Supermarket Cunt

In Promo by Zero

She was a miserable cunt who couldn’t be moved.

It’s been a long ass week, getting my fuckin’ ass handed to me at Red Snow and I’m standin’ in line at the grocery store, tryin’ to buy a forty and some snacks.

This bitch, she standin’ like a fuckin’ mountain at the head of the queue, arguin’ with the cashier. She’s talkin’ about how the cashier needs to enlighten herself and achieve a higher plain of thinkin’.

She says that all the cashier needs to do is take these coupons and this whole fuckin’ drama goes away, but she won’t.

The cashier, now standin’ on principle, just like the fat fuck before her, shakes her head and refuses. She ain’t bein’ talked down to like some kind of retard. How fuckin’ dare this cunt accuse her of not bein’ enlightened? She has Jesus in her heart.

You can’t even imagine how fuckin’ hard my eyes rolled.

So, I walked up to this cunt and looked her right in the fuckin’ double chin and told her to get the fuck outta the way.

That penguin lookin’ bitch waddled two steps back and outright refused.

Unmovable, she said.

You can’t make me fuckin’ go, she said.

I’m a fuckin’ mountain and you can’t go round me, over me or past me, she said.

Too fuckin’ right bitch, you look like you ate the fuckin’ mountain.

You know what Big-Boy Banzan? Mountain’s ain’t as fuckin’ hard to overcome as you might think. You ain’t Everest, mother fucker. You’re not Mount Kilimanjaro, even if you look like you ate that cunt for breakfast.

You’re just a man.

You’re just a fat fuckin’ cunt of a man.

And I hear you tellin’ the whole of Old School Wrestling just like this bitch in the Supermarket, how you a mountain that can’t be moved, walked around or past. We just need to listen to your fuckin’ enlightened bullshit wisdom and everything will be A-O-FUCKING-KAY.

Fuck that.

That might work for the rest of these dickheads; but not me. I’m not the fuckin’ cashier. I’m not gonna stand in the middle of a supermarket, or ring for that matter, and argue with her or you.

You know what I did to that fat bitch, big boy?

I kicked her right in the fuckin’ cunt and punched her two chins off her fuckin’ face and left.

At Fuck the World, I’m gonna drop you where you stand you fat fuckin’ piece of shit. I don’t need no rope, no dynamite, or any god damn climbin’ gear to blast your mount fat-ass into fucking oblivion.

All I gotta do is get out of jail…

Then I’m gonna fuck the world..

Punch a mountain in his fuckin’ dick..

And ask him how enlightened he feels when his balls rest snuggly in his throat.

You know why?

Cause I’m a bad mother fucker.

Often imitated, never replicated, bitch.