In Promo by Tag

“You’re a sinner!”

“God doesn’t love you!”

“You’re going to hell, faggot!”

“I heard that shit every day for about eight years.”

“The religious kids in town were as fucked up as they come. They were, like, obsessed with the gay dudes in town. Legit seething at the mouth whenever they saw me holding hands with someone or making out with my boyfriend.”

“You’d think I was railing those twinks right there in the middle of the street!”

“And every day they’d come after me, my friends, and anyone they thought was a sinner.”

“Chucking rocks.”

“Starting fights.”

“And threatening to lynch us right there at the skate park.”

“They just hated us, man. They wanted us dead. See, cause in their minds they thought hurting us would make their sky daddy happy.”

“But you know what I think the real reason they came for us was?”

“Because they were scared.”

“Everything we did was against what mommy and daddy taught them. All their Sunday school lessons made them fear people like me, like Ether and Wiz.”

“If we were allowed to be ourselves? Then they would suffer.”

“We were their worst nightmares, and if they didn’t hit us first they were worried we’d hit back.”

“And we did.”

“God, I used to think Vayikra was just a bunch of religious punks like those kids back in Highland. Those poser douchebags thumpin’ bibles and throwing stones like the good book told them to. But y’all did something more than that, didn’t you?”

“You went further than anyone else ever had. You stopped the conversion therapy, stopped chucking rocks, and didn’t just threaten to lynch faggots like me.”

“Nah, you went and actually fucking did it.”

“I watched at ringside as a bunch of cowardly mother fuckers hanged a rainbow-haired twink right above the ring. I saw the life drain from his eyes, saw his friends mourn him.”

“You act like you did it to send a message, hoping to make sure the rest of the gays and sinners were horrified.”

“Hoping we would be just as scared as you are.”

“Because beneath those masks, behind all the preaching and slurs? You’re terrified of people like us.”

“We’re living our lives, and you’re stuck hiding behind the pages in a book.”

“We’re already in heaven.”

“And you’re worried you’ll never get there.”

“So instead you’re sending innocent angels like Vigour up instead.”

“At Triosmania, me and my group of sinners are comin’ for your throats.”

“Ether’s gluttonous and hungry.”

“Wiz’s slothful ass is getting up to lay you out.”

“And me? I ain’t lustin’  for anything. Nah, I’m one wrathful son of a bitch.”

“So bring out the nooses, throw your stones, and hide behind your masks.”

“Because we’re about to fuck your world.”

“Hit back hard just like we hit those religious kids in town.”

“Now get down on your knees, pray to your sky daddy, and cower.”

“Because you’re about to get fucked by a Taggot.”