Schrodinger’s Cat

In Promo, Stubbins Doom by DOOM

“Schrodinger’s cat wasn’t a real experiment.”

“It was simply a teaching tool that he implemented to illustrate how some people were misinterpreting quantum theory.”

“In this imaginary experiment, Schrodinger placed a cat inside a box with a tiny piece of radioactive substance. When the radioactive substance decays, it triggers a Geiger counter which causes poison to be released which subsequently kills the cat.”

“The decay of that radioactive substance is governed by the law of quantum mechanics. This means that the atom starts in a combined state of ‘going to decay’ and ‘not going to decay’. If we apply the observer driven notion that if there is no conscious observer present, the whole system stays a combination of two possibilities.”

The cat ends up both alive and dead at the same time.

“But you see, the existence of a cat that is both alive and dead at the same time is absurd and not possible in the real world.”

“What actually happens is one of the following…”

“As soon as the radioactive atom interacts with the Geiger counter, it collapses from its non-decayed/decayed state into a definite state. The Geiger counter definitely gets triggered, and the cat definitely dies.”

“Or the Geiger counter definitely does not get triggered, and the cat is definitely alive.”

Both do not happen.”

“You’re a pussycat in a box, Drexl.”

“You would like people to believe that you’re neither a white man or a black man. You look like one and talk to the other. You put yourself in Schrodinger’s box and for as long as those around you cannot observe the real you, you presume that they are led to believe you can simply be neither.

“But you see, that isn’t possible.”

“You’re either a black man, with dark skin.”

“Or you’re a white man with, with pale skin.”

“You may hide yourself away with that Schrodinger’s Box you call a Pussycat Club, but the conscious observer does not need to observe you to know that you must be one or the other.”

“When you speak like one and look like the other, it leads people to believe that you cannot be either.”

“Because in the real world, Drexl, that’s entirely wrong. You must be one or the other. That’s all you can be.”

“You can be a white man, or you can be a black man. You cannot be both.”

“On Monday at CLASH, I won’t need to do what Schrodinger has done and reduce this idiocy to absurdity in order to prove a point. I won’t need to put you in a box to prove that it’s absurd to believe you’re neither white or black, dead or alive.”

“All I’ll need to do is beat you to prove that the very notion you matter is incorrect.”

“All I’ll need to do is beat you to prove that whether you’re black or white, dead or alive, you are in fact one or the other and when it comes to the box – I’m the one proving the absurdity.”