In Promo by Sigil

“Not all that glitters is gold.”

“And not all that is gold stays glittering.”

“There was once a golden statue that stood in the center of a grand courtyard. It was a monument to purity and longevity that was loved by many.”

“Shining bright, the statue glinted brightly beneath the lights.”

“However, not all that is pure can stay that way forever.”

“As rain and snow soon came, the statue was pelted with the elements. The air around it oxidized the outer layer of the structure.”

“Meanwhile, grubby-handed tourists took it upon themselves to grab and yank at the poor monument from all directions.”

“As time wore on, so did the statue.”

“Its once glorious golden hide slowly began to tarnish, turning to a dark and unrecognizable blackened layer of oxidized mass across the brunt of it.”

“What was once a bright faced symbol of virtue had rotted and decayed, turning dark and dull right before their very eyes.”

“The purity faded from its eyes.”

“And slowly? The statue became a reminder of what once was.”

“Cael, you have a gold metal around your neck that shines brightly in the OSW lights.”

“It once defined you, didn’t it? You walked into the courtyard of The Slaughterhouse as a reminder of the good in life. You were a hero in the eyes of many.”

“But nothing can stay good forever, can it?”

“And in a place like OSW? The inevitable was bound to happen.”

“The elements slowly fell upon you in a hail storm as one by one your outer layer was eaten away by the vicious storm.”

“Grimwolf’s salt water splashed your face and filled your lungs. You were slowly drowned in his downpour as your gold slowly began to tarnish.”

“The outer layer rusted and oxidized with the sea water as your cracks began to show.”

“And soon after? You were pulled from all sides by grizzly tourists who wanted nothing more than to see how far they could go.”

“Faces of Reason tore into you, mercilessly toying with you and yanking you around until you grew unstable.”

“It was only a matter of time until you corroded.”

“The once pure Cael Gable blackened and jaded.”

“With a sword through Grimwolf’s chest and a Sir in front of your name, the golden statue OSW once knew was gone forever.”

“A rotted husk standing in its place as a reminder of what could have been.”

“I know that this could have been avoided, Cael. The storms could have been fended off by cover, the hands of Faces of Reason could have been shooed away.”

“But they weren’t.”

“You’re tarnished, Cael. Your metal coat is weakened, your structure compromised.”

“And at Bad Attitude? I’m going to do the only thing I can do.”

“I’m going to tear you down.”

“With my own two hands will I rip your rotted husk out of the ground and melt you down.”

“All that glitters is not gold, Cael.”

“And nothing’s going to be glittering on you anymore.”