Monster Dreams

In Damien Wolfe, Promo by Damien Wolfe

I had a dream the other night, it was weird really.   

There was this giant metal contraption situated upon these metal rails. 

The metal monster towered over the tallest men in Arcadia. 

It was massive, it was fast, and nothing would stand in its way. 

The only thing is, I was in the middle of those rails and that beast was bearing down on me “L2S” stamped on its crest. 

It was an out of body experience as I watched this monster gaining on me. 

All I could do was run because I knew if it caught me, that it would mean the end for me. 

But I kept running, panicked… 

My breath ragged… 

I was about to collapse, and be fed to this giant metal behemoth. 

Until I found a giant metal pipe, one that would bridge those rails… 

With my last gasp I turned to face the on-coming danger. 

Squared my shoulders and threw that pipe with everything I had left. 

And as I collapsed, I heard it, the sound of the giant metal golem jumping its rails. 

Then I awoke in a cold sweat, heart pounding, and adrenaline coursing through my veins. 

As I realized what it meant, because another monster is bearing down on me. 

Much like the golem it’s massive, and deadly. 

It will be unyieldingly ceaseless. 

The beast that now seeks to destroy me. 

The only difference is this beast is a Hydra, the mythical beast only spoken about in the tomes of Arcadia.  

But what this dream taught me is I cannot run from this beast. 

Because the only way to defeat this hydra will be to chop every head that is presented to me. 

I will need to push myself to my last gasp. 

To stand and fight, let my desperation drive my decisions. 

The desperation for the one win that will change my life forever. 

That will allow me to live my dreams. 

To break this curse that has held my life down as servant, and catapult me into the seat of not just a Champion but the Champion. 

I will not bow  

I will not break  

I will shut this fate I live away  

I will not fall  

I will not fade  

I will take their breath away 

As long as I draw breath, I will not be a lamb to the slaughter. 

I will be what I have always been and what I will always be, the best survivor in Arcadia. 

So let the hydra come, every one of its heads will fall at my feet, because for me there is no other choice but to survive. 

I promise you all, I will not fall until the beast is laid low at the hands of Damien Wolfe. 

Believe me when I tell you, it’s nothing truly personal, I just deserve the life this will open the door to.