In Promo by Zeus

I had a sword once that was the real deal.

This blade was so sharp it could cut bones like butter. It was so perfectly constructed and balanced I could strike as fast as lightning with it in my hands.

With that sword I would bring about the downfall of everyone that was in my way. With it I felt anything could be achieved, any target would eliminated.

I favoured it so much, it was always my weapon of choice, even when other available weapons appeared more suitable for the task.

But that sword was always something I could rely on when trouble came knocking.

Then disaster struck.


Damn orange-red scabs blemishing the blade.

I tried different treatments and makeovers but once the rust had set in, it was only a matter of time before decay consumed the blade.

Even rusted it was still a worthy weapon, capable of vanquishing foes.

But it was never the same sword again. It was diminished.

Eventually I had to accept that sword needed to be smelted down.

There is always the next sword, after all.

Luke Storm, you were once OSW’s finest sword. The real deal made for battle.

You were sharper than most, cutting through the opposition like butter in a warmed room. Lightning strikes quivering enemies before they ever saw the flash.

Whatever threat entered OSW, you were the number one choice to stop the enemy taking over.

Not often the biggest or most dangerous weapon in the arsenal, you were always the sword relied upon to cut down the tyrants and the monsters that wanted to use OSW as their platform for domination.

The world believed you would always be there when trouble knocked on the door of The Slaughterhouse.

But rust got to you too.

Covertly it crept upon you like a silent assassin. Maybe you exposed yourself too much to the rain and the sand.

But as you know, rust is no laughing matter.

You couldn’t treat it though, despite even a Hollywood makeover. Gold may not rust, but gold-plating will.

And the corrosion has long set in with you, Storm.

You’re still a great sword by most standards, certainly good enough to deliver killing blows to many. But it’s not the same Luke Storm that won the World Title, that saved OSW from the IWF invasion.

You kept so many wolves from the door, but you couldn’t keep the rust out…

And you never will.

It’s time to face reality, Luke.

Everything has an end…

Even the greatest sword.

Even you.

Because there is always the next sword, forged of better materials.

It’s time to smelt down the last corroded remnants of what was once the Real Deal of wrestling.

However, in this case there won’t be any re-forging because when The Black Hand is through with Hollywood Luke Storm…

The Bad Motherfucker will be a dead motherfucker.

For the greater good.