Sir Plus

In Promo by Sir Gable

Zero, I want you to sit down and listen to a sermon I wrote specifically for you.

No, it’s not going to be a parable nor a prophecy. It’s not even going to be about the existential ideas that us religious types like to focus on.

No, because you either won’t listen or you won’t understand so instead of preaching to the choir or treating you like some wretched sinner, I’m going to talk to you like a man.

I see the pain in you, a pain that comes out in anger and vitriol. You were at the top of the world and everything got taken away from you, your gold, your girl, and all that’s left is something resembling what you were before.

You’re not the only one who’s been there and sadly you won’t be the last. You’re broken and somehow now that she was taken from you, you’re less than Zero, a negative one who wants to make others feel the way he does.

I’ve been there, oh I’ve been there. You come home and for a minute, you forget things have changed then the deafening silence reminds you. Where there was a warmness, everything has gone cold.

Zero laughter, Zero passion, Zero joy.

Zero reason to live.

So all you want to do is fight, all you want to do is feel something, damn the consequences. What’s the point in any of this anyway?

The worst part is you know Pyre felt the same way. The only difference is she realized it first.

When you marry someone, what’s theirs becomes yours and vice versa. When you’re marrying a zero, what do you have to gain?

What did you bring to the marriage? A toy arm and a big dick? She just had to go to a sex shop or hell, Simon apparently for that.

You know you add nothing to anyone’s life, it’s in your name.

That can change, you know?

You can be a force for good.

You can be a positive change to the world instead of taking away or adding nothing.

I’m not asking you to join Vayikra even though you have to admit, Sir Plus has a ring to it.

I’m just asking you to focus on the good in the world instead of holding the pain like a hot coal in your hand.

She can burn you in a lot of ways, at least don’t let her do it in the way you can control.

Despite everything our groups have gone through together, despite my brothers taking the first thing from you, I actually like you Zero.

When you were with Pyre, I saw a side I didn’t expect, I saw a man who cared, a man fighting for who and what he loved. I saw past the metal arm and saw the human who wields it.

Find something else that makes you feel again, find a reason to heal instead of fight.

I know anger can help get things done but meaning can get things accomplished.

Find your meaning. If that’s becoming Sir Plus or the one in one in a million.

Anything is better than what you are now.