Monk and the Beast

In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

There was once this monk who had learned of our society. He saw the disappearances of people from this village and was determined to find the source of it. Long did he search for the clues, prayed for guidance from some false God of his. Day and night he watched over his sheep to ensure their safety.

But every night, one would go missing.

He tried tracking the locations, to see a pattern. But each time he got close, the pattern would change.

He tried watching who was disappearing. Rich, poor, men, women children. But each time he got too close, even that pattern would shift.

It was as if someone was watching him, ensuring that he never got too close to the truth before they changed everything.

They’d lure him in, get him in deep with the madness, only to change the lay out of the maze so he seemed like a madman.

The villagers even started to watch this monk. But they noticed something he didn’t, this black shadow that seemed to always be nearby when he was investigating and praying. A dark presence that stalked him like prey.

What this monk wasn’t seeing was that these villagers who disappeared returned, changed. They were different from when they started. Now larger numbers were disappearing, but this monk paid little attention to this new development, focused on a single task: Finding the source.

It eventually came, the end of this monk’s search. Someone had finally delivered the final clue to the puzzle, and he went to the source.

A dark figure who came to the town years ago. Before the disappearances began, this man came. He watched this monk, wary of who he was. He saw that this monk was dangerous, and isolated him. He saw this monk grow close to people, and every time they’d be dealt with by this dark resident.

It had happened so many times, that this dark resident began warning people that this monk was the threat. Shined a light on the actions, the deaths, that immediately surrounded this monk. People began to question the monk, seeing as deaths and disappearances only got worse as this monk became involved. One remained loyal to the monk through it all, a small beacon to the rest that this monk may not truly be the villain.

This man eventually died, and eyes returned to the monk. Questions arose, and now the monk knew for sure. This dark resident has been the source for many of his problems, but the town was turned.

He was lone with this dark resident having sway over everyone around him. Finally the monk fell to the dark spectre that had haunted this town.

You’re alone in this dark world, just like he was. You weren’t my first monk that I played with. I’ve watched you, studied.

Now you’re my prey in this final fight.

Welcome to the world of darkness, Banzan.

May the night give you peace from the nightmare you’ve allowed to come.