Symphony for Hades

In Aarman Fidel, Promo by Zeus

Even before the gods graced us with their presence, when the first walls of Arcadia were crafted by the cruel and deviant monsters known as the Elders, the very few who found misfortunate living under their tyranny searched for some divine peace to placate their tormented souls. Was it the flames that Prometheus risked their eternal wrath to steal away for those who truly desired it? Was it the sin that festered in all their hearts to hide away the fear or was it one of the few ideals intrinsically linked with the human soul, music itself.

From the screams as a babe first feels the cool wind on his face till the final death rattle flowing from his throat as he exits this mortal coil. Through pain, heartbreak and unbridled joy, our entire lives are but one giant song that we all conduct but the elders sought to keep it all to themselves. Not a single note was heard throughout the darkened floors by mortal voices and any song was considered with trepidation and fear, divine sirens hypnotizing their lesser to follow their every single word until one single brave soul desired to craft his own symphony and with but a simple favor and the hair of a deity, the first Mariachi was born.

And then it’s the story everybody knows, the Mariachi strung the guitar that helped the Gods overthrow the Elders, and then many more were gifted the song of emotion. Of Rage, of Joy, of Sorrow…and of Death. But even through stifling the sirens cry and ensuring the gift didn’t turn mediocre by abusing its divinity, the Mariachi’s put a target on their chests for anyone who simply desire peace and quiet, and quite frankly Muerte, I’m surprised it took this long for La Musica to start to fade away with how arrogant you fools are about your so called gift.

A masterpiece you don’t own the lyrics to, a concerto you never earned the right to conduct and it would such sweet symphony to watch Death strangle you with your own silver tongue but a favor is a promise kept so I urge you, just like the first, shake this poor sinners hand and allow me to ensure La Musica lives on in a silver string that even the scythe of death cannot cut. Yet there is a catch, a price to pay for your world to continue existing.

For La Musica to live, it must be shared, not just amongst the Mariachi’s but the entire of Arcadia itself. Every single living soul must feel its soul flow through them…including Death himself and what makes you unique will fade away permanently. A thousand symphonies echoing throughout Arcadia, diminishing its divinity into mediocrity but ensuring La Musica is forever eternal. 

Because you have two choices Muerte, keep the music inside your soul and watch the devil you despise turn your entire existence into the sound of silence or embrace my hand and craft the arrangement you were born to gift the world.

But be careful what you wish for.

For when everyone is a Mariachi,

Nobody will be.