Perfect Match

In Promo by Ether

“When a couple mesh incredibly well together, it’s natural to compare them to two other things that compliment each other or are commonly seen together.”

“Take for example, me and Tag. We pair so perfectly together that we’re compared to the likes of peanut butter and jelly.”

“We’ve also been compared to the likes of cookies and milk. Salt and pepper. Bread and butter. You get the idea.”

“A couple of best friends like us have such natural chemistry and play off each other so well, it seems natural that we’d end up as a tag team.”

“We might’ve had our squabbles from time to time, but nothing will truly come between us and our desire to fuck shit up. Not even… that.”

“However, some couples are an incompatible duo that hate each other’s guts but are forced together against their wills. They’re like pineapple on pizza. Nobody likes pineapple on pizza, not even the pineapple or the pizza.”

“Once you get that couple alone, they’ll find some way to kill each other. It’ll be violent and gory as all hell, but it wouldn’t be surprising.”

“Sigil and Renault are exactly like pineapple and pizza. The two of them absolutely despise one another and, if given a chance, would destroy each other without a second thought.”

“The only thing that’s holding them together at the moment are the tag team championships they’ve acquired during the Gold Rush match. Without them, Renault would still be on his crusade to bring back Yahweh and Sigil would be trying to kill him in self defense.”

“How do you two hope to work together when you have absolutely no chemistry? How can you hope to defeat a group with as much experience as us when you’re haphazardly slapped together like the disgusting combo you are?”

“You can’t. You two not only lack the cohesion of a tag team, but you make each other worse by existing together.”

“Now, here’s the thing. The tag titles are hungry for chemistry, they want things that taste delicious to fill their mouths. So when we get into the ring, we’re giving them a taste of our talents and showing them the kind of deliciousness they want to coat their tongue.”

“We’re going to rid them of the gross combo of pineapple and pizza at High Voltage two eighty one. We’re going to gift them the taste of peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, bread and butter, you get it.”

“Me and Tag, the salt to my pepper, are going to fuck up your worlds and take what rightfully belongs to us. While you two will be tripping over your own feet because of the lack of chemistry, we’ll be taking the gold back to the Sodapop Frequency.”

“Fuck Yahweh and fuck your stones. Nothing you can do will prevent us from taking those belts and chowing down on your defeated bodies.”

“‘Cause Jet Set Radio’s a hungry duo. And a hungry duo’s got to eat!”