In Promo, Tombstone by Tombstone

[edgtf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”” background_color=””]H[/edgtf_dropcaps]e was supposed to feel it.

Over and over.

You understand that don’t you Maxwell?

I put him in a box, six feet in the ground. When he woke up, it would be to darkness. It would be to nothing but terror. He would figure out where he was after banging against the lid. As dust and dirt fell into his face, he would know.

And he would be helpless to change his circumstances.

Slowly but surely the air would leave his lungs and be replaced by gasping until there was nothing left to breathe. He’d suffocate, perish and as he was known to do – revive.

Only to live the entire nightmare over and over again.

I cannot blame you for digging him up, Maxwell. If anyone knows the terror that he suffered beneath the ground, it would be you.

When those thugs set fire to your home with you inside it, that fire consumed the oxygen around you. As you resided within that box, it took every breath you had until there was nothing left.

It made you feel every ounce of terror, just like I made Drewitt feel when I trapped him six feet under.

I know you remember gasping for air. I know you remember what it was like to fade into darkness, only to meet your supposed end.

And then… survive.

Because like Drewitt, you did survive, did you not? With the scorched flesh to show for it, you awakened from that torturous fate to resurrect your existence and become The Burned Man.

Now, just like he, you stand before Tombstone.

The parallels between you and Drewitt are the reasons why I understand you, Maxwell. They’re the reason I know why you dug him up and gave him freedom. You know what it is like to suffer the indignity of suffocation. When that fire touched your lungs, it did the same thing to you.

You felt what he felt.

You know what he knows.

And like he, you survived it.

You are kindred spirits. 

Unfortunately for you, that puts you at odds with me. Because just like Drewitt, there’s an end for you.

This cemetery of ours that we stand on is hallowed ground. It is where people come to be laid to rest. The spirits and souls I move on to the next world are no longer here.

Their bodies, their energy, their presence… that is what lies beneath the dirt. That is what you dug up when you took Drewitt from me and gave him the freedom he did not deserve.

You are in the right place to meet your end, Maxwell.

But you never fear your end.

Because the end, right here in this cemetery, is where we meet.

And I will send you on your way.