[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [Recorded Earlier.] [There’s debris, blood and dirt everywhere. The entire roadside is littered with it. Light has slowly begun to break through the dark night’s sky, revealing a bloodied, beaten and unconscious Brent Kersh led face first on the road.] [He’s not in a good way.] [The sounds of sirens in the distance make for a welcome break from the silence. They get closer by the moment, the flashing lights appearing just over the hill ahead. Brent hasn’t moved, not even a muscle. His breathing is laboured and blood seeps through his ripped shirt on his back, where claw marks and cuts have breached his skin.] [Finally, an ambulance pulls up – two EMT’s jumping out and rushing to the aid of Brent Kersh. One checks his pulse, whilst the other carefully rolls him over and onto a placed backboard.] [Then Kersh awakes.]

“Wait,” [he barely mumbles.] “I need to get home.”

“Sir, you’ve been in a road traffic accident,” [One of the EMT’s replies.] “I need you to remain calm.”

[Brent tries to sit up, fighting them off.]

“No, I have to get home, I have to get to my son,” [he says whilst struggling. The paramedic tries to restrain him whilst the other scramble for an injection.] “My son is in danger. I’ve gotta get home.”

[The paramedic injects him, Brent slowly slipping backwards onto the board.]

“I…,” [Brent says beginning to lose consciousness.] “My… son…”

[His eyes gently close, leaving the paramedics to strap him into the ambulance and do their job.] [We fade to static.] [After that cold open, we come back to ringside where Bruce Van Chan and Neville Sheldon are standing in the middle of the ring. ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’ finishes off in the background as Bruce toys with his microphone.]

“Wow, thank you for the reception. You know, when I came back at Heart of Darkness, I did it because Old School Wrestling and Neville Sheldon needed me. I’ve been where Neville is right now, when Red River Jack made my life miserable to deliver a similar sort of message.”

[The fans boo.]

“When Bobby Neptune attacked me, I saw that as an opportunity to take my family, take some time and recover. We had been through a lot. I’m sorry that I left you all behind but if I hadn’t, I’m not sure how much of Bruce Van Chan would be left.”

[Neville pats him on the shoulder, comforting him. He too has a microphone and something to say.]

“Bruce, if it wasn’t for you then I’d probably still be in that hospital bed, waiting to die. When you told me about your plans to confront Red River Jack and form ‘The Knights’, I knew I couldn’t let you do it alone.”

[The fans cheer.]

“The Knights are here to protect this realm against The Awakening. We’re here to protect Old School Wrestling against fraudulent Kings and devious Jesters. We’re here to fend off Red River Jack and his band of merry men.”

[Static.] [Suddenly, the screen changes to static.] [Wherever the footage is, it isn’t inside the arena. It’s dark outside and the sound of crickets are overwhelming. The footage walks up towards a house in the middle of a suburban street. It’s a family home, judging by the picket fence and kids toys in the yard.] [The person with the camera walks around back, stopping just short of a lit window. Standing there, washing dishes, is none other than Bruce Van Chan’s wife; Paige.]

“You shouldn’t have come back,”[whispers a familiar voice.] “You should have stayed away, where they were safe. You shoulda, woulda, coulda, Bruce.”

[They turn the camera on themselves, revealing David Manson. His beard is the first thing we see as he positions it at his face.]

“This is how easy it would be for me to break into your house, desecrate your wife and murder your children,” [he hisses with a grin.] “But I won’t. No no, I know what you’re all thinking. You’re all thinking ‘haven’t we seen this before’? I’m not Jake Jeckel. If I go inside your house, I’m coming out covered in their liar’s blood, Bruce.”

[He pauses, slowly backing away. David slowly arrives at his truck, opening the door and getting inside. He places the camera on the dash and starts the engine.]

“You’ve until Gold Rush to leave, to run away and never come back. You’ve got until then, or I’ll make you. Welcome to your new horror. It’s time you woke up.”

[David reaches out and turns off the footage. Back inside the arena, Bruce Van Chan is frantically dialling his wife, making sure that she’s okay. Once she’s answered, he starts explaining, as the scene fades to black.] [After recently being drafted to Monday nights, Tyler Brooks looks to make an impression on the biggest inmate running the Asylum. Will the straight edge star walk the line, or will Hysteria give this newcomer a welcoming he’ll never forget?] [The match starts with both competitors sizing the other up. They settle into a Collar-Elbow Tieup before Brooks grabs a Wrist Lock. Hysteria counters with one of his own; Tyler agilely rolls out, nailing a Shin Kick! He hits a few more before eating a Haymaker. Hysteria dusts off an Uppercut– BIG Slap across Brooks’ face! Tyler’s left favoring his cheek as the Mad Mastermind chuckles smugly. Brooks then responds with more kicks. He peppers Hysteria into the corner, punctuating his point with a Leaping Muay Thai Knee Strike! He steps back, signaling the Eye of the Savior… Hysteria bails!] [The Straight Edge Messiah follows outside; Hysteria rushes him into the ring post! Spinebuster on the concrete to Brooks! Hysteria mockingly kicks at him before hauling him back inside. He then leads Tyler into the Second Fall Stretch! Hysteria revels in torturing his opponent, wrenching down on Brooks’ back! Hysteria eventually lets Brooks fall limp…. Big Boot! Hysteria covers! One… Two… NO! Tyler kicks out and Hysteria goes for Apathy! NO! Tyler looks for Eternal Salvation; Hysteria tries countering with Lost Hope but Brooks caches him with a Jacknife! One… Two… NO! Tyler then ducks a Lariat– German Suplex!] [Hysteria stumbles up, taking a Running Calf Kick. Brooks tries a Brainbuster but the former All-Star Champ powers out… Mockery? NO! Tyler counters with a Rope-Run Tornado DDT! He covers! One… Two… NO! Hysteria kicks out! Brooks then signals for Your Foretold Destiny but Hysteria dodges; LOST HOPE! Both men are down…….. Gradually, they work to their feet before dishing out furious Forearm Smashes! Hysteria gets a Headbutt; Brooks staggers back with the EYE OF THE SAVIOR! He falls onto him! One… Two… NO! Again Tyler calls for the end… readying himself……. YOUR FORETOL– NO! MOCKERY! Hysteria covers! One… Two… THREE!] [After the match, Hysteria stands and glares at the fallen Straight Edge Messiah. The referee raises Hysteria’s hand, before the leader of the Asylum steadily makes his way out of the ring…] [We’re welcomed back from commercial break with the smiling face of a young man dressed sharply in a suit. He has a short beard that is kept tight and well-maintained. On the wall behind him is the Monday Night showcase logo as he stands in the interview area. He gives a beaming smile before pulling the microphone up to his mouth.]

“My name is James Wilson, and today I am joined by Monday Night Showcase’s newest talent… Jon Davenport!”

[The Ol’ Hunting Hound Dog enters the picture with a wad of tobacco, bulging out his lip as he walks up. He’s wearing an old school white suit with a small pair of sunglasses sitting on his nose.]

“Welcome, Mr. Davenport and welcome to Monday Night Showcase. My first question for you is, what are your plans now that you’ve switched to Monday nights?”

“Well, boy, let me start this off by telling you what it means for everyone else. This Ol’ Hunting Hound Dog has just found his way onto MNS, and I’m putting all of these bastards on notice. The Scarecrow is going to be made an example of as this dog clamps on and shakes until that bastard stops moving.”

“Why did you don the outfit of The Wendigo?”

[Davenport takes off his glasses and begins to point at the camera.]

“I said it last week. Tommy Hawk cost this old dog his time in the shine and got my ass shipped off to VHS. That’s why he’s not even here this week. I kicked his ass so-”

[The lights flicker before shutting off! The sounds of a shuffle in the darkness before the voice of Davenport calls out.]

“You think this scares me? You think I’m afraid of you, injun?!”

[Another groan from Davenport as the lights turn back on. He’s covered from head to toe in… in… blood?! The red liquid has drenched his new white suit as he looks disgusted. James Wilson is standing beside him with a disgusted look on his face as his hand is covering his mouth. Davenport grabs the microphone as blood drips from his head.]

“You think this is funny, redskin? Do you know who I am?! I am Jon Davenport, the monster in your head, and I’m not scared.”

[The lights flicker once more as panic strikes the face of Davenport before he walks way with anger replacing the fear.] [There’s a loud banging at the door. With every thump, Errol Flint jolts in his leather reclining chair; wondering what the hell is going on. He stands abruptly, storms over to the door and angrily pulls it open.] [To his surprise, stood there are two men wearing sharp suits, flashing LVPD Detective badges.]

“Mr. Errol Flint?” [the lead asks.] “My name is Detective Jones and we’ve come to ask you a few questions.”

[Flint looks surprised.]

“Questions? Questions about what?” [he asks carefully.]

“A month ago, you were one of the last people to see Jake Jeckel alive.”

[Everyone is stunned. The crowd become so silent, you could hear a pin drop. Flint stutters and stammers, looking for his words.]

“I-I,” [he barely mumbles.] “Alive?” [Flint finally says.] “What the hell happened?”

[The Detectives look at each other thinking that’s a ‘likely story’ but proceed anyway.]

“Mr. Jeckel was found murdered in his apartment – a shotgun blast to the skull. We had to identify his body by DNA and tooth remnants. It wasn’t pretty.”

[Flint shudders.]

“I had nothing to do with it. The last I saw, I had him escorted out of the arena at Ring King. That was over a month ago.”

“What about his brother?” [The second detective asks, looking at his notepad.] “One Jack Jeckel? We understand that these two had a turbulent relationship to say the least.”

“Look gentlemen, I think we’re done here,” [Errol says shutting them down.] “Now if you don’t mind, I have to go. If you wish to interview any of my staff, or speak with me again, please contact my attorney.”

[As abruptly as he opened the door, he slammed it again, this time in their faces. Errol’s face had gone as white as a sheet. Jake Jeckel had been murdered and he was one of the prime suspects.] [Knock Knock and The Knights stand in the ring. The crowd gives a huge pop to their returning heroes. Doubt seems unphased on the apron, as Smiley and Sheldon circle one another in the ring. BVC stands in his corner trying to pump up the crowd. It doesn’t take much. This crowd is electric.] [Sheldon, looking a little worse for wear after his beat down last week, but still in high spirits reaches out for a test of strength. Smiley laughs sickly and accepts. The two jockey for position and eventually come chest to chest. Neville pushes back and PUSH AWAY DROPKICK! Smiley is rocked and bounces side-first off the middle rope only to return and nails Neville with a HUGE LARIAT! Sheldon drops to the ground and Smiley makes a quick tag to Doubt. Doubt springs over the top rope with a HILO, landing hard on Sheldon. Doubt gets to his feet quickly and pulls Neville to his feet. He throws Neville into the ropes and waits for his return. He leaps for a HURRICANRANA….but it’s countered with a POWERBOMB!!] [Both men are down! Neville stirs first. BVC is going mad in the corner pounding on the turnbuckle… Neville dives and makes the tag! The crowd explodes and Bruce enters the ring and nails Doubt with a running clothesline and sprints directly at Smiley. He hammers him with an elbow sending him flying from the apron! Bruce turns around and pulls Doubt to his feet and lifts him into the air… and holds him…. DELAYED VERTICAL SUPLEX!! The Emotion crashes hard to the mat! But Smiley blindsides Bruce, leveling him from behind. He pummels Bruce with kicks in the corner. Neville rushes in to help, but the referee pushes him back, then pulls Smiley off of Van Chan. But the damage is done.] [Doubt makes it to his feet and grabs BVC, locking him into a DRAGON SLEEPER! Bruce waves and squirms! He seems to be fading… then barely gets his foot on the rope! The ref breaks the hold. Bruce drops to the ground and Doubt makes the tag to Smiley. Smiley gets into the ring and pulls Bruce to his feet… DESPERATION ENZIGURI!!! Smiley drops! Bruce inches to the corner…makes the tag! Sheldon enters and heads straight for Smiley. He stomps him in the corner and then pulls him to his feet…. BODY SLAM!!! LEG DROP!!! WRESTLEMANIA!!!! Doubt enters the ring, but Sheldon nails him with N.E.R.D.!!! Both member of Knock Knock are down! Sheldon pulls Smiley to his feet and drags him to BVC’s corner. Neville points to the top rope, makes the tag, and the slowly puts Smiley in a Neckbreaker position. Bruce springs to the top rope, motions to himself with his thumbs as the crowd chants along… BRUCE…VAN…CH….. the lights drop and The Awakening rush out to ringside. They jump up on the apron, forcing Neville to release Smiley. Both Knights turn their back on their opponents to face the Awakening, who have already begun retreating. Neville steps out onto the apron as if to give chase, but Smiley out of nowhere grabs Bruce from behind and HIDEOUS LAUGHTER!!! Neville tries to help, but Doubt pushes him back. One… Two… THREE!!!] [Knock Knock retains! Knock Knock retains after a great match! They grab their belts and make their way back, while Sheldon tends to Bruce and watches to make sure the Awakening aren’t returning.] [THUD!] [Despite the static covering our screens, which appears to be interference from wherever we are, it is still obvious that a human body has just been thrown onto the cold concrete.]

“You’re late.”

[The voice of Hysteria seems to float over the video, eerie and detached from reality. The Shark and Evil Ash stand over the human body, which has been covered in a full body burlap sack to hide his identity. Before the men, we can find Hysteria himself. He sits in an old rocking chair, one leg crossed over the other. His very countenance is one of amusement.]

“No matter.” [Hysteria finally says, still detached.] “What is important is that our guest has arrived.”

[Shark and Ash each grab an arm and lift the body up, holding up where his head would be.]

“Hello Cyrus, welcome to the land of the living.” [Hysteria comments.] “It’s been some time since you’ve been able to stand on your own, hasn’t it? It’s a pity that you’re nothing more than a trap, isn’t it?”

[Cyrus Brocken attempts to get his feet under him, but the brother of the man who became Ozric Mortimer is unsteady. We learned last week that the Asylum captured Cyrus, and have been keeping him alive.] [Barely.]

“The trap has been set, it’s time to lure our prey.” [Hysteria says, chuckling as he does so.] “Ash, Shark, comb the arena and find Ozric Mortimer. Let him know about our guest, and invite him to join us.”

[As Ash and Shark leave, Hysteria leans forward, trying to inch closer to the bewildered Cyrus Brocken, still covered in the sack.]

“Ozric Mortimer may not care who he hurts, but I want to know everything I can. Please, Cyrus, chat with me about your life.”

[The Deranged One sits back to wait for a response as darkness takes the scene.] [The Red Emperor places his helmet on a turnbuckle, turning back to the Ring King, Royal doing the same with his crown before moving in, the two men ready to battle it out.] [The match is on and both men try to get the early advantage, neither giving an inch as they trade quick blows. The Emperor rushes in with a quick jab, following up with a gut kick and a snap suplex! Nigel gets up and walks into another! Fernando looks to have the advantage when Nigel sweeps the leg on his way up, putting Fernando down and allowing him to hit a hard elbow to the midsection of The Emperor. Royal peels Fernando off of the ground and whips him into the ropes, The Emperor and Royal trading clotheslines! Both men go down!] [Both men get to their feet, still on their toes they move in and lock up in the center of the ring. Royal trying to get an advantage as he nails a few knees to the gut of The Emperor, forcing him back and leaping with a beautiful drop kick! The Emperor bounces into the ropes and back into a clothes- he ducks! Royal turns around and right into a fast paced boxing combo! Royal is forced into the ropes before being clotheslined onto the apron. Emperor backs up before rushing forward with a shoulder thrust BUT ROYAL MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! Emperor is between the ropes and gets caught with a strong kick from Royal!] [Fernando is dazed from that kick and Royal tries to capitalize, pulling the Emperor through the ropes and tossing him to the ringside. He sets up and SPITFIRE FROM THE APRON! Fernando was not ready for that and Royal gets to his feet, tossing the Emperor into the ring and getting on the apron. He takes a moment to gloat, but that proves to be his demise as he turns around into an elbow shot! He’s dazed AND FERNANDO PULLS HIM INTO THE EMPEROR’S STRIKE! Nigel bounces off of Fernando’s shoulder and nails the ground unceremoniously. The Emperor goes for the pin! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [The Red Emperor rises to his feet having beaten the Ring King. He smirks before grabbing his helmet and leaving Nigel on his back in the ring.] [As Fernando walks up the stairs from the ring, he pauses. He turns back to the crowd and makes a military motion towards them before the lights go out, nothing but silence radiating through the arena.] [Then the sound of movement, then stomping, screaming, and finally the sound of a loud WHACK as everything goes silent once more. The crowd holds their breath when a lone light shines upon the ring, a throne now placed in its center, and sitting in it? The Red Emperor. Guards surround him and Nigel Royal lays bloodied at his feet, his body already bruising from what can be assumed was the beating handed to him. He looks up at The Red Emperor who stares back, shoving Nigel with his foot.]


[Royal spits at The Emperor who sneers, standing up and STOMPING ON ROYAL’S HEAD! HIS STOMPING IS RELENTLESS AS BLOOD POURS DOWN NIGEL’S FACE!] [The Emperor leans down, grabbing Nigel by his hair and growling in his face.]

“I. Said. KNEEL!”

[The Emperor sits back in his chair, waiting for Royal who tries getting to his feet only for him to land on a knee. He glares at The Emperor who can only smirk back at him.]

“So you finally kneel to your better. Then I suppose there’s no use for you is there? Get me his crown.”

[Nigel tries to speak back, but only receives another boot for his troubles. A guard grabs the crown from the turnbuckle, bringing it back to The Red Emperor who looks it over before dropping it on the ground.]

“This trophy, this crown… GIVEN TO A LOW LIFE!”

[The Emperor drops the crown AND HE STOMPS ON IT! The crown’s metal bends as he lays into it, soon becoming nothing but a pile of torn felt and metal. The Emperor calms himself, looking back at the shocked Nigel and sighing.]

“Begone with him.”

[The guards grab onto Royal, dragging him from the Ring, the Ring King kicking and screaming the whole way as he is dragged into the darkness and away from the light. The crowd is silent as The Emperor takes a seat on his throne once more, the lights going out, coming up once more to reveal The Emperor, and his throne, to be gone.] [We cut to the backstage where we find position to the rear of Tyler Brooks, who hobbles down the hallway bruised and battered following his match earlier in the night with Hysteria.] [“The Straight-Edge Messiah” glances over his shoulder in recognition of the camera’s presence before angling toward one of many closed doors that line the corridor.] [Opening the door slowly and then pausing; somewhat in confusion.]

“Did I leave my lights off?” [Brooks mutters to himself as he steps into the dark room reaching blindly for a light switch.] [Light is restored and that’s when Brooks sees him.] [It’s Hysteria.]

“What do you…” [Tyler’s alerted tone is suddenly cut off.] [BOOMSTICK!!] [Evil Ash leaps into view from the interior right of the doorway, drilling an unsuspecting Brooks; knocking him to the ground.] [And there is Smiley and Shark moving in quickly, ropes in hand. The two Asylum members knot Brooks’ wrists between the twine as Evil Ash moves to his rear; holding him down with a modified camel clutch while his hands are stretched away from his body; held tightly in place.] [Hysteria only chuckles as he moves in closer.] [Grunting against his human and non-human restraints.] “It’s never too late to accept me.. ” [Brooks mumbles with a dazed glare at Hysteria.] [Another chuckle.] “That’s a really funny joke, but this… it’s not about me.” [Hysteria warns before letting off a hearty laugh and stepping to the side.]

“It’s about you Tyler!” [We hear as Doubt steps into the view.]

“You?” [Brooks grumbles in surprise.] [Doubt goes to a knee, leaning forward; his white mask only inches from the distorted face of his abductee. And with a wicked whisper…]

“No. It really is about YOU!” [Doubt’s mask tilts as if to ponder the thoughts of Brooks.] “I’m just here to help you!”

“I don’t need your help!” [Brooks growls.]

“Oh really?” [Doubt sounds off, a hint of sarcasm in his voice as the movement of his mask becomes still.] “You seem… uncertain!”

[Suddenly, Doubt DRIVES a knee into the jaw of Brooks; viciously knocking him unconscious.] [With that, Shark and Smiley release the tension on Brooks arms and Evil Ash stands to his feet allowing Tyler to lower to the ground motionless.] [With Hysteria chuckling in the background, the scene fades as Doubt kneels over the unconscious Brooks.] [The brand new Double Feature champion had a hell of a Heart of Darkness but this week he faces a grave challenge in the form of the returning Ethan Bird. Can the Boogieman continue his run of dominance or will a former God regain his glory?] [The bell sounds as Bird rushes forward, taking Jeckel by surprise with a massive Big Boot. Jack gets up staggered right into a flurry of lefts and rights by Bird, who’s hyped for his first OSW match in months. Bird ducks under a clothesline, grabbing Jack from behind, lifting him up into an Atomic Drop before drilling him into the canvas with a Bulldog. Ethan signals for the end, pulling Jack up but gets a sharp headbutt for his troubles before he finds himself flat on the canvas from a lightning fast Snap Suplex] [Bird barely gets up to one knee before Jack pulls him up, punishing him with a series of hard knees to the gut before powering Bird up and slamming him onto the canvas with a big Sidewalk Slam. Jack doesn’t let go however, lifting Bird up again, powering him up into the air, BOOGEYMAN BOMB! Jack doesn’t cover, wanting to punish Bird further as he climbs up to the top rope, CAR CRASH….MISSES! Jack rolls onto his feet, SPEAR!] [Bird nails Jack with a massive Spear but it just took the Boogieman down to one knee, that was enough however as Bird kicks him in the face before lifting him up into the air, running forward before spiking him head first into the mat with a Powerslam. Bird signals for the end, pulling Jack up but getting a hard haymaker which spins Bird around. Jack grabs him from behind but a sharp elbow staggers him right into a kick to the gut, WORLD’S END! Jeckel is down as Bird covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Bird gets to his feet, ecstatic as he gets his hand raised in the Schoolyard for the first time in months as Bird rolls out of the ring, heading up the stairs as he succeeded in his return match tonight] [Scratch.] [Scrabble.] [Scratch.] [Scrabble.] [… Sigh.] [Lux Bellator leans on the shovel handle, a sheen of sweat visible on the little of his face not covered by his mask. He mops his brow with the back of his hand, struggling to catch his breath as the icy cold night grips his chest.]

“I t-truly hope you poor souls are able to rest now.”

[Pale moonlight illuminates the dozens of freshly-dug earthy mounds surrounding Lux in the dark cemetery. The abandoned church stands behind him, silhouetted against the inky sky.]

“What makes you think they were so poor and innocent?”

[Lux closes his eyes and sighs at the sound of the second voice, which drips with malice.]

“Maybe, just maybe… they deserved it.” [Smiley’s leering yellow face emerges from the shadow of a gnarled tree which stands over the graves.] [Lux opens his eyes and shakes his head with conviction, his mouth hitched in disdain.]

“Nobody deserves what you did to these people.”

[The decaying yellow smiley face looms over Lux’s shoulder and whispers into his ear.] “You sure about that, Lux? Not even… me?”

[Lux’s eyes mist over. The skin on his knuckles is taut and white as he tightens his grip on the shovel…]

“That’s it…” [Smiley nods eagerly, encouraging him.] “Swing for my head. Put me in one of these graves, Lux. Nobody would ever know.”

[Scrape. Lux pulls the shovel an inch or so out of the frosty earth.]

“Hell, even if they found out, you’d probably get a medal for it.”

[Lux frees the shovel as though unsheathing a sword. The moonlight shimmers on the cold steel blade.]

“End it, Lux. End me. You said so yourself: I need to be stopped.”

[Lux looks into Smiley’s soulless eyes.] “Do you know what I did while digging these graves?”

[Smiley shakes his head.]

“I prayed.” [Lux opens his hand to reveal a string of prayer beads.]

“Really?” [Smiley asks sarcastically.] “Don’t tell me; you prayed for that shovel, right? Then it magically appeared.” [He claps in mock wonder.]

“Actually, I prayed for forgiveness.”

[Smiley runs his hands over his face and through his greasy hair, groaning frustratedly.] “What do I have to do, Lux? I’ve shown you the skeletons in my closet. You still think I can be born again like Lazarus? It’d be a better idea to abort me—”

[Thud. Lux drops the shovel and pins Smiley against the tree, his forearm pressed into his throat. Smiley licks his painted lips and laughs, his coiling white breath resembling his tattered soul trying to escape his body.]

“That’s it, do it! Come on!”

[Lux leans in so closely that a flake of yellow paint is transferred from Smiley’s face onto his own.]

“You misunderstand, Lee. I did pray for forgiveness, but it wasn’t for you.”

[Smiley frowns.]

“It was for me.” [Lux digs his elbow in as Smiley splutters.] “I prayed to God to forgive me for what I’m going to have to do to end your evil.”

[Lux releases Smiley, who falls to his knees, gasping for air. The Light Warrior turns and walks away, preparing for his inevitable dance with the devil.]

“Lux!” [Smiley calls after him. Lux looks back to see Smiley clutching his Rosary, which must have fallen in the mud.] “You forgot your pretty beads!”

[Lux smiles wryly.] “Keep them. You’re going to need them.”

[With that, Lux leaves a screaming Smiley to swing the shovel into the tree over and over again.] [Has Smiley accepted Lux’s faith to be unbreakable?] [Brent Kersh. Badly beaten and bruised, looks anxious as the match begins. The Scarecrow could be anywhere… The Shadow looks to take advantage of as he shoots at Kersh as the bell rings.] [Lane immediately strikes Kersh with a stiff elbow to the temple, and the Enforcer is pushed to the corner. Shadow mounts the first turnbuckle and immediately begins a flurry of elbow strikes. Rights and lefts rain down on Kersh until the referee forces the Champion away. Kersh stumbles from the corner and falls to one knee. Shadow quickly takes advantage and locks in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH! Kersh squirms and screams! He manages to free one arm and hammers Lane once… twice…. three times until Lane release him. Shadow staggers and Kersh regains his feet and two mammoths begin trading punches! The crowd “ewws” and “ahhs” with each shot.] [Finally, Brent begins to get the upper hand as Lane is driven to the ropes. Kersh whips Shadow to the far ropes, and when he returns he is met by a flying SHOULDER TACKLE! Lane drops and Kersh is quick to his feet, the anxiety lost in the heat of battle and locks in the LONE STAR….. NO! Shadow grabs the ropes before Kersh can lock it in. The ref breaks the hold and Kersh backs up. Lane begins to pull himself up as Kersh barrels back down on him…BACK BODY DROP OUT OF THE RING!! Kersh lands hard on the floor outside!] [Shadow looks at Kersh. He contemplates. And grabs the ropes, slingshotting himself up and over and FLYING LEG DROP!! BUT KERSH ROLLED AWAY AT THE LAST SECOND!! Both men are down and the referee is giving a ten count! 1… 2… 3… 4…Lane stirs… 5… 6… Kersh is moving… 7… 8… Lane pops up and rolls in… 9… TE…. NO! Kersh rolls in just in time! But he receives a stiff kick to the face for his trouble!! Lane pulls Kersh to his feet and sets him up for DEGENERATION, but Suddenly the lights go out and we hear the call of a crow… the lights come back on and Kersh has his fist balled up ready for a fight. THE SHADOW is laid out in the middle of the ring! But Scarecrow is nowhere in sight! Kersh looks around and reluctantly covers Shadow, but cautiously. One… Two… THREE!] [Kersh gets to his feet. victorious, and looks around some more. Finally, we spot Scarecrow in the rafters. That isn’t a smile, is it?] [Both Kersh and Shadow attempt to recover after their match when the Schoolyard is interrupted by the sounds of ‘Carnivore’ by Starset. The Red Emperor himself appears at the top of the entrance steps, adorned in his full suit of Armour. He points a single finger, directly at Shadow… Directly at the World Champion. In his other hand, a microphone.]

“A fine showcase gentlemen, but playtime is over.”

[The Red Emperor makes his way down the steps, still pointing his finger almost accusingly at Shadow. Once at ringside, only then does his attention turn to Brent Kersh.]

“This does not concern you, Kersh. I suggest you take your leave, lest you make a target out of yourself.”

[Kersh looks at the Emperor a little sideways, but decides to pick his battles. As he passes by, the Red Emperor stops him with a hand to the chest.]

“This is the part where you bow and say… yes, my liege”

[Brent Kersh isn’t going to do that. He continues walking. Instead of pressing the matter, the Red Emperor turns his attention to the reason he is out here – Shadow. Taking the steps into the ring, he finds Shadow ready to receive him, fists balled. The Emperor points his finger once again.]

“The King is a fool.”

[He waits for the crowd’s reaction to die down before explaining himself.]

“We once had a champion who was a hero to the people. But over time, you have squandered your kingdom and tarnished your crown. Now you stand with a court of jesters in the Awakening, the Shadow is not fit to be King any longer.

It is time that this Kingdom we call Old School Wrestling, becomes an Empire.”

[Shadow glares, tapping his Championship belt confidently. ]

“You’re right. . . I am the King, this ring has always been my Kingdom. Whether these people like it or not, I rule this squared circle.”

“Not for long. Once I claim that belt of yours, my destiny will be realized and my Empire will be established. A reign that will make yours look miniscule.

You are officially put on notice, your highness. Learn your place, your days are numbered.”

[He one more points his accusing finger at Shadow, as he backs away to leave. Shadow interrupts his exit. ]

“The shadow has endured more than you, my leige.” [He speaks with sarcasm and adds a mock bow.] “Do your worst, we’ll see who the true ruler is. Until then, this is my damned Kingdom and my damned ring.”

[Mike drop. Shadow beckons the Red Emperor to leave, which he begrudgingly does. The dye has been cast, the notice has been issued. An Emperor will take on a King. ] [Things have changed drastically as we watch Lance Norman fleeing the arena backstage. He’s walking rather briskly towards the exit with a briefcase in hand, his limousine waiting for him outside.] [He doesn’t hesitate for a moment as he steps inside his limo and places his suitcase down on the seat.]

“I’m glad you could join me, Mr. Norman.”

[The voice startles him. His eyes look up for the first time and sat opposite, is none other than Ethan Bird.]

“What the hell do you want?” [Lance demands to know.]

“Vengeance,” [he retorts, stroking his beard.] “And to be remembered.”

[Lance doesn’t know what to do.]

“But most of all, I want Errol Flint, Lance. Have you ever thought about the possibilities? The endless array of options you could explore if you were to be in charge of Old School Wrestling?”

[Lance grins.] “Perhaps, but how exactly could you get me that?”

“If you help me get Errol Flint, I’ll take him out of the way and put you into power. I’ll make you the Chairman of this company.”

[Suddenly, the door is almost ripped open – Jack Jeckel reaching in and pulling Ethan Bird out. He smashes him head first into the now open door, tossing him across the ground. Bird rolls, getting back to his feet, touching his forehead for a bloodied wound.]

“Get out of here, Lance. I’ll take care of this.”

[Lance slams the door shut and the limousine speeds off, Jack turning around to see that Ethan Bird has vanished into the night. With a grimace, the Double Feature Champion storms back into the building, only there waiting for him are two LVPD Detectives and they have one or two questions.] [The All-Star Championship is on the line as the champion faces off against an evangelical adversary in Lux Bellator.] [The referee rings the bell he is holding before pointing at both men to start this thing off. The boiler room is hot and steamy as Ozric and Lux tie up in the center of the room. Ozric gets the upper hand with his sheer size. He wraps his arms around the midsection of Lux and lifts him up before dropping him on the hard floor. Lux rolls away holding his ribs before springing back to his feet. He springs to the nearest pipe and leaps off for a springboard tornado DDT! Ozric hits the ground hard as the pipe breaks open, unleashing some hot steam!] [Lux Bellator grabs Ozric up before hitting a spinning backfist. The Creator is stunned as Bellator charges him for an elbow storm! Mortimer stops him as he catches him. He turns around and rams him straight into a wall, back-first. Lux cries out in pain before The Nightmare walks over to a table and drops him straight through it! Bellator is holding his back in pain. Ozric walks over and grabs up a steel chair and turns back to find Lux back on his feet! Ozric swings with the chair, but Lux Bellator dodges the blow before hitting a spinning wheel kick that staggers him! Bellator charges right at him, but Ozric hits a right hand before pulling him into a sidewalk slam position.] [He’s going for it! GRACE AT GROU-NO! Lux slips out of the hold before tackling Ozric to the ground for a set of vicious shots. Lux stands over his seemingly beaten foe before taking a step or two towards the door. Ozric grabs his foot with a vicious smile upon his face. Lux kicks at him, but he gets to his feet while still holding onto his boot. Lux tries for a enzuigiri, but Ozric just catches that leg holding Lux in wheelbarrow position before lifting him up and… Lux worms out. ARM OF GOD! The tiltawhirl headscissors with a little release sends Mortimer HEADFIRST INTO THE STEAM! He cries out clutching his painted face which is now melting! Bellator crawls for the door before opening it and escaping!] [Paramedics flood into the room to check on the face of Ozric, but he seems to be okay other than the paint dripping down his face and his flushed cheeks. Lux Bellator watches out with a worried expression as the referee hands him his NEW All-Star Championship.] [Recorded Earlier.] [The front door of the Brent Kersh house has been taken clear off its hinges by the time our titular hero stumbles towards it. He’s discharged himself from the hospital and looks to be in a considerable amount of pain.] [As he walks into the hall, the house looks to have been almost obliterated. There’s remnants of family pictures and paperwork strewn all across the floor. Kersh walks into the dining room, where The Scarecrow sits at the head of the table.]

“Where are my family?” [Kersh demands to know.] [The Scarecrow doesn’t even budge.]

“I think you know the answer to that, don’t you?” [The Hayman retorts.] “Because when I arrived, they were gone.

[A wry smile appears on the weathered and brutalised face of Brent Kersh.]

“You’ll never find them, Scarecrow. You can kill me, but you’ll never get to Trevor.”

[The Monster abruptly stands up.]

“Your Grandfather thought he did the same thing with Jack,” [he says defiantly.] “And all these years later, your father never knew what hit him. It certainly wasn’t a truck, Brent.”

[Brent storms across the room towards The Scarecrow, seething with rage. He knew it. He knew that The Hayman had killed his father.]

“Y-You killed my father?” [Brent sneers.] “You killed my Grandfather!” [he roars.] “And now you want to kill me and my son? I’ve defeated you once before, Scarecrow.”

[The Monster leans in.]

“Yet here I stand.”

[Kersh’ face is red with anger as The Scarecrow continues.]

“I will find your family and I will make good on my promise to destroy them in front of you. There’s no-where you can run and no-where you can hide.”

[He turns and walks towards the door, stopping to look back at Brent.

“Because where your eyes don’t go…”

[Kersh watches him carefully.]

“Well, you know the rest.”

[With The Scarecrow gone, Brent takes an exhausted seat at his dining room table. He flips open his phone, seeing that he has a match scheduled with Shadow for Monday night. With a deep breath, he collapses at his table, finally able to get some rest.] [Last time we joined Hysteria in his sanctum, static dominated our vision. This time, the picture is as clear as the rest of the show. Hysteria sits before the fallen form of Cyrus Brocken. Cyrus is still covered in his burlap sack, except he has not found his legs. He lays on the cold ground before Hysteria, who seems to have a tick that keeps him changing positions.] [Nervousness?] [Earlier tonight, Hysteria dispatched Evil Ash and The Shark to find Ozric Mortimer. Perhaps Hysteria is regretting inviting his Nightmare into his trap?]

“You’ve learned, Hysteria.”

[The dark voice of Ozric Mortimer almost causes Hysteria to leap out of his chair in surprise. Somehow, Mortimer has gotten behind the Deranged One.]

“You’re using live bait this time.”

[Cyrus begins to stir on the ground.]

“Unfortunately, your two errand boys will not be joining us. Their countenances are more in line with the mannequin you used before than a living person at this point. I’m sure they will recover though.”

[Hysteria doesn’t even attack or fight, just sits clenched in fear. Ozric Mortimer raises an eyebrow and grabs the rocking chair, flinging it to the side right out from under Hysteria, who falls to the ground and cowers away.]

“This may be your lucky night, Hysteria. My business is with Cyrus Brocken, not with you.”

[That surprising answer just causes Hysteria to back away as Ozric picks Cyrus up, setting him down on his feet.]

“You know, Cyrus, if you hadn’t left, I may never exist.” [Ozric coldly states.] “If Nicholas had someone to support him, life may be different for all of us.”

[He gestures back to Hysteria, who has stood to his feet finally.]

“That man’s family may yet still leave and he wouldn’t exist. Perhaps we both owe you a debt of thanks.”

[Cyrus tries to free himself, but Mortimer merely smiles a cold smile.]

“Yet all Hysteria offers you is death.”

[CLANG!] [Ozric is staggered forward as Hysteria now stands above him, holding a steel pipe, and looking at it as if he’s never seen one before. Mortimer turns around and catches the next swing.]

“Hello, Cyrus.” [Ozric coldly states.] [The sack covered form of Cyrus leaps into frame, knocking Ozric to the ground. The sack comes off much easier than anticipated as we finally get to see the man that the Asylum kidnapped. Except when the sack comes off, all we see is…] [Hysteria?] [Two identically dressed men attack Ozric Mortimer, yet he seems to shrug off each shot to rise to his full frame. When standing side by side, it is easy to tell that one of the Hysteria’s is much more lean and emaciated than the real deal. That Hysteria grabs his mask and throws it to the ground, to reveal a gaunt and sick face.] [Yet a face full of hate.]

“I told you, Mortimer.” [Hysteria begins.] “You only kill indiscriminately. The anonymous only suffer your wrath. While I like to know the names of my victims, their stories. And the story of the Brocken family is very interesting.”

[Cyrus steps in front of Hysteria to face Ozric. The fear is evident in his eyes. Mortimer only looks amused.]

“Step aside. I have no quarrel with you. Your death is needless.”

[Cyrus doesn’t move.]

“You killed my brother.” [The sick man states, using all of his energy.] “You would have killed my mother.”

“Some secrets must remain hidden, boy. Your death has become necessary.”

[Ozric reaches out for Cyrus’s throat, but Hysteria pulls him back just as Evil Ash and Shark enter the room. They pummel Mortimer back and out of the way of Hysteria and Cyrus, who go to flee the room, but not before Hysteria has a final word.]

“Mortimer, I’d let you kill the boy, but he has much he needs to share with me. I didn’t realize just how old you really were, Ozric.”

[Hysteria and Cyrus flee down the hall and Shark and Ash bail out just before Ozric mounts a comeback. Mortimer kneels in the cold room, contemplating his next move.] [Smiling.] [Main event time as The Ol’ Hunting Hound Dog makes his Monday Night Showcase debut in the main event against The Hayman himself!] [Jon Davenport paces a little, obviously trying to hide his nerves, but The Scarecrow seems to see right through his ruse. The bell sounds as these two heavyweights collide in the center of the ring with a tie-up. The Hayman gets the better of the exchange by pushing the Southern boy into the corner. He nails him across the head with one solid Haymaker before retreating with a grin. Davenport takes his time in the corner, feeling his head. Finally, he exits as Crow approaches. Davenport kicks him right in the knee forcing the monster to a knee before grabbing his head for a DDT!] [Scarecrow tries to get up, but Davenport locks on a side headlock, twisting on the head. The Cornfield’s Crusader isn’t deterred by this for long as he hits the ropes and sends Davenport across the ring. The big Georgian comes back and is welcomed by the underside of Scarecrow’s boot! He hits the mat with a thud before Scarecrow locks on a triangle choke as he tries to drain the energy out of Davenport! Jon fights him as he tries to get to the ropes. Finally, he’s able to get his feet to the bottom rope as the referee begins to count down Scarecrow. Releasing on the count of four, The Hayman stalks his prey from a standing position.] [It’s almost as if he’s waiting on him to make another mistake. Davenport utilizes the ropes to pull himself back up to a standing position, but Scarecrow is all over him. Another big boot, but Davenport slides down and pulls the rope down with him! Scarecrow is hung up on the top rope as Davenport locks in… GEORGIA CRAWFISH! The Iron Claw is applied as Scarecrow is desperate to get the hand off of his face while he’s trapped on the rope. The referee comes over and begins administering a count. If he reaches a count of five, Davenport will be disqualified! The Ol’ Hunting Hound Dog releases the hold at four and a half.] [That hold seems to have drained nearly all of the energy out of Scarecrow as he just rests on the top rope. Davenport hits the ropes and…. BIG BOOT! Scarecrow tumbles over, hits the apron, and falls to the floor. Jon stands in the ring as he stares down at him momentarily before sliding under the rope and out to the floor. Davenport lifts up The Hayman, only Scarecrow hits a punch right to the abdomen before whipping Davenport right into the ring apron. Davenport cries out as his lower back collides with the apron. Scarecrow pulls him back before lifting him up and dropping him with a BODY SLAM ON THE APRON!] [Davenport is really in pain now as he clutches at his back, desperately! The Monster lifts him right up and rolls him into the ring to break the count of the referee at eight. He slides in himself and begins stalking him once more. The Hound Dog is crawling away from him as he tries to pull himself up once more. He lunges forward to connect with a right hand right on the chin of The Monster. Scarecrow seems to laugh it off as he hits… THE HAYMAKER! It nails Davenport as he’s rocked and barely standing. Scarecrow hits the ropes and comes back for another BIG BOOT! But Davenport yanked the referee into the way! The referee is out like a light and Davenport rakes the eyes of The Hayman! He lifts him up for a body slam of his own before stopping to hold his back.] [The Hound Dog smirks before digging into his trunks and pulling out a pair of brass knuckles! The referee is down and Davenport is going to take advantage of this. The Georgian leaps onto Scarecrow and begins pounding away on his face with some vicious right hands! The Monster is trying to get out of his grasp, but Jon Davenport is brutalizing him! The Hound Dog climbs up to the bottom rope before leaping off for… THE MUD FLOP! Scarecrow isn’t budging at all as Davenport begins to stir the referee despite his stupor. Finally, the referee seems to begin the slow crawl as Davenport has Scarecrow pinned. As the referee gets close, Davenport utilizes the bottom rope with both feet! One…Two…THR-NO!] [Davenport is furious! He grabs the referee up before nailing him with a wind-up punch. The crowd is booing him furiously but he pulls up Scarecrow who hits THE HAYMAKER! Another haymaker and Davenport is disoriented. He yanks him in close before raising him up for a crucifix position. THE LIGHTS GO OUT! THE PERCH! The lights return and… GEORGIA CRAWFISH! Davenport knows a little something about maneuvering in the dark from his time as The Wendigo! Scarecrow is fading fast but there’s no referee! Jon begins kicking at the official referee of the match, but he’s not budging now. Another referee slides into the ring from the back. He doesn’t even check on Scarecrow as he instantly calls for the bell!] [The crowd is booing this as the referee walks over to Davenport and raises his hand. A sinister smile spreads across his face as he begins to celebrate his victory over Scarecrow. The Monster is in the corner and seems peeved as he technically never gave up! The original official gets to his feet and looks confused. He points at the other referee and declares an explanation. The new referee explains, but the eyes of the first official grow wide before… PUNCH TO THE NEW REFEREE! The old referee just decked him! Davenport is looking at him in dismay! The first official walks over to the time-keeper’s area and begins explaining things to the announcer.]

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, this match will now be RESTARTED!”

[The Ol’ Hunting Hound Dog is incensed. The Monster leaps on top of him and begins nailing him with vicious haymakers right and left! Davenport is trying to cover himself, but to no avail. Scarecrow yanks Davenport back up to his feet and holds him in place by his jaw before nailing him with a headbutt! Davenport staggers to the corner where Scarecrow charges him with a Stinger Splash! The official is too busy handling the biased official that he misses… BRASS KNUCKLES TO THE FACE! Scarecrow is staggered as he leapt right into it! BRAINBUSTER! Davenport climbs back to the bottom rope for… THE MUD FLOP! HE MISSES! Scarecrow is there with… BYE BYE BIRDIE! The Scarecrow goes for the pin as the referee turns to see it! One…Two…THREE!] [The Monster went through hell with the cheating ways of Jon Davenport, but he was able to successfully defeat the newest member of the roster. The referee raises his hand as The Monster grins out and Davenport is barely moving.] [Click.] [Knock Knock.]

“Who’s there?”


“Alright, I get it; a bad joke, huh?”

[We’re confronted by a large wooden door, with the number 2 on it. That’s all we see at first. Shortly thereafter, the door swings open and we’re greeted by the smiling face of John Cho. Neville Sheldon’s friend immediately sours, backing away and falling over his own feet.]

“What do you want?” [John says, trembling with fear.] [A right hand strikes him, knocking him unconscious.] [Cut!] [Click.] [When the camera is turned back on, it’s pointed at the bloodied face of John Cho. He’s sporting a bloodied nose after that right hook and remains tied to a chair inside his own home. Red River Jack then walks into frame, twiddling a knife in his hand.]

“You asked me a question, man,” [Red says, walking over to him.] “You said, ‘what do you want?’; do you remember that?”

[John nods.]

“I want to know if you think your best friend will save you?”

[An awkward silence.]

“I want to know whether or not if I cut on you, he’ll arrive before you bleed out. I want to know if Neville Sheldon is the hero that you and all these people think he is, man.”

[John dribbles blood down onto his chest.]

“H-He’ll save me,” [Cho stammers.] “He’s my best friend.”

[Jack shrugs his shoulders, closing in with the knife.]

“We’ll see, man. I called him, did you know that? I told him I was here and that you were keeping me company. I told him that if he ever wanted to see you again, he’d have to come home.”

[Suddenly the door kicks in, Neville Sheldon bursting through and onto the scene. He runs into the middle of the room, only there’s nothing there. Panicked and paranoid, Sheldon turns around to see the camera sitting on a stool, the footage we were just watching having paused.] [He walks over and presses play. Jack finishes, pushing the knife to John’s face.]

“But he’ll never make it in time.”

[WHACK!] [Something hard hits Neville over the head, knocking him to the floor. Hate walks forward, checking out his handiwork with a big smile before exiting the room, the camera Neville dropped in his possession.] [The Awakening are going after The Knight’s on home fronts here tonight. They’re going after their family, their bloodlines, their everything.] [Cut.]