In Promo by Heath Solman

“Back when I was thirteen, my dad told me about my long lost brother.”

“My dad was left alone in the house quite often while my mom worked. As such, he only had enough love to give to one child. I happened to be the lucky one that received it.”

“My brother didn’t like being ignored. He would often act out and become aggressive towards me whenever he felt like he wasn’t getting enough affection.”

“All that resulted in was more doting for me. My old man tried to pay attention to the both of us, but since I was younger and mom was almost never around during the day, he decided I needed it more.”

“As a result of the continued neglect, my brother packed as many essentials as he can carry and ran away from home. Both of my parents looked everywhere for him, hoping that he couldn’t have gone far.”

“Alas, no matter how far or how long they looked, they couldn’t find him anywhere.”

“Now that I’m older, I find myself wondering what happened to him. Did he manage to survive out there in the harsh reality that is our world? Did he ever manage to receive the love and affection he was seemingly denied as a child?”

“Or perhaps his name was written in your book, Deathnote. I guess anything’s possible when it comes to him, isn’t it?”

“I might not remember much about my brother, but from what my father told me, he grew jealous of the constant attention I received and wanted some of his own.”

“I think you and my runaway brother are quite similar in some regards. Both you and him never received the affection you desired from your respective fathers and ran away, hoping to get their attention.”

“Both of you hated me for getting all the love. While he tried to beat me to death in the hopes that he’d get all the love instead, you took the lives of my parents and tried to get me to kill myself.”

“Despite both of your best efforts, however, I managed to live through your attempts to kill me. I grew thicker skin that I couldn’t shed no matter how often it was battered, sliced, burned, or whatever other methods I used to commit suicide.”

“Maybe your dad thinks I serve some sort of higher purpose in life that I must fulfill. Maybe he just viewed me as the son he never had and wanted to cherish me like the son he never had.”

“No matter what the purpose behind my immortality was, however, death had no effect on me. It didn’t matter how many times you wrote my name into that book, I lived through just about everything.”

“And I will live through our meeting in that ring. I won’t be just another body to the morgue. Not by your hands, anyways.”

“When all’s said and done, I will be the last man standing. You, on the other hand, will be forever branded as a failure.”