Rabbit Season

In Promo by Ether

“Once when I was young, my dad took me with him on one of his hunting trips while my mom was out on a business meeting.”

“He took me to a place in San Diego to hunt for small game, rabbits to be more specific, so that I wouldn’t scare off the bigger, more worthwhile targets with my inexperience.”

“When we arrived, he told me to lay out some lettuce and baby carrots at any place that looked like a burrow. That way, when they came out, they’d fall for the bait and my dad would take care of them.”

“I did what my dad asked me to and placed the food wherever I saw a burrow. Not long after I left their hiding spot, a rabbit would pop out of the ground and eat what I left behind.”

“Sometimes it took forever for them to get out of their holes. Other times they immediately went towards the food once I left. Either way, my dad was right there, waiting to deal with them.”

“That day, we went home with at least five rabbit carcasses. Ended up making some fucking bomb ass rabbit stew with them too.”

“We wouldn’t have eaten like royals that day if we didn’t take advantage of the rabbit’s natural instincts.”

“You might think you’re a hunter, Kaine. What with you acting all sneaky and waiting for your prey to show themselves. Go ahead and think that, but I know exactly what you are.”

“You’re nothing more than a rabbit trying to follow its natural instincts.”

“You might’ve been smarter and wiser than most, but your transformation into whatever the fuck you are now has reduced your mental game to that of an animal’s. Now you’re just looking for the next bite to eat, regardless if it’s bait or not.”

“Just like a rabbit, you’ve found yourself at home hiding away from others until food presents itself. Sometimes it takes you forever to pop out of your hidey hole, other times you come out instantly.”

“But without fail, the animal in you will be drawn towards the smell of food. Sooner or later, you’ll eventually make yourself known to your prey and proceed to chow down.”

“And while you’re distracted with that? The hunter will be there waiting to deal with you.”

“Guess what Shitlord? I’m that hunter. The bait’s been set out and I’m just waiting for you to take it.”

“Thanks to my dad’s teachings, I’ll know exactly how to deal with an annoying rabbit like you.”

“In my perspective, you’re small game compared to the rest of the roster. I’ve dealt with bigger targets than you, but you’ll do for a last ditch meal.”

“When I’m through with you, I’m going to cook up some bomb ass stew and eat your desecrated corpse like a queen.”

“I’m a hungry girl, Kaine. Once I shoot the fucking stake through your heart, this hungry girl is going to eat!”