“And now, Old School Wrestling presents…”

[The Old School Wrestling logo flashes in neon, hung upon the wall.]


[We head immediately backstage to where Mike Lane stands opposite Errol Flint and Pig in the office of the aforementioned chairman. There’s an air of tension between them until Errol breaks the silence.]

“I’m glad you came, Michael,” [Flint says.] “This is how it should be. Us, together as a family.”

[Lane doesn’t seem certain and the fans, they’re booing in the background; loudly.]

“Look Flint, we’ve had our differences over the past few months but I’m here because Destiny wants us to bury the hatchet.”

[Flint smiles.] “Great! That’s great!” [He proclaims in delight.] [Lane meanwhile turns to Pig.] “As for you, I suppose I owe you a thank you, don’t I? If it wasn’t for you stepping up and saving Destiny, my actions may have seen her never returned to us.”

[Pig just nods.]

“This is tremendous! I never thought we’d find our way to the same page but tonight, it is every single man for themselves. We may be the MegaCorp but I promised Pig and Luther a shot at your Championship and tonight, that’s what they’ll get.”

[Mike nods and heads towards the door, only when he attempts to open it, he quickly realizes that it’s locked.] [The camera switches immediately to the outside, where James Hunter has barricaded them in with his axe.]

“What’s the matter? Did you think I was just going to let this unholy alliance stand, is that it?” [He says with a chuckle.] “There’s no escaping this room and tonight, I will become the Unified World Champion!”

[Suddenly screams echo throughout the room in response, followed by grunts and moans of fighting and brawling. The door shakes with such force, it’s apparent that someone had been thrown against it. Hunter backs away as the door thunderously shakes one more time.] [Then it bursts off its hinges, sending the axe flying in the direction of Hunter, who catches it with amazing skill.] [The Scarecrow walks through it, bodies strewn around the ground behind him! Hunter doesn’t flinch and drives forward with his axe, burying it in the chest of the monster!] [Only the Hayman looks down at it, tilting his head.] [Then like something from a horror film, he reaches down and pulls the axe from within his hay like chest, removing it.] [James Hunter though, has gone.] [The bell rings and this match is underway. D’Ville and Death lock up, with Doc getting the upper hand and locking a waste lock. D’ville attempts to get his bigger opponent up, but can’t lift him. D’ville goes for a whip on Death, but Death is able to hold on and whip D’ville to the ropes himself. D’ville off the ropes and Death goes for a clothesline, but D’ville ducks under. D’ville off the other side and hits Death with a clothesline os his own that has Death reeling. D’ville goes for a another, but this time Death just rears back with all his power and sends down D’ville with a big shoulder block. Death goes to drop an elbow, but D’ville rolls out of the way. Doc up and hits a few shots to the head of Death before he levels him out with a DDT!] [D’ville stands, glowering over his patient, flicking his fingers like the puppet master he his. Death gets to his feet and turns around into a dropkick that staggers him. D’ville with a second dropkick and Death is barely standing. D’ville grabs Death’s legs and goes for a kneebar, but Creeping Death just kicks him off before he can get it locked on.He gets back up to a barrage of strikes from Doc. He hits the ropes but Death DELIVERS A VICIOUS SPEAR. He rolls the good Doctor onto his front and locks in a Crossface!] [Death wrenches on the hold as the ref asks D’ville if he gives up, but D’ville isn’t ending this early. He fights out of the hold with a few elbows to Death. D’ville is free! Death is staggered. D’ville bounces the the ropes and sends down Death with a flying forearm shot! He runs to the second rope and hits a flying body press into a cover! 1! 2! KICKOUT! D’ville looks almost happy Death kicked out. Death is still stunned. D’ville climbs to the top rope, he goes for the TREPANATION! BUT NO! Death catches him by the throat and delivers a vicious CHOKE SLAM!! Death with a cover! 1! 2! Kickout!] [Death scoops up D’ville and goes for a sidewalk slam, but D’ville is able to get out and lock the big man in a standing armbar. Death stands in the middle of the ring with D’ville hanging from his right arm. The ref asks Death if he gives up, but Death refuses. Death lets out a loud scream as he lift up D’ville and then sends him right back down to the mat. Death with a cover! 1! 2! Kickoff!] [Death scoops up D’ville and gives him a sitting neck breaker! Death goes for a Bicycle Knee Slam but D’ville dodges and reverses into a rear mat slam! He smiles…THE 302! D’VILLE HAS LOCKED IN THE 302 ON DEATH! Creeping Death screams as he reaches out for the ropes, but Doc is wrenching the hold on him. Using the last of his strength, Death is able to crawl to the ropes to break the hold. Doc charges and gets backdropped onto the ringpost. Death goes to get Doc who kicks him in the head. Death stumbles away as Doc charges forward and delivers a running bulldog! Doc gets to his feet and aims a dropkick at Death. He gets picked up by Doc, but he counters! BLACK MIST! The ref didn’t see it! Doc is blinded! A fury comes over Death’s face. He whips Doc into the c order and nails him with a Yakuza Kick! Doc can barely stand! He falls to his knees and DEATH LOCKS IN FOR DEATH OR VICTORY. Doc isn’t tapping out as he screams in pain. Death rams his leg into Docs face over and over. Doc is out cold. The ref lifts his hand. 1! 2! 3! Doc is out! Creeping Death is victorious!] [Tis night. The haunting calls of a mythical beast echo through the void. Pitch black. The sounds grow louder, closer; our hearts grow cold and fearful.] [Then night vision kicks in and the sounds of the beast are simply the snores of Jim Jenkins. We see from his surrounding that he slumbers in his dressing room, which is adorned with Ku Klux Klan and confederate memorabilia, but of course front and center, is a huge “Make America Great Again” poster. Jenkins lies, covered up to his neck in a giant American flag blanket. Then, from the shadows, creeps Vlad the Impaler. Catlike in his motions and silence he nears the hulking blob of a man. He then whispers a monologue, showing his lack of respect for Jenkins and his awareness.]

“You poor fool. You are so bereft of intelligence you know not what awaits you. My last caress was curtailed by the hateful daylight, but now, darkness embraces us. This fateful eve has arrived, and the time of your demise draws nigh. The blood coursing through your veins, your life force, shall become mine, and your foolishness will spill as you bleed American…”

[He reaches forward, fangs bared, prepared to bite the sleeping Patriot. Then Jenkins throws back the flag blanket and turns on an extremely bright light. Vlad immediately backs away howling.]

“Suck ultimate-violent light, you homer-sexshual!! Suck it!!” [Jenkins screams as Vlad shrieks in pain, trying to find a way out!] “This’ll teach you to mess with a duh-skype-ll of the Prophet Donald J. Trump!!”

[The shrieks turn to screams of pain as Vlad has smoke pouring from his skin. He tries to cover his skin with his cloak, and, finally, he spies the door as he clambers around the room. He yanks it open and runs out, yelling to Jenkins as he goes.]

“We will finish this in the ring, then!”

[Jenkins stands looking extraordinarily proud of himself.]

“Damned Emma-grunts.” [He shakes his head and closes the door, leaving us on the outside.] [We cut backstage to find Ash Williams attempting to access Dr. Evil’s locker room, but quickly getting stopped by “#2”.]

“Seriously…” [Ash looks annoyed.] “…I just want to talk to him. Can I at least…” [Ash notices Dr. Evil in the background.] “Matt!?! Can we talk man? I just want to talk.”

[Dr. Evil looks amused, and slightly intrigued, and so he allows #2 to let him pass… as if Ash couldn’t have gotten through if he really wanted to.]

“Listen, Cories, this isn’t you man.” [Ash motions towards Evil’s new get-up.] “You used to be so, care free… and I know I made a mistake, and I guess I’m sorry, but let’s not let one mistake screw up a great friendship.”

[Dr. Evil just stares at him.]

“Look, I’m not saying let’s get Those 90’s Guys back together or anything but that doesn’t mean we can’t be cool. Hell, we can even call off our match if…”

“Oh no, no, no Williams! We’ll not be calling off the match because you’ve suddenly become delusional. I mean, whoever this Matthew Cories is, it’s clear you’ve got a man crush on him, but I don’t know what that has to do with us.”

[Dr. Evil turns his back on Ash and walks over to a table nearby.]

“Let’s be honest Williams, the real reason you want to call this match off is because you’re scared… of my Boom-BoomStick!”

[Evil spins around to reveal the metal hand he’s told Ash he will use to scar him tonight. Williams looks exasperated.]

“Your Boom-BoomStick?”

“Yes, my enemy, and tonight… it will be your ultimate demise!”

[Dr. Evil laughs wildly.]

“Fine!” [Ash has had it.] “If my friend isn’t in there anymore, then I’ll have no problem destroy you, Dr. Evil, in one of the most brutal defenses of the Hardcore Title OSW has ever seen!”

[Dr. Evil smiles.]

“Good luck, Mr. Williams.”

[He turns his back to Ash once again and #2 attempts to usher Ash out of the room, only to have Williams shove him away violently. Ash keeps his eyes on Dr. Evil as he backs out of the room, a scowl on his face.] [Vlad licks his lips as he eyes Jenkins up like a big-game kill. Surprisingly, Jim steps forwards and points at his own neck, yelling “BONE APPETITE, YA DAMN TRAIN-SUL-VESTUAL!” to a small pop. Vlad chuckles and advances on him, his fangs sparkling like a toothpaste ad. Before he can sink them in though, Jenkins pulls a FLASHLIGHT from his back pocket! He shines it at Vlad dramatically. Vlad looks decidedly unimpressed and swats it away – CLOTHESLINE to Jenkins! The Trump supporter struggles back to his feet, only to eat mat with a BULLDOG by the Impaler! ONE… TW—Jim kicks out.] [Vlad stalks his prey, backing into the ropes before driving a knee into his skull. Jim sits up on impact, clutching his head. Vlad moves in for the DRAGON SLEEPER, but Jim catches him with an elbow – and another, and another! Vlad subdues him with a double axe handle and hits the ropes once more – Jenkins SHINES THE FLASHLIGHT RIGHT IN HIS EYES! Jim retrieved it just in time. Vlad falls to his knees, his eyes clamped shut. Jim dances around, boasting about “ULTRA VIOLENT RAYS!”. He points at the crowd and screams something about a fan “HOPPING THE BORDER!” to distract the referee – CRACK!] [Vlad collapses as Jim BRAINS him with the flashlight, smashing it into pieces! He kicks the debris out just as the referee turns around. ONE… TWO… Vlad kicks out groggily! Jim curses… then looks at the turnbuckle. The fans shake their heads as the 300-pounder slowly but surely makes his way to the top rope, which sags under him. He braces himself for the diving headbutt… KIP-UP BY VLAD! He sprints over to Jim aaand – TOP-ROPE SUPERPLEX! BIG pop as they bounce off the canvas, the whole ring trembling under the impact. Vlad drapes his arm over Jim – ONE… TWO… TH—Jenkins gets his shoulder up!] [Vlad shakes his head as he crawls to the ropes, Jim rolling onto the apron. Both men stagger to a vertical basis and Vlad charges at Jim… SWEET SHIN MUSIC through the ropes! Vlad hops back nursing his shinbone, leaving Jim to look down at the rope in his hands. Moustache quivering, an ACME lightbulb appears over his head. JIM JENKINS WITH A MIDDLE-ROPE SPRINGBOARD… BUT VLAD TAKES HIS GOATEE OFF WITH A SUPERKICK! Jenkins lands HARD on the floor and the referee starts the 10-count.] [1… 2… Jim mutters a racial epithet. 3… 4… the referee holds Vlad back. 5… Jim stirs. 6… 7… he pulls himself up on the stairs. 8… HE ROLLS BACK IN to break the count! Vlad immediately sets on him with stomps and right hands before lugging the biggest little man up. He LIFTS him onto his shoulders—doing what he couldn’t at Showcase—and throws him into the air… KNEE TO THE HEAD! THE ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! ONE… TWO… THREE! NO! SHOULDER UP! Vlad slaps the mat; the setup wasn’t enough to put him away. He heaves Jim up and hisses in his face as he draws his thumb across his throat!] [In the blink of an eye, Jim finds himself hanging upside-down for a tombstone piledriver! Before Vlad can spike him, though, Jim grabs the top rope with both hands. Vlad tries to pull him away, but Jim pulls on the rope and somehow sits up in midair! He rains down on Vlad with right hands, staggering him until… BOSTON TEA BAG PARTY! Both men fall but Jenkins lands right into his finisher! ONE… TWO… THR—BLOOD! VLAD SPRAYS A RED MIST INTO JENKINS’ FACE! Jim rolls away screaming and rubbing his eyes. He staggers to his feet – SUPERKICK! NO! A blinded Jim felt it coming and grabs the boot—SCHOOLBOY! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [The Patriot points his finger guns in the air and fires a few rounds in celebration, blinking furiously through the blood. Vlad slinks away in defeat.] [The Duo of POP find themselves backstage, both men looking equally sickened as they apparently lost sleep and ate little in the previous weeks. The two stare eye to eye backstage, looking a little lost as they zone out. Reese soon shakes his head and shakes Harrison, pulling the latter to his feet and pointing towards the door.]

“We need to stop letting ourselves zone out, Harrison. Those Asylum assholes aren’t gonna take it easy on us and we shouldn’t give them the upper hand man.”

[Harrison’s eyes finally move and he leaves his glossed over state, shaking his head before nodding in agreement.]

“I understand, yeah. It’s just… weird feeling. I haven’t done anything since day one when they shoved pills in our mouths. For all we know they gave us both placebos!”

[Reese nods his head.]

“Exactly! So we can push past this, man. Power of Positivity!”

[The duo embrace with a determined handshake before turning and heading down the hallway, soon cut off by Smiley, crowbar in hand. Smiley sits in a steel chair, talking to his crowbar.]

“Which one is our new friend? Oh I can’t tell you that… Oh you think it’s Reese? I can’t tell you if you’re right or wrong, it ruins the surprise.”

[POP stare at Smiley in confusion before moving towards him, seemingly primed to attack. The lights flicker and Smiley leaves, replaced by Doubt. POP look at each other, confused. Doubt leans against a wall and looks towards them.]

“Confused? Maybe you’re tired, starved… paranoid? Don’t worry, you will be free quite soon.”

[The lights flicker once more, leaving POP confused as the hallway goes empty, leaving the two alone.] [Ash looks into the eyes of Dr. Evil, knowing his old buddy and former Tag Team Championship partner is still in there somewhere. A Boomstick started all this, maybe a Boomstick can end it? Both men circle each other before locking up! Evil slaps a headlock on but quickly gets sent into the ropes. Ash lunges with a tackle but Evil strafes it. Ash charges at him again, but Evil drops down and forces a leapfrog. Ash throws a clothesline at him but once again Evil ducks it. Growing frustrated, Ash runs headlong into Evil, but the supervillain grabs his toes as he leaps right over Ash’s head!] [Evil doubles over on landing, holding his hands out and informing the referee he’s “gonna vom’…”. Ash shakes his head impatiently and BOOMSTICK BUT EVIL CATCHES IT as the fans groan! Evil wrestles the deadly metal fist away with both his own, then backs up – SUPERKICK! NOT TODAY! Ash had it telegraphed and avoids it. These men know each other so well they have their arsenals scouted, having dodged everything so far. Evil seems to reach the same conclusion and exits the ring to fish under the apron. He retrieves a laser-looking device to a pop, but on questioning where the shark is, he discards it for something else.] [The Chosen One gets tired of waiting and reaches through the ropes – TRASHCAN TO THE HEAD! Ash hits the mat as Evil tosses the dented can in the ring, its contents spilling out. Evil picks up the aluminium bin and WALLOPS Ash again and again until it looks like a silver frisbee. Evil grabs a 2×4 and waits for Ash to get to his knees. He takes aim, raises it above his head and CLEAVES ASH’S HEAD OFF – BUT A BOOMSTICK BREAKS THE 2×4 IN HALF! Evil his holds his wrists as sawdust fills the ring.] [Ash picks up a cast-iron SKILLET and LAMPS Evil with it! A metallic thud echoes around the arena as it meets Evil’s chromedome, and the mastermind goes down. ONE… TWO… Evil gets his shoulder up! Ash pulls him up and dunks him over the ropes, following in hot pursuit. Evil begs off, but Ash shakes his head grimly and THROWS HIM INTO THE STAIRS! A groggy Evil flicks a punch at Ash, but he muscles through it and TOSSES HIM INTO THE BARRICADE! Evil crawls away and tries to hide under the ring, but Ash stands on his ankle and pulls him out – EVIL SQUIRTS A FIRE EXTINGUISHER IN HIS FACE!] [White foam covers Ash, the ringside area, and the first row of fans! Evil crawls back out and BLUDGEONS Ash with the fire extinguisher! ONE… TWO… TH—Ash somehow kicks out! Evil shakes his head in disbelief and rolls him in the ring. He motions to the back, and 2 jumpsuit-clad henchmen trot to the ring! The fans grill Evil as his heavies trap Ash by his arms. Evil, meanwhile, snatches a velvet bag from under the ring. Sliding back in, he reveals his REPLICA BOOMSTICK!] [The prototype was a total failure, but Evil inserts his fist into the finished product. He points to his scar, then to Ash. He cocks it and UNLOADS—ASH DUCKS—EVIL BOOMSTICKS HIS OWN HENCHMAN! ASH BOOMSTICKS THE OTHER! The fans come unglued as Ash stares down Evil, both men armed and dangerous! DUAL BOOMSTICK! ASH BOOMSTICKS THE REPLICA AND IT SHATTERS LIKE GLASS! Evil falls to his knees screaming… but it turns into maniacal laughter as he puts his pinkie to his mouth! Ash turns around right into FAT BASTARD! BAGPIPES TO THE HEAD—ASH DUCKS AT THE LAST SECOND—BOOMSTICK! Fat Bastard spills to the floor as Ash turns back to Evil, who gulps… BOOMSTICK! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [Ash falls to his knees, Evil’s henchmen lying scattered around him. The referee passes him his Hardcore Championship, which a dazed Dr. Evil eyes longingly. Ash pumps his metal fist in the air to a big pop.] [Marvolo, backstage. If we thought he looked downtrodden last week, it is nothing as compared to right now. His normally pristine appearance is quite disheveled and if you look closely into his mask, he seems to have dark bags under his eyes. He marches straight to Jake Jeckel’s locker room and kicks the door open. There sits Jeckel, with a few Juggalos. The room is filled with smoke and Jeckel jumps to his feet coughing just a little due to the surprise.]

“What the fuc….what do you want, Marvolo?”

“You know what Marvolo wants! He wants Raquel returned to him post haste! THAT MEANS NOW!”

[Jeckel steps up, totally unafraid of Marvolo.]

“Well, just like Bruce, you couldn’t keep your end of the bargain. You lost my title belt just before you were set to lose it to me. What the f… what is up with you guys? I’m starting to think it’s a god da… it’s a conspiracy. So now, I don’t think I’m in a very giving mood.”

“Marvolo doesn’t care what kind of mood you are in! He wants to see Raquel tonight!”

[Jeckel smirks.]

“I’ll tell you what, since you blew my title shot, let’s make this match a little more interesting. If you beat me tonight, I’ll let you see Raquel. One of my… coworkers gave me a way to get in touch with her. And if I win…

“You won’t…” [Marvolo storms out before Jeckel can respond, slamming the door behind him.] [Harrison and Doubt start off the match and the two men lock up center ring. Doubt seems to be getting the upper hand on his opponent with a few stiff knees but Harrison is quick to turn the tables, hitting a hard elbow before whipping Doubt and hitting a huge dropkick! Doubt hits the floor hard, giving Harrison time to hit the ropes and hit a low dropkick to Doubt’s head! Doubt rolls and Harrison gets up with the momentum, rushing forward to go for a clothesline on Doubt as he stands, but Doubt ducks german suplex from behind! Harrison gets laid out!] [Doubt peels Harrison from the ground and begins pulling him to the corner, throwing him in and tagging in Smiley, the deranged one using the tag in to get a few cheap shots on Harrison with Doubt before suplexing Harrison from the corner and sending him to the middle of the ring! Harrison gets to his feet just in time for Smiley to whip him to the opposite corner, using the time to point at Reese and beckon him into the ring with the Smiley. Reese and Smiley go to lock up but Reese shows off his technical skill and ducks up before hitting a strong belly to belly suplex!] [Smiley sprawls across the mat, rolling to his feet and going on the offensive! Reese and Smiley trade blows, Smiley seemingly gains the upperhand with a series of head butts, Reese pushing him back and keeping the two fighting for dominance when Reese lands a harsh knee lift before whipping Smiley to the ropes. The deranged one tries a clothesline Reese ducks WAKE UP CALL! The double knee back breaker puts Smiley down and Reese goes for the pin! 1! 2! KICK OUT!] [Smiley has the ability to kick out, Reese hitting the ground and pulling Smile up DDT FOR HIS TROUBLES! A massive lifting DDT drops Reese and Smiley whips Reese to the corner, getting a tag to Doubt and keeping the duo in control as Doubt and Smiley hit a double DDT from the corner! Doubt lifts up Reese and whips him but Reese reverses and gets the whip instead, sending Doubt into a boot by the waiting Harrison! Reese tags in his partner, POP going heavy offense and DOUBLE SUPERKICK! FEET FOR THOUGHT! Harrison tries to pull Doubt away for the pin but Smiley runs across the ring and springboard crossbody! Both men of POP take the hit and everyone’s laid out!] [The ref checks the pile of bodies and looks to start a count when Smiley rolls under the ring rope, bringing Reese with! The duo battle on the outside as Harrison and Doubt get to their feet. The two men trade blows, Harrison getting the seemingly upper hand until Doubt headbutts Harrison with his steel mask! Harrison’s face gets busted open, letting Doubt hit the ropes PESSIMIST’S END! Doubt covers! 1! 2! 3- NO! HARRISON FINDS IT IN HIMSELF KICK OUT! DOUBT CAN’T BELIEVE IT!] [The masked man angrily hits the ground, looking to his corner and watching Smiley get to the apron. He rushes over for the tag, the Deranged one getting just as Harrison jumps for the tag on Reese! Smiley doesn’t let it go unpunished and rushes the corner CLOTHESLINING HARRISON OUTSIDE! Harrison falls to ringside, his head under the apron now. Reese hits a hard jab on Smiley and the two start brawling. The animosity is amazing as they trade massive strikes, and Reese whips Smiley to the corner and he runs forward EYE OPEN- NO! Smiley ducks the boot and Doubt hits a punch to the inspiration’s throat from the apron!] [Reese stumbles backwards, grabbing his throat and allowing Smiley to hit a hard clothesline! Smiley then steps back, seemingly allowing Reese to crawl to his corner? Reese looks down at Harrison, head still under the apron. Reese yells at his partner to get up and… OH MY GOD! HARRISON RISES FROM THE APRON WITH HIS HYSTERIA MASK ON! REESE CAN’T BELIEVE IT AS HARRISON JUMPS THE APRON AND HEADBUTTS HIS PARTNER! The crowd gasp as Reese stumbles back into Smiley HIDEOUS LAUGHTER! Smiley lands and pins! 1! 2! 3!] [Reese sits on his knees in the middle of the ring, staring in disbelief at his former friend and tag partner, LH Harrison. The now masked man known as Hysteria stares Reese down, Doubt and Smiley at his sides. Reese stumbles to his feet, attempting to ask why. And then the assault starts.] [Hysteria hits first with a massive knee to the temple of Reese, peeling his former tag partner from the ground and whipping him towards Smiley who lashes out with a massive Chelsea Grin heel kick! Smiley then headbutts Reese upon lifting him up and goes for a flapjack… DESTINATION:MOTIVATION! Smiley and Hysteria make a mockery of the former finishing move of POP, leaving Reese bloodied in the ring. Doubt walks over to the poor man and lifts him up by his head, holding a microphone in hand.]

“Look at Reese, look at him. He stood against the Asylum, even believed him and his former partner beyond our grasp. But in the end, he is proven wrong. Let this be a message to all of you… The Asylum will break bonds, and it will take what rightfully belongs to it. No one is safe, not even those who so thought they could outsmart us. Remember Reese.”

Doubt lets go of Reese and leaves the ring with his fellow Asylum mates, dropping his microphone beside Reese as he does. As the three are up the ramp, a shaky voice stops them, the trio turning back towards Reese who is at a knee.

“You aren’t going to stop me that easily, no one stops The Motiviation, not even a failed inspiration like Harrison.”

[The crowd explodes in cheers for the resilient Reese, the Asylum members at the top of the ramp merely shaking their heads and leaving as Reese struggles to stand.] [Cameras catch Vinnie Lane as he seems to creep over to the carpool area, his match slated to come up next when he seems to open the trunk of one of the cars, slipping a bag full of what can be presumed as weapons into it. He snickers a bit before closing it, only to jerk back at a nearby scraping. He looks around the cars, watching and listening.]

“Listen, you’re keying the wrong car. If your one of the girls from last night the car you want to key is a van with Black water on the side…”

[As he rounds the cars in the carpool he hears the scraping come to a stop. As he rounds the last car he sees a hook hanging from the handle of one of the cars. He looks at it for a second before looking around.]

“Oh come on, that one doesn’t even make sense-”

[Lane is cut off as he is chopped down from below, falling to his face. He tries to stand up but his foot is grabbed from below and the Megastar is yanked towards the underside of the car. Lane claws and tries to crawl away but is yanked backwards under the car. The camera follows over the car and Lane finds himself in the middle of the carpool, The Shark looming over him. Lane kicks at the Shark, sending the assailant sprawling backwards when the former children’s champion leaps forward and headbutts Lane back into the car behind him. The two circle each other and a referee rushes to the cars, the match now officially under way.] [Vinnie and The Shark circle each other, both having got a strike off before the match. The Shark’s crazy eyed as he leaps towards the Lane, heading a massive amount of headbutts punctuated with a bite to the forehead! Vinnie grabs his head and Shark nails a kick to the gut, putting Lane to a knee and letting Shark get off a few stiff kicks before dropping a DDT onto the hard concrete! Shark is the first to the cars, opening up one and pulling out a tire iron! He swings wild but Lane ducks and German Suplexes the Shark onto the hood of a car!] [The clang of metal rings through the garage as The Shark leaves a dent in the car hood, Vinnie climbing onto the car and lifting the Shark up, going for a DDT but the Shark pushes him off the car! The Shark looks poised to jump but Lane sweeps the legs and pulls the Shark off of the hood! The Megastar smashes Shark’s head to the car and goes for again when Shark elbows his gut, pushing Lane off and STANDING SUSHI KICK! The standing shining wizard drops Lane and the Shark picks up the tire iron and bites it, chewing a bit before turning back to Lane.] [The Loverboy is down and Shark delievers massive damage with that tire iron! Lane screams out in pain as the former children’s champion is relentless with his assault! Shark drops the tire iron before heading up to the top of one of the cars, he looks down at Lane and goes for the Shark Dive! VINNIE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Shark smacks hard against the concrete floor and Lane gets up, hitting a quick kick to the Shark and keeping him grounded before moving to the trunk of a nearby car.] [Loverboy opens the truck and grabs the bag he planted just minutes before, opening it up and pulling out… HIS GUITAR! Shark barely has time to react as Lane hits a hard shot to the Asylum member, putting him down just as he fast as he could get up! Lane rolls Shark to his back and holds the Guitar up, ready to end it when SHARK KICKS LANE IN THE GROIN! LOWBLOW! Lane drops his guitar and stumbles back, Shark rolling to his feet and finding himself leaning against a nearby car, his ribs bruised from the assault.] [Lane and Shark, both on their feet, rush at each other! The two begin trading blows wildly, letting nothing up as they try their best to bust each other open! Shark gets the upper hand, BITING LANE! Lane holds his shoulder, Shark whipping Lane to a car and BULLDOG TO THE CAR HOOD! Lane’s face makes contact and he falls to his knees against the car hood, trying his best to stay up despite the unending assault from the Shark. The Shark opens a nearby car and pulls out… a kendo stick! He swings on Lane, the megastar barely rolling out of the way as Shark breaks the stick against the car!] [Lane grabs the Shark and forces him onto the car, following after and picking the Shark up HEARTBREAKER TO THE CONCRETE FROM THE CAR! Both men find themselves laid out from the attack, Lane barely stirring first and finding it in himself to pick up The Shark, whipping him- Shark counters with his own whip AND LANE GOES THROUGH THE CAR WINDOW! Shattered glass goes everywhere as Lane finds himself at the Shark’s mercy, now on the ground after that massive attack.] [Shark crawls over to Lane, looking him over before biting at his head! Lane yells as Shark tries to break skin, only to be pushed off by a stiff kick that makes Shark stumble! Lane rolls to his feet and as Shark charges BACK BODY DROP ONTO THE CAR HOOD! Shark rolls outside of the ring of cars after that massive drop, Lane using the time to rest as he leans against a nearby car hood. He looks over to his guitar and grabs it, turning back in time to see the Shark emerge back to the car hood HOOK IN HAND!] [Vinnie sees the hook and lunges at the Shark with his guitar, Shark ducking and swinging wildly with his hook, barely missing Lane as the two try to bust one another open. Vinnie leaps forward with a massive swing and BREAKS HIS GUITAR ON THE SIDE OF A CAR! The Shark ducked at the last second and Vinnie turns around to a massive headbutt! Lane doesn’t get a chance to retaliate as Shark leaps on top of Lane AND HE CUTS HIM OPEN WITH THE HOOK! THE SHARK HAS BUSTED OPEN VINNIE LANE! Shark begins biting at the now open wound, personnel forced to enter the carpool and pull him off.]

Despite his victory, The Shark is not yet sated. As Vinnie Lane begins to come to, he circles him, never taking his gaze off of his intended prey, licking his lips as he waited to strike the moment the time is right…

*Honk honk*

A bright yellow school bus comes into view, playing ‘Rock Lobster’ by The B-52s from the speakers/announce system at the top. Incensed at the interruption, The Shark turns to face the vehicle which is now coming to a halt. The doors open and a throng of children pour out, all wearing Axel The Shark t-shirts and other assorted merchandise. When it seems the vehicle is empty (excluding the smiling driver), the mob suddenly splits in two and creates a space for someone to exit. Exiting the bus is… That is… No…


The crowd in attendance (or at least those familiar with him) chant almost immediately as the big screen shows Rage Hall Of Famer, The Manchild, Gavin Davis! He was last seen at Wrestlefest in Rage where his back was broken, a year ago he couldn’t even walk! The moment he reaches the floor, he removes his #HugLife t-shirt to reveal that he too is wearing an Axel The Shark top. With the children behind him, Gavin approaches The Shark, who is giving him his full attention. Realising the danger he was in, Vinnie seizes the opportunity to slip away.

“Hi Axel! My name is Gavin, and I’m a big fan. We all are. We came here because we wanted to give you a message.”

Gavin looks at the crowd behind him and counts down with his fingers, as they all scream in unison.

“We love you!”

The children cheer and Gavin is wearing a grin a mile wide. The Shark is not sharing their enthusiasm.

“The kids need a champion, and you were the championest Kids Champion of all! We love you and we want you to get well and come back and stuff, because you’re awesome. Nay, Jaws-some! Who do we love?”

“Axel The Shark!”

“When do we love him?”

“When he’s nice!”

“Because being nice… is nice.”

Absolutely no response from The Shark. He seems to have calmed his bloodlust a bit from when he was ready to attack Vinnie, but the warmth he is recieving certainly isn’t being reciprocated.
“Maybe you just need someone to be nice to you. Everyone needs someone to be nice to them… So I came here to reintroduce you to… The Hug Life!”

Whether through confidence or stupidity, The Manchild holds his arms out and slowly inches towards The Shark, who surprisingly doesn’t back away. The cheering of the children become more muted briefly, until Davis is almost chest-to-chest with the man formally known as Axel. Then, he strikes – he wraps his arms around The Shark! The children begin to chant ‘hug him back’, and the audience in the arena proper need no extra encouragement to do the same.

Wait… The Predator is.. He’s moving his arms around, he hugged him back! The children cheer and clap, some even start dancing around with their friends and Axel spins Gavin around… BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX INTO THE CHILDREN! The fall over like dominoes onto the concrete as The Shark goes straight for Davis, a man in no physical shape to defend himself given his prior injuries, when something stops him. Amongst the crying children, one nurses the back of his head, only to look at his fingers… And see blood.
The Shark immediately changes targets, lunging towards the group of children… But Gavin grabs his leg!

“Get back on the bus everyone! Um, please!”

As the children retreat to safety, the rabid Shark turns his attention back to the man latched onto his leg,
repeatedly kicking and stomping on his face until Gavin is no longer moving. The bus drives away, leaving Gavin to face his fate alone.

“I will have my blood.”

Crouching down to lift Gavin’s limp body by his hair, he sinks his teeth into the forehead of The Manchild, who isn’t even conscious enough to feel it. The blood starts to flow, and The Shark drinks it gladly.

“Axel is dead. Long live The Shark.”

Wiping his fingers across the wound, ‘Axel’ walks away, with a drink to-go.

[This isn’t what they want to do.] [Coming to the ring together, Nigel Royal and Max Million pose a united front. They ignore the gravesite, not even paying it a look as they make their way to the ring and get inside.] [Once inside the squared circle, Max Million gets a microphone and dares to speak his mind.]

“For months now, we’ve been tortured and forced to fight,” [he says to a mixed reaction from the crowd – some of them showing some sympathy.] “We’ve beaten on each other, we’ve been hunted and chased down by security and Nigel’s father himself was beaten to within an inch of his life. Enough is enough.”

[Nigel nods his head in stoic agreement as Max continues.]

“So we won’t do it,” [he says to boos from a crowd that want to see a fight.] “We just won’t do it. We won’t bury the other alive to sate some punk who’s too cowardly to show his face. If he wants us to fight, he can come out here and get his ass kicked!”

[Max throws the microphone down and looks toward Royal, both men hopping out of the ring and making their way up the stage and towards the grave.] [Suddenly though, something catches Max’s eye.] [He walks over, his brow furrowed and his hands on his hips. Something isn’t right. He walks over to the grave site and looks at the grave, the words reading ‘HERE LIES ROBERT.’] [Max immediately freaks out, kicking and punching at the gravestone in a furious rage! Robert is the little boy he was a big brother to back in the IWF who tragically lost his life!] [Thwack!] [HOLY CRAP! DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?] [The crowd don’t know what to make of it! A shovel just rose up and cracked Max Million across the back of the head! He falls into the grave face first, unconscious.] [And the wielder of that shovel?] [A grinning Nigel Royal!!] [The Bloodline stands there, Max Million’s blood on the shovel that he wields. He grins, slamming the shovel in the ground and scooping up piles of dirt, tipping it on his partner. Before long, he’s buried six feet deep and Nigel Royal stands there, smiling.] [Oh man, it was him, wasn’t it?] [Nigel Royal is the man behind the torturing of High Society. Why Nigel, why?] [The fans boo as the referee calls for the bell, signalling Nigel Royal the winner of tonight’s extremely short match. He sits on the grave, laughing maniacally as we fade to the backstage area.] [Backstage in the darkest reaches of the arena, Lux Bellator has met with Father Pedro El Salvador. Last week he was resurrected by Pedro and quickly re-joined his side. What that meant for Nox was unknown and tonight, they’ve met alone in the darkness.] [The fans though, they can’t believe their beloved Lux has turned on them.]

“You saved me, father,” [Lux says to boos.] “You brought me back to your loving embrace and the embrace of the Lord.”

[Pedro nods in agreement.] “I’m sorry I had to hurt you, my child. I’m sorry I had to take your name, your mask, your light and make it darkness. But through that darkness, came you, the Light Warrior.”

[The fans boo.]

“I was bathed in a river of holy water and it washed away my sins. I felt it relieve me of my transgressions, father. That water filled my lungs and my soul and washed it all away. But Nox? He hasn’t been purified.”

[Father Pedro thinks about it, his mind wandering.] “I know,” [He admits reluctantly.] “But to secure your freedom from the darkness, I needed darkness.”

“And now that you have succeeded, he needs light. Nox Bellator needs to be baptized and tonight, that is why I have decided to face him in a match. That is why I have decided to Baptise him in front of the Lord himself and wash away his sins like you did mine.”

[Pedro interrupts] “That may not be a good idea, Lux.”

“I have faith in the Lord’s will, don’t you? He must be saved!”

[Bellator walks away, leaving Pedro behind with a decision to make. Lux wants to purify Nox tonight and bring him to the light, only Pedro appears to know something that Bellator doesn’t.] [How will this saga end?] [Marvolo wastes no time and sprints directly at the Juggalo and starts hammering him with punches to the face. He backs Jeckel to the corner and mounts the second turnbuckle and starts pounding to Jeckel’s face as the crowd counts along to ten! Marvolo moves as Jeckel wobbles from the corner, Marvolo follows up with a RUNNING BULLDOG!! Jeckel’s head slams hard off the canvas. Marvolo mounts his chest and begins hammering him on the head again. The referee pulls Marvolo off and separates him from Jeckel for a moment. Number One is not happy and pushes past…. JUGGABLOW!!!] [Marvolo drops and Jeckel pulls himself up by the ropes. He marches over to Marvolo and stomps a mudhole in him. He uses his boot to choke Number One while pulling on the ropes for leverage. The ref makes a hard four count and Jeckel lets go. He runs to the ropes, springs off and returns with a RUNNING ELBOW SMASH!!! Marvolo is flattened! Jeckel quickly pulls him to his feet and grabs the smaller man by the throat.PONY DOWN!! The Chokeslam Backbreaker!! One… Two… Thre….KICKOUT!!! Jeckel doesn’t like it and grabs Marvolo by the mask to pull him up and LOW BLOW!! Marvolo counters with a shot to the baby-makers of his own!!] [Jeckel drops and Marvolo rolls to the apron. He stands, grabs the ropes, and HILO!! Marvolo grabs one leg and hooks it for the pin… One… Two… Th… kickout! Marvolo quickly gets to his feet and starts stomping on Jeckel’s head and shoulders. He forces him to the edge of the ring and grabs the bottom rope. The ref pushes Marvolo back and they start arguing. Jeckel takes advantage of Marvolo’s turned back and THREE-POINT STANCE CHARGE CHOPBLOCKS MARVOLO! Jeckel grabs Marvolo and THE RIDDLE BOX!!! Marvolo is screaming in pain! He reaches out… grabs the ropes! Jeckel is forced to release the hold.] [Jeckel pulls Marvolo to his feet and whips him across the ring. On the rebound, Marvolo leaps and FLYING CROSSBODY!! He hooks a leg… One.. Two…Kickout! Marvolo gains his feet quickly and immediately locks in a FUJIWARA ARMBAR!!! Jeckel is in pain and tries to fight his way through it!! He raises his hand to tap….. But doesn’t! Instead he uses his size advantage to roll Marvolo over into a pin position! One.. T…. Marvolo releases the hold and breaks the pin at the same time. Both men leap to their feet at the same time and begin trading punches! The crowd “eeeeewwww”s and “ahhhhhh”s with each punch. Finally Jeckel starts getting the upper hand and forces Marvolo backwards.] [Jeckel whips Marvolo across the ring again and as he returns he lifts Marvolo with a GORILLA PRESS!!! JECKEL WALKS TO THE EDGE OF THE RING AND SLAMS MARVOLO OUT OF THE RING TO THE GROUND!! MARVOLO SEEMS BROKEN IN HALF!!! Jeckel is going for broke. He climbs to the top turnbuckle. The crowd is standing!!! He leaps for the FAYGO SPLASH TO GROUND OUT SIDE….AND MARVOLO ROLLS AWAY!!! Jeckel smashes hard to the ground!! Both men are down! The ref starts counting… One… Two…. Three… Four… Five… Marvolo gains his feet…. Six… Seven… Marvolo rolls into the ring… Eight… Jeckel gets to his feet… Marvolo runs and bounces off the ropes… Nine… MOONSAULT PLANCHA!! Marvolo flies over the top rope leveling the Juggalo!!! The count restarts!] [As the count nears eight both men are able to crawl back into the ring. Marvolo gets to his feet first and reaches for Jeckel….ANOTHER JUGGABLOW!!! Marvolo doesn’t drop but his knees go weak. He balances himself with the ropes, but Jeckel grabs him from behind! GERMAN SUPLEX! ANOTHER! THREE!! CLOWN-POSSE PLEX!! He bridges the third german… One…Two… Thre… NO! Kickout!] [Jeckel pulls Marvolo up and lifts him for a POWERBOMB… BUT MARVOLO COUNTERS WITH A FRANKENSTEINER! He hooks a leg… One… Two… Thr… Kickout! Marvolo leaps to his feet and TOUCH OF DEATH!! He forces Jeckel to the mat! One… Two… Thre… KICKOUT!!! Marvolo pulls Jeckel up and MACHINE GUN CHOPS!!! Jeckel is driven back but fires back with a huge right hand! JUMPING TWISTING DDT!!! Both men are down in the center of the ring!] [Jeckel stirs first and climbs to his feet first and reaches down for Marvolo…POKE TO THE EYES! Jeckel is stunned as Marvolo gets to his feet. He spins Jeckel around and 5 POINT PALM EXPLODING HEART TECHNIQUE!!! Jeckel drops and Marvolo covers! ONE… TWO…. THRE…NO!! Jeckel’s hand was under the ropes! Marvolo pulls him to his feet again goes for a VERTICAL SUPLEX….But Jeckel stops him! Reversed! Jeckel lifts Marvolo for the JUGGALO JACKHAMMER….Reversed again! Marvolo reaches into his old bag of tricks…WHITE TIGER DRIVER!!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!! Marvolo wins!!!] [After that brutal match, both Jake Jeckel and Marvolo lie panting on the mat. Finally they both climb to their feet. Marvolo calls for a mic and grabs one from the ring attendant.]

“That’s it! Marvolo beat you fair and square! Get Raquel out here right now!”

[Jeckel, still trying to catch his breath, gets a microphone of his own.]

“No, no, no, Marvolo, Raquel is not here.”

“You said I would get her back if I won!”

“No.” [Jeckel smirks.] “I said if you won, I’d let you see her. If you weren’t such an attention whore, maybe you would listen to what people say.”

[Marvolo starts in on Jeckel to start fighting again, but Jeckel holds his hands up.]

“I’m nothing if not a man of my word. Here she is!”

[He points to the tron, which springs to life. It is on a lavish house filled with many rich goods. It seems to be filmed from a closed circuit system. Then, Raquel enters the scene wearing a French maid’s outfit. She carries a feather duster and cleans a mahogany table. She mumbles something over and over, until a man in a crushed velvet robe enters the scene. He grabs her on her butt and she squeals and jumps. She turns and the man laughs. He grabs her by the hand and starts dragging her into a nearby dark room.]

“Numbehr!” [She screams, even though she has no idea he is watching. Marvolo turns the darkest shade of red and turns to face Jeckel… THE HATCHET!!! The Juggalo levels Marvolo! He exits the ring to a chorus of boos and walks up the ramp backwards soaking it in. He smiles and disappears through the curtain as Marvolo just begins stirring. I guess this thing is not over.] [The fountain on the outside of the ring sparkles, calling the two warriors to their mission. That mission is to baptize the other man in the holy water of their order. Pedro El Salvador stands next to the fountain, waiting to see who the true warrior is. In each corner, a warrior stands. Night and day. Light and dark. Lux and Nox. Neither man moves from the corner for a moment. Lux seems to be deep in thought, perhaps prayer even. Nox, on the other hand, almost chatters like a restrained animal. Finally the voice of El Salvador calls out and the two men move forward.] [The two men move to the center of the ring, no words between them, only tension. With a snap, Nox Bellator breaks the silence with an open handed slap to the face of Lux. A calculated insult. Lux pushes Nox away from him, and Nox smiles a sick and twisted smile before rushing him and taking him to the mat. Nox begins clawing and punching at the face and eyes of Lux Bellator as Lux tries to create separation. Nox lets him up but is creepily smiling. Lux walks up to Nox and nails a European Uppercut before pushing the Dark Warrior into the ropes.] [Nox comes off the ropes and Lux takes him to the ground with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Lux is quickly atop him to lay in some licks of his own. Nox is smiling in the face of the attack, yet his frustration shows through. He finally pushes Lux away and crawls to his feet. He utilizes the ropes to get to his feet but looks pissed off. The two meet in the center of the ring for a tie-up, but Nox breaks it to fire away with a knife edge chop. Lux returns fire, and the two men stand in the middle of the ring wearing one another out with repeated chops and strikes.] [Lux finds himself on the losing end of this battle, as Nox is able to absorb more pain than him. The Dark Warrior quickly grabs the Light Warrior, and attempts to toss him to the outside. Lux manages to right himself on the apron just in time to leap frog over the top rope to dodge a charging Nox. The Dark man crashes to the outside beside the fountain, while Lux hits the ropes in the ring. With gracefulness, Lux Bellator leaps over the top rope FLAWLESSLY EXECUTING A HURRICANRANA TO NOX BELLATOR! The crowd pops huge as the Warrior of Light stands tall.] [Lux pulls Nox up by the mask, dragging him to the baptismal fount. Before he can dip his head in, Nox delivers a few elbows to the side of Lux, getting his strength back. Once he has equal footing, Nox tries to bash Lux’s head into the stone fountain, but Lux instead uses Nox’s momentum to throw him into the steel stairs to their other side. Nox practically flies through them, clawing at Lux when he tries to pick Nox up. The Dark Warrior scratches as Lux’s eyes before rolling him back into the ring. The two men scramble to their feet to establish an advantage.] [Both men begin exchanging blows again, this time slower than the last. Nox still has that creepy grin on his face as they fall into the corner. Lux quickly slips behind Nox, running to the opposite ring ropes. Nox follows and Lux leaps up for a springboard. Cross body to Nox, but the Dark Warrior rolls through. Lux rises to a knee, and NOX TAKES HIS HEAD OFF! DARKNESS FALLS! The evil Bellator picks Lux up by the mask, and says something incoherent to him, rage evident in his tone. He sets up for Dawn, grabbing a fisherman’s suplex hold.] [Lux is able to slip out of the hold and he doubles Nox over with a kick to the gut. He puts Nox down into position for the Disciple Maker, BUT NOX SLIPS OUT! The Dark Warrior hits the ropes, but Lux quickly leap frogs him. NOX GRABS HIS ARMS AS HE DOES SO! CRUCIFIX POSITION!Nox goes for the Disciple Breaker, but Lux slips down to the mat, picking up Nox’s arms in the same fashion. Instead of turning towards the ring, Lux runs Nox at the ropes. CATHOLIC CROSS OVER THE TOP ROPE! NOX BELLATOR JUST CRASHED THROUGH THE FOUNTAIN! HE HAS BEEN BAPTIZED BY FORCE! LUX BELLATOR WINS!] [With the All-Star Championship in hand, Anna Goodchild walks down a backstage hallway. Her face displays her mission, to fully wrest the Championship from the sinful hands of Bobby Neptune. The match approaches, and she turns down an adjacent hallway when the lights go out.]

“What is this madness?” [Anna angrily whispers into the dark.] [Her eyes are quickly flooded with light as small dots illuminate the hallway around her. She takes a step forward and the echoing voice of Bobby Neptune floats over her head.]

“Hello, Anna.” [He begins.] “Let’s take a journey through the stars.”

“The Lord is my shepherd.” [Anna practically spits, looking around her. Yet all she sees is darkness and the galaxy around her.]

“You believe that one day God asked for light, and there it was.” [Bobby lazily continues.] “Yet these stars have shone for ages. Still, their time will come to an end as they burn out. Such is the way of the universe.”

[Beside of Anna, a large red planet looms.]

“See, that’s Mars. This planet has put a rover there, maybe even a man one day. The ancient civilizations that lurk below its arid dust would show that if Earth has the people made in your God’s image then it only means he screwed up a couple times before getting it right.”

[Anna scowls as she walks down the hallway.]

“God is perfect.”

[Neptune only laughs as Mars is replaced by a larger view, zooming out. Behind Anna, the sun looms with its flames dancing off her wings. Before her are the eight planets.]

“Look at them, Anna. Imagine that one day all of the great powers of the universe got together to have a contest. They needed to create a planet that could sustain life. We are but a mote of dust in the grand scheme of things. You must become aware of the wonders of this galaxy and others. Because this religious disciple thing isn’t working for you right now.”

[Anna’s lip tugs for a moment, almost as if a smile is coming. She walks down the hallway, looking at the planets as she does so.]

“The only wonder in this galaxy is God. He is all that I see when I look to the beyond.”

[Neptune chuckles again.]

“Yeah, I used to feel that way too.” [The humor leaves his voice.] “Then I learned to look past Him. There are greater powers in this universe than one…”

[Anna quickly leaps forward, grabbing some sort of device, throwing the room into a spinning sphere of color. She throws down the projector, shattering the image. Now she stands all alone in the hallway.]

“Parlor tricks will not save you from the wrath of the Lord. You wish to be a mote of dust, then I shall return you to the dust from whence you came.”

[With that, Anna stalks off down the hallway to her previous destination, ready for battle.] [From the entrance to the hallway, Neptune rounds the corner a grin on his face.] [That match is up next!] [The bell sounds but Neptune springs off the second rope for a SUPERNOVA! Anna dodges and connects with a superkick! She climbs up to the turnbuckle as well before leaping off just as Bobby gets to his feet for a tornado DDT which spikes Neptune’s head into the mat! Anna Goodchild pulls Neptune up to his feet, but Neptune catches her with a roundhouse kick. He retains his hold on her wrist and whips her around before hitting an enzuigiri to the back of her head! She falls to the mat as Neptune leaps to the top rope.] [He preps himself before leaping off the top and begins twisting for a corkscrew crossbody! Neptune is on a roll as he leaps to the top for a springboard maneuver, and leaps back for a diving hurricanrana! Anna moves out of the way as Neptune hits the ground hard right on his ass. Anna leaps on him quickly while wrapping his arm around the neck to bring him into a dragon sleeper! Neptune is bent like a pretzel but he reaches out for the rope as the referee gets into position. He reaches and reaches before getting pretty close to the rope.] [Anna smiles before standing up and pulling Neptune back to the center of the ring. Neptune is out! The fight has seemingly been drained out of him as he can’t even move. The referee raises a hand and… it falls to the mat. He raises the arm again and… it falls for a second time. Anna is now laughing wickedly as the referee is primed to raise his hand again. Neptune’s eyes are shut as he’s seemingly been knocked out. The referee holds his hand up for a second before letting it drop…] [BUT IT FIRES RIGHT BACK UP! Neptune is brimming with energy still! Neptune begins tossing and turning and manages to worm his head free! He scoots back to the ropes but Anna Goodchild charges him. He lowers his shoulder and sends her to the outside! He readies himself before rushing to the opposite rope and bouncing off. He gets to the ropes closest and sends his body flying over and… SUPERNOVA! Anna Goodchild’s face is brought straight into the mat as Neptune pops back to his feet with a fist pump to the crowd who are on their feet for their savior!] [Neptune lifts up Goodchild before rolling her into the ring. He climbs onto the apron and springboar… but Anna catches him off guard by kicking the top rope as he stands on it. The shift forces him, moons first, onto the top rope. His face shows the agony as Goodchild does a handstand and hooks her legs around his head and hits a headscissors takedown to the mat! She gets to her feet with irritation in her eyes. She approaches Neptune, but he wraps her leg up and rolls her up in a small package! ONE…TWO…] [Kickout! Anna gets back to her feet and begins kicking the crap out of Neptune. Each shot is aimed right for the ribs as if she’s trying to break one! Anna wraps up the legs of Neptune in hers before leaning back and yanking on the head of Bobby turning it into THE ANGEL LOCK! Neptune is in pain as the ribs are being stretched out as well. Bobby reaches out, but Anna slips her hold. Just long enough for Bobby to reach out and grab the bottom rope. She angrily detaches and tries to pull him back to the center. He flips over and connects with a boot to the face!] [She staggers backwards with anger in her eyes before going for his feet again. She yanks hard enough to pull him to his feet. No hesitation as she wraps his head and… THE PURIFIER! Neptune is down as she hooks a leg! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Neptune just kicked out and Anna is in disbelief! She yanks him to the center of the ring and kicks him squarely once more in the ribs before ascending the top rope. She spreads her arms out as the end is nigh for Neptune! THE FALL OF BABYLON!] [The shooting star leg drop connects as Neptune is laid out! She uses her legs as the pin as she yells at the referee to hurry up. ONE…TWO…THREE! NO! Neptune got his foot on the bottom rope! Anna sees this as the referee reverses his initial count as the fire seems to build in her eyes. She rushes towards Neptune but he kips up! He staggers backwards holding his ribs into the corner. Anna charges for a spear, but Neptune sidesteps her. She comes back out and ROUNDHOUSE to the face catches her. He leaps up to the top with a scream of pain. He looks down at her before… TITAN’S CRASHDOWN! The Red Arrow-variation is hit to perfection as Anna is laid out. Neptune pulls up both of Anna’s feet close to the ropes. ONE…TWO…THREE! Neptune retains his title!] [Bruce Van Chan is sitting backstage in the locker room area, wrapping his hands ahead of a match with Red River Jack. He’s been tormented, beaten and mentally tortured for weeks now and tonight, he wants to end it.] [Only Paige, she has other ideas.]

“Please just listen to me, Bruce. You don’t need to do this tonight. I don’t care that he broke into our home, that he took our family photographs and disregarded them like trash. I don’t care that he framed you for it. I don’t. I love you and I don’t want you to go down this road. We’ve a family, a life, and I need you by my side.”

[Bruce looks up at her.] “I care, babe. I’ve had enough of people thinking we’re victims and treating us as such. Every month, every single month, the story changes but the characters remain the same. I know that this business means people are going to target me and this,” [he holds up the US Championship.] “This means exactly that, tenfold.”

“I’m not asking you to step away from the business. I’m not suggesting that you quit, or give up. I know that’s not in your vocabulary,” [Paige admits.] “But right now, I need you with me. I have-“

[Bruce cuts her off.] “What I need is to end this once and for all. Red River Jack wants a victim and tonight, he gets what he least expects; a warrior.”

[He stands up and grabs his United States Championship, nodding at her and receiving a kiss for his troubles. Bruce exits the room and makes his way to the gorilla position, Paige left to contemplate what might be tonight. Why didn’t she want him to fight?] [The bell sounds as Bruce rushes forward, taking Jack down with a double leg takedown before pummeling him with rights and lefts in a furious rage. Jack tries to fight out but Bruce grabs him by the hair, slamming down vicious rights to the face as the referee admonishes Van Chan. Bruce lets go, staring down the ref with a bone chilling stare but that gives Jack the opportunity to land a right of his own that staggers Bruce enough to get him to his feet. Jack begins punishing Bruce with kicks, a few low kicks to start, then a punishing middle kick that causes Bruce to hold his ribs in pain but an attempt at a High Kick is ducked under before Bruce leaps forward with a dropkick that sends Jack staggering back] [Bruce delivers another dropkick that sends Jack staggering back a few more feet, ducking under a wild right hand before an enziguri sends RRJ into the ropes. Bruce backs up a few feet before rushing forward with an almost decapitating clothesline, sending Jack to the floor below. The crowd roars as Van Chan begins to feed of them, sizing up the slowly rising RRJ before rushing forward, diving over the rope, DISCUS ELBOW. Bruce crumples to the floor but he’s pulled to his feet by Jack who grabs him by the back of the head, and partially throwing him into the ring, placing the back of his neck over the middle rope] [Jack cricks his neck, sizing up Bruce, as he drops to the floor, running up, leaping into the air and slamming Bruce’s neck down with a modified neckbreaker. Bruce rolls on the canvas, holding his neck in pain as Jack pulls him to his feet, landing a savage elbow to the spine that sends Bruce to his knees in pain. RRJ doesn’t let him fall however, pulling Bruce to his feet once more into a Backdrop position before rushing forward and slamming Van Chan into the middle turnbuckle. Jack grabs Bruce by the back of the head, tilting him back before raining down forearms into his chest, stopping after the ninth to rear back fully and slam down with all his strength on the tenth that slams Bruce into the canvas] [Jack pulls the almost limp up to his feet, lifting him up onto his back as he grabs his back WHO BETTA BUSTER! Bruce looks to be out cold and this has to be it as Jack drops down, hooking the leg for the cover. ONE…TWO…Jack pulled the shoulder up! RRJ just shakes his head, a sadistic smile on his face as he slinks into a nearby corner, watching as Bruce slowly drags himself up to his feet. Jack slowly walks forward, motioning for Bruce to come fight as Van Chan throws a weak right hand that Jack easily dodges, exploding forward with a massive Spartan Kick that sends Bruce back first into the canvas with a scream in pain. Jack rushes forward, landing the high knee to the jaw but an attempt at A Thousand Words is thwarted as Bruce tosses him away] [Jack can’t believe it as he rushes forward with a clothesline that’s ducked under as Van Chan explodes with a series of rights and lefts to a massive pop from the crowd. A wild right from Jack is dodged as Bruce nearly takes his head off with a massive enziguri. Jack stumbles to his feet right into the turnbuckles as Bruce rushes forward, crushing Jack with a massive Stinger Splash. Jack flops down onto the canvas as Bruce climbs up to the top rope, begging Jack to get up to his feet and as RRJ slowly rises, Bruce dives off with a massive Missile Dropkick right to the kisser of Jack. Bruce drops down, hooking the leg as the referee counts, the crowd counting along. ONE…TWO…THR…NO! Jack just gets the shoulder up to boos from the crowd] [Van Chan pulls Jack up to his feet but gets a knee to the gut for his troubles before Jack drills him into the mat with a stiff DDT. Jack quickly covers as the crowd boo once more. ONE…TWO…Bruce powers out much to the annoyance of RRJ who questions a slow count. Bruce, not knowing Bruce has nipped up to his feet behind Jack, grabbing him by the back of the head NAP TIME! Jack is laid out on the canvas as Bruce climbs up to the top rope once more, the crowd on their feet as Bruce dives off…SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! The 450 splash hits flush as Jack looks to be out cold but Bruce doesn’t cover, instead flipping Jack over and locking in the Van-Chaninator. Jack screams out in pain as Bruce rears back the STF with all his strength, trapping Jack in the middle of the ring as RRJ is forced to tap out to a roar from the crowd.] [In the backstage area, Doctor D’Ville sits with The Asylum.] [They’re all preparing for the Main Event and The Doc is psyching up his unit, making sure they rip people apart in the ring tonight.] [When Creeping Death walks in.] [Everyone rises, ready to fight, only Death doesn’t appear to be there for that.]

“I want to come home,” [he says carefully.] “The Asylum is my family, it’s where I belong. I may have won tonight but my freedom is with you, not elsewhere.”

[The Doc approaches, putting an arm on his shoulder.]

“Hello, my friend,” [he says almost lovingly.] “I’m glad you’ve returned home to us, Corey. The Asylum is a family and you have and always will be apart of that.”

[Hysteria – Doctor’s second in command, stands up.] “But don’t you take that for granted.”

“Relax, my friend, relax. Creeping Death knows that we’re his family, he knows that when he’s with us at Blackwater, he’s at home, isn’t that right?”

[Death nods.] “That’s right.”

[The Asylum all agree that this is for the best, Creeping Death taking a seat alongside Smiley as D’Ville continues to inform them of exactly what’s expected here tonight.] [Pandemonium had better hope these guys don’t end up in the ring at the same time as each other or things may get very ugly, fast.] [The ref calls for the bell and we are off to the races. Kersh and Outlaw waste no time, rushing at each other and exchanging blows. Phoebe connects with a gut shot and Kersh goes down. She grabs his skull and tries for a bulldog, but Kersh revers and headbutts Feebz right under the chin! Now it’s his turn to hit a Bulldog, driving Outlaw’s head to the mat. He doesn’t let her catch a breath and quickly whips her to the ropes and goes for a roundhouse kick! Feebz ducks! She bounces back and clotheslines his ass. He gets up and is immediately dropped by a dropkick! Kersh is on the floor and Outlaw drops two elbows to his neck. She jumps up to the second rope and goes for a MOONSAULT! Kersh rolls out of way! Outlaw hits nothing but mat! Kersh gets to his feet holding his neck as Outlaw gets to her knees. Brent recovers and hits the ropes for a running enzuigiri kick, but Outlaw grabs the ankle in mid-air and reverses into a leg lock! Kersh doesn’t miss beat and hits Outlaw with his free leg, and reverses into an armbar, but Outlaw rolls back and hits a knee right to Kersh’s face to get him to release. The two separate as the crowd CHEERS at the their on-point technical skills.] [Phoebe lunges forward into a diving kick to Kersh’s shin! Brent is bent over and Outlaw hits a swinging neckbreaker! Outlaw follows up with a big leg drop to Kersh’s head. A rage comes over Outlaw and hits boot after boot into Kersh’s face. She turns him over and grabs him but the hair, repeatedly smashing his face into the mat. Kersh is busted open! Blood is spattered all over his forehead as Outlaw locks in a Triangle Choke! Kersh is completely trapped! Phoebe cranks the hold as Kersh’s eyes start to roll back in his head. Kersh is fading out! Th ref the lifts his hand to see if he’s still conscious. 1! 2! Kersh raises his hand, clenched into a fist. The crowd cheers as he gains the strength to lifts up Outlaw. He gets to his feet carrying Feebz! POWER BOMB! Kersh just LAID OUTLAW OUT! He goes for the cover! 1! 2! Feebz got her foot on the rope! Kersh can’t believe it! He looks like he still barely has his breath back.] [Both are up slowly and start to trade punches again in the center of the ring with Kersh getting the advantage. Outlaw staggers and Kersh hits the ropes. On his way back he downs Outlaw with a running knee. He lifts her up and hits a BACKBREAKER! He almost broke Outlaw in half! He sets her up for a reverse DDT, but Outlaw kicks her legs up, landing a knee in Kersh’s face. She backflips out of the hold and goes for a SUPERKICK. BUT NO! Kersh catches it mid-kick and SLAMS HER KNEE on the the mat. Feebz is down and Kersh locks in a Single leg Boston Crab. Outlaw screams in pain and reaches the ropes, but they’re JUST out of her reach. Will she tap out? The ref asks and she shakes her head. Kersh gets impatient and transitions into a Bow & Arrow submission! Outlaw looks like she might tap…BUT NO! She reaches the ropes! The ref has to count to four for Brent to release.] [Kersh slaps the mat a few times out of anger and looks over at the ref. He drops a leg on the Outlaw’s face. A second. A third. Now its Phoebe’s turn to start bleeding. Kersh goes for head of and goes for his own Triangle, but out of nowhere Outlaw gets a small package roll up! 1! 2! Kickout!] [Kersh tries to lock in THE LONE STAR, but Outlaw rolls and dodges, she gets to her feet first and SHINING WIZARD. Kersh is stunned. Outlaw picks him up….NTO! She hits the NTO! She eyes the top rope and starts to climb. Her legs are still unsteady and blood is all over her hair, but she gets to the top and signals for the NORTH STAR PRESS! NO! Kersh is up on his feet and rams Outlaw’s midsection with his shoulder. He climbs to the second rope and sets her up for a suplex form the top rope! But no! She counters and pushes him off, crashing him back down. She jumps! NORTH STAR PRESS! BUT NO ONE’S HOME AGAIN! PHOEBE CRASHES DOWN HARD! Both Outlaw and Kersh are down and out. The ref starts to make the count. 1! 2! 3! Both are slowly getting back to the feet…4! 5! 6! Outlaw is to her feet first and read to end this. She picks up Kersh and signals for the NORTHER LIGHTS! NO! Kersh levels her out with an uppercut out of nowhere! THE NORTHER CROSS! HOLY SHIT! KERSH HAS LOCKED IN OUTLAW’S FINISHER ON OUTLAW! THE ROPES ARE JUST OUT OF HER REACH!! SHE TAPS OUT!] [As the bell rings and echoes into the School Yard, Brent Kersh rolls out of the ring, leaving Phoebe alone. He limps over to the time keeping table and grabs a microphone. Before he can act, the crowd buzzes as Danielle Kersh runs down to ringside. She gets in the ring and goes to Phoebe’s side.]

“I wish you wouldn’t come out here, Danielle.” [Kersh states, the father in him coming out.] “But it’s just as well, I suppose. You need to hear this too.”

[Phoebe nods to a steel chair sitting beside the time keeper to remind him of what he did one week ago.]

“Not tonight, Outlaw.” [Kersh states, his breath labored from the match.] “We settled it like wrestlers out here tonight.”

[Kersh gets back in the ring, and holds his hand up to indicate he means no harm at this point. Phoebe rolls her eyes at him.]

“I meant what I said last week. This match was to settle the issue between us. You want to date my daughter? Then you have to do what any other wrestler would have had to do.”

[Phoebe gestures for a microphone, but Kersh waves off the ring attendant.]

“No. I’ve been cut off for weeks now, and I have something to say.”

[The crowd pops at Brent’s assertiveness. Dani places her hand on Brent’s arm to appeal to him. He gives her the dad look and she backs away.]

“Now for weeks, I’ve been called a homophobe and all manner of other names to indicate that my problems with you two were based on your sexuality.”

[Phoebe quickly nods in agreement with that. Kersh shakes his head.]

“And that, ladies, has been far more embarrassing to me than anything that has happened. Because I am not what you say I am. I may be proud to be from the great state of Texas. I may be stereotypical in other ways, but I’ve been on the road for a long time now, and you find out real quick that people come in all shapes, sizes, sexualities, and all manner of things. You learn how to accept people no matter what.”

[Phoebe seems to be willing to listen for a moment, as Dani is staring at her to see her response. Brent catches his daughter’s eye, making her look at him.]

“I’m sorry that the two of you were outed by my actions. I really am. It was your decision to tell me or not to tell me that you were dating a wrestler, a woman, or whomever. I made my desires clear, and you made yours clear. You’re a grown woman, and I raised you to be a Kersh. That means that you’re a proud woman that will stand up for what she believes in and walks the path that she wants to walk.”

[Dani seems to be getting emotional, and Phoebe seems to be reluctantly accepting what Brent is saying. She still seems tense when Brent looks at her.]

“I asked you to prove that you would fight for Danielle. And you did just that tonight. Win, lose, or draw, all I wanted to see that you would do what it took to show that my daughter wasn’t some fling. I wanted to see that if some mad man comes for Dani to get to you or me that you’ll do whatever it takes to get her back. And you did.”

[With some bit of hard humility in his stance, Brent Kersh extends his hand to Outlaw. She looks down at it for a second. She exchanges glances with Dani before reaching out to take his hand. The crowd pops as Outlaw and Kersh have made amends.] [However, Brent pulls her in close.]

“But if anything happens to my daughter you can make no mistake, you’re the one I’m holding responsible for it. Understand?”

[Phoebe snorts in his face, undeterred by his father voice.]

“Loud and clear, old man. I’ll take real good care of her.” [Phoebe cockily boasts.]

“See that you do.” [Brent coldly replies.] [The two release their handshake and take a step back. Danielle Kersh immediately launches into her father’s arms. Father and daughter hold each other for a long embrace to a huge pop from the crowd. Brent slowly releases her and kisses her on the cheek before nodding to Phoebe and leaving the ring. Dani takes Outlaw by the hand, and the happy couple leaves the ring.] [The battle was fierce, but the war looks to be a win for both sides!] [And next week on Showcase, we will see the 21st Birthday Party for Dani Kersh!] [The bell tolls as all four men stand in opposing corners with looks of determination upon their faces. Pig’s brow is furrowed as his sights are set upon The Question. Lane and Scarecrow stare across the ring at each other. Pig charges across the ring and nails a headbutt spear to the abdomen of Hunter! The March of the Pigs! Lane and Scarecow meet in the center of the ring with punches left and right! Scarecrow wraps his hand around the throat of Lane! BYE BYE- MARCH OF THE PIGS TO SCARECROW! The Hayman hits the ground and rolls out of the ring.] [Left alone standing in the ring is Pig and Lane. Pig grits his teeth before charging for a third March of the Pigs! Lane is able to spin out to avoid the impact but wraps his arms around the waist before flinging him back with a release German suplex! Pig hits the mat just as The Question comes to. The Question and Mike Lane stand off in the center of the ring. RELAX! The clothesline drops Mike Lane but Question mounts him with a barrage of blows! Lane is trying to cover up, but Question yanks his arms out of the way.] [THE HAYMAKER! Scarecrow knocks Hunter back before flattening him with a big boot! The Hayman lifts up Question before nailing a standing atomic drop. Hunter is staggered as Scarecrow hits the ropes and connects with a running knee to the gut! Missile dropkick from the top! Pig nails Question as he’s pushed out of the ring. Pig gets to his feet but Scarecrow is already on him with vicious haymakers left and right. He pulls him between his legs and… powerbomb into the corner! Pig staggers out and Scarecrow grabs the arm of Pig to lock in a Kimura lock!] [Pig is scrambling to find the rope, but Crow has it locked on. Springboard flying leg drop connects to both men! Lane re-enters in a big way. He pulls Pig over and pins him down. One…Two…NO! Crow pulls Lane off. They get to their knees and begin slugging it out as Question is outside of the ring. He pulls out a table and sets it up before looking under and pulling out a barbed wire bat! James Hunter slides back into the ring and swings for the fences at the back of Scarecrow and nails it!] [Crow hits the mat as Lane scurries backwards to the ropes. Hunter charges him with an overhead strike, but Lane ducks under. LOW BLOW! Lane connects with the dirty blow in this no disqualification match as the referee does nothing but recoil in pain. Lane takes a step back and… ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! The knee nails Question as he falls to the mat, seemingly unconscious. Lane goes for the pinfall. One…Two…TH-NO! Pig interrupts it.] [Pig pulls Lane up by his mane and flings him into the ropes. He comes close and Pig sends him careening up for a flapjack! Scarecrow gets into position in a kneeling fashion as Lane falls right on his knee! Pig rushes Scarecrow and nails him with a running duck under neckbreaker! He pulls Crow up his rags and flings him into the corner before following that up with a running double knee strike! Pig lifts up Crow to the top rope… THE LAST STRAW! Crow seemingly felt the end coming soon as he sent the hay into the face of Pig whilst being posted on the top rope. A huge haymaker to the gut followed by Pig being pulled into the powerbomb position. THE LIGHTS GO OUT!] [The sound of a crash is heard. Lights return to show Scarecrow laid out with Question holding Pig in a powerbomb position. He smiles as he makes a motion upwards. He pulls Pig up into a crucifix position. THE LIGHTS GO OUT AGAIN! Another crash! They return and Pig is laid out in the center of the ring as Question has just copied Scarecrow’s Perch! Question goes for the pinfall. ONE…TWO….NO! Lane makes it just in time to break it up!] [Question gets to his feet, but Lane cuts him with a right hand and kick to the gut. He grabs the leg of Question and… DEGENERATION ON THE BARBED WIRE BAT! Question’s back is arched in pain as he nearly screams. Lane carefully detaches the barbs from his back as he pulls him in for a pin. ONE…TWO… TH-NO! Scarecrow hits an axe handle to the back of Lane’s head to break up the pin! Pig is getting to his feet as well. Scarecrow throws Lane over the top rope to the floor. He turns to see Pig rushing him for a clothesline to the back that sends Scarecrow over the top rope.] [Scarecrow catches ahold of the top rope and lands on the apron. Pig rushes to the opposite rope and rebounds…. THE MARCH OF THE PIGS! Scarecrow goes flying off the apron and lands on Lane as both go THROUGH THE TABLE! Pig smiles at the carnage but before he can exit the ring, Question grabs Pig and pulls him back in a school boy roll-up! ONE…TWO…THR-NO! Pig powers out! Pig gets to his feet quicker and leaps to the second rope before rebounding off for a springboard suplex! Pig drags the lifeless body of Question up and hauls him to the top turnbuckle.] [Pig wraps up Question in what appears to be a SUPER… THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY! But Question reverses into… CONTRADICTION FROM THE TOP ROPE! Pig spikes into the mat as Question slowly crawls for the pinfall. ONE…TWO…THREE! NO! Lane slides the referee out of the ring! Lane climbs to the apron and springboards off the rope for… SPRINGBOARD SHADOW KICK TO QUESTION! Lane looks for the referee and sees Scarecrow rolling the referee back into the ring. Scarecrow climbs into the ring as the crowd is standing up in attention.] [Scarecrow hits a haymaker as Lane responds with an elbow shot. Haymaker, elbow shot. Haymaker, elbow shot. Lane takes a step back and… ROLLING IN THE FA-Scarecrow ducks under it! Scarecrow lifts Lane up by the throat! BYE BYE- THE GREAT DESTROYER catches Crow right on the jaw! Pig is standing but just barely! Lane detects something behind him and ducks! Pig ducks as well and the referee is obliterated by a RELAX clothesline! Pig is whipped around before being kicked right in the face by a SHADOW KICK! The crowd begins to cheer loudly as another referee comes running into place with Errol Flint in tow!] [Errol Flint rolls into the ring with the World title in hand. He looks at the title as both men are staggered. He turns to Question with his teeth gritted tight. This is for Destiny! This is for kidnapping Errol’s daughter! FINALLY, Question is going to get his ass handed to him! Flint raises that title high and… SMASHES IT ACROSS MIKE LANE’S FACE! Mike Lane’s face is a crimson mask as Errol spits on Mike! James Hunter grins sadistically as he covers The Shadow King… ONE…TWO…] [INTERRUPTED BY SCARECROW! Errol looks in horror as Scarecrow swings around and nails him with a discus haymaker! Errol hits the mat. Scarecrow grabs Question and… BYE BYE BIRDIE! Question is out! He goes for the pin and… SHADOW KICK! Crow falls out backwards as Lane leaps on Question. The referee looks conflicted but counts! ONE…TWO…THREE! THE SHADOW KING IS THE NEW UNDISPUTED CHAMPION!] [Mike Lane can’t believe it, nor can Errol Flint!] [That weasel bastard turned on Lane once again and for some reason, he sided with James Hunter!] [Lane slowly gets back up and grabs Flint by the head, raising him to his feet. He’s furious, only James Hunter storms in from behind! Hunter nails him across the back of the head and is immediately in control. He turns Mike around and POETIC JUSTICE!!] [The fans boo as Errol Flint smiles, looking down at Lane knowing that he set this up. Flint grabs the World Championship and hands it to James Hunter, who along with the Chairman, exits the ring and heads to the backstage area.] [What the hell is going on? Hunter is the man who kidnapped his daughter, yet here they are, exiting with the belts and each other.] [Flint raises Hunter’s arm in celebration and you know what? It looks to us like James Hunter may be leading The Megacorp.] [Someone has some explaining to do on Monday Night Showcase!]

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s now time for Pandemonium!”

[The Crowd go absolutely ballistic.]

“Once every single minute, a competitor will enter the ring and join Pandemonium. The rules are simple. Anything goes, but pinfalls or submissions must occur in the ring.”

[The stadium goes blue. Slow, otherworldly music starts and builds…A spotlight shines from above, illuminating a blank space. It blinks. Bobby Neptune stands under the beam, freshly teleported in. He raises his fist and flashes an alien sign, blessing the crowd. He saunters down to the ring, passing his hands over people. He jumps up onto the apron and catapults to the top rope with sudden speed. He walks it like tightrope, and backflips off.] [The music abruptly starts and before you know it as the smoke clears, Luther steps out from behind the curtain before introducing his Monster, Pig. Pig awkwardly walks to the ring following behind Luther.] [He slides straight into the ring and ducks under a Clothesline by Bobby Neptune, nailing him with a running Headbutt to the chest! MARCH OF THE PIGS! The Animal nails him, Bobby rolling to the outside and escaping the ring. He turns around and bumps straight into Luther, who nails him with a right hand and rolls him straight back into his creature.] [Bobby pops back up to his feet and turns around, ducking a Clothesline and running to the ropes, SPRINGBOARDING off the middle rope and TORNADO DDT! The fans explode, Neptune quickly rolling into the cover as the buzzer begins to go off. One…. Two… Kick Out!] [And here comes entry number three!] [The arena plunges into darkness. The darkness amends into a blood-like tinge as Requiem of the Night plays thereafter. Vlad enters from the behind the curtains and makes a straight path for the ring. He stops from time to time as he hisses and sneers at the spectators. Vlad rolls under the bottom ropes and immediately catches a running Neptune with a flapjack across the top rope!] [Pig is the next up to his feet and into a massive Big Boot as Vlad takes control of this match. He immediately pulls Pig back to his feet and throws him into the corner, going to work with left and right hands before Neptune attacks from behind.] [Bobby drags him out and into a massive Cutter, dropping him in the middle of the ring. The All-Star Champion rolls to the outside, going under the ring and pulling out a ladder. Things are about to get a little hairy as he slides it into the action.] [That’s when the buzzer sounds!] [Creeping Death doesn’t waste any time, storming the ring and sliding straight into the action. Neptune by now has joined him, eating an elbow to the skull for his troubles. He grabs Pig and slams him down onto the ladder with a Big Body Slam, turning to Vlad who almost takes his head off with a Clothesline!] [Vlad pulls Death back to his feet and sends him into the ropes, bending over and getting kicked directly in the jaw. He stumbles backwards and into a roll up by Pig… One…. Two… Kick Out! They both spring away from the cover, Pig getting back up and walking into BLACK MIST TO THE EYES!!] [Pig stumbles… BICYCLE KNEE STRIKE!! HE GOT IT! Pig is down and out as Death drops into the cover… One…. Two…. Three! KICK OUT! KICK OUT! The fans can’t believe Pig kicked out! Creeping Death gets back to his feet and there’s Vlad, scooping him up in Reverse and TOTAL ECLIPSE! REVERSE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!! Surely all he has to do is cover and he does… One…. Two….] [TITAN’S CRASHDOWN!! OUT OF NO-WHERE TO THE BACK OF VLAD THE IMPALER!! He rolls off and Neptune covers… One…. Two…. Three!!] [Vlad The Impaler has been eliminated!] [‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ begins to play as the Chosen One steps out onto the stage. Taking in the cheers from the crowd for a few seconds, he swaggers down to the ring, raising his chainsaw high before handing it over to the time keeper, and screwing in his metal hand.] [With Pig and Creeping Death down, here comes Ash Williams. Ash slides into the ring and BOOMSTICK TO BOBBY NEPTUNE!! NO!! Bobby ducks under and hits the ropes, SPRINGBOARD HURRICANRANNA!! OHHH YEAAH!! The Starboy covers… One… Two… Kick Out! Williams kicks out!] [Pig is back to his feet now though, rubbing the black mist from his eyes. He charges at Neptune and nails him with a Spear as he gets back up, covering immediately… One… Two… Kick Out!] [The fans cheer as Pig angrily gets back to his feet and signals for the end. Ash is back up and turns around, being caught and THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY! NO!! ASH DROPS DOWN OUT OF THE CRUCIFIX!] [HERE COMES THE BOOM!] [BOOMSTICK TO THE FACE OF THE ANIMAL!] [The Buzzer goes and here comes the second Asylum member, making his way to the ring as Ash Williams pins Pig. One….. Two…. Three!] [Pig has been eliminated!] [The crowd are going mental as Doubt slides into the ring and catches a celebrating Ash Williams, dropping him with a DDT! He gets back up and ducks the incoming Bobby Neptune, connecting with a Neckbreaker!] [Creeping Death is slowly back up and nods at his partner, having been tamed earlier, they both pull Ash up and whip him into the ropes, clobbering him on return with a Double Clothesline.] [Black grabs the ladder and leans it against the corner of the ring as Doubt pulls Neptune to his feet and whips him in.. Only Bobby steps up that ladder with the agility of a cat and runs straight to the top rope!! The Asylum can’t believe it as NEPTUNE SOARS THROUGH THE AIR WITH A DOUBLE CROSSBODY, TAKING BOTH OF THEM DOWN TO THE CANVAS! HOLY SHIT!] [When the buzzer goes, Anna Goodchild is next into the fight!] [She carefully makes her way to the ring, stalking the action as Bobby Neptune somehow gets back to his feet. Still furious after losing to him earlier tonight, she snatches the All-Star Championship from ringside and slides into the ring.] [The Starboy turns around, entirely unaware to see Goodchild running at him, title belt in hand. She’s aiming for his head but he acts quickly, FLAPJACK STRAIGHT DOWN ONTO THE LADDER!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!] [The fans start chanting ‘Nailed Her’ as Neptune too suffers the effect of the impact. Ash Williams meanwhile leaps into the air, BOOMSTICK TO DOUBT! OUT OF NO-WHERE! HUGE BOOMSTICK TO DOUBT! He covers… One…. Two….. Three!!] [Doubt has been eliminated just as the buzzer sounds!] [I WANNA ROCK!] [The booming vocals of Dee Snider followed by the drums and guitar scream out of the PA system as the arena is bathed in a laser light show of pink and purple strobe lights.] [As the tron over the entrance ramp lights up with “Loverboy” Vinnie Lane’s name and signature wide smile, the rock n’ roll megastar emerges from the backstage area with a whirl, both arms outstretched as he spins around into place.] [The crowd wants to hate him, but some of them can’t seem to help but cheer for him and sing along to the tune – but Loverboy ignores every outstretched hand and every plea for attention from the audience.] [Finally, after air -guitaring down the ramp with his digitally censored championship belt, Loverboy reaches the ring apron and stops, lifts the belt to his face like a mirror, and smiles at his own reflection in appreciation.] [Loverboy slides into the ring and by that time, the buzzer sounds again, stunning the Megastar as the crowd laugh at how long he took to make it to the ring.] [Phoebe Outlaw is next into the ring and she makes a b-line for it, sliding under the bottom rope and getting a kick to the face by Lane for her troubles. He stomps her out of the ring and follows, going under the apron to pull out a table. The fans roar as he sets it up on the outside and goes back to Outlaw.] [He pulls her back to her feet and bounces her head off the table, draping her across it. The Megastar turns around and BOBBY NEPTUNE COMES FLYING OVER THE TOP ROPE, SLAMMING VINNIE LANE THROUGH PHOEBE OUTLAW AND THE FUCKING TABLE!!]

“HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” [Chant the fans in unison as absolute carnage litters the outside of the ring.] [Meanwhile back inside, Anna Goodchild leaps from the top rope… FALL OF BABYLON TO ASH WILLIAMS! SHOOTING STAR LEG DROP!! THAT’S IT!! SHE COVERS…. ONE…… TWO….. THREE!!] [Ash Williams has just been eliminated!] [“All of the Lights” by Kanye West begins to blare over the PA system. Cameras pan all around the OSW arena as white and red lights flash. A inspirational and motivational video package plays on the big screen as Alex Reese walks out from the curtain. The lights above shine down on him.] [The fans cheer as Reese stops and keeps his head down. As the song continues, he flings his hood off his head and looks out into the masses. He puts his right hand over his brow and stares out into the arena. He pumps his right fist, feeling the electricity in the building.] [Reese storms to the ring and slides straight in, attacking Goodchild with a leaping Clothesline. There’s only Reese, Goodchild, Outlaw, Neptune, Vinnie Lane and Creeping Death left as we reach the half way stage of this match!] [The Motivation rolls to the outside and grabs Neptune, throwing him into the steel steps for good measure. He reaches down to retrieve the getting up Lane and throws him over the announce table, straight into the commentary team who barely had time to get out of the way!] [The Buzzer then sounds and Hysteria appears at the entrance ramp. Reese literally loses it, storming around the ring and running towards the rampway, diving at Harrison with a flying Clothesline!] [The fans are on their feet as he pummels away at his former tag team partner, beating the holy shit out of him with right and left hands – that’s until Death comes from behind with A STEEL CHAIR!!] [Boo’s echo throughout the arena as Death drags Reese away and throws him back into the ring. Hysteria tries to recover but Black isn’t so lucky, Reese blocking a right hand and nailing him with a DDT!] [Both men get back to their feet and Reese catches him – ROLLING CUTTER! THE HEAD SPINNER!! ALEX COVERS AS HYSTERIA AMBLES BACK TOWARDS THE RING…. ONE…. TWO… THREE!] [Creeping Death has been eliminated!] [Hysteria slides back into the ring and nails his former partner with a Clothesline as he gets back to his feet. Stomping away at him, the fans boo Hysteria out of the arena as he takes apart his former Tag Team Partner!] [As the Buzzer goes, everyone hopes for someone to even the odds but that just isn’t happening.] [Smiley’s music hits and he comes storming to the ring with a barbed wire baseball bat! He slides straight in and with Hysteria holding Reese, swings for his head – ONLY ALEX MOVES AND SMILEY TAKES OUT HYSTERIA!] [The pop is huge as Vinnie Lane slides into the ring and turns Smiley around… BLACK LABEL DRIVER!! HE NAILED IT!! He’s about to cover but Neptune ARRIVES WITH A STEEL CHAIR OUT OF NO-WHERE!! HE COVERS… ONE….. TWO…. THREE!!] [Vinnie Lane has been eliminated!] [Reese meanwhile has a cover on Smiley…. ONE….. TWO….. THREE! NO!! KICK OUT! KICK OUT! Alex gets back up and walks into Neptune who SCOOP SLAMS HIM ON THE STEEL CHAIR! Bobby heads to the top rope, absolutely tired from his energy expenditure here tonight when ANNA GOODCHILD PUSHES HIM OF!!] [THE BUZZER SOUNDS AS BOBBY COMES CRASHING DOWN TO THE MAT, MISSING REESE!! ANNA HEADS UP TOP…] [“WHEN IT COMES CRASHING DOWN AND IT HURTS INSIDE” – The School Yard ERUPTS as Rick Derringer’s “Real American” liberates the speakers. The cheers quickly turn to boos, however, as Marvolo marches out, waving Old Glory with vigour. He parades down the ramp and slides into the ring.] [Immediately, he catches a leaping Anna Goodchild and plucks her out of mid-air, stopping the Fall Of Babylon in its tracks! He drops her down and WHITE TIGER DRIVER!! HE NAILED IT… AND COVERS… ONE….. TWO…. THREE!!] [Anna Goodchild has been eliminated!] [Marvolo gets back up and walks straight into Alex Reese… WHITE TIGER DRIVER TO HIM AS WELL! BOOM! He can’t cover though, because Hysteria launches him from the ring and to the outside!] [Phoebe Outlaw meanwhile has recovered and sets up a ladder between the apron and the announce table. She’s looking to cause some mayhem here tonight. She hops onto the apron and as Hysteria stumbles backwards, she grabs him and… SUPLEX OVER THE TOP ROPE STRAIGHT ONTO THE FUCKING LADDER!! SHE FELL BACKWARDS TO HER FEET BUT HYSTERIA BROKE THE FUCKING LADDER IN TWO!!!] [“Rock Lobster” by The B-52’s plays through the arena, much to the chagrin of the crowd as The Shark leaps out from the back. Axel storms down the ring and slides straight in. Marvolo immediately attacks, only to be taken down by a huge FIN-ISH HIM HEADBUTT to the side of the face!] [There’s seven people still left in this match now as Outlaw storms into The Shark and is immediately clutched into a massive Side Walk Slam! Sharky pops back up and Alex Reese nails him with a low kick… ROLLING-NO! The Shark pushes him out and straight into Smiley who NAILS HIM WITH A FUCKING SPEAR!!] [Smiley gets back to his feet and there’s Bobby Neptune, who swings and misses with a Clothesline, only for Lee to take him down to the canvas with a Spinning Neckbreaker!] [The Asylum make up nearly half of this match now and all three, including the recently broken in half Hysteria are back to their feet inside the ting. Hysteria immediately starts directing traffic, pointing towards Neptune, Outlaw and Reese, all three beginning a beat down!] [The sound of “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis is heard throughout the arena, prompting the crowd to rise to their feet with a roar of excitement as the lights slowly begin to dim. Suddenly red, white, and blue pyrotechnic effects begin to explode from the base of the entrance ramp that last several seconds before “The Enforcer” Brent Kersh appears on the upper portion of the structure.] [He quickly makes a run to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and immediately taking down Phoebe Outlaw’s attacker in The Shark. He spins to catch Smiley, flipping him over with a Suplex before going back to Hysteria and being Drop Toe Holded into the bottom turnbuckle!] [We’re closing in on the last five entries now and Bobby Neptune has still been in this match from the first. Outlaw meanwhile is back up, turning Hysteria around and THE NORTHEN LIGHTS! NO! HYSTERIA BLOCKS AND FLATLINER! FLATLINER TO OUTLAW!] [He rolls into the cover… One…. Two…. KICK OUT!] [Then the buzzer goes for entrant number 16!] [The lyrics “Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame. Darlin’ you give love, a bad name!” blast on the P.A. Just as the line ends, purple and green pyro blasts out of the stage. Bruce and Paige Van Chan appear standing on the stage as the fireworks die down.] [The crowd are going wild as Van Chan slides into the ring and this match nearly has half the competition in it! He grabs Hysteria and launches him to the outside, ducking a Clothesline by Marvolo and NOW I LAY YOU DOWN TO SLEEP!! COULD THAT DO IT?! BRUCE COVERS… ONE…. TWO….. THREE!!] [Marvolo has been eliminated by old foe Bruce Van Chan!] [Bruce gets back to his feet and is quickly Clotheslined to the outside by Alex Reese. Outlaw meanwhile ducks under The Shark’s clothesline attempt and NORTHERN LIGHTS!! SHE NAILS HIM! Phoebe quickly transitions into the THE NORTHERN CROSS AND THE SHARK HAS NO-WHERE TO GO!!] [Hysteria tries to break it up but Reese stops him with a ROLLING CUTTER! HEAD SPINNER!! HEAD SPINNER!! AND THE SHARK TAPS OUT! THE SHARK TAPS OUT!] [The Shark has been eliminated!] [The Anthem flares up and out steps Nigel from behind the curtain, union jack flag draped over him like a cape. He signals to the crowd for silence right now, listen and obey the greatest anthem in the world, only after what he did to Max Million, there’s not a quiet punter in the room.] [Nigel saunters to the ring and leaves the cape outside, grabbing a steel chair and taking a seat on the entrance ramp. He’s in no rush to get into the action as seven other competitors litter the ring and the outside.] [Phoebe Outlaw though, she’s immediately on the bad side of Smiley who nails her with a Barbed Wire Baseball Bat, sure to rub that bastard across her skull for good measure. As Phoebe is busted wide open, her head a matted mess of blood and flesh, Brent Kersh breaks it up, scooping Smiley up for the Southern Discomfort and NAILING HIM in the middle of the ring!] [Outlaw though is in no shape to continue and Kersh knows it. Reluctantly, he pulls his daughters beau in close and SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT TO HER AS WELL! The crowd boo but that was surely for the best. He reluctantly covers.. One…. Two…. Three!!] [Brent Kersh eliminates Phoebe Outlaw and looks absolutely furious about it.] [The Lights suddenly go off.] [And with the squawk of a crow, we know exactly who’s coming.] [The lights return and The Scarecrow stands in the middle of the ring, his head lowered and his arms spread – in the perch position. He suddenly awakes and catches Smiley who runs at him, nailing him with a fierce Pop Up Chokeslam!] [Then comes Alex Reese and he meets the same fate, slammed brutally in the middle of the ring. Brent Kersh is next, only The Scarecrow stops for a minute before finally delivering the Chokeslam, their history meaning a great deal in this one.] [Bruce Van Chan meanwhile attacks Nigel Royal from the side, kicking him in the skull and off his steel chair. He grabs the Brit and throws him into the ring to The Scarecrow, who slaps a hand around his throat and CHOKESLAM!! CHOKESLAM!! CHOKESLAM!! The fans roar like they’ve never roared before, watching Nigel Royal Chokeslammed damn near through the canvas!] [The arena is plunged into blackout. A single beam of light shines down on the stage, illuminating a solitary figure as the guitar line of “Holy” by Mariachi El Bronx begins to play.] [In the light from above, the black hooded figure shrugs off his robes to reveal a shimmeringly pure white mask, shining brightly in the UV light. Lux Bellator steps off the stage, starting down the ramp into a flood of golden light. The Light Warrior had arrived.] [Bellator makes his way to the ring and slides in, diving straight into the action. He goes after The Scarecrow, attacking him into the corner with right and left hands. We’re just one entrant away from this match having seen twenty competitors!] [Alex Reese and Hysteria meanwhile have begun brawling on the outside, bouncing off of barricades as they strangle and punch each other silly.] [Nigel Royal is being stomped on by Bruce Van Chan and Bobby Neptune, who’s been in this one since the very beginning, lasting the longest, is grappling with Smiley in the corner. There’s fighting everywhere as the buzzer goes.] [The crowd grows silent as the lights enter a red state of frantic movement. The hard drums of “Warrior” by Imagine Dragons blasts throughout The Wrestleplex, leading into the telling hook of the highly inspiring song. ] [The lights in The School Yard begin to resurrect as the song picks up. Illuminating the curtain, the spotlights shine on the towering figure that is “The Question” James Hunter. Accompanied by his favorite toy, Hunter slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring – moving at the pace of the music.] [That’s it now, we’re at 20!] [Hunter enters the ring and starts slamming the handle of his axe into anything that moves! Handle to Neptune, Smiley, Kersh and Bellator, taking all of them down to the canvas!] [He turns around though to A CHAIRSHOT BY NIGEL FUCKING ROYAL!! HUNTER STUMBLES AND… AND… NIGEL NAILS HIM WITH ANOTHER!! James goes down to one knee, stumbled, damaged, suffering and A FINAL CHAIR SHOT THAT LAYS HIM OUT! HE LAYS HIM OUT!] [Royal covers… ONE……. TWO….. THREE!!] [James Hunter has been eliminated!] [We’re down to nine remaining as The Scarecrow tosses Lux Bellator off of him and escapes to the outside. Lux looks set to go after him, only there’s Smiley, who spins him around and CHELSEA GRIN!! SPINNING HOOK KICK!! Smiley quickly covers… One….. Two….. Three!! WOW!!] [Lux Bellator has been eliminated!] [The wrestlers are falling thick and fast now and you can hardly blame them, after all, they’ve all had hellacious nights here tonight. Brent Kersh and The Scarecrow now square off in the middle of the ring, They share thunderous right hands back and forth, knocking each other across the ring as the fans riot with approval.] [On the outside, Alex Reese has Hysteria set up on top a table and stands there with him in position. The crowd urge him to finish it and he does, DROPPING HIM WITH A DDT STRAIGHT THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLE!! BOTH MEN SLAM TO THE CONCRETE FLOOR, LAYING THERE AMONGST THE CARNAGE!] [Elsewhere back in the ring, Brent Kersh scoops The Scarecrow up and SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!! HE NAILS HIM!! BRENT KERSH COVERS…. ONE….. TWO…. THREE!! HOLY SHIT!!] [Brent Kersh eliminates The Scarecrow!] [We’re down to the final seven and Brent Kersh gets back to his feet, only to find Bruce Van Chan waiting with a Spinning Heel Kick! Smiley once again has his barbed wire bat and swings for the hills, only Van Chan makes sure to duck, hitting the ropes and returning with a Shoulder Barge!] [Chan gets back to his feet and goes to the top rope, signalling for the end – SHOT THROUGH THE HEART!! 450!! OHHHHHHHHH!!! THE FANS ARE ON THEIR FEET AS VAN CHAN CONNECTS WITH PERFECTION!! INTO THE AUTOMATIC COVER…. ONE…… TWO……. THREE!!] [Smiley has been eliminated!] [Wait a minute! What the fuck is that? Phoebe Outlaw appears on the entrance ramp, blood dripping down her face. She looks furious, disorientated and has a steel chair in hand! She ambles down to the ring and slides in, winding up that steel… and…. AND… STEEL CHAIR TO THE FUCKING SKULL OF BRENT KERSH! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!? BRENT DIDN’T WANT TO PUT HER DOWN BUT HE HAD TO! SHE JUST NAILED HIM FOR THE PRIVILAGE!!] [Outlaw rolls to the outside as Nigel Royal cowardly crawls into the cover… ONE…. TWO…. THREE!!] [Brent Kersh has been eliminated!] [We’re down to the final five!] [Bobby Neptune, who’s been in since #1.] [Alex Reese, who’s been in since #10] [Hysteria, who’s been in since #11] [Bruce Van Chan, who’s been in since #16] [And finally, Nigel Royal, who’s been in since #17!] [One of these five men are going to Ring Of Dreams! Bruce Van Chan and Nigel Royal lock up in the middle of the ring as Bobby Neptune rests in the corner. Alex Reese and Hysteria are getting back to their feet on the outside, both having just gone through a table only minutes ago.] [They slide back into the ring and start slugging it back out, both men turning around to look for the nearest weapon and each picking up a dropped steel chair. They turn, swing and STEEL CHAIR TO EACH OTHER! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!] [Nigel Royal and Bruce Van Chan stop fighting each other for a moment and realize that the time is now! They each dive into a cover… Nigel on Reese, Van Chan on Hysteria and the referee counts…. ONE….. TWO….. THREE! THEY DID IT! BOTH OF THEM ARE ELIMINATED!] [Alex Reese and Hysteria have been eliminated!] [Their hatred for one another did the unthinkable here tonight and stopped the action in its tracks. We’re down to the final three and all of them are standing upright in the middle of the ring. They share a look before Nigel dives to the outside, sliding out of harm’s way and letting Neptune and Van Chan lock up!] [Chan turns Neptune into a Side Headlock and gets sent into the ropes, connecting with a Shoulder Block on the return. He quickly drops down into a cover… One… Two… Kick Out! That’s not going to be enough, much to Royal’s disappointment on the outside!] [Both men get back up, their pace slowered as Neptune whips Bruce into the corner and runs in, leaping onto the middle rope and Springboarding off with a Dropkick to the jaw! Bruce stumbles out and into a small package… One…..Two….. another kick out! Both men are tiring each other out now as Nigel Royal slides a table into the ring, encouraging his two opponents to fight harder.] [Neptune obliges, grabbing the table and setting it up in the middle of the ring. A ladder comes next and that gets set up too, only Bruce comes from behind and bounces Bobby’s head off it. Royal knows that now is the time and slides into the ring, spinning Neptune around and DUNGEONS OF LONDON! HE DRAGS HIM DOWN INTO THE CROSSFACE!! The fans boo as Bobby has no-where to go!] [He squirms, somehow using the ropes as leverage and turns Nigel over, his feet still on the ropes… ONE….. TWO….. THREE!! BOBBY NEPTUNE HAS ELIMINATED NIGEL ROYAL DURING THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON! HOLY FUCK! WE’RE DOWN TO TWO!] [Nigel Royal has been eliminated!] [Nigel is understandably furious as the referee forces him to leave the ring. He made the final three here tonight and should be immensely proud of such an effort. Bobby slowly gets back to his feet and looks for Bruce Van Chan – only The Real Frickin’ Deal is no-where to be seen!] [Look up, Starboy!] [SHOT THROUGH THE HEART… AND YOU’RE TO BLAME… RIGHT THROUGH BOBBY NEPTUNE! RIGHT THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLE NEXT TO HIM!! HE GOT IT! HE FUCKING GOT ALL OF IT!!] [THE COVER!!] [ONE……….. TWO…….. THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!] [HOLY SHIT, HE DID IT! BRUCE VAN CHAN JUST WON PANDEMONIUM! BOBBY NEPTUNE WAS IN THIS THING FROM THE VERY FIRST AND SURVIVED RIGHT UNTIL THE VERY END! WHAT AN ATHLETE, BUT IT’S BRUCE WHO TAKES IT, IT’S BRUCE WHO’S GOING TO RING OF DREAMS!] [The bell sounds as Bruce pulls himself from the wreckage of the table and looks around in disbelief at what he’s accomplished. He kneels there, cuts over his body from the table but he doesn’t care.] [Confetti explodes from the rafters, covering the ring, Bruce and the fans in celebration as the Real Deal gets back to his feet and looks around the cheering crowd.] [You’re going to Ring Of Dreams, lad. You’re going to the show.]