Oyster and Pearl

In Promo by Sir Bellator

“Your pain has a purpose” – Philippians 1:29

A grain of sand.

Harmless enough in itself, but when it finds its way inside the shell of an oyster it causes a continual irritant.

The oyster attempts to get rid of it by coating it with the inner layers of its shell. An ongoing process begins to try and free itself of the parasite and protect itself from the irritant, till a thing of beauty is the result.

It is by this process that a pearl is created.

That which was painful, slowly turned into something sought after and precious.

As it is with that grain of sand, so it is with our pain-filled memories.

Memories that cause us agony to experience, we learn from. They shape us.

In the shell of our minds, we turn them into something beautiful.

At least, that’s how the Lord intends it.

To some, that grain of sand is the loss of that which has gone before, Chronoa seeking vengeance over a destructive war which she believes never should have happened.

That thirst for fate unravelling itself niggles like the grain of sand in her shell.

Impaler. For you, that grain of sand is that ongoing nightmare we know as Night City.

Each time she has forced you to relive that day, your mind tried to coat that grain of sand with the inner layers of its shell.

Over and over again.

To try and create a pearl.

Yet, you’ve not created a pearl, not anything precious and sought after.

Chronoa thinks she has awakened the very part of you that is her shining glory. Her pearl that will strike out her destiny of fate.

But all she has created is a mess.

Legion has stopped that process from forming the way God intended. For each time that grain of sand was relived, it simply added to the pain, the agony and the rage inside you.

There’s no such pearl in your unbridled rage.

Because as much as a pearl is created through the protection of itself, it is done so with care and vision.

Naturally, the process that our Lord intended it to follow.

Chronoa seeks no such care and vision in her lashings, Impaler. When she allows Legion to let loose and take control, when she allows the rage to build to the point that she controls you… You everything but the one thing she seeks.

Chronoa wants her pearl to fight her battles, but what she has created is not a thing of beauty to be wielded and displayed with pride.

She has created a monster.

Uncontrolled. Unnatural.

An abomination of sin that must be stopped.

Vayikra is the voice that calls out in the darkness for the voice of reason to be heeded.

The only Fate that you are the Harbinger of is your own demise.

I am the pearl that was created through the process of pain.

You are simply pain without the light of His love.


Darkness that must be vanquished by light.

Vayikra is the true pearl.