Raison D’être

In Promo by Draco Deville

Lost souls wander our world, looking for their raison d’être.

Their reason for being, their justification for their very existence.

Which begs the question: just what is it that gives this life meaning?

Through it all–what is it that motivates these souls to keep moving forward against the innumerable setbacks and struggles that our lives bring, especially in the nasty, brutish, and short lives of so many in Arcadia?

If not credits…

If not possessions…

If not something one would find on the shelves of an ordinary shop…

Then what?


When one finds their purpose, the thing that drives them, pushes them forward, all things are possible. Insurmountable obstacles become mere bumps on the path to greatness and fulfillment.

In my many years and throughout my travels, I have had the fortune to encounter countless souls yearning to find their path forward, to identify their purpose.

Over the years, they have sought The Shopkeeper for a great many needs. Some have sought solely to satisfy their… creature comforts… A brief reprieve from the horrors of life in Arcadia’s lower levels, the means to escape the brutal reality that surrounds them.

Others sought the tools to ascend our ladders to a better life… credits, stature, and power. Still others desired a remedy for an ailed child, lover, or friend. While many have pursued selfish desires, favors, and privileges for themselves or their families, there are a select few souls deep in the history of my ledger that sought a greater purpose.

Kpavio, you are one such soul. A truly rare soul that seeks to improve the lives of others, to protect them from the evils and dangers of the world.

You search for your meaning, your reason for being, in the worst parts of Arcadia. You dwell where all hope is abandoned and any semblance of happiness is merely an ephemeral fantasy quickly and violently extinguished by the realities of life in Arcadia.

You seek your your legacy in being the savior of the voiceless, aiding the most vulnerable and downtrodden among us.

And I can respect that. A noble cause, to be sure.

But I ask you, my friend, are you enough?

Do you possess the tools and the skills you need to carry out your mission, to realize your purpose?

Or do you need a helping hand?

While you may not think yourself a person in need of my services, I challenge you to consider: if The Shopkeeper were able to provide you with the means to realize your ambitions, wouldn’t it be incumbent upon you to accept?

As you traverse the bowels of Arcadia, I encourage you to think about what The Shopkeeper can offer you for your endeavor.

If you truly seek to defend the defenseless and fulfill your purpose, I assure you that I have the ability to assist you… for a price.

All you require is within your reach, if you’d only reach out and take it.