Right F’N Now

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We all perceive it differently, depending on our perspective.

Some people view time from the lens of the past. Using their collected experiences, they determine the best path forward. Their successes, their failures…

…especially their failures…

…contribute to the very person they are today. All that they are, and all they believe they have ever been, is the culmination of every battle they’ve had.

Who they used to be.

Others look at time with a telescope to the future. Their focus is on what has yet to come to pass.

They believe that if they place their gaze on some point in the future, some specific moment, that they will fate it into existence.

All that they are, and all that they will ever be, is entirely lost into the river of time, a river made to empty into one specific pool.

Who they will be.

Take Banzan. He’s one of those guys living in the past.

Or Vali. Whatever his name is, but that’s the point isn’t it?

He used to be some kind of king, then he became some kind of demi-god. All these years, he’s been feeding off of death and battle to sustain himself.

All of that death has made him who he is, and all that he does is guided by that lens. It’s why he stalks the robot, so that he can continually repeat what used to work.

Chronoa, on the other hand, is uber-focused on the future.

All she cares about is making sure that who she thinks she will be is who she becomes.

She talks a lot about fate, and on how it’s written in stone. Her gaze is locked onto preparing for something yet to come, but who’s to say that by doing so she isn’t creating that specific circumstance?

See, that’s my whole issue with people that spend all their time looking forward or backwards.

Banzan’s whole being is based on the past, on the memories of who he used to be. All those conquests are dead and gone. Dwelling on them does nothing but chain him to something that no longer exists.

Chronoa’s entire focus is on bringing her chosen future to pass. She exerts so much energy on what she thinks will be.

Both of them are blind to everything actually around them.

The past is nothing but memory, colored by our own prejudices of the time.

The future is nothing but a fairy tale, intangible to us and influenced by so much more than us.

That’s why I focus on the only thing that matters.


That’s all there is, people. The only thing that’s real is right fucking now.

And right fucking now I am the OSW World Champion.

The longest reigning since stepping into the Slaughterhouse.

Right fucking now I am the pinnacle of OSW.

Ask Zero. Grimwolf. Storm. So many others.

Everyone who has stepped up has found out the truth that you both are blind to.

Banzan used to be somebody.

Chronoa thinks she will be somebody.

But the only thing that matters is…




And right fucking now?

Y’all ain’t shit.