My Reality

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Fate is what we can not control.

Reality is the world we live in. Fate is in every reality.

My reality is far different than the next persons. Most don’t understand my reality, and I don’t understand theirs. Nor do I need to. It’s my reality and no one else. What happens in my world is my Fate. And no one elses.

Yes, everyone has a time to die, everyones reality leads down a path to a certain date and a time. Their world ends. Hell deep down this timeline, this world will end. And everyones soul will linger into an abyss of emptiness.

I have two paths, but one is the only one I care about is mine.

I have gone off the path a bit as of late. Everyone thinks of me as a dead weight. Someone of no importance, or a soul waiting to be collected. The souls I’ve collected know I’m not someone to mess around with. Others I’ve failed to collect know think I’m not all that. That is the path I’m on. It’s his path. Not mine. It is my reality.

Fate. It’s fate that we wake up everyday. Fate is the force. It’s all around us. We breath it in. Every step we take, decisions we make, every birth and every death, it’s all decided by fate. It is our reality.

Fate is rolling the dice and letting them determine your path. Whether it’s fate or not, you know the risk when you roll the dice, so really is it fate? Because you really don’t have to roll them. So really, you are controlling your fate by deciding if you are going to roll the dice or not.

So Fate brings me to a match against the Harbinger of Fate herself, Chronoa. And I guess it makes sense. She has been struggling in her matches and I have seemed to have let souls escape me myself. So fate on this night is going to bring one of us victory.

But is this really fate that brought us this match. We both could control the outcomes in our matches, I admit I wasn’t prepared a couple times and I’ve let other distractions get the best of me. Those are things I could have controlled. And yet, maybe it’s your fate that brought me to you this week. Maybe it is fate I collect your soul. Just maybe this is the week your time has arrived. Not for a victory of course.

So yes, my history sucks, and so does yours Chronoa. So really fate is not on your side on this one either. Some might say since we both suck, maybe we should roll the dice and let Fate decide who wins. What do you say, you game? Are game enough to let a pair of dice determine if you live or die? In my reality, Fate does not determine if I collect ones soul. It is collected because that is my reality.

Your reality is Chronoa that you live through Fate. You sit around and let things happen that you have no control over. You let others determine your path. So reality is…

Your soul will be mine.