In Promo by Banzan

Legend tells of a great monster, terrible and feared.

It was a monstrous creature that lived in the sea and would come out from its hiding place to terrorise the village at the end of each lunar year. For one night, it would raze fields of crops, destroy houses and hunt the people of the village. So each year, the terrified villagers would flee into the mountains at the end of the lunar year, and come back once the monster had ravaged their lands.

Until one year. A wise man decided that they had fled enough and it was time to stand up to the monster.

He busied himself painting all of the doorframes to the houses in the village red. He hung bright lights about the village and readied himself with firecrackers to set off when the beast approached.

When Nian arrived on its yearly prowl, it found the man dressed in red, shining bright lights at it and setting off loud fireworks. The beast fled from the village and ran away. In reality, all that the wise man needed to do to tame the beast was to find that which it feared.

You consider yourself a dragon, Nakamura.

As a dragon, you see yourself as worthy of good fortune and luck. A leader of the people, worthy of being followed. And you consider yourself a kind-hearted dragon, so long as your people fall in line and do not cross you.

But in reality, you are a beast. You are Nian.

Hiding away in your towers until it is time to strike. You lash out at those that have crossed you, you manipulate and destroy in your path to show your power. You feed on those that fear you. And there are plenty around that fear the name Nakamura.

Zero stole from you, he crossed you and that awoke the beast within. We saw Nian rear its ugly head when you dragged him away. We saw the consequences you have laid out for him, your true colours. Where others fear you, Zero laughed in your face. And you couldn’t have that, could you?

I too, do not fear the beast.

The legend needs the wise man. He who can lead the people to a brighter future.

When others flee in fear and hide away in the mountains, the wise man remains. He stands his ground and digs his toes in. He searches for the thing that the beast fears, that which will weaken the Nian.

I am that wise man.

I will not be shaken by your beastly tactics. I will not be moved by your show of force, or the henchmen at your disposal. Power recognises power, and you respect only those that can show you their mantle.

When the dust settles, I will be standing tall and you will see what true power looks like. Not flaunting it to strike fear into hearts like you do, but a humble power.

The power to stop the beast.

So that our village no longer lives in fear.