In Promo by Starboy

Not too long ago, STARBOY worked aboard a luxury yacht, in the middle of the Mediterranean.

But it wasn’t just any yacht, it was called “The Fantasy Yacht”.

It was where people from all walks of life would come aboard to fulfill their deepest, darkest, sexual fantasies.

The leader of the yacht was a European billionaire Tycoon by the name of Captain Hook.

Not to be confused with the treacherous villain and archenemy of Peter Pan by the same name.

People always wondered why he went by that moniker but STARBOY will spill the tea:

Let’s just say he had a mean left hook.

During a five-day period, STARBOY would see up to 18 different people who were lusting, feening to get a taste and feel of pure and unadultered ecstasy.

STARBOY would ride the waves, and plunge into deep waters until he was soaked with the motion from the ocean.

As each day passed, his clientele would tap out so-to-speak and no longer participate in the yacht’s festivities.

STARBOY was too much for them to handle and while the hole in their sexual lives were overfilled and overflowing with STARBOY’s lovestick they were left with an even bigger gaping hole.

Captain Hook decided to get to the bottom of this and see what all the fuss was about.

So he plunged into the bottom of STARBOY’s ocean, but he couldn’t find what he was looking for in STARBOY’s stern.

He decided to let STARBOY steer the ship, and he tried to weather the power of STARBOY’s waves but he was left capsized when STARBOY covered him with the spray of the ocean.

STARBOY gripped the Captain by his long locks and buried his treasure deep into the Captain’s trove.

I’m the Captain of this ship now.

OSW is a big ship in the middle of the ocean.

And while STARBOY is just another deckhand on the ship he is ready to move up the ranks.

Maybe STARBOY will make the head chief Sanctus get down on his hands and knees, clasp his hands around my rosary and say a little prayer.

Or the purser Voynich might let STARBOY join him on an expedition and let him excavate his dig site to finally uncover the best kept secret.

Perhaps he will join the chief’s mate Sigil and experiment with our different portals and scour the realms of sexual possibilities.

Lest we forget the Captain of this ship, Israel Grimwolf. The one who leads and steers this ship we call OSW.

Come let STARBOY join you in the Captain’s quarters and shower you with golden treasure in your eye to show you were I come from.

That’s what eye patches are for right?

Strap in boys and girls and hold on tight cause STARBOY always has his strap-on.

And it’s sure as hell gonna be a bumpy ride.

STARBOY’s not the hero OSW wants or needs.

STARBOY’s the hero OSW deserves.

And if STARBOY has to plow through 18 other men and women…

It wouldn’t be the first-time.

STARBOY’s cumming for those straps.

And he ALWAYS cums.

STARBOY’s ready to FUCK the world.

This is my ship now.