Spider Web

In Promo by Sigil

“Imagine flies in a web.”

“They are powerless to the forces that be. Small, weak, insignificant, those flies landed in the web because they were trapped there by a force beyond their comprehension.”

“The spider.”

“Cowardly, calculating, the spider lays out its trap and begins the waiting game as many a poor creature, be it fly or gnat or mosquito become trapped within the confines of their silken net. And once they become entangled?”

“Well, we all know what follows. The spider approaches with speed and digs its mandibles into the poor creature, liquefying its insides and sucking out what remains.”

“With every kill the drips from their fangs do the spiders grow their web, encroaching on areas that they don’t belong in. And while they feel invincible due to their many kills? They’re nothing compared to that which lies beyond.”

“Which is too large for the web.”

“See, these spiders, they spun their web too far, took too much. In the end, they invaded the home of a man who dislike the eight-legged pests.”

“So what did he do?”

“He merely reached out, crumpling the spiders and the web betwixt his fingers.”

“And why wouldn’t he? Much like the flies to the spider, the spider was nothing compared to the hands that crushed them.”

“Creeping Death, for too long have you two found OSW to be your own personal spider web. Agents of death,  gluttonous cowards. The two of you started out small. The likes of Tyler Brooks dripped from your lips as you devoured him in front of the world and let his body writhe beneath you.”

“A poor deluded hacker was next, wasn’t he? A nameless face who only existed to further your goals until he too found himself ensnared in your web and left to perish in your mouth.”

“And now? Viper Roberts himself has gone missing, another possible fly who flew too close to the web, landing in it between two ravenous fools with nothing better to do than feed their hunger and grow their net.”

“Your web reaches out far, doesn’t it?”

“Anyone in OSW could find themselves inside of it, more flies for the taking, right?”

“Only one issue.”

“Your web has found itself stretched too far, because now it’s ended up not just in the corner of OSW, no. It’s ended up covering the whole landscape. It’s in my house.”

“And I can’t stand spiders.”

“I have no proof, I even have doubts, that the members of Legacy were flies insignificant enough to grace your web. But all I know is that my home has been covered in a soon-to-be cobweb populated by two pathetic little creatures.”

“I’m beyond your comprehension, Corvus. I defy you, Deathnote. With the stones I have I am a man amongst insects.”

“As our match approaches I plan to reach into your web and crush it in my hands, watching as the blackened blood squirts from your insides.”

“No more flies shall grace your mandibles.”

“And your corpses shall grace my collection.”

“I have walked this path before, I shall walk it once more.”