No Room for Fear

In Jasper Redgrave, Promo by Jasper Redgrave

“There was once two best friends.”

“Both of them growing up in poverty. They lived within the slums of Arcadia, fighting tooth and nail to make it day to day.”

“They both had no one but each other. One’s father was an abusive drunk and the other’s family had passed away to illnesses caused from living in poverty with no food, water, or healthcare.”

“As best friends, they looked after one another. One night long ago, they had made a pact that they would do whatever it took to get out of the slums of Arcadia.”

“They would do whatever it took to make a name for themselves. To become something.”

“But one dreadful night, they would be tested on their will to achieve such goals.”

“A dark hooded man had stumbled upon their dwelling.”

“He forced himself in as they were asleep.. and woke them both up by tapping them with the blunt end of a bat.”

“He forced the boys to get to their knees as he searched through their dwelling, helping himself to what they had before asking them if they had any last words.!”

“One of the boys was terrified. Eyes full of fear. He whimpered and begged for his life.”

“But the other boy? He smiled. He had never been threatened before, but it brought him a sense of joy.”

“And the very chance he got, he bumrushed his attacker, knocking him to the ground and taking that baseball bat away from him.”

“Beating him over and over again with the bat until nothing but blood and bits of brain remain on the ground.”

“That attacker became my first piece of art. But personally? I’m more fond of the second addition to my gallery.”

“Once I smashed that guy’s head in.. I turned to my best friend.”

“Because in order to succeed in this world.. there’s no room for fear.”

“And as he looked at me with fear in his eyes, I smiled and gave him the same treatment of my attacker.”

“With his blood, I painted my first mural of violence. And it was beautiful.”

“This week, 11 other Olympians will stand facing Mount Olympus.”

“Those like Jackson Cade, Felix Foley and Colt Ramsey will look at the mountain before them with fear in their eyes. They will watch as those who choose to be the attacker takes everything from them right before their fear-filled eyes.”

“Men like Grimskull, Drewitt, Teddy O’Toole will become the attackers. Each of them looking to climb that mountain and take whatever they can get their grubby little hands on.”

“But me? I look at the mountain and I see a beautiful canvas to paint another glorious masterpiece. I look at those who are looking to take what belongs to me, and I smile. They threaten my life, but it only brings me a sense of joy.”

“This week, only one man will stand atop Mount Olympus.”

“The Artist.”

“The mountain being painted with the blood, sweat and tears of 11 other olympians.”

“A masterpiece that will bring me a noble prize.”

“The OSW World Heavyweight Championship.”