In Promo by Brent Kersh

There are times in life when self-assessment is a necessity, and one finds themselves gazing deep into their own eyes through a reflection like that of a mirror.

Outward appearances are often misleading and our actions, while telling, can appear different on the surface than in the depths of their origins.

We comfort. We hurt.

We love. We hate.

We live. We kill!

And all the while we search for the purpose of our essence through the eyes of that image.

Ozric Mortimer, evil knows no bounds in the annals of Old School Wrestling. Nor does it with the existence of your prowess. For you are a forefather of the foundation that this institution of malevolence was built.

The legends of your transgressions echo through the hallways. They permeate the arena. They seep deep into the fabric of the ring mat.

We all know who you are Mortimer. The question to be answered is… do you know?

In our reality upon this mortal coil, some people think they do, but they really don’t. They champion a façade as a way to justify their pursuit.

Those are the types of men that hurt their friends. Their family. Themselves. All in the name of ambition. For the prize of gold, riches, fame… victory.

But every night when they close that bathroom door and look themselves in the mirror it’s not them they see. Not them, but that façade.

Some of these being unhinged entities that thrive on violence. Some that of the simple life.

We see what we want to see, Ozric. Some of us a monster. Some of us a man.

Make no mistake that your reputation precedes you. The people know who the monster, Mortimer, is. They know of your horrible deeds. And they hold you accountable for that image you try to reflect.

But look closer Ozric. Tell me what you see.

A man that whored out his wife to the temptation of darkness. He bartered the life of his new born to continue his reign. Alienated his daughter in the name of competition. Killed his son to defeat his rival.

Ya see Mortimer, when you and I gaze into that reflection you see one thing and I see another. We see what we aspire to be, but the true nature of our existence lies further than skin deep.

It is from that manifestation that our vigor is produced. THAT is who we are regardless of how eager we are for possession or chaos. Regardless of how eager we are for normalcy… for love. The inverse of which reveals who the lusus naturae really is.

It is in that revelation that the threat you will soon face becomes so apparent.

On December Tenth at OSW Forever… the marquee reads “Man versus Monster”, but Ozric I can promise you this.

The man inside of you wants no part of the monster inside of me!

Of course, I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know.