In Jasper Redgrave, Promo by Jasper Redgrave

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..”

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making all of Arcadia forget he exists.”

“Since I’ve been sent to Death Row, look at all that has happened.”

“The Baron of Arcadia had been taken captive and withheld from his people for months.”

“A new Censorship Authority had to be formed to control the chaos in his absence.”

“Dr. Death and El Mariachi Muerte have engaged in a battle as old as time. One that has been going on throughout the canals of Arcadia’s history.”

“The Burned Man has been through hell and back trying to regain the trust of his son after being faulted for the death of his mother.”

“Jackson Cade has learned to fly again. He’s showed a renewed determination and has the accolades to show for it”

“Drewitt has wondered the levels of Arcadia in an immortal daze, pleading for his life to be taken.”

“And Tombstone harnessed all the power from within his being to become so much more than just a ferryman of souls.”

“All of this has happened under the spotlight of Old School Wrestling since I’ve been gone.”

“Everyone has forgotten about poor little ol’ me.”

“Even here in Death Row, I took a lick on the chin from Meadows upon my arrival.”

“I allowed CJ Thorpe to take the spotlight in my absence, I gave everyone a new spectacle to focus upon.”

“I took my licks and I nursed my wounds, and no one ever batted an eye.”

“No one ever questioned who Jasper Redgrave truly was.”

“It’s time that the devil stops playing dead. It’s time I stop toying with my food.”

“A few weeks ago, Max Meadows claimed he knew exactly who I am. He claimed to know exactly what I’m capable of..”

“And yet he still thinks his army is strong enough to keep the devil from rearing his ugly little head.”

“It’s time the demon breaks loose from these shackles that’s been placed upon my ankles.”

“And that means going through Max’s army of misfits.”

“Frostbite will serve as a reminder of my existence.”

“I have allowed this foolishness to go on long enough.”

“The Uprising is indeed over, but the war has yet to be won.”

“This week, you can send all your goons down to that ring, Max. And one by one, I will watch as they are forced to take their last breath beneath my boot.”

“You said that you were well aware of what I was capable of, yet you still send your herd of sheep to their demise.”

“I want you to pay close attention, because the masterpiece that I paint with the bodies of your henchmen will serve as a nice reminder of why I ended up here in Death Row.”

“Who’s going to protect your neck when your psychopathic clown’s brains become a smeared ambience on my canvas?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll personally be saving a spot for you in my work of art.”

“The fall of Death Row shall stand as a great reminder for all of Arcadia.”