“Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.”

Once a year the time comes for something marvellous, something so special that everything it defines, is everything we crave and want. Battles are won and lost, hearts are made whole and broken. Blood, tears and sweat are laden across a canvas of dreamsshattered and achieved. On this night, wrestlers do battle not for trinkets of gold, but for what is represented by it. They fight for hope, for dreams, for glory.

Blood will be spilt, hearts will be broken and each competitor that steps through those ropes will leave everything in the ring.

That squared circle, those four sets of three ropes, those pillars and posts, those buckles and pads, that is where they belong. They are wrestlers, fighting for pride, honour and glory. They are fighters, who refuse to give up, whatever the cost.

And this is their Ring Of Dreams.

The voice over finishes to massive explosions breaking us into ringside. The fans are on their feet in mass applause as the camera circles the blue and yellow fireworks to get a shot of the fans. Ring Of Dreams is utterly sold out here tonight and at ringside, Rick Walker and Richard Roman – suited and booted, both sit in anticipation of the night ahead.

Rick Walker: “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Ring Of Dreams! This is the biggest event of our calendar year, as epitomised by the fact that Richard Roman is wearing a suit jacket. ”

Richard Roman: “Don’t get used to it.”

Rick Walker: “I won’t, don’t you worry. Tonight will be the biggest show that we’ve ever had and the catalyst for our future. The roster of wrestlers has constantly been on the rise and tonight, new talents compete for the first time!”

Richard Roman: “Why don’t we just talk about what everyone else is? Red River Jack vs. Isaiah Black. The irresistible force versus the immovable object To say that only one of these guys will walk out of here Champion tonight, is unthinkable.”

Rick Walker: “That’s just the icing on the cake though. We’ve an eight person Sweet Dreams Cage Match and the utter brawl that’ll be Loser Leaves when Mike Lane faces Desmond Cross.”

Richard Roman: “The entire card is stacked from top to bottom.”

Rick Walker: “Yep, that’s our Ring Of Dreams – the best damn show of the year.”




The main lights shut off, with a few roaming red spotlight as “A City On Fire” by Fightstar blares out into the arena. As the guitar starts, a completely white swan appears on both the stage and titantron, then the song kicks in. The light restores and Jimmy rushes out from behind the curtain, rushing over to a corner of the stage, pumping up the fans with a smile on his face. Rushing to the other corner, he places a hand over his eyes and gazes out across the sea of humanity. Walking to the top of the ramp, Sartyr crouches down, resting one knee on the floor and crossing his arms in an X in front of him.

Richard Roman: “Oh great, what does he want?”

Rick Walker: “We’re kicking off Ring Of Dreams in style, folks! Jimmy Sartyr has decided to join us and open this auspicious occasion.”

Then, rising to his feet, he unfurls his arms like the wings of a swan, as many members of the audience mimic his pose. Rushing down to the ring , Jimmy slaps the hands of fans on the way and slides on his belly into the ring. Hopping up to his feet, he climbs a turnbuckle and repeats his swan pose, before repeating it at the other turnbuckles. With the smile still on his face, Jimmy hops down and hops around the ring, asking fro a microphone

“Jimmy Sarty!”

clap clap clap!

Smiling and shaking his head whilst looking down, he waits for the fans to quieten down before speaking.

“Thank you. I really mean that, I never imagined a response like this, nor like the one I received on my debut. I thought I’d be forgotten, I thought nobody would know who I am, so when I ran out on the stage, staring at three people in a ring, ready to leave behind my comfortable life to recapture my dream, to hit the squared circle once more, not knowing whether my return would be triumphant or if I’d skulk off with my tail between my legs… I was reminded of why I did it before. The reason why? Well, lemme hear it again!”

“Jimmy Sarty!”

clap clap clap!

“THAT is why! THAT is why when I saw OSW, I started training again, why I stepped back into the realm of uncertainty, and I can tell you without the ghost of a shadow of a doubt, that I regret nothing. So now, I stand before you. I wanted to address my reasons for returning to wrestling and joining you guys here on Old School Wrestling. I know I released a video regarding my thoughts on the frankly amazing match I shall be participating in later, but I wanted to address this here… In front of the people it is all about, the OSW fans. You guys don’t mind, do you?”

The crowd cheer in approval as The Innovator In Ovation continued, blushing somewhat and looking at the fans, nodding in acknowledgement.

“You know, when I was young, I always wanted to change the world, you know, for the better. I went on to study politics and law at college, only to discover good men would never achieve power in the UK Government, and it is they who make the laws. My lofty dreams of helping people seemed dashed, but I reached a realisation. You see, I’m pretty good at wrestling. I won’t arrogantly proclaim myself as the best, but I’m good. And when I’m in this ring, when the spotlight shines in my face and this microphone is in my hand, I can reach out to people. I can touch their lives. I can inform, I can inspire, I can provoke thought and even in this place, I can fight the good fight. I have a talent and, as much as I enjoyed my hiatus, it would be wasteful not to use it, this is my calling. And you know what? Sending you guys and gals home happy gives me the warm and fuzzies, especially when you lend your support. It truly is my life’s dream, and I owe it all to you for the dream which I am living day in and day out. Without wrestling and without an audience, I have no purpose. This ring, the cheers… Hell, even seeing any mentions in social media, it all gives me purpose, and that, men and gentleladies, is why I’m here, and here to stay!”


“Raw Deal” by Twiztid hits and, as Jake Jeckel explodes on stage, the crowd goes wild with boo’s. Despite their distain, the Juggalo seems to enjoy the reaction, egging people as he moves at a jog towards the ring; air boxing and occasionally flicking his nose with his thumb as he goes. Once ringside Jake rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring, staring down Sartyr.

Richard Roman: “Finally, someone is here to stop this drizzle fest.”

Rick Walker: “This may get a little ‘fresh’.”

“What a load of crap!” Jeckel interrupts almost laughing into his microphone. “Do you know what you are Jim? You’re that annoying little gnat that keeps on biting you, sucking the blood out of you time and time again until you finally get fed up enough to swat it with a newspaper.”

Richard Roman: “That’s how I feel at least.”

“Well guess what? I’m your newspaper. I should of done it in the IWF, but by the time I got around to you, you were taking yet another beloved hiatus from the business you apparently have some talent in. Let’s face it though, you’ve made your final mistake. Old School Wrestling will be the swans resting place because tonight, you’re going to get downed by the clown.”

Suddenly, Jake Jeckel is interrupted.

Show me a smile on your silly face

‘Cause I’m getting tired of this human race,

My darling

The crushing guitars blast through the sound system as the initial blackness wakes up with the sunrise of a white splash that violently attacks those in attendance. There, slowly moving from behind the curtain, is the Luminary Sage himself, Reichous Marx, in his jet-black overcoat.

Rick Walker: “Oh man, how is this guy even standing? Last week, Crash speared him off a stage!”

Richard Roman: “The Luminary Sage isn’t just going to give up. He’s got the spirit god’s backing his every move.”

He reaches the foot of the stage, pride fully one-hand gripping his Serpent Dragon staff, and pauses to allow his eyes to drift from side to side. He then closes those -eyes with a half-grin, kisses the head of the serpent on his staff, opens his eyes, points that same staff toward the rafters, and resumes his systematic strut down the ramp and to ringside. He rests the staff on the edge of the squared circle, marches up the stairs, enters the ring and reveals a microphone.

“I hate to interrupt such a proclamation of intent but Jeckel, this is not your circus. You do a phenomenal job of inspiring fear into mere sacks of human flesh like James here, but to a man like me, I’m afraid that it falls on deaf ears. I see through your facade of fear, through your circus of ropes and tropes that are supposed to terrify and frighten.”

Jimmy has something to say about that. “A sack of human flesh? I’m sorry, was I supposed to be something else? I know that I’m not a ‘Luminary Sage’ or some kind of Juggalo, but I’d like to think my accomplishments speak for themselves. In actual fact Reichous, what exactly have you done lately?”

The lights dim to black, plunging the arena into silent anticipation. When the epic guitar riff of “World on Fire” by Slash hits, a single spotlight illuminates the entrance stage.

Rick Walker: “I think Crash is about to answer that question.”

Richard Roman: “If he can get out of his own way, that is.”

Crash heads out onto the stage with a microphone in hand, shaking his head with laughter.

“I can tell you what he’s done lately, Jim; he’s been speared to hell off a stage. How’re you feeling, pal? Crash gets the feeling that maybe you’re a little worse for wear, eh? The Crashmasters seem to agree with me.”

The fans roar as Crash rolls under the bottom rope and enters the ring.

“I’ve been telling you people not to overlook me for months. For some reason, people see Crash and they see a man willing to risk it all and frown upon that. But just like Crash has been saying all along, when it all comes crashing down, you don’t want to be in the way of it. Reichous, Jake and even you Jim, you’re stepping into my world tonight and Crash doesn’t care about accomplishments, rivalries or spirit gods – you’re all getting a Crash course in ass kicking!”

Rick Walker: “This is going to explode!”

Suddenly Jake swings at Crash, erupting the entire thing into a brawl. Crash fights back, backing him into the corner and swinging with right and left hands. Reichous Marx meanwhile has backed Sartyr into the opposite corner and seems to be doing the same.

That’s when everything changes.

James Hunter comes storming out from behind the curtain, axe in hand. He runs to the ring and slides straight in, catching Reichous with the end of it as he does. Jake turns around and runs, only Hunter slams the handle straight into his gut as well.

Richard Roman: “This guy is an utter monster!”

Rick Walker: “Someone has to stop him!”

Jimmy comes running out of the corner next, ducking an axe handle shot but walking into a Big Boot on the return. Crash meanwhile has headed to the top rope and when James turns around, DIVES…. HUNTER CAUGHT HIM!! HUNTER CAUGHT HIM IN MID-AIR!! He drops him down, positions him into the Double Underhook AND POETIC JUSTICE!! POETIC JUSTICE!!!

Richard Roman: “HE’S AMAZING!”

Rick Walker: “They’re just locking animals in a cage with one another tonight. ”

Richard Roman: “Jimmy Sartyr and Neville Sheldon are going to get eaten alive!”

Rick Walker: “I wouldn’t count on it!”

Hunter stands around the fallen bodies with a smirk on his face, raising his axe into the air for all to see as they boo him.

In the Kingdom of Konstantine, our King Orwell is laid inside a bed alongside Kassandra. He looks embarrassed as a camera peers in from above, apparently spying on the situation at hand. King adjusts himself slightly and leans up on his pillow, the bed surrounded by guards and sheets so that no-one on the outside can see in.

“I just cannot perform under these circumstances,” he bemoans. “I’m sorry my dear, I have too much focus on that insufferable piss-ant, Pickpocket.”

We can hear a slight snigger as Kassandra calms down her King.

“It’s natural to have issues down there, my love. You’re focused on defending your Championship and your Kingdom. You cannot be expected to be firing on all cylinders.”

One again, a snigger.

“Once I have defeated Pickpocket, I shall return to my former glory, both upon my throne and inside our royal chambers.”

That does it. That entirely does it. The camera shakes so much with the belly laughter that follows that Pickpocket, camera in hand, falls from the rafters into the bed of Konstantine and his wife. Kassandra shrieks and attempts to hide her dignity, showing too much of Konstantine who immediately chases Pickpocket.

The Thief darts from the room and bursts through the thick sheets, running down the corridor with the camera in his hand, pointing in the direction of which he came. Stood there, hands over his dignity is Konstantine, yelling furiously as the guards give chase.

Pickpocket may of embarrassed The King ahead of tonight’s encounter, but it may very well be for the last time.

Paloma Ruiz: “Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is for one fall … First, making his way out from Seattle, Washington and weighing 234 pounds; He is The Villain, Jack … OWYNS!”

Rick Walker: “These two guys have a lot to prove here tonight. Two newcomers opening Ring Of Dreams, what an honour.”

Richard Roman: “They’re going to set the standard of this show here tonight.”

‘Holla-Loo-Yuh’ – R.A. the Rugged Man explodes over the airwaves, and the crowd instantly reacted with a chorus of boos. Jack stepped out from behind the black curtain; showing a wicked grin, ear to ear. He revealed both middle fingers, raising them chest height and directing them towards the disapproving fans in attendance. Jack walk down the aisle, blasting the fans with insults. His smile remained. Jack walked up the stairs and stopped by the turnbuckle and scanned the crowd before jumping over the top rope and coming to a sitting position in the corner. He rested his arms on the ropes, as the music began to fade out…

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponent, coming from by way of The Rocky Mountains and weighing in at 275 pounds … He is Pale Death; Corvus … SKULL!”

Four gentle ticks of a grandfather clock precede one final tick, which thrusts the arena into total darkness. At the very moment the harsh “CAW!” of a crow echos throughout the arena, a pale light appears along the walkway and emits a fog-like effigy that hovers at ankle-level. Corvus Stull then appears and begins his slow descent to the ring. He walks up the steep steps and enters the ring as his music fades out.

Both men look ready as the referee signals for the bell, officially starting the match. Owyns and Stull stare down one another as Owyns begins mouthing off to Stull as Stull just stands there with a lifeless expression on his face. Corvus goes after Owyns but Owyns backs away, sticking his head up underneath the middle and top ring ropes, telling the referee to back Stull away. He obliges as he slowly moves back and that’s the opening Jack was looking for as he clobbers Stull with a running forearm which causes Stull to stumble back a few inches. He then proceeds to nail Stull with a couple of more right forearms to the temple of The Timekeeper. Timekeepr tries to push Owyns away but that only infuriates Owyns more as he goes in and dropkicks the leg of Stull, forcing him down to his knees. As Stull is down to his knees, JACK OWYNS WITH A HARD RUNNING CLOTHESLINE TO STULL! Owyns with the cover.



Owyns lets out a loud scream, going back on the attack of Pale Death. He grabs Stull and tries to go for The Villain Connection, a variation of the Tiger Driver but Stull lands a couple of stiff elbows across the head, which forces Owyns to drop Pale Death. Death is now on the attack, landing a couple of rights to the head of Owyns, forcing him to the corner of the ring. Right hand, left hand, right, left … He is landing each shot to the stomach and head areas, making things very difficult for Owyns to block one area of his body. The Timekeeper lifts Owyns atop the turnbuckle, making him sit on his wallet as he goes up with him, looking for a high risk maneuver. He puts Owyns hand over his neck, looking for a superplex from the top but Stull gets elbowed a few times, which causes Stull to let go as The Villain rakes the eyes of The Timekeeper.




Both men are down, Owyns is down … Stull is down, both hurting from the big drop from the top. Owyns crawls, putting an arm across the chest of Stull.




How the hell did he manage to kick out of that?!

Owyns can’t believe it. He uses the ring ropes to lift himself up to his feet and grabs Stull, hitting an uppercut to the jaw area of Stull and as Stull is on his knees, wobbly, he runs back, looking for an Enziguri …


The Timekeeper has his massive hand around the throat of Owyns and begins putting his shin along the windpipe of his opponent. Owyns is in deep trouble here, flopping his hands around like a fish out of water, trying to find any find of sanctuary to break the hold. He is fading! Wait! Right hand! Another right! Owyns is trying to fight back as Owyns pokes the eye of Stull, forcing him to let go. Pale Death goes for a cover, hooking the leg of Owyns.





Both men are showing tremendous resiliency tonight. Stull is gathering himself, grabbing the head of Owyns and clobbers him across his back with right hands causing Owyns to hunch over as it looks like Stull is putting Owyns between his legs for a powerbomb. He has him up! OWYNS IS BITING THE FOREHEAD OF STULL! Stull releases him and The Villain looks to run at the ring ropes, looking for a Muay Tai Flying Knee … NO … CAUGHT BY STULL OUT OF MID-AIR!


It’s locked in! He has his chin on the throat of Owyns as once again The Villian tries vigorously to get out or at least, get to the ropes. He begins losing consciousness, fading out. The referee waits for a minute before checking on the arm of Owyns. The referee doesn’t need anymore evidence as he signals for the bell. Sands of Time by Judas Preist hits as Corcus Stull makes a statement tonight. He leaves the ring, making his way to the back as the referee begins checking on Owyns as this one is in the books. What a match.

In the backstage office of Destiny Flint, she’s pacing back and forth. Despite the big occasion at hand, she’s furious with what happened last week on Afterburn and is waiting for Mike Lane – who enters confidently.

“What the hell were you thinking?” she blurts out almost instantly. He doesn’t say anything, he just folds his arms. “Your decision to call the cops could of cost us everything. Do you know the lengths I had to go to in order to keep this in house?”

“Desmond Cross didn’t run over your father, Destiny. If he did, he would of said so by now. I called the cops because I knew that I could get him arrested and change the landscape of our match tonight. Now you don’t have to be involved – you can stay out of harm’s way.”

She considers that for a moment.

“And when this is all over, Desmond Cross no longer works for Old School Wrestling.” he confidently announces.

“What about you, Mike? If you lose, I have to fire you. Did you ever think of that?”

Before he can respond, the door opens and in walks Zachariah Hawthorne. The manager of Desmond Cross looks absolutely furious with these two and rightfully so after his client was successfully goaded into being arrested last week.

“I’m glad I found you both together. I just thought you should know that despite your cowardly plan not to face my Messiah this week, he will make it to the arena in time for your match.”

Mike steps up to him, scaring him slightly.

“I’m banking on it.”

Hawthorne backs away slowly, his point having been made. Whilst he exits the room, Mike heads back over to Destiny who flashes him a sneer, obviously not impressed by his tactical decisions.

Paloma Ruiz: “Ladies and gentleman, this one is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, standing at a huge 6ft 8 and weighing 270 pounds. Reigning from Parts unknown. Commonly known as The Manslayer……… Its the Hangmannnnnnnn.”

Rick Walker: “This one is going to be one hell of a match. I don’t think The Hangman can believe that he’s a target.”

Richard Roman: “He’s evil, I don’t care what you say.”

The illumination in the arena is cut to an unforeseen darkness. It returns in a blue tinge on the same beat as Hangman’s theme sounds on the P.A system. Hangman is lowered down from the rafters, hung on a thick rope. The middle of the ring is where he’s placed. His head is down but he swiftly raises it, his theme would fade out thereafter.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponent, The man known as The Chosen One. Standing at 6 feet 1 inches, weighing 235 pounds and reigning from Royal Oak, Michigan. Ash Williamssssssss.”

‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ begins to play as the Chosen One steps out onto the stage. Taking in the cheers from the crowd for a few seconds, he swaggers down to the ring, raising his chainsaw high before handing it over to the time keeper, and screwing in his metal hand. Ash climbs into the ring, awaiting his opponent with a cocky smile on his face

Rick Walker: “He’s not evil at all and I think Ash may figure that out here tonight.”

Richard Roman: “Or he’s gunna get his head Boomsticked off.”

The referee rings the bell and this one between The Chosen One and The Head Hunter is underway. Giving away 7 inches in height, Hangman uses it wisely and towering over Williams, crashes a shovel size fist into the top of Ash’s head, and again, and one last time. Williams body vibrating, Hangman whips his opponent of the ropes and on his return, puts him down with a huge big boot. Making the first cover of the contest, Williams manages to kick out early. Pulling The Chosen one to his feet, Hangman goes to once again whip his opponent off the ropes. Williams though, upon reaching the ropes hooks his arms around, stopping himself dead in his tracks. The Manslayer charges, looking to take his head off with a clothesline. Ash Williams ducks at the last minute though, pulling the ropes down with him and Hangman goes flying to the outside.

Following his man to the outside, he grabs Hangman by the scruff of the neck. A few right hands for good measure and in one swift motion he sends him crashing into the BARRIER. Backing up, ignoring the referee’s pleas for them to climb back into the ring. Williams sizes Hangman up whilst backing up himself. Charging forward, SPEAR ONTO THE BARRIER!! BUT NO Hangman got out the way just in time and Williams crashes into the barrier unprotected. The referee is onto 5 of his ten count, by the time seven rolls around, Hangman has gained his composure and scoops his opponent up, rolling him back into the ring and himself. Stopping the count on eight and avoiding the count out. Two men back up and trading punches. Williams rocks Hangman with a hip-toss and attempts his first cover of the night.

Kick-out again at one. Neither man close to being finished in this one. Tossing, not whipping, Williams into the corner from the centre of the ring, Hangman closes in and climbs the turnbuckle. Williams trapped, nowhere to go. The fans chant in with every punch…. ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR, winding up for the last punch, FIVE. The Hangman jumping down, Williams comes rocking out the corner, wobbling all over the place. Placing a dazed and groggy Williams, into position for a reverse suplex…. Hits it. Not making the cover but instead heading up for some high flying action. Hangman stands on top of the 3rd turnbuckle, a sight on its own seeing a 6ft 8 giant towering from the third turnbuckle. Goes for a top rope elbow drop, MISSES!! The two men are down, the referee is forced to start his count. One… Two, Three, Four – Williams is getting to his feet, nothing off Hangman as of yet. Five, Six – Ash Williams is back to his feet with Hangman stirring.

Incredibly Ash Williams looks dazed, holding his head and it looks like he is muttering to himself. From out of nowhere The Chosen one begins to swing wildly around the ring, not even facing Hangman. Throwing wild right and left hands…. AT NOTHING? It’s like he is having some kind of breakdown, or a flashback of some sort. In the meantime Hangman has got himself back to his feet, and been watching Williams for the last five seconds or so, puzzled. Thinking enough is enough, Hangman approaches his opponent, cautiously. Being the good guy he is, rather than capitalize on his opponents mind frame, he lays his hand on Williams shoulder and spins him around…. BOOMSTICK for his troubles, BUT NO Hangman anticipated the Boomstick and grabbed Ash Williams hands, just in time before impact.

Squeezing, almost crushing, on Williams hand, it forces him down lower and lower. The crushing pain seems to have rid whatever demon/flashback Ash Williams was having and realising he is in real danger, he begins swinging with his free hand. Not so wildly this time as the first one connects to Hangman’s mid-section, followed by another and another, a final blow causing Hangman to release the hand he caught, mid boomstick. Huge RUNNING HEADBUTT, Williams basically having to leap to even the height advantage, sends The Manslayer sprawling to the canvass. Not laying up, Ash positions himself around the downed Hangman and applies a choke hold.

The hold is not applied for long though as Hangman, manages to wriggle himself free. The choke hold has made something snap inside of Hangman, we all know his history. An enraged beast wastes no time in laying into Williams, every strike looking more ferocious than the last. Scooping Ash Williams into a POWEBOMB situation, he brings the mans body crumbling back to the floor. THE NOOSE locked in. Ash Williams thrashes around, NO ESCAPE HERE ASH. Eventually he is forced to tap! The choke hold, the strangling sensation set off a fire in The Hangman and he wins this one via SUBMISSION!

The Hangman gets back to his feet – an amazing victory in the bag over Ash Williams. The fans cheer as he ascends to the middle rope and raises his arms, celebrating a victory that he won’t soon be forgetting.

Until “Give me a smile!” can be heard echoing through the arena.

Deranged by Coheed and Cambria play and a man appears at the top of the ramp, crowbar in hand. Shortly after, two men accompany him, holding baseball bats of their own.

Rick Walker: “Hold on a minute, who the hell are these guys?”

Richard Roman: “I know who they are, Rick. You’re looking at the Crowley family and fuck, Hangman is in a world of trouble.”

The Crowley family, led by head ‘Lee’, start their walk to the ring as The Hangman steps off the turnbuckle and looks around at them, trying to figure this out. He backs up to the centre of the ring, watching as Tobias heads left, Damien heads right and ‘Smiley’ Lee Crowley stands before him.

Hangman doesn’t know what to do, he just patiently waits and watches as all three slowly enter the ring. Not knowing whether to left or right, he stands there as Tobias and Damien strike from left and right, Hangman managing to push Tobias off as Lee finally gets involved, crashing a crowbar over his head! The Manslayer hits the canvas with a thud, but somehow rolls back to a knee and looks set to try and get back up.

Rick Walker: “Why!? Why are they doing this!?”

Richard Roman: “I don’t know but Hangman should remain down, Rick. He shouldn’t get back up..”

Somehow this monster refuses to lay down and gets back to his feet… THE UNFORTUNANTE EVENT!! DOUBLE KNEE FACEBREAKER BY TOBIAS CROWLEY! JESUS CHRIST, HE NAILED HIM!

Richard Roman: “He should of stayed down!”

The fans boo as The Crowley family stand over poor Hangman, his former challenge may of been over, but a new one has just begun. What do the Crowley family want with him? Why did they do this?

The scene opens in the backstage area, Charlie Thompson stood with a microphone outside of Isaiah Black’s locker room. She patiently waits for the door to swing open and when it does, she’s ready with her first question.

“Isaiah Black, the world has been wanting to know the answer to one very simple question; were you in cahoots with Red River Jack last week when a fire erupted from the production truck?”

Isaiah looks at her in disgust.

“Cahoots with Jack? He should be so lucky. Any devious plan he’s concocted between himself and that whore mean nothing to me. Ever since he won Pandemonium, everyone has looked at tonight as a foregone conclusion, but it isn’t.”

He stares deep into her eyes, her fear of him obvious.

“The only foregone conclusion is that I walk out of here tonight with the World Championship and that his reign of terror ends at my hands. This isn’t his time, it isn’t his title and it sure as fuck isn’t the end of the line for me. Red River Jack may be feared by all of you but by me? He’s just another target who’s dreams I will destroy.”

“You’re not scared of Jack at all?”

“I don’t fear anything,” he confidently proclaims. “Least of all another man with a God complex. I’m walking death and tonight, Red River Jack, I’m comin’ for your throat.”

Isaiah walks away, heading back into his locker room as Charlie looks on.

Paloma Ruiz: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”

Smoke fills the stage, through the smoke a figure appears the music begins and the arena is pitch black. The lights slowly turn on as the figure comes into view from behind the smoke. Holding a cane Willie throws it away and runs down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring.

Rick Walker: “This heated rivalry was born out of a potential teaming. You have to wonder if they would of ever gotten along.”

Richard Roman: “I doubt it. They’re two very different people.”

Paloma Ruiz: “Coming to the ring at this time, he hails from Devon, England… WILLIE MANSON!”

The beat for Cinderella Man by Eminem hits and out steps Will Abel, The Wrestling Machine. Abel has a towel in his right hand, a smirk on his face as he makes his way to the ring. Abel doesn’t take his eyes off the ring, clearly in the zone. Abel makes his way up the stairs and between the ropes in to the ring, holding the towel in his hand high in the air before throwing it to the ground in the middle of the ring, marking his territory. Abel flashes a big smile, showing off his trademark mouth guard that reads “FUCK YOU” before winking at his opponent and backing in to his corner.

Paloma Ruiz: “His opponent, from Red Water, Alberta, Canada… He is an Olympic Gold Medalist! THE WRESTLING MACHINE… WILLLLLLL! ABELLLLLL!!!”

Rick Walker: “The Wrestling Machine might get taken to the darkside tonight.”

Richard Roman: “And Willie Manson might just be put in his place. Let’s not forget, Will Abel is a Gold Medal winner.”

Manson and Will Abel stare each other down in the ring, the Wrestling Machine giving a mocking smirk to Manson. The smirk is quickly wiped from his face as Manson takes the first swing, hitting a hard right hand that stumbles Abel. Manson follows up with a head-butt that sends Will Abel to the ropes. Willie then runs forward and nails Will Abel with a hard boot that sends him to the outside! As Abel tries to shake off the damage, Manson leans over the ropes and taunts the Gold Medalist before sliding under the bottom rope.

However, the Wrestling Machine had gotten to his feet and was able to catch Manson with a few jabs, the two men now trading blows outside of the ring! Manson keeps his upper hand though, catching Abel with a stiff head-butt and whipping him into the barricade! He rushes forwards and goes to clothesline the smaller man but Will Abel is able to duck it! Manson hits the barricade chest first, winding himself and allowing Will Abel to nail a stiff knee to the back! The crowd is in awe at the brutality as Will Abel smiles at the now downed Manson.

The Wrestling Machine begins stomping down on the defenseless Willie, fueled by his rage. He eventually seems to tire of his assault and he peels Manson off the ground, dragging him over to the apron. He looks to toss him in, but stops, deciding to punish Willie more. Abel slams his head into the apron!

Again and again Abel continues his assault. He goes to toss Willie into the ring but Willie stops him! Manson has fire in his eyes as he elbows Will Abel in the jaw and slams his head to the apron before whipping The Wrestling Machine into the steel steps! The sound of flesh on metal rings out through the arena. Manson advances towards his opponent, grabbing him and positioning himself just right before backing up.


But Manson doesn’t stop! He rolls to his feet and kicks his opponent onto the steps, before rolling to his feet and sliding back into the ring. While Abel tries to recover on the outside, Manson gets an earful from the official, being reminded that both he and Abel can be disqualified if they don’t cut it out. The chair attack from Afterburn still in his mind, Manson just ignores the official, sliding back out of the ring.

Outside, the Wrestling Machine looks to be out of it, not moving from his spot on the steps. Manson peels Will Abel up from the steel steps and whips him to the barricade, sending him to slouch in the corner. Manson reaches under the ring and pulls out a steel chair! The official immediately gets outside the ring after seeing this.

Manson advances on Abel, a smile on his face is he raises the chair above his head. He looks to bring it down on Will Abel but he’s stopped short! The official has the chair, and is trying to take it away. Manson argues with the ref while both hold the chair.


The Wrestling Machine kicks low, hitting Manson in the knee and making him fall into the official. The chair falls to the ground as does the now unconscious referee. Abel nails another kick to Manson, sending him backwards and allowing the Wrestling Machine to grab the dropped chair. Abel uses the chair to get to his feet, still wobbly after the spear onto the steel steps.


He catches Manson as he is rising from the ground with a steel chair to the face, Manson is BUSTED WIDE OPEN!! HE’S A BLOODY MESS!!

Continuing on from Afterburn, Abel rains down chair shots to Manson.




Finally, Abel stops, a devious smile crossing his face as he reaches down and lifts up the heavier man. He rolls Manson into the ring, bringing the chair with them. Blood pours out of Willie Manson as Abel sizes him up.


Manson was able to roll away from the shot from Abel! Using the ropes, Manson gets to his feet just as Abel is swinging down!


Both men are staggered as Abel has now gotten his own equilibrium messed up after hitting himself in the face. Manson staggers out at Abel, hitting him with a headbutt. Both men fall backwards, the chair between them. Their faces are stained with blood, Manson with his own and Abel with Manson’s as well.

As the two men start to get it together, the official seems to be coming to on the outside of the ring.

Manson and Abel rush in and begin exchanging shots, much more labored than they were at the beginning of this contest. Manson is fueled by the sight of his own blood, and he quickly gets a struggling Abel down into position for his pump powerbomb,BUT ABEL FIGHTS OUT!







The bell sounds as Manson rolls off of Abel and throws his arms up into the air in celebration. His music hits and the fans boo like crazy, reigning down their hatred upon him.

The United States Champion has his Championship wrapped snugly around his waist as he heads towards the exit of his locker room. He turns the handle but nothing happens. The door doesn’t even budge. He tries again, this time banging it with his shoulder and again, it doesn’t budge.

“What the hell?” he asks out loud.

Only a response isn’t what he expected.

“What’s the matter, Brent?” says the unmistakable voice of Marcus X, who stands on the opposite side of the door. “Can’t you get out?”

Brent immediately becomes furious.

“Let me the hell out of here, Marcus. You can’t escape what’s going to happen to you in the ring by being a coward.”

Marcus laughs out loud. “I’m not trying to escape anything Champ. The rules state that if you don’t show up for the match, you forfeit the title. And by the looks of it, you’re not going to be able to show up for our match.”

The camera switches to the outside where Marcus’ men are holding the door and refusing to let him out.

“It’s about time a black man cheated to get ahead.”

Kersh is obviously fuming.

“You can cheat, you can pray, you can be God himself but you’re not stopping me from getting to that ring tonight. I’m not telling you something you don’t already know.”

Suddenly another thud surprises Marcus and his men. Brent keeps banging away at the door with his shoulder until finally, it starts showing cracks and signs of breaking down. Marcus does the wise thing and escapes into the backstage, leaving The Enforcer to quite literally shoulder barge, punch and kick his way out of his own locker room. Will Brent Kersh make it to his match?

aloma Ruiz: “The following contest is set for one fall and is for the OSW Hardcore Championship.″

“Song #2″ starts playing over the P.A. system , bringing fans to their feet. Matthew Cories walks out on the top of the ramp in a Bayside Tigers varsity letter jacket. He high fives the fans as he makes his way to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. He gets to his feet, handing his jacket over to the time keeper at ringside.

Rick Walker: “It’s so good to see Matthew Cories back to himself.”

Richard Roman: “Really? The guy is crazy.”

Paloma Ruiz: “Entering first, the challenger, he hails from Bayside California, weighing in tonight at 223lbs, he is the Fresh Prince of Wrestling, MATTTHHHEWW CORRRIIIEESSS!″

The Anthem flares up and out steps Nigel from behind the curtain, union jack flag draped over him like a cape, the Hardcore championship strapped around his waist. He signals to the crowd for silence right now, listen and obey the greatest anthem in the world. The crowd naturally don’t play along which brings a look of disgust on Nigel’s face. Standing at the top of the ramp way he stands as tall as a mountain, hand on his heart and blares out God save the queen with all his heart, after the first verse he proceeds to make his way down the ramp, scowling toward the people he thinks have just disrespected his great country. Upon reaching the ring Nigel unties the union jack flag he has been wearing as a cape and holds it high for all to see.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponent, hailing from London England, weighing in tonight at 225lbs, he is the current OSW Hardcore Champion, the self professed Bloodline to Greatness, NIGGGELLLL ROYYYAALLLL!″

The bell rings as Cories rushes Royal, taking the champ by surprise with a flurry of right hands. Royal is backed up against the ropes as Cories throws him across the ring, delivering a big Hip Toss on the rebound. Cories bounces off the ropes himself as Nigel slowly gets to his feet, delivering a big Shoulderblock. Nigel slowly gets to his feet as Cories sizes him up, SUPER…NO! Nigel ducks under, rolling outside of the ring to try and catch his breath. In the ring, Cories begins to feed off the energy of the crowd, hyping them up for a moment as he races across the ring, SUICIDE DIVE!Royal just gets out of the way, causing Cories to dive right into the ring apron, as Nigel takes advantage, stomping down hard on the prone Cories before lifting him up by the scruff of the neck and throwing him into the ring, rolling him over for the cover

ONE…TWO…Cories just gets his shoulder up as Nigel drops down, trying to lock in the Dungeons of London, Cories quickly grabbing the bottom rope before Royal can get the hold properly locked in. Both men get to their feet as Royal punishes Cories with a big knee to the sternum, before lifting Cories up high into the air, keeping him up high as he walks to the ropes, before suplexing Cories to the ringside floor below. The Fresh Prince holds his back in agony but Royal doesn’t let up, rolling outside the ring, and pulling Cories to his feet, throwing him into the ring steps. Cories hits back first, crying out in pain. Royal lays a few stomps into the prone Cories before lifting him up from behind and delivering a big german suplex to the floor, bridging back for the cover

ONE…TW…KICKOUT! Nigel pulls Cories up to his feet once more, throwing him into the ring again. Royal rolls in right into a big right hand by Cories, the Fresh Prince trying to get back into this contest. Another big right staggers the Hardcore Champ but a wild clothesline is ducked under as Nigel counters with a low blow. Royal pulls the hurting Cories up to his feet, delivering a belly to back suplex. Royal holds on, pulling Cories up and delivering a second, and then a third. Nigel tries to deliver a fourth but Cories blocks it, trying to break the hold with a few hard elbows but another low blow takes the fight out of Cories, as the Royal Flush is completed, Nigel bridging the suplex back for the cover

ONE…TWO…THR…NO! Cories just gets his shoulder up and Nigel can’t believe it. He argues with the referee , insisting that it was a three count but the referee stays firm. Incensed, Royal rolls out of the ring, ripping a chair out from under the time keeper before rolling back into the ring, begging Cories to get to his feet. The Fresh Prince slowly gets up as Royal lifts the chair up high,SUPERKICK! Superkick out of nowhere and it sent that chair right into Nigel’s face, opening up a cut on the Englishman’s face. Cories sees his chance, laying into Royal with a series of rights and lefts, before delivering a big clothesline. And a second one. As Royal gets to his feet again, Cories kicks him in the gut, throwing him over his shoulder as he attempts a running powerslam. Royal slips down Cories back however, tripping Cories up and locking in the Dungeons of London

Cories screams out in pain, trying with everything he has to crawl to the ropes but Nigel pulls back with all his might, trying to keep Cories stuck in the middle of the ring. Cories claws his way across the ring, slowly but surely and his fingertips just graze the bottom rope but Nigel pulls him back as the pain begins to get too much and Cories begins to fade away. Cories goes limp as the referee holds his arm up in the air. It drops once, the referee holds it up again, it drops a second time. The referee holds it up again, it drops…NO! Cories is still alive as he begins to crawl towards the ropes once more, almost leaping across the ring and managing to grab hold of the bottom rope, forcing the break

Nigel reluctantly breaks up the hold but the damage seems to have been done as Cories slowly gets to his feet, holding his neck in pain. Nigel tries to finish him off, rushing forward with a Superkick of his own. The kick connects flush but Cories is quickly up to his feet. Nigel lands another but Cories easily gets up to his feet, as his whole body begins to move in rhythm with music only Cories can hear, Cories begins to snap back and forth, in a dance reminiscent of the Carlton. The Carlton seems to be powering Cories up as he blocks a right hand, delivering one of his own that massively staggers Nigel as Cories whips him across the ring, driving him down with a massive spinebuster on the rebound. Cories grabs the discarded steel chair from the mat, placing it over the chest of Royal as Cories grabs his left elbow pad, throwing it to the crowd before he rushes to the ropes, bouncing off the right side, bouncing off the left before stopping and delivering a massive People’s Elbow. Cories hooks the leg for the cover

ONE…TWO… Royal just kicks out as Cories signals for the end, climbing up to the top rope for the Flight of the Dragonzord. Royal stirs on the mat, grabbing the steel chair in his right hand as Cories dives off, FLIGHT OF THE…Steel Chair to the face!

Royal stays down on one knee for a moment, trying to capture his breath before he pulls Cories to his feet, the Fresh Prince a bloody mess from that steel chair, Royal powers Cories up onto his shoulders, driving him down to the mat with a huge Powerbomb. Royal doesn’t cover, instead climbing up to the top rope, and diving off with a vicious Spitfire Frog Splash. Royal ignores the cover again, instead grabbing the steel chair as he slams it into Cories over and over again, before delivering a massive shot to the back of Cories head, knocking him out cold. Royal drops down, locking in the Dungeons of London again as the referee quickly calls for the bell

Paloma Ruiz: “Your winner and still OSW Hardcore Champion, NIGGGGELLL ROYALLLL!!″

God Saves the Queen begins to play to the boos of the crowd as the referee lifts Royal’s hand up into the air, Royal quickly pulling it away as he snatches his belt back, holding it high into the air to the anger of the crowd. Royal taunts his victory over the unconscious Cories before rolling out of the ring, and walking to the back, taunting the crowd the whole way back

Meeting in the darkest depths of the arena, Destiny appears to be awaiting the arrival of someone in particular. After a few moments of waiting, none other than Red River Jack turns up, smoking his trusty cigarette.

“I just wanted to thank you for last week,” she says offering a handshake to the Cultivator of worlds. He doesn’t accept. “I can’t have the police investigating what happened to my father. I know that he’d want us to deal with it in house.”

Jack shrugs. “Whatever your plans are, I don’t care. I didn’t burn it down because you asked me to, man. I didn’t burn it down for Errol Flint, or Isaiah Black; I did it because now you’re in my pocket. Now you owe me.”

She gulps, adjusting herself uncomfortably.

“Let me remind you and this corporate system you control that we struck a deal. At some point, I’m going to come to you and ask you for something, man. You’re going to give it to me.”

He stubs his cigarette out on the wall, letting it drop to the ground.

“I’m aware of our deal, Jack. You have my word that as long as I have the power, our agreement will stand.”

Red chuckles slightly. “We have a deal, irrespective of your power, man. I don’t know what game you’re playin’, or if you had something to do with your old man gettin’ ran down. I don’t care either. Just you make sure that when I call, and I will, that you answer.”

He turns slowly and walks away, back into the darkness, leaving Destiny to sigh a very deep breath.

Paloma Ruiz: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the OSW All-Star Championship!”

“Just a perfect day…”

Rick Walker: “I love this guy but I have the feeling he may of made a huge mistake embarassing Konstantine tonight.”

Richard Roman: “Of course he did, though the King has nothing to be ashamed of. He’s rather well endowed, and that’s coming from me.”

Rick Walker: “I’ve heard enough about your python to last me a life time.”

Paloma Ruiz: “Introducing first, the Challenger, hailing from the Bronx, New York…”

“Drink sangria in the park…”

Paloma Ruiz: “Pickpocket!”

Stepping out onto the entrance ramp is Pickpocket, who is pushing a shopping cart of stolen goods and weapons with one hand, and holding Buford the Monkey’s hand with his other. Pckpocket begins tossing stolen money into the audience, and handing out “prizes” to anyone he spots singing along with him to his entrance music, while Buford gives high fives to audience members they pass by. The song seems to serve as some communal message the audience picks up on: There is nothing Pickpocket would rather be doing than stealing and fighting, and tonight, he gets to do both. No wonder he is all smiles, the Prince of Thieves. A perfect day, indeed. It is a circus atmosphere as Pickpocket goes to tie Buford’s leash to the timekeeper’s seat, but he decides not to, instead allowing Buford to roam free at ringside. As Buford hops up onto the announce table and pops a squat right in front of Rick Walker and Richard Roman, Pickpocket’s music is suddenly interrupted by Lord Tremblay’s voice.

Lord Tremblay: “Would you all please rise for the entrance of King Konstantine of the House Orwell, first of his name, Ruler of the Ring and the current, All-Star Champion!”

Queen Kassandra enters next, followed by King Konstantine. The King sits on a throne, carried to the ring on the shoulders of his King’s Guard. No music accompanies the royal family, only the sounds of his loving admirers in attendance. Paloma Ruiz, off put by Tremblay stealing her job, exits the ring in a huff. Once the King finally makes it into the ring the official reaches for the All-Star Championship, to display it to the crowd, but Konstantine refuses to relinquish his grasp; instead handing the title off to Kassandra and instructing here to exit the ring.

Rick Walker: “He’s clothed at least.”

Richard Roman: “Oh give it a rest. He’s lucky Konstantine hasn’t chopped his head off already.”

The opening bell tolls and Pickpocket takes off running in the opposite direction of the King… but he isn’t running, he’s running the ropes! And on his return… he nails Konstantine with a wicked spinning lariat! Off with your Head! And the Prince of Thieves goes for a super early cover. He’s going to steal this thing!

One!… Two! NO! The King kicks out!

Konstantine rolls to the outside, clutching at his face and yelling to the official that he wasn’t ready. Pickpocket doesn’t want to hear it, charging the ropes and diving through to the outside! Suicide Dive! Both men slam into the barricade and crumble to the floor in a heap.

“This is awesome!” Clap, Clap, Clap Clap Clap “This is awesome!” Clap, Clap, Clap Clap Clap

The crowd is already impressed by this match and we’re only a couple minutes in. As the official makes it to a count of four Pickpocket gets to his feet and begins to drag Konstantine to his. Low Blow! The King with a low blow and the official doesn’t see it! Pickpocket doubles over in pain as the King begins to crawl, yes crawl away from Pockpocket as fast as his hands and knee’s will take him. He makes it almost to the announce table when he hears a screech from above. Slowly, he adverts his attention upwards until he’s locked, eye to eye with Buford.

Monkey Pee! Buford just… pee’d all over the King!

As Konstantine screams in a mixed tone of anger and disgust, the crowd begins a new chant.

“You got pissed on!” Clap, Clap, Clap Clap Clap “You got pissed on!” Clap, Clap, Clap Clap Clap

As Kassandra frantically douses the King with bottles of water the referee goes from a count of eight to a count of one. The second Konstantine hears this his head whips around towards the ring… just in time to catch a glimpse of Pickpocket as he soars through top and middle rope towards him! Suicide Dive! Another Suicide Dive, this time driving both Pickpocket and King Konstantine into the side of the announce table, jolting it violently enough to cause Rick and Richard to jump up from their seats; and Buford to let out a blood curdling screech.

Again Pickpocket is the first to his feet and this time he manages to get the King to his, running the Defender of Wrestling into the ring and following right after. The Prince of Thieves leads The King to his feet and… Belly to Belly Suplex! Konstantine was ready for him, tossing Pickpocket over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes! The crowd lets loose a sea of boo’s but the King doesn’t seemed phase by it, going right back after Pickpocket with no remorse. Fun and games are over folks…

Running Big Boot!

Pickpocket barely makes it to his feet when the King catches him on the chin, flipping Pickpocket head over heels before he comes down badly on the canvas. The crowd continues to boo and Konstantine can’t help but smile. He saunters over to ‘Pocket and drags him to his feet by his hair.


The King pulls Pickpocket up into a picture perfect torture rack that flails the Showtheif’s limbs about like a ragdoll! Buford screams from ringside; Pickpocket screams from inside the ring; the fans scream from the stands and King Konstantine and Kassandra laugh their fool heads off. Just when it looks like Pickpocket may either tap or pass out, the King shifts him from over his shoulders to under his arm…

Sidewalk Slam! And right into the cover!

One… Two… Th-Kick Out!

The King is furious and he takes that anger out on Pickpocket, barraging the Prince with left after right, right after left… but ‘Pocket manages to turn Orwell over! The crowd cheer’s the fact that the tides have changed… but than Orwell turns Pickpocket over! The crowd boo’ing the fact that the King has regained the upper hand. The two continue this little dance back and forth as the crowd follows along with Boooo! Yeaaaah! Boooo! Yeaaah! Until finally they roll into the ropes and the referee steps in to break them up.

“Let them fight!” “Let them fight!” “Let them fight!”

With either man back in their respective corners the referee does indeed let them fight, and the two waste little time getting back at it. They charge one an other and… Double Shoulder Tackle! Both men go for the shoulder tackle at the same time and their heads and shoulders collide!


The official reaches a count of 5 before both men stumble to their feet… and they lock up, for he first time in this bout. They struggle for the upper-hand and it’s the King useing his slight size advantage to bully Pickpocket’s head between his legs… and in one flowing motion, he spins ‘Pocket up on his shoulders! Pickpocket is about to be Sentenced to Death!

But Pickpocket fights back! Landing clubbing blows to the top of Konstantine’s head that staggers him about the ring. It looks like he’s about to go down… no, he’s picking up speed… Sentenced to Death! Running Buckle Bomb! Pickpocket bounces out of the corner from that impact and…


That King catches all of that huge lariat and he wastes no time at all going right for the cover.




He’s done it! The crowd is going wild with boo’s but the King has done it! He’s retained his All-Star Championship here tonight! Kassandra tries to bring he title to Konstantine in the ring but Buford scares her off with a few guttural screams. The King opts instead to slide out of the ring and meet Kassandra at the base of the runway – both celebrating the win by kissing the King’s All-Star Championship.

Ash Williams is sat in his locker room backstage, contemplating his next move after that amazing match with The Hangman. Having had a rather shaky moment, he’s trying to figure things out when the excited Matthew Cories almost bursts into the room.

“Ash Williams?” he questions. “The same Ash Williams from the Evil Dead?”

Ash stands up, ready to fight.

“Dude, I’m a HUGE fan of yours! I love the work you do. The Evil Dead don’t stand a chance against the mighty Ash Williams!”

“Well kid, hunting those ugly bastards has become something of a legacy,” he admits with a cocky swagger. “It all started with my girlfriend and-“

“I totally know this story. I’m sorry about that, man. It was heart breaking what happened to Linda.”

Ash takes a seat and looks rather depressed. Matthew joins him on the bench and tries to convince him that there’s still something to fight for.

“You know, I see value in what it is you do. You fight evil and lord knows there’s more evil around here than anyone could ever imagine. Hangman was a mistake on your part, because he’s a good guy – he saved me. I was this close to becoming evil and I was saved by the bell that is Hangman. What you need is a partner, a friend; someone who understands what it means to almost be that evil.”

Williams looks at him with a suspicious frown.

“And let me guess kid, that should be you?” he says to the nodding Matthew Cories. Ash contemplates it for a moment. “Alright, you can come along for the ride. This is a different world than I’m used to, so I’ll take all the help I can get.”

Cories looks confused.

“A different world?” he asks as the segment comes to a close. What the hell is going on with Ash Williams? Does he really believe himself to be the character from the Evil Dead?

Rick Walker: Folks, this is one we’ve been waiting for for a long time.

Richard Roman: I hope the arena can contain the madness. I really do.

Rick Walker: What we’ve seen over the last several weeks between these two has been nothing short of an all-out war.

Richard Roman: It’s been a horror movie, Walker. Right here in Old School Wrestling.

Rick Walker: We’ve watched as Mother and Scarecrow took turns tormenting each other and everyone between them and tonight … hopefully, we’ll have a resolution.

Richard Roman: There’s only one way to kill a monster and that’s with a monster. We’re gonna find out which one will be standing last tonight!

Rick Walker: Without any further ado, let’s get to the ring for the introductions.

Paloma Ruiz: Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall … introducing first …

There’s a massive loud clunk as the lighting system shuts down inside the arena. With the arena suddenly thrust into darkness, the sounds of squawking crows can be heard.

Paloma Ruiz: He hails from the Cornfields of Willoughby. Standing at an impressive height of six feet three inches and weighing in at two hundred sixty pounds …

Smoke begins to fill the stage as his eerie and terrifying music of Scarecrow filters throughout the arena.

Paloma Ruiz: SCARECROW!!!!

Finally he steps out onto the stage, pitchfork in hand, and begins to make his way to the ring through the smoke.

Rick Walker: This is one of those times where I wish we didn’t sit so close to ringside, Richard.

Richard Roman: I’m not gonna lie, Walker. I’m covered in goosebumps and the hair on the back of my neck is on ends. I have a really bad feeling about this one.

Scarecrow makes his way to ringside and into the squared circle. Ultimately, he finds a spot to drop his pitchfork as he positions himself in the center of the ring in his now infamous “perched” pose. Suddenly, “Come Little Children” overcomes the airwaves and the lights go out. Two strange looking children emerge from the back holding candles they both walk towards a microphone set up at the top of the stage and the two children begin to sing nursery rhymes while holding the candles.

Paloma Ruiz: AND HIS OPPONENT … from parts unknown … she weighs one hundred seventy pounds and is five feet eleven inches tall …

Mother emerges from the darkness and begins to walk down the ramp her robe giving the illusion she is gliding.

Paloma Ruiz: SHE IS … MOTHER!!!!!!

Richard Roman: Like a ghost in the night, Walker.

Rick Walker: I’m literally shaking from the excitement and the unknown here Richard. The tension is unbelievable.

Mother slides into the ring and nods to the two children who put the candles out with their bare hands before walking down the ramp after her.

Rick Walker: The lights are back and it looks like we’re ready to go.

Richard Roman: Look at Scarecrow just standing there. Waiting! This shit is creeping me out, Walker.

Rick Walker: Look at Mother! Look at that expression on her face. And SHE’S motionless too. What in the hell is going to happen here?!?

The bell rings with Scarecrow maintaining his statue like pose and Mother standing in motionless rage. There is a nervous bustle throughout the arena as the official in charge shyly glances back and forth between the two combatants awaiting action. After several seconds of nothing, the referee steps forward between the two and motions them together, but still there is no movement. Not knowing for sure what to do, he looks over at the announcer’s table with a shrug. Stepping forward, towards Mother, and then thinking better of it the referee again gives a hand gesture and this time with a verbal command: “FIGHT”!

Suddenly, Mother lets out a blood curdling scream and charges Scarecrow who maintains his composure until the very last second, CATCHING MOTHER AND TOSSING HER INTO THE CORNER! MY GAWD she must have flew fifteen feet through the air. Scarecrow charges in now with a high knee BUT MOTHER MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! “The Hayman” turns and CATCHES a karate kick to the chest. AND another. AND ANOTHER! Mother hurries to the ropes and bounces off. On the return AND SCARECROW CATCHES HER WITH A POWERSLAM! There will be no cover though as Scarecrow drives a fist down into his opponent’s forehead.

Mother lets out another scream, her fingers reaching out and clawing at “The Harvester’s” mask, or face, or whatever the hell that is. Scarecrow continues to punch as Mother begins to literally rip the straw from the persona of her opponent. Scarecrow has had enough and he JERKSMother to her feet and there’s an IRISH WHIP, HOLY HELL!Did you see that ring post buckle? Scarecrow tossed Mother into the corner so hard the steel post moved. I swear to God it did, BUT MOTHER COMES RIGHT BACK WITH A RUNNING, JUMPING HEEL KICK!

That sends Scarecrow reeling a bit as Mother heads to the ropes again. Sprinting forward. SPINNING KICK! NO! “The Hayman” caught Mother in mid-air AND GOOD GOD! A back breaker. He neither bent Mother in two with that move and he’ll go for the cover now, NO he won’t! Scarecrow lifting Mother to her feet and this time it’ll be Scarecrow that sends her to the ropes. BIG BOOT, BUT MOTHER DUCKS IT! Leaping to the middle rope as Scarecrow turns and SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT! That takes Scarecrow to the canvas. And the action has been back and forth non-stop from the get go.

Both Mother and Scarecrow working quickly to their feet. MOTHER with a kick to the calf of Scarecrow. AND another kick to the thigh. ANOTHER KICK! AGAIN! AGAIN! Over and over Mother kicking away at the legs of her opponent and SCARECROW DROPS TO THE CANVAS ONTO HIS KNEES! One last kick to the face, BUT SCARECROW BLOCKS IT!!! He has hold of Mother’s leg as he climbs to his feet and LOOK OUT! “THE HAYMAKER”! Scarecrow just landed that powerful right fist into the jaw of Mother and she hit the mat like a ton of bricks. She may be out cold!!

“The Harvester” closes in quickly and … he’s bringing her to her feet. Powerbomb? NO! It’s “The Perch”! Scarecrow hoisting Mother into position and MOTHER SLIPS OUT! Back on her feet as Scarecrow turns and “THE GOODNIGHT KISS”!!! “THE GOODNIGHT KISS” from Mother and now it’s Scarecrow that might be out cold. Both competitors definitely slowing down. Both feeling the effects of what has been a brutal contest thus far. YET STILL … BOTH STIRRING! BOTH WORKING TO THEIR FEET! I don’t think these two are trying to win. I think they’re trying to destroy each other!!!

Both up now and converging. SCARECROW with a kick to the stomach of Mother and here comes a VERTICAL SUPLEX! Mother held high into the air … AND DOWN SHE COMES! I don’t see how Mother is absorbing these high impact moves and still keeps coming back for more, but MY GOD! She is! She will not be stopped. “The Hayman” stands in wait, maybe in disbelief. It’s one monster against the other and I don’t think either understands what they’re facing!!! Mother back to her feet and Scarecrow hoists here into the air for a body slam!

BUT MOTHER SPINS! GRABBING SCARECROW’S NEXT AND REACHING HER FEET! SHE’S SET! SNAP SUPLEX! WHAT A POWERFUL MOVE THERE BY MOTHER WHO BY PHYSICAL MEANS IS GIVING UP A SIGNIFICANT ADVANTAGE TO HER OPPONENT! This might be it? No! NO it’s not, because Mother refuses to go for the pin. Neither competitor trying to win. This is not good. THIS IS NOT GOOD!Mother … watching, waiting … Scarecrow is up slow and “THE MATERNAL INSTINCT”!!! MOTHER HAS IT LOCKED IN! MOTHER SQUEEZING! SCARECROW SENSES HE’S IN TROUBLE, BUT IT MIGHT BE TOO LATE! Mother not letting up and now … stroking his straw hair!

Mother is stroking Scarecrow’s hair and … “HAYDAY” from Scarecrow. Mother just got a face full of hay and that’s going to break the hold. Mother stumbles backwards and Scarecrow simply staggers. Who will regain composure first? It’s Mother. She charges AND SCARECROW CATCHES HER WITH A HAND TO THE THROAT! YOU KNOW WHAT’S COMING!!!! “THE HARVESTER”! “THE HARVESTER” from Scarecrow and Mother finds herself on the canvas yet again. Her opponent; however, isn’t in any better shape and HE FALLS DOWN! I’ve never seen … MY GOD SCARECROW JUST FELL DOWN!

Scarecrow flat on his back. Mother flat on hers. What an unbelievable contest this has been. With no pinfalls. One submission attempt you could argue, but neither competitor showing a true desire to walk away. Instead, they want to make sure their opponent does not. Mother now, crawling to a motionless Scarecrow and “THE MATERNAL INSTINCT”!! Mother locks it in again and Scarecrow is not moving. Mother squeezing with everything she has AND

THAT’S IT! The official has called for the bell and Mother … Mother just passed out. She … she’s just lying there. Mother and Scarecrow. Both motionless. Both laying in the center of the ring! What a war!!!

THERE WENT THE LIGHTS! The lights are out. WE CAN’T SEE NOTHING! We can’t … WHAT THE HELL?!?! The lights are back and Scarecrow is draped over the body of Mother. It’s a pinfall. ONE … TWO … THREE! Scarecrow will win the match, but neither is moving. They’re both out. No fight left. What an unbelievable war this was!!!

We’re headed to the backstage entrance as Cayci Spires makes her way into the building. She’s carrying her luggage over shoulder and looks entirely prepared for the Sweet Dreams Match ahead of her tonight. Suddenly, Pig comes flying in out of no-where and MARCH OF THE PIGS!! RUNNING HEADBUTT LIKE SPEAR TO THE GUT!! He takes Spires down instantly and starts mauling her with vicious right hands.

The fans boo inside the arena until NEVILLE SHELDONstorms the scene, tackling Pig off of Cayci. They roll through though and before you know it, poor Neville is being pounded into oblivion on the ground. Spires somehow gets back to her, feet, holding her mid-section as she does and runs at Pig, nailing him with a knee to the side of the face that sends him sprawling off.

Realizing he’s out numbered, Luther – who stands watching at a distance, calls his animal back. “Pig! Get back here now!” he screams.

With the animal in quick retreat, Cayci helps a rather shaken Neville back to his feet.

“Thanks for that,” she says with a smile, watching as he dusts himself off and tries to gather his bearings. “I’m Cayci, I think it’s the first time we’ve properly met.”

Neville offers a reluctantly timid handshake. “I’m Neville. Sorry I couldn’t be of anymore help.”

She chuckles and taps him on the shoulder.

“From what I’ve seen, you’ve done more than enough considering we’re also your opponents. If it wasn’t for you, Crash may not of made it here tonight – and if Pig would of had it way, myself either. I’ll see you in the ring, Mr. Sheldon.”

Cayci grabs her back and heads off into the arena, leaving Neville to adjust his glasses with a smile.

Paloma Ruiz: The following match is for the OSW United States Championship.

“I’m On My Way To Freedom Land” hits as a chorus of people come out, clapping and singing along with Marcus X’s song, happily singing away as Marcus X himself comes out, walking past them as he makes his way down the rampway and heads towards ringside. Marcus walks up the steel steps, entering the ring as his music fades out.

Paloma Ruiz: Introducing first, the challenger, he weighed in this morning at 220 pounds from Harlem, New York……THIS IS MARCUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS XXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!

The sound of “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis is heard throughout the arena, prompting the crowd to rise to their feet with a roar of excitement as the lights slowly begin to dim. Suddenly red, white, and blue pyrotechnic effects begin to explode from the base of the entrance ramp that last several seconds before “The Enforcer” Brent Kersh appears on the upper portion of the structure.

Rick Walker: “HE’S HERE! HE BROKE OUT OF THAT LOCKER ROOM!! Now this one has all the markings of a classic match. Marcus X has had this beating long overdue.”

Richard Roman: “Long overdue? Why? Because he was smarter than the rest of us? I can’t believe this guy made it out. He always lets me down.”

Rick Walker: “A smart man wouldn’t pit themselves against Brent Kersh. A smart man wouldn’t try and implicate him in a situation that he had nothing to do with.”

Richard Roman: “But that smart man just found himself in the US Championship title picture because of it.”

The OSW superstar steps out onto the steel stage with his hands on his hips and looking around the arena in appreciation of the response from the crowd. Kersh is wearing a loose fitting black tee shirt embroidered with the letters “OSW” and soaked in sweat. In addition, “The Enforcer” is wearing his traditional wrestling attire of black tights, boots, kneepads, kneebraces, and white tape wrapped tightly around his wrists. As the colorful collage of sparks begin to die down, Kersh begins his approach to the ring. Maintaining a calm and collected mannerism, Brent moves back and forth from one side of the walkway to the other, slapping hands with the fans lining the security railing.

Rick Walker: “Well Brent looks focused and if you ask me, Marcus X is in trouble.”

Richard Roman: “No-one asked you. We’re going to see a new US Champion tonight and he goes by the name of The Black Knight; Marcus X.”

Once the professional wrestler gets to within several feet of the ring apron, he sprints the remaining distance — sliding under the bottom rope and coming to his feet in the middle of the ring. The OSW superstar lifts both hands into the air as he maneuvers his way around the ring.

Paloma Ruiz: And introducing from Beaumont, Texas, he weighed in this morning at 255 pounds, the United States Champion…..BRENTTTTTTT KERSHHHHHHHHH!!!!

The bell rings and the United States Championship match is underway. Kersh and Marcus circle each other, sizing the other up before the two lock up in the center of the ring, Marcus takes a bit of a shortcut and pushes Kersh down to the canvas. Kersh gets back to his feet and stands toe to toe with Marcus, this time watching as Marcus challenges him to the test of the strength. Marcus and Kersh lock their left hands and while Brent goes to put his right up, Marcus tries the shortcut again, going for the kick to the midsection but Kersh is waiting, he grabs the boot and waggles his finger in the face of Marcus before kicking out the back leg, sending Marcus to the canvas.

Marcus looks a bit embarrassed as he’s quickly to his feet with the aid of the ropes. Marcus gets back in the ring and goes right after Kersh, almost catching him off guard with a stiff right elbow to the head area. Kersh is rocked by it but doesn’t go down. Hard Clothesline drops the defending United States Champion and Marcus follows right up, mounting himself over Kersh reigning in the rights and lefts before being pulled off by the referee.

He goes right back after him though, right and lefts before finally lifting Kersh to his feet and body slamming him in the center of the ring. Marcus the drops all of his weight across Kersh with a standing splash, as the referee tries to get into position, Marcus drives his elbow into his face, smashing it into the canvas. The referee realizes and he pulls Marcus off and gives him a stern warning. Marcus knows he can’t win the United States Championship by disqualification.

The slight confusion and moment away gave the resilient Kersh enough time to get to his feet, the look on his face is telling, he charges at Marcus, clothesline sends him down, he’s back up, second clothesline, a third, Brent Kersh is absolutely rolling right. Marcus X uses his intelligence and wisely rolls out of the ring as Brent is riled up, the fans are behind him significantly. Marcus threatens to get back in the ring but decides against it, waving at Kersh and beginning to walk up the entrance ramp. The crowd boos loudly as the referee begins his count.

Half way up the ramp, Marcus finds himself being turned around, stiff punch by Kersh to the face floors Marcus. The Texan is all sorts of fired up. Marcus now is crawling back toward the ring, doing anything he can to stay away from the United States Champion. Sliding under the bottom rope Marcus continues to stay away but when Brent finally catches up and pulls Marcus to his feet, Marcus throws a thumb into the eye of Kersh, temporarily blinding him and opening up the advantage for Marcus. He goes behind Kersh very quickly, latching on and throwing Kersh with a very dangerous looking German Suplex.

Marcus goes for a quick cover, thinking that he has sufficiently weakened Brent Kersh, but Kersh kicks out after two. Marcus stalks Kersh waiting for him to get to his feet and when he finally does he locks it on.

TIMES OF CHANGE!!! Marcus X has locked in the devastating chokehold, he’s trying to choke out Brent Kersh and become the United States Champion. Deeper and deeper he locks in the hold, working to get Brent to the canvas and lock the hold in even further. Brent tries to fight it off but he cannot, he goes down and in the center of the ring. The crowd gets antsy, wondering if the United States Champion will tap out.

Kersh has gone lifeless or so it seems. The referee goes with the old fashion arm pick up and drop. The first time, the arm falls to the canvas, the second time the arm again falls to the canvas…The third time, HE HAS LIFE!!! BRENT KERSH IS ALIVE!!! The crowd is going wild as Kersh begins to work his way to his feet and the hold by Marcus is getting lighter and lighter, he’s shaking his head but it doesn’t stop Brent from delivering stiff elbows to the midsection, after three he lets go of the hold and Brent throws himself off the ropes, when coming back Marcus and Brent crash, both looking for the same move and ending with the same result, a Double Clothesline!!!!

“Let’s Go Kersh!!!” The fans are chanting wildly, trying everything they can to help get the big Texan back to his feet. Both men begin to stir and it’s a race to see who can get up first. It’s a dead heat, a tie, Kersh and Marcus get to their feet and a slugfest ensues. Marcus swings and misses, Brent doesn’t though, throwing Marcus into the air and on the way down landing a stiff European uppercut to the chin. Kersh goes for the cover.. One…..Two…..NOOO!!! Kickout at two.

Kersh can’t believe the desperation showed from Marcus in that situation. Brent gets Marcus to his feet and wastes little time getting Marcus in position to be destroyed with a huge powerbomb. He gets Marcus on his shoulders but Kersh isn’t able to complete the move as Marcus takes advantage of the slight hesitation, sliding out of the move, Marcus kicks Kersh in the midsection and sticks him with a DDT. Brent Kersh, the veteran and US Champion doesn’t make many mistakes but this one may come back to bite him.

Marcus X stalks Brent Kersh, he screams BLACKOUT!!! Marcus has Kersh positioned for the reverse Rock Bottom but he’s stalled out. Kersh is able to elbow Marcus in the face before sliding behind him and pushing him away. Marcus rushes back at Kersh and Kersh is able to maneuver Marcus into position for the shoulder breaker right into the Tombstone Piledriver!!! SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!!!! Marcus has nowhere to go.

Brent makes the pin. One…..Two….Three!!!!!

Brent Kersh has successfully defended his United States Championship in a great match.


Brent is handed his United States Champion and he celebrates outside of the ring with the fans. What a great match at Ring of Dreams.

In the backstage area, Nigel Royal is sitting down with his Hardcore Championship, full of smiles having successfully defended his belt against Matthew Cories here tonight. He puts the belt down on the bench next to him, only to be interrupted by the door opening and a staff member rushing in.

“Mr. Royal, sir? I’ve some bad news,” the worker – an employee of Nigel himself complains aghast. “It’s your father.”

“My father?” Nigel says whilst jumping to his feet. Panic immediately rushes over him like a wave. “What about him, you little pipsqueak?” he yells, thrusting his hands around his employee’s neck.

“I’ve just received word that he has been arrested. Police in the United Kingdom left a message with your secretary that he’s been arrested on suspicion of fraud. She wanted you to send financial help, what do I do?”

Nigel’s eyes widen in utter shock. He lets go of the employee and stumbles backwards almost, taking a seat.

“F-Fraud? Have they frozen his bank accounts?” Nigel enquires.

“I believe so. Your secretary said that he’s unable to afford an attorney and wants you to send financial aid immediately.” the rather terrified employee continues.

Nigel sits there for a moment, his head in his hands, a look of utter distress on his face. “I… send funds.. send whatever he needs, but not from the INTRA account, alright?”

“Got it, sir. What’s the INTRA account?” the employee asks.

Nigel, realizing that he’s said too much, immediately frowns – which of course gives the employee in his cue to leave. The scene comes to a close with Royal looking absolutely broken.

Paloma Ruiz: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is the SWEET DREAMS match! Introducing first… CRAAAASSHHHHHHH!”

The lights dim to black, plunging the arena into silent anticipation. When the epic guitar riff of “World on Fire” by Slash hits, a single spotlight illuminates the entrance stage. A large hoop had appeared seemingly out of nowhere, much like that which a Daredevil would leap through. The hoop hangs some ten feet in the air, sitting on a solid steel frame.

Just as the verse plays, the hoop spontaneously bursts into flames. Crash comes leaping through the hoop with a seemingly super-human leap, flying through the air his cape trailing out behind him. The Daredevil is a picture of grace and poise as he hits the ground in front of the ramp and rolls forward to complete his jump on one knee.

With the crowd suitably wowed, the former stunt-double charges off towards the ring, slapping a line of hands along one side of the entranceway as he goes. Crash slides into the ring before charging straight across and springboarding off the opposite second ring rope. Pyrotechnics explode from the ring posts in true ‘daredevil’ fashion as he lands a backflip in the centre of the ring. Flicking his hair back, Crash finishes his entrance with the strike of a pose.

Paloma Ruiz: “And the next participant… JAAAKKKEEE JEECKKKEEELLL!!”

“WHY DO I CALL MYSELF A JUGGALO!?!” – “Raw Deal” by Twiztid hits and, as Jake Jeckel explodes on stage, the crowd goes wild with boo’s. Despite their distain, the Juggalo seems to enjoy the reaction, egging people as he moves at a jog towards the ring; air boxing and occasionally flicking his nose with his thumb as he goes

Once ringside Jake rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring, immediately jumping up on the far turnbuckle; camera side. Atop the turnbuckle Jake peers down at the fans in the front row; a look on his face that conveys that they are nothing but peons to him. A snarl on his lips that conveys he wants nothing more than to rip their heads off at the neck. Jeckel takes off his shirt and fakes like he’s going to throw it to the crowd before letting it drop on the apron for the ref to kick off the canvas.

Paloma Ruiz: “Introducing the third participant… REICHOUS MARX!”

The crushing guitars blast through the sound system as the initial blackness wakes up with the sunrise of a white splash that violently attacks those in attendance. There, slowly moving from behind the curtain, is the Luminary Sage himself, Reichous Marx, in his jet-black overcoat.

He reaches the foot of the stage, pridefully one-hand gripping his Serpent Dragon staff, and pauses to allow his eyes to drift from side to side. He then closes those eyes with a half-grin, kisses the head of the serpent on his staff, opens his eyes, points that same staff toward the rafters, and resumes his systematic strut down the ramp and to ringside. He rests the staff on the edge of the squared circle, marches up the stares, removes his black overcoat, enters the ring, and takes his cue at the far corner.

Paloma Ruiz: “Introducing the forth participant… PIG!”

The music abruptly starts and before you know it as the smoke clears, Luther steps out from behind the curtain before introducing his Monster, Pig. Pig awkwardly walks to the ring following behind Luther, when reaching the ring he leans against the ropes waiting for his opponent.

Paloma Ruiz: “Introducing the fifth participant.. CAAAAYYCCCIII SPIIIREESSS!”

Nubian Rose’s “Break Out” hits the speakers, and Cayci Spires blows through the curtain to the entrance way. She nods her head in time with the music, hopping from foot to foot as the lyrics kick. Sufficiently warmed up, Cayci confidently strides down the entrance ramp to get in the ring. She quickly ascends to the nearest turnbuckle to scream out to the heavens.


The crowd grows silent as the lights enter a red state of frantic movement. The hard drums of “Warrior” by Imagine Dragons blasts throughout The Wrestleplex, leading into the telling hook of the highly inspiring song.

The lights in The School Yard begin to resurrect as the song picks up. Illuminating the curtain, the spotlights shine on the towering figure that is “The Question” James Hunter. Accompanied by his favorite toy, Hunter slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring – moving at the pace of the music.

Upon reaching the ring, The Question slides in the ring and stares only at the referee with a smile on his face – waiting for the signal to do what he likes best…destroy.


“Through the Fire and the Flames” by Dragonforce plays beautifully across the speakers and the fans rise to their feet in ovation. Neville Sheldon steps onto the entrance ramp in his white gym short like trunks, kneepads and boots. He walks down the ramp timidly, putting his hand up in wave to the fans. When at the ring, he uses the middle rope to pull himself onto the ring apron, eventually getting up and entering the ring.

Paloma Ruiz: “And finally… JIMMMYYY SARRTTYYYRRR!!”

The main lights shut off, with a few roaming red spotlight as “A City On Fire” by Fightstar blares out into the arena. As the guitar starts, a completely white swan appears on both the stage and titantron, then the song kicks in. The light restores and Jimmy rushes out from behind the curtain, rushing over to a corner of the stage, pumping up the fans with a smile on his face.

Rushing to the other corner, he places a hand over his eyes and gazes out across the sea of humanity. Walking to the top of the ramp, Sartyr crouches down, resting one knee on the floor and crossing his arms in an X in front of him. Then, rising to his feet, he unfurls his arms like the wings of a swan, as many members of the audience mimic his pose. Rushing down to the ring , Jimmy slaps the hands of fans on the way and slides on his belly into the ring.

Hopping up to his feet, he climbs a turnbuckle and repeats his swan pose, before repeating it at the other turnbuckles. With the smile still on his face, Jimmy hops down and hops around the ring, limbering up for the upcoming fight.

The cage slowly starts to lower now all eight opponents are in the ring.

The cage has hardly lowered before the action jumps off in the middle of the ring. Jake Jeckel and Jimmy Sartyr head toe to toe in the corner, as Reichous Marx battles Crash across the ring. We though turn our attention to Cayci and Pig who’re brawling across the cage. Pig rams her face first into the steel and pushes with all his might, grating her face on the solid steel until Neville Sheldon attacks from behind with a forearm… another… another.. and finally Pig turns around to meet him. He’s not happy that as Neville backs away, storms across to nail him with a Clothesline.

The Animal turns his attention back to Cayci who catches him with a Russian Legsweep, bouncing back into the ropes and then diving forward for good measure. She pops back to her feet and goes over to check on Neville, only James Hunter catches her clean with a Big Boot that almost takes her head off. He reaches down and grabs Sheldon instead, throwing him back first WITH GREAT POWER INTO THE STEEL CAGE! HOLY SHIT! HE MUST’VE FLEW SIX FEET IN THE AIR! Neville bounces back off the steel in a heap and The Question turns with a smirk to find Pig WHO RUNS AT HIM WITH MARCH OF THE PIGS!! HEADBUTT LIKE SPEAR TO THE GUT!!

Jimmy meanwhile has backed off Jeckel and starts to climb the cage, getting half way up before Jake comes to his senses and realizes it. He quickly grabs after him, grabbing his leg and PULLING HIM DOWN GROIN FIRST ACROSS THE TOP ROPE!! That evil bastard Jeckel loves that. He reaches up and nails him with a right hand, heading up onto the cage himself. The Juggalo starts climbing, leaving Jimmy sat there in agony, which only turns out to be a mistake because Jimmy spins his leg over and starts climbing with him. These two are slugging it out stood on the top rope now!

That’s when Reichous Marx gets involved. He climbs up between them and stands there, balanced on the top rope. With an arm around both guys, he positions his legs between theirs, bouncing their heads off the steel. Suddenly he arcs backwards and DOUBLE HELTER SKELTER INTO THE CAGE!! THAT WAS MODIFIED BUT BOY IT HURT! HE THEN LUNGES BACKWARDS INTO A DOUBLE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP!! ALL THREE BOUNCE OFF THE CANVAS IN A HEAP!! Meanwhile, Crash has Pig in the corner and is going to town with right and left hands that won’t soon be forgotten.

Jake meanwhile has rolled to the corner and sits there, trying to recover as Reichous Marx walks over and starts swinging at him, delivering devastating blows to the jaw. Jimmy on the other hand gets back to his feet and walks straight into Neville Sheldon who NAILS HIM WITH A ROCK BOTTOM!! WITH AUTHORITY!! Neville rolls away and CRASH CATCHES HIM… SINGLE KNEE BACKBREAKER…. CUTTER!! CRASH CRUSH COMBO!! THE TRIPLE C!! On the other side of the ring, Cayci Spires tackles Pig to the canvas and starts beating on him with right hands. She’s furious and drags him back to his feet, throwing him head first into the steel cage.

When Cayci turns around, there’s Hunter again BUT THIS TIME SHE DUCKS! She spins him around and nails him with a forearm, running him into the ropes and sending him across the ring. The Question comes back to a massive Spinning Heel Kick that cleans his clock. Chaos gets back to her feet and notices that Pig is heading up the cage. She runs, leaps to the top rope with some amazing agility and starts climbing alongside him. He reaches the top and swings a leg over, but Spires is right there behind him.

The fans roar as they begin slugging it out, Cayci pulling herself onto the cage as well. Right and left hands are quickly exchanged, Cayci finally getting the best of Pig with a brutal right handed shot that sends him flailing backwards, almost off the cage itself. Finally she stands up… LEAPING HURRICANRANNA!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? THEY BOTH JUST CAME FLYING DOWN TO THE CANVAS IN A FUCKING HEAP! NOOOO!!!!!!


THAT SURELY DID NOT JUST HAPPEN? Replays show the wonderfully insane agility of Cayci Spires who somehow pushes herself to a balance on the top beam and leaps with a Hurricanranna that sends both her and Pig tumbling day feet to the canvas below. The fans are roaring but neither have moved even an inch since that happened. Neville Sheldon meanwhile looks on, absolutely stunned. He rushes over and checks on her, a friendship clearly brewing between these two. Only as he does that, Reichous Marx grabs him by the hair and throws him into the ropes, nailing him with a Clothesline.

Marx doesn’t wait for him to get back to his feet and grabs him by the hair, demanding that he rise. He slaps him once, twice and NO! Neville blocks it!“YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!” roar the fans as Sheldon delivers a thunderous right hand of his own. THE GEEK HAS GUTS! He starts beating Marx back to the ropes with fierce right hands that tell the world this geek isn’t to be pushed around. He whips Marx into the ropes and ducks under a Clothesline attempt.. THE BOOK SMART!! STANDING SURFBOARD!! HE GRABBED HIS HEAD, DUCKED IN AND GRABBED THE LEG IN A FLUID MOTION UNLESS ANYTHING WE’VE EVER SEEN!!

REICHOUS MOANS IN AGONY AS SHELDON REFUSES TO LET GO!! But here comes the Juggalo.. KNEE TO THE FACE OF NEVILLE SHELDON!! The Nerd releases the hold and crumbles to the canvas. Reichous stumbles away, turns around and is scooped straight up by Jake Jeckel… THE HATCHET! NOOOO!!! MARX DROPS DOWN… HELTER SKELTER!! A SECOND HELTER SKELTER TO JAKE JECKEL!!

As they hit the canvas, Crash begins his climb, though no-one seems to realize it. He heads straight up the cage and hits the top before we even realize it. He stands there, looking at the ground, realizing that he can escape, but deciding not. Only as that happens, Reichous Marx is up and James Hunter lurks behind him… SIDE SLAM… HE HAS HIM UP… BUT OH MY GOD!!!“CAAAANNNNNNOOONNNBALLLLLL!!”





Everyone is down in the middle of the ring now – EXCEPT ONE MAN!! Jimmy Sartyr has risen to his feet and realizes that his opportunity to win this thing is now. He heads to the corner and starts climbing the cage, step by step, heading towards the top and pulling over, up into the corner. All you have to do is climb down, Jimmy. All you have to do is head out of here and the title opportunity is yours!

But he doesn’t.


Everyone is down now and surely, surely whoever gets up first will win this thing. Out of the carnage on the canvas, Reichous Marx is the first to emerge, rolling away and pulling himself to his feet on the far left. He can do this now, all he has to do is climb up… climb up and escape the cage. Marx pulls himself up the ropes and onto the cage itself, slowly climbing… climbing… climbing..


Suddenly a beam of light hits the centre of the canvas like a lightning bolt, illuminating the ring for only a split second. When the lights come back on.. Reichous Marx…REICHOUS MARX IS… POWERBOMB SUPERKICK!! WHAT THE FUCK!! WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE GUYS!? TWO MEN NOW STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CAGE! The bigger face painted one just POWERBOMBED MARX TO OBLIVION, except the other, the second man, he SUPERKICKED HIM IN THE HEAD ON THE WAY DOWN!

They don’t even turn their attention to anyone else, instead grabbing Marx by an arm and a leg each, RAMMING HIM THROUGH THE FUCKING DOOR!! THEY JUST RAMMED HIM HEAD FIRST INTO THE DOOR! They drag him out, dumping him on the floor on the outside as the bell rings! This one is over! Reichous Marx has unwittingly escaped the cage. What the hell is going on here? Who the hell just attacked him?


The fans boo as both men escape through the crowd, leaving Marx unconscious and bloodied on the concrete floor. He doesn’t know it, but he just won Sweet Dreams.

Not that he looks like a winner here tonight.

With the participants of the Sweet Dreams match having made their way to the backstage, with either help from EMT’s or of their own accord, Jake Jeckel is the last man to start walking the isle. The boo’s that reign down on him are enough for him to head to the corner of the stage and flip them the bird.

Rick Walker: “What a disgusting piece of trash.”

Richard Roman: “What? He’s just responding to the assholes here tonight giving him shit.”

Rick Walker: “They’re treating him that way because he, throughout the years, has done unthinkable act after unthinkable act.”

Jake stands there with the bird flipped at the crowd, when suddenly they cheer.


The utter rapturous cheer from the crowd causes Jake confusion, until he turns around and.. CROWD CONTROL!! MODIFIED RKO!! HOLY SHIT!! THAT’S GABRIEL CAIN! The fans are on their feet because Gabriel Cain was stood behind Jake Jeckel and he just nailed him on the entrance ramp!

Rick Walker: “Where did he come from!?”

Richard Roman: “That son of a bitch! That absolute bastard!”

Cain gets back to his feet and stares down at Jake, the fans roaring with cheers as the Juggalo rolls over in agony, perhaps realizing that yet another old foe is here to get some revenge. Gabriel heads back behind the curtain, having made a huge statement of intent here. Jake Jeckel has hell reigning down on him from the fans of Old School Wrestling and with foe after foe crawling out of the woodwork, he’s got a mountain to climb to survive.

The bell in the School Yard tolls as Paloma Ruiz stands with that beautiful smile on her face in the center of the ring.

Paloma Ruiz: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall… and it is a LOSER LEAVES OSW MATCH!!!”

The opening tune of California Love hits the speakers as multi-colored lights cover the arena.

Rick Walker: “Oh boy, I’ve been waiting for this one. After months of torment, Mike Lane is going to make Desmond Cross go away.”

Richard Roman: “I wouldn’t be so sure. Destiny didn’t want to do it like this.”

Rick Walker: “No, but let’s be honest, she’s hell bent on vengeance.”

Richard Roman: “As is Mike Lane.”

Paloma Ruiz: “Making his way down the aisle… weighing in at two hundred sixty-two pounds… currently residing in Hollywood, California… he is THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE… MIIIIIIIIIIKEEEE LAAAAAAANNNNNEEEEEE!!!”

The People’s Choice walks out from behind the curtain and places his hands on his hips as he surveys his people. He walks with a confident stride down to the ring, ignoring the calls of the fans in the audience. A brisk jog up the steps is followed by Lane stepping between the ropes and walking to the middle of the ring to bask in the power he has brought to the ring.

Richard Roman: “Why? He constructed a plan that saw him forfeit the World Championship. A plan that if worked, would of made the whole landscape of this company, this WORLD, a different place.”

Rick Walker: “You don’t believe in all that cobblers, do you? There’s no way he was really going to ascend to become the next Jesus Christ.”

Richard Roman: “How do we know?”

The lights in the arena dim and a bright spotlight shines on Desmond Cross, clad in a black trench coat, as he appears at the entryway. Clutched in his hands is a massive wooden cross, the length of his massive frame.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponent… being accompanied to the ring by Brother Zachariah Hawthorn… weighing in at two hundred eighty pounds… from Greenville, South Carolina… he is THE NEW MESSIAH… DESSSSMMOOOOOOONNNDD CRRRRRROOSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!”

He scowls as he drags the cross to the ring, followed closely by his divine messenger, Brother Zachariah Hawthorn. Propping it up, he climbs into the ring and falls to his knees, looking upward towards the heavens.

Rick Walker: “The problem for Desmond right now is that Mike Lane wants his blood and all he wants is Destiny. Someone is leaving here for the last time tonight and I can assure you, that cannot be Mike Lane.”

Richard Roman: “Well I think you’re mistaken. I think Desmond is going to put an end to this People’s Choice nonsense, once and for all.”

DING DING DING!! The bell rings and this highly anticipated Loser Leaves OSW match is underway. Mike Lane takes a fighting stance, ready for whatever the New Messiah has prepared tonight… but Desmond Cross drops to his knees with his arms outstretched.

“ARE YOU READY, MIKE LANE?? HA HA! ARE YOU READY?,” Cross exclaims with fervor as he stares wildly at the People’s Choice. Mike Lane wastes no time though and swings his leg with all his might at Desmond Cross’s face… but Cross ducks and heSCOOPS HIM UP!! DESMOND SWINGS MIKE LANE OVER!!! AMAZING GRACE!!!! NO!!! NO!!! Mike Lane lands on his feet…HUGE KICK TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD TO DESMOND CROSS!!! The New Messiah staggers back… EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!! ANOTHER EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!!! Mike Lane off the ropes as he runs at Desmond Cross- BIG BOOT BY DESMOND TAKES MIKE LANE DOWN QUICK!!! Cross scoops Lane up and sends him off the ropes. Cross goes for a lariat… Mike Lane ducks… Lane off the ropes with aCLOTHESLINE!!! BOTH MEN GO TUMBLING OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

Cross and Lane are on their feet and start trading right hands back and forth. Cross grabs Lane’s arms and goes for the Irish whip… Lane reverses sending DESMOND CROSS SLAMMING INTO THE STEEL STEPS!! Lane slides under the bottom rope and then right back to the outside as to break the referee’s count. If he’s going to win this it sure as hell won’t be by count out. Lane gets a running start and heads for Cross… DESMOND HOPS UP OUT OF NOWHERE!!! OH MY GOD!!! SPINEBUSTER TO MIKE LANE ON THE BOTTOM HALF OF THE STEEL STEPS!!! Mike Lane’s head just bounced off the steel ring steps and the People’s Choice clutches his head in agony. Brother Hawthorn approaches Mike Lane with pleasure as he surveys the damage. This time it’s Cross sliding under the bottom rope to break the count and back to the outside.

Cross peels Lane off the mat on the outside and hooks under his arms before launching him with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!! CROSS JUST TOSSED LANE LIKE A RAG DOLL ON THE OUTSIDE!!! Mike Lane clutches his back now. Between the suplex and the spine buster the People’s Choice is in a bad way. Cross grabs Lane and this time hoists him in the air… he’s got him around the waist… CROSS CHARGES AND SLAMS MIKE LANE BACK FIRST INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!!! Mike Lane crumples to his knees before falling to his face on the outside. Brother Hawthorn climbs to the apron and shouts at the referee, momentarily breaking the count as to buy the New Messiah some more time. Cross pulls Lane to his feet and slides him under the bottom rope and back into the squared circle.

Cross pulls Lane up and shoves him into the corner. RIGHTS! LEFTS!! Desmond is pounding away at the People’s Choice with some stiff body shots. Lane pulls his hands up in an attempt to block the damage being done but it’s no use. Cross lifts his boot to Mike Lane’s throat for a choke and the referee is on him, 1…… 2……… 3………… 4 and Desmond breaks the hold. A few moreSTIFF body shots to Mike Lane before Cross backs into the opposite corner… Desmond charges and CONNECTS WITH A HUGE AVALANCHE TO MIKE LANE IN THE CORNER!!! Desmond takes a step back and gets NAILED WITH A SHADOW KICK!!! OH MY GOD!!! MIKE LANE LEAPS OUT OF THE CORNER WITH A SHADOW KICK OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!!! Mike Lane crumples on top of Desmond Cross, 1……… 2………… 3! NOOOO!!! NOOOOO!!! Desmond Cross kicks out at the last second!!

The People’s Choice begins to rally as the fans in the School Yard are going crazy for the former Heavyweight Champion. Mike Lane climbs to the top rope… LANE LEAPS!!! FLYING LEG DROP CRASHES DOWN ON THE NECK OF DESMOND CROSS!!! Mike Lane clutches his back which is still giving him trouble before he pounces with the cover, 1……… 2………… Desmond Cross gets a shoulder up at two… but Mike Lane immediately flips Desmond onto his stomach… Lane hooks the leg… he grabs the chin… STF!!! MIKE LANE HAS DESMOND CROSS LOCKED IN THE STF!!!

Cross clutches at Mike Lane’s hands hoping to break the submission hold but there’s no loosening Lane’s grip. Cross reaches for the bottom rope but he can’t quite get there. Brother Hawthorn screams at the New Messiah to reach the ropes. Desmond inches over slowly… a little further… he FINALLY breaks the hold!!! Mike Lane releases and stands, holding that tender back of his again. Cross pulls himself to his knees and Mike Lane sees an opportunity. The People’s Choice off the ropes… Cross stands and scoops… AMAZING GRACE!!! THIS TIME IT CONNECTS!!! F-5 AND THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE IS OUT OF IT!!! Desmond hooks the leg, 1……… 2…………3- NO! NO! NO! JESUS CHRIST THAT WAS CLOSE!!! MIKE LANE BARELY GETS A SHOULDER UP!!

Desmond rolls to his knees again and stares at the referee, he can’t believe this isn’t over. Desmond gets to his feet and pulls Lane up and turns him around. Cross hooks his arms around Lane’s torso and slams him to the mat with a HUGE GERMAN SUPLEX!! AND ANOTHER GERMAN SUPLEX!!! Jesus Christ a THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX ON MIKE LANE!! Desmond still has him hooked and goes for ANOTHER GERMAN SUPLEX… BUT LANE FLIPS OUT OF IT!!! MIKE LANE LANDS ON HIS FEET!!! LANE LEAPS FOR A SHADOW KICK!!! BUT DESMOND CROSS DUCKS!!! Desmond goes for a massive BOOT TO THE FACE… BUT LANE DUCKS!!! Mike Lane connects with a European uppercut!! Then a right hand to Desmond’s face!!! Cross goes for a wild lariat but Lane ducks… The People’s Choice hooks under the arm… UP AND OVER… NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX INTO A BRIDGE!!! MIKE LANE WITH THE COVER, 1……… 2………… DESMOND KICKS OUT!!

Lane and Cross are up to their feet. Lane sends Desmond against the ropes… Lane goes for a running clothesline but Cross dodges… on the rebound Cross bends at the hip for a back body drop… but Mike Lane has it scouted!!! Swift kick to the face of Desmond Cross and the New Messiah staggers back. Mike Lane hits the ropes and nails Cross with a FLYING FOREARM!!! CROSS SLAMS TO THE MAT!!! Lane grabs the leg of Desmond Cross and rolls him over into a SINGLE LEG BOSTON CRAB… BUT CROSS POWERS OUT!!! CROSS THRUSTS MIKE LANE THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE TO THE OUTSIDE!! Lane catches his breath and pulls himself to his feet… Cross is up and he hits the ropes… OH MY GOD!!! SUICIDE DIVE OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! DESMOND CROSS JUST LAUNCHED HIMSELF OVER THE TOP FUCKING ROPE ONTO MIKE LANE!!!!

“HO-LY SHIT!! HO-LY SHIT!!” The fans in the School Yard have fucking lost it as Desmond Cross somehow peels himself off the mat on the outside and drags himself and Mike Lane back into the squared circle. Cross stands and signals for the end as the fans are on their feet and all attention is on the entrance way… it’s- DESTINY!!! SHE’S HERE!! Desmond looks to the entrance and sees his prize making her way down the aisle. Cross leans himself against the top rope and signals to Brother Hawthorn that Destiny has made her way to ringside. Zachariah attempts to intercept Destiny but she lights him up with a HUGE SLAP TO THE FACE!!! Brother Hawthorn is on his ass as Destiny makes her way onto the ring apron. She’s in Cross’s face as the New Messiah just laughs and stares at Destiny with that glazed look in his eye.


Destiny has a lump in her throat as she almost simultaneously signed herself over to Desmond Cross and banished the love of her life from Old School Wrestling forever. She’s pounding on the mat in support of The People’s Choice as Mike Lane and Desmond Cross are slowly making it to their feet. Lane strikes first with a EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!! Next it’s Cross with a BOOT TO THE FACE!!! Destiny is on the apron AGAIN!! WHAT IS SHE DOING!!! Lane with a clothesline but Cross ducks. Lane SCREAMS… pleading with Destiny to get down again… Lane turns around and is SCOOPED UP AGAIN!!! AMAZING GRACE- WAIT!!! MIKE LANE COUNTERS ON THE WAY DOWN WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!!! JESUS CHRIST!!! 1…………… 2……………… 3!!!!!!!!! MIKE LANE WINS!!! LANE WINS!!! DESMOND CROSS MUST LEAVE OLD SCHOOL WRESTLING!!!!

Mike Lane bursts away from the small package having just sealed the three count needed to finish this once and for all. Both men are quickly back up but before Desmond can even comprehend what just happened, Mike has leapt into action.. SHADOW KICK!! SHADOW KICK!! MIKE LANE JUST PUT THE ICING ON HIS CAKE!! DESMOND CROSS, YOU’RE OUTTA HERE PAL!

Rick Walker: “GOODNIGHT, GODBLESS! Desmond Cross has FINALLY been fired!”

Richard Roman: “I can’t believe this is even happening. I can’t believe he did it.”

Security come walking down to the ring as Destiny slides in to celebrate with her man. They hug and celebrate in the middle of the ring as security pull a prone Desmond from it and start escorting him down the side of the entrance ramp and towards the exit. Just then though, two more men head to the entrance ramp – this time, police officers.

Rick Walker: “What do the police want?”

Richard Roman: “They’re making their way out to the ring and Mike Lane, you can tell that he’s expecting to be arrested – he looks guilty.”

The police enter the ring and approach both Lane and Destiny, explaining to them why they’re out here and what this all means. It’s then that they… they TURN DESTINY AROUND AND BEGIN CUFFING HER!! OH MY GOD!!

Mike tries to stop them but the officer warns against it, telling him that he’ll be arrested too if he tries to stop this.

Rick Walker: “Why are they arresting her, damnit? She hasn’t done anything.”

Richard Roman: “She hasn’t done anything? She contracted Red River Jack to destroy all evidence of Errol Flint’s running down so that the investigation could remain in house. Mike Lane may not realize it, but when he brought the police in, he changed the landscape of more than just their match.”

The fans boo as Destiny is escorted from the ring and towards the backstage area with Mike Lane in toe. He’s furious, as is she, but why has she been arrested? No-one can quite believe what’s going on here tonight.

The camera has arrived in the parking lot backstage where an odd limousine sits. The tinted windows don’t allow us to see who’s sat inside but we can hear his voice, coming through a gap in the back window.

“This place is out of control.”

He pauses for a moment, the voice of someone else heard faintly in the background.

“No, it’s falling apart at the seams and I think you know that. Errol Flint was run down a month ago and his daughter has taken over since then, only she’s been arrested for obstruction of justice and YOU no longer have anyone in power.”Again, he pauses.

“You’re the board of directors, you’re now the largest stake holders in the company. With Destiny arrested and Errol in hospital, unable to make decisions, his status currently unclear, you need someone to run this place; I don’t need you.”

The talking in the background continues, though we can’t hear what they say.

“I’ll take the job on, but under my conditions. I want full control, full power, no interference and full backing from the board. I want the only person to oppose me in this role to be Errol Flint. I’m not working with his daughter. You need to find out when or if he’s coming back, what his condition is and what his intentions are. I will be in charge of the hiring and firing, the match making and the day to day operations until then.”

A few moments of silence pass.

“Alright, I’ll be there next week,” He must’ve hung up the phone because within moments, we hear movement as the man inside shuffles around. “Driver, let’s get going.”

The limousine begins to pull off, leaving the camera stood there, the fans inside the arena confused. Has Old School Wrestling just appointed a new Commissioner?

Paloma Ruiz: “Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for your Main Event! The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the World Heavyweight Championship”

The lights dim to a shade lighter than darkness as the humming start of ‘To get to you’ brings about the immediate rise of the fans. Red River Jack steps out onto the entrance ramp with the burning ember of his cigarette being the first immediate thing we see.

Rick Walker: “This is what we’ve all been waiting for. For weeks these two have been ripping each other to shreds.”

Richard Roman: “And it’s not about the Championship, either. You have to remember that Red River Jack and The Awakening did some heinous things to Isaiah Black over the course of three months.”

Rick Walker: “Which all culminates inside that very ring. It’s about race, it’s about hate, and whether these two admit it or not – it is about that World Championship.”

Richard Roman: “I don’t see it that way. Red may want it as a platform for his message but Isaiah Black only has it because he doesn’t want anyone else to enjoy it. He’s a dick and I love it.”

Rick Walker: “The fans meanwhile have hardly been against Isaiah. The race situation with the KKK that led us here originally has erupted and the audience can’t stand Red River Jack. If you tie that in with the death of Smoke, what he did to Crash and Marcus X, the fans are firmly in the corner of ‘The Grim’.”

Richard Roman: “Which I can assure you, he doesn’t give a single solitary shit about.”

Paloma Ruiz: “Introducing first, he is your Pandemonium 2015 Winner, weighing in at 230lbs… RED….. RIVER….. JACK!”

He nonchalantly walks towards the ring, stopping at the bottom to take one last drag on his cigarette before putting it out on the floor with a press of his boot. The lights come back on as he does and he rolls into the ring.

Paloma Ruiz: “And his opponent..”

The houselights all but die as a slow, pounding bass rhythm signals the start of El-P’s “Stay Down.” Sporadic strobe bursts pierce the darkness in-time with the track’s loose guitar harmonics and soon Isaiah Black staggers from the backstage area, peering disdainfully from beneath his hood.

Rick Walker: “This crowd continues to cheer for Isaiah Black. He does look deeply focused though. I wonder if he’s considering The Awakening at all? I mean, he put them out of commission, didn’t he?”

Richard Roman: “That just gives him a free one on one shot against Red River Jack.”

Rick Walker: “Oh and I’m sure he’ll take it.”

Richard Roman: “He’s the World Champion, Rick. He doesn’t need that, or else he wouldn’t be here.”

Paloma Ruiz: “From Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 203lbs.. he is your WORLD CHAMPION…. ‘THE GRIM’… ISSSAAIIIAAAHHH BLLAACCK!”

“The Grim” doesn’t stop for fanfare and starts his way down the ramp with his head bowed, cracking his knuckles as he goes. Eventually he reaches the ring and rolls beneath the bottom rope, before hopping to his feet. He pulls the hood back and casts a wide, demented gaze across the arena.

Rick Walker: “Look at the tension inside that ring, you could cut it with a knife. The crowd are on their feet, the atmosphere is electric!”

Richard Roman: “This is going to erupt into the biggest brawl we’ve ever seen.”

Rick Walker: “This is it, Richard! This is RING OF DREAMS!”

Richard Roman: “Ohhhhh I cannot wait for this!”

The atmosphere inside The School Yard has reached fever pitch. The fans are on their feet making as much noise as possible as these two behemoths stand nose to nose in the middle of the ring. For weeks now they’ve been ripping shreds out of each other, damaging property and destroying everything that gets in their way.

Then it happens. Finally. The explosion of right and left hands that see these two men start beating each other back and forth until Black sends a knee into the gut of Jack and stops the exchange. He slams his forearm down across his back, walloping him to the floor with great force. The crowd cheer, watching as Isaiah grabs him by the hair and helps him up, whipping him into the corner. He runs straight into it, except SPARTAN KICK! Red lunges out, taking the wind and the legs out from underneath the World Champion with a force so powerful that Black slams belly first into the canvas. He gets back up and is grabbed by the hair, being thrown into the corner. Red starts nailing him with right hands, grabbing him by the head again, dragged out from the corner, spun around and sent head first into the top turnbuckle.

Red River Jack scoops him straight up and looks set to drop him Snake Eyes across the turnbuckle, only Black drops down behind and pushes him chest first instead. Red bounces off and Reverses DDT, no, Isaiah scoops him up onto his shoulders and SNAKE EYES ACROSS THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!! Jack gets drilled into the turnbuckle and stumbles backwards, turning around as The GrimNAILS HIM WITH A LARIAT! He drops down into the corner and slams his forearm into the face for good measure.



Kick Out!

Black pops up off the canvas and grabs Red by the hair, throwing him over the top rope and to the outside. He follows, walking into a big boot to the gut for his troubles. Jack bounces him head first off the ring apron and then whips him hard into the steel ring post. It was only a matter of time until this one reached the outside. Isaiah stumbles away and RRJ storms across, catching him with a Clothesline across the back of his head. He doesn’t waste even a moment, pulling him off the concrete floor and placing his head between his legs. DOUBLE UNDERHOOK PILEDRIVER! HOLY FUCK!! HE JUST DROVE ISAIAH BLACK HEAD FIRST INTO THE CONCRETE FLOOR!!


What a vicious bastard. He reaches down and grabs him, rolling him into the ring so that his head remains across the apron. A few elbows across the throat later and Jack backs up, running along and a MODIFIED APRON NECKBREAKER! Instead of snapping his head across the bottom rope, he snaps it across the ring apron instead! Isaiah rolls away in agony, holding his neck as if he’s just been brutalized and he has. Red rolls into the ring and quickly attempts the cover, knowing that right now is his moment.



Kick Out!

The World Champion kicks out! Red rolls away onto his knees and smirks, getting back up and reaching down for the Champion. He pulls Black back to his feet and gets surprised by a Headbutt. Black stumbles backwards himself but rallies with knife edge chops, chopping the holy shit out of Jack! He ducks under a Clothesline attempt and SLEEPER HOLD! SLEEPER HOLD BY ISAIAH BLACK! WELCOME TO RING OF DREAMS! The Pandemonium Winner struggles away, trying to escape as Isaiah stomps down on the back of his leg and sends him to one knee.

The referee keeps asking him if he’s going to submit, though Jack refuses, telling him “No, never!”

Suddenly, The Creator pops up and STUNNER! STUNNER! ISAIAH BLACK BOUNCES BACKWARDS AND STUMBLES AWAY! Red gets up and as Isaiah comes back, EYE POKE!! WHAT A CHEATING BASTARD! In an exchange that can only be dedicated to Rowdy Roddy Piper, Red River Jack drives a knee into his midsection and slams him back first into the corner. Red takes a run up looking for a High Knee but Isaiah moves, leading Jack to land on the middle turnbuckle. He turns around and dives, only Isaiah Black is waiting.. DROPKICK! HE NAILED HIM IN MID-AIR!!

This match has been incredible so far. Isaiah Black gets back up and grabs Jack too, nailing him with a DDT for good measure. He slides to the outside and grabs Red, pulling him out as well. He runs him back first into the barricade, dropping the contender down to his ass. The Grim backs up and takes a short run up, driving his knee straight into the face of Jack and squishing him against the barricade. “You can’t cheat Death!” Isaiah yells as he runs up and delivers another devastating blow.

He grabs him one more time and positions himself for a Suplex. The fans are cheering him on, begging him to drive him head first into the concrete floor. Black lifts him up…. HEAD… DROP… BRAINBUSTERRRRRR!! TERMINATION!!! STRAIGHT ONTO THE CONCRETE FLOOR! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!

“ONE MORE TIME! ONE MORE TIME! ONE MORE TIME!” yell the fans, making their desires clear.

The World Champion doesn’t want to disappoint and pulls Red back to his feet, his limp body barely able to stand as Isaiah lifts him into the air and NO!! RED RIVER JACK DROPS DOWN BEHIND, RUNNING ISAIAH INTO THE RING STEPS AND OVER THEM TO THE OTHER SIDE! Red drops to one knee and tries to recover. When he gets back up, Isaiah is getting back up too. The Creator runs and steps straight onto the steel ring steps, diving off the other side with a right handed Crossbody like move that ends up with both of them on the concrete floor. Both men are hurting now and this one really has taken its toll on them. Red is back to his feet first and grabs Black, helping him towards the ring and sliding him in. He enters immediately and looks for the cover…





We almost had a new World Champion! Red knows that it isn’t enough just yet. He gets back to his feet and calls for Black to get to his, telling him to “Wake up!”

Slowly but surely he does, he wakes up and gets back to his feet. Jack grabs his hand, kicks him in the gut, swings the leg over and.. BLACK PUSHES HIM OFF! He turns.. KICK TO THE GUT! RED LANDS ON HIS KNEES…. THE GRAND LEVELLER! NO!! RED RIVER JACK DUCKED IT! He pops back up to his feet and grabs an arm, swinging the leg over and IMPACT DDT!! SEEIN’ RED! SEEIN’ RED!! HE NAILED IT! SURELY WE HAVE A NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!






Two near falls by Red River Jack and he can’t believe that he hasn’t won this one. The fans are going wild as he rolls off, looking towards the referee, wondering how the fuck that didn’t win this thing. Red gets back to his feet and pushes the referee backwards into the corner, arguing with him as Isaiah Black somehow starts stirring on the canvas. Suddenly, RRJ is spun around and kicked low, dropping him to his knees… THE GRAND LEVELLER!! WHAT A FUCKING KICK TO THE SKULL!! ISAIAH BLACK DIVES INTO THE COVER…





Both men are absolutely exhausted now. What’s it going to take to win this match and walk out of here with the World Championship? Slowly they start getting back to their feet, the end in sight now for whoever can reach out and take it. Red River Jack grabs him with a Double Underhook and half turns, SWINGING HIM INSIDE OUT AND FULL CIRCLE UNTIL HE SMASHES FACE FIRST OFF THE CANVAS!! HE CALLS THAT THE WAKE UP CALL!! HOLY SHIT!! HE COVERS…. COULD THIS BE IT… COULD THIS BE….




NO! NO! NO! KICK OUT! ISAIAH BLACK KICKS OUT! Red can’t believe his eyes. He pulls him straight back to his feet and locks him in position for a second Wake Up Call, only Black spins out and JAWBREAKER!!! THE GRIM BOUNCES BACK TO HIS FEET AND IN ONE SWIFT MOTION AS RED SITS ON HIS KNEES… THE GRAND LEVELLER!! THE GRAND LEVELLER!!! He leaps into the cover….




IT’S OVER! IT’S OVER! ISAIAH BLACK HAS RETAINED THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! He rolls off of Jack and straight to the outside, walking over to the announcers corner and snatching up his Championship. Grabbing it by the strap, he rolls back into the ring as the confetti begins to fall and slaps the title on his shoulder, flipping the audience the bird with the biggest of smiles on his face.

Ring Of Dreams goes off the air, coming to a close with the smiling Isaiah Black, letting the crowd know what he thinks of them as boo’s ring out from this sold out crowd.

They certainly aren’t cheering anymore.

What a Pay Per View, what a match, what a night!