Pest Control

In Promo by Simon

Rats are a nasty business.

They’ll do whatever it takes to survive, taking up habitation within and near large groups of humans.

Preying upon their resources.

Bringing a litany of plagues and diseases to the area.

And becoming an absolute blight on mankind in the process.

It’s no wonder that a group of rats is known as a mischief, because that’s exactly what they provide.

They are a detriment to the world as a whole, and yet…there are those who adore these creatures.

Keep them around as pets.

Some even take pleasure in the consumption of their meat as a delicacy.

It makes me sick, just thinking about it.

There is no room in the grand order of things for such pests.

If you give these things an inch, they’ll take a mile.

And the next thing you know, you’re stuck in a house full of them.

Losing your food and health to these creatures?


They are a nuisance to be dealt with.

A problem to be solved.

When the infestation grows big enough, no trap will suffice.

There can be no catch and release.

Only extermination will do.

You do what you must, to maintain control of your house.

You take back what’s rightfully yours, by ensuring no rat even dreams of coming back.

You maintain order within your house, keep it clean by removing the trash.

And you give them no reason to come crawling into your cupboards.

Of course, there’s always that one brave, stupid rat.

And ol’ Simon knows a thing or two about pest control.

When I look at the Slaughterhouse, I see the infestation slowly trying to creep in.

Rats that are trying to feed off of what I’ve built, and all in the name of survival.

Not on my watch.

I will take back control of this house.

I will clean up the place by taking out the trash.

And I know one tricky rat will still try and sneak in.

One massive, nasty rat in particular, with a penchant for taking things that don’t belong to him.

A rat that stuck his nose into my business…not realizing the trap he’s walking in on.

Because if I let him get the best of me, I lose all control of the situation.

I cannot have that, Xavier.

I’m pulling out all the stops to ensure that you don’t sneak off with any more of my spoils.

You’re not getting away nearly that easily.

Not after everything I’ve done to protect this house.

My house.

You are not a welcome guest, you are a blight on my reputation.

And I will dispose of you in kind.

I will nip this problem in the bud before it gets out of hand.

And I will make you wish you hadn’t gotten involved in my affairs.

You will find out exactly what I think of your meddling, and your cute little nick name will finally be befitting of you.

When I’m done, you’ll just be a zero.