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People and their possessions.

They’ll fight that it’s theirs until they don’t even know who they are anymore – and it’s a slowcancerous burn.

Ever lost something that you thought you needed?

The hours you’ll spend, far more committed than you’ve ever been, trying your hardest find it. And the more valuable it is, the more those effects intensify.

Eventually, you’ll lose sleep. You’ll grow paranoid where the only thing that matters are pointing fingers – the blame game will have its own anthem playing circles around your dependent brain until one of two things happen.

  1. You ultimately die – just as confused as you were when you initially realized that the thing you needed the most was no longer needed by you.
  2. You find it. It’s a Christmas day miracle – but a doubtful one, as life always be.

But there’s no sense in trying once you can actually see the grease on your bare elbows, right? No sir! You get back down on all fours and you keep on lookin’ coast to coast for this necessity because the truth is?

You’re far beyond the point at which this was an addition. 

This is when possession has a stake in everything.

You won’t be able to notice it, but there will be just remarkable stages of delusion. You’ll find yourself questioning whether or not the it exists beyond the gates of your imagination – was it ever really lost? Was it ever really yours? The wheels start spinning at the back of your mind, as you try your hardest to motivate it enough to bring back some sort of memory of makes you remember why you were this committed to begin with.

It’s quite the circus, and third party recommendations only make it worse. You’ll either blame that third party for their suspect levels of intel, and begin to assume that they’ve taken it right from under the nose, that little squirrel – or, you’ll condemn them for being a helpless distraction.

You see where I’m going with this, dontcha’ Deathnote?

I don’t think I know who you are – and even worse, I don’t think you do either.

We can all see that you’re hot on the search, so don’t blame yourself for not recognizing this earlier – that’s why most third parties are hard boiled enough to wordvomit and take a couple of consequential blows in turn. Do you really need the book? Have you even taken a second to consider a life unbound by possessions?

Or is it that you’re afraid of what you’ll become?

I imagine how many opportunities – how many great moments you’ve squandered because of you couldn’t let go of the fact that you lost – definitively.

Some things just can’t be changed, I suppose – and because of that, I’ll dig into the grave a little with you.

We’ll be eachother’s possessions!

For a night, at least. No strings are too tightly attached here, because I think we can both agree that you’re a little too beyond the stretch of anyone’s arms at this point –

And besides, you need a night off from the search.

Let go off the things that possess you the most –

And see what I possess.