before he can drill him into the mat with the slam, Hunter drops down his back, delivering a bone snapping inverted backbreaker. Jake gets to his feet, holding his back in pain right into a snap kick to the ribs before drilling him into the mat with a crisp spinebuster. Hunter chuckles before dropping down, hooking the leg for the pin] [ONE…TWO..Jake gets his shoulder up. Hunter tries to pull him up but gets a thumb to the eye for his troubles, PONY DOWN! Hunter gets planted onto Jake’s knee, as he’s thrown to the canvas. Jake backs up, FAYGO SPLASH! He got all of that as he stays down for the pinfall ONE…TWO…THR…Hunter just gets the shoulder up. Jake waits for the Question to get to his feet but as he does, he surprises Jeckel with a European Uppercut before spiking him into the mat with a DDT] [The Question begins the up and down motion, signalling that it’s time to relax and as Jake slowly gets to his feet, Hunter rushes forward, RELA…BICYCLE KICK! Jake just kicked Hunter right out of mid-air as Jake signals for the end. He tries to pull Hunter up but gets pushed away, and as Jake turns back to the Question, MARKED! Jake is thrown across the ring before spiking onto his neck with the driver as the Question casually covers the unconcious Juggalo. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Question allows the referee to hold up his hand in victory before rolling out of the ring, celebrating his victory to the boos from the crowd as the Question advances in the Ring King tournament]

“Can you hear me, little guy?”

[A voice echo’s in the darkness.]

“C’mon little buddy, I know you can hear me.”

[The camera pans out to show Jacob Iver, walking down the corridor.]

“Aren’t you gonna answer me?”

[Jacob stops, looking around him.]

“Hello?” [he asks aloud.] [Shaking the cobwebs, he continues walking.]

“That’s it. Let me in. I’m the voices in your head, and I want to help you unleash your potential. Just think of all the great things you could do – all the graphic violence you could cause.”

[Iver licks his lips.] “I like that.”

“All you’ve gotta do is let the crazy in.”

“What did you just say to me?” [Iver’s attitude suddenly changes. His smile turns to a frown and his big eyes widen.] “Did you just call me crazy?”

[Silence.] [Iver suddenly loses it, smashing around the hall, throwing anything in sight. He’s absolutely flipped out. With broken tables, water bottles and technical equipment destroyed, he storms off down the corridor.] [It’s then that Hysteria steps out from the shadows.] [He walks over to a nearby over turned table and finds a little tape player taped underneath, snatching it off.]

“That’s it my little buddy,” [he hisses.] “Let the voices in. I’ll be seeing you in the Asylum shortly, my friend.”

[Hysteria exits the hall the other way, leaving the carnage he caused with that voice recorder behind. Whatever he has planned, it looks like making Jacob Iver lose it is first on the agenda.] [Two of the most impressive newcomers here at Old School Wrestling will meet head on for the right to participate in the quarterfinals of OSW’s most prestigious tournament, Ring King.] [Progression to the in next round is on both men’s minds and it shows with the early stiff blows both men rattle each other with. It calms down into a lock up, Graphic Violence picks up the upper hand in the first strength test. Forcing Tommy Hawk down onto his knees. The Spirit Walker gets a second wind though and manages to get back to a standing position. He transitions himself with a kick to Iver’s gut and a big suplex floors the The Killer. Early pinfall attempt reaches no further than 1 as the two men get back to their feet. We could be in for the long haul here.] [Tossing Iver against the ropes, Hawk is shocked when his opponent returns with a huge forearm smash which downs Tommy. Mounting his opponent Iver smashed elbow after elbow into the face of Hawk. Blow after blow smashing into his face. Something seems to switch on inside of Tommy Hawk though, he looks a different man. He catches an elbow, twisting hard he forces it behind Iver’s back. All from a lying position, amazing show of strength. Managing back to his feet, still wrenching Iver’s arm almost out of the socket.] [In a desperation move Graphic Violence throws kicks wildly behind him. THEY CONNECT. Hawk is forced to release the hold, wanting to keep the momentum though he launches himself off the ropes, leaping high into the air on his return. IVER CATCHES HIM. BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! HAWK FLIES ACROSS THE RING LIKE AN EMPTY SHOPPING BAG IN THE WIND. Jacob begins to seemingly hulk up, this man really is a loose cannon. LETS HOPE HAWK IS HUNGRY! CHOP-SUEY, CHOP-SUEY! NO! HAWK ROLLS HIM UP OUT OF NO-WHERE.….. One… two….. THREE. HAWK progresses with a big WIN here.] [Hawk gets back to his feet, a match with Mike Lane awaiting him next week. Can he prove to the world that he can be King?]



“C-Can you h-hear me?”

[The distinct voice of Brent Kersh.] [Our pitch black frame turns into that of our World Champion, stood with his back to a wall, his cell phone to his ear. He looks perturbed, curious as to why he’s getting this call that Brent Kersh appears to be making.] [No-one has seen or heard from Brent since Thursday.]

“Kersh, is that you?” [Lane asks carefully.] [Static.]

“I-I need your…” [Static interrupts the call.] “I can’t e-escape.”

[Worried, Lane answers back.] “Where are you Brent?”


“He h-has me. H-he made me make t-this call,” [The static keeps interfering.] “He w-wants me t-to pass a m-message on.”

“What message? Look, tell me where you are and I’ll come and get you,” [Lane says rather frantically now. There’s a look of concern on his face that says he knows what’s happening here.] “I’ll find you.”

“I’m i-in s-some woods,” [Static.] “Buried i-in the g-ground,” [Static.] “I c-can barely b-breathe. Tell my w-wife and k-kids that-” [Static.] “Say g-goodbye t-to your h-heroes.”

[The call cuts out.]

“Hello?” [Lane pleads.] “Kersh, are you there?” [He begs.] “Hello?”

[The World Champion looks at his phone and then at the camera, his eyes darkened, a bad moon rising. The Shadow puts his phone back into his pocket and exits the room, his match with Jack ahead but Brent Kersh and The Scarecrow the only things on his mind.] [Darkness.] [The sound of dripping water can be heard echoing throughout the near empty room. We’re back inside the same basement as on VHS, only this time, Doubt is strapped to the table.] [Click.]

“Why is it you do not struggle?” [the distorted voice interrupts the silence.] “Are you not afraid?”

[We can’t see Doubt’s expression.]

“What does my fear accomplish?” [Doubt responds confidently.] “It isn’t going to stop you from doing what you wish, is it?”

“I believe you,” [the voice responds.] “Unlike Betamax, you’re not hiding behind arrogance. You’re abrasive, not because you’re afraid, but because you’re hiding something else; your doubt.”

[He tilts his head, listening.]

“Under that mask of yours, you have come to terms with much. Jonathan still lingers within the deepest recess of your mind and you doubt yourself. When you hold a belt as Champion, you doubt whether you can keep it. You doubt your friend’s loyalty to you. You doubt your convictions,” [the voice says very sternly.] “And as a result, you question others to hide it.”

[Doubt laughs deeply.] “Is that what you think I hide beneath this mask; emotions?”

[The door suddenly opens and in walks the robed associate. He doesn’t wield any weaponry as he walks towards the table, placing his hands inside the hood of Doubt as he struggles.]

“What are you doing?” [he bellows.] [The voice responds.] “You have a choice, Doubt. You can continue this sorry façade and hide underneath your mask, doubting others, or you can admit to me that you are a liar, a fraud, and that you doubt yourself.”

[Doubt says nothing.]

“Very well.”

[The associate begins pulling back the mask, only to be stopped by a banging at the door. He walks over just as it bursts open, Smiley storming into the room. The associate quickly pushes him to one side, his robe flailing in the wind as he runs off into the corridor, escaping.] [Smiley quickly head to undo Doubt’s restraints.]

“Are you okay?” [Smiley grunts.] [Doubt just nods stoically, as the scene slowly fades to black.] [Mike Lane is visibly disturbed. After his phone conversation with Brent Kersh earlier, he’s got other things on his mind. Jack takes complete advantage and doesn’t even let him enter the ring, running at him with a knee as he tries to step through the ropes.] [‘The Boogieman’ quickly heads to the apron and leaps from it. JACK IN THE BOX FROM THE RING APRON! CURBSTOMP! NO! MIKE LANE MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! No-one can quite believe it, but Jack tried to end this thing early. He lands awkwardly on his stomping leg, turning around to a Clothesline by the World Champion. The Shadow King composes himself, pulling Jack to his feet and running him straight into the ring post, only The Boogieman bounces off and turns around, his face contorted with rage, a Clothesline awaiting Lane.] [This guy is a monster. He pulls Mike to his feet and forearms him backwards, slamming him back first into the metal barricade. The World Champion gets back up and tries to block an incoming right hand, only Jack is too quick with a Headbutt and stops him. The Juggalo pulls him close and into an Overhead Belly to Belly, sending him slamming across the concrete floor. He pops back up and walks over, sadistically stomping down on him to tremendous boo’s from this crowd. Lance Norman watches with a smile, backing away as Jack grabs Mike and tosses him STRAIGHT OVER THE ANNOUNCE TABLE AND INTO THE ANNOUNCERS!] [“Get him Jack!” screams Norman as Jack grabs the announce table and TIPS IT OVER looking for The Shadow King. Unbeknownst to him, Lane has found a bottle of water and as Jack reaches down, he spews it in his face. The World Champion grabs a nearby monitor and RUNS IT ACROSS HIS SKULL! Jack stumbles, so Lane DOES IT AGAIN and finally sends him to the concrete floor. He reaches down and pulls him back up running him back first into the metal barricade. As he slumps, Mike steps backwards and SHADOWKICK! SHADOWKICK TO THE JAW!! Jack falls down to his ass, barely conscious, as Mike Lane demands the referee get into action. “Ask him!” he demands. The referee leans in and asks the question. “Do you quit?”, but Jack simply shakes his dazed head.] [That infuriates the Shadow King who pulls him back to his feet and nails him with a set of right hands before dragging him close and T-BONE SUPLEX INTO METAL BARRICADE! DEGENERATION!! The fans roar as Norman looks on with concern. Lane demands the referee ask him again. “Ask him!” he demands. The referee leans in and asks the question. “Do you quit?”, but Jack mumbles back; “No!” The World Champion sneers, reaching under the ring and grabbing a steel chair. He winds it up as Jeckel slowly gets back to his feet and JACK PUNCHES IT OUT OF HIS HANDS! WHAT THE FUCK! He storms towards Lane who drops him with a DROP TOE HOLD! STF!! STF!! Jack screams in agony as Mike screams at the referee. “You ask him now, damnit! You ask him!” he screams. The referee leans in and asks the question. “Do you quit?”, “Argh, Fuck off!” Jack bellows back.] [Mike releases the hold, realizing it simply won’t be enough. He backs up and pats his leg, telling the crowd that it’s coming. Jack pulls himself up using the barricade and turns around… SHADOW-NO!! HE DUCKS AND THEN PROCEEDS TO BOUNCE HIS HEAD OFF THE METAL BARRICADE! Mike is immediately thrown to the floor, Jack grabbing both of his arms and STANDING ON HIS BACK!! ECHO SIDE! “Ask him!” he demands. The referee leans in and asks the question. “Do you quit?”, but Lane screams back; “No! NEVER!”. Jack torques the hold some more, demanding the referee try again. “Ask him, ask him if he endures!” The referee leans in and asks the question. “Do you quit?”, but Lane screams back; “NO! I ENDURE!”] [Lance Norman storms over and convinces Jack to let go, telling him that he won’t do it. Jack reluctantly releases and backs away, waiting for Lane to get to his knees and when he does, he leaps into action. JACK IN THE BOX! CURBSTOMP! GOT IT! HE GOT IT AND BOY WAS THERE SOME STANK ON IT! Jack points to the referee and demands that he once again do his job. “Ask him, or I will!” he screams. The referee leans in and asks the question. “Do you quit?”… silence, so he asks again. “Do you quit?”] [“I-I-Q-Quit!”] [What? The referee rings for the bell, Jack Jeckel standing over Mike Lane with a grin on his face but that wasn’t Mike Lane’s voice.] [No, it was the voice of Brent Kersh.] [There was static on that. Mike Lane slowly gets back to his feet, his head busted wide open, demanding to know what happened. The referee explains to him that he quit but he refuses, telling him that he didn’t.] [In the meantime, Jack Jeckel is headed to the backstage a winner on his debut!] [Mike Lane is absolutely distraught.] [He never quits, ever. He tries making that abundantly clear to the referee when the lights suddenly go off.] [And that can only mean one thing.] [Flutter.] [When they return, the sight in the middle of the ring is nothing more than terrifying. Brent Kersh is beaten, bloodied and dirty, tied to a perch. Mike slides straight under the bottom rope and rushes to ‘The Enforcer’, grasping at his hands to unbind him from this awful post. As he unleashes the first hand, Kersh slaps it around his throat.]

“Wait, it’s me!” [Lane pleads.] “It’s Mike Lane.”

[Kersh steps off the perch, snapping the restraints around his other hand with some kind of incredible strength. He backs Lane up before scooping him up and SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! BRENT KERSH DROPS HIM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!] [Almost immediately, Kersh drops to his knees alongside The World Champion.]

“He made me do it,” [Kersh says, almost in shock.] “Why didn’t you come for me?” [He cries.] “Why didn’t you come?”

[With both men down on the canvas, smoke begins filling the arena. The fog starts low at the entrance ramp and soon rises so that we can’t see anything in the middle of the ring.] [A figure appears, stood amongst Lane and Kersh.] [And we cut to static.]