In Promo by Ether

“I knew a kid that suffered from Pica, some disease where they eat just about everything that isn’t meant to be eaten.”

“They would stuff whatever harmful shit down their gullet in the name of satisfying their disgusting cravings. Things like chipped paint, Legos of all sizes, and even literal dog shit went into their stomach.”

“His willingness to devour non food items made them somewhat famous on our schoolyard. Kids would regularly approach them with garbage they’d find on the ground and watch them swallow it.”

“One day they were approached with one cow pie too many and ended up with a massive stomachache and vomiting their guts out. They went to the hospital and were treated for Hepatitis A and E coli.”

“But they never learned. Even when they let themselves get infected with the nastiest shit known to man, they kept eating because they just couldn’t help themselves.”

“And eventually?”

“The last thing they ate was dirt when they buried them in the ground.”

“You can relate to that kid, can’t you Starboy?”

“You fuck anything and everything that moves. From the prostitute with the loosest pussy to the nervous first timer with the tightest asshole, nothing is off limits to you.”

“Even when you shouldn’t stick your dick in something for the sake of your health and benefit, you go and do it anyway. Because of your depraved desires, you found yourself infected with Vayikra.”

“They’re a disease that’d make most people fall to their knees and grovel for forgiveness. Not Starboy though. No, they just keep on going ham on those holes like they’re trying to meet a daily quota.”

“That infection of yours will come back to kill you if you continue to treat it like an afterthought. It was displayed as a force to be reckoned with, yet you still indulge yourself in your perverted pleasures as if it’s nothing.”

“But it isn’t nothing. It’s a persistent motherfucker that wants you dead by any means necessary. It wants to make sure that the last stiffy you ever erect is during rigor mortis.”

“And nobody I know likes a dead fuck.”

“You’ll be suffering from just as much pain as that kid with Pica did when he died. Your life of fucking everything that moves will finally catch up with you and put you six feet under.”

“Be it by the hands of Vayikra or mine.”

“Come Monday, I’ll give you a sample of what’s to come for you and the rest of those Rainbow shmucks in the inferno. Your loins will be burning in a whole new fashion by the time I’m through with you, trust me on that.”

“You might feel terrible now with those religious zealots plowing you into last night, but you’re going to feel even worse when the fire finally subsides.”

“I’m the hungry girl, Starboy. At Fuck the World, this hungry girl is going to incinerate your poisoned ass in the flames until you’re nothing but ashes.”