[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [Cold open.] [Recorded Earlier.] [The clicking footsteps of boots on concrete can be heard coming from different directions as Monday Night Showcase opens live in an alley right next to The School Yard. A man unknown to us stands, smoking a cigarette. The night is cold here in Las Vegas. Smoke plumes from the burning ember between his lips as a hooded figure arrives opposite.]

“Thanks for coming,” [the man says, stubbing out his cigarette on a large metal trash container next to him.] “I’m sorry that we’ve been dark. We’ve been evaluating our targets.”

[The hooded man remains with his hands deep inside his hoodie pockets.]

“We appreciate everything you’ve done, the reports you’ve filed and the extreme efforts you’ve gone to in order to get us information. We just need you to focus elsewhere.”

“I want Hysteria,” [grumbles the voice.] “Do you understand me?”

[The agent shakes his head.] “He’s not the target. We have Errol Flint in custody for the murder of Jake Jeckel – we’ve charged him. We’ve been combing his financial records, and whilst there’s a few discrepancies that could account for a potential hit, we need a smoking gun.”

“Errol Flint didn’t murder Jake Jeckel. What do you have on him?”

[There’s a slight pause.]

“We have an eye witness that places him at the apartment complex at the time of the murder. We have a personal confidant who is willing to testify in court that Flint orchestrated the murder and numerous voicemails that indicate his guilt.”

[The hooded man sighs.] “But you need the murder weapon and you think it’s here?” [He scoffs.] “Why don’t you get a warrant? If my cover is blown, I’ll never get my hands on Hysteria.”

[The agent turns away in frustration, snapping back to his man.]

“He’s already claiming that he’s the victim of a setup and federal harassment. Our bosses don’t want us to apply for a warrant unless there’s something here. You’re our inside man. You need to drop this Hysteria shit and…”

[The hooded man grabs the agent and slams him up against the trash container.]

“Drop it?” [the man barks angrily.] “He fucking killed Alex Reese!” [he releases the agent, pushing him backwards.]

“I know that you two were close,” [the agent reasons.] “You came up through our academy together. But he got too deep, man. He got too deep. This place is a hotbed for criminal, terrorist and violent activity. When you told us that Harrison was here, Reese was already deep into his case. When it crossed his desk, he took it as a personal mission of his to solve those murders. It cost him his life.”

[The man screams back at him.] “Don’t you think I know that!? [he cries.] “I’ll search Flint’s office, I’ll file my reports, but I’m dropping this façade at Red Snow. Do you understand me? I’m going to take Hysteria down, once and for all.”

“Don’t become the vigilante, kid,” [the agent warns.] “Don’t make us come after you.”

[The hooded man turns and walks away, leaving the agent there alone. He sighs, turning around and walking in the opposite direction as our camera cuts to static.] [Squabbling.] [As Showcase opens inside The School Yard for the first time since Gold Rush, Errol Flint’s office has every single Champion stood within it. Only, Flint isn’t there. Lance Norman sits behind the desk with his feet up, listening to the arguments.] [When he finally decides to stand up, he clears his throat, placing the attention on himself.]

“Gentlemen, I understand your concerns. Last week at Gold Rush, someone stole all your Championships. Now I know that’s difficult. I know that without those belts, you guys feel naked. Rest assured, we’re doing what we can do find them.”

[Davenport pushes his way to the front of the crowd, violently barging past Van Chan.]

“I demand a recount,” [Davenport hisses.] “First you have me facing some dirty injun’ and now you’ve got me teaming with Crappy Chan. That boy can’t even see straight, look at his slanty eyes. I don’t even know what direction he’s lookin’ in. Is he lookin’ at me? Is he lookin’ at you?”

[Bruce frowns.] “I’m American.”

“American by way of what, Asia?” [His Tag Team partner scoffs.] “I demand you give me my All-Star Championship back and we forget this little nightmare ever happened.”

[Lance chuckles to himself somewhat.]

“Look, I know this is a period of transition. Neither of you asked to be teamed together but that’s what you’ve got. How about we settle these differences the old-fashioned way? Tonight, in a Steel Cage match, Bruce Van Chan will take on Jon Davenport. That should make a dent in any ill will between you, shouldn’t it?”

[Jon and Bruce look at each other. The tensions are starting to simmer, when Shadow pipes up.]

“And who put you in charge?” [He asks.]

“Whilst Errol Flint is otherwise indisposed, I’m calling the shots. The directors have asked me to step in and keep order around here. But I’m glad you asked the question, Shadow, because that brings me to you.”

[The World Champion folds his arms stoically.]

“I’ve been watching The Awakening and The Knights brawl for a good month now and I think it’s time we settled those differences. At Red Snow, it’ll be The Awakening, Shadow, Red River Jack and David Manson against The Knight’s, Bruce Van Chan, Neville Sheldon and Nigel Royal in a Trio’s Match. Before we get there, in the Main Event tonight, you will defend your World Championship against the number one contender…”

[Norman smiles.]

“Red River Jack,” [he announces proudly.] “And if you retain, you’ll walk into 2017 as the Old School Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.”

“I don’t care about any of this,” [interrupts Hysteria.] “I want my Championship back and I want it now.”

[Hysteria steps up, staring down Shadow.]

“But what you do care about is Ozric Mortimer,” [Lance re-interrupts.] “And at Red Snow, you two will finish this feud of yours inside a Buried Alive Match. One of you will see in the New Year buried six… feet… deep.”

[Everyone spends a moment, looking at each other. Brent Kersh says nothing. He knows that his time is coming to an end and simply remains, arms crossed, head lowered.]

“So, you see Gentlemen, each and every single one of you has something more to worry about than missing titles. You leave the search for those belts up to me and you do what you have to do here in Old School Wrestling.”

[Lance takes a seat behind his desk and waves everyone off. Brent filters out first, with Davenport and Chan bundling in behind, pushing each other out of the way. Hysteria is next to exit, leaving Shadow staring at the stand-in Chairman.]

“I’ll be watching you, Norman,” [Shadow says ominously.] “From the dark, in the shadows, when you think you’re alone. I’ll be watching.”

[Cut.] [The Ring King returned to defend his Knights; now Nigel Royal goes one-on-one with The Awakening’s Street Rat! Will David Manson open Nigel’s eyes to a new regime or will Royal flush the Bad Seed back down the drain?] [The match starts with Nigel immediately elevating Manson with a BIG Backdrop! He floats through, rising…. Another! He holds on! ANOTHER! IT’S THE ROYAL FL– NO! The Bad Seed counters; looking for a Full-Nelson Slam but Royal Arm Drags through. Nigel gets a Dropkick followed Running Bulldog! He covers! One.. Two.. NO! NIGEL’S GOIN’ FOR THE DUNGEO– NO! The Cannibal, wrestles free! He rises, getting a knee to gut followed by a desperation LARAIT! He drags Royal up by his hair…. Pendulum Backbreaker! HE HOLDS IT! Nigel though quickly battles out, picking an ankle…. ANKLE LOCK! HE– NO!] [The New Horror pulls himself from the ropes to the floor. He tries to catch his breath….. ROYAL WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE! He slips out to floor; David swats him away. Manson rams him face-first into the ring! EYE RAKE! He Scoop Slams the Submissions King onto the concrete; the Street Rat inches onto the apron….. DIVING KNEE DROP! He landed right on the bridge of Nigel’s nose! The Ring King’s hurt; David chucks him into the ring…. A trickle of blood oozes from Nigel’s nose as Manson CHOKES HIM OVER THE ROPES! The fans BOO! The Anarchy soaks it all in!] [Royal’s reeling; the Bad Seed yanks him up…. FULL-NELSON SLAM! He covers! One… Two… NO! Nigel gets the shoulder up! The fans chant Royal’s name as Manson nails a Big Boot! NO! Royal with a HARD Chop! WOOO! And another! WOOOO! Short-Arm Belly-to-Belly! He quickly pulls David up and– NO! UNSPOKEN WORDS! He covers! One… NO, WAIT! ROYAL’S GOIN’ FOR THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON! He fights to cinch it in; both steadily work back to their feet…. LOW BLOW! The referee saw nothing! AND MANSON DRILLS HIM WITH THE REIGN OF TERROR! He covers! One… Two… THREE! DAMN IT!] [The bell rings and Manson remains low to the canvas. With a wild, far-away look in his eyes, he chuckles sadistically at the mauled Monarch….. Royal’s still trying to rise.] [Recorded Earlier.] [In the dusty county of Absaroka, we find Tommy Hawk sat on a wooden porch on the reservation. He’s sat with Etu, who still looks rather shaken up after his encounter with Jon Davenport.] [Suddenly, the sound of horns blaring can be heard as trucks pull onto the reservation, driving through and stopping right outside Tommy’s porch. Jon Davenport of all people, stands atop the back of one, a megaphone in his hand.]

“Listen up you little injun morons,” [Davenport yells through the megaphone.] “And listen up good. You savages are living on American land in America. There’s no such home for you people.”

[Tommy stands up, manoeuvring Etu to one side.]

“And that right there,” [Davenport points to Hawk.] “Is the main reason I’m gonna rip this land apart, ladies and gentlemen. Tommy Hawk, he’s to blame for this.”

[Suddenly, men start pouring out of the trucks, many in number. They’re wielding baseball bats and crowbars, and they aren’t in short supply of people. You Native American men rush to protect their mothers and sisters as Davenports crew start smashing everything they can find.] [Hawk rushes off the porch and storms towards the nearest attacker he can find, Clotheslining him to the ground. Another attack’s him from behind, but he turns, blocks the right hand and dispatches him with a massive Scalp.] [There’s screaming, wailing and crying as the force of Davenport’s will tear apart homes and property. Elders fall, teenage men get beaten, slapped and punched. Women are tossed aside, falling all over the place, trying to cover up their dignity.] [Tommy runs towards the nearest family in trouble, but he’s caught over the back of the head with a Crowbar. He falls instantly. Two men are on him in a matter of moments, slamming bats and crowbars down across his back until he stops moving. The last thing he hears are the screams of his people.] [When he awakens, Jon Davenport and his crew are gone.] [There’s carnage everywhere.] [Fires rage throughout family homes, men lay beaten and bloodied whilst their wives tend to them. Children are crying, the tribal police have arrived and everyone is looking at Hawk with rage in their eyes.] [Is this his fault?] [The Asylum slightly implodes tonight as the unofficial leader Hysteria takes on Smiley. Can Hysteria put down the Deranged One or will his brother in arms open that mouth up wide?] [The bell sounds as both of the Asylum rush forward, laying into one another with vicious strikes before Smiley takes the wind out of Hysteria with a hard knee to the stomach as he grabs Hysteria by the head, slamming him into the canvas with a forward Russian Legsweep. Hysteria stumbles to his feet right into a hard roundhouse kick that sends him stumbling back as Smiley backs up, CHELSEA GRIN! Hysteria crashes to the mat as Smiley covers] [ONE…TWO…Hysteria gets the shoulder up and as Smiley tries to pull him up, Hysteria grabs Smiley by his pants, tossing him throat first into the ropes. Smiley rolls to his feet, trying to regain his breath as he stumbles right into…APATHY! Smiley crashes to the canvas as Hysteria climbs up to the top rope, steadying himself before diving off, CATACLYSM! Hysteria nails Smiley with it as he folds up the Deranged One for the cover. ONE…TWO…TH…Smiley just gets the shoulder up] [Smiley slowly gets to his feet right into a massive lariat that turns him almost inside out, crashing to the canvas but Hysteria doesn’t cover, instead climbing back up to the top rope as he waits for Smiley to get up to his feet, FALL OF…SHOCK THERAPY! Smiley absolutely nails Hysteria with that massive spear as he climbs up to the second rope, waiting for Hysteria to get to his feet, SECOND ROPE HIDEOUS LAUGHTER! Hysteria is done as Smiley folds him up for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Smiley picks up a huge victory here, getting back on the right path after two fairly big losses, beating the leader of the Asylum tonight] [The sound of squeaky wheels rolling down the halls abruptly comes to an end at the now office of Lance Norman. We switch to inside, where the door slowly opens and in wheels an old face that none of us are likely to forget.]

“Dave?” [Lance rather blurts out.] [That’s right, it’s former OSW World Champion; DTR.] [And he’s in a wheelchair.]

“Jesus Christ, how long has it been?”

[The Virus grimaces.] “Too long, but I’m here with a purpose. I want to retire.”

[Lance looks him up and down.]

“It appears to me that you have that well in hand.”

“When myself and Jensen Cussen went flying off that roof at Driven, he was carted away in an ambulance and no-one has heard from him since. We ended a blood feud that spanned six years. But before I retire, before I lay my weary head down to rest – I need one more fight.”

[Lance doesn’t seem to understand.]

“Dave, and please don’t take this the wrong way; you don’t look like you’re in any condition to compete. I couldn’t book you in a match, not in good conscience.”

“But you will,” [he barks.] “Because this wheelchair, it’s OSW’s fault. I don’t know how you came to be the man in power, Lance, but it’s no coincidence that I’m here. I’ll sue this company and run it into the ground unless I get a match with Jimmy Sartyr,”

[The fans pop in the background. Lance weighs up his decision.]

“Alright DTR, fine. I’ll call Sartyr and see what I can do. But I’m asking you, for your own benefit; please don’t do this.”

[The Virus turns his wheelchair back towards the way he came in, turning his head to Lance with a furrowed expression.]

“Those chants haunt me at night, Lance. Jimmy Sartyr,” [clap, clap, clap.] “Jimmy Sartyr, “ [clap clap clap.] “And I can’t rest until it’s over. I can’t rest until I’ve beaten him.”

[DTR wheels himself away, leaving Lance Norman to contemplate the kind of rivalry he’s created. How can The Virus fight in a wheelchair? How can he retire himself against Jimmy Sartyr when he can’t even walk?] [It’s the self-proclaimed god against the man devoted to his beliefs. Who will prove their righteousness right tonight?] [The bell sounds as both men tie it up. Ethan Bird nails Lux with a stiff right hand before grabbing him by the head and throwing him into the corner. Bird begins drilling Bellator with a serious of strikes in the corner, but Lux is able to parry a few and drill a palm strike into the forehead of Ethan to disorient him long enough for Bellator to switch sides. The Man of Faith begins letting a shower of elbows take hold of the chin of Ethan Bird. Finally, he releases him as he takes a few steps back. As he turns around a big boot flattens him though.] [Ethan Bird looks pissed as he yanks Lux to his feet and hits a headbutt. Lux falls to a knee before Ethan hits the ropes for a kneelift. He pops him up and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Ethan Bird crawls over to Bellator and yanks him to his feet once again by putting his fingers in his eyeholes. Lux slaps his hand away before hitting a crane kick that staggers the former Rage member. Bellator hits the ropes and… DEUM LUCEM! He hits the side sunset flip as he hooks a leg! One…Two…TH-NO! So close, but Ethan manages to power out.] [The man of faith is back to his feet as he drags Ethan Bird up as well by his beard. He whips the large man into the rope before flapjacking him into the air and palm striking him as he comes down! Ethan Bird slumps to the mat, but the Spirit Warrior isn’t finished. He climbs to the top turnbuckle, motions at Bird before leaping off for a huge moonsault! WHICH MISSES! Ethan Bird grabs him up, tries for the WORLD’S END DDT, but Lux rolls him up into a pin attempt! One…Two…NO! Bird kicks out. Both men scamper to their feet, but Bird kicks him right in the gut before THE WORLD’S END DDT! He hooks a leg. One…Two…THREE!] [Ethan Bird’s hand is held up by the referee as he stares down at Lux with a gritted expression. Bellator rolls out of the ring holding his ribs as Bird soaks up the win.] [Record.] [11/24/16. 9:12 pm] [The date and timestamp are displayed in the corner of the shaky camera as the sound of bushes rustling is heard. The screen shows Smiley watching from the corner of the parking lot peering through the bushes as the vibrant red hair of Stephanie Rose is shown as she exits the building. It’s then that a strange, almost salivating sound is heard from Smiley.]

“There’s my little Rose. What say we go say hello, Doubt?”

[The somewhat unexpressive voice of Doubt follows, seemingly from behind the camera.]

“Perhaps we should ditch the camera first. May seem strange to approach with this.”

[It’s then that they witness the lights on the backside of the arena go pitch black. Stephanie is now crossing the street as she approaches her car in the opposite lot. Smiley begins to grow frantic.]

“No, it’s HIM. He’s going to harm my little princess. Come Doubt, we must take care of this. Don’t you think he’ll hurt her again?!”

[No response comes from The Masked Emotion as he quickly follows behind Smiley as they cross into the adjacent lot to find a tractor trailer parked with the words “Hewitt & Sons Meat and Abattoir” written on the side. Smiley climbs up the stairs and pulls on the handle as it pops open.]

“Quick, Doubt, get in on the other side.”

[The camera shakes as Doubt circles the front of the truck and pops open the passenger door. Smiley is looking at the controls with a confused expression.]

“Do you even know how to drive this thing?”

“It can’t be that hard. I just need to know how to get this thing started…”

[It’s at that moment that a curtain opens behind them and a burly man in a dirty wifebeater pops his head through.]

“Who in the – what the fuck are you?!”

[It would be the last question he’d ask as Smiley Jr. get acquainted with his face. Smiley fumbles into the back and begins checking him over before moving forward while dangling some keys.]

“When was the last time you drove a car?”

“Well, let’s not fret on the details. It’s like riding a bike, right Doubt?”

[Doubt doesn’t respond as Smiley inserts the keys and the truck revs up. The twisted expression of Smiley is enough as he begins to shift the vehicle into another gear. The huge truck begins to move as Smiley’s eyes grow wide. He puts his foot on the pedal as the truck begins to speed up.]

“Wooohoooo!” [Smiley screams as the truck begins to move out into the street.] [Sounds of honking and cars veering off of the road is seen as the huge lumbering diesel truck is making its way through the street. Stephanie Rose comes into picture as she’s leaned back against her car, seemingly terrified. The street is dark yet, very slightly, you can make out Nevermore crossing the street towards her.] [SCREEEECHHHH!] [The diesel SMASHES into the ominous man as blood splatters the windshield.]

“Take that you bitch! Stalking her around in the dark like a fucking monster.”

[The tires come to a stop as Smiley looks at the carnage behind him through the side mirror.]

“What did you do?”

“I did what was necessary to protect my little Rose, Doubt.”

“Was that necessary?”

“Someone had to protect her, Doubt. Were you going to do it?”

[No answer but Smiley laughs.]

“You did do it, my friend. We both did. Now Stephanie will no longer have to worry about that monster following her around. Have no uncertainties about that, Doubt.”

[The door opens as Smiley crawls out of the vehicle leaving Doubt to look at the gore upon the windshield.]

“Uncertainties are my way of life, my friend.”


“You need to stay on the safe house until this is over,” [Nigel Royal says as he paces back and forth.] “It won’t be long now.”

[We’re in the locker room of The Knight’s backstage and Nigel Royal has just hung up the phone. He turns to Neville Sheldon and Bruce Van Chan, sighing with relief.]

“They’re all safe. My guards took John Cho to a medical facility off the grid and then to the safe house with Paige and the kids.”

[Bruce looks relieved.] “That’s good. We have to find a way to end this. Our families can’t stay on lock down forever.”

[Sheldon stands up, looking rather fired up.]

“Norman made a match for Red Snow, didn’t he?” [Sheldon asks. Chan nods in response.] “Then we win. That’s how we end this, guys.”

[Nigel tends to agree.] “He’s right. The Awakening won’t stop until we put them in their place. I can provide around the clock protection for your families but that won’t be enough. We have to strike tonight, whilst the iron’s hot.”

“How do you mean?” [Bruce enquires.]

“He means that tonight, Red River Jack faces Shadow for the World Championship,” [Neville interrupts.] “And it doesn’t matter how allied these guys are, they’re only out for themselves.”

“Exactly,” [Royal says with a smile.] “So, let’s upset the applecart.”

[Sheldon and Van Chan look at Nigel with interested expressions as our scene cuts to black.]

We have a massive match tonight as Neville Sheldon looks to take on the Scarecrow. Can Scarecrow destroy yet another hero or will the ultimate underdog live to see another day?] [The bell rings as Neville rushes forward, attacking Scarecrow with a flurry of lefts and rights trying to take down the monster with blows that barely seem to be registering, let alone affecting Scarecrow. Scarecrow catches a kick to his midsection, tossing Neville away who rolls to his feet rushing forward with a dropkick that sends Scarecrow staggering back. Neville rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a big dropkick that sends Scarecrow to one knee but as Neville tries for another, Scarecrow catches Neville, spinning him around before dropping him to the mat with a massive Haymaker] [Neville slowly gets to his feet, holding his jaw in pain as he stumbles right into a big knee to the gut as Scarecrow lifts Sheldon up, slamming him down over his knee with a massive backbreaker. Sheldon cries out in pain as Scarecrow lifts him up again, delivering another rib crushing knee to the gut before powering him up, absolutely destroying Neville with a massive Powerbomb. Sheldon crashes to the mat, as Scarecrow covers for the sure fire win, ONE…TWO…THR…NEVILLE KICKS OUT!] [The crowd roar as Sheldon kicks out. Scarecrow pulling up the near limp underdog but Neville fires up out of nowhere, lifting up Scarecrow as he somehow plants him with a massive Bodyslam. Neville rushes to the ropes, bouncing off, LEGDROP WRESTLEMANIA! Neville covers, ONE…SCARECROW POWERS OUT, tossing Neville across the ring. Sheldon rolls to his feet, rushing forward right into a crushing Big Boot. Sheldon crumples to the mat as Scarecrow pulls him up to his feet, lifting him up high in the crucifix position, BYE BYE…NKO! Neville twisted Scarecrow into that neckbreaker out of nowhere as Sheldon covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Neville rolls out of the ring, the crowd roaring as Sheldon celebrates his out of nowhere victory, Scarecrow staring daggers at the underdog as he climbs up the stairs to the back] [Record.] [11/24/16. 9:16 pm] [Doubt climbs out of the vehicle to see Smiley looking at the carnage behind their vehicle. He hears Doubt coming and turns with a grin.]

“Look at how we protected her. She must be eternally grateful to me now. Now let’s go talk to her.”

[He begins to walk through the gore as the blood tracks up onto his boots.]


[The word halts Smiley as he turns about-face to look at him with a curious expression.]

“No? She’s terrified right now, Doubt. She needs to know that I’m here to protect her from anything and everything!”

[The camera continues to point at Smiley, but he approaches Doubt with a questioning glance.]

“Don’t you think she’s frightened enough for one night? We just killed a man right in front of her. Do you really think she’ll want to see us coming, right after?”

[Smiley pauses as he looks at the diesel beside him. He twirls Smiley Junior in his hand before sighing.]

“This is why you’re like a brother to me, Doubt. You are as much my protector as I am hers. Still, sometimes… your questioning infuriates me.”

[Smiley unleashes an attack on the side of the truck with his crowbar as he screams out in anger and frustration. He stops as he regains his composure. He brushes the hair out of his face.]

“But when you’re right, you’re right. We’ll wait a week. Let this whole matter die down.”

[He smirks a bit at the pun. The sounds of sirens are heard in the distance.]

“Looks like that’s our clue, brother. Let us go.”

[The shaking camera follows Smiley as they enter the woods before it clicks to darkness.] [It’s The Nightmare squaring off with The Red Emperor as a battle between giant personalities begins.] [The bell sounds as the two seem to size one another up. Ozric Mortimer smiles at Emperor before throwing a right hand that catches him right on the chin. The Emperor’s head turns slightly away before he slowly returns. He quickly raises his fists before drilling two shots into the ribs. He runs behind Ozric and hits the ropes before returning for THE REVELATION! The Red Emperor stands tall as he put his boot upon the chest of Ozric for a pin. One…Two… KICKOUT! The Nightmare kicks out but The Red Emperor pulls him to his feet. Ozric catches his arms and begins nailing him with HEADBUTT, AFTER HEADBUTT… MIRROR, MIRROR!] [The Red Emperor slumps to the ground as Mortimer hooks a leg. One…KICKOUT! The Red Emperor bounces up to his knees as he stares at Ozric intently. Ozric lunges forward with another headbutt before getting back to his feet. He yanks TRE to his feet and hits the ropes before charging with a diving crossbody using all of his weight to know him to the mat. The face-painted Nightmare yanks him back up, but an uppercut catches him off guard. Emperor kicks him harshly in the gut before hooking a leg for a fisherman suplex! He quickly makes his way to the top rope and… TOP ROPE SENTON! He hooks both legs! One…Two…] [KICKOUT! Ozric Mortimer is powering back up! The Emperor looks a little disgruntled but he throws a stiff right hook that catches him right on the jaw. He pulls him close before hooking a let for… MEET REALITY! The Nightmare is forced to meet this as The Red Emperor never lets loose of the leg. One… Two…Thr-NO! Ozric gets another shoulder up and The Red Emperor is back to his feet. He’s seething as he moves to the corner. Something big is going to happen. Ozric gets to his feet… THE REVELATION! He yanks him back to his feet and into a powerbomb position for KNOW YOUR PLACE! The Red Emperor pins him to the mat. One…Two…THREE!] [The Red Emperor gets back to his feet as he looks down at the clown. The referee raises his hand as he smirks, confidently. Ozric Mortimer pulls himself up slowly as he just glares at him.] [Buzz.] [The sound of a prison buzzer echo’s as Jack Jeckel steps through the metal detector and out the other side. He enters the room and takes a seat behind a plexiglass window, picking up the phone.] [On the other side; Errol Flint.]

“Thanks for coming, Jack. I know what the police are saying, but I didn’t kill your brother.”

[Jack nods.] “I know. I just came from The School Yard and, did you know that Lance Norman has been placed in charge?”

[Flint’s face turns white, as if he’s seen a ghost.]

“No, I didn’t. I’m being set up and I think Lance Norman is responsible.”

[Jack interrupts.] “And Ethan Bird is the trigger man. I think Bird killed my brother, Flint. I think he took an opportunistic chance to seek revenge on you and Jake paid the price. But I can’t prove it.”

[Errol looks around himself for a moment, making sure the coast is clear to say what he needs to say.]

“I have it on good authority that the cops think the murder weapon is at The School Yard,” [he whispers.] “And if it is, it could be damning to my case. It probably has my prints all over it, just like my office. I need you to find it, Jack.”

[He sits back, not sure what to say.]

“And if I don’t?”

[Flint lowers his head.] “Then you’ll never get the proof you need that Ethan Bird did this.”

[Jack contemplates it for a moment before hanging up the phone. He stands up, looks at Flint and nods before walking away. He heads towards the exit scanner, going through and making his way outside.] [Just as that happens, a buzz can be heard from the opposite end of the hall – the entrance end.] [That’s when Ethan Bird drops into Jack’s former seat.]

“I have to admit, orange is a good look on you.”

[The scene cuts, with Bird sat across from Errol Flint – a conversation we don’t get to see.] [Fresh off the heels of the Gold Rush, the NEW Double-Feature Champion’s set to defend his title! Will Kersh second guess himself or will Brent simply reinforce why he IS the champion?] [The match starts with the Emotion eying Kersh. Brent shoots for a Waist Lock; the Emotion widens his stance. They settle into a Collar-Elbow Tieup before Kersh grabs an Arm Wrench. The Emotion flips through, landing on his feet before being driven back to the mat! Brent transitions into an Armbar; Doubt’s still rising. It eventually counters into a Top Wrist Lock but Brent grabs a Headlock. The Emotions runs them both into the ropes…. Dropkick off the rebou– NO! Brent catches the legs! LONE STAR? NO! Doubt manages to kick him away. It side-steps the Enforcer, cradling him into a Prawn Hold!] [One… NO! Brent rises, looking for a Clothesline– Neckbreaker by Doubt! It quickly puts the boots to Brent, yanking him up…. Butterfly Suplex! It covers! One… Two… NO! Kersh kicks out; it grabs a Chin Lock. The fans try to will Brent on as he works back up. He tries elbowing out– Doubt with a Short-Arm Knee Strike! EATING YOURSELF ALIVE? NO! Brent counters into a Spinebuster! He covers! One… Two… NO! It kicks out! The Enforcer now muscles Doubt into a Scoop Slam! Leaping Elbow Drop! He covers! One… Two… NO! The Emotion gets the shoulder up! ] [Brent now waits poised, watching it rises….. SHIN BREAKER! And another! AND ANOTHER! HE’S GOIN’ FOR THE LONE STAR! Kersh works to apply the Figure Four; Doubt’s still fighting. Both wrestle for control; Kersh’s almost got it. It keeps flailing away from the center……….. Will he? YES! Brent sits down into it and– NO! Doubt’s already in the ropes! The fans BOO! Kersh tries to pull him away– SMALL PACKAGE! One… Two… NO! THE END OF WISDOM! It covers! One… Two… NO! Doubt quickly goes for the Second Guess, tying Kersh up and– NO! HE COUNTERS! LONE STAR…………… AND IT TAPS!] [The bell rings and the Enforce breaks the hold. Kersh stands proudly. The Emotion’s still trying to collect himself on the canvas…..] [Fog flows freely down a hallway.] [The camera weaves through the backstage area, following the fog to the room it appears to be coming out of. A room where we catch something of a stand off.] [On one end is Ozric Mortimer, nailed bat in hand. His face seems amused, although his body is tense. The Nightmare is ready for a fight.] [On the other end is Hysteria. He stands on an elevated platform, the fog coming from beneath him. In his hand is the nail given to him at Gold Rush. The nail made of bone. One of his beloved family’s bones.] [The tension between these two men is even thicker than the fog obscuring them.]

“Have you figured out what to do with that nail yet?” [Ozric asks, almost mocking his foe.]

“I’m going to put it through your head.” [Is the response from Hysteria.] “But that’s not why we’re here. Not yet.”

“Oh?” [Mortimer curiously asks.]

“How long have your actions haunted my waking hours, my sleeping hours, and those precious minutes in between? You change my life, and made me who I am today. Yet nothing I can do to you will ever compare to that. I cannot kill what’s already dead. I can’t torture that which cannot rest. I can’t manipulate that whose very nature is of manipulation.”

“Indeed.” [The Nightmare responds with a nod.] “Many have tried, but even death will not stop me. I will rise again and again. Nightmares never end, they just wait behind the curtain of your waking eyes.”

“I’m going to end you.” [Hysteria states with such certainty that it seems to resonate in his bones.] “I’m going to ensure that there aren’t many more Nightmare’s running around. I’m going to do it because I cannot control you. I cannot use your powers for my own designs. I’m going to do it because I hate you.”

“Have you become deaf, my creation? I cannot die. I will always exist.”

[If one could see his face, perhaps a smile would appear at this point. Yet we cannot. And Hysteria doesn’t smile anymore. Not about this.]

“I’m counting on it.”

[From somewhere in the shadows a fan turns on. This fan sweeps the fog out of the room, revealing its source.] [Ice.] [Inside of two blocks of ice, two bodies can be faintly seen. One is Cyrus Brocken. The other is an older woman who can only the mother of Nicholas and Cyrus, Morgan.] [Mortimer seems impressed for a brief moment. He fights against the power of the fan to step closer to Hysteria, his voice menacing.]

“Very well then, Hysteria. You wish to put this body on ice, do you?”

[The Mad Mastermind nods, hoisting the nail.]

“Perhaps you have surpassed my expectations.” [Ozric muses.] “You have taken the two easiest bodies for me to break and removed them from my vision.”

“You’re next, Mortimer. And the House of Mortimer will fall, being put on ice so that you will be trapped for all of eternity.”

[Ozric merely smiles at the remark from Hysteria.]

“You assume much, young one. Time will tell if you are correct, or if your folly will end with you joining your family in roaming the world, eternally numb to the outside world yet fully seeing the world pass you by. Then we will find out who will end. Then we will find out the true meaning of eternity.”

[Hysteria points at Ozric as the fan stops.]

“I’ll see you at Red Snow then?”

[As the fog suddenly flows back into the room, it overtakes the form of Ozric Mortimer. A snort is all that is heard. When the fog clears, Mortimer is gone.] [Yet the challenge has certainly been accepted.] [This strange matchup pits the Tag Team Champions against one another, though they are anything but friends. In the wake of Gold Rush, this pairing is tenuous to say the least. The two men stand in opposite corners as the steel cage is lowered into position. The first man to climb up and over the structure and reach the ground will emerge victorious.] [Bruce and Jon circle one another, neither wanting to make the first mistake. Finally, Jon puts his hands up calling for a test of strength. They lock in one hand, then try for the other, but Davenport shoots a boot into Bruce’s midsection, doubling him over. Davenport points to his temple as though he is the smartest man on earth. He spins Bruce around and locks him in a tight Hammer Lock. Bruce fights it but can’t break free. Davenport transitions to a SIDE HEADLOCK! Bruce continues to struggle, and drops to one knee. He begins to fade, and Davenport transitions again… BRAINBUSTER!! Bruce is laid out. Jon climbs to the bottom turnbuckle… MUD FLOP!! Bruce is smashed! Jon climbs back to the corner and begins climbing the cage. He is about to go over the top!] [But Bruce recovers and uses his speed to catch up to Davenport. He pulls his foot off the cage and Jon slips. Bruce slides underneath him… POWERBOMB FROM THE TOP ROPE!!! Davenport is hammered hard into the canvas!!! Bruce lies there catching his breath! Jon hasn’t moved! Bruce begins to stir and climbs to his feet. He heads for the side of the ring and starts climbing the cage. He is about half way up when the Hound Dog gets to his feet. He stands on the bottom rope and yanks Chan off the steel. Bruce falls straight down and lands spread eagle, racking himself on the top rope! Chan goes down hard and Jon immediately begins to climb the cage.] [He is nearing the top as Bruce gets gingerly to his feet. BVC starts climbing to catch up. And he does! Both men are sitting astride the top of the catch. HUGE FISTS FLY FROM EACH MAN! BVC gets the upper hand and DAVENPORT CRASHES BACK INTO THE RING FROM THE TOP OFF THE CAGE! BVC has a clear path out…..but what’s this? He’s climbing to his feet on the top of the cage! SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! WHY!? WHY WOULD HE NOT JUST ESCAPE! He crashes hard to the mat! Davenport moved! Davenport moved! Both men are down! The crowd is going absolutely insane! Finally Jon gets to his feet. He’s climbing! He is almost to the top when Bruce somehow stands! How is he standing!? He begins trying to chase after Jon…. But he throws his legs over the top and fall to the ground! ] [Jon Davenport has won it! Bruce Van Chan took a huge risk and it backfired. Davenport is as opportunistic as they come and pulls off the victory. ] [We cut to the halls of The School Yard. The camera positioned downward on the smooth shine of the concrete floor, slowly panning upward.] [Slowly but surely the figure of an individual is revealed. The boots, the tights, the chiseled frame, the mask.] [It’s Lux Bellator.] [His head is bowed and his focus stern as his eyes soak in the contents of a ragged and worn book. Held open and nearly caressed in the palms of his hands, a Holy Bible maintains the Light Warrior’s attention.] [Suddenly, there is a subtle stir beyond the camera. The movement causing the shadows and light to dance amongst the figure of the believer as paint would on an empty canvas. After a few seconds of silence, the scene changes for the worst.] [The Red Emperor.] [He approaches Bellator calmly, yet a quiet rage burns from within. His fists clinched and his eyes squinted. An awkward aura falling upon them as Lux slowly looks up from his scripture.]

“Friend?” [The Light Warrior inquiries.]

“Friend?” [The Red Emperor rebuts. The same word, but in a much harsher tone.] “Do you have any idea of what horrors MY people put… YOURS through.”

[Bellator realizes the mood and glances slowly down at the Bible before allowing it to close gently.] [And then looks up. Back to the glare from the Emperor.]

“Also it was allowed to make war on the saints and to conquer them. And authority was given it over every tribe and people and language and nation…”

[Bellator cites a passage from Revelation.]

“War?” [The Red Emperor snaps.] “They brought it upon themselves. Those commoners had no idea what it meant to rule an empire.”

“An honorable task.” [Bellator submits.]

“Honorable indeed!” [The Emperor lifts a finger of exclamation.] “And undeserving of the disrespect of the “Saints”!”

“Did I wrong you in another life, my liege?” [Lux drops the Bible to his side; his mannerisms becoming a bit more defensive.”

“Nay!” [The finger of the Emperor comes to the chest of Bellator.] “In this one!”

“From here on out when our paths cross, you will salute me as your Emperor” [Scolds The Red Emperor.] “Learn your place or suffer the rightful persecution”!

[With that, the Emperor swipes his hand downward, forcing the Bible out of the hand of Bellator and knocking it to the floor. A silent staredown ensues before The Red Emperor releases a small grin and turns to walk away.] [Bellator remains frozen; his eyes focused on the exiting Emperor.] [We’re moments away from the Main Event backstage, when Shadow receives a phone call. He’s heading towards the ring when he reluctantly answers it.]

“Hello?” [he says to no response. There’s just static.] “Hello? Is anyone there?”

[Suddenly, a voice whimpers.]

“Michael?” [it asks quietly.] “Is that you?”

“Destiny?” [He responds.]

“I need your help. They’ve got me. I didn’t know who else to call. My father has been imprisoned and I’m… I’m stuck.”

[Her voice is quiet, and almost unrecognisable. She’s in trouble and Shadow knows it. Something kicks in.]

“Who’s got you? Do you know where you are?” [He questions.] “I can send The Awakening to come get you.”

[There’s a pause.]

“It’s Hate, Michael. He’s here with me now. He let me call you. He wanted me to do it.”

[It all becomes clear. Shadow doesn’t hesitate and hangs up the phone, storming towards the tunnel where he’s about to make his entrance. Waiting there is Red River Jack, who sinisterly smiles. Shadow immediately becomes enraged, slamming him against the wall by his throat.]

“What the fuck, man?” [Jack questions.]

“Where is she, you son of a bitch? I knew you’d take this to another level. I knew you’d not be able to resist the urge to…”


[The duel voices of Hate and Manson interrupt as both men come running into the scene, pulling Shadow off of Jack. They separate them for a moment, as Mike looks at Hate in confusion.]

“But you’re…” [He tries to figure it out.] “Oh shit.”

[The World Champion backs away, realizing he’s been duped. Jack straightens himself out and looks at Hate and Manson, who’re asking what that was all about.]

“I have no idea, man.”

[Red River Jack and Shadow look at each other in confusion. They walk towards each other in the centre of the ring, Jack demanding to know what’s going on. “You think you can just attack me, man? After everything I’ve done to wake you up?” Jack hisses. Shadow’s brow furrows, his once mistake leading to this confrontation.] [Jack suddenly strikes with a right hand, nailing Shadow to the canvas. The Champion leaps back up and walks straight into another. He gets up one more time, this time being backed into the ropes by Red who sends him across the ring, catching him with a Discuss Clothesline on the return. Mike is reeling. He rolls to the outside, trying to catch his breath. The veteran manoeuvre only brings Jack out too. He slides straight under the bottom rope with a Baseball Slide, only Shadow catches him and runs him straight into the ring steps only moments after he lands.] [Lane quickly grabs him by his hair, slamming him down face first into the steel one more time for good measure before throwing him backwards towards the concrete floor. Jack slams off with severe whiplash, making a sickening crack as he lands. The World Champion grabs him, rolling him back into the ring. He follows, mounting his accomplice and beating him with stiff right hands before stepping off and walking away. These two have simply imploded here tonight. Shadow pulls him back to his feet, only Red pulls him backwards by the head and nails him with a Clubbing Forearm across the throat!] [He drops down himself this time, beating the holy hell out of Shadow with some right hands of his own. The referee is quickly called over, offering up the microphone. “Do you quit?” he asks. Shadow defiantly shakes his head, kicking Red River Jack off of him and rolling back to his feet. He’s met by his opponent. Jack ducks under a wild Clothesline attempt, scooping Lane up into a Back Body Drop and running him straight into the middle turnbuckle and ring post. The Champion sits there in agony as Jack backs up and leaps with a high knee, catching him straight in the spine.] [The Champion falls backwards, landing on his back with his legs still on the ropes. He’s hanging there, giving Jack the perfect opportunity to leap with a diving elbow, driving it straight into the heart of Mike Lane. He demands the referee ask again; “Do you quit?”… Mike this time screams into the microphone; “NO!” Red furiously pulls him back up, the biggest prize in wrestling on the line here tonight. He pulls him into a Backbreaker, transitioning straight into a phenomenal Flatliner! Bone Breaker! Mike screams in pain, his spine taking more damage. Jack steps back to the middle of the ring and opens up his arms, screaming at the fans. “Are you not entertained?” he bellows, being cheered by the audience who love seeing these two rip each other apart.] [Whilst he showboats, Shadow crawls back to his feet using the ropes. He carefully stalks Jack, snapping him as he turns around. DEGENERATION! T-Bone Suplex! That move bought Shadow some time. The World Champion carefully gets back to his feet, grabbing Red River Jack and Flapjacking him straight onto the top rope! He bounces off, holding his throat, only to turn around and SHADOWKICK! SHADOWKICK! The Champion thrusts him so hard under the chin that he flies backwards towards the canvas. Lane demands the referee ask him; “Do you quit, Jack?” he asks. Red rolls away, refusing to answer. He rolls to the outside with Lane in hot pursuit.] [Jack hits the concrete floor with a thud, using the ring apron to get back to his feet. He doesn’t realize that Lane is right behind him and it’s the World Champion who strikes, grabbing the camera cable and wrapping it around Red’s throat! He squeezes the life out of him, dragging him down to one knee. The referee is quickly over at Lane’s behest. “Do you quit? Do you quit?” he says, Jack responding breathlessly. “Never!” Mike uses the rope to pull him back to his feet and then wraps it around his throat three times. He rolls back into the ring with the cable, climbing up the turnbuckles! Holy shit! The World Champion stands on the middle turnbuckle, pulling with all his might against the cables that are wrapped around the throat of Red River Jack! Jack is on tip-toes against the steel ring post, trying not to be hung as the referee rushes in!] [“Do you quit?” the referee yells. Jack though pushes back against the post and wraps his legs around the neck of the referee, leveraging himself against the hanging. The referee scrambles, but Red refuses to let go. Shadow is forced to drop the cables, watching as Jack and the referee fall to the floor in a heap. He rolls to the outside just as Red unwraps the cables from his throat, grabbing him and slamming him back into the ring apron. The World Champion can smell blood now and grabs him, only ‘The Awakened’ fights back, nailing him with a desperate DDT!] [Both men are hurting now and slowly get back to their feet. Red has marks around his throat from the cable and looks like he’s struggling to breathe as Shadow holds his spine in agony. They combust again at ringside, Jack kicking him low and… DOUBLE UNDERHOOK PILEDRIVER! JESUS CHRIST! SHADOW WENT VERTICAL BEFORE BEING DRILLED HEAD FIRST INTO THE CONCRETE FLOOR! That move may have just changed the entire landscape of this match! Red stirs, trying to force the referee to do his job. He crawls over and grumbles into the microphone. “Do you quit?” …. Mike winces, he sighs, but he refuses. “No!”] [Red River Jack doesn’t know what to do now. He reaches under the ring and pulls out a steel chair. Written on it in italics are the words; ‘RIP SMOKE’. The chair is bent all out of shape, clearly marking it as the weapon he damn near ended Smoke’s life with. He stands over Lane, about to drive it into his back when The Awakening storm down the steps. They quickly surround their leader, begging him not to do this. “Please Jack, don’t do it!” Begs Manson. Red looks down at the World Champion, then at Manson and Hate, deciding whether or not he wants to use that very weapon one more time. Finally, as Shadow looks up at him, his eyes widened… Jack puts the steel chair down. He helps Mike back to his feet and pulls him close. They embrace. SEEING RED! SEEING RED ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR! HE MAY NOT HAVE USED IT, BUT BOY DID IT COME IN HANDY!!] [The fans boo as Mike Lane is driven into the Steel Chair. Red pulls his sloppy unconscious frame back to his feet, pulls him into the Underhook position and flips him down over onto the STEEL CHAIR AGAIN! THE WAKE UP CALL! FUCKING HELL! Mike Lane has been driven twice now into that steel chair with both of Red River Jack’s finishers. The Awakening can’t believe it. They hold their head in their hands as Jack demands the referee ask him again… “Do you quit, Mike?” the referee says with a croak in his throat. Shadow can’t respond. He’s unconscious. The referee decides to ask him one more time. “Shadow, do you quit?” he begs for an answer but there is none. He’s not fit to continue! He’s unable! The referee calls for the bell, finally putting an end to this brutal match! We have a New OSW World Champion! Jesus Christ!] [There’s no belt to handover as Red River Jack gets his arm raised by the referee. He looks down at Shadow, thinking about what’s next before looking towards Manson and Hate. “Help him up!” he screams. Manson and Hate rush over, helping the former World Champion to his feet. Red stands there for a moment, slowly slinking over to him. He stands before his unconscious brother, kisses him on the forehead and pulls him close. The fans boo, but Jack doesn’t care. He scoops Lane up onto his shoulder and heads for the steps, The Awakening in close proximity. We have a new World Champion, ladies and gentlemen. For the second time, Red River Jack lords over Old School Wrestling.] [Cold Open.] [In the offices of Finch and Myer, the atmosphere is a sombre one. Brent Kersh sits surrounded by his family, in front of their lawyer, drawing up some very important plans. No-one looks happy to be there, least of all his wife.]

“All I need you to do is sign these documents, Mr. Kersh,” [the lawyer says, handing over some paperwork.] “They’ll be notarised and filed by the morning.”

[Kersh takes a pen and starts signing.]

“Dad, you can’t be serious about this?” [Trevor interrupts.]

“Listen to him, baby. We don’t want this. None of us want this,” [his wife tries to reason.] “All we want is you.”

[Brent finishes signing and hands the paperwork back.]

“This protects your future. These documents will make sure that each one of you is looked after in my absence.”

[The lawyer takes the paperwork and files it away. He and Kersh both stand up, shaking hands whilst his family look on.]

“You’re sure that you can do this?” [Kersh asks.] “You can get it filed before Red Snow?”

“Your family will be looked after. They’ll want for nothing. Your last will and testament provides them with the deeds to the entirety of your family’s land, your mother’s house and the family homes, vehicles and accounts.”

[Brent smiles.] “Thank you.”

[He turns to his family, who stand up with him. Dani and Trevor exit, displeased, leaving his wife to reconcile with him.]

“Please reconsider this,” [she begs.] “Please?”

[Both of them embrace, as our scene cuts to static.]