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Sisters of the veiled order… Today, we stand on the precipice of revolution against a man who embodies the very essence of male privilege and delusion.

A living testament to the mania that grips the hearts of all men.

Today, it is my sworn duty to enlighten you that our fight is not merely against the tangible chains that bind us, but the insidious web of lies spun by those who seek to keep us in our place and dare to question the validity of our cause.

But fear ye not, sistren, for this man’s folly shall only serve as a beacon, casting illumination on the depths of male arrogance and entitlement.

The man I speak of is Rune; a lone wolf who prowls the streets muttering nonsensical ramblings of government conspiracies and alien abductions.

But beneath this facade of eccentricity lies a dangerous truth… The belief that men have the right to shape the world as they see fit, regardless of the cost to those around them.

Rune sees the world as all men do, through a distorted lens, twisting reality to fit his own warped perceptions. To him, women are nothing more than pawns in a game of power and dominance… Items to be used and discarded at his whim.

He scoffs at our demands for equality, dismissing them as the ravings of hysterical harpies. But let us not be deceived by his masked madness, for Rune is but a symptom of a much larger disease.

He is a product of a society that glorifies male achievement, while denigrating the contributions of women… A true reflection of the toxic masculinity that permeates every facet of our lives, from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Men like Rune label us as irrational, emotional creatures, incapable of cogent thought or meaningful action.

But we know, sisters, that our emotions are our strength, our passion our fuel, and it is through our collective rage that we shall tear down the walls of oppression – brick by brick.

We shall rise up as one, a force to be reckoned with, until our voices echo through every corner of the earth.

We shall not be confined to the roles of dutiful wives, obedient daughters, and silent servants the likes of Rune have assigned us… We shall stand firm against the tide of male oppression, with our voices ringing out like a clarion call for justice.

Let us today not forget the lessons the likes of Rune teach us, sisters, for the battle for equality is far from being a ghost of our past.

It is fought for every day in the streets, in our homes, in the hearts and minds of all men, and we shall not falter when our moment comes, for we are united in purpose and resolute in our convictions.

Together, we shall raise our voices in defiance and dismantle the patriarchal structures that seek to keep us in chains.

We will forge a new world in which women stand shoulder to shoulder with men; equals, in every sense of the word.

The revolution is upon us, sistren, and nothing – not even the might of men – shall stand in our way…