“One Virus”

In Promo by DTR







“Inside of us all.”

“It lives.”

“It breathes”

“It takes what it wants from those without cares or repercussions.”

“Releases the weak. Forgoes the obsolete.”

“The Virus.”

“Pulsating through your veins.”

“As the IV drips, keeping the hue in the face.”

“A different machine of hatred, destruction and despair.”

“Taking your identification right before your very eyes. It’s feeble of you to think that you can stop it, naive of you to think you can destroy it.”

“Preposterous of you to think, no to believe, you can beat it.”

“We’ve lost civilizations, genocide of the worst decree because the entirety of man fall victim to the dreaded wrath. The cure, well that’s few and far between because only the strong survive.”

“I know I’m telling you things that you already know. I know that I’m preaching to the wrong choir. I know.”

“The beauty and unforgiving part of a Virus is in the fact that it could hope to be curtailed because resistance to it is futile. I’ve warned you for years and I’ve been left docile and stagnant but like the strongest, you cannot kill what you did not create.”

“Rabies destroys the brain and Chef you’ve made many succumb by tearing apart their will to survive, latching onto their brain.”

“Influenza can rid an entire population, it’s sly and quiet, it’s a riddle, a conundrum. The intelligence of influenza shares that with you, Newton.”

“The sleekest and quietest of them all, respiratory syncytial virus, creeps in and takes without you even knowing. Lane, nothing more has ever described you than a silent killer, taking what’s necessary to survive, but surviving nonetheless.”

“We all have something inside of us LONGING to release itself, LONGING to pray on the healthy, pray on the weak. Around every corner lurking is the end of the world for those who want to believe it.”

“Chef, Newton, Lane. It’s safe to say with all our trials, all our tribulations we aren’t as different as our appearance seems to be. We’re all a breeding ground for hatred and pain. We’re all playing the same game with different results. Our ends are decided before we put the stamp on our beginning.”

“But that’s where it ends.”

“And I begin.”

“The three of you share a common thread. Like me, you’ve been cursed with the curse to infect those who stand before you idly waiting for someone to take their hand and lead them to slaughter.”

“You’re a Virus, we share that bond.”

“But with that power bestowed upon you comes a realization. You three are a Virus…..”

“I am….THE VIRUS.”

“Stand before me with your strength and I will knock you off your delicate pedestal because I am the strongest of them all and I will eradicate you before you find your host.”

“I am the pandemic and I’m going to wipe out the entirety of man.”

“Just wait and see.”