Termination Time

In Promo by Lucy Seraphina

When I was embraced; it felt like time stood still. When you’re being embraced, you’re dying; it felt like time was running out. If I was going to die, I was gonna go out fighting.

I never asked to be embraced but with it I end up defying time and death to an extent.

In time, I learned how to survive; I learned thaumaurgy, the Tremere clan’s discipline of blood magic; with that I rose through the ranks and was granted the ability to rule a city.


In the world of Kindred, I’m a Prince.

But it has earned me the nickname of the “Prince Assassin”.

When any of the Princes and their Sheriffs need help, they call me in. They know I can get the job done and to them, I’m like the Terminator. I don’t make a mess nor leave tracks behind, I make sure that people learn their fate is seal when I’m involved.

Speaking of fate, you can saw in OSW that fate is a huge thing. So big that we have a guardian of it; now they try and act like they’re a T-X, where they’re advanced endoskeleton modified from the T-900 but in all honesty, they’re more of a T-600, the first model where it’s made with a rubber skin sheath.

For me, I’m a T-5000, a highly advanced Terminator model. They’re basically assassins.

Again, if I had to do a comparison.

Then again, the so called harbinger of fate, is more like John Connor; someone who can fight, someone who can lead but was programmed to a fate where makes you live in angst.

Chronoa; you can say you’re a guardian of time, a harbinger of fate, but to quote one of my favorite movies:

There is no fate but what we make.”

My fate is going to be simple, find my brother and take out Night City; if that means I need to run your clock out I will. You step into a ring with someone who has lived for 125 years and is damn good at what they do.

You may have lived more life times but that doesn’t mean I won’t back down; I am going to be the Terminator to your John Connor and complete my mission. No matter what the cost is; Fate won’t even stop me even dark fate.

I’m on a mission and when I am, I can’t be reasoned with, I can’t be bargained with; right now I don’t feel pity or very remorseful when it comes to the fact he’s missing. I will absolutely not stop until I bring him home; if it means terminating fate itself to do so, I will.

No hard feelings, but I’m an assassin and I will make my own fate. I smell blood and I’m going to follow it. I’ll make you bleed and lift the illusion of fate being set in stone.

Fate is always changing, you just need to fight for it.

“House Tremere always wins”