In Promo by Lucy Seraphina

Notorious, according to Merriam-Webster the word means “well-known or famous especially for something bad”. When you think of the word some names and events may pop up; The Notorious B.I.G, The assassination of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Manson just to name a few. But what some may not know is that “The Black Hand” are notorious in two different ways.

The first “Black Hand” is a type of extortion that was created in the 18th century but came to the US in the later 19th century with immigrants. “The Black Hand Society”, a criminal enterprise composed of Italians, mainly Sicilian immigrants would use tactics involved sending a letter to a victim threatening bodily harm, kidnapping, arson, or murder. The letter demanded a specified amount of money to be delivered to a specific place. They mainly went after successful immigrants and also had a gang in Chicago.

As for the other “The Black Hand”, it was the name of a Serbian terrorist group, who sponsored the attack on Austrian Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 that both killed him and provided the spark for World War I. The Black Hand, which was formed on May 9th, 1911 under the alternative name Unification or Death; after the assassination, the Black Hand had become hugely powerful thanks to the military connection, but also more than an embarrassment to political leaders.

Now, am I calling my opponent a terrorist or someone that does extortion?

Absolutely not!

It does make you wonder though does “The Black Hand” that my opponent associates with responsible for the notoriety it has gained over the years? One can make the assumption but I’m doubting that.

Corvus has his honor, he’s not a man to hurt innocents and that’s something we agree with. When it comes to assassination we’re both professionals and have our own codes. I want to ask though, what will Corvus do to win against me?

Will he try and assassination attempt before the match, or will he face me one on one?

Assassin vs Assassin.

Do I worry about “The Black Hand”? No, no I don’t because I am something different from what they have ever seen. I am something that is the unknown and that fear. My last name will either strike fear or hope. When occultist talk about the greats, they talk about my bloodline.

I will even admit that the last name Seraphina has notoriety behind it. So it makes me wonder as well, who will be more notorious by the end of it?

Will it be you, the assassin of 1000 years? The man who believes what he does it for “the greater good” just like that neighborhood watch in Sandford, Gloucestershire. Or will it be me? The vampire assassin who is a mystery to you all?

Your notoriety doesn’t pierce me any, but my fangs will be piercing you. Corvus, by the end of this I’ll be notorious in “The Black Hand”. Good luck!

“I’m Lucy Seraphina, and you’re just another target”