In Promo, Vision by Vision

It is said that through science man proves, but through intuition he discovers.

Great scientists have always looked at the world around them and questioned. But when the very notion of questioning challenges that which man has come to know as true, scientific fact becomes only what can be proven as such.

I see a textbook.

Within its pages are contained the scientific theories and principles of the day. That which scientists have proven to be fact, printed in black and white.

Facts that are by definition undeniable. Except when they aren’t.

Except when the theories themselves turn out to be disproven. New theories, new technology created that can cast a new light onto the secrets of the universe. Then, suddenly, everything that was once fact becomes false.

Man’s understanding of the inner workings of the universe are but a drop in a bucket. It’s an age old adage that one doesn’t know what one doesn’t know… So how can we truly know that the scientific facts we take as truth are not merely misrepresentations of false theories?

Scientific bias, technological shortcomings and incorrect scientific conclusions exist all around us, but man is simply too blind to see what the scientists aren’t telling them.

They merely read the textbook, and blindly accept it as truth.

The textbook contains all the scientific principles man can imagine. Doctor Doom, you wrote the textbook. But in a world that is continually evolving, this particular volume has recently become outdated and surpassed.

Like a new theory, you took this universe by storm. Your legend grew until your greatness was undeniable. Challengers came, tested their theories and fell short.

Your facts stood tall.

Until they found a chink in your theory.

A new theory surpassed your own greatness. Suddenly, everything we came to know was proven false.

Such is the danger of putting faith in science alone. When the theory turns up false, the illusion of truth becomes shattered.

I see this world through different eyes.

Not like the sheep that blindly follow the science of the day, but as led by my own intuition. Mine is not a journey of proving anything to the world around us. While science helps us to understand our world, it is not immune to errors and limitations.

Therefore, it’s important to be aware of potential limitations and to not blindly trust scientific claims. I saw these limitations, and I eliminated my own bias with a hot poker through each of my eyes.

Thus, I began my journey not of proof… But of discovery. The journey of intuition.

It is this intuition that sees the flaws in your science, Stubbins.

For blinding ones self willingly is illogical, therefore all the science in the world cannot explain why. Scientists rarely explore within themselves, and only deal with what is in front of them. It is that small-mindedness that will always be your limitation, Doom.

Close your eyes, breathe in and open your mind.

Then, only then, can you truly see what I see.

Look beyond the textbook and see what was never written at all.