Outrun The Hunger.

In Promo by Simon

A man is on a long and arduous journey when he makes a pit stop at a small town.

It’s a tourist attraction, the kind of place with a little gift shop and everything.

A perfect place to rest your feet for a while, to regroup before heading back out on the road.

The man makes his way to a motel, eager to get a good night’s sleep before starting the next leg of his travels.

He checks in, setting his stuff on the floor of his room as he starts to settle in for the night.

Then, without warning, the lights go out…everywhere.

The power’s been cut.

A blackout.

This peaceful little town is not used to such a freak occurrence, and quickly falls into chaos.

The things that go bump in the night are about to have their way.

The nearby shop is immediately looted by visitors secretly hoping this day would come.

Riots spread like wildfire throughout the streets.

And, sure enough, an actual fire gets started off in the distance.

The man quickly realizes this motel won’t be safe for long, and gathers his belongings to sneak out without being noticed.

He opens the door and sees a clear road to freedom.

Except that someone…something…is watching him closely.

And it looks…hungry.

Ready to pounce on the first piece of meat it can find.

It makes a beeline for the man, who rushes out of the room and down the road.

But you cannot outrun the hunger.

A feral sense of desire that not even the most powerful men can overcome.

A man like The Impaler, who seems to contain unfathomable amounts of sheer strength, has perhaps the biggest bullseye in the world pasted right on his back.

Just waiting for someone to chomp at the bit.

Someone like Kaine Knightlord, who sure looks less interested in finding friends than food these days.

Tell me, Legion, what happens when whatever semblance of strategy you have falls through the cracks?

When things turn to chaos faster than you can say “there will be no survivors”?

Kaine’s gonna take one look at you and start licking his lips.

And that will be the beginning of your downfall.

Whatever plan you would’ve had against me and Wiz is gonna get torn up…and then, so will you.

You can try and outwit me if you feel so bold.

You can try and outplay Wiz if you think you have a shot.

But you cannot outrun the hunger.

An opportunity for ol’ Simon to pick at the scraps.

To gnaw at what’s left of you.

Feasting on your failures.

And with it, all that sweet, sweet power you possess.

A suitable prize for such a big game as The Impaler.

To the victor, goes the spoils.

And believe me, Legion, I will have my fill.

I will enjoy every morsel, as I make use of it to take what’s rightfully mine around here.

And all that’ll be left of you is drippings.