In Narcissa Balenciaga, Promo by Narcissa Balenciaga

They say a picture says a thousand words.

They never say every person sees a different thousand words.

For instance, you see a picture of a great landmark.

Some people are stunned by the natural beauty.

Others are reminded of childhood innocence when their family went there.

Some even look at it as overrated and are more interested in life outside of one still moment.

Literal photographs aren’t the only way one picture can be understood in a multitude of ways.

We all take these mental snapshots of moments we never want to forget.

Memories with loved ones we no longer have.

Celebrations that were so fun we never stopped to take a picture.

The first time someone tells you I love you.

It makes sense to hold on to those still shots, those moments that you’ll cherish forever, when life goes on, when losses add up, when memories are all you have, you try to hold on to the ones that brought you joy, sometimes the moments you needed joy the most.

The problem is those mental snapshots are only perceived by one lens.

If anyone should know the importance of a different perspective, it’s you Colt.

When I agreed to our first date, your perspective was of one like a young boy getting a treat for begging his parents long enough.

Understandably excited but neglecting the feelings of the person who gave you what you wanted.

My perspective was that you were persistent, you had proven that in droves already.

I thought, maybe you would actually do it, get the fabric I needed.

However, a larger thought lingered in my mind, one even more persistent than you.

He’ll be like the rest, realize that I’m not what they wanted or that I’m not worth it in their eyes.

You’ll call me doll, but you’ll be the one that shatters when pressure is put on you.

I realized a long time ago, I had to rely on myself even bringing me down to the depths of the bleak.

So, when I asked you to go to the vault, it wasn’t because I couldn’t, it’s because I wanted to see if you were willing to.

I wanted to see if you were willing to look past the photographs of my attractive self or mental snapshots of the woman you’ve fallen for and do something for the person underneath the surface.

Those pictures do say a thousand words but none of those words ever mention that.

To my surprise, you happily did.

Now, here’s your reward, your chance to get as close to me as you want.

Your chance to play with your Narcy-Doll.

Just show me you can handle me.

The real me.

Show me you care about more than what pictures depict, show me you can handle everything.

My trauma, my anxiety, my fears, parts of me that I’ve revealed to no one.

If you can understand my perspective on your snapshots and photos, you have a chance with me.

If you can’t, you might as well discard them because you won’t need a thousand words if you can’t handle all of me.

You’ll only need two, what if?