One Hit Wonder

In Promo by Deathnote

“It happens all the time.”

“Imagine the end of spring and summer is just around the corner.”

“The sun comes out to shine more frequently.”

“People’s attitudes are starting to liven up.”

“And then, some unknown artist from no where drops a hit track about summer partying, hanging out with friends and going to the beach.”

“Instantly, overnight in most cases, the song becomes a number one hit!”

“Everyone’s talking about it. It’s being played at the top of every hour over the radio waves.”

“The family car rides home become more of a karaoke hour as the children in the back seat manage to learn every word.”

“It goes on like this for weeks. The track blazes to the top of the Billboards..”

“Somehow, the once unheard of artist becomes a household name.”

“But then, it’s never played again. Another artist drops a track and this summer anthem falls down the charts. the underdog becoming just another face lost in an overpopulated crowd.”

“Absent from the spotlight, unable to achieve that same recognition ever again.”

“Much like the overnight celebrity, The Generation Kid came to Old School Wrestling with a bang. In his debut match, he was able to walk into Wrestle Heroes just another name and walk out with the Rewind Championship.”

“It was through this short burst of fame that he met his fellow comrades. It seemed as if he had a rocket strapped to his back, ready to blast off into the skies of success.”

“But that all came crashing down, didn’t it TGK?”

“Once the shock of your overnight success wore off, so too did the memorable name that you hoped to claim.”

“Unable to hold onto the Rewind Championship, you now find yourself being viewed as the ultimate underdog who just so happened to catch a lucky break.”

“Those who once praised the lyrics of your talent now seem to be humming a different tune. Those who once engaged in the dance of TGK now find themselves stepping to a different beat.”

“And now, if you ask them about you.. they ask who in return.”

“Because you’re just another overnight celebrity, lacking the physical ability to be much more than just another nameless face..”

“Last week began your fall from grace. As you stood there, forced to stare at the lifeless body of your friend, Vayikra shot up the charts, causing your slow decent into nothingness.”

“I am the rock bottom you are barreling towards. I am that reality check that will slap you in the face and bring you back to the reality that you’re not some superstar.. you’re just another average Joe in a sea full of overpopulation.”

“I am the one that will prove you to be the struggling underdog that you truly are. Now that your beginner’s luck has run dry, there’s nothing left for you to lean on.”

“You fight a battle with someone who has already blazed the top of these charts for far too long.”

“And once my song hits these airwaves, you’ll be forgotten just like any other One Hit Wonder..”