A brick wall, dirty, grimy and dark, with a logo hanging from it.

Suddenly it illuminates, the large neon sign bringing light to the once darkness, hanging upon the wall.

It reads Old School Wrestling.

The fans chanting “OS-DUB!” can be heard in the background as the camera pans away and suddenly shoots through two double school doors, whipping around the corner and through the Gorilla position, only to burst out onto the ramp way – where a tremendous ovation awaits.

The entire arena is decked out in red and white, Ring King 2015 upon us in all its glory. Only then, it points up to the tron, where darkness abruptly comes to an end. Jake Jeckel stands inside the boiler room, talking to someone we can’t see.

“Now? You want to do it tonight?” Jake says with a quizzical expression. He isn’t sure this is a good idea. “Are you sure it’s the right time?”

The person he’s talking to stays hidden, his voice whispering. Jake unusually listens, his hands tense and upon his hips.

“They’re starting to get themselves organized. A little unity has formed amongst them, despite their history, which comes as a surprise to all of us. It looks like we’ve got a fight on our hands,” he says with a big shit eating grin; a Jeckel trademark. “Just how I like it. I’ll see you out there tonight, eh?”

Jake walks away, leaving the camera-man to take his chances and try and peer around the corner – only he’s dragged back and away by the Juggalo, who waves his finger. “Eh eh eh, naughty!” he says, right handing the camera-man to the ground and cutting our feed.

Johnny Gomez: “What the hell was that all about?”

Nick Diamond: “It looks to me like Jake Jeckel has himself a little insurance policy.”

Johnny Gomez: sighs “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Ring King. I had a rather large introduction planned but it looks like Jake Jeckel has cut that short here tonight.”

Nick Diamond: “Is that what those balloons were for?”

The camera cuts to ringside where Johnny and Nick sit, balloons by the side of them.

Johnny Gomez: Looking perplexed “I didn’t bring those, Nick. Anyway, we’ve got one hell of a show here for you tonight and that starts right now inside the ring.”

Nick Diamond: “We’re going to head over to Baloney Sandwich for introductions. ”

Johnny Gomez: “Paloma Ruiz, Nick. It’s Paloma Ruiz.”

Nick Diamond: “Whatever. Go Garcia!”

Paloma Ruiz: Introducing first standing at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing 195 pounds, Richmond, Mississippi, “The Missouri Mouthpiece” Brandon Garcia.

Brandon ‘Santelmo’ Garcia steps through the curtains, his hands stretched out either side of him, his palms to the skies, ever-present grin in place as Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon plays throughout the arena. He saunters down the ramp, his head bobbing to the unlikely entrance music. Accompanying his standard wrestling attire was a fur coat, hung loosely on his shoulders, and a black chequered trilby with a flash of green. He passed through the crowd, leering and sneering at those that dared look at him, and hops onto the apron and over the ropes when he reaches the ring, immediately discarding his fur coat and leaping onto the nearest turnbuckle. He teases the crowd by almost tossing his hat towards them, but instead places it back on his head and flips them off. He drops from the turnbuckle, places his hat on the referee and heads to his corner.

Paloma Ruiz: Introducing second, he is from Wetumpka, Alabama and stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing 210 pounds, “The Gentlemen’s Redneck” Clyd Czznfkr

High-tech Rednec blares through the arena as Clyd Czznfckr line dances his way out from the back while chugging a Budweiser. He slams the finished beer bottle on the ground and screams Yeehaw! He tosses his straw hat into the crowd and rolls into the ring, ready to ‘rassle.

Paloma Ruiz: And introducing next standing at 5 feet 11 inches and weighing 220 pounds from Kingsport, Massachusetts, “The Grinner”, Samael Angelos.

Calliope by Nox Arcana creeps it’s way over the PA system as a pale green smoke pumps through the center stage in time with the flute like whisperings. The lights dim and rise again, pulsating with the rhythmic accompaniment of bells. Out from the curtain strides the form of “The Grinner” Samael Angelos. Clad from head to toe in tattered jesters garb, complete with a purple, black and green headdress with a rather evil looking miniature skull on the base of the rim of the cap. He walks with a strange hobbling gait, looking out from his dreadlocks with a sadistic purpose in his eyes with a sicker grin across his face. He aids in his stride with a walking cane emblazoned with three golf ball sized skulls on the handle each shaped to reflect the looks of comedy, tragedy and anger. Samael slowly approaches the ring until the entire ringside area is covered in the low rolling green mist. Where his stride quickens to a two step up to the apron and a strikingly quick duck under the middle rope as he returns to a slow motion maneuver, spinning in the middle of the ring with arms stretched wide, soaking in the reactions.

Paloma Ruiz: And introducing last from Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, standing at 5 feet 4 inches and weighing 157 pounds, “The Bouncer” Yuri Shiroi.

The lights dim halfway as the Breathless by Asking Alexandria starts playing. Yuki walks out with two bottles of booze in her hands and walks to the ring. Climbing up onto the ropes, Yuki points to the crowd, downs both bottles of booze at the same time, then smashes the empty bottles before she drops down into the ring and goes into her corner.

The bell rings and the four some square off. Angelos and Shiroi lock up in the corner while Clyd Czznfckr makes a brazen move charging at Garcia only to be sidestepped and subsequently tossed towards the ropes.

Johnny Gomez: “Well that probably wasn’t the smartest play for Czznfckr as Garcia just swatted him away like a gnat.”

Nick Diamond:: “Well with a name like Czznfckr what do you expect? The guy is clearly a few French Fries short of a Happy Meal.”

In the corner Yuki Shiroi just finished levying a volley of jabs at Angelos finished off with a nice haymaker right to the side of the face. Angelos stumbles backwards giving Shiroi the opening she needs to take him down with a Snap DDT.

Johnny Gomez: “Could this one be over before it ever really began?”

With Angelos planted in the center of the ring Shiroi climbs the top turnbuckle and signals to the crowd that an elbow drop is coming up…


Nick Diamond:: “That’s what “Little Ms. Thing” gets for trying to play to the crowd.

Out of nowhere Garcia grabs Shiroi by the back and pushes her off the top turnbuckle where she comes crashing down next to Angelos.

Garcia looks down at Angelos and Shiroi and quickly goes down to cover Angelos.


Angelos kicks out.

Garcia then quickly does an about face and now pins Yuki Shiroi…


Nick Diamond:: “Second verse, same as the first.”

Frustrated that neither pin attempt worked Garcia grabs Yuri by the throat and starts to pulling her up to her feet but Yuri is having none of it as she kicks the much larger Garcia in the shin and then nails him with a dropkick.

Clyd Czznfkr who had earlier been discarded from the ring like spoiled meat decides to finally join the fun. He leaps over the top rope and attempts a flying cross body block only to completely miss his target.

Johnny Gomez: “Czznfkr’s aim is off.”

Nick Diamond:: “I wonder if he has the same issues between the sheets?”

This time Yuri sidesteps Clyd and instead quickly goes for a pin on the man allergic to vowels.



Broken up!!! Angelos grabbed the right foot of Shiroi and yanks her off of Czznfkr just before the ref made the three count.

Shiroi attempts a kick to Angelos in the knee but Samael just swats it away. Instead “The Grinner” reaches down and with both hands pulls Yuri up to her feet. Before the quick moving Yuri can react Angelos nails her with a gutpunch to the right side, a strike that has Yuri doubled over in pain.

On the outside of the ring Angelos manager Jackson Kaiser is loving every second of this as he cheers on his client.

Angelos follows the gutpunch up with a snapmare and then a toestomp.

Johnny Gomez: “Fantastic series of moves there by Samael Angelos.”

Yuri reaches down at her foot, clearly in pain after that toestomp. Angelos again acts quickly pulling Yuri back off but this time, despite the pain Yuri is able to fend him off long enough for Clyd Czznfkr to intervene hitting an unsuspecting Angelos with a inverted DDT.

Brandon Garcia is back up and he goes right after Czznfkr who is still celebrating after landing his first move of the night. Garcia taps Czznfkr on the shoulder and as he turns around Garcia absolutely destroys him the Gambler’s Fallacy, an absolutely devastating Wrist Clutch Exploder followed by a cover.




Garcia rises to his feet and surveys the carnage in the ring as the referee raises “The Wrath O’ Richmond’s” hand in victory.

Johnny Gomez: “This one is over. A great match by all of the competitors and a hard fought victory for Brandon Garcia.”

Johnny Gomez: “One heck of a match for their pay per view debuts there Nick; Yuki and Garcia are going to have fine careers here in OSW, that’s quite apparent.”

Nick Diamond: “Yeah, if Yuki doesn’t hit the bottle before each match, she may not accidently win and actually be a difference maker here.”

Inside the ring, Brandon Garcia has thrown on a horrendous fur jacket and grabbed a microphone while Yuki is lying on her back completely out of breathe and seeing stars – maybe not from the match, but from her drink.

“I told you all!” Brandon shouts into the microphone rather obnoxiously. “I told you all I’d beat Casper the fat fucking Asian ghost’s ass, didn’t I?”

Johnny Gomez: “Well that was rude.”

The boos are spouting from the rafters.

Nick Diamond: “And awesome!”

“I mean, who the hell does the booking around here anyways? Did they get a laugh off pitting me against a chubby drunk circus freak?” he questions looking around the crowd as Yuki begins to roll over onto all fours and says something inaudible.

Nick Diamond: “I think Casper said something.”

Johnny Gomez: “Her name is Yuki!”

“What did you say?” Brandon remarks, walking over to Yuki and placing the microphone down to her.

“あなたは不名誉な敵です。(You are a dishonorable foe.),”she says in Japanese, and no one understands a word she’s saying.

“That’s nice of you to congratulate me Powder, but I don’t need your thanks,” he says.

Johnny Gomez: “I don’t think that’s-“

Suddenly, Yuki vomits all over the ring and straight onto Garcia’s jacket.

Nick Diamond: “Oh God… I’m gonna be sick.”

Johnny Gomez: “GET A PUKE BAG!”

Garcia is disgusted and for a moment doesn’t say a word, just looking at Yuki who has a drunken grin on her face. Garcia throws off his jacket and says, “You fucking amateur. It’s time you got taught a lesson.”

Suddenly, he slams the back of his boot into the small of Yuki’s back so she lays flat on the mat and her face – in oh my god this going to be disgusting slow motion for the rest in attendance – slams into her own puke.

Nick Diamond: “Blech!”

Johnny Gomez: “Don’t you do it!”

Nick Diamond: “Burmp”

Johnny Gomez: “Don’t you dare!”

Nick Diamond: “I think I’m ok… I just… I just… this is like two girls one cup.”

Johnny Gomez: “What?”

Nick Diamond: “That gross video.”

Johnny Gomez: “I’ve never seen it.”

Nick Diamond: “I forgot, you’re PC bro.”

In the ring, Garcia is rubbing Yuki’s face in the vomit as the crowd cringes in disgust. “Next time you try and get in the ring with me, you think of this moment; remember what I do to drunk Albino Asians.”

Garcia then trots off, leaving Yuki laying in her own vomit as the crowd is in complete disarray.

Noboru Tanaka has had enough. He and his translator approach Axel the Shark’s locker room. Just as they are about to knock, the door opens and there stands Axel with a notebook in his hand.

“Noboru! I was just coming to find you and ask if you liked the banner? I’m really sorry, buddy! In fact, I’ve been doing some studying.” He opens the notebook and begins to read something in very poor Japanese:


Tanaka looks infuriated! He rips at his own hair! Axel looks really confused and reads more out of his book.


Tanaka looks even more upset this time and screams at the interpreter. She looks extremely concerned.

“Mr. Tanaka does not appreciate you calling him “The daughter of a monkey,” or that “his breath smells like rotten fish.”

Axel looks shocked!

“Oh, my goodness! That isn’t what I meant to say at all! Let me try again!”

The interpreter looks extraordinarily worried, “Mr. Shark, it may be best if you don’t….” but Axel isn’t listening.

“あなたの娘の胸が、著しい果物が好きだ。” The color fades from the interpreter’s face, and seems to reappear in Tanaka’s. His face is so red it looks like it could explode.

“Mr. Shark….you just said ‘Your daughter’s milky breasts are like the ripest fruits.’”

Axel looks flabbergasted, “Oh, boy!”

Tanaka sprays him with mist again, this time blinding the Shark! The two begin to fight it out right there in Axel’s locker room. Security shows up, and pulls them apart. Axel looks disoriented and Tanaka still looks like he could kill.

Noburu says, “ 私は、リングでのを参照してください!”

“Mr. Tanaka says, “In the ring tonight, I will end you!”

Standing in the ring already is Noboru Tanaka, who stands in his corner without much fanfare.

Johnny Gomez: Well, Noboru Tanaka is a man who needs no introduction.

Nick Diamond: More like he’s unworthy of an introduction, Johnny.

Paloma Ruiz: “Noboru Tanaka’s opponent, standing at 5’1”, 200 pounds. From the Aquarium of the Pacific. He is the Kids’ Champion… AXEL… THE… SHAAAAAAAARK!!!

Rock Lobster by The B-52’s plays through the arena, much to the delight of the crowd as Axel the Shark leaps out from the back. Axel gives high fives to people in the front row as he makes his way to the ring, jumping over the top rope. He climbs up the turnbuckle, saluting his fans before jumping back down.

The bell sounds.

Noboru Tanaka takes off from his corner and tries a dropkick, looking foolish as Axel sidesteps him, falling to the canvas. Axel takes the opportunity to lay the boots to the Japanese warrior, stomp after stomp after stomp, kick after kick, until Noboru finds himself grabbing hold of the ropes to pull himself up. Axel doesn’t mind one bit, lifting Noboru’s legs and toppling him over the top ropes!!!

Nick Diamond: Come on, Noboru!! Why are you so incompetent that you can’t properly wrestle an idiot that thinks he’s a shark?

Johnny Gomez: Because Axel the Shark is the Kids Champion and a damn fine wrestler! And oh my goodness, he’s climbing to the top turnbuckle!

Nick Diamond: Well, this is a yawner…

Indeed, Axel did climb to the top turnbuckle, and, smelling blood, is waiting for Noboru to come to. The fans roar in approval as Noboru reaches his feet. Axel points to the audience and they, especially the youngsters, erupt.




Nick Diamond: Dear God, just kill me. Right here. Kill me.

Axel, as if completely unphased by the spot, reaches his feet, and high fives a kid with his mask on in the front row before lifting Noboru to his feet and rolling him back into the ring.

The Kids’ Champion finds himself on the apron, once again awaiting the sluggish Tanaka to reach his feet. Upon doing so, the Shark springboards!!!


1… 2… Reversal by Tanaka, who uses his momentum to pin Axel as if in a sunset flip position!

1… Kickout by Axel!

Johnny Gomez: Not even a two count on the Kids’ Champion, Nick.

Nick Diamond: Anyone else would have Axel bested by now.

Nick’s contribution seems mightly unlikely as both men reach their feet, only Noboru is immediately put back down by a snap suplex! Another snap suplex from Axel!!! Another!!! Three in a row!!! Noboru basically looks completely inept as he reaches his feet. Axel kicks at Noboru’s midsection. But Noboru catches his foot! He has Axel hopping around on one leg.

Nick Diamond: FINALLY!


Nick Diamond: GOD DAMNIT!!!

Axel, in complete control, and having no reason to continue the suffering of someone completely unprepared to compete against him, shows the Kids the meaning of good sportsmanship, and goes ahead and locks in…


Nick Diamond: Thank God. What a squash!

Johnny Gomez: What a shark! What a Kids’ Champion!

“Rock Lobster” hits the speakers.

Paloma Ruiz: Your winner by submission… AXEL. THE. SHAAAAAAAARK!!!!

Axel has his hand raised in victory and rolls out of the ring, high fiving adoring fans all the way up the entrance ramp.

In the locker room, Willie Manson stands before his greatest nemesis.


The mirror before him shows the man that Manson truly hates, and he seems to be sneering at himself while looking into his own eyes. Between the eyes there is a conversation that no man will understand.

“Death comes for us all,” Willie begins, “but for some more than others. It ends tonight.”

“It does indeed.”

Behind Willie in the mirror appears The Dead, who has stepped into the locker room. The two men lock eyes through the mirror.

“Have you come to kill me?” Manson asks, almost wistfully.

“Our battle has not yet begun, Manson.” Comes the reply. “Perhaps you should continue to look inward if you wish to find your real enemy. The Dead know no pain, but Willie Manson feels all of the pain in the world.”

Manson seems to twitch a bit as Dead crosses to his other shoulder, still keeping locked eyes through the mirror. Perhaps Willie believes Dead is an apparition in the mirror.

“So it is that our war is between a man who cannot feel pain and a man who feels too much pain.” Dead comments, almost lazily as he lets a small smile cross his features. “I won’t fault you for your envy or your zealousness to prove your superiority, but I want to leave you with a different idea.”

Willie raises his eyebrow, prompting Dead to continue.

“Maybe I feel just as much envy for your state as you do for mine.”

Manson lets out a creepy chuckle as he closes his eyes and lowers his head. When he raises it The Dead is gone, no trace of him left.

Smoke fills the stage, through the smoke a figure appears. “Live in Fear” by Mark Crozier begins and the arena is pitch black. The lights slowly turn on as the figure comes into view from behind the smoke.

Paloma Ruiz: “The following match is for one fall! Introducing first, he hails from Devon, England…. WILLLLLLLLIE MANSONNNNN!!!!”

Holding a cane, Willie throws it away and runs down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring.

“Scavengers Of The Damned” by Aiden plays over the sound system, and a crowd of brides and grooms with candy skull face paint empty out from the back onto the stage. They form a line, the brides holding floral parasols and wearing similarly flowery dresses, whilst the grooms wear tuxedos and top hats. A parting forms in the middle of the line and The Dead jogs through, stopping at the top of the ramp and surveying the audience.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponent! He hails from parts unknown…. THE DEEEEEEEAD!!!!”

Upon his arrival, the brides and grooms begin to ballroom dance as The Dead walks towards the ring. Climbing up the ring stairs, he vaults over the top rope and runs against the ropes a few times, before ascending a turnbuckle and holding his arms out directly to the sides. After posing for a while, he hops down to the canvas and paces around, waiting for the action to begin.

There is no wait once the two men are in the ring for Willie Manson to strike. He darts towards The Dead with a big clothesline, but the Dead ducks and spins around Manson and lands a hard elbow to the back of Willie’s neck. Seemingly unfazed by the elbow, Manson swings a big backhand and The Dead ducks once again – sliding to the side of Manson, landing another elbow to the gut this time. The Dead dives in and starts attacking aggressively, shot after shot, left after right.

Johnny Gomez: “That is retribution right there, Diamond!”

Nick Diamond: “I’d call it cheating myself.”

As they continue to debate the merit of a person with CIP being allowed to compete, The Dead continues his onslaught and draws back for a big right hand. However, Manson is apparently coming to life as he blocks the big right hand and lands a big right hand of his own – the momentum sending The Dead back. The Dead tries to connect with a left hand, but Manson blocks it and returns one of his own, sending The Dead stumbling back again towards the middle of the ring. The Dead charges Manson, ignoring the shots, but Willie ducks, spinning around to The Dead’s back…

Johnny Gomez: “GERMAN SUPLEX!”



Johnny Gomez: “Kick out!”

Nick Diamond: “Of course he kicked out, Gomez. No pain means no beating him.”

Johnny Gomez: “I don’t think that’s how that works.”

Manson is frustrated by his inability to put his opponent down, and he turns to the corner to gather himself back up. However, Manson turns around to see The Dead coming full speed at him. Willie immediately ducks and SENDS THE DEAD OVER THE TOP ROPE. THE DEAD LANDS HARD ON THE GUARD RAIL. HE SEEMS TO BE OUT COLD! Manson smiles and exits the ring.

The official begins his count.



Nick Diamond: “See, that may have killed a normal man.”

Johnny Gomez: “The Dead is a normal man with CIP.”

Nick Diamond: “Blow your people-first language out your ass, Gomez.”



Willie lifts The Dead into a standing position, landing a few quick blows to the head of the Dead, before launching him into the steel post.

Johnny Gomez: “HE’S NOT OUT YET!”

Dead reverses, spinning around Manson and launching him into the steel post. Manson falls to the floor.



The official continues his count as the Dead lifts the dead weight of the big Manson and rolls him in the ring. The Dead slides into the ring and immediately pins Willie Manson.



Johnny Gomez: “Kick out by Manson!”

The Dead displays frustration on his face after the near pin fall victory, but stands up and commences the stomping of Manson. The vicious assault continues until the official puts some separation between The Dead and Manson. The official threatens The Dead with disqualification if he doesn’t relax.

Nick Diamond: “He can’t even follow the rules, Gomez.”

The Dead backs away until the official moves out of the way and allows the match to continue. Manson has rolled over and made his way onto his knees in the middle of the ring. The Dead charges at Manson.


Willie seems to be on point as he mounts Dead, pounding down on his opponent with reckless abandon. This strategy knocked him out a week ago on Afterburn, but will it work tonight? The official steps in with Willie this time, and pulls him off of The Dead, who was not knocked out.

Instead, The Dead rises to his feet to meet Willie Manson in the middle of the ring.

Johnny Gomez: “These two are going full tilt at each other!”

Nick Diamond: “Now that’s what I like to see, Gomez!”

Manson takes a big shot at Dead, but his first hand gets grabbed and secured under Dead’s arm.

Johnny Gomez: “He’s got both arms now! It’s time for the Death Rattle, Diamond!”

Dead looks emotionless as he batters his head into Willie’s with full force. Manson roars as he does this and fires back with one of his own, surprising everyone.

Nick Diamond: “Don’t do it, Willie!”

The two men EXCHANGE HEADBUTTS! Back and forth they go, battering each other’s foreheads with repeated shots. With every shot, the damage mounts on Willie Manson.

Johnny Gomez: “I’ll be damned, they’re both busted wide open!”

Indeed they are, Johnny! The crimson mask is beginning to form on both men’s faces as they keep it up. Finally, the release from one another, mostly out of convenience at this point.

Both men stagger backwards. Willie out of pain and The Dead out of sheer disorientation from blood and paint in his eyes. It’s a race to see who recovers first.


He hits it flush to the throat of Manson, and Dead practically falls on top of Willie, still partially blinded.

ONE ….



Johnny Gomez: “The Dead did it! He persevered over a man who wanted death.”

Nick Diamond: “And he sure as hell got it tonight, Gomez.”

The Dead stands up, and clears his eyes, showing no ill effects in his demeanor from the struggle, getting his hand raised.

Meanwhile, Willie Manson has rolled to the corner and is just beginning to come to. He has his hand over his throat, but behind his crimson mask there is something resembling a smile. Who is the real winner here?

We cut backstage where Ash Williams is seen walking alone. As you’d expect, David Manson and Hate appear at this opportune moment.

“Mr. Williams…” Manson seems almost nonchalant. “…let us ask you…” All three men come to a stop, face to face. “…why do you waste your time on that lost cause Matthew Cories?”

“Yeah…” Hate blurts out. “…guys off his rocker.”

Ash furrows his brow.

“Aren’t we all a little off our rockers, gentleman?” Ash grins.

“We’re not.” Manson points to himself, just, himself. “And from where we stand, you teaming with Cories makes you look soft.”

“Oh I’m far from soft.” Ash winks playfully. “In fact, I can be downright ugly… but I know how to control myself… which is more than I can say for you two.” He turns to walk off. “It’s that control that’ll see Matthew and me walking out number one contenders to the Tag Team Titles tonight.”

“When are you going to learn, Ashley?” Manson sighs. “That control you think you have, it’s nothing more than an illusion.”

“What… you mean like the illusion that the two of you are safe right now?”

Before Ash can even finish his sentence a blur of green flashes by the camera and David Manson is knocked to the ground. We think it may be the Green Ranger for a minute, but it’s not… it’s just Cories in a green shirt… but that seems to be enough, Matthew stomping on Manson while Ash gets a piece of Hate.

“Save it for the ring!” An official yells as a group of referee’s and security officers jump in to break these four men up.

Clearly, they can’t wait for their match up next.

Paloma Ruiz: “Ladies and gentleman, this one is scheduled for one fall, the winners will receive a shot at the WORLDDD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS. Introducing first….”

“Song #2” starts playing over the P.A. system .

Paloma Ruiz:” Weighing in at 223 pounds, reigning from Bayside California. He is one half of Those 90’s Guys……. MATTHEW CORIES.”

Bringing fans to their feet. Matthew Cories walks out on the top of the ramp in a Bayside Tigers varsity letter jacket. He high fives the fans as he makes his way to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. He gets to his feet, handing his jacket over to the time keeper at ringside.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his Partner.”

‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ begins to play

Paloma Ruiz: “Weighing in at 235 pounds, HE IS the other half of Those 90’s Guys, Reigning from Royal Oak Michigan…. ASH WILLIAMSSSSS.”

The Chosen One steps out onto the stage. Taking in the cheers from the crowd for a few seconds, he swaggers down to the ring, raising his chainsaw high before handing it over to the time keeper, and screwing in his metal hand. Ash climbs into the ring, awaiting his opponent with a cocky smile on his face.

Paloma Ruiz: “And the opposing team.”

The lights go out in the arena as “To get to you” by Mark Crozer and the Rels plays over the speakers.

Paloma Ruiz: “Weighing at a combined 460 pounds, They are part of the Awakening. David Manson and HAtEEEEe.”

The exit door at the back of the arena is pushed open as HAtE and Manson enter. HAtE pushes forcefully through the crowd, allowing Manson to walk unhindered behind him, arms outstretched as he preaches of the Awakening to the crowd of people. They hop over the guard rail and slide into the ring, Manson sitting in the middle of the ring as HAtE stands behind him.

David Manson starts this one for the awakening, facing off with Matthew Cories of those 90’s guys. Cories approaches Manson, and looks to offer out his hand for a handshake. Foolish move as he gets a slap across the cheek for his sportsmanship.


Officially under-way and Cories, feeling a bit insulted by the slap wastes no time in piling into David Manson and works him nicely with some technical moves. Two swift Arm-Drags are quickly followed by a spine buster as the fans in attendance rally right behind the crowd favourite. With his opponent down, Cories allows his partner some ring time.


Williams rushes straight into the ring, wasting no time setting about “The New Horror”. Three boots are followed by Williams picking his man up by the neck and positioning him for a scoop slam. As soon as David hit’s the mat. Williams follows with a cover.


Hate goes to climb through the ropes but is stopped by the referee, an argument ensues between official and Hate. Williams not wanting to lose the momentum goes to pick up his opponent by the neck…. LOW BLOW brings The Chosen One to his knees. Manson uses the illegal move to intervene in the Referee and Hate argument and tag in his partner. Here comes the powerhouse.

Not needing reminded how ruthless The Awakening can be, they remind us nevertheless with a brutal double team on Williams that starts with rib shots and ends in a huge double suplex. Cories pounds on the ring post to spur on his team mate as Manson is ushered out the ring by the referee. Hate tries a quick cover of his own



No!! Williams powers out just in time. Bringing Williams back to a standing position, he whips him off the ropes, on Williams return, Hate looks to grab on for a belly to belly suplex, but Ash dodges the grip and carries on through, bouncing back off the ropes, other side of the ring.


Johnny Gomez: “The Chosen One doing great to dodge the belly-to-belly but got his head almost knocked off his shoulders on the way back.”

Nick Diamond: “He should of knew better than to think he had bested Hate, doesn’t happy Johnny.”

Hate has the disorientated Ash where he wants him, he throws him up into the air. We know what’s next….. FREED FROM THE HERD…..



Johnny Gomez: “You were saying Nick?”

Nick Diamond: “He got lucky.”

Both competitors are down, motionless. Cories is screaming on his partner, whilst Manson looks on at Hate and extends his arm for the tag. Hate is closer to his partner than Williams is but neither men are moving. The Referee has to start a count for two downed opponents.


Two…. Hate is writhing around, I don’t think he realises the tag is literally within reaching distance.

Three… Williams also stirring, he locks eyes on Cories, beginning to claw his way to his corner, it must seem miles away.


Five… Hate has his wits about him and slowly makes his way, on hands and knees, to his corner



Eight…. Hate makes it, Manson climbs through the ropes.

Nine…. A last gap leap from Williams, he covers half the ring and the tips of fingertips connect, CORIES IS IN

The count forced to be stopped as the two new legal men come charging at each other. Meeting in the middle of the ring both men throw wind-mill punches. No blocking involved as each man just continuously throws, trying to rock his opponent.

Manson stops the constant back and forth of punches with a knee to the mid-section, and another. With The Fresh Prince of Wrestling doubled over, Manson goes to whip him off the ropes with his right hand, on release his left hand reaches out and grabs the hair of Cories. Using all his strength he pulls the opposite direction to what he whipped and Cories clashes to the mat, clutching the top of his head.

Johnny Gomez: “David Manson will use any tactics to win this match, fight fair Manson.”

Nick Diamond: “Nothing matters more than winning Johnny, WAKE UP will ya?”

Manson begins climbing the turnbuckle, he’s going high risk. DIVING HEADBUTT… This one has to be over.

BUT NO, Manson was mid-flight, Cories has leaped up in a standing position and caught Manson MID-FLIGHT, hooking his arm over Manson’s shoulder and


The crowd explode, Cories makes the cover.




Cories dives back into the cover on David..




Hate tried to storm the ring but was cut off by The Chosen one. Much to the delight of the fans Those 90’s Guys are next in line for a title shot.

David Manson, Willie Manson and Hate are quickly back to their feet, attacking Matthew Cories and Ash Williams with vicious right hands. They beat them to the canvas and stomp away at them, making a statement that no-one fucks with The Awakening – or their apparent newest member; Willie Manson!


“You’re keeping in step

In the line

Got your chin held high and you feel just fine

Cause you do

What you’re told

But inside your heart it is black and it’s hollow and it’s cold!”

Johnny Gomez: “What on earth… who the hell is that?”

Nick Diamond: “I have no idea but look at that big guy, it’s like King Kong just walked in.”

Stood at the top of the entrance ramp as The Hand That Feeds blares into the arena is three guys. They make a run for the ring and two of them slide in, the third bigger guy quick to step over the top rope. The first, wearing a suit ducks a Clothesline by Hate..

SUPERKICK! HE NAILED HIM! Hate stumbles backwards towards the ropes and here comes the big guy, CLOTHESLINE TO THE OUTSIDE!

The next, he ducks a right hand by David Manson and CLUNK!


Johnny Gomez: “He just knocked him the fuck out!”

Nick Diamond: “It’s only Willie Manson left and this crazy son of a bitch, he’s just joined The Awakening and now he’s running at the biggest one!”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” screams Willie as he dives into the air and is caught by the big guy who throws him straight up into a torture rack and SPINS HIM DOWN TO THE CANVAS WITH A TKO! THAT WAS A LONG WAY DOWN, MAN!

The well suited of the three grabs himself a microphone and stands amongst the carnage, smirking.

“Chase Stratus,” he says pointing to himself. “AJ Wilson,” he says pointing at the big guy. “And Michael Attila,” he says looking at the man with a knockout punch. “We’re The Young Lions and the next you see of us, you damn sure will be awake. IT’S SHOWTIME.”

He chucks the microphone down and all three raise their arms, receiving a tremendous ovation from the crowd here tonight. The Young Lions just made one hell of an impact, folks.

Jondo walks backstage with his baseball bat in hand. He looks determined, ready for his match with Marvolo. The Man who Forgot the World rounds a corner and spots none other than Marvolo and Raquel. Raquel is currently rubbing something into Marvolo’s hands. They haven’t noticed Jondo.

“More! I need more cocoa butter! My skin isn’t going to soften itself, now is it Raquel?!”

“Marvolo es numbehr wahn.” She says as she squirts more lotion onto Marvolo’s hands.The lid pops off of the bottle, and a large amount of the cream pours all over his hands.

“Blast, woman! Can’t you do anything right! How am I going deliver a Sunset Flip to Jondo’s face if I can’t get a grip on him!?” He takes his hands and smears all of the extra lotion all over Raquel’s face.

Jondo has seen enough. He approaches the duo, bat at the ready. Raquel spots him first and points at him.

“Numbehr Wahn?!”

“Yes, of course!” Marvolo says, trying to rub the remaining lotion into his skin. He doesn’t look up.

“Marvolo!!” she says emphatically.

“What?!” He finally looks at her and sees her pointing. He spots Jondo winding up his bat, and shoves Raquel in front of him like a shield. Jondo stops the swing just in time to not kill Raquel. The hesitation gives Marvolo all the opportunity he needs. Number One drops down and hits Jondo with a low blow! Jondo falls.

Marvolo stands up, beaming for having “outsmarted” Jondo. He kicks Jondo in the stomach for good measure as he and Raquel walk away.

AC/DC’s “Sin City” blares and Jondo jogs onto the stage.

Paloma Ruiz: “The following bout is set for one fall. On the stage, weighing two-hundred twenty-five pounds and fighting for his next meal… JOOONNNDOOOO!”

The Man The World Forgot looks more sure of himself, air guitaring his way ringside and rolling under the bottom rope. He climbs to the second turnbuckle so he can face the OSW faithful & lead a “FEED ME PLEASE” chant. Paloma takes a seat at ringside and folds her arms for the next entrance.

The venue goes dark. A wave of percussion, punctuated by a gong, heralds a booming voice similar to that of the late Don LaFontaine.

Deep-Voiced Announcer: “It began with the forging of the Great Ring. In that Ring, there would be One Man to rule them all. One Man to fight them. One Man to bring them all, and in the Ring… SUPLEX THEM IN THE FACE!”

A spotlight shines down onto the stage, revealing a man in a cape and mask, Tebowing.

Deep-Voiced Announcer: “That One Man is… MARVOLO THE MARVELLOUS!”

Marvolo jumps to his feet and punches the air, to the trumpets of Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man. The spotlight tracks his route, Raquel slipping in and out of sight. Raquel takes the lead up the stairs, then sits on the ropes, holding them open for Marvolo, who wipes his boots on the apron and steps through them. The lights come back on, and Marvolo waits in his corner, where Raquel removes his cape for him.

The bell rings. Marvolo swaggers forwards, chest puffed out and head held back. Jondo meets him head-on. Marvolo doesn’t look up at the six-inch taller Jondo; gazing instead at his neck, as he mouths off at him.

Johnny Gomez: “This all started with Marvolo bailing on Jondo, but Jondo then declined Raquel’s help with his bags and criticised Marvolo’s treatment of her.”
Nick Diamond: “Yeah, then Jondo suckerpunched him–”

Marvolo jabs Jondo in the chest with his finger –


“The Marvellous” luchador dusts himself off, but eats another one! Up again – Jondo puts him back down. Marvolo powders out, motioning for a timeout.

Johnny Gomez: “What is this nonsense!? The match has barely started!”

Jondo throws his arms up in disbelief as Marvolo beckons Raquel over to him, pointing to his brow.

Nick Diamond: “Uh oh, d’ya think Marvolo might have come back too early from his injury, Johnny!?”


Johnny Gomez: “Jondo stops just in time! What a cowardly act by Marvolo!”

Nick Diamond: “What are you talking about!? That dumb broad tripped on those high heels of hers!”

The crowd sigh in relief. Jondo is beached on the apron. Marvolo barges past the unscathed Raquel and snatches Jondo clean off the apron. SPLAT! Jondo hits the floor, and Marvolo puts the boots to him as the referee counts them out.

ONE! TWO! Marvolo pulls him up. THREE! FOUR! He leads him over to the steel stairs, then pulls his head back… and stops!? FIVE! Marvolo shakes his head. He tosses Jondo into the ring. SIX! Marvolo follows him. Jondo staggers to his feet, but Marvolo pulls his head back and chops him across the chest – Burning Sword! Jondo hits the mat. Marvolo off the ropes with a senton splash!



Johnny Gomez: “Kickout by The Man the World Forgot!”

Marvolo picks Jondo up in a waistlock. German suplex – JONDO GRABS THE ROPES! Marvolo gets a mouthful of elbow! Jondo whips him into the corner, then goes for the splash but MARVOLO MOVES! JONDO HITS THE CORNER! Marvolo grabs the hair – getting a warning from the referee – and goes to pull Jondo away…

Nick Diamond: “That crazy bum is HEADBUTTING THE TURNBUCKLE! His whole body is shaking!”

#1 tries to pry Jondo away, but falls to another elbow. “NOOOOO!” screams Marvolo, as the crowd count along – 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! Jondo stops. His body stops quaking… except his shoulders, which pop rhythmically as he turns to face Marvolo, a sly grin on his face. Horrified, Number One rushes forwards –

Johnny Gomez: “Suplex by Jondo! HE POPS THE HIPS – suplex dos! Swivel of the hips… Hat-trick! THREE AMIGOS!”


TWO! Shoulder up by Marvolo!

Jondo pops up to his feet, slapping his chest and screaming “VIVA LA RAZA!”.

Nick Diamond: “That turnbuckle has clearly given Jondo an unfair advantage: now he can speak Spanish!”

Jondo yanks Marvolo to his feet, then scoops him into a powerbomb, but slides him onto his back, wrapping his arms around Marvolo’s – GORY SPECIAL! Ed–uh, I mean, Jondo with a tribute to the Guerrero family patriarch.

Marvolo manages to weasel out of it, however, and cuts Jondo down with a chopblock. Marvolo then climbs through the ropes. He twirls his finger round like a propeller, then uses the ropes as a slingshot – HILO! JONDO ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Clothesline to Marvolo, and Jondo steps onto the apron –

Johnny Gomez: “HILO by Jondo! That’s how it’s done, Marvolo!”




NO! Kickout by Number One, and a groan from the fans. Marvolo rolls outside again. Shaking his head, he says “enough is enough!” and grabs a chair from ringside.

Johnny Gomez: “Oh yeah, real sportsmanlike!”

Nick Diamond: “Maybe he just needs a sit down?”

#1 reenters the ring; the referee orders him to drop the chair. He refuses, and the referee grabs hold of it – as does Jondo. The three pull the chair to and fro in a tug of war… the referee bounces into the corner! Thinking quickly, Jondo smacks the chair off the canvas, then tosses it to Marvolo just as the referee comes round.

Nick Diamond: “Marvolo doesn’t take the bait; he knows every trick in the book!”

The referee turns around to see JONDO AND MARVOLO POINTING AT EACH OTHER AS THEY WRITHE IN SUPPOSED AGONY, with a chair between them. The crowd laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, and the referee doesn’t know what to make of it. Realising a DQ isn’t coming, both competitors instantly revive themselves.

Jondo primes Marvolo for another hat-trick, but Raquel hops onto the apron. The referee orders her to get down, allowing Marvolo to sneak a DONKEY KICK on Jondo! Raquel gets down and the referee turns around –

Johnny Gomez: “WHITE TIGER! Marvolo with the tiger driver to Jondo!”




Horns herald a tainted win for Marvolo, who straddles the top rope, raising his index fingers and blowing kisses to the booing crowd. Jondo limps to the back with his chin up, knowing he was the better man tonight.

Johnny Gomez: “If you ask me, Jondo is the real winner of this one

“They got lucky.”

“Lucky? They flat outsmarted us.”

“No, they were lucky. Lucky I wasn’t there. I could’ve smelled that trap from a mile away. And you’re supposed to have all the answers.” Luther says.

“Are you suggesting that it was my fault?!” The Question raises his voice. Pig doesn’t seem to like Hunter’s tone towards Luther. He moves menacingly towards the Question.

“Whoa, my boy! All is fine.” Luther responds. Pig relaxes. “I’m not saying it’s your fault. What I am saying is that it could have been handled differently.”

“How is that not blaming me?” The Question asks again.

“All I’m saying is if I was there it wouldn’t…….”

The door bursts open and the room is suddenly very full. Cayci Spires, Neville Sheldon, Reichous Marx, and Brent Kersh all flood the room and begin to assault Pig and the Question. Luther backs up into a corner. Kersh and Spires beat Pig, while Marx takes it to the Question. Neville is also helping with Hunter, but clearly doesn’t care for these sneak attacks. The lesser of two evils, though.

Luther rushes from the corner at Cayci, the weakest appearing of the bunch, though we know it isn’t true. Sheldon jumps in to protect her, but she stops him.

“I can handle my own battles, Nev,” her glare focused on Luther.

“Wait,” Luther begs, “Let’s talk about….”

Cayci responds by throwing him through the television.

Neville starts sifting through the mess that was once a room. He pulls out both tag team belts and holds one out to Cayci.

“You’re jewelry, madam.”

“Thanks.” She takes the belt, and the OSW group leaves RAGE to lick their wounds.

Paloma Ruiz: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the OSW HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, the challenger….”

The Anthem flares up and out steps Nigel from behind the curtain, union jack flag draped over him like a cape. He signals to the crowd for silence right now, listen and obey the greatest anthem in the world. The crowd naturally don’t play along which brings a look of disgust on Nigel’s face. Standing at the top of the ramp way he stands as tall as a mountain, hand on his heart and blares out ‘God Save the Queen’ with all his heart.

Paloma Ruiz: “…from London England, weighing in at 225 pounds… NIGELLLL ROYALLLLLL!”

After the first verse he proceeds to make his way down the ramp, scowling toward the people he thinks have just disrespected his great country. Upon reaching the ring Nigel unties the union jack flag he has been wearing as a cape and holds it high for all to see.

Johnny Gomez: “Nigel looks amped up for this match, Nick.”

Nick Diamond: “His ass better be. Robert ‘The Ironman’ Gordon is not someone to take lightly. He’s not the Hardcore Champion for nothing after all.”

Paloma Ruiz: “Introducing his opponent…”

The lights dim as in the darkness a figure walks out, bending down to one knee as he raises one fist in the air, ‘Reach Out and Touch Faith.’ As the beginning notes of Personal Jesus begin to play, the lights come on again as the Iron Man rises to his feet, the crowd roaring in appreciation for the long time hero.

Paloma Ruiz: “…the OSW HARDCORE CHAMPION, from Jacksonville, Florida, weighing in at 240 pounds… ROBERTTTT IRRRRRONMANNNN GORRRRRDONNNNNN!”

Gordon walks down to the ring, nodding his head at the fans but still remaining completely focused on the ring and his opponent. Gordon rolls into the ring, slowly taking off his jacket and handing it to the time keeper before raising his right fist once more to the roar of the crowd. He detaches the Hardcore Championship from his waist and holds it high as his theme begins to fade out.

Robert Gordon stoically stares across the ring at his intense adversary. He raises his title before handing it off to the referee who raises it high displaying its valor before handing it off to the ring announcer.

Johnny Gomez: “Well that’s the bell and this match is now underway!”

Nick Diamond: “This match is for the Hardcore title and I love this. Nothing better than a bloody brawl to settle a dispute.”

Nigel rushes across the ring to try and attack the knee of Robert, but Gordon hammers him down with axe handles to the shoulders. Nigel releases his hold as Robert quickly snaps him up and whips him into the corner. He charges him now, but Nigel raises his legs and kicks Robert on the chin. Nigel takes the opportunity to scamper out of the ring.

Johnny Gomez: “Nigel is searching for a weapon of some sorts!”

Nick Diamond: “Let’s see some tables! Tables! Tables! Come on crowd!”

Nigel Royal reaches under and withdraws… a trash can.

Nick Diamond: “Damnit.”

Nigel climbs the stairs and enters the ring with the trash can seemingly full of different objects. He enters the ring as Gordon is now to his feet. He pulls out an object and…


The hockey stick collides with the mush of Robert Gordon and down he goes! Nigel raises it above his head and begins dismantling the champ with the object! Gordon tries to create separation, but Royal is relentless in his attack! Gordon finally grabs the stick and the game of tug of war begins.

Gordon is down on the ground, but he pulls on the stick hard while raising his boot!

Nigel’s face implants into the sole of Gordon’s boot making him drop the weapon.

Gordon throws it away and crawls to the ropes looking for reprieve. Nigel isn’t finished. He may have been stunned but he goes looking for another weapon as soon as the cobwebs are shaken loose.

Johnny Gomez: “Here comes round two of the foreign objects!”

Nick Diamond: “Mini-table? There could be a mini-table in that can, right?”

Nigel pulls out what appears to be a steel chair that was lodged within! Nigel smirks as he begins to approach the Ironman. He raises the steel weapon high as he rushes him! He brings it down!


The weapon reverberates off the top rope and smacks Nigel right on the nose! Nigel is staggered as he drops the weapon.

Johnny Gomez: “Fantastic wherewithal from Gordon to safely evade that weapon by falling down!”

Nick Diamond: “There’s that veteran instinct from The Ironman. Expect his knowledge of these matches to shine through here.”

Gordon gets to his feet quickly and leaps into the air dotting Nigel on the same nose with a superkick! The MOTION CENSOR! Down goes Nigel!



…NO! Nigel kicks out at seemingly the last second.

Gordon isn’t distraught. He quickly goes over to the trash can and pulls out a bag of some sort. He proceeds to kick the rest of the can out of ring as the crowd is murmuring.

Nick Diamond: “Okay, this may not be a table, but this is a damn good second.”

Johnny Gomez: “You have very… extravagant tastes Nick, but yes this is about to go to the extremes. Even this crowd knows it.”

The Iron Justice looks at Nigel before pouring out the contents on the ground. Silver tacks scatter across the mat as Robert Gordon steps around it. He slowly pulls Nigel to his feet, but Nigel resists and…


The low blow nearly makes Robert Gordon fall back into the tacks. Nigel leaps to his feet. The Bloodline to Greatness grabs Gordon and pulls him between his legs. He heaves him up and…

Nick Diamond: “Holy shit!”

Johnny Gomez: “Rest in peace Robert Gordon! That powerbomb into the tacks looked absolutely excruciating!”

Robert Gordon’s back is arched upwards as he’s out of it! He rolls out of the tacks, but ceases moving after. Nigel rushes over and pins the Ironman’s shoulders to the mat.



…NO! Gordon gets a shoulder up.

Nigel is livid! He gets to his feet and is demanding the referee reassess his count. The referee just shrugs and shakes his head. Nigel pulls at his hair and shakes his head at the situation. He turns and looks outside as seemingly an idea is formed.

Johnny Gomez: “Something is stirring in the mind of Nigel Royal!”

Nick Diamond: “Look at that face! He has something dastardly on his mind! This is going to be something!”

Nigel searches under the ring before a smile creeps across his face. He reaches in and withdraws a…

Nick Diamond: “TABLE! YES!”

Nigel pulls out the table and slides it into the ring. He crawls into the ring before stomping on Robert a few times to ensure he doesn’t move. He picks up the table and kicks out the legs to set it up. He picks up the prone body of Robert Gordon and whips him into the corner nearest the table. Nigel comes over and hits a sickening right forearm before lifting Robert Gordon to the top rope.

Johnny Gomez: “This is getting scary, Nick. We’ve seen steel chairs, tacks, and now… a top rope move involving a table?!”

Nick Diamond: “Bury him Nigel! BURY HIM!”

Johnny Gomez: “You’re supposed to be unbiased!”

Nick Diamond: “Oh… right. But… tables…”

Nigel lifts up Gordon onto his shoulder for a powerslam! He goes to leap, but Gordon rakes his eyes! Nigel releases him as Gordon turns him around. Gordon interlocks his arms and lifts him up…


Nick Diamond: “THROUGH A TABLE!!!!”

Gordon and Nigel are both out. Gordon slowly rolls over to Nigel and lays an arm across his chest!




NO! 2.999999! Nigel is just able to kick out!

Robert Gordon is able to get to his knees and looks in disbelief! Gordon pulls Nigel to his feet and Nigel swings at him! But Gordon catches the arm and… GUILT TRIP!

The arm trap crossface is expertly applied as Nigel is now laying in the tacks! Blood is pouring from different wounds from the tacks!

Nigel is reaching but he can’t quite reach! Gordon rears the move back and Nigel taps!

The bell rings and Gordon releases the hold before collapsing next to him.


The referee goes over and hands the title belt to The Ironman as he slowly gets to his feet. The referee raises his hand as Gordon holds up his hand and holds onto the title tightly.

Lee Crowley is backstage, surrounded by Tobias and Damien, both of them wanting to know what he intends to do about The Hangman. They thought they put him down for good – they thought they had put an end to him.

“He isn’t one of us, he goes down, he stays down,” Lee reminds them carefully. “Besides, I have a little surprise for The Hangman tonight.”

Johnny Gomez: “A razorblade birthday cake?”

Nick Diamond: “A chainsaw to the face? Or is that just a Marvolo thing. Marvolo is number #1.”

Johnny Gomez: “What?”

Suddenly the lights begin to flicker.

Nick Diamond: “Will you cut it out?”

Johnny Gomez: “I’m here next to you, you idiot.”

Between each flash, The Hangman appears.


The Hangman behind them. Damien swings, getting only air.


Now he’s behind Tobias, who turns quickly and he’s gone.


The light suddenly explodes, sending shards of glass all over The Crowley Family. Lee shakes his hair off, smiling from ear to ear as if he’s delighted by what’s just happened. He bends down and picks up a shard of the glass and cuts himself on the arm with it.

“They seek him here, they seek him there,” Lee says with a chuckle. “Give me a smile, won’t ya Hangman?”

The camera closes in on the same arm he was cutting, revealing a smilie face etched in the blood. Lee Crowley laughs sadistically as we fade out.

Paloma Ruiz: “The following contest is a semi-final match in the Ring King tournament! Introducing first…”

The opening lick of Steve Vai’s wonderful guitar playing from “For The Love Of God” rings out over the arena. Mike Lane walks out from the shadows with no pomp and circumstance.

Paloma Ruiz: “Emerging from The Shadows, weighing two-hundred-sixty-two pounds… MIIIIIKE LAAAAANE!”

He places his hands on his hips and looks out over the crowd before raising his arms out to the side in the crucifix pose. Then he begins to slowly stride with purpose down the aisle. He slides into the ring, and relaxes into his corner.

Paloma Ruiz: “Aaaand his opponent…”

As the bouncing, grooving beat of “Call 9-1-1” by Westside Connection begins over the PA system, immediately the fans begin booing.

“This right here is considered a banger!
Delivered in anger your life is in danger.”

Freight Train Ferguson steps out as swiftly and violently as a tornado, the giant of a man, with two enormous middle fingers held straight in the air.

Paloma Ruiz: “Hailing from Hattiesburg, Mississippi; weighing THREE-HUNDRED-EIGHTY-FIVE-POUNDS –“



He is surprisingly spry and nimble, despite his 7 feet, and he bounces softly on his feet down to the ring as he raps along with his entrance music. Stepping over the ring ropes and into the ring, he talks of vile and heinous things to the nearby audience.

Both men glance back at the stage, where the golden Ring King throne sits on a black platform.

Johnny Gomez: “That right there is what it’s all about, folks. The winner of this match will go to the Finals to stake their claim for that throne.”

Nick Diamond: “Playtime is over, Johnny. I guess you could say there will be no Game of Thrones tonight!”

Johnny groans. The bell rings, and Freight Train stomps the mat before racing over to Lane with a BIG BOOT, which Lane narrowly avoids. Lane takes it to Train with jabs, chops and a European uppercut, but none of it seems to scratch him. Lane tears into the ropes…

Nick Diamond: “LANE BOUNCES RIGHT OFF OF HIM! Hahaha!”

The crowd oooohhhh as Mike lands in a heap, having ricocheted off the hull of Ferguson, who laughs. The former basketball prodigy pulls Lane to his feet, then lifts him up into a GORILLA PRESS –

Johnny Gomez: “FREIGHT TRAIN IS PERFORMING REPS WITH MIKE LANE! What a ludicrous display of strength!”

1! 2! 3! 4! 5! The audience count along as Train shoves Lane into the air with each rep. “I CAN DO THIS SHIT ALL DAY!” yells Train. 6! 7! 8! He finally drops him to the mat. Before Lane can gather himself, TRAIN WALKS OVER HIM! NEARLY 400 POUNDS ON LANE’S BACK!Lane writhes in pain, coughing and wheezing. Train places a huge boot on his chest.


TWO! Shoulder up by Lane!

Train doesn’t seem too bothered and he peels Lane off the mat again.

Nick Diamond: “Freight Train HURLS Lane into the corner like a sack of potatoes!”

The seven-footer caps it off with a BIG SPLASH, pancaking Lane against the turnbuckles. Propping up the limp, former People’s Choice, Train scoops him up onto the top rope. He grabs him round the throat with one of his giant mitts.

Johnny Gomez: “LANE IS FIGHTING BACK! He isn’t going to go down without a fight!”

Mike rails Train with rights and lefts, trying to break his grip. A flurry of elbows to the head and fro does the trick, and Train staggers back, checking his brow for blood. Lane slowly stands up on the top rope –

Johnny Gomez: “TOP-ROPE BULLDOG LEG DROP BY LANE! Freight Train goes down like a redwood!”

Nick Diamond: “I think I saw the ring move, Johnny!”

Surprisingly big pop for Lane, who remains focused. He gets to his feet, then lifts one of Ferguson’s tree trunk legs off the mat. Lane steps over it and spins round, looking for the figure four, but Train reels him in then BOOTS HIM OUT THROUGH THE ROPES! Lane takes a nasty spill onto the floor. Train gets on all fours, then climbs to his feet. He shakes off the leg drop and rolls under the ropes to the floor. He picks Lane up and points to the steel stairs. “I’MA STANNAH SPOKESMAN, BITCH!” screams Ferguson, and he sends Lane CAREENING INTO THE STEPS –

Johnny Gomez: “MIKE LANE VAULTS OFF! Lane using some parkour to avoid the same fate as Brent Kersh!”

The Almighty screams and charges at Lane, but MIKE DROPKICKS THE STAIRS INTO FERGUSON’S KNEE – CRASH! Ferguson flips clean over the stairs, landing smack on his back on the floor. He cusses and talks trash as he rolls around, clutching his knee. Meanwhile, the referee begins to count both men out. ONE! TWO! Lane shakes the cobwebs off. THREE! FOUR! Ferguson rolls onto all fours – well, three out of four. FIVE! Lane grabs the apron.

Johnny Gomez: “The final spot in Ring King is in jeopardy right now! What happens if both men are counted out!?”

Nick Diamond: “I volunteer to protect the crown if it comes to it!”

SIX! SEVEN! Train drags himself towards the ring. EIGHT! Lane rolls under. NINE! Train screams – TEN! NO! FERGUSON THROWS HIMSELF UNDER THE ROPES!

Johnny Gomez: “Freight Train Ferguson is still in this thing, bum knee and all!”

Indeed, Lane runs his hands through his hair and shakes his head. Pulling himself up in the corner, he stomps the mat. The crowd ramp up in volume, knowing what that means. The referee tries to check on Ferguson, but the basketball star swats him away. Ferguson goes about pulling his gigantic frame up using the ropes, which sag under the strain. Lane stalks his prey, stomping the mat with closing increments. Train just about heaves his big ass up, and turns around –


Lane boots the skyscraper Ferguson right in the heart, and the basketball player falls back into the ropes. They spring him back –

Nick Diamond: “Goozle! Freight Train has him by the throat!”

Lane protests, but he’s exhausted. Train picks him up – limping under the workload – and seats him on the top rope! TRAIN SLAPS HIM IN THE FACE! “I’M THE KING, MOTHERFUCKA! I’LL LETCHU BE MY QUEEN THOUGH!” With that, Freight Train THROWS MIKE LANE THROUGH THE AIR WITH THE SLAM DUNK –


Huge pop for the sheer athleticism displayed by Lane, who is on his feet. Train tugs at his bleached afro and throws a GIRDER OF A CLOTHESLINE at Lane, but Jack’s protege ducks it and sprints into the corner again. MIKE LEAPS INTO THE TOP ROPE AND SPRINGBOARDS OFF –


Freight Train Ferguson looks to be out cold as he hits the canvas spread-eagled. An exhausted Mike Lane crawls into the cover.




“For the Love of God” aptly scores Mike Lane’s victory and gutsy performance. The Awakening’s golden child looks up at the Ring King throne again.

Johnny Gomez: “Just one more performance like this, and he’ll call that throne his own!”

Freight Train Ferguson crawls on his hands and one knee to the back, mouthing off comically to the fans as he does

The arena doors push open and in walks a very worse for wear Brent Kersh. He looks like death warmed up, band-aids littering his face after Freight Train Ferguson threw him down a flight of stairs last week.

Johnny Gomez: “He looks like death. Someone get that man some painkillers and an ambulance.”

Nick Diamond: “Or a gravestone and some maggots?”

Brent heads into the arena is suddenly stopped by the figure of Nigel Royal. The Bloodline to Greatness stands before his opponent tonight with a look of focus and passion in his eyes.

“You want to finish me off?” Kersh meekly asks. “Is that it? Well here,” he pokes his chin out. “Take your best shot.”

Nigel sizes him up. “Oh it’s bloody tempting lad, let me tell you. What is it you said about me this week? Oh that’s right, ‘always looking for an easy victory’, wasn’t it?” he remarks with a bit of dry wit. “I’m not here to finish you off, Brent. Far from it. We’ve got to stick together and I just wanted you to know that tonight, our match aside, I bleed Old School Wrestling.”

The shock could’ve knocked Brent Kersh over. Though in his state, so could a feather. Nigel offers a hand and Brent reluctantly takes it, waiting for a backlash that never comes.

“I’ll see you out there old man.”

Johnny Gomez: “Can you believe that? Nigel Royal didn’t want to fight.”

Nick Diamond: “It warms my heart, it really does. But then again, maybe that’s just bile?”

“I’m getting too old for this shit.” Brent lets out with a chuckle and a sigh, walking down the corridor in utter disbelief.

“I see a bad moon risin’! I see trouble on the way!” Creedence Clearwater Revival hits on the P.A. and Cooter Hayes steps out onto the stage. Unlike his normal chorus of cheers, he receives a rather mixed reaction from the crowd. He looks around, not quite sure how to take this crowd response, and walks to the ring. He walks to the apron, steps through the ropes, and heads to the center of the ring. He raises his big ole country ham in the air.

“Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame. Darlin’ you give love, a bad name!” Purple and green fireworks blast from the stage, and the crowd gives an enormous pop, though if you listen closely, there may be a few scattered boos mixed in. Bruce Van Chan runs out from behind the curtain, taking no time to greet the fans. He runs straight to the ring, Paige following close behind. He slides into the the ring and the fight is on before the bell even rings. Big right hands traded back and forth.

Johnny Gomez: “This match has been in the works for a better part of a month, now, and these two men are ready to tear each other apart!”

Nick Diamond: “That’s right, Johnny! They’re fighting over that hot piece of a….”


Johnny Gomez: “And we’re underway!”

The punches continue to fly. Cooter whips BVC into the ropes. BVC returns to a BIG BOOT! NO! Bruce slid underneath it and counters with a DROPKICK to the back of Cooter’s head! Cooter reels. BVC wastes no time getting to his feet. BVC gets behind Cooter and GERMAN SUPLEX! Cooter is thrown almost all the way across the ring! Bruce runs to the ropes and SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT! He covers…




Kickout! Bruce pulls Cooter to his feet, whips him to the ropes, but Cooter grabs the ropes, stops himself, and slides out of the ring to recoup. Bruce is having none of it. SLINGSHOT PLANCHA! But Cooter drops at the last second, and BVC smashes to the ground! Cooter is up, and pulls Bruce to his feet. Cooter whips Bruce into THE STEEL RING STEPS! Cooter marches over to Bruce and stomps him into the floor. Paige runs up, but Cooter sees her and lays her out with a BIG BOOT! He pulls Bruce up and rolls him back into the ring. Cooter follows and covers.




Bruce kicks out. Cooter pulls him to his feet and throws him to the ropes, but follows closely behind. As soon as Bruce comes off the ropes he is hit with a STIFF LARIAT. It nearly takes his head off! Cooter marches over and begins stomping him into the mat. He drops a knee to the back of BVC’s head. He pulls Bruce up once more and COBRA CLUTCH! Bruce looks like he is about to tap! But instead he runs to the corner pulling Cooter along with him. BVC runs up the turnbuckles and flips over Cooter’s head to break the hold! Cooter turns and ENZIGURI!

Cooter drops and rolls out to the floor and onto his feet. BVC won’t let him escape though. He jumps to the top turnbuckle and leaps to Cooter on the outside! SUICIDE DIVE TORNADO DDT!!! Cooter lands on the concrete forehead first!

Johnny Gomez: “Oh my god! Cooter is busted open! Blood is pouring from his head!”

Nick Diamond: “I haven’t seen that much blood since before my wife hit menopause!”

1…….2……3……4……Bruce is getting to his feet…… 5……6…… Cooter is stirring and Bruce is to his feet ……..7…….8……. Bruce pulls Cooter up and rolls him into the ring……9….Bruce slides in as well!

Bruce pulls Cooter up and puts his bloody head under his arm. He hooks his leg and NOW I LAY YOU DOWN TO SLEEP! Another huge DDT! Even more blood is pouring from Cooter’s head! But Bruce isn’t finished! He pulls Cooter up again. He picks Cooter up like a vertical suplex, but instead of dropping him to his back, BVC drops Cooter STRAIGHT TO HIS HEAD WITH A MODIFIED DDT! Cooter looks like he is out! BVC back to his feet and he locks in the VAN CHANINATOR! The referee checks on Cooter and determines he is knocked out. He calls for the bell, but Bruce won’t let go.

Johnny Gomez: “It’s over, Bruce! Let him go!”

Finally, Paige climbs into the rings and gets Bruce to let Cooter free. The two slide out of the ring. Paige looks back at Cooter in concern, and then at Bruce with a look of disbelief. Bruce doesn’t seem to notice her look or the spattering of boos mixed in with the cheers.

We cut to the Burn Ward where Charlie Thompson stands with Royston Hawkes.

“I’m joined now by Royston Ridgewell Hawkes, who tonight will go one on one with Marcus X for the United States Championship… slash, an Olympic Gold Medal? Royston, how are you feeling going into this match?”

“I feel fantastic, Charles. There’s no way that ghetto boy is going to take my Gold Medal. Furthermore, I’d make a much more suiting United States Champion…” Royston is distracted by something happening off camera. “…What do you want!?!”

Royston barks as the camera pans back, finding Marcus X stood with three members of his Brotherhood, the US title around his waist.

“I just wanted to make sure you brought that.” X points to the Gold Medal around Royston’s neck.

“I bring it everywhere I go.” Royston smirks. “Here, take a good look…” Hawkes holds the medal out towards X. “…because this is the closest you’re ever going to get to it.”

Marcus scoffs.

“The white man is always so confident, isn’t he boys?”

Royston steps in on X; he and Marcus now nose to nose.

“I have reason to be confident, ya’ rooineck!”

Marcus halls off and hits Royston in the face but his Brotherhood hold him back before he can go any further. Hawkes smirks as he runs a thumb over the corner of his lips, checking for blood.

“How civilized…” Royston chuckles to himself. “…but you will pay for that in the ring, ya’ big ape!”

Marcus goes for Hawkes again but again his Brotherhood hold him back, Hawkes eyeballing the United States Championship as he leaves.

Paloma Ruiz: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall and is the first of two Semi-Finals matches in the Ring King Tournament”

The Anthem flares up and out steps Nigel from behind the curtain, union jack flag draped over him like a cape. He signals to the crowd for silence right now, listen and obey the greatest anthem in the world. The crowd naturally don’t play along which brings a look of disgust on Nigel’s face. Standing at the top of the ramp way he stands as tall as a mountain, hand on his heart and blares out God save the queen with all his heart, after the first verse he proceeds to make his way down the ramp, scowling toward the people he thinks have just disrespected his great country. Upon reaching the ring Nigel unties the union jack flag he has been wearing as a cape and holds it high for all to see.

Johnny Gomez: “My personal favourite for this Ring King tournament Nick, the Royal One is going to run through this so called hero and show the world what true class is”

Nick Diamond: “If anyone has a chance, it’s Royal but you can’t look past Brent Kersh. He has and seems to always be the benchmark of OSW and if Nigel takes him lightly, injured or not, the Enforcer will make him pay”

Johnny Gomez: “Says the man who unironically cheered for Hulk Hogan in the early 90’s”

Paloma Ruiz: “Entering first, hailing from London, England, weighing in tonight at 225lbs, he is the self proclaimed Bloodline to Greatness, NIGGGEELLLL ROYYAAALLLLL!”

The sound of “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis is heard throughout the arena, prompting the crowd to rise to their feet with a roar of excitement as the lights slowly begin to dim. Suddenly red, white, and blue pyrotechnic effects begin to explode from the base of the entrance ramp that last several seconds before “The Enforcer” Brent Kersh appears on the upper portion of the structure.

The OSW superstar steps out onto the steel stage with his hands on his hips and looking around the arena in appreciation of the response from the crowd. Kersh is wearing a loose fitting black tee shirt embroidered with the letters “OSW” and soaked in sweat. In addition, “The Enforcer” is wearing his traditional wrestling attire of black tights, boots, kneepads, kneebraces, and white tape wrapped tightly around his wrists. As the colorful collage of sparks begin to die down, Kersh begins his approach to the ring. Maintaining a calm and collected mannerism, Brent moves back and forth slowly from one side of the walkway to the other, slapping hands with the fans lining the security railing.

Nick Diamond: “Kersh still favouring those bruised ribs from getting thrown down the stairs last night, it could be a massive factor in this match.”

The OSW superstar lifts both hands into the air as he manoeuvres his way around the ring.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponent, hailing from Beaumont, Texas, weighing in tonight at 255lbs, he is the Enforcer, BREEENNNTTTT KEEERRRSSSHHH!”


The bell rings as Royal rushes forward with a clothesline that Kersh ducks under, unleashing a series of hard rights and lefts in response forcing Royal into the corner. A large knee to the sternum takes all the wind out of Nigel as Kersh grabs Nigel by the head, spiking him down to the mat with a modified Bulldog. Brent backs off, allowing Nigel to get to his feet . The Royal One gets to his feet as Brent rushes forward, trying for a clothesline of his own but Nigel ducks under

Nick Diamond: “big time kidney punch from Nigel there. And It doubles Kersh over, the damage from last week seems to been more then originally thought’

Johnny Gomez: “Bruised ribs aren’t anything to shake off Nick. Had a few in my time and makes it hard to breath half the time. Hopefully Royal can use that to scrub off Dirty Bertie here”

Brent is hurting from the kidney punch as Nigel hooks him under the arms, delivering a big knee to the ribs that takes all the wind out of him before Nigel swings him into the mat with a modified Gutwrench Suplex, hooking the leg for the pin.



Brent just gets the shoulder up as Nigel drops down, attempting to lock in a Boston Crab but Kersh manages to kick him off. Nigel pulls Kersh up to his feet, grabbing him from behind as he tries for a German Suplex. Kersh refuses to be taken down however, blocking the move before dropping down to his knees with a modified jawbreaker. Nigel stumbles into the ropes, holding his jaw and as he bounces back, ENFORCER SPINEBUSTER! Royal gets driven into the canvas as the Enforcer calls for the end.

Royal slowly gets up to his feet as Kersh goes to grab him for the Southern Discomfort but Nigel rolls away from Kersh’s grasp, heading to the outside to gain some breathing room. Kersh rolls out after him, but Nigel rushes away, rolling back into the ring. The Enforcer follows him inside, running forward with a clothesline but Nigel manages to duck under as Brent takes out the referee. The Enforcer can’t believe it as Nigel takes advantage of the situation, dropping to his knees and giving the Enforcer a Low Blow. Kersh goes down hard as Nigel rolls out of the ring once more, grabbing a steel chair from ringside before rolling back in again, and setting the chair up into a seated position

Nick Diamond: What vile things could be going through the mind of Royal now? BACKBREAKER ON THE CHAIR! Kersh’s back must be on fire from that move”

Johnny Gomez: “Haha, go Royal, put that old man out to pasture”

Royal tosses the chair to the outside before rolling onto Kersh for the cover as the referee comes to



Kersh manages to get the shoulder up as Royal pulls him up to his feet. Kersh tries a wild right hand that Nigel easily dodges. Royal laughs sadistically, rushing around him, peppering him with rights and lefts to the injured ribs, each blow causing the Enforcer to wince from the pain. Nigel winds up with a big right hook to the ribs that causes Kersh to drop to one knee from the pain before he rushes to the ropes, delivering a sickening flying knee. The boos from the crowd are downright venomous as Nigel pulls the barely conscious Kersh up to his feet, grabbing him by the waist and delivering a belly to back suplex. Nigel holds on as he delivers a second, then a third but before finshing the quartet, Nigel parades the limp Kersh around to the fans for a few moments

ROYAL FLUSH! Four belly to back suplexes as the pain in Kersh’s back must be nearly indescribable. Kersh looks to be a limp mess as Nigel smiles, dropping down for a casual cover



THR…KERSH GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Nigel can’t believe it as he admonishes the referee for a slow count, insisting it was a three but the referee refuses to budge. Kersh begins to slowly get to his feet but a punt to the gut leaves him lying on the canvas once more as a sadistic smile creeps across Royal, dropping down and locking in the dungeons of London.

Johnny Gomez: “This should be it. No way does Kersh get out of this with how bad his back is. Get in the Bin old man”

Nick Diamond: “Don’t count out Kersh too early Johnny, the man has come back from direr situations before, all he needs is to crawl that short way to the ropes then he’s home free”

Kersh nearly gets to the ropes but Nigel pulls him back into the middle of the ring. Kersh is almost screaming in pain at this point as Nigel wrenches back on the crossface as hard as he can, the strength in the Enforcer slowly fading until he goes down limp, the referee checking on him

ONE…. Brent’s hand falls once as the referee grabs it a second time

TWO… it falls a second time as the ref grabs it for the third and final time

THR…NO! Kersh’s arm shoots high as he begins to raise himself up, arms trembling, the crowd roaring in appreciation for the Enforcer. Nigel tries to drag him down but Kersh, with an almost animalistic yell, slowly gets to his feet with Nigel on his back, the crossface still locked in

Nick Diamond: “ SAMOAN DROP! An almost inhuman display of strength from Kersh there and he’s saved from the Dungeons of London”

Both men slowly get to their feet as Nigel is just a little faster, stunning Kersh with a knee to the gut before whipping him into the ropes. Nigel drops his head, going for a backdrop but Kersh grabs the ropes, slowing himself down as he grabs Nigel by the head, delivering a knee smash beforeENFORCER SPINEBUSTER! A second one that leaves Kersh on one knee but he quickly swallows the pain, signalling for the end to the roar from the crowd

Kersh pulls Nigel to his feet, trying for the Southern Discomfort but his back gives out on him, Nigel laughing as he grabs Kersh for another belly to back. Kersh quickly headbutts Nigel, dropping down low and rolling Nigel into a small package out of nowhere. Brent holds on with all his might as the referee counts





Nick Diamond: “HE DID IT! Somehow Kersh found the strength to beat Nigel Royal but you have to wonder, does he have the strength in him to even compete in the finals tonight?”

Johnny Gomez: “Fluke pure and simple Nick, Old Man Bertie may have gotten lucky now but in the finals, he’s not got a chance in hell to win”

Brent slowly gets to his feet, the crowd roaring in appreciation as the referee holds up his hand in victory. Brent slowly rolls out of the ring, heading to the back, trying to put on a brave face but it’s clear from how tight he’s clutching his ribs, the Enforcer is hurt and hurt badly

In the backstage we see The Juggalo, Jake Jeckel walking towards the ring, flanked on either side by security, a smirk across his face as he is escorted to the ring.

“Now make sure I get to the ring without that Luminary Douchebag touching me, is that understood?”

The security members nod, obviously not happy about the sentiment as they escort him to the ring entrance.




Jake turns around and finds himself face to face with the Luminary Sage himself, a kendo stick in hand. Jeckel glares as he backs up from Marx. The Luminary Sage smirks, finally having the upper hand as he levels the kendo stick at Jeckel’s throat.

“Well, would you look at that. I guess your eyes are FINALLY wide open, clown. The feeling of anger you feel? It’s a pain, isn’t it? You want to fight me? Try to use the OSW security against me, TRAITOR? You’re fellow RAGE parasites aren’t here to protect you.”

Jeckel sneers at Marx, backing up a little further past a set of double doors.

“I don’t need RAGE to help me drop you, Marx. And as far as I’m concerned, I’ll beat you with your own staff in just a few minutes. When the match is done and I take your belt, I’ll also be keeping the staff. Now back off before I end our match out here, cunt.”

Marx stares a hole through Jeckel before turning around and proceeding to walk away, only to stop midway.

“Ya know, Jeckel. It’ll pretty hard to end the match with your eyes wide shut.”

Without warning, Marx turns around and CANES JECKEL. The Juggalo drops to the ground and Marx smirks as he walks over the crumpled Jeckel on the way to the ring.

Paloma Ruiz: “The following contest is for the OSW Tag Team titles! Introducing first, the challengers. Accompanied to the ring by by Luther, weighing in at a combined 549 pounds; PIG and JAMES HUNTER!”

NIN’s March of the Pigs abruptly starts and as the smoke clears, Luther steps out from behind the curtain before introducing his Monster. Pig awkwardly walks onto the stage towering over his keeper to be joined by the equally massive and imposing James Hunter. Both men enter the ring, Pig leaning against the ropes looking somber. The Question stares only at the referee with a smile on his face.

Paloma Ruiz: “Their opponents, at a combined 290 pounds they are the OSW Tag Team champions: Neville Sheldon, Cayci Spires; BEAUTY and the GEEK!”

Nubian Rose’s Break Out hits the speakers, Cayci Spires hits the entrance way, nodding her head in time with the music hopping from foot to foot. Neville stands at her side, waving to a few of the OSW faithful in the crowd. Once in the ring, Cayci quickly ascends to the nearest turnbuckle and lets out a scream while Neville stares down at Luther as though daring the puppet master to try interfering in the match.

Johnny Gomez: “The Question and Pig have shown they can successfully sneak attack Beauty and the Geek backstage but they have to beat them fair and square it in the ring tonight to leave Ring King as the Tag Team champions.”

Nick Diamond: “And for our fans who aren’t mentally handicapped, I apologize for my partner even inferring our defending champions have a chance. Monsters ARE real. Superheroes aren’t, people. Grow up, already.”

Cayci Spires and Pig step onto the apron leaving Neville Sheldon and James Hunter to start things off. The ref signals for the bell.


The Question takes the center of the ring while Neville circles his opponent, eyes locked looking for any tell. Hunter merely smirks at the nerd and stands waiting. Sheldon connects with an outside leg kick and quickly gets out of range. He does this a second time and Hunter looks a bit annoyed but Cayci seems to like it; clapping on the apron to get the crowd going. Neville feints a jab to set up a third kick but The Question catches his leg, hooking an arm around his head for a fisherman suplex but Neville rolls him up in a small package!


Easily Hunter escapes and Sheldon hits the ropes. Running dropkick connects and Neville plays to his speed, running the ropes once more. The geek jumps, hitting Hunter square in the face with a double axe-handle smash. Raising three fingers in the air he readies himself to sprint once more but a handful of hair stops him in his tracks, The Question pulling him into a reverse DDT.

James Hunter runs a hand over his nose checking for damage. He snarls before laying in on Sheldon with stomps and kicks, dragging him to the corner and tagging his partner. “Do it!” Luther yells from the outside, egging his monster on. With a massive hand around Sheldon’s neck, Pig lifts his opponent to his feet tosses him nearly halfway across the ring stumbling backward into his own corner. James Hunter grins wide; Pig stares blankly; and Cayci Spires makes the tag, stepping through the ropes.

Cayci stands toe to toe her opponent showing no fear but little foresight. Pig fires a vicious right, ducked by Spires who jumps into a European uppercut that connects. Quickly Cayci hits the ropes, ducking the clothesline Pig throws out and connecting off the rebound with a spinwheel kick that hits Pig in the neck and shoulder area, knocking him down to one knee. Chaos Theory from Spires! NO! She went up for the Codebreaker but Pig holds her there and stands fully, running across the ring with Spires in his grasp. Powerbomb into the turnbuckle! Pig pulls her in and turns away from the corner. Sit out powerbomb! Pig’s legs hold Cayci’s arms and shoulders to the mat.



Spires barely kicks out before the three.

Johnny Gomez: “Take a look at Luther. That man has the audacity to be cheering Cayci on!”

Nick Diamond: “James Hunter and the RAGE Alliance want those titles but Pig only cares what Luther wants. Tonight, in that ring, Pig is going to fulfill Cayci’s Deathwish!”

Neville stomps on the apron, the fans clapping in time trying to rally the champs. Pig lifts Spires to her knees and sees his partner holding out his arm for the tag. Looking to Luther he gets an approving nod and makes the tag. Hunter steps through the ropes and stands over the Spires, signaling his intentions by pressing his hands downward repeatedly while he stands in waiting. Question nails Spires with Relax, the vicious clothesline leveling her the instant she got up. Cover!



Neville Sheldon kicks Hunter in the back of the head, breaking up the cover and bringing Pig into the fray. The referee backs Sheldon into the corner and back onto the apron while Pig & Hunter swap out. Pig lifts Cayci and sets her on top of the turnbuckle facing the crowd then tags Hunter again. Pig hoists Cayci by the shoulders and Hunter smiles from the center of the ring.

Johnny Gomez: “Pig’s going to toss her from The Great Destroyer right into,”

Nick Diamond: “The Question’s Poetic Justice DDT! Yes! Do it!”

Before he can chuck her, Spires summons one last-ditch effort pushing off Pig’s back with her feet to go up and over catching The Question in a head scissor. She might have countered but she can’t muscle both men down and is still in position for a cutter bomb. NKO! Sheldon drops Pig and Cayci completes the head-scissor take down on Hunter! Neville strikes again catching The Question with the NKO! No! Hunter shoves him off only to be driven into the mat head first by Cayci, Curtain Call springboard tornado DDT! Neville gets back on the apron reaching a desperate hand out to his partner. Pig rolls out to the floor as Cayci struggles to crawl towards her corner, the fans urging her on. The Question staggers to his feet.

Tag made and Neville Sheldon storms the ring. Running neck breaker on Hunter! A furious Luther jumps onto the apron, yelling at the referee. Sheldon readies a fist but Luther jumps down to the floor. Just enough of a distraction for James Hunter to drive a knee into his ribs and toss him to the ropes. Elbow to the back of Neville’s head from from Pig who just made it back to the apron, the referee still occupied by the antics of Luther. Neville stumbles into a waiting Hunter who locks his arms for a double underhook powerbomb. Poetic Justice DDT on the release! Neville’s out! Spires is out! The Question has the cover!



THREE! The ref calls for the bell.

Nick Diamond: “New Tag champs! New Tag champs!”

Luther rolls into the ring, taking one of the Tag titles from the referee before the official gives James Hunter the other. Pig crawls under the bottom rope to stand and take his place with his master and his partner.

Johnny Gomez: “That was one hell of a match, Nick; great showing by both teams, but in the end only one could come out on top.”

Nick Diamond: “I’d love to see Cayci on t-“

Suddenly, the lights begin to flicker and static emits on the tron as Cayci Spires and Neville Sheldon are still in the ring and turn to see what is amiss as the crowd comes to silence beneath the darkened arena as the lights continue to flicker in random succession as if they’re fading of life.

Nick Diamond: “Not this again! I had freaking nightmares all week because of this!”

Suddenly the static begins to clear and soft voices are heard but are inaudible until on the screen comes a ghastly scene filled with fog in the ominous setting of a graveyard. The camera pans and the voices are becoming clearer and clearer as motion within the fog is seen and it begins to dissipate until we find three children playing jump rope, clad in tattered clothing and looking rather disheveled.

“One, two, they’re coming for you…”

Johnny Gomez: “This message is certainly an ominous one; Neville and Cayci don’t appear to know what the heck is going on.”

“Three, four, can’t hide anymore.”

The children continue to play and sing, they scene sending chills up the spines of all those bearing witness.

Nick Diamond: “Feel my arm!”

Johnny Gomez: “What? Why?”

Nick Diamond: “Goosebumps!”

“Five, six, crossed the river Styx.”

The children stop and turn toward the camera and point at whomever the message is for.

“Seven, eight from hell’s gate.”

The camera flickers and suddenly the children’s faces are directly in front of the camera and their eyes have been removed with blood draining from them as they smile and sing.

“Nine, ten we’ve risen again.”

And then the screen instantly turns off like an old television set, the final light dimming in the center of it.

Nothing has happened.

Johnny Gomez: “Well that was a bit anti-climatic.”

Cayci and Neville seem to agree, shrugging and then begin to make their way to exit the ring until the music starts.

“Sawdust In the Blood” by Rob Zombie comes on, the ominous drums and clanging of metal make or a terrifyingly ominous sound as the guitar slowly comes in and the bass shakes the arena.

Nick Diamond: “Spoke too soon.”

Smoke begins to rise from the entrance ramp as lightning cracks can be heard alongside the song being played and from within the smoke are flashes of light emitting with each crack.

A double crack of lightning; a shadowy figure of a small person within the smoke.

Johnny Gomez: “What the hell?”

Neville Sheldon’s eyes widen in the ring and he takes a step back.

Another couple of cracks.

The figure isn’t there.

Another couple of cracks.

There they are.

Another couple of cracks.

Nowhere to be found.

The song ceases.

The lights are completely black.

They flicker; the smoke is cleared and a young girl with long black hair covering her face stands atop the ramp.

Johnny Gomez: “What the hell?!”

Nick Diamond: “One of those kids came through the screen!”

Neville Sheldon is tugging at Cayci Spires trying to get her to move back from the ropes.

Johnny Gomez: “I think Neville recognizes her!”

Suddenly an eerie tone begins to play and a little girl begins to speak.

“And out of the darkness, the Zombie did call;

True pain and suffering he brought to them all;

Away ran the children to hide in their beds;

for fear that the devil would chop off their heads.”

The girl laughs manically.

“Superbeast” by Rob Zombie hits.

Johnny Gomez: “This… is disturbing…”

Neville appears terrified now and the little child raises her head, blood coming from her mouth and eyes black as the night; she smiles at Neville and the lights flicker and she’s gone.

Nick Diamond: “Where the hell is she?!”

They flicker again.

She’s in front of the ring and Neville stumbles, taken aback by the child who cocks her head to the side and raises her arm pointing at the two of them.

A flicker of the lights.

Johnny Gomez: “OH MY GOD!”

Inside the ring standing – towering – over Neville Sheldon and Cayci Spires is a beast of a man, long dark hair and covered in body paint.

Nick Diamond: “That can’t be.”




The young girl crawls into the ring and begins to run her long nails across the limp corpse of a body that is Cayci Spires as she stares at Neville who finally comes to his senses and tries to make a move to protect Cayci but it’s too late. Legion stomps on the skull of Neville and picks him up with his hand around his THROAT AND SLAMS HIM DOWN IN A CHOKESLAM LIKE POWERBOMB MOTION ATOP CAYCI!


Nick Diamond: “Did he kill them!?”

Legion looks down at the carnage and smiles, then looking to the young girl who simply kisses the forehead of the unconscious, immobile Neville Sheldon before the lights flicker and the two are gone.

Nick Diamond: “Where did they go?!”

Johnny Gomez: “The better question is why the hell are they here?! And what did these two do to deserve that fate?!”

Nick Diamond: “I have no idea, Johnny, but I need to clean myself up; that monster of a man is one thing, but that girl… that girl was pure evil.”

The scene begins to fade out as paramedics come to the ring to check on Neville Sheldon and Cayci Spires and just before it fades out, the tron flickers on and the words “I am Legion, for we are many,” lights upon the screen before a river of blood washes it away.

Paloma Ruiz: “The following contest is a singles match.”

Johnny Gomez: “Woohoo Nick, this could be my favorite matchup of the night, we get to personally see Lee Crowley put another freak in the bin.”

“Give me a smile” Plays in Lee’s voice as Deranged plays. He appears at the top of the ramp, crowbar in hand, Tobias and Damien by his side toting a baseball bat and steel hockey stick respectively. He flashes his Glasgow smile to every camera on the way to the ring. He walks slowly to the ring, walking to the guard rails and smiling at fans, getting as close to their faces as he can. Tobias and Damien follow suit, smiling with him.

Nick Diamond: “Talented he may be, but there’s something incredibly off about Lee Crowley. There is nothing friendly about that smile of his, like a predator eyeing it’s next meal.”

Johnny Gomez: “You may not like him Nick, but you don’t need to be liked in this business. You just need a killer instinct and be willing to do anything to get ahead, that Smiley has in spades and he’s going to show it when he puts Hangman out to pasture tonight”

Lee walks around the ring, smiling at fans and cameras, taking his time before he slides into the ring and flashes one last grin as he raises his crowbar into the air before handing it to Tobias and moving to his corner.

Paloma Ruiz: “Entering first, weighing in tonight at 220lbs, he hails from the Crowley Underground, LEEEE SMILLEEEY CCRRRROOOWWLEEEYYY!!”

The illumination in the arena is cut to an unforeseen darkness. It returns in a blue tinge on the same beat as Hangman’s theme sounds on the P.A system. Hangman is lowered down from the rafters, hung on a thick rope. The middle of the ring is where he’s placed. His head is down but he swiftly raises it, his theme would fade out thereafter.

Johnny Gomez: “And the man, monster, thing, whatever he wants to be called, who is going to regret coming back after tonight. You mess with the family, you suffer the consequences”

Nick Diamond: “That may be Johnny but the Hangman has been out for a month because of the Crowley family. He’s going to have a lot of anger and Lee has to hope to whether the storm if he has any hopes of winning here”

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 270lbs, from Parts Unknown, he is The Savior of Man, THHHEEE HHAAANNNNGGGMMMAAANNN!”


The bell rings as Hangman rushes forward, taking Lee by surprise with a flurry of right hands, each blow having the full weight of the Hangman’s strength behind it. Lee tries to fight back but his blows seem to do little damage to the Manslayer as he grabs Lee by the throat, tossing him back first into the turnbuckles. Lee hits hard as the Hangman runs forward, diving shoulder first into the gut of Crowley. Lee staggers out right into the waiting right hand of Hangman, who lifts him up into the air by his neck before driving him down onto his knee in a Backbreaker variation. Crowley goes down, holding his back in pain as the Hangman drops down for the cover



Lee gets a shoulder up as the Hangman tries to pull him to his feet. Lee pokes him in the eye for the trouble as Crowley begins to try and take Hangman down, delivering leg kick after leg kick.

Nick Diamond: “Crowley with the leg kicks, trying to take Hangman down to a vertical base but they don’t seem to be doing much damage at all Johnny”

Lee ducks under a clothesline attempt, grabbing Hangman from behind and attempting a Russian Leg Sweep. Hangman locks up however, causing Lee to slam himself into the canvas. Hangman backs off just as Lee gets to his feet, rushing forward and landing a bone crunching Big Boot. Hangman goes to cover but Lee kicks him off, scrambling into the corner as that twisted smile begins to come over his face.

Johnny Gomez: “There it is Nick, there’s Smiley and the beginning of the end is here for the Hangman”

Lee slowly walks over to the Hangman, arms outstretched as if inviting the Hangman in for a hug as the monster rushes forward with a hesitant clothesline. Lee ducks under, grabbing Hangman by the back of the head and driving him into the canvas with an Inverted DDT. The Hangman slowly gets to his feet right into a big right from Lee which staggers the monster, as a hard knee drives all the wind out of him before Lee hooks under the Hangman’s arms and drops him with a beautiful Butterfly DDT. Lee pushes Hangman off him with a laugh before covering


TW…Forceful kickout by Hangman but before he can get to his feet, he’s taken down with an STO. Lee backs off, licking his lips in anticipation as he slowly urges the Hangman to get to his feet, and as the Manslayer slowly pulls himself up, Lee rushes forward,

Nick Diamond: “CHELSEA GRI…NO! Hangman ducked under it, CAPITAL PUNISHMENT! Lee just got drilled into the canvas with a huge Chokeslam and this may be it”

Hangman drops to one knee, his head still woozy from the Butterfly DDT but he eventually flops onto Lee for the cover. The referee’s attention is divided however as Tobias gets on the apron, heckling the Hangman. The Hangman slowly gets up, wondering why there’s no count when Damien slides Smiley into the ring. Lee slowly gets up, Smiley in his hands as he whirls Hangman around

Johnny Gomez: “SMILEY right to the face! The Hangman appears to be busted wide open as Lee does the smart thing and tosses the object away before the referee can see”

Lee drills the down Hangman with a knee before rolling him over and covering, just as Tobias gets down off the apron, allowing the referee to see the pinfall



Hangman kicks out but Lee continues his assault, mounting the Manslayer and punishing him with rights and lefts, each blow opening up the wound even more. Lee gets off, allowing the Hangman to get to his feet, which he does but barely, the monstrous Head Hunter seems to be out on his feet as a wild right is ducked by Lee who delivers a leaping double knee to the gut, dropping Hangman down to his knees. A sadistic smile comes across the face of Crowley as he pulls Hangman up, parading him around the ring, almost dancing with his enemy before he thrusts him between his legs, LOBOTOMY! Hangman looks to be out cold as Lee slithers into the cover




Johnny Gomez: “How the hell is the Hangman still in this match? I know he’s a dead man but this is ridiculous”

Nick Diamond: “I’m not sure Johnny but I think Lee may be in shock for the first time in OSW. What does he have to do to put down the Hangman?”

The Hangman slowly gets up to his feet but Lee drops him with a savage roundhouse kick before he walks over to the top rope, intent on delivering the final blow to the Hangman. Lee stretches out his arms, seemingly embracing the audience that is terrified of him

Johnny Gomez: “How in the hell? He’s up Nick, Hangman is on his feet!”

The Hangman rises off the canvas, a furious look on his face as he climbs up the turnbuckle, Lee frantically trying to punch him down but to no avail as the Hangman grabs him by the throat

Nick Diamond: “Super Capital Punishment! This has to be over, there’s no way Lee can kick out of this one”

Lee looks out cold on the canvas as the Hangman drops to one knee, placing both hands on Crowley’s chest for the cover





Paloma Ruiz: “Your winner of the contest, THE HAAANNNGGGMMMAANNNN!”

Johnny Gomez: “I don’t know what to say here Nick, I was sure Lee had him. How did the Hangman get up after all of that?’

Nick Diamond: “I have no idea but he got some form of revenge here tonight against Lee and that is the biggest story coming out of this match. He fought the family and not only survived, but won. An amazing victory by the Hangman here”

Lee Crowley and his two brothers roll out of the ring after the vicious match against The Hangman. The lumbering giant rushes to the ropes after them, the match over, but the animosity surely not. Lee signals for a microphone and smirks at Hangman.

“Calm down, Jack! You got what you wanted, but I still haven’t dear boy. You know me and my family, we aren’t keen on our enemies choosing to be enemies with such an easy alternative laying in wait for them. You see, Jack, we have a little… Incentive for you. I’ve been waiting to do this after you decided to stop being an enemy to the family who wants you to join oh so much. But I suppose I’ll have to bring the surprise just a bit early, now won’t I?”

Hangman signals for his own microphone and leans into the ropes towards the Crowley Family.

“Your false words do not scare me, Crowley. You cannot use mind games on me! Now come in this ring and finish what you started, or I will come out there and do it myself!”

Lee merely grins and shakes his head.

“As you wish…”

Crowley snaps his fingers and without warning the arena is plunged into Darkness, when the lights come on a hulking monstrosity stands behind Hangman, unbeknownst to the monster.

Johnny Gomez: Is that Piotor Svetolav!?

Nick Diamond: Metal arms, probably Russian. Gee, you tell me, Johnny.

“Oh brother… DESTROY!”

Hangman turns around- CROWLEY CLOTHESLINE! The metal arms of Piotor Crowly practically take Hangman’s head off and send the monster over the top rope! Piotor exits the ring, obviously not finished. He peels the Hangman from the ground and powers him overhead.DASVIDANYA! Hangman smacks the ground and barley moves as Lee leans forward to him.

“Remember, Hangman. With a Family like this, you don’t want to be an enemy.”

He drops the microphone and heads to the backstage with his brethren, leaving Hangman out cold on the ground.

Already stood in the ring is Coach Kensington microphone in hand. Dambusters blazes from the speakers as it does so Kensington speaks into the microphone.

“Rise from your seats and give a standing ovation to the greatest athlete who ever a lived, a real Olympic hero, the gold standard Royston Ridgewell Hawkesssssss!”

As Coach finishes Royston begins to jog down the ramp as red white and blue fireworks explode either side of him he has one arm raised in the air and the other pointed at his gold medal he runs down the ramp and slides into the ring.

At this point, Paloma steps forward, microphone in hand.

“And introducing his opponent, weighing in at 220 pounds, he is the current reigning OSW United States Champion… Marcuuuusss X!”

“I’m On My Way To Freedom Land” hits as a chorus of people come out, clapping and singing along with Marcus X’s song, happily singing away as Marcus X himself comes out, walking past them as he makes his way down the rampway and heads towards ringside. Marcus walks up the steel steps, entering the ring as his music fades out.

Marcus X hands the official his United States Championship and the referee holds it above his head, displaying it to the crowd. After passing the title off to someone at ringside it appears this match is about to begin, but X puts a stop to that; pointing to Coach at ringside with an insistent look on his face. The official finally relents and requests the Olympic Gold medal from Kensington. Coach obliges and the official displays the medal to the crowd. With Marcus X satisfied, the opening bell rings.

Johnny Gomez: “It looks like Marcus X wanted to make it clear that Royston’s Olympic Gold Medal WILL be on the line here tonight.”

Nick Diamond: “I’m so excited Johnny! Not only will this be my first time calling an OSW US Title match, but it will also be my first time calling an Olympic Contest! I’m like Bob Costas without pink eye!”

Jonny Gomez: “I’m not sure this actually classifies as a…”

Nick Diamond: “Shhh, it’s starting Johnny! Show some respect for OSW and the Olympics!”

Marcus X and Royston Hawkes lock up, both men battling it out for the upper hand. Royston manages to back X into the corner but the Freedom Fighter fires off with a knee that catches Hawkes in the gut and doubles him over. X, taking advantage, hooks the head… DDT!

The crowd reaction is split, many booing both men, butt a hiss roars up from the crowd as Marcus comes out on top of the tie up.

Hawkes gets to his feet only to be caught with a clothesline that sends him back down to the canvas. Marcus X following up with a Half Boston Crab!

Johnny Gomez: “Looks like Hawkes is having a hard time getting his footing in this match.”

Nick Diamond: “You speak too soon, Johnny! Royston just slipped out of Marcus’ grasp!”

Hawkes kicks free and rolls to his feet, charging X… RUNNING KNEE TO THE FACE! Marcus stumbles back into the ropes and Royston catches him on his return… HURRICANRANA!

Royston with the pin!



Johnny Gomez: “Marcus kicks out hard!”

Royston muscles X to his feet with a bear hug. BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! And it sends Marcus fumbling under the bottom rope! He lays motionless on the apron as Royston approaches…

Nick Diamond: “X was playing possum!”

Marcus springs to life as Hawkes gets within reach, grabbing both of his ankles and pulling his legs out from underneath him. Royston hits the canvas back first and X drags him to the outside, the official beginning his count.


Marcus tosses Royston shoulder first into the barricade, the fans in the front row loving every minute of it.


Hawkes struggles to use the barricade to get to his feet and as he does, Marcus pulls back the thin padding covering the floor at ringside; exposing the bare concrete beneath.


X steps up behind Royston.

Johnny Gomez: “He isn’t going to do this, is he!?!”




Hawkes goes motionless as Marcus X writhes around in pain, taking a bit of punishment from that move himself.


Nick Diamond: “These two need to get back in the ring before neither of them wins a new piece of gold tonight!”


Marcus X fumbles to his feet and into the apron.


He rolls into the ring… but Royston has only just begun to stir.


Hawkes uses the apron to get to his feet but it looks like it’s too late!

Johnny Gomez: “Oh my lord! Royston just beat that count by a hair!”

Nick Diamond: “What kind of hair, Johnny?”

Gomez doesn’t dignify that with a response, instead returning his attention to the action inside the ring. Marcus X drags Royston to his feet… LEG TAKEDOWN! Royston catches X by surprise and buys himself some additional time to recover. By the time X finds his feet Hawkes is already on the top rope…


And again, Royston goes for the pin!



Johnny Gomez: “X kicks out!”

Royston doesn’t look happy as he drags Marcus X to his feet. TIMES OF CHANGE!

Nick Diamond: “Marcus X just locked in that Tazmission out of nowhere!”

Johnny Gomez: “And it looks like Hawkes is fading fast!”

Coach cheers on Royston from ringside and he seems to be the only one, but it looks like it may be enough because Hawkes is starting to move.

Johnny Gomez: “Hawkes is doing everything he can to inch towards those ropes!”

Nick Diamond: “He made it, Johnny! This is the best Olympic Wrestling match I’ve ever seen!”

Johnny Gomez: “It’s not a…

Nick Diamond: “Shhh, Johnny! The match!”

Hawkes tries to put some distance between himself and Marcus but X stays right on top of him… Royston hooks Marcus’ arm behind his back…HAMMERLOCK SUPLEX! Marcus goes down hard and the Coach is the only person in attendance that cheers wildly.

Johnny Gomez: “This could be Royston’s chance to make a comeback!”

Royston stays on top of him… THE RECORD BREAKER!

Nick Diamond: “Royston says you lock me in your submission move, I’ll lock you in mine!”

Marcus reaches for the ropes but he falls a good two feet short. A few militant minded people in the crowd cheer X on but it doesn’t seem to be enough, he can’t move an inch. Sensing his despair, Royston wretches back on X’s arm, causing X to scream out in pain.

Johnny Gomez: “This may be it folks! We may have ourselves a new United States Champion here!”

Nick Diamond: “No! Marcus X somehow struggles free! And both men hit their feet!”


Johnny Gomez: “X with his finisher! Royston didn’t see that coming!”

Nick Diamond: “No one did!”

Marcus X is quick to roll Royston up.




Nick Diamond: “The Freemason Fighter has done it!”

Johnny Gomez: “It’s Freedom Fighter, Nick, and he has! Marcus X has successfully defended his United States Championship!”

Coach drags Royston out of the ring as three members of the Brotherhood join him between the ropes… with his United States Championship. X joyfully holds the title above his head when he suddenly remembers something…

Johnny Gomez: “It looks like Marcus is looking for his Olympic Gold medal.”

Nick Diamond: “Yeah, where is that thing? Wait a minute…”

Nick see’s what we all now see, Coach and Hawkes escaping up the runway with Royston’s Olympic Medal in tow.

Nick Diamond: “Royston Hawkes is stealing Marcus X’s Gold Medal!”

Marcus X looks steamed but once his Brotherhood remind him that he still has his United States Championship he settles down, holding the Title high above his head with a smile.

“Fuck this shit, you fucking pansy ass piece of dry-cunt. Freight Train Ferguson is going to fuck you till you bleed, you piece of fuckery.”

Johnny Gomez: “That’s colourful.”

Nick Diamond: “You racist son of a bitch.”

Johnny Gomez: “I didn’t mean it like that, Nicky.”

The words of Freight Train Ferguson are unmistakable as he walks through the backstage corridor, ranting and raving to himself. He could be looking for Brent Kersh, only when he spots Mike Lane standing with his back to him, the opportunity strikes and so does he – with a running Big Boot to the back of the head that slams him face first into the wall.

“Yeah, you fucking fuck-nugget loving piece of shit! How the fuck awake are you now Freight Train Ferguson has boot fucked your face, mother fucker?” FTF says, rolling him over to see him laid out unconscious. “Oh yeah, now that’s a boot print the size of your mothers cock, son!”

Johnny Gomez: “Can this man say anything without turning the air blue?”

Nick Diamond: “Why are you so racist? First it’s the niggers, now it’s the smurfs. Can’t you just leave people alone?”

Johnny Gomez: “What? Back on topic, Nick. Mike Lane just got laid out by Freight Train and tonight, he doesn’t like the victor he thought he might’ve. If you ask me, this was clever planning by a man who if you hear him talk, certainly doesn’t appear to be educated.”

Nick Diamond: “Oh so now the black folk can’t read or write?”

Meanwhile, Freight Train Ferguson walks away casually, laughing to himself as he does. He may of just turned the tide for Mike Lane tonight.

Johnny Gomez: “It’s been a magnificent night thus far and we still have so much more to see, but this next one Nick, well it really belongs at the top of any major wrestling event.”

Nick Diamond: “That is does Johnny. You’ve got SO much backstory between these two in a very short period of time.”

Johnny Gomez: “That’s true. You have both competitors “involvement” with Brent Kersh. You have Azrael’s RAGE ties and well, Scarecrow’s opposition. Not only that Nick, but you have two monsters in their own right ready to rip each other’s throats out.”

Nick Diamond: “It’s sure to be one for the making, Johnny.”

Johnny Gomez: “So who do you got, Nick?”

Nick Diamond: “Well, the crowd is going to be pulling for Scarecrow so … I’ll go with Azrael all the way Johnny.”

Johnny Gomez: “Of course you will Nick. Of course you will. Let’s hand it over to Paloma for the introductions.”

The crowd begins to stir as the bell rings to signify upcoming action.

Paloma Ruiz: “Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall and has a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first…”

“Sawdust in the Blood” by Rob Zombie blares out over the loudspeakers and it’s all the crowd can do to not explode into boos, but instead they stand solemn bustling.

Paloma Ruiz: “He is from The Underworld. Standing at a height of six feet ten inches and weighing two hundred ninety five pounds… HE IS… AZRAEL!!!!

“The Reaper” steps out onto the entrance ramp with an emotionless stare. His eyes slowly scanning the crowd from one corner of the arena to the other.

Johnny Gomez: “I tell ya… this guy is indeed a MONSTER. Scarecrow is going to have his work cut out for him tonight.”

Nick Diamond: “Do you know he hears dead people, Johnny? Can you believe that?

Johnny Gomez: “It’s definitely a difficult concept to grasp.”

Azrael begins his approach to the ring; his eyes fixed solely on the squared circle that awaits him. Slow but steady are his steps, methodical in nature.

Nick Diamond: “Can you even imagine how difficult that must be? I mean, you try to sit down and watch Friends and you hear dead people talking. You go to the grocery store and as you standing there trying to pick out the ripest watermelon, you hear dead people. You go to take a dump … DEAD people. It’s unimaginable.”

Johnny Gomez: “Not so much, Nick. I spend an awful lot of my time listening to DUMB people. You kinda get use to it.”

Nick Diamond: “Ha. Good one Johnny. Your in-laws aren’t going to like that too much though.”

Johnny Gomez: “……….. right Nick. Anyway, Azrael has made his way to ringside using the steel steps to climb to the canvas and impressively … steps over the top rope. We know what’s next.”

Suddenly, there’s a massive loud clunk as the lighting system shuts down inside the arena and the crowd erupts into cheers.

Nick Diamond: “Ugh. Listen to these people. I can’t believe they’re cheering this guy. I hear dumb people, Johnny. I HEAR DUMB PEOPLE.”

With the arena suddenly thrust into darkness, the sounds of squawking crows drown out the remnants of Azrael’s theme music. Smoke begins to fill the stage as the eerie and terrifying music of Scarecrow filters throughout the arena.

Paloma Ruiz: “AND HIS OPPONENT… from the Willoughby Cornfield. He stands at six feet eleven inches and weighs two hundred sixty pounds… HE IS … SCARECROW!!!!!”

With that, Scarecrow steps out onto the stage, pitchfork in hand, and begins to make his way to the ring through the smoke.

Nick Diamond: “My skin is crawling, Johnny.”

Johnny Gomez: “The fan reaction to this man is phenomenal, Nick. He used to be feared and loathed. Now? He’s a hero.”

Nick Diamond: “These people are lost, Nick. Just like you. I know you’ll be cheering for this, this … MONSTER before the end of the night.”

Johnny Gomez: “Easy Nick. Wouldn’t want you to have an aneurism or something. Scarecrow has made it to ringside and we’re almost ready for these two titans to get it on.”

Nick Diamond: “……….”

Johnny Gomez: “TO WRESTLE, Nick. Ready for these two titans to wrestle.”

Nick Diamond: “Oh yea. Right? What do you mean? I knew what you were saying.”

Johnny Gomez: “Both competitors are in the ring now. The light has been restored. We … are ready to go!”

The bell rings and Azrael and Scarecrow stand motionless. Each in opposite sides of the ring.

Johnny Gomez: “This is amazing Nick. Look at these two giants. Just staring each other down.”

Nick Diamond: “It looks like Scarecrow realizes he bit off a little more than he can chew, Johnny.”

Johnny Gomez: “YEA. That’s exactly what I was thinking.”

Scarecrow slowly extends his right hand and motions Azrael forward before immediately returning to a perched posed. Azrael’s face lights up in anger and he storms across the ring DRIVING a big boot square into the just of “The Hayman” and knocking him back into the corner.

Nick Diamond: “WHAT A MOVE!”

Scarecrow staggers out of the corner and AZRAEL follows up with a belly to belly suplex that sends Scarecrow CRASHING to the canvas. It’s a quick cover by “The Reaper”.




Johnny Gomez: “Wow! A quick start for Azrael, but Scarecrow is able to kick out.”

Nick Diamond: “That was a close one.”

Azrael jumps to his feet and he hits the ropes. On the return and he DROPS a big leg across the chest of his opponent. He won’t stop there. Azrael to his feet again and this time he brings Scarecrow up with him.

Nick Diamond: “DDT by “The Collector of Souls” and he’s going to make another cover. This is is Johnny.”

Johnny Gomez: “The bell will sound when the match is over, Diamond.”




Johnny Gomez: “NO! NO! The official is saying Scarecrow got his shoulder up.”

Nick Diamond: “WHAT? This is a tragedy!”
Azrael is frustrated, but he will not be denied. He lifts Scarecrow to his feet once more and …

Nick Diamond: “”LAST RITES”!!! AZRAEL JUST NAILED SCARECROW WITH THAT SUPER KICK!! He’s going to end now for sure!”

Johnny Gomez: “Azrael moves in for the pin.”



Nick Diamond: “WHAT?!?”

Johnny Gomez: “SCARECROW KICKS OUT AGAIN!! Unbelievable!”

Azrael looks confused as he pulls himself to his feet. He’s winded. Staggering a bit from the energy exerted in the beating he has given Scarecrow. Meanwhile, “The Harvester” slowly works to his feet.

Johnny Gomez: “What in the world is Azrael doing?”

Nick Diamond: “I don’t know Johnny. He’s just standing there. He…”

Scarecrow makes it to his feet albeit in a very unstable manner. When his eyes meet Azrael “The Reaper” simply reaches out in Scarecrow’s direction and mimics the movement we saw earlier from “The Hayman”.

Johnny Gomez: “I DON’T BELIEVE IT!”


Scarecrow is quick to oblige and sprints across the ring, CONNECTING to Azrael’s jaw with a big boot of his own. This time Azrael is knocked back and into the ropes. He bounces back just as Scarecrow hurries forward a couple more steps and DRIVES a knee into his midsection. Without hesitation, Scarecrow hoists Azrael onto his shoulder.

Johnny Gomez: “AW MY GAWD!”




Johnny Gomez: “NO!!”

Nick Diamond: “YES! YES! YES! Azrael kicks out.”

Scarecrow isn’t fazed. He brings himself to his feet and Azrael along with him. Sets up him slowly for a BIG TIME atomic drop. You can see the agony in Azrael’s face as he hobbles into the corner. Turning around now only to be caught in the grip of “The Hayman”. Vertical suplex coming up? HE GOT IT! Scarecrow rolling over to a cover now.



Nick Diamond: “AZRAEL kicks out before a three count, but those are getting closer Johnny.”

Johnny Gomez: “Neither man is willing to stay down for the three, Nick. What a match this has been.”

Scarecrow is to his feet, waiting, while Azrael works to his feet.

Johnny Gomez: “Look out!”

Nick Diamond: “NO!”

Johnny Gomez: “IT’S “THE HARVESTER”! That custom choke slam from Scarecrow and MY GAWD I think he may have broken Azrael’s back.”

Nick Diamond: “He’s going for the cover, Johnny. THIS COULD BE IT!! GET UP AZRAEL!!”




Johnny Gomez: “IT’S OVER! IT’S…”


Scarecrow pauses, seemingly in confusion, before slowly working to his feet. Azrael is a bit slower, but he does the same.

Johnny Gomez: “This has been a magnificent contest, Nick.”

Nick Diamond: “How much more can either of these men take?”

Both men stagger in place. Both showing effects of a hard fought battle. Suddenly, they converge!



When the lights return, Scarecrow is draped over the body of an unconscious Azrael in the center of the ring.




Nick Diamond: “NO!!!”

Johnny Gomez: “HE DID IT! Scarecrow has fended out Azrael in a battle for the ages.”

Nick Diamond: “I can’t believe this happened.”

Johnny Gomez: “Both men are moving, Nick, but neither very fast. What a match this was. WHAT A WAR!!!”

Scarecrow reaches down to Azrael on the canvas and grabs by the throat, pulling him back to his feet. The entire crowd are on theirs, cheering, chanting, willing Scarecrow to end this right now.

Johnny Gomez: “The fans are calling for it, Nicky. The fans want to see him end this young man.”

Nick Diamond: “All the hay in the world couldn’t have made his Perch landing any softer – I heard it from here. If the monster made of hay wants to put him down, he’d better be a nice kid and ask how low Scarecrow wants him to go.”

The Monster holds him out in front, his head tilted, taking his sweet time.

Then the lights go off.

Nick Diamond: “Hold me Johnny!”

Johnny Gomez: “What the hell is this?”

When the lights return, Azrael is perched in the middle of the ring! He’s spread across the perch, his arms covering the wooden boards, cable ties wrapping him to it like some kind of Scarecrow. The Hayman approaches him, looking him up and down, tilting his head as he stands before him.

Then Azrael’s eyes open – startling, piercing, full of fear.


Scarecrow snaps his fingers and the darkness returns.

A spotlight then illuminates the ring, neither Scarecrow or Azrael remain. They’re gone, into the darkness, Azrael’s soul is Scarecrow’s to keep.

The flutter of birds brings about light, the ring emptied, the fans on their feet in awe.

Johnny Gomez: “I have a feeling that’s the last we’ll see of Azrael. His soul now belongs to The Hayman.”

Nick Diamond: “Off to the cornfield he goes.”

When the camera arrives in the backstage area, it’s safe to say that no-one quite expects to see Lux Bellator kneeling outside the locker room of Red River Jack in prayer. The fans boo, but he’s not exactly paying attention.

Johnny Gomez: “Is he doing what I think he’s doing?”

Nick Diamond: “Well, either he’s praying or bowing before Red River Jack.”

“Then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature. And he said to him, you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?”

Johnny Gomez: “Don’t you just love the sound of fresh judging in the evening?”

Nick Diamond: “I prefer the sound of silence, but whatever Johnny.”

The door suddenly swings open and stood before the praying Bellator is none other than Red River Jack himself.

“What the-“ he says, un-amused, obviously annoyed. “Are you fearful for my soul, man?”

Jack places his hand on the head of a focused Bellator, who doesn’t flinch and doesn’t stop, his prayers now quieter.

“Don’t worry Lux, tonight, I’ll give you an awakening, man. I’ll let you see that it isn’t my soul you should be fearful over, it’s your own.”

There’s no violence, no brawl, just silence. Lux keeps his palms together and remains that way as Red walks off into his locker room, laughing to himself.

Johnny Gomez: “And now it’s time for another of a series of big matches tonight; it’s time for Wes Warhammer versus Ethan Bird, Nick, with a shot at the RAGE Championship on the line.”

The sound of the streets hits the PA system as the lights inside the arena go out.

Nick Diamond: “And here comes one of the homeless dudes on the roster now!”

The arena is illuminated only by the fans cell phones. The lights being omitted by the fans frantically search the arena to locate Ethan Bird, suddenly the lights find him entering through the crowd. As he approaches the ring, he becomes more and more visible being illuminated by more light from the cell phones. Ethan jumps the barricade and make his way into the ring. He pauses looking out at the crowd, his facial expression never changing.

Johnny Gomez: “There hasn’t been much love loss between these two since joining the RAGE Revolution, has there Nick?”

Nick Diamond: “Not in the least; RAGE better hope these two can put their out of the ring differences aside, Johnny, but in it? I have a feeling we’re in for a hell of a ride tonight.”

“Back to 88” by Dead Celebrity Status hits and as the music starts, Wes comes out with a pissed off expression upon his face. He climbs into the ring and bangs his hands on the turnbuckle as if toughening them up for the face of his opponent.

Johnny Gomez: “Wes sure does look ready to rock, Nick.”

Nick Diamond: “And Bird – well, I can’t see much of his expression behind that beautiful beard of his, but I assume he is as well.”


Johnny Gomez: “And we’re off!”

Both men circle and close for a lock-up, except Ethan Bird starts the match off with a right to the head of Wes Warhammer. This elicits a smile from the Cajun who responds with a right of his own. Bird buries a left to the ribs of Wes and the effect is immediately evident, Wes back-peddling to the corner. Bird runs in to follow up with a knee but not quick enough. Warhammer sidesteps and introduces Bird’s back to the canvas with a Russian leg sweep.

Johnny Gomez: “Beautiful reversal of fortune there by Warhammer; I thought Bird had him in a bad way.”

No advantage gained, neither Ethan nor Wes are down longer than the other, but it’s the quickness of Warhammer that strikes first with a jab. Another jab. Bird torques his hip to put every ounce of power into the left thrown to the ribs but this isn’t Wes’s first dance. He tucks his right arm close to his body to block, spinning on his right leg to jump for an enzuguri.

Johnny Gomez: “Oh my!”

Bird ducks throwing his arms under his opponent’s, locking his fingers behind his head. Full nelson slam! The crowd cheers, perhaps a bit surprised by Bird’s technical game.

Johnny Gomez: “Wes couldn’t complete that quick set! What a stunning display of technical wrestling from Ethan Bird. Both of these men sure know what they’re doing in that ring.”

Nick Diamond: “Both men know what’s on the line tonight, Johnny; it’s a shot at that RAGE Championship.”

Johnny Gomez: “Something neither was able to obtain while RAGE still had it’s doors open, but certainly something both are capable of claiming as they’re showing here tonight.”

Ethan runs across the ring, taking a calculated high risk climbing to the top and waiting. Missile dropkick! No hands, just feet flying into face. Bird scoops Warhammer up, hoisting him over his shoulder and backing into the corner. Running power slam attempt but Wes slides off shoving Bird to the corner. Grabbing the top ropes Ethan hops up and over Warhmmer!


Nick Diamond: “Bird’s hit the ground harder than Lamar Odom on cocaine and Viagra!”

Warhammer storms to his feet delivering a couple of boots to Bird’s midsection and then pulls him to his feet blasting him with a hard knife edge chop that sends Bird back off the ropes and STRAIGHT INTO A WAITING WARHAMMER!

Johnny Gomez: “SIDEWALK SLAM!”

Nick Diamond: “I bet Bird has hit a few sidewalks in his day, but not like that!”

Warhammer goes for a cover!

Johnny Gomez: “ONE!”

Nick Diamond: “TWO!”

Johnny Gomez: “NO! Kickout from Bird!”

Warhammer pounds the mat, frustrated, and gets to his feet in a hurry and delivers a brutal uppercut and then whips Bird off the ropes looking for a clothesline BUT BIRD DUCKS BENEATH!

Ethan flies off the opposite ropes and –


Bird drops to his knees limply and then to the ground but Warhammer instead of searching for a win pulls the homeless man upward and throws him into the corner hard and rushes in with a splash. He then grabs Bird and drops him with a quick DDT.

Johnny Gomez: “Warhammer in total control here, Nick.”

Nick Diamond: “I bet it’s his eyes; isn’t this dude a vampire? I saw Hotel Transylvania 2 and I know what happens when you look into a vampire’s eyes! MIND CONTROL!”

Johnny Gomez: “I don’t think – OH WHAT A SHOT BY BIRD!”

Bird hammered Warhammer in the gut as Wes was trying to pull him back to his feet. Ethan pops up AND THEN PULLS WES’S JAW STRAIGHT DOWN!

Johnny Gomez: “JAWBREAKER!”

Nick Diamond: “OH! I bet that broke his fangs!”

Bird pulls Warhammer to the center of the ring, arm over the head, grabs the leg, no! Spinning neck breaker from Warhammer countering the World’s End DDT. The crowd pops and Wes feels a rush of adrenaline. He picks Ethan up and muscles him up for a press slam, then lifts him higher yet!

Johnny Gomez: “NO! BIRD FLIPS OFF!”

Wes spins around as Bird rushes him BUT CATCHES HIM!


Wes goes for a cover!

Johnny Gomez: “ONE!”

Nick Diamond: “TWO!”


Nick Diamond: “HOW?!? That Bird got shot out of the air!”

Wes slaps the mat, frustrated; Ethan bird is brought back to his feet and clocked with a heinous right hook. Warhammer pushes him the rest of the way around to hook his neck and lift him in an inverted suplex position. He drops Bird and jumps to fall with him in a modified cutter but NO!

Johnny Gomez: “HE REVERSED!”

Ethan Bird swings his legs around to catch Wes in a crucifix pin. The ref goes to count but before he can, Bird rolls through the pin! Crossface Armbreaker!

Johnny Gomez: “HE’S GOT IT LOCKED IN!”

Nick Diamond: “It may not be time for bed, but he’s getting put to sleep!”

It’s locked in and there’s nowhere to go. Wes tries to roll. Tries again to reverse the position but he can’t. He taps!


Johnny Gomez: “What a match! What a match ladies and gentlemen! Ethan Bird picking up a win in brutal yet technical fashion over Wes Warhammer and earns his shot at the RAGE Championship!”

Nick Diamond: “And something tells me this won’t be over for them, look at Warhammer staring a hole through the back of Bird Johnny.”

Johnny Gomez: “He certainly isn’t amused, is he?”

After a commercial break, we cut to the backstage where we find the members of RAGE congregated amongst one another- including the exhausted Wes Warhammer and Ethan Bird who just fought out here tonight.

Johnny Gomez: “Looks like RAGE is talking strategy here Nick.”

Suddenly, Wes Warhammer shoves Ethan Bird. “I’ve had enough of your shit! We’re out here trying to prove a point and you’re getting in the way of that!”

Nick Diamond: “Our they’re having a cat fight.”

Bird stoically looks back at Wes. “The only thing getting in the way of anything is your inability to find success; something you undoubtedly fell short of again on this night.”

Nick Diamond: “Ooooohhhh! He got served!”

Johnny Gomez: “I’m not sure he got served anything; Wes Warhammer has looked fantastic since joining here, Nick.”

Wes cocks his head to the side and then places a finger in Bird’s chest. “For someone who lives on the streets you’re not very humble, and I’ll be damn sure that your god-like aura gets put to the test. I’m not going to let RAGE down, but I’ll certainly show them our weak link.”

Bird slaps his hand to the side and gets in Wes’s face. “Sticks and stones, Wes; sticks and stones.”

Suddenly, Wes clocks Bird across the chin and Ethan strikes back with a blow to the midsection, the two of them screaming at one another and throwing haymakers while the rest of RAGE tries to separate the two of them.

Johnny Gomez: “There’s turmoil in the RAGE camp, Nick! This doesn’t bode well.”

“ENOUGH!” barks Jake Jeckel, his head on a swivel between the two. “We’re all in this together; this is a team effort damn it, and I’ll be damned if you two turn it into a side show. We’re here to make a statement; to show the fans and the world that RAGE is flat out better than OSW and what are you two doing? Fighting like a couple of women? We can’t have dissension; we need unity. You’ve settled this in the ring tonight and now you’ll be done with it; we’ve got bigger things ahead.”

Johnny Gomez: “Spoken like a true leader.”

Bird shakes off the men holding him back and stares at Wes. “It’s settled.”

Wes scoffs, “You’re damn right it is.”

The two storm off through the crowd of RAGE members, giving some excitement to what will certainly be one hell of a match later in the night.

“WHY DO I CALL MYSELF A JUGGALO!?!” – “Raw Deal” by Twiztid hits and, as Jake Jeckel explodes on stage, the crowd goes wild with boo’s. Despite their distain, the Juggalo seems to enjoy the reaction, egging people as he moves at a jog towards the ring; air boxing and occasionally flicking his nose with his thumb as he goes. Once ringside Jake rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring, immediately jumping up on the far turnbuckle; camera side. Atop the turnbuckle Jake peers down at the fans in the front row; a look on his face that conveys that they are nothing but peons to him. A snarl on his lips that conveys he wants nothing more than to rip their heads off at the neck. Jeckel tares off his shirt and fakes like he’s going to throw it to the crowd before letting it drop on the apron for the ref to kick off the canvas.

Show me a smile on your silly face ‘Cause I’m getting tired of this human race, My darling The crushing guitars blast through the sound system as the initial blackness wakes up with the sunrise of a white splash that violently attacks those in attendance. There, slowly moving from behind the curtain, is the Luminary Sage himself, Reichous Marx, in his jet-black overcoat. He reaches the foot of the stage, gripping a kendo stick instead of his prized staff, and pauses to allow his eyes to drift from side to side. He then closes those eyes with a half-grin, taps the kendo stick to his temple, opens his eyes, points that same stick toward the rafters, and resumes his systematic strut down the ramp and to ringside. He marches up the stairs, removes his black overcoat, enters the ring, and takes his cue at the far corner, stick in hand..

The match starts and both men circle around each other, Marx still clutching his kendo stick that he entered with. Jeckel mockingly points up at the staff hanging above the ring, smirking at his opposition.

Nick Diamond: Would someone throw a punch already? We’re watching paint dry!

Johnny Gomez: You’re such a patient man, Nick.

Marx charges Jeckel, the clown ducking a swing of the kendo stick and swinging behind Marx to hit a hard clothesline that drops Marx to a knee! Jeckel throws punches at the back of Marx’s head before backing up and getting in a three point stance. He charges Marx as he stands- KENDO STICK TO THE FACE! Jeckel drops and Marx lands a few more stiff shots before rolling to the outside, grabbing and tossing in a ladder.

Johnny Gomez: A strong showing by Marx here, he’s definitely not looking to go down easy today.

Nick Diamond: Do ya think he’ll stop pussy footing about his staff and actually fight Jeckel or am I crazy for thinking that?

Marx gets inside the ring only to catch a boot from Jeckel! The Juggalo pulls Marx to his feet and whips him off of the ropes, hitting a powerslam on the Luminary sage and making him drop his kendo stick. Jeckel pulls Marx to his feet and drags him over to the ladder. SUPLEX ONTO THE LADDER! Metal and flesh collide, letting out a clang that the cheap seats can hear.

Nick Diamond: See? Jeckel doesn’t waste a match on a stupid staff.

Johnny Gomez: You do realize what the theme of the match is, don’t you?

Nick Diamond: Whining over a staff is not a theme, Johnny!

Jeckel goes to town on the downed Marx, looking to peel him from the mat- LOW BLOW! Marx hits Jeckel where it hurts and drops the Juggalo, leaving the clown in pain. Marx sets the ladder up in the center of the ring and begins his ascent to the top. Unfortunately, Jeckel fought through the pain and has also made it up and isn’t looking to go down easy. He climbs the ladder just as Marx retrieves his staff! He swings- JECKEL CATCHES THE STAFF! He yanks it from Marx’s hands and lands a blow to chest. Marx is dazed and Jeckel looks to swing again but Marx ducks! He punches Jeckel in the throat before kicking the Juggalo from the ladder, sending Jeckel to the floor! Marx stands on top of the ladder, crosses his arms and falls. THE GRACE OF AMADEUS FROM THE LADDER! Marx pins.




NO! Jeckel gets a shoulder up and Marx rolls off of him.

Johnny Gomez: Do you think he’s pussy footing now, Nick?

Nick Diamond: With all of the confidence that staff gives him, you’d think it’s his dick.

Johnny Gomez: No comment.

Marx peels Jeckel from the floor and whips him towards the ladder, sending the Juggalo face first into the steel! Jeckel stumbles forward against the ladder, using it to hold himself steady as Marx comes up from behind, staff now in hand. He nails Jeckel in the back with it before pulling Jeckel from the ladder and signaling for the end! HELTER- NO! Jeckel reverses! He slips out of Marx’s hands and slams the Sage headfirst into the ladder! Marx is reeling from the blow, turning around to a clothesline by Jeckel that topples over both Marx and the ladder! Jeckel goes for a pin!




Johnny Gomez: Both Marx and Jeckel are truly resilient, wouldn’t you say so, Nick?

Nick Diamond: I’m not sure about you, but I’m more worried about Marx losing his dick- I mean staff.

Jeckel forces Marx to his feet, obviously angry at Marx’s refusal to go down. He hits a few right hooks before trying to whip Marx, but Marx sandbags and whips Jeckel into the ropes, hitting a hard spinning back fist on the return! Jeckel drops and Marx peels him from the mat again, looking for the belly to belly- JUGGA BLOW! Jeckel pushes Marx away and lands a hard low blow, putting the Sage on to his knees and allowing Jeckel to kick him hard in the face! The juggalo rolls out of the ring, fishing under the ring and pulling out a table! He tosses it in and sets it up along with the ladder.

Nick Diamond: Tables! We probably would have seen them earlier if SOMEBODY, wasn’t so worried about his staff.

Johnny Gomez: It’s not exactly a TLC match, I didn’t even know tables were under the ring until now.

Jeckel peels Marx off of the ground and forces him up one side of the ladder before scaling the other himself. Marx is dazed and Jeckel looks to land a European uppercut- Marx blocks it! The two superstars begin brawling on top of the ladder, trying to send one another down below. Marx looks to have the upper hand but Jeckel spits in his eye! Using the opening, The Juggalo grabs Marx and lifts him overhead.

Jeckel holds Marx over his head, looking to jump- Marx wiggles free and lands behind Jeckel on the rung behind him! He grabs Jeckel around the waist and leaps! SKULL AND BONES THROUGH THE TABLE! The referee counts the pin as Marx bridges the suplex.




Marx lets go of Jeckel as he finds the strength to stand, claiming his staff before exiting the ring to get his belt.

“The Grinner” Samael Angelos stumbles backstage, still reeling after his beating in his match earlier tonight. He pushes security and other faculty out of the way as he shouts obscenities at them.

“I don’t deserve this treatment! I’m the Grinner, no one is going to tell me I lost this match, they’re not! You arrogant pricks haven’t seen the last of me!”

As he pushes his way down the hall, he pushes not one, but two superstars on their way down the hall. Marvolo and Bruce Van Chan.

“Out of my way! I don’t have to deal with you two. I’m Samael Angelos and I won’t stand for any rudeness from underlings like you two!”

Van Chan and and Marvolo stop in their tracks and look at each other, a synonymous nod as they look back toward the rude little clown. Marvolo and BVC rush towards him, dropping the side show act like a pile of bricks with a double clothesline! Bruce stands atop a nearby dumpster and watches Marvolo peel the clown off the ground. WHITE TIGER DRIVER! Marvolo rolls out of the way and Bruce takes time to taunt before leaping. SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! Samael is laid out, his rude performance earning him a harsh beating.

Bruce and Marvolo stare at each other and, as if knowing what to do next, pick up the clown and toss him IN THE BIN! The unlikely duo close the lid on the broken clown. Bruce Van Chan smirks and walks away, Marvolo watches him for a quick second before picking up a chair and running after him. CHAIR SHOT! Bruce drops to the ground and Marvolo smirks as he walks away.

“Sorry Brucey, just have to remind you, there’s only one number one here.”

Paloma Ruiz: “The following contest is the FINAL of the Ring King 2015 tournament! Introducing first…”

The opening lick of Steve Vai’s wonderful guitar playing from “For The Love Of God” rings out over the arena. Mike Lane walks out from the shadows with no pomp and circumstance.

Paloma Ruiz: “Emerging from The Shadows, weighing two-hundred-sixty-two pounds… MIIIIIKE LAAAAANE!”

He places his hands on his hips and looks out over the crowd before raising his arms out to the side in the crucifix pose. Then he begins to slowly stride with purpose down the aisle. He slides into the ring, and relaxes into his corner.

The sound of “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis is heard throughout the arena, prompting the crowd to rise to their feet with a roar of excitement as the lights slowly begin to dim. Suddenly red, white, and blue pyrotechnic effects begin to explode from the base of the entrance ramp that last several seconds before “The Enforcer” Brent Kersh appears on the upper portion of the structure.

The OSW superstar steps out onto the steel stage with his hands on his hips and looking around the arena in appreciation of the response from the crowd. Kersh is wearing a loose fitting black tee shirt embroidered with the letters “OSW” and soaked in sweat. In addition, “The Enforcer” is wearing his traditional wrestling attire of black tights, boots, kneepads, kneebraces, and white tape wrapped tightly around his wrists. As the colorful collage of sparks begin to die down, Kersh begins his approach to the ring. Maintaining a calm and collected mannerism, Brent moves back and forth slowly from one side of the walkway to the other, slapping hands with the fans lining the security railing.

The OSW superstar lifts both hands into the air as he manoeuvres his way around the ring.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponent, hailing from Beaumont, Texas, weighing in tonight at 255lbs, he is the Enforcer, BREEENNNTTTT KEEERRRSSSHHH!”

Johnny Gomez: “This is it, this is the Ring King Final! One of these two men will crowned Ring King here tonight and garner all the fanfare that goes with it.”

Nick Diamond: “I hope Brent Kersh gets his face kicked off. I really do.”


The bell sounds and both men begin to circle each other, Kersh looking worse for wear after a difficult few weeks. He offers a handshake to Lane who reluctantly accepts it, only to pull Brent in to a high knee. Another, another, another and a big knee to the face send Kersh sprawling to the canvas. Lane quickly stomps away at him, ignoring the boos from the crowd as Brent wisely rolls to the outside.

Johnny Gomez: “Brent has been through the wars recently and now he’s taking a moment to compose himself.”

Nick Diamond: “AIR LANE! AIR LANE!”


Brent didn’t see it coming and found himself thrust back into the barricade. The former People’s Choice grabs him by the hair and drags him back to his feet, scooping him up and dropping him chest first across it for good measure. He quickly runs him backwards into the ring apron and watches as he falls to his ass on the outside. The Enforcer is tired, weary and in some deep trouble here tonight.

Mike steps backwards and listens to the crowd.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU MIKE?” shouts one man from the front row, infuriated with how Red River Jack has changed him. Lane though smirks and runs his knee directly into Kersh’ head!

Johnny Gomez: “That’s just vindictive! What’s happened to this man?”

Nick Diamond: “He’s gotten himself an Edge, Johnny!”

He grabs Brent and pulls him back to his feet, stepping backwards and WHIPPING HIM INTO THE-NO!! BRENT KERSH REVERSES AND SENDS MIKE LANE STRAIGHT INTO THE STEEL STEPS!


The Enforcer stumbles over and grabs him by the hair, pulling him to his feet. He slaps him hard across the chest, once, twice, three times and then rolls him back into the ring. Brent follows and drops into the cover.




Johnny Gomez: “That was close!”

Nick Diamond: “Unfortunately.”

They both slowly get back to their feet, Kersh pulling Lane close and into a Snap Suplex, rolling through into a mount. He starts pummelling away at him, beating him with right and left hands until Mike kicks him off. They both spin back to their feet, Mike ducking under a Clothesline attempt and NECKBREAKER! This is back and forth right now!

Again, both of them roll back to their feet, Kersh woozily ducking a Clothesline this time and SPINEBUSTER!! SPINEBUSTER!! SPINE ON THE FUCKING PINE!!

The fans are on their feet!

Brent slowly gets back up and signals for the end, waiting for Mike who follows him to his feet. He kicks him low, scoops him up and… NO! MIKE LANE DROPS DOWN BEHIND! THE SHADOW MAKER SPINS HIM… THE SHADOW KICK!! NO!!


Johnny Gomez: “What a match!”

Nick Diamond: “Come on Michael! Be our King, be our glorious King!”

Both men are once again on their way back to their feet, Kersh once again scooping Lane up.. he’s going for it… SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!! NO!! MIKE PUSHES OUT ONCE AGAIN! HOLY SHIT!


Lane kips up to his feet! The Shadowmaker collides into Kersh as he gets back up with a running cross body! No, he catches him! He looks to flip him down into a Powerslam but NO! The determined former World Champion clocks Brent in the ear with a hard right! Another! Another! He’s forced to drop him, landing awkwardly on his feet, immediately moving them and regaining his grace to DROP THE ENFORCER WITH A TILT-A-WHIRL DDT!

The Shadowmaker seems to have momentum firmly in his grasp as he begins to stomp the chest of The Enforcer, over and over and over again! “You’re gonna wake up, Kersh! You’re gonna bow to your new king!” A spiel followed by a not-so-spiel STANDING SPLASH!! HE NAILS IT! MIKE LANE IS SURELY ON HIS WAY TO BECOMING RING KING! HE HOOKS THE LEG!!!




Johnny Gomez: “That was almost it!”

Nick Diamond: “It’s time for Brent Kersh and everyone else to wake up.”

The crowd eats it up in spite of their hatred, popping loudly for the sensational display by their FORMER World Champion. He reaches his feet moments before Kersh, springboarding to the nearest turnbuckle as Brent reaches his feet! He leaps! SHADOW KICK! FUCKING NO!! NO! NO!


Lane’s body folds up like a rag doll as the Enforcer makes the cover himself!





“I WILL FIGHT,” screams Kersh, standing to his feet now and dragging him up to his feet. “UNTIL I CAN FIGHT NO MORE!”









Johnny Gomez: “Not like this.. no…!”

Nick Diamond: “YES… COME ON REFEREE… YES.”






Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable! Mike Lane has just done the unthinkable! Paloma Ruiz enters the ring with the Ring King 2015 crown and cape, handing them to a bewildered Mike, who reluctantly allows her to place them upon him.

Johnny Gomez: “This is the one, this is our new King!”

Nick Diamond: “All hail, oh Christ, even I can’t bring myself to say it. This match was bullshit. Where was Freight Train Ferguson when you needed him?”

Suddenly though, there’s murmurs amongst the crowd.



Johnny Gomez: “They’re ambushing our KING!”

Nick Diamond: “Oh no, whatever will we do?”

Both men attack Mike Lane to the ground with right hands, stomping away at him, ripping at his cape in rage and frustration. Their assault quickly becomes bloody, busting Lane wide open as they pummel away at him mercilessly.

Then it happens.

The absolute unthinkable.


Johnny Gomez: “WHAT!?”


King Konstantine suddenly comes storming out from behind the curtain, making a b-line for the ring with NIGEL ROYAL IN TOW!! They both slide straight in and go to work on Hunter and Pig, beating them backwards into the ropes..


Nigel dispatches Hunter over the top rope with a Clothesline of his own and by God, The King is back!

Johnny Gomez: “I don’t even know what to say! Defender of Old School Wrestling? King Konstantine is back? He’s…”

Nick Diamond: “The rightful King, Johnny!”

The King bends down to check on Mike Lane, helping him back to his feet. They look at each other, crowns upon their head, the entire Kingdom watching. Will they fight? Will they brawl? Will they turn on each other and fight for this Kingdom?

Royal hands him a microphone.

Orwell stands proudly, “Sir Lane, you are the true King of this Ring, but it is I, King Konstantine Orwell, whom is the true King of this Kingdom. There shall come a time that we fight for this Kingdom, but that time is not now. We fight in unison, two Kings, to save our Kingdom from those filthy invaders!”

He slams the microphone down on the canvas and in the most unbelievable scene, all three raise their arms in unison.

Old School Wrestling doesn’t do things by half. They don’t have on King, they have two and RAGE had better watch out!

The lights fade in the Schoolyard to just a notch above complete darkness. The soft, melancholy tones of Mark Crozer and the Rels hits the P.A. “I have broken bones, to get to you…” The fans, as strange as it seems, raise to their feet and lift an unaccustomed cheer. ‘I have abandoned all I own, to get to you…” We see the red glow of a cigarette, then out of the darkness appears the Old School Wrestling Champion, Red River Jack!

Paloma Ruiz: “Introducing first, standing six foot – two inches tall, weighing in at 230 pounds, he is your OSW Heavyweight Champion of the World…….RED RIVER JACK!”

The crowd gets even louder as the makeshift hero walks slowly to the ring. He takes one last drag off of his cigarette, rubs it out with his foot, and enters the ring. He stands, seemingly uninterested (though we know it isn’t true), waiting for his opponent.

Johnny Gomez: “Red River Jack has become an anti-hero of sorts. He’s normally despised, but because of the RAGE Invasion, he’s become a source of strength for the OSW.”

The arena is plunged into blackout. A single chord rings out through the darkness. A single beam of light shines down on the stage, illuminating a solitary figure. The sultry voice of Enya rings out. ‘O Come, O Come Emmanuel…’ Father Pedro is standing on stage, he walks forward to find a hooded figure kneeling on the stage. Pedro places his hand on the man’s shoulders as the music changes into a steady rock beat. Pedro lifts away the robe and exposed Lux Bellator.

Paloma Ruiz: “Introducing next, standing six feet tall and weighing in at 215 pounds, he is the RAGE Champion…..LUX BELLATOR!”

The duo walk to the ring in a beam of golden light. Bellator goes up the steps and into the center of the ring, where he sits to pray.

Red River Jack has no time for that and runs over and BOOTS BELLATOR TO THE TEMPLE! The referee calls for the bell and officially starts the match.

RRJ stomps Bellator into the mat. RRJ pulls Bellator to his feet and delivers several BACKHAND CHOPS driving Lux into the corner. Jack mounts the second turnbuckle and drives fist after fist into Bellator’s masked head as the crowd counts along: 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9!……10!!!!! After the last punch RRJ steps out of the way and Lux stumbles out of the corner but stays on his feet. Jack runs behind Lux and hits a ONE-HANDED BULLDOG! Jack covers:




Kickout! Jack is not happy about that and gets to his feet and delivers more stomps to the head and shoulders of Bellator. Jack pulls him up andFISHERMAN SUPLEX!! He bridges:




Kickout again. Jack pulls Bellator to his feet and whips him into the ropes. As Bellator returns RRJ goes for a DROPKICK, but Bellator ducks it and RRJ crashes to the mat without making contact! Bellator keeps running and bounces off the far ropes. RRJ is back to his feet but Bellator hits him with a desperation RUNNING YAKUZA KICK! Both men are down but stirring. Both men climb to their feet when the ref’s count gets to five. They start trading punches! Heavy strikes from each man until Bellator starts to get the upper hand. He drives RRJ back to the ropes and whips him across the ring. As Jack returns Lux grabs him and TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER!! RRJ is down, clutching his back! Bellator wants to take advantage of RRJ’s injured back and locks in an ELEVATED BOSTON CRAB!

Red River Jack is in pain and it shows on his face. There is no quit in the man, however. Bellator cranks down even harder! The ref asks Jack if he wants to quit. He shakes his head no and begins to push up with his arms! He pushed up hard enough to flip Bellator away and break the hold. Jack forces himself to his feet while Bellator is quick to his as well!

Bellator reaches for Jack, but RRJ counters LEAPING CLOTHESLINE! Bellator is flipped head over heels with the surprise shot! Jack rushes over to him and drops a knee to the back of Bellator’s head. RRJ pulls Lux to his feet and DOUBLE UNDERHOOK PILEDRIVER!




Kickout! Bellator won’t give in! Jack pulls him to his feet again and goes for a STALLING VERTICAL SUPLEX, but Bellator wriggles enough that Jack drops him. Bellator lands on his feet! RRJ turns to grab him but, SPINNING BACKFIST! RRJ drops and Bellator covers:




Red River Jack kicks out! Bellator pulls him to his feet and the two lock arms. Bellator breaks the lock and slides around for a HAMMERLOCK. Lux drops an elbow onto RRJ’s shoulder. Jack begins to walk towards the ropes, and gets there! The referee forces Bellator across the ring and away from Jack. The ref goes to check on Jack who promptly dismisses him. The Light Warrior runs back at RRJ, but Jack counters with a DROP TOE HOLD! BELLATOR’S FACE SMASHES INTO THE BOTTOM TURNBUCKLE! BLOOD IS POURING FROM HIS NOSE!

Nick Diamond: “I think his nose is broken, Johnny!”

Johnny Gomez: “They’ve gotta stop the match!”

Bellator is rolling on the mat, and the ref backs RRJ up so he can check on Lux. The ref determines that Lux’s nose is broken. He raises his hand to have the timekeeper ring the bell, but RRJ grabs his arm before he can signal.

“It ain’t over, man.” Jack says.

The ref pulls his arm out of Jack’s grasp, and tries to signal again, but Jack gives a hard FOREARM TO THE REF’S FACE! The referee is out!

Red River Jack walks over to the downed Lux Bellator, but Lux is playing possum! He sweeps the legs of RRJ, who goes down hard. Bellator gets to his feet, and his nose is still dripping a good amount of blood. He runs across the ring and bounces of the ropes returning to a now standing Jack and DUEM LUCIM! He pins………………………..

There’s no referee! He’s still knocked out! Bellator get quickly to his feet and kicks RRJ in the head as he sits up. Bellator pulls Jack to his feet and lifts him for a KNEE ASSISTED SHOULDER BREAKER!!! The Emmanuel is back to his feet quickly and goes to work on the shoulder of Red River Jack. He delivers kick after kick to the shoulder. Lux pulls him up again, and put him in another HAMMERLOCK! RRJ is in pain, but throws elbows back, catching Lux in the side of the head. Bellator releases him, but before Jack can react he catches a DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! RRJ is staggered on his feet and Bellator hits him with a SPRINGBOARD DDT!

RRJ is down and out, but the referee is still nowhere in sight. Bellator stands over RRJ, who is facedown on the mat. Blood drips from Bellator’s nose onto RRJ’s back. Lux bends over and DRAWS A CRUCIFIX WITH BLOOD ON RED RIVER JACK’S BACK!!!

Lux is feeling cocky and goes to the top rope. He waits for RRJ to start to climb to his feet, and Lux makes a ‘Catholic Cross’ with his right hand, touching his head then his chest and both shoulders. Bellator leaps from the top turnbuckle for a SOMERSAULT PLANCHA…..but RRJ ducks it and Bellator crashes to mat on his back!

The referee is finally stirring. Jack grabs Bellator, pulls him up and SEEIN’ RED! Jack is still not completely with it, but is able to roll on top of Lux for a pin! The referee is groggy:




Nick Diamond: “It’s OVER!”

Johnny Gomez: “NO! Bellator kicked out at the last second! Red River Jack can’t believe it!”

Nick Diamond: “Neither can I! That count was slow!”

RRJ Is up to his feet, frustration on his face. He pulls Lux Bellator to his feet and whips him to the ropes. When he returns Bellator leaps and hits the ARM OF GOD! The headscissor-DDT-submission combo hits perfectly! He has Jack locked into the FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Jack is really hurting and Bellator is cranking on it. Jack won’t give up, though! Somehow, Jack musters the strength to position himself so he can PUNCH BELLATOR STRAIGHT IN THE BROKEN NOSE!!! Bellator let’s go immediately and is writhing in pain! RRJ is down as well, clutching his arm and shoulder……….

Work it harder, make it better,
do it faster, makes us stronger,
more than ever, hour after,
Our work is never over.



“YOU MAKE SURE THIS MATCH FINISHES!” Slade says, winding up the chair as Bellator and Jack slowly get back to their feet.










The fans just cannot believe it!

How on earth did Jackson Salde pull that off? He’s back to his feet as the referee raises Bellator’s hand, only Jackson is absolutely furious. “GET HIM!!” he screams as RAGE members suddenly storm the ring and surround a getting up and woozy Jack like a pack of wolves.

Johnny Gomez: “This is going to get ugly!”

Nick Diamond: “Look in the mirror, it already has! Jax and his boys are about to deliver the beat down of a life time to Red River Jack!”



Nick Diamond: “Brent Kersh, Mike Lane, Reichous Marx, The Hangman and Scarecrow, it’s like a horror convention!”


Jake Jeckel, Lee Crowley, Freight Train Ferguson, Robert Gordon, Lux Bellator, Ethan Bird, Wes Warhammer and Piotor Crowley are just too much for them though. They’re outnumbered and the numbers game means only one thing; defeat.

Johnny Gomez: “They can’t handle the numbers! RAGE have the superior amount of guys here, Nick.”

Nick Diamond: “There’s nothing they can do!”

Johnny Gomez: “Hold on, I’m being told that we have to go backstage. Why the hell are we leaving this fight?”

We’re leaving the fight because backstage, Nigel Royal and King Konstantine are brawling with Pig and James Hunter by the entrance! Pig has mounted Royal and delivers right hands after right hands, whilst King Konstantine has been launched over a table by James Hunter!

Suddenly the exit doors fly open and..


Johnny Gomez: “THAT’S… THAT’S…. ”



Isaiah throws the pipe down and storms off down the hall, making his way towards the ring as we head back there ourselves. OSW is taking a beating here tonight, RAGE has them outnumbered and they can’t seem to get the upper hand. There’s right and left hands being traded all over the place as the crowd are worked into a complete and utter frenzy!


“Get down, stay down!”


“You know I get down, I’m a downer, heart pounder, LOLin’, smelling like Sarin.”



‘The Grim’ steps out onto the stage and flips off his hood, revealing his snarling face underneath for all the world to see. The wrestlers in the ring have no idea what to do as he runs down the entrance ramp and slides straight in.


Isaiah pops back up as OSW roster members start fighting back. The Grim nails Bird with a right hand, then a Clothesline to Wes Warhammer. He turns around and drops Piotor Crowley for good measure as well. He’s hitting anything that moves!

Freight Train Ferguson is suddenly dropped to his knees by Brent Kersh and Isaiah needs little more invitation than that…


Johnny Gomez: “The longest reigning World Champion isn’t just evening the odds, he’s fucking levelling them.”

Nick Diamond: “He’s the Horseman and he’s bringing death to RAGE!”

Black is straight back to his feet and ducks underneath Robert Gordon’s Clothesline, watching as he stumbles straight into the Scarecrow.



Jake Jeckel and Lux Bellator are next, Lux walking into Red River Jack..




Johnny Gomez: “Jackson Slade can’t believe it! He’s running for the hills as OSW finally celebrates a victory! It’s all coming together for the Old School Wrestling collective, Nicky! Look at them, standing tall, the ovation deafening!”

Nick Diamond: “What a night in this war. RAGE won’t take this lying down but King Konstantine and Isaiah Black have returned and Jackson Slade may of orchestrated this with Jake Jeckel, but this symphony just played a different tune!”

Ring King 2015 goes off the air with Isaiah Black, Red River Jack, Brent Kersh, Reichous Marx, Mike Lane, The Hangman and The Scarecrow all stood tall in the middle of the ring, RAGE bodies scattered around them.

Tonight marks the first victory for Old School Wrestling in this war and a united front, finally!